• Published 9th Mar 2013
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Creed of Three - Dusk Writer

Altair, Ezio, and Connor are sent to Equestria, but for what reason?

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Altair walked down the long hallway into the underground library. He just felt so tired, so old and broken. His wife had died many years prior and he had killed the traitor with the invention he had seen in the Apple.

He had left his son at the entrance and given him the task of hiding the Masyaf keys everywhere across Europe. He withdrew the Apple and sat down into the chair in the center of the room. With a heavy sigh, he gazed into the glowing dullness and sharp bright lines that curved over its sides, many thoughts running rampant through his head. One particular thought kept coming around to the forefront of his mind, “So much trouble and death over such a small thing.”

However, he knew more than others how looks could be deceptive. He knew the amount of power this Apple of Eden offered, and it had turned his closest friends on him. He sighed softly again, pulling a disc this time from the depths of his robes.

He leaned his head back, looking at the giant door at the end of the corridor. He recorded his memories of the past few hours into the glowing disc, for a future assassin who would eventually make their way into the cavern.

He was just oh, so tired.

It would be nice, to finally


As he closed his eyes, he barely saw the Apple in his hand begin to glow, lines of golden light engulfing his now still body.

Ezio looked back up into the face of his great ancestor, Altair the Master of Assassins. “You have lead me well, my mentor.” He took the final memory disc and placed it into one of the pockets in his dark grey robes.

He reached over to Altair’s other hand and pulled the golden sphere from the bones of the palm. He looked around the room, the Apple growing in power as he held it. He spoke out to the empty space, “Desmond?”

After blinking his eyes from the sudden power surge emanating from the Apple, he continued to speak, “I heard your name once before Desmond, a long time ago. And now it lingers in my mind, like an image from an old dream. I do not know where you are, or by what means you can hear me. But I know you are listening.”

He paused for a moment, taking off his weapons, starting with the hidden blades on each wrist, and then dropped his sword next to the other two deadly weapons. He looked again into the lines of golden light, “I have lived my life best I could, not knowing its purpose, but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon. And here at last, I discover a strange truth; that I am only a conduit for a message that eludes my understanding. Who are we, who have been so blessed to share our stories like this? To speak across centuries? Maybe you will answer all the questions I have asked. Maybe you will be the one to make all this suffering worth something in the end.”

He began walking toward the pedestal embedded within the wall at the back of the room; this was where the Apple should belong, yet Altair had not been able to place it there before he died. An image of a boy in strange clothing appeared in front of him, supposedly Desmond. Ezio placed his hand onto the image’s shoulder, finding resistance as though someone was actually there. “Now listen-“

Whatever he had been about to say was cut off when the Apple suddenly and unexpectedly grew in power and brightness.

Ezio shielded his eyes with the hand that held the memory disc. He couldn’t let go of the Apple! When it seemed as though the amount of light shining from the sphere could not grow any more, the feeling of sleep suddenly overtook him and everything went dark.


The sound of the blade sliding into a dying man’s heart was as final as the wolf howling to the sinking moon. Ratohnhaké:ton, more commonly known as Connor, withdrew his blade from Charles Lee’s chest and stood up slowly, the pain in his abdomen from the shard of wood explosively erupting.

He grabbed at the wound with his left hand, and then stumbled out of the bar back to the homestead. When he finally got there, he collapsed at the front door. A maid walked out to find what had made the noise, when she saw Connor. After a small scream he barely heard, she lifted one of his arms and began to drag him inside, calling for help. Black bordered his vision, and then unconsciousness overtook him.
Six months later

Connor walked through the building that had been the home for their elder for many winters. As he looked around the burned out building, he spotted a small familiar white box. Upon opening it, he realized that it was not the same glass ball he had used once before, but was now a sphere of a dull golden glow.

“What is this, and why did they leave it behind?” He hefted up the surprisingly light orb, golden lights bursting from the lines that ran along its surface like a migrating pack of caribou.

The familiar woman’s voice spoke to him once again, “You have done well Connor, and have fulfilled the purpose we have given you.”

As he was about reply in frustration, another voice, a male voice, spoke out, laced with humor and deviousness, “Oh Hera, you are sometimes so funny with your proper patterns of speech.” Connor looked around for this new, irritating voice. As he was about to yell out for the coward to show himself, the talon of an eagle pressed itself against his lips. He looked at its owner in frustration, which immediately turned to surprise.

It was only a silhouette, but definitely not human. The serpentine figure twisted with laughter, with its arms wrapped its middle as it couldn’t stop shaking from the look on his face. As its laughter finally died away, it wiped away a tear from its hidden eye and spoke again, “Hera, he may have completed the purpose you gave him, but now it is time for him to serve my purpose, along with two others.”

The serpentine silhouette brought its hands together, tapping the fingers meticulously. Hera sighed, “And what would that purpose be, -------?” It was odd for Connor, when she had said the being’s name, all sound had ceased, and then come back.

“Well, my friend and her friends, definitely not mine yet, have been in need of a new…adventure. He will go along fine with my plans.” Connor swore he could feel the grin slide across the being’s face like a snake.

Hera sighed, “Fine, do what you will.” Her presence faded immediately, leaving Connor with this mysterious creature.

“Well then boy, if you would be so kind and lift the Apple for me?” Connor’s arm moved of its own accord, holding the “Apple” aloft above his head. “Now, when you get there, please try to be polite. It would be rude to spoil my entertainment so early.”

The Apple increased in brightness, eventually engulfing him in its bright glow. Just before he lost consciousness, he heard the whisper from the serpent that would change everything. Then everything went black.

There was a knock at Rainbow Dash’s door as she walked out of the bathroom, coat still slightly damp. She stopped for a moment, and then began walking towards the front door. Only a pegasus could reach her home, and even then, it was usually only Derpy and Fluttershy who came to her home often. And seeing as how no walls were broken, she was going to assume it was Fluttershy.

Her assumption proved correct when she pulled open the door to find the shy Pegasus looking a little worried. “Hey Fluttershy, what’s wrong?”

After a few seconds of thinking, she finally thought up the words, “I can’t find Discord anywhere. It’s like he’s just randomly disappeared. Oh, I do hope he’s okay.”

Rainbow Dash had stopped listening after the first sentence. She flew as fast as she could up the stairs, grabbing her Element necklace. She rushed back to the door before Fluttershy had even finished. Said mare looked flabbergasted and a little shocked at her friend’s sudden speed and alarmed state.

“Fluttershy, fly as quickly as you can back to the cottage and grab your necklace, we’re gonna need-“

Whatever Rainbow Dash was going to say was cut off by a large explosion that originated in the fields close by Ponyville. Rainbow Dash turned to the cowering pegasus, “Fluttershy! Get moving! That was probably Discord and we need to stop him!”

Fluttershy slowly stepped out of the cloud house and took off towards her cottage. Rainbow Dash began flying towards Ponyville to round up the four Elements.

She was hovering over the town square when she spotted all other five ponies. Just as she neared them, she saw that they had their own Element. She dropped to the ground and was running towards them through the crowd when her necklace grew incredibly warm.

All of the ponies around her dropped to the ground screaming in pain. Lines of golden light surrounded their heads and as her eyes looked around, she noticed that the lights grew closer together around the area of the explosion.

Suddenly, it all stopped as the second explosion that hour, although different, erupted from the same spot knocking everypony present unconscious.


That is how Altair felt as he opened his eyes. That, and extremely hurt. Every bone and muscle in his body ached and groaned. He stood and stretched, feeling several bones pop from the exertion. As he scanned his surroundings, he saw that stood in a wheat field at the edge of a small crater. To his left, he saw a town with several residents running about, although he was currently too far away to make anything out.

He heard the clash of metal on metal emanate from the center of the crater. He snapped his head back to the crater and saw two assassins fighting over-

No, it couldn’t be.

The Apple of Eden.

He charged down the crater in his once again young body towards the two assassin’s, one wearing a dark grey color that was almost black, and the other wore white assassin robes with blue highlights on the center.

He drew out his sword, blocked both their attacks, and made to grab the Apple. Just as his hand grabbed the orb, so did the other two. The grey-robed yelled at him, “Let go! I must use the Apple to get back to Sophia!”

“No! This Apple can save my people from years of torture and pain!”

Altair didn’t know their full reasons, but he had to get them to understand. “Brothers! We must not use the Apple at all! We must hide it so no others may find it!”

They continued to bicker; their conflicted interests causing turmoil with the Apple, and then, the tension within broke, releasing all of the pent-up energy inside. The golden lights descended upon the nearby village, from which inhuman screams began emanating.

Altair began focusing all his thought into stopping it, and he sensed the grey-robed do the same. However, the young boy still only thought of saving his people. The amount of energy between the two more experienced assassins was enough to stop the Apple, but in a mentally explosive result.

As Altair began to lose consciousness, he saw the boy limp away into the nearby woods as a winged figure descended upon his still body.