• Published 4th Jan 2019
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Adventures Of An Animus Dragon - Undertotem

A man gets sent to Equestria, but not as a human, but as his OC dragon. Camo scales - weird, mind reading - head ache, prophecy seeing - HUGE migrane, venom spit - dangerous. At least he has books to keep his abilities from being a problem

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POV Stargazer

Why am I here? Not that I'm complaining, but somehow I'm being interrogated by six mares and one baby dragon. What I see is seven beings, but holy hell it feels like two dozen people are talking all at once. I thought as I held on to the head ache and inspected these six ponies and one dragon who are looking at me with very different opinions. OK, let's see, unicorn, earth pony, pegasi, earth pony, another pegasi, a dragon, and an alicorn. And looking at my surroundings I see seven chairs (one is smaller than the rest) forming a circle. No table. I thought as I clutch my aching forehead, because my god it's hard making your own thoughts when other peoples thoughts are entering your head.

Ugh...how did Moonwatcher handle fricking mind reading, uhh...relaxing thoughts right, I think thats what Darkstalker said to her, let it eat up the voices, right? Oh crap, their looking at me with voices of concern and there not even taking yet, quick say somthing before things get awkward. I thought with a head ache.

"Uh...how's life?" What the balls is that kind of introduction, great now their thinking if they should answer it or not and the other one just wont shut up. FUCK it, close your eyes, ignore everything and focus on removing these other thoughts out of you head. Peaceful thoughts, peaceful thoughts, let it eat up the voices...

POV Second person

Twilight and the others looked at each other with a mixture of concern, a bit of suspicion, and curiosity, all of them focused on the white and red dragon who's holding his head in pain. Their thoughts differ from each other.

The thoughts of Twilight was that of curiosity due to the fact that she has not seen this species of dragon since her first visit to the dragonlands and is also taking notes on the dragons scales due to the fact that it's constantly changing colors. Oh the wonders she would find after researching this particular dragon.

Rarity's thoughts however are those of wonder and inspiration as she admires the dragons scales as it constantly shifts from one color to another. From red and white, to pale green, to different shades of blue, to plain white, then different shades of red, then yellow. She could not help but be inspired on the different colors that the dragon is somehow making out of his scales. Just think of all the possible series of clothes that she could make inspired by the dragons scales.

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash's and Applejack's thoughts are made of suspicion. The fact that they found an unconscious dragon at Twilight's throne room was something to be suspicious about already. He might be a spy. One thought. He m'hat do somthin' dangerous if we don' keep an eye on im'. The other thought. But both of them are wondering why the dragons colors are shifting and both are thinking that the dragon might be hypnotyzing them, and if that was the case they wont give in to the hypnosis.

Fluttershy's thoughts was a mix between terror and concern. Terror due to the fact that there is a large dragon, not huge just large, maybe a few heads higher than Celestia when standing on all fours and a couple more heads higher when sitting. But large nonetheless and thats enough for Fluttershy to be shaking behind one of her friends. But concern was also in her mind due to the fact that the poor dragon is in obvious pain, she would have helped the dragon if she wasn't terrified.

Spikes thoughts were that of admiration, never in his life had he seen such a peculiar dragon thats way more different than the dragons he met during his time at the dragon migration. There is only a hint of concern in his thoughts because he observed that the dragon has a head ache, and had been thinking on helping him.

And lastly Pinkie Pie's thoughts were as random as ever. She was giving a relpy to the dragons question, thinking what she's saying, and saying what she's thinking non-stop, talking about how her day was, how her friends day was, how her friends friends day was, how things are happening, whats happening right now, and some other random gibber-gabber.

"Hey! I'll tell you what mister author, my thoughts are NOT random, their organized chaos!" Pinkie suddenly said out of nowhere.

NO! Bad Pinkie, no 4th wall breaks! Your not allowed to do that until the middle of the story, get back into the scene, and I bet that Discord would disagree

"Oh phooey, your no fun mister author. Fiiine I'll do it later, I'm just helping you reach the required 1000 word limitation so you can submit this story." She said with a satisfied grin.

Yes, yes I know and thank you. But like I said, no 4th wall breaks until later on the story. Ok?

"Okay!" She said seemingly satisfied with the result that she got out of the conversation.

Ugh...eight hundred fifty words and couting. So where was I...oh right

And lastly the thoughts of the multicolored dragon that now has returned to the original white and red have been silenced and only his thoughts remain after a few short minutes of awkwardness. Seemingly satisfied with the results he has he looks up and started to speak.

POV Stargazer

"Whoo...ok, now I can think properly." I said, glad that the headache is finally gone and now that I can think straight. "Now I can properly introduce myself. My name is-"

I was suddenly cut off by a barrage of questions and statements that I almost didn't notice that my scales turned light blue, a color that signifies shock.

"How did you do that color change with your scales, is-"

"Your scales are simply marvelous darling, I am some how inspi- *gasp* IDEEEEAAA-"

"What are you doing Twilight's castle, huh, are you a sp-"

"What'r ya' planin' dragon, don' think that ahm' not watchin' ya', becuz' ah' am-"

"Um...girls, I think your scaring him."

"Whoa dude cool scales, they change color and stuff. I wish my scales are-"


As they continue to barrage me with questions and statements, I notice that my scales turned pale green that basically indicates fear. I just couldn't handle that much pressure on me so I did the next best thing. Think that I would disappear and my scales seem to agree to my decision. Because the next thing I knew was seeing the shocked faces of the six mares and one dragon and I also noticed that I couldn't see my arm.

Why is this happening to me???

Author's Note:

My very first story
Also suggestions and helpful things are appreseated