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Adventures Of An Animus Dragon - Undertotem

A man gets sent to Equestria, but not as a human, but as his OC dragon. Camo scales - weird, mind reading - head ache, prophecy seeing - HUGE migrane, venom spit - dangerous. At least he has books to keep his abilities from being a problem

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Past memories - Part 2


Jonathan reaches for the alarm clock to turn it off, then he sits up groggily. He then looks at the clock and it said '7:10 AM'. Twenty more minutes before he goes to work, as he still sits on his bed with his eyes closed due to the light emitting from the windows. as he opens his eyes he stood up and started marching towards the restroom to start his morning ritual. Taking a quick shower, brushing his teeth, making toast and changing clothes all done in just a few minutes. As he prepares to leave the apartment by putting some belongings in his bag and taking the now finished toast, he started eating his toast as he makes his way towards the entrance of the apartment building.

As he walks through the streets of the town towards work, hos toast already eaten, his thoughts were a jumbled mess, thinking about his art deadline for a MMO phone game, his art commission, his money, his rent, new episodes for MLP, finding another part-time job, whats for dinner later, and many more thoughts pass through his mind.

He then arrives at the mini mart with a few more minutes to spare to do his own thing. He goes to the employees room and started wearing his uniform, until he heard his name called by a familiar voice.

"You're early today eh Jon. Got some good sleep last night?" The man spoke.

As Jonathan turns his head to look at the source of the voice, he sees a familiar 35 year old employee, with a bald head and wearing a pair of glasses. Stan Bradford, the manager of the mini mart where Jonathan works.

"Hey Stan, nice of you to drop by for a while. And actually ..... yeah, I actually had a decent sleep last night in like..... for a long time." He said as he closes the door of his belongings. "So, what can I do for you boss?"

"Nah, I'm not going to make you do anything for a while Jon, I'm just checking out on you. You always seem stressed out and tired whenever you go to work, just take good care of your health, okay?" Stan said giving a small smile towards his employee.

"Yeah, sure, I'll take breaks once in a while, but I still have deadlines to meet on the requests that I keep on having." Jon said at a dismissive tone of voice.

"Okay then, I'll take my leave." Stan said as he walks towards the door to exit the room.

'Well, time to get to work.' Jon thought

After working the whole day, or at least until his shift ends, Jonathan stood up from his counter and stretched his limbs. "Now that works finally over, I can go home and do.... *sigh*, more work" he said as he began waking towards the employees room to gather his belongings.

After leaving work, Jonathan went to his usual Chinese restaurant for a takeout dinner. After he receives his food he started heading home, but instead of heading east like usual, he went west instead. He did not know why, but the path towards the forest park seemed rather pleasant to travel through.

He continued to walk through the forest, with his belongings and takeout food. As he walked, he spotted a bench beside a lake and decided to sit down and rest for a while and let his mind wonder off through the distance. He kept thinking of all the things that currently happening in his life, a good paying job to keep his life going, achieved his dream on working on arts and working with game developers (somewhat), and a really peaceful life. But he cant stop thinking on how his life was dull, boring and repeatable.

I wonder if there's anything more fore me out there he thought but soon stopped on what he's thinking about and thought about resting since he was tired from work. Well, I still have a few hours to rest before heading home. I'll just sleep here for a few minutes.....for......a while.... he thought as his mind slowly drifted off to sleep.

Jonathan woke up after a couple of minutes, or is it hours, he could not tell. He lifted himself up and sat straight , as he looked around he could see that the sky was getting dark and and the light from the lamp post starting to light up. He could see the lights from the buildings from far away, across the river, glowing, showing that there are still others that work up to this hour.

I should head back home and do some more reading after dropping the pray I caught a while ago he thought as he walked towards the exit of the park. After a few minutes of walking, he reached the parks double gate entrance and left. He then took a cab to his apartment just so save a of energy. Upon reaching the apartment, he paid the driver, took his bag and food and went inside the apartment.

As he walked through the dark halls, carrying a small pouch filled with fruits and a few pray he caught from the rain forest, he headed towards the pray center of the school. His friends arrived a little early and went directly to the pray center to eat their share of food. As he enters the large cavern that was open to the air on one side, looking out over a mossy, boulder-strewn slope, towering cliffs, and mountains. Inside was a low wall of rocks to keep pray in, and a fast flowing river along the wall, opposite of the opening. He went down to drop off his catch and the harvested fruits and berries, he wasn't hungry due to his rest a while ago.

Stargazer saw a few dragons here and there, SandWings talking to IceWings, a few RainWings eating fruit, NightWings hanging out with some SkyWings and MudWings. The SeaWings seem to be at their own personal underground lake club even at this hour. Even Clay was at the pray center talking to a few students. He noticed a few of his Clawmates at the cave, but he felt too tired to to converse to any of them, instead he quietly left the cavern, uninterrupted by anyone until he arrived at his shared cave quarters.

Stargazer walked through the hallway of his apartment, upon reaching his door, he took the keys to his apartment from his bag and opened the door. As he walked in the room, he sees the same things on the same places. He then dropped his food at he table and went to the restroom, to freshen up himself. At the sink at the restroom he looks at himself at the mirror and sees the man he always was. Brown messy hair accompanied by a short brown goatee. Jonathan then scoops up water from the faucet to wash his face. He then grabs a towel beside the sink to make a quick shower.

I wonder when those three would actually sleep early Jonathan thought as he left the shower. Upon exiting the rest room he looks around the cave he and his Clawmates sleep in. He then walks towards his vine hammock and opens up his computer to continue working. He then grabs a few scrolls to start doing some sketches. After a few minutes as he does his work with his take out on his lap, he realizes that he was not at his usual cave that he sleeps in. Instead he sees himself sitting in his usual vine hammock with his computer in-front in an empty black void.

Stargazer looked around the vast empty black void. Seeing as there is nothing here, he started to get worried, not until he found an eerie white glow off the distance. Carefully he walked through the floorless void and went towards the white light. As he got closer, he notices a figure sitting on a vine hammock that he used to sleep in his shared cave.

Upon getting closer he notices that the figure was actually a scavenger, those hairless creatures that stand on two legs. The one's that he read about in scrolls and sometimes saw at the Sanctuary that Winter built some time ago. He also noticed that this scavenger was about, if not, as tall as he was, from what he observed.

Are't scavengers supposed to be small and tiny and.... well, small? Stargazer thought while looking curiously at the scavenger in-front of him. The scavenger seems to be looking around the void, oblivious to the dragon behind him. Stargazer decided to look at the thing in-front of the scavenger that seems to be illuminating some light. However, the sudden movement caught the scavengers attention and decided to look back. Seeing this, Stargazer decided to immediately leave, but as soon as he turned around, he heard a sound of metal hitting the "floor", and decided to turn around and look at the scavenger. The moment the two meet eyes, a quick shock entered and immediately left Stargazer's head. He stood there, staring back at the scavenger as flashes of images, moving pictures, and information began to show within his mind.

Stargazer then realized that these were memories of the scavenger, confused as to why he received this. After a few seconds, the silence was broken by a few words from the dragon.

"Who are you?" Was all Stargazer said, still shocked.

"Who are you?" was the one thing that Jonathan heard. He held still, looking at the being infront of him, and at the same time questioning himself as to why he experienced a brief vision. Vision that he thinks are memories of the dragon, and also questioning himself as to why he has these visions.

Jonathan decided to go for what his gut is telling him and replies with the helpful knowledge of memories shoved into his brain.

"I'm Jonathan Rawls....... I'm guessing that your name is Stargazer, to be honest, you're the first oddly plain colored Pyrrhian dragon, and a hybrid too." He said looking at the dragon with the initial shock gone from his systems and replaced by intrigue and curiousity.

"How do you know me?! I haven't even introduced myself to you, yet you say my name like you know me!" The dragon said with shock and disbelieve.

"Whoa, hey, relax OK? The reason as to why I know you, I think I saw your memories perhaps, or at least thats the closest thing I can relate it to. It' like having knowledge jammed through your head, you know?" Jon said.

The dragons ears then perk up at the mention of memories, gone was the shock and confusion, instead it was replaced by interest. The dragon soon walked towards the "scavenger" and started to inspect him with much curiousity.

"So, you mean to say that the reason why you know me is because you have my memories?" The dragon asked while still inspecting from a small distance.

"Most likely. I mean, the moment I saw you, I saw these weird pictures and, well you can say visions of dragons, forests, and other stuff." The man said to the dragon.

"Is that what it was, so does that mean that I have your memories to?" The dragon asked stopping infront of the "scavenger".

"Wait, you're saying that you also have my memories as well?"

"Apparently so." Stargazer said while shrugging his shoulders.

The two continued talking about their current predicament. And soon started having an actual conversation not related to their current problem. Unbeknownst to both of them that they are surrounded an aura of calmness and familiarity that made them trust one another. As the two continued talking to each other, both started to feel quite tired. With the need to rest, both of them took the same hammock and both are totally now weirded out and slept together. Everything then soon faded to darkness.

Stargazer woke up from his slumber and noticed that the sun was just starting to set, indicating that his sun time was finished. He looked around and noticed that he was still on the balcony that Twilight showed him.

"Well, its about to turn into night, better head inside." He said to no one as he started to get up and head towards the door.

Why does it feel like I'm missing something?

Author's Note:

Is it just me, or do I like to explain a shit ton of things. Also this went from great, to satisfactory, to all out "WTF am I writing about". I feel like this is a really bad chapter tbh.

Also, exams finally finished, YAY:yay:

Also, also, I procrastinated this for far too long. Still I do hope you enjoy this bad chapter.

As always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy and see you in the next chapter.

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