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I am now Princess Luna, and it’s not as fun as you might think. I don’t know what’s going on, how I got here, or what I’m going to do. Princess Celestia thinks I’m crazy, that I’ve lost my mind…

But something tells me I’m stuck here… so one way or another, I’m going to have to get used to this new life. Now if only I could figure out this stupid Magic stuff...

Story by Pinklestia with the collaboration of Rainbow Sparkle for the first three chapters.

Chapters (8)

Chapter 23: 10% completed.

I’ve been in Equestria for over 1500 years, and the memory of what I did to Luna and Celestia is still there, like a dull ache that will never go away. As an immortal, I’m going to have the next few thousand years to get used to it. Despite that, only thirty years have passed back on Earth. I wonder what’s become of Luna since we traded places. Is she alive? Dead? Married with kids?

My name’s Catherine, and you’re probably wondering what I’m babbling on about. If you’ll bear with me, I’ll start where it all began.

Tags (character and otherwise) will be updated as necessary. Rated teen for strong themes.

Character Sheet. (Work in progress.)

Cover art by Silfoe
Textless version

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Jay the Stormtrooper
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Chapters (24)

Celestia and Luna have ruled in Equestria for over a thousand years. Their age along with the unbelievable power that they wield to move the sun and moon has caused most ponies to see them as gods.

But as powerful as they are, gods they are not. For the being that has arrived in Equestria has powers that can rival and surpass their own. He is a deity millennia of years old, a deity who commands the thunder and lightning with an incredible might and a hammer that can shatter the sun and moon.

And Celestia and Luna will learn that they are not all powerful. That they are not as mighty as they believed. They are not gods.

They are not Thor.

Chapters (36)

This story is a sequel to The Prince

Returning to the land of his birth as the human TD Powell, Antares must try to find a way home. But if he returns to Equestria, will it be the same one he knows? Will he be able to cope with the ever-changing world around him?

Edited wonderfully by Strike89 and roker12

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[This story has been rewritten, link to it is here ]
Canterlot is getting ready for the wedding of the century, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is marrying the Captain of the Royal Guard and part of the draconic royal family will be in attendance. In addition to helping prepare the most high profile wedding Equestria has seen in living memory, Celestia has tasked Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the Elements of Harmony with befriending the future queen of the Dragon Empire and her entourage, the first Sorcerer the Empire has ever had. One thing is certain, this will be a wedding that nobody ever forgets.
(New description has be made by none other than DoomManta)

(Story has been inspired by This picture) Go check out the person who did it Zig-Word

New cover art is drawn by http://akerabronzpaw.deviantart.com/ It may say a different name but same person.

Note to all: This story has been made before the season 6 ep 5 "Gauntlet of Fire" was made but may have some details about it. ;)

Also this story got Featured, a lot... thanks everyone xD

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Princess Celestia had a good day. Luna had been going out more often and was becoming quite fond of nightclubs, her dear niece Cadance had formally announced her pregnancy—though, privately, Celestia felt she was too young to be a great aunt—and, of course, Twilight, her beloved former student, had taken on her first student and Celestia couldn't be prouder! Yes, it had been a good day.

Celestia Sol woke up much like she did every day the morning: sun waking her as it danced upon her eye lids. Wait, the sun? Celestia's eyes snapped open to reveal she was in Twilight's old room in the observatory. On the other side of the room was a smaller bed where a small dusky unicorn was drooling on her pillow.

Clearly, it must be Tuesday.

Preread and edited by Stahl, Kinsley, and Jumbled

Chapters (2)

Chrysalis is beaten. Her invasion of Canterlot has failed. Her hive has been scattered to the winds. And with Equestria on guard, love is in short supply. She has failed her people, and now the future looks bleak and grim.

But there’s a change in the air. Chrysalis can feel it in her bones and in her dreams. Something is calling to her, drawing her and the remnants of her hive north. To the place the changelings once called home.

Placed sixth in the August 2015 Write-Off Event: Distant Shores.

Chapters (1)

Hello, again!

Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a certain dragon has his own role to play in the world. Strengthened by what they see as lacking, he stands apart from his own kin as they look upon him with both the fear and respect of one completely devoted to the destined task that he had been hatched for.

Cover art belongs to Minerea.

Chapters (6)

Midnight Storm has had a hard life. She's wandered from city to city for the past three years, and they've all eventually run her out after they've found out what she is. Against her better judgement, she's placed her last hopes on the small town of Ponyville.

The residents here are nice enough, but when they find out what she really is, will they accept her, or drive her out like all the others? And when Celestia finds out about her, what plans does the Princess of the Sun have in store for the mare?

Cover image by Valkyrie-girl

Story now included in The Goodfic Bin

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I don’t know if I’ve truly died or lost my mind. What is reality, what is sanity? Are they not just a product of society, a unit to be measured? Something that can be judged, evaluated, and constricted by belief, but also something that is limited by our very biology? I’m not really sure, yet I believe myself to be sane, and have decided to embrace my own reality. One born purely from thought, bound by the limitations of my imagination. This… is a tale of ”my” reality, my triumphs, my mistakes, and the sins of a father.

Co-authored by his Highness Lord of Hentai.
Edited by The Magic Hobo, Regun and mikesnipe.

Chapters (4)