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A brony wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar forest in an unfamiliar body. Will his knowledge of a cartoon about pastel colored ponies help him keep his cover and his freedom? And even if the ponies don't find him will a certain changeling queen?

Marked teen for occasional swearing and violence
May add more characters as story progresses

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The story of a young phoenix and her chance encounter with a royal alicorn, both of whom share the same pain of losing those they held most dear.

Philomena, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are property of Hasbro.

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Warning: This story is dumb, incredibly so.

Rainbow Dash watches her favorite show, My Little Human: Friendship is Survival. Will her 6 heroes save Earth from the hands of the evil democrats?

This little masterpiece of English Literature is something I wrote up because at the moment I can't bring myself to focus on Medicine, Magic and Cynicism and another story I'm working on right now as well.

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Dr. Gregory House is called upon to try and save the life of Twilight Sparkle after she falls mysteriously ill. While he is trying to solve this case will the elements of harmony and a certain sun princess teach him about friendship and how to trust? Or will they learn more about themselves then they may have wanted to know?

I do not own anything involving House M.D. or My Little Pony: FiM

I haven't seen a crossover between MLP and House which are two of my favorite shows. I'm not a great writer and don't know if I could do a character like Dr. House justice or be able to mix them together correctly. If anyone has seen a house/mlp fanfic please point it out since I'd be very interested in reading it.

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