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Twilight: The Dragon Sorceress (Old story) - ExoDemonG

After growing up among dragons, Twilight Sparkle gets an unexpected family reunion when she attends the wedding of Princess Cadance.

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Dreams and the Invitation (Edited)

It was a starry night in Canterlot. The streets were empty except for the patrol of guards that were keeping an eye out for anything. All the ponies were in their homes for the night and all but one were dark, their residents asleep. In her study, Twilight Velvet was just finishing editing the epilogue of the latest Daring Do book A. K. Yearling had sent her. She levitated the stack of papers into a brown envelope and leaned back, stretching her back before looking at the clock, noticing that it was already about two in the morning.

She yawned, getting up from her chair and turned off the light, casting a small light orb spell before heading upstairs. Just as she was about to open the door to her bedroom, she saw that one of the doors down the hall was open slightly, she rolled her eyes and chuckled at the thought of her husband leaving the door open again.

“Well, I can go check on her while I’m there,” she whispered and walked down the hallway, passing a door with a sign that read ‘Shining’s room, KEEP OUT!’ As she neared the door she dimmed the orb and reached out to push the door open, she felt a draft coming from within. ‘Did Light leave the window open?’ she thought with a frown, pushing open the door only to stop when she realized there was some sort of creature in the room.

With the light dimmed she couldn’t see its features, but going by its body-shape, it look like it was a diamond dog. The two stared at each other and Velvet could only wonder… ‘Why is there a diamond dog doing in my house?!’ ‘What is it holding?’ Her eyes went to the bundle of cloth that was in its paws. She could see a small purple horn sticking out of the clothes. Her pupils went small and she heard the dog curse as it bolted towards the window.

“NO!” Velvet screamed as she used her magic to close the window. But she was too slow, and the diamond dog managed to jump through. Velvet ran up to the window and saw the dog was running down the street. Quickly, she turned around and made her way down the hall as fast as she could.

The door to her bedroom opened just as she rushed past, and Night Light looked out with a worried look.

“Velvet? What’s wrong? Why are you yelling?” he called, moving to follow Velvet down the stairs.

“No time! A diamond dog just kidnapped our daughter! Call the guards!” she yelled as she ran out the front door and into the street in the direction she had seen the kidnapper run. She ran as far as she could, as fast as her hooves could take her but after a few minutes she had to stop to catch her breath.

She looked around, trying to see if there was any sign of the kidnapper but the streets were empty.

“No…” she whispered as tears slowly poured down her face. “… …no”


Velvet shot up in a cold sweat in her bed, breathing hard. She looked around the room in confusion until she realized where she was. She could feel her husband move beside her.

“Mmmm, Velvet, what’s wrong?” Night light asked, sitting up groggily.

Velvet blinked a few times and looked to him and smiled. “Oh, sorry honey, I didn’t mean to wake you. It was just a bad dream nothing to worry about.”

“A bad dream, huh…” he said as he rubbed his eye with his hoof then looked at his wife, frowning. “It was that dream, wasn’t it?”

She took a moment to stare into Lights eyes and gave a small nod. He moved closer, giving her a hug and kissing her head. She could feel the sting of the tears behind her eyes.

“Honey, it's been 22 years and still nothing. We hired private investigators to search all over Equestria, we've asked the griffin authorities to keep an eye out for her… even after Shining became Captain of the Royal Guard, the first thing he did was organize an investigation to look for her, and they have standing orders to forward any information they can find to this day,” she said as her husband rubbed Velvet’s back. Velvet closed her eyes and took a deep shaky breath.

“So why haven’t they found her yet?!”

Night Light continued to rub her back as he contemplated what to say next. “Honey, as I much as I hate saying this, but you need to let her go. 22 years is a long time.” His words however weighed heavy on him as he said this to his distraught wife.

“I know Night Light, but I have a feeling that she’s still out there. I know she’s alive. I can feel her when I sleep. I’m not giving up until I find her. I will find her!” she said vehemently as a tear ran down her face and landed on her hoof.

Night Light put his hoof under her chin and moved her head to face his.

“I know dear, and we will. I haven’t given up either. And I promise that we will find our daughter. But for now you should get some sleep. We have to prepare for Shining’s wedding, and it won't do anypony any good if you're exhausted,” he pointed.

Velvet smiled and looked down at her end table, opening the drawer and pulled out a photo of her holding her missing daughter in her hooves.

“Twilight, where are you?”

The creature moved down the dark street and took some twists and turns until it stopped and started to look around for something. After a few moments, it turned its head towards me and stared at me with its big, yellow eyes. It bent down and lifted something, and I saw a big, dark hole in the ground. The creature then slowly crawled into the hole, taking me with it.

I heard somepony shouting from somewhere nearby. The creature stopped, looking to wherever the sound was coming from before covering the top of the hole, plunging me into darkness.

I heard the creature say something, but couldn’t understand what it was saying. Then a bright flash came out of nowhere, making me close my eyes.


I opened my eyes as a beam of sunlight came through the window and blinded me. I sat up on my bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes then got out to stretch my wings and tail.

'The same dream again… this is the fourth time this month,' I thought as I walked into my bathroom and turned on the light.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Slitted eyes, much like my mother's, stared back at me. I brushed my fur, careful to work around the base of my leathery wings before starting on my mane. I checked my front legs to make sure none of my dark purple scales had any blemishes before taking a moment to file my claws with black talons to razor-sharpness.

The memory of the dream made me frown as I considered myself in the mirror. I don't know exactly why I had dragon aspects, but I do know that when I was a filly I didn't have them. Most of the dragons, my friend, and my adoptive parents said it had something to do with the magic inside of me and the influence of dragon magic. When I saw that rainbow wave all those years ago, my magic went crazy. Then, when everything calmed down, I looked like this. Whatever it was, it didn't change me completely since on my flank I have something what others called a cutie mark—a pink six pointed star with a white dragon curled around it—something that apparently 'normal' ponies get.

I open my mouth to check my sharp teeth and picked out a piece of last night's dinner with one of my claws.A few minutes later I walked back to my room and looked out the window to see the city of Netherscale. A few dragons were flying in the air and some others on the ground talking to each other with some younglings even pretending to be wild dragons.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of wild dragons. They lived close or around the city of Canterlot, the capital city of the ponies, but they were a completely different breed of dragon than you would find in Netherscale. Their behaviour and antics would never be approved of here. I had to wonder if ponies thought all dragons were like that.

I turned from the window and got my saddlebag out and filled it with books. 'It's such a beautiful day today. I think I will go and read outside.' I thought, as I put the fourth book in my bag when a knock came from the door that caught my attention.

“Twilight? Are you awake?” A female voice came from behind the door. I smiled as continued to pack my bag, levitating two more books to take with me.

“Yes mom, I'm awake. Is there anything you need?” I asked her.

“Oh, no dear, I was making sure you're awake since you sometimes stay up all night reading,” Mom replied through the door. I rolled my eyes and giggled. I could just imagine the smirk on my mother’s face.

“No mom, I didn't read all night last night. Dad already told me how sleep is important and everything.” I put the fifth book in my bag and started to reach for the last one.

“I know he did that dear, but I also know on some nights you still do anyway.” Again, I rolled my eyes. “Oh and also, Amber is here to see you. Do you want me to send her up? She said she has some important news to share with you.”

I stopped moving for a moment and groaned a bit. 'Well there's goes my day of reading,' I thought and looked back at the door. “Yes, send her up, mom,” I grumbled, although I could feel mom's frown from behind the door.

“Now, Twilight, I taught you better manners than that. She's your friend after all.” I winced from her lecturing tone of voice.

“Sorry mom, I didn't mean too.” I lowered my head. “Can you please send Amber up?”

“There's the girl I raised from a baby. Give me a moment to tell her” I heard her footsteps as she walked back downstairs. While I waited, I started to put my books back out and just as I placed the last book on the bookshelf, I heard my door crack open.

“Well, if it isn't my favorite egghead in the whole wide world. Finally getting out of bed and into your books?” Her sweetly sarcastic voice behind me said. ”One of these days I will get your nose out of those dusty books so you can start making more friends.”

“I was thinking of getting some fresh air, but now that you're here I'm probably going to get dragged around by you again,” I said with an impenetrable glare.

Amber had red-amber scales, deep dark red claws, dark amber wings, and gold eyes and wore saddlebags with the royal crest embroidered on them. She looked shocked at me and put her claw to her chest.

“Why, Twilight, I would never do something like that. You hurt my feelings,” she said, even while attempting to shed fake tears. “When have I ever dragged you around anywhere?”

“Do you want a list?” I remarked snidely. “I think I have a list of every single time you dragged me out somewhere I didn’t want to be. It should be in here somewhere…” I used my magic to open my cabinet filled with scrolls and other bits and bobs. Amber however put her claw down and glared at me, unamused.

“All right, all right, I get it. You always ruin my fun, you know.” I chucked a bit then turned to look at her.

“It's good to see you Amber, how is the training going?” I asked. She looked to the ceiling and groaned.

“Oh, you know, the same as always. I had to sit and listen to all my professors talk and talk and talk! At one point I almost fell asleep until the professor smacked my desk with a ruler. Being a princess is such a pain!” She whined. “And to be called the 'next queen of the dragons' is starting to bug me. They do know that I have an older brother and sister right? They should know that they have a better chance of being king or queen of the dragons than me right?” she complained. She took a seat on my bed, which squeaked from the weight of the new body. I looked back at my shelves and started moving my books around again for the third time of this week.

“Well, something could happen to them that makes it impossible for them to be king or queen. You know how royalty is,” I concluded.

“I know, I know, but I don't want to be queen! I don't want to lead a whole kingdom! And if I do, I will run it into the ground, I’m sure of it! I suck at politics, you know that! All I want to do is to fly in the sky and race,” she said with another whine.

I just rolled my eyes as I put another group of books in a new spot. “Well, I'm sorry, but sometimes you can't pick your dreams over your responsibilities. You're a princess of the Dragon Empire, and every dragon will look up to you for guidance,” I pointed as I put the last few books in place then looked back at her. She was looking at me with narrowed eyes.

“You know you sound like my dad, you used the same words too,” she stated.

I giggled at the thought and smiled at her. “Well, I'm only telling you the truth. Anyway, my mom said that you had something important to speak with me?” I asked.

She got a big smile on her face as she pulled a letter from her bag.

“Check this out,” she said as she passed the letter to me. I grabbed the letter with my claw and opened it. It was an invitation to a royal wedding that would be taking place in Canterlot. The bride's name was Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and the groom's name was Shining Armor who was the Captain of the Royal Guard in Equestria. I looked at Amber and raised an eyebrow to her.

“Well, since it has been many years since the Dragon Empire and the pony kingdom were on friendly terms with one another, they invited one of the royal dragons to come and make a treaty between us, and I'm the lucky drakaina to go,” Amber said with a huge grin on her face, while I narrowed my eyes at her.

Then why is the king sending you of all dragons?” I asked her. “Couldn’t your father send your brother or sister instead?” She just shrugged her shoulders at me.

“Rhaegos is busy dealing with one of the wild dragon groups, and Ruby is in the Griffon Kingdom doing who-knows-what. They won't be back until after the wedding, so I get to go instead since I am part of the royal family and I have a duty to my kingdom,” she replied proudly.

I gave her a look. “Didn't you just say that you didn't want to do any sort of royal duties? Why are you going then?” I asked.

“Well, father is kinda forcing me to do this,” she admitted. “He said that it has been too long since there's been any sort of talks between our two lands, and, 'all this started because your great, great, great, uncle was an idiot for starting a war over some stupid apple tree', which I kinda agree. I mean, come on, it was one stupid apple tree!” She said as she crossed her forelegs with a huff. “Also I heard that Canterlot makes the biggest cakes in the world, so I get to try some.”

When she said that I rolled my eyes at her (which I’ve been doing that a lot today) and looked back at the letter frowning. One thing just didn't add up, so I looked back up at her.

“So why are you telling me this?” I asked. She looked at me and gave me a grin that sent shivers down my spine.

“Oh, simply because you're coming with me to this wedding,” she simply stated.

I dropped the invitation and my jaw hit the floor. There was no sound in the room for a full minute until Amber got up from the bed and waved her claw in front of my face.

“Ummm, Twilight? Are you okay?” She asked.


It was a beautiful day today. The birds were singing, and the townsfolk were doing whatever they do on days like this one. Everything was going great. Since it was such a lovely day today, Pinkie had made plans to have a picnic on the outskirts of Ponyville and everypony agreed to the idea. And here I was sitting out on a picnic blanket with my friends enjoying the day together.

I was chatting with Applejack about the past apple harvest. Fluttershy and Rarity were talking about something to do with, what I think was about fashion or animals, or probably both. Rainbow Dash was eating a sandwich not really paying any attention to anyone, and Pinkie was chatting away while eating some cupcakes she made at Sugarcube Corner.

I used my magic to open the basket and pulled out an apple. But while I was about to eat it, I saw Spike come running down to us out of the corner of my eye. He soon reached us and paused as he was out of breath and hunched over trying to get it back.

“Spike, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” I asked.

“No… nothing's… wrong… just… a letter… hold on.” Spike panted then burped out green fire and a letter. Fluttershy handed him some juice which Spike eagerly grabbed and drank in one go. “Thanks Fluttershy, I really needed that.” Fluttershy nodded with a shy smile at him. I opened the letter and read it aloud.

“Dear Sunset, I’m sure you’re very excited about the upcoming wedding that’s being held in Canterlot…” ‘Wait, what wedding?’ I stopped until I remembered a letter from a few months back that did say something about a wedding happening in Canterlot.

“I will be presiding over the ceremony but would like you and your friends to help with the preparations for this wonderful occasion.”

I went over each of the jobs that my friends would being doing for the wedding. Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie were pretty excited about their jobs concerning the music, catering, and party decor respectfully. Rainbow was also super excited since she would be doing a sonic rainboom for the couple, and Rarity even fainted with a huge grin plastered on her face when she heard that she would be designing the dresses for the bride and bridesmaids.

“And for you, Sunset I have two jobs: you will be making sure that everything goes exactly according to plan, and assist me with an ‘international’ situation that will be taking place at the wedding. I have invited the King of the Dragon Empire to come to the wedding so we could also discuss a treaty between our two nations.”

“The Dragon Empire?” Rainbow Dash asked. “When did dragons make an empire, aren't they supposed to be too greedy and rude for that?” She asked flying about three feet off the ground with her hooves crossed.

“You’re thinking more along the lines of wild dragons which, like you said, are too greedy and rude for that kind of thing. And even if that was an intricate part of their nature, not all of them are wild dragons.” I magically pulled a map of Equestria out of the air and laid it out so that everypony could see it, except for Rarity who was still passed out from the news. Her leg twitched as Pinkie poked her.

“They used to have an ancient empire out in the Badlands, if I recall correctly…” I pointed my hoof at the part that said 'Badlands'.

“See there’s the Badlands, and over here you got the Dragon’s Lair, so the Dragon Empire should be around there or”—I moved my hoof off the map—”somewhere beyond that. Nopony ever ventures beyond what we can see on the map. And if they did, they didn’t come back at all.” As I said that, I rolled the map up and made it disappear.

Fluttershy was hiding behind her mane. Even though she had sort of gotten over her fear of dragons, the fact that there was a whole empire of them made her shake in fear. “Don’t worry Fluttershy from what I remember from the books I read about them, they act completely different from the wild dragons we know,” I calmed her as I looked at her.

I looked around and saw that Spike was staring at me. I replayed what I just said and gave him a sheepish smile at him. “Errr, no offence Spike.” He blinked at me and shrugged and grabbed a cupcake and pop it into his mouth.

“I get about the whole Dragon Empire deal. What I don’t get is why nopony has ever seen them, or why they haven't been around.” After Applejack said that, Pinkie pulled out something out of her mane and used it to wake Rarity up.

“Huh? What? What happened?” she asked.

“That’s because the borders between Equestria and the Dragon Empire have been closed for many years over something that happened in the past. I don’t know what it was since no pony recorded it in a book or scroll,” I explained.

“Well, why not just asked Mr. Dragon King when we go to Canterlot?” Pinkie asked as she pulled a cake out of the basket and inhaled it in one go. Spike looked in confusion at the basket trying to figure out how she had pulled a full cake out of there.

“I don’t think that would work out.” I picked up the letter again and continued reading.

“Unfortunately I have received a letter from him saying that he can’t come himself, but he will be sending one of his children. I have full faith in you and your friends. Yours, Princess Celestia,” I finished with a worried look.

“Darling is there something wrong?” Rarity asked as she levitated a napkin away from her mouth.

“It’s nothing, it's just…” I paused to think. “It's just that I’ve never done something like this before. I mean, what if I mess up, like you know, what if I make him or her angry? It’s not like the Equestria and Dragon Empire borders would never open up again. What if I caused the Dragon Empire to go to war with Equestria?! What if…!” Before I could say anymore, I started to panic and hyperventilate. Spike pulled out a brown paper bag out of the basket and then—after emptying it—gave it to me. I grabbed it and began breathing into it. Eventually, I slowly started to calm down.

“Thanks, Spike. I needed that,” I appreciated Spike with a smiled. Spike shrugged and smiled.

“What would you do without me?”

“Darling, I’ve never seen you so frantic before.” I looked over at Rarity and chuckled nervously.

“I’m not exactly good with high society types,” I answered.

“Hang on, what about Princess Celestia?” Rainbow noted.

“She’s my teacher. That’s different.” Rainbow however waved it off as if she didn’t believe me.

“Well, I think that you'll do a great job with this dragon prince or princess,” Applejack said to me. I was about to say something until Pinkie appeared beside me so suddenly that made me jump.

“Yeah! She’s going to have a great time! And when she goes home to her dad, she will say to him ‘Oh I had a great time! We should've open the borders long ago and stuff’ and then everyone will be happy and we will throw a ‘Welcome Dragon Empire to Equestria’ party!” Pinkie said as she did some somersaults.

“Um, Pinkie darling, don’t want to sound rude, but how do you know the dragon is going to be a she?” Rarity inquired. She watched Pinkie as she stopped mid-somersault in the air and gave Rarity an upside down shrug then resumed her somersault before landing.

“Just a hunch,”she happily answered, except we all blinked and stared at her as we contemplated her not-so-answer answer.

“Anyway, thanks girls. If I have all of you there, I just know I can do this,” I said with a resolute smile. I looked overhead to see the afternoon sun. Rarity saw this and looked up as well.

“Oh my, it’s getting late,” She announced.

“Well, I guess we better get ready to leave in the morning. Can’t be late to make sure the wedding preparations go well for…” I stopped for a moment and looked at Spike. “Um, Spike do you know who’s getting married?”

“Oh, right. I should've given you this beforehand.” He rubbed the back of his head then breathed out green fire which made a second letter appear and handed it to me. I lifted it up and unrolled it before I began reading.

“Princess Celestia would like to invite you to the wedding of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and the Captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor. Hmmm, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza… that name sounds familiar.”

“And it’s a mouthful to say!” Pinkie said as she grabs two cupcake and ate them both. I gave her a half-lidded smile and shook my head.

“Well then, I guess we should pack up and head home. We’ve all got a lot of packing and planning to do, as well as our beauty sleep,” Rarity said as she got up and started to pack. We all also heard her muttering to herself on her plans for the dresses.

As I was about to head back to the library, I looked back and saw Spike with his arms crossed, staring off into space.

“Spike? Is something wrong?” I asked him. He looked at me and blinked in surprise.

“Huh? Oh, umm, no, nothing’s wrong it's just…” He knitted his eyebrows together. “It's just that I have a bad feeling about this.”

I rolled my eyes and levitated him onto my back. “Spike, it’s only a wedding. What could possibly go wrong?”

Author's Note:

All I got to say is WHY DID YOU SAY THAT SUNSET!!!!
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