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Adventures Of An Animus Dragon - Undertotem

A man gets sent to Equestria, but not as a human, but as his OC dragon. Camo scales - weird, mind reading - head ache, prophecy seeing - HUGE migrane, venom spit - dangerous. At least he has books to keep his abilities from being a problem

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Actual Meeting With Royalty



"WHY NOT!?!?"






Two voices could be heard within the train to canterlot, arguing about an item in possession. One, wanting, and the other, rejecting. An alicorn pleading to a dragon about something of his possession, and the dragon furiously trying to deny the request. But how did this all start.


"Ok, so Spike, I'll be leaving to go fetch my friends and tell them the news about our travel to Canterlot and see if any of them would like to join. Just keep an eye out for Stargazer if he needs something" Twilight said as she pointed at the hybrid dragon looking through books in a shelf. Stargazer, at the mention of his name looked back and waved.

Twilight and Spike waved back and then continued their conversation. "Just make sure that he's not in some sort of trouble, okay? I'll be back in three hours, hopefully with some of our friends" She said.

"Sure Twilight, I can keep an eye on him, good luck! And stay safe!" Spike said as the purple alicorn left the room.

Spike then walked towards the other dragon who was fiddling with different books on a shelf. "So.... Uhhh.... You need anything, you hungry, what are you doing right now?" Spike asked, feeling lost as to what to do while being alone with another dragon.

"Um.... I really don't know, it feels like I'm forgetting something, but I don't know what" Stargazer said as he rubs his chin between his talon, as some parts of his scales turn Emerald Green indicating displeasure.

Seeing the annoyed thinking expression of the other dragon, Spike thought long and hard as to what the problem is. It did not take long until he put two and two together, seeing as the hybrid was looking at books, feeling that he was forgetting something, and the hybrid telling Spike about the books that he owned the night before and most likely forgot about is as he slept. Spike then decided to say something.

"Hey Star? Is it by chance you maybe forgot about the books that you own?" Spike asked. The drake then saw the other dragon turn his head to at him as the hybrid change his scale colors to an orangey purple, indicating that he was confused, but Spike did not know that.

"Spike? What do you mean books that I own? I don't own any bo-" He was then cut off as he remembered about the books that he bought that probably sent him in Equestria in the first place. "Spike! Where are my BOOKS!?!?" he said frantically as he looks for the books that he owned. Meanwhile, Spike on the other hand was trying to calm the other dragon down.

"Star hold on!! Calm down!!" Spike said reassuring the other dragon that his books were not lost. "Twilight was trying to study them yesterday, I might have forgotten to remind you since you were tired" Spike explained.

"Oh, okay." Stargazer then released a relieved sigh. "So, um... where are my books?" He asked wondering where the alicorn put it.

Spike, remembering what happened last night, looked back at the wooden round table of the castles library. And his thoughts were right since he could see where the books are, the same way they were left.

"It's in the-" Bur before Spike could continue, he was cut off by the other dragon.

"Table" Stargazer said as he looked towards the direction where the drake was facing. "Huh.... How come I didn't notice that?" He said as he rubs his chin.

No one then did anything but stand still and look at the table while and awkward silence filling the air. After a few moment one of them decided to break the silence.

"Hey Spike?"


"Wanna join me reading those books"

"....Yeah sure"


2 Hours and 56 minutes

The two dragons were reading the green book, to which Stargazer has translated to Clearsight's Journal About Seer's. The two were so caught up with reading the book that they did not keep on track of the time. Both of them were intrigued about the information on the book that explains about the foreseeing abilities of the NightWings and a brief history about it. Stargazer didn't even know how the title of the book changed from 'Darkstalker's' to 'Clearsight's'. Spike, although not able to comprehend what the symbols mean, still listened to his friend as he read the book aloud. As Stargazer flips though the page, he lands on an illustration of Clearsight.

"Hey Star, I was wondering, who is this dragon, and what do those words underneath the picture say?" Spike asked as he remembered the illustration of the dragon when he first opened the book on a random page.

"Well Spike, that dragon right there is a dragoness named Clearsight. From what I remember, she was the strongest in terms of seeing the future, like she could see every possible future possible instead of just one select future. I don't know much about her, since shes not alive any more and only told by us by our history teacher, I think his name was Webs, yeah its Webs. Oh! Moonwatcher also told us about her but only like a little." What Stargazer said was basically a half lie and a half truth, since 'Stargazer' only knows Clearsight through history and his teacher, while 'Jonathan' knew who Clearsight is in an informative sense, not personal. "And the thing that's written below, um.... It says-"

"The hardest part about being a seer is that the future is always a million possibilities - I can see so many ways my life could possibly go. But the past is only one thing. Once something happens, that's it. I can't change it anymore. I can't do anything. All my possibilities narrow into one fixed life, and then we're trapped in that world. I think I can control the future, but the past - it's gone. I can't fix it anymore - A message to Fathom."

"Whoa. That's like really cool, but kinda' sad at the same time" Spike replied as he thought about what kind of problems the dragon was experiencing to have this kind of message. But before both of them could continue reading the "Journal", they both heard someone call Spike's name.

"SPIIIKKKEEE!!! I'm back!!" the voice said.

"Oh! That must be Twilight, she's probably back to pick us up" Spike said. Both dragons then stood up and went to the main entrance of the castle. Upon arrival, Spike went directly to the the group, while Stargazer noticed the rest of the mane 6 along with Twilight. He actually felt joy upon seeing this and had a wholesome smile on his face, due to most of his life was dull and boring, for him this was a nice change of pace. Although, Stargazer failed to notice that his scales started to turn gold-yellow, indicating happiness, until someone pointed it out for him.

"Um, Stargazer dear. You're.... Starting to get, a bit yellow. Although I wouldn't complain, you did look quite happy when seeing us" Rarity said as she took notice of the changes. But she then took out a note pad to write something down as soon as she noticed the dragons scales turn rose-pink.

Stargazer was holding the top of his muzzle and slightly looking away from the group from embarrassment. He actually forgot that RainWings' emotions are kind of linked to their scales, showing emotion through the color of their scales.

"Ehehe, so... uh, you guys are coming to Canterlot?" Stargazer asked, even though he knows the answer, he just asked just to break the awkward silence. "I guess, you guys have some free time on your talons er-, hooves, right?" he said, still knowing the answer to his question.

"Well, yes, my friends do have some free time on their hooves, so that gives us the chance to head to Canterlot together" Twilight said somewhat in a giddy voice, most probably excited to finally ask more questions without interruption or delay, hopefully. "The others have already packed their things since were going to stay in Canterlot for a few days. You guys should wait by the station, I'll follow after I pack some things for the stay" She told the others, while they reply their own way of "yes'". The rest of the group left heading to the train station, while Twilight and Spike were still in the castle as they packed their things.

"So Spike, do we have everything packed?" Twilight asked the drake who was holding a check list for the items she needed for the stay. "And lets not forget the strange books that you found yesterday, I still need it to further my research while on Canterlot, maybe I should head to the Canterlot Library to look for some language books or the Grand Archives to find a spell for translating the book. Or maybe I'll just ask Princess Celestia for help to translate these books" She said thinking about any more means to uncover the books secrets.

Spike just then remembered that the books were owned by the other dragon, so he decided to tell Twilight. "Oh yeah! But I think we should probably ask Stargazer his permission, it is his. Then we could just return it once you're finished studying it!" Spike said enthusiastically, oblivious to the consequence that would happen on the train.

Twilight's thoughts suddenly went to a total halt as she heard what Spike said. She ran her memories through yesterday, a dragon appears out of nowhere, tells them interesting stuff, at the same time, Spike finds three new books she has never seen before, happen to be placed where the dragon appeared, and since the dragons origin's are unknown, it would explain the unknown language and symbols used on the book.

"Spike, so you're..... telling me..... that. The. BOOK. BELONGS. TO STARGAZER!?!?!" She yelled. Soon she grabbed their luggage and Spike in her magic, teleported to the library and gabbed her research as well as the books, then teleported at the train station.

The rest of the main six and a dragon were waiting patiently for the train to arrive. As they waited, the group were talking to each other sharing stories. Stargazer was having the time of his life and having fun since his scales were golden yellow. "Hey guys, where Twilight? The trains here and she's not here" Rainbow Dash said annoyed that the lavender bookworm was nowhere to be seen.

"Don't worry Dash, ah'm sure that Twi was just caught up in a minor problem" Applejack said trying to lower the prismatic mares irritation. "Let's head on in and wait for her, there's still a good few minutes before the train leaves" She explained.

"Yeah Dashie, Twilight going to be here in the train. Right, abouuut.......... NOW!" Pinkie said as she pointed towards the floor of the train.

At that moment, a flash of magic came to life exactly where Pinkie Pie was pointing, Twilight teleported in the train with a twitching eye and a few strands of hair sticking out of her head. Stargazer was at the back of the cart seeing as he was quite huge that he needed to take two seats. When he saw the flash of magic, he looked towards it seeing the stressed purple mare. She looked around the cart until her eyes were locked to her target. Stargazer. She then dropped all the things she was holding with her magic, letting Spike hurriedly picking up the pieces of paper and parchment and the luggage, and she lunged at the white-red dragon while holding the books in her magical grasp. She grabbed his shoulders, shoved the books in his face and shook the dragon repeatedly.



On the way to Canterlot Twilight was sitting with her friends on one side of the cart, pawing the cushion of the seat and looking sad while her friends try to make her happy. While on the other side of the cart, Stargazer was curled up on himself with Spike beside him sleeping through the whole trip, with an annoyed expression on his face as his scales turn to a mixture of green, orange and red.

"C'mon Twilight, it's just books" Rainbow Dash said while crossing her hooves. "What's the big deal about his books anyway? It's not like there's anything useful in those books right?" She said as the rest looked at Rainbow Dash with glares, except for Fluttershy who showed concern to her friend and Pinkie Pie who was trying to lighten the mood.

"The big deal is, Dash" Applejack said and made sure to stress the name, "Twilight might have found something important, isn't that right Twilight?" she asked her lavender friend.

"Yes, you are right Applejack, Spike told me that the books belonged to Stargazer, when I first saw the books, I thought, it was strange that I didn't recognize the books at first, so I was happy to read it, but when I did, I didn't understand any of it" Twilight said to her friends. "Then Spike told me a while ago that the books belonged to Stargazer, I thought to myself, 'we might find new information about Stargazer and the rest of his dragon species', I even tried to find different translations even before Spike told me, but now, now that I think about it, it felt like I was trying to snoop into his privacy" She explained to her friends as she felt sad and looked down at the carts floor.

"Well I do think that what you did was bad, Twilight, that you did try to invade his privacy" Rarity said to her friend. "And I do know that you get all excited when seeing new books to read, but what I do think is that, you and Mister Star should settle down on things. From what remember yesterday, I don't think Stargazer is capable of holding grudges" She said giving her opinion to the matter.

"Rarity is right Twilight, you won't solve anything by being down all the time! You two should totally talk to each other and fix things and then be happy!" Pinkie Pie said as she popped out behind the seat where Twilight is at.

"Don't worry Twilight, you have our support. And like Rarity said, from the short time we got to know each other, Stargazer is really nice, so I don't think he'll be mad for long" Fluttershy explained as she held on to her friends shoulder.

"Yeah, okay, thanks you guys" Twilight said to her friends as she looks at them. "Well, here goes nothing", she then went to the other side of the cart, where the dragon was curled up on top of his books.

Stargazer was then looking at Twilight as she saw her approach, he as heard the conversation due to his dragon ears being sensitive and all. He thought about teasing Twilight and playing hard to get just so that he would be able to take a small revenge, since RainWings are actually a peaceful tribe and don't really hold grudges, annoyed, sometimes, mad or angry, rarely. The only time Stargazer remembers a RainWing really mad is when Deathbringer, the NightWing bodyguard of Queen Glory, thought that she was dead because she wasn't moving for some time after sun time, and started shaking the body. Unfortunately for him, he woke up a very tired and a very angry Queen, due to the lack of sleep. So he was then sent to Jade Mountain Academy to guard for a couple of weeks with a couple of beatings.

Stargazer then 'steeled' himself and 'tried' to ignore the approaching alicorn.

"Satrgazer, ummm...... I would like to apologize" Twilight said. "I may have been a little obsessed with the books" Just then the dragon deadpanned at the purple mare as she chuckles and rubs the back of her neck. "Okay, maybe a lot. But, I still would like to say, I'm sorry. Would you forgive me?-bu" She asked.

"Umm.... no" He replied with a slight tilt of his head then proceeded to look the other direction.

"W-wait.... What? Why?" she asked

"Just, no. I don't accept" he replied nonchalantly

"B-but I-I'm sorry, I said I was sorry!" she said as she clings to the dragon with her eyes starting to water

"Ummmm, I don't really know~" he said as he rubs his chin as his scales slowly turn yellow from the amusement he gets from the reaction of Twilight. Twilight on the other hand was trying to beg for forgiveness as she repeatedly says 'please'.

"Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease forgive me! I already said I'm sorry! What do you want from me?!" she said as she starts to get furious for not having forgiveness.

"Well~ Okay I forgive you" Stargazer said with a cheery voice as his scales were now fully yellow with some spots of pink.

"I know that you're upset, or maybe even mad, but at least have some sense to forgi- wait, what did you say?" she said as she fumed on to a rant, but soon ended when the words Stargazer said hit her like a bag full of bricks.

"Y-you forgive me?" she said as she looked up to the dragon, only to find a cheeky grin on his face with a mixture of yellow-pink scales.

"Well... Yeah, I mean, RainWings hardly hold any grudges to any one, especially if it's another RainWing hehehehe" he said, as he chuckled at the scene of Twilight with twitching eye lids. The girls on the other side of the cart were relieved to know that their friend was forgiven and it was only a small joke. But they soon giggled at the sight of Twilight struggling to comprehend what she has heard.

"But- I- That- You said- hhmmmrrrggg!!!" and with that she left the dragon as she went to the other side of the cart, grumbling about the joke she unknowingly played in.


The group soon arrived at Canterlot, a beautiful city of white, purple and gold. But mostly white. The group walked through the streets of Canterlot, passing through ponies who are still as snobbish as ever, with their faces up in the air, like they have no care for the lower world, while some of the ponies were talking about a brute of a dragon in Canterlot. Stargazer on the other hand made an purposefully oblivious snark about the noble ponies, loud enough for the surrounding ponies to hear.

"Huh? I wonder what those ponies see in the sky? Is it just me, or do they see something above us that I don't see?" he asked the rest of his group. But the words did not go unnoticed by the surrounding ponies, and somehow they felt violated and now has started to talk trash on the group, but mostly on the large dragon, some even tried to convince the other patrolling guards to arrest the dragon, or slay it, but none of them did anything due to the ponies surrounding the dragon, the Elements of Harmony, with Princess Twilight Sparkle.

The group soon arrived at the castle of Canterlot and are now walking through the labyrinth of hallways. Fortunately Twilight knew the way to the throne room. The group was talking as to what might happen on the meeting, as well as their plans after they do the meeting. As they walk through the hallways, they pass some patrolling guards and working maids, both types were tense upon seeing a dragon within the castle grounds. Some maids even ran when the group has passed them or fainted out of fear.

Well here we are, meeting royalty, let's see how they would react to someone like me Stargazer thought as they drew near the large double doors of the throne room. Two guards were standing on both sides beside the door guarding it, upon seeing Twilight they stood aside, but both were weary about the dragon that was tailing behind the princess. Twilight then used her magic to open the doors to the throne room.

It's show time

Celestia was sitting on her throne looking through the documents and proposals her subjects has given her. Documents that would only benefit the nobility as long as they would have bits to fill their pockets. She as sent a letter to her faithful student and fellow princess to travel to Canterlot on order for her to meet the strange dragon that mysteriously arrive at Twilight's castle. Indeed she was interested to see who this dragon really is in person, because according to Twilight, the dragon named Stargazer is able to change the color of his scales as well as two more abilities she was interested in, as well as an abundace of things she was interested as well as curious about. Celestia then sent a guard to retrieve her her sister, as well as sent a letter of explanation, so that they both would evaluate the strange dragon.

A few moments passed, Celestia was still doing her usual work, listening to a noble pony talk about how his business would benefit Equestria, just then the door glowed purple and started to open. Celestia looked at the opening doors, only to see the Elements of harmony, Spike and the other dragon enter. Stargazer She thought as she took note mentally the differences between the dragons she saw in her lifetime and the dragon before her now. The group stopped at the base of the elevated throne, Celestia then noticed that the dragons scales were bright yellow with a small mix of pink mixed in the sea of yellow. Celestia mentally shocked seeing the blinding colors affecting her eyes, she then decided to ask about it later after she addresses herself to the group

"Twilight Sparkle, it is nice to see that you have arrived safely, as well as her friends, I presume this is the dragon you were speaking of?" she said, but before Twilight could say anything, and before Celestia could walked down the steps to the lower floor, she was then tackled by the blinding yellow dragon and was then hugged and nuzzled by the large dragon. the surrounding guards saw this, and began to move out to protect the princess. But they soon stopped as they notice the dragon curling itself around their princess and began to sleep.

Twilight was shocked beyond belief. Few minutes hasn't even passed and there's already a problem happening. She already was upset that Stargazer has pulled a joke on her, but now, one of her eyes are twitching erratically. She had already told Stargazer to be on his best behavior when meeting the princess, even in her grumpy state. But now, she sees the very same
color showered dragon curled up, around the princess and sleeping, with a satisfied smile on his face. Meanwhile, some of her friends shocked at what they saw or were barely holding in their laughs.

Celestia on the other talon, went stiff on the rather forceful show of affection, leaving her confused as to what happened. She looked at the dragon that curled up around her, interest now overtaking confusion as she saw his scales show a plethora of colors that seem to fade in and out and overtaking each other.

"Twilight?" she asked to get the attention of the lavender mare. "Would you kindly explain as to what is happening to..... our current guest?" OOF!! she exclaimed as she was cuddled once more by the colorful dragon as his wing drapes over the sun princess's back.

Twilight nervously laughed at seeing as this sight might upset the princess. "Ummm, wellll~ hehehe.... From what I observed yesterday, and from what's happening right now" she stopped for a while to see the colors of the dragons scales change "He's, as of right now, is 'technically' eating. I would guess that he's on his mentioned 'sun time' where he would lay on the sun to regain energy, he did tell me that they only do sun time when the sun is at it's highest and strongest and.... that.... would-" That's when Twilight realized that since Celestia is the sun princess, due to her connections with the sun, Stargazer would most likely gain have the best 'food' in the entire place or world.

Stargazer on the other talon was not actually asleep, but merely pretending to be asleep, as he continually changes the colors of his scales. He could hear the conversation happening between the princesses and the other Element bearers and Spike as he continues to 'sleep'.

This has to be the most embarrassing thing to happen to me. Why did this dragon decide to sleep around me and why now. It feels even more embarrassing that I have to keep a straight face and ignore this. Were the thoughts that Stargazer could hear from one of his favorite ponies in the series. I wonder what would Luna's reaction would be when she meets me he thought to himself as he cuddles the white mare more.

Author's Note:

Here's list of colored emotions from the wiki

  • Red: Angry, Furious
  • Orange: Irritated, Frustrated
  • Gold: Happy, Excited, Jubilant
  • Yellow: Amused, Surprised, Pleased
  • Green: Worried, Displeased, Annoyed
  • Dark Green: Aloof
  • Pale Green: Fearful, Terrified
  • Acid Green: Shock, Disbelief
  • Blue: Calm, Curious
  • Dark Blue: Thoughtful
  • Light Blue: Sad
  • Indigo: Proud, Determined
  • Orangey Purple: Confused
  • Dark purple: Shameful, Guilty
  • Violet: Awed, Prideful, Moody
  • Lavender: Delighted
  • Pink-Rose: Joyful, Happy, In Love
  • Light Pink-Rose: Embarrassed
  • Hot Pink: Happy
  • White: In Pain, Sick
  • Dark Gray: Sorrowful
  • Blue-Gray: Depressed, Despairing
  • Brown: Stressed
  • Black: Upset, Hatred
  • Purple: Guilty

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