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Sometimes I wonder why I write. Then I look back at my stories and remember: I have a story to tell. And a LOT of mistakes to correct.

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There is only the Pit for him. For those like him. Their home, their prison... their tomb. It's all they know and all they remember. Until the soldiers of the sun came. Everything they knew would have come to an end. But as the sun set, just three of them were taken away.

One is unlike anything they've seen. He knows little of the world, but he knows of the torment and agony his captors caused. He's ready to kill. He's ready for blood.

But is he ready to leave it all behind? To learn what kindness and generosity are? What it means to be free? Can he adapt to the peace he's never had? Or is he a monster like the rest of them?

Chapters (20)

One night, a strange object crashes in Equestria. After Celestia sends a patrol to investigate a strange creature breaks into the castle. It succumbs to its wounds, but before it does it passes on what may not only be Equestria's savior, but Celestia's future.

Join Draco as he grows up in a world of ponies, magic and fantasy. There are those who accept this new being, and others who do not. But in his future, he'll have to come to terms with a shocking, and daunting, revelation.

Alternate Story to To Call the Moon My Own (You don't have to read it to understand this one!)

Cover art by Panzertank. Big thanks to him!

Featured 7/12/15! Thank you all for my first feature!

Chapters (135)

Our favorite lovable pony gets shrunken down by a spell Twilight wanted to practice. Now she's hungry, and up for a little fridge climbing.

Warning: Hilarity ensues

Chapters (1)

Andrew was a marine that was discharged after a certain deployment. His life went to Tartarus after that incident, and now he has nothing in life to look forward to. But, when a certain god of chaos comes to him for help bringing down Equestria, in exchange for helping Andrew, will he help to get his life back together? Or will he learn how hard it is for the fate of an entire country to rest in his hands?

Warning: Humanized ponies

Chapters (6)

The humans called me murderer. Freak. Monster.

My people called me warrior. Heir. Hero.

Them? The ponies? Her?

Friend. Family. Lover.

It's been a long time since anyone ever called me that, and it's even stranger with "love". But can they know me truly? Can I trust them with the truth? And more importantly… can I protect them from the truth?

…from myself?

Thanks to Panzertank for the cover art!

Chapters (61)
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