• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Starry was walking through Canterlot searching for either Eric or someone who could help him. 'How do we get back?'

'Usually someone says you're free to go or thanks you can go. That person being the one that summoned us'


'Relax, we're bound to run into someone… I hope.'

'That's reassuring.' Starry continued to walk through Canterlot ever since the war ended a month ago. 'I don't know how to track them. Can you?'

'No I can't and you know why… wait can't we go to the princess she could know where a Displaced is.'

'Your right!' Starry rushed towards the castle but was stopped at the gate by a couple of guards.

"Halt who goes there."

"I am Hoshizora, a samurai who fought in the war."

"...What war?"

"...You don't remember the huge war that was-"

Luna appeared right behind Starry, towering over him. “Don’t worry, Frozen Fly, this Samurai is confused, he must be talking about the war between Neighpan and Trotland years ago.” Luna smiled, the guard tilted his head.

“But that was… Sixty years ago.” The guard questioned.

“Appearances don't equal age, look at me, do I look sixty?” Luna asked, leaning on Starry’s head.

“Fair point, your highness.” The guard said before stiffening up. Luna grabbed Starry by the ear and trotted into an alleyway.

"Ow, ow, ow! Let go of me!" Starry protested as Luna shoved him into a wall.

“What are you doing?!” Luna growled, glaring at Starry, “Thanos didn’t use those stones for no reason, we must never, EVER mention the war that never happened!”

"Is that what he did? Well, sorry for bringing it up." Starry apologized as a cyan mist came off him and formed the upper body and head of a human.

"Hi there, Princess, glad you're doing better."

Luna nodded before hearing horns being played, “The King of Minos has come to Canterlot!” Luna’s eyes sparkled.

“Thanos?” Luna ran out of the alleyway only to find Lucci walking down the street with Royal Guards surrounding him, Grievous was right behind him with his sword sheathed, Luna’s face fell. “Oh… He’s not here.”

Starry followed with Guardian floating above him with a knowing smirk behind Luna. 'I don't think we'll ever go home.'

'Cheer up look there's two Displaced they should know who summoned us.' Starry walked towards Lucci and Grievous before saluting.

"Hello the-" Starry greetings were interrupted by Guardian pushing past him and coming face to face with Grievous.

"General Grievous, you are shorter than I expected."

“I am 7’11, and what are you? An ant.” Grievous glared down at Guardian, as Lucci stopped advancing and looked to Grievous.

"You know I expected the one Star Wars character to know the quote."

“We aren’t on the internet,” Grievous said flatly, “I expect someone who knows this quote to be a bit… Older.” Grievous squinted his eyes.

Guardian bursted out in laughter before calming himself. "You can be old and young at the same time, kid. You know, this is why I didn't get involved in politics, it sucks the fun out of a person.. or in your case a cyborg."

“I am literally over 1,700 years old, do not call me a kid.” Grievous crossed his arms, “Anyway, we’re here to talk about making that alliance with the Equestrian Kingdom. So if you would excuse me, we have to get moving.”

“Yeah, you two can talk later, we need to get this over with.” Lucci said as the duo and the guards began to walk to the Canterlot Palace

Starry pulls Guardian back. "Wait! Sorry about my friend but do you know who summoned us? We need to get back to our world."

“That would be Noximilien the Watchmaker, he’s currently in Twilight’s School of Friendship, lecturing a class about what he calls ‘Introsinging yourself’. '' Lucci said, as his entourage continued advancing towards the palace.

Starry started to run towards the building but Guardian floated up to Lucci and Grievous before handing them a Wakizashi. "His token in case you ever need us again." Guardian then took a phone out and took a selfie with them before floating towards Starry sticking his tongue out at Grievous.

“I’ma kill em,” Grievous grabbed the hilt of his blade, only for Lucci to raise his hand.

“Not now, later.” Lucci deadpanned, “Let’s get going, shall we?”

Supergirl, adorning a scouter, flew past a star, it had been a whole month since Thanos disappeared, and they have not given up on the Titan. They won’t. They’ll never. Since he didn’t give up on them, Supergirl sighed.

“He’s not in this Solar System,” She said into her scouter.

“I’ve been having trouble sensing him, he’s gotta be at the edge of the universe…” Shallot replied back, the Kryptonian could hear the young Saiyan growl under his breath. “And Black’s been having trouble lately with his ki control so he can’t even help.”

“Damn, he’s hiding his Ki too, so I don’t think we can teleport to him.” The voice of Nappa sighed in dismay.

“Black’s got his kai kai technique and he could teleport anywhere… but of course that requires ki and concentration…” Shallot groaned. “It also doesn’t help the fact he went on his own to search for Thanos on Equis, like we haven’t tried that yet.”

“Tch, if only we had someone to tell us,” Nappa said, looking at the author.

Fuck you, no.



“You’re running out of dialogue.”

I know, but fuck you.



Okay, fine.

“He’s… He’s…” Nappa began.

“Yes…?” Supergirl said, excited.

“Go on…” Shallot asked tiredly.

“He’s on some sort of…” Nappa concentrated.

“Sort of what?” Supergirl asked impatiently.

“Spill it already!” Shallot shouted, clearly angry.

“Planet. He’s on a planet.” Nappa flatly said.

There was a dead silence for a few moments, until the young Saiyan spoke up. “Well… no shit.” Shallot said with sarcasm.

“That’s it, he’s on a planet.”

Supergirl yelled in anger, “AAAAAAAAAAAA!” She then broke the sound barrier and went past the speed of light to go kick Nappa’s ass.

“OH FUC-” Nappa was cut out by static.

Shallot sighed as he took off his scouter, he looked around his surroundings. Standing on top of a mountain on another planet. ‘Come on Black… there's nothing more we can do here…’ Shallot thought to himself as he looked at the 2 suns on the horizon.

Back on Equis, the thought of finding his friend being on his mind for the past month. Black walked through a winter wasteland, a blizzard pushing against the dark Saiyan. Black breathed fire out his mouth to combat the cold. He couldn’t use ki to protect himself against the elements.

Black squinted his eyes as he walked through the blizzard. “Come on Thanos, just haul your stupid ass back.” Black hissed as steam rolled off his body. After walking for over an hour, he saw a small building in the distance. He then sprinted over to the building to see it was a small cabin and no one seemed to inhabit it. With a soft smile, he walked to the porch of the cabin and walked inside, closing the door behind him.

“Fucking hate the snow…” Black muttered. The Saiyan looked around to see there was barely anything in said cabin, for the exception of some stones, wood and trash on the floor. With an idea, he used the junk to make a small fire pit. He created a small fire in his finger tip and lit the trash and wood, providing him heat. “Much better.” Black said with a smile, sitting on the floor near the fire.

“You could have just gotten me to heat it up for you.” The voice of Thanos said, as Black turned to face the voice, he saw that it was nothing.

The Saiyan looked around for a moment longer and looked back to the fire with a sigh. “Dear Kami… I’m starting to lose my mind…” Black mumbled to himself. Though he looked away for a second and rolled his eyes. “Yes Nightmare, I’m joking for fuck sake.” Black grunted.

“An obvious one, yet, we all lose our minds. Some find it, and some never.” The voice of Thanos rang throughout Black’s head.

Black looked up to the ceiling of the cablin and squinted his eyes. “Thanos, I swear if your doing this for giggles, once I get my ki control back I’m gonna go kick your ass!” Black shouted. A long silence followed and Black looked back to the fire, shaking his head. “I’m talking to myself here…”

“Perhaps, I ask you why you look for me? Why do you search? To fight once more? To grab a beer? What may be your reason, little one?” Thanos’ voice coolly said, yet his voice felt like hot chocolate.

“LITTLE ONE?!” Black hissed, standing up suddenly and looking back up to the ceiling. “Alright jackass, you listen here! Me, Shallot, and all your friends are looking for you all out of the cosmos! You didn’t tell us where you were going and why, but I can figure it out. Cause I did the same thing!” Black shouted, gritting his teeth. “For why I’m looking for you is so then you won’t be making the same mistake I’ve made a thousand years ago!” Black clenched his hands as the small fire became more intense. “I shut myself out from everyone I cared about for months after the events of the battle with Sombra, it didn’t make it better.” Black looked on for moments before sighing and sitting back down. “I just don’t want you to be alone for an eternity like me…”

“I am not shutting myself out, rather, I am resting. I am… Enjoying this life, much simpler.” Thanos’ voice echoed.

Black sighed, “You couldn’t have told us this before you left, or you know, let us know by telepathic messages?”

“This isn’t me talking, it’s your imagination.” Thanos’ voice said.

“Of course it is…” Black scoffed as he laid on the floor. “Cause that's what everything is… an imagination.” Black growled before closing his eyes, trying to get some rest.

“Rest, my friend, it’s over… My tale ends here. Goodbye…My friend.”

Thanos looked down at his token, the Infinity Gauntlet, he gazed at it.

“Tirek will kill you all!”

Thanos hummed.

“The Azure Dragons have a new leader, there is a new Kaido Army!”

Thanos sighed and looked at the photo of Celestia next to him. “Perhaps… My journey is not yet finished.”

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