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Adventures Of An Animus Dragon - Undertotem

A man gets sent to Equestria, but not as a human, but as his OC dragon. Camo scales - weird, mind reading - head ache, prophecy seeing - HUGE migrane, venom spit - dangerous. At least he has books to keep his abilities from being a problem

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A Meeting With Royalty

A few moments earlier.....

".....Your fellow faithful princess and previous student, Twilight Sparkle" Twilight said as she finished saying her dialogue letter to Spike.

"Twi.... light.... Spar.... kle.... And done!" Spike exclaimed finishing the letter and rolling the scroll.

"Good, now send it. Hopefully we can get a message from Princess Celestia about...... our rather strange guest. Say, Spike can you tell me more about that book that you were reading?" Twilight asked seemingly curious about the book that the young drake was holding.

Spike, who was sitting at the wooden table of the library, looked at the book in front of him and shrugged. "Well, I don't know what to tell you. I mean, these books were at the floor near Stargazer, and I can't even understand it." He said to to the pony princess as he looked at her waling towards him.

"Wait, 'these books'?" She asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah! There were three books near him. One is blue, one is green, and the other one is red." He said as he pointed at the books in order. He then looked at the purple alicorn only to see sparkles in her eyes and a big smile, one that would rival Pinkies.

"New books! Whats it say? Never mind, I'll just read it myself!" She said as he took the red book with her magic, with a giddy smile across her face.

"Didn't I just tell you, I couldn't understand a single thing in the book. Were you not listening?" Spike said, seemingly annoyed at the fact that his words just went through her. But then he smirked as he saw the confused face of the alicorn as she tilted her head to the side, knowing full well that she could not understand a single thing on what is written in the book.

Twilight sat there for a few moments looking at the book as she continues to flip through the books pages looking through each line of "words", searching for any word familiar to her. That is until she closed the book loudly that shocked Spike a bit.

"Spike...." She called the young drakes name, then she told him in a volume of voice only he could hear from where he's standing. "Get each and every history book about different types of alphabet and language. Now."

Spike felt unnerved and decided to just follow the purple mares words and went off to gather the books needed. As Spike left, Twilight sat there looking at the book with with a huge smile and sparkles in her eyes as she thinks about the information she would be able to gather about the other dragons origins and what else they could do.

As Twilight then continues to flip through the book until she stops at a certain page, a face of a dragon, though through observation, it looked male and underneath the illustration were words of some kind that she has yet to understand.

Stargazer was walking through the hallway of the castle, humming a rather happy tune that reminded him a video he watched, something about having migraine.
His mind continued to sing the song as he opens doors randomly, trying to find out if there were any difference in every room he sees, until he thought back to his dream and through the days events. Now, he understood what was wrong with his head, with all the memories clumped up in his brain from two separate minds, things that were previously done through instinct, an now be done on purpose. The dream might just be a hallucination or something, but he chose to believe it either way.

His thoughts then went to today's events, on how he got here, and when was here, though with enough foreknowledge, even without predicting the future,he knew he was in pre-season 5 of the show.

So now that I know WHO I am and WHERE I am...... why do I feel like I'm missing something. Stargazer then thought back to what he was doing, before he got to to this place, before he got to Equestria. He though long and hard, focusing only on his thoughts, he failed to notice the crystal wall infront of him.

OOF! He exclaimed as he fell on his back while holding his muzzle with both talons. He rubbed the slightly sore part of his muzzle with a slightly annoyed expression and took a look around the hallway. He noticed that he was at a rather spacious hallway, thinking that he might be near the entrance of some sort, he chose a random path, not knowing the layout of the entire castle.

He walked through the hallway, travelling through with no sense of direction, wondering where in the world he was in the part of the castle until he found a small green and purple thing moving at a distance from him. Knowing this was the young drake he knew as Spike, he decided to call for him, knowing full well that Spike knows the castle better that himself.

"Hey Spike!" He called out while running towards the drake. "What are you doing?" He asked as he got closer, noticing that the young dragon was carrying a few books and a lot of scrolls and paper settled on a wagon the drake was pulling.

"Oh! Hey Stargazer, I was just delivering these things to Twilight from the back up storage of scrolls and parchment.... what are you doing here?" Spike said as he continued to walk forward while the hybrid followed him.

"Weeeeeelllll~ I finished doing my sun time so I went back inside the castle, but since I dont know the place, I started to just wonder around, look through rooms, testing bed springs, and just walking around." Stargazer explained as he walked alongside the baby dragon.

"So, what were you going to say about the scrolls over there?" Hr asked the purple dragon.

"Oh! Right, well after you and the others left, I found books lying on the floor, so I picked them up." He said. "So I went to the library and tried to read one of the books, but the writing was different from what I know, but before I even went far from the book, Twilight entered the library and and asked me te send a letter to Princess Celestia." The young drake explained.

Now I remember what I was missing Stargazer thought as he kept nodding at the conversation. Well I still need to ask just to make sure.

"Um... does the books have color on the cover?"

"Uh, yeah, why'd you ask?"

"Do those books have a sigil or icon of a dragon inside a circle?"

"Uuhh, yeah, whyyyy?" Spike asked starting to look at the other dragon skeptically.

"Hehehe.... weeeell.... um.... thanks for finding my books, I guess." Stargazer said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Wait! So those books were yours!?" Spike was shocked, not even coming across his mind that the books came from the other dragon.

Stargazer was about to say something until he was interrupted by a sound that came from the young drake as he was nearly burned the red white dragon beside him.


In the library, Twilight is seen rummaging through various language and history books, trying to decipher and translate the three books that spike found. The purple mare recorded each symbol, referenced each one to any existing record of letters and language that she has. While reading, re-reading, and writing down notes, Twilight failed to notice the the door of the library opening, until a voice called her name, making her jump in shock in the process.

"Twilight! Twilight! You got a message from Princess Celestia!" The voice said from behind her. Twilight looked behind her and saw a purple dragon running towards her with a scroll in his claws.

"Oh! Hey Spike, you scared me for a second there." She said while chuckling and rubbing the back of her neck. "So, what were you saying about Princess Celestia?"

Spike then gave the scroll he was holding and said, "You received a letter from Princess Celestia, it might be something about Stargazer." The mare then took the scroll in her magic and started reading the contents of the parchment.

At that exact moment, the mentioned dragon entered the library, panting and out of breath due to him catching up with the smaller dragon.

"huff** huff**, Spike.... why..... did... you.... run.... so.... fast...." Stargazer said, out of breath (due to most RainWings not liking having too much physical activity. And that includes Stargazer). The hybrid collapsed on the doorway and started to crawl forward. "Spiiiiiiiiiike~" Stargazer said as he reached out a talon towards the young drake.

"Huh? Oh no! Hang in there Star, I'll get you some water to drink." Spike said as he starts to run towards another door that leads near the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Twilight is still in the middle of reciting the letter of the Princess.

..... and I and my sister would like to meet with this dragon that you've mentioned. With the information that you have given us has piqued our interest, since from what you have told us, this dragon has mind reading and could possibly see the future. Only a few unicorns have achieved mind reading, and only for a limited time at that. And me and my sister only rarely receive vague prophetic visions in our entire lifespan. It would be an interesting subject to talk about.

Here are tickets for a train towards Canterlot, you may also invite your friends with you on their free time, if possible. Hopefully we would be able to catch up with each other as a friend.

Your Friend, Former Teacher
Princess Celestia.

By this time Spike has already returned with a pitcher of water in his claws and pouring all the contents in the other dragons mouth. As Twilight finishes reading and presenting the letter, she removed her eyes from the letter to tell spike the news, only to fix her eyes on the scene in front of her. Her guest dragon laying on the floor underneath the door frame with his mouth open, while spike pouring a pitcher of water in the others mouth like watering a pot of plants.

"What happened here?" Twilight asked with a mix of concern and curiosity as to why the dragon was very tired.

"Well, Stargazer apparently got tired from chasing me a while ago." Spike shrugged as he looked at the other dragon with a raised "brow".

"Well Spike Bring him in, so I can explain to him whats our plans for tomorrow. Also could you start making dinner?"

"Sure thing Twilight"

"Thanks Spike."

"So Stargazer, I have received a message from Princess Celestia, saying that she would like to meet you." Twilight said. "We plan to go to Canterlot tomorrow, after I talk to my friends, if any of them would like to join me of course. We can't go right now since its already dark outside, and like I said I still need to check on my friends if they have any free time tomorrow." She explained as she took a bite from her salad.

"Ssssoooooo~, were going to Canterlot tomorrow? Anything else?" Stargazer asked, even though he already expected this to happen sooner or later.

"Well maybe you should stay for the night, you know, since its dark outside and all. You could use one of the rooms in th castle" Spike said as he munched on some gems for dinner.

"Well, yes, I was going to suggest that, thank you Spike. So, yeah, you could use one of the guest rooms in the..... spacious castle that.... sigh, I have" she said, somewhat feeling down.

"Umm, do you guys have like, you know, and open area room, I'm not really used to being in walled places too much." Stargazer said.

Twilight thought for a moment, looking up at the ceiling, thinking until she finally answered. "Well, we do have and open are on the top of the castle with a fountain." Twilight said as she continued to eat her salad. But as she looked at the dragon she felt concerned so she asked.

"Say, why aren't you eating? Aren't you hungry?" she asked as she points towards a bowl of gems in front of the dragon.

"Huh? Oh, well, I feel full from my sun time earlier, so I don't feel hungry right now. Also, I can't eat gems Twilight." the hybrid explained.

"Wait? Really!? I thought-" but before she could continue, Stargazer stood up and walked towards the doorway. He called for Spike to show him the the way towards the top of the castle.

"Hey Twilight, don't worry about me, but I feel tired from all the stuff I did. And it's starting to get late, so I'm going to have a nice sleep now. OK? OK." He said before leaving the purple mare stuttering 'but' again and again. While heading up, he tried to think back on his dreams, wondering if there's anything else he's missing. And wondering if he's forgetting something.

Well, that's going to be the problem of future me. he thought.

Author's Note:

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Heres additional info. The green book that Spike took, the illustration that Spike saw was the illustration of Clearsight. The dragon that Twilight sees in the red book here is Darkstalker. Can you guess what or who the dragon on the blue book is?

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