Against All Odds.

by The_Chill_Author

First published

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

John Oliver, was your average joe with his friends. Twenty-seven years old along with his friends, going to Comic-con. He was Thanos, three of his manly friends were, General Grievous, Entity 303, and Rob Lucci. His womanly friends were Rapunzel, Sally (From Nightmare Before Christmas I recommend watching it.), and Supergirl. They were sent to Equestria balance the universe. After a huge war involving the whole world, they were defeated and banished for trying to bring balance to the planet. Now, "Thanos" returned with no weapons or allies, he has to get his Gauntlet and blade, find his stones and his allies, all by himself.

Arc 1, Breaking Friends out of Jail (Or BFJ): Chapters 1 - 9

Arc 2, The Quest For Power: Chapters 10 - 15

Arc 3, The King of Beasts: Chapters 16 - 23

Arc 4, The Beginning of The End: Chapters 23 - Epilogue


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1,700 years ago.

I sat there in the back seat with the Thanos costume on, I was stacked and armed to the teeth, with the stones, the gauntlet, and the infinity blade (It was fake obviously) the year was 2022, a few months ago Coronavirus ended and we all partied, not together but- you know what I'm saying. My friends were there, Zachary, Nora, Thompson, Jessica, Chief, and Petra. We stopped in the parking lot and got out.

"Are. You. Ready?!" Zachary always brought the hype, he was Entity 303.

"Born ready." Thompson is like the guy who would literally do stupid things for fun, you know, normal white-boy stuff. He was dressed up as General Grievous from the 2D Clone Wars because we all know canon Grievous pails in comparison to 2D Grievous.

"Good, because we need to get inside before another crowd of people swarms in." Petra, always the smart and reasonable one, was dressed up as Sally.

"Let us go now." I did my best Thanos impression, it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either.

"Holy crap is that you Thanos?" Jessica joked and did a playful shove. Jessica is blonde, but not your normal dumb blond, she is actually adept when it comes to anything book related. She was dressed up as Supergirl, which fits her because she is always helping someone out when they need help. We walked forth and got in a line, got through the door, and ran wild.

"We should look at some things that look really nice for our characters," Chief said looking at me, I was the only one that wasn't complete, aside from Thompson that is. Chief is like the big black dude that will break you like a twig, if anything he should have been Thanos for the MCU.

"You two aren't fully complete so let's check out some weapons." Nora was dressed up as Rapunzel, and boy, does she look gorgeous. I nod and try to spot the weapon area. It wasn't hard because I almost couldn't fit through the door because I was 8'2, yeah I went all out to be Thanos. And I saw someone dressed up as Kilton in an open tent, I saw the infinity blade and four swords.

"I guess those four swords will have to do." Thompson chuckled and shook his head, we walked up to the Kilton cosplayer.

"How much for the infinity blade and those swords?" I asked with my best Thanos impression, I love it, I'm sorry but I can't stop it.

"For you, free. You know what kid? I know your type, seeking out for adventure eh?" The Kilton cosplayer chuckled, I was in shock as I just grabbed the infinity blade and Thompson grabbed his swords.

"Yeah, I like going on adventures with my friends," I said liking where this conversation is heading.

"Imagine... Going to a world where it has too much harmony and way less chaos." I thought about that, too much harmony and things would be... awkward. Nothing exciting.

"That sounds like torture." I smiled beneath my mask.

"What if... I sent you to that world to bring balance. It would be a win-win, saving that world for complete boredom and saving you from complete boredom. Know this, when I sent you there you will be your character, and everyone but You, Grievous, Supergirl, and Entity 303 will have powers because you already have powers. Entity 303 I see you have your scythe." The KIlton cosplayer smirked, and Zachary held up his bloodred scythe.

"Okay, how are you going to do it?" I ask smiling, he smiled mischievously.

"Oh, you'll see..." He snapped his fingers and in a flash of light, we were gone.

Present time.

I stood there idle in the Castle of Two Sisters, in stone and in a vault deep underground, it was dark, the torches have been put out. It was darker than any night I've seen. I was there for centuries. I was the most dangerous villain known to Pony-kind, Celestia often visits me to see if I got out, but after a few years she suddenly stopped it was like she... forgot about me. I was alone, all alone, I was perfectly sane but I was lonely. I wanted to get out, I needed to get out, to get my revenge, I grunted trying to break free, grunt, grunt, grunt! There was a crack I tried a few more times and my hand was free, I let out a furious bellow and boom! I was free, I immediately fell to my knees, it has been too long. I was hungry, very hungry. I got up and the only thing that I was thinking about was food and water. I walked up the spiral steps, it was covered in moss and the walls were cracked, I was trying to not hit the ceiling, I was tall, after punching down the exit door I made. (I punched my way out) I found myself in the throne room. I looked around, it was... ruined, what happened here? I looked around, my stomach growled. It was sunny outside, I saw light for the first time in years! Not going to lie I shed a little tear.

"Right, right, right, food." I put a hand over my stomach as I walked out of the castle. There was an old bridge, judging by my height and size I would fall under it. This means I have to run, after prepping myself I went into a sprint position and was ready to book it. I took a deep breath and ran. The wooden planks I stepped on collapsed beneath me, I ran as fast as my legs could carry them and leaped and fell on the grass, my stomach growled yet again, I need to eat something or I will eat my arm! A manticore looked at me curious as to what I was, I looked at it and licked my lips.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty..." I walked close to the manticore.

I lit up a fire as I ate my cooked manticore, it was delicious, could use some seasoning but hey, got to work with what you have eh? I sat on a log and thought.

"My blade is gone, gauntlet gone, infinity stones gone, friends gone, where are they? Celestia must've really thought this out. My guess is that my infinity blade is in the Canterlot vault as well as my gauntlet, the stones must have a keeper, so I think I'm going to have to find the keepers of the stones. My friends are probably held in Tartarus so I'll have to go there, but that begs the question, what should I go after? Well, if I go after my blade and gauntlet they will be on high alert and most likely tighten the defenses on the stones and Tartarus. I should go after my friends, more allies means more people to fight under me. Tartarus it is I guess." After eating the last bit of the cooked manticore, I jumped to my feet and marched on. Tartarus here I come.

I marched whilst I was in the forest, my home for a while, as I walked I saw a clearing. I ran towards the clearing and I saw spears sticking out of the grounds and helmets.

"Grievous..." I look towards a spot and I see several scorch marks there, I sigh and shook my head. "He was hunted down by guards wasn't he?" I examined the field and I took a step. There was something in front of me, I kneeled down and I pick it up. It was an emblem of the old Equestrian Empire. I sighed deeply and remembered the four ear war. I pocketed it in my- well, pocket. I walked past the spears and past the clearing, as I walked I heard splashing, I was rather thirsty so I walked over towards the splashing. I then see a waterfall, with a statue there, the good old training spot.

"How far has this fallen? I remember being here like it was yesterday, haha!" I laughed with a warm smile as I walked towards it, I clasped my hands together. "For give me Master, but I am very, very, very thirsty." I stuck my head in the water and began drinking. When my thirst settled I got my head out of there, catching my breath. I bow and I take my leave, I walked off and continued my trek through the forest. The chirping of the birds fueling my nostalgia, I started to whistle along to the birds as I walked. I then see some mountains, those must be the Smokey Mountains, I run for it and I make it out of the Everfree Forest. I grinned ear to ear.

"YEAAHHH I'M FINALLY AFTER A MILENIA OF BOREDOM OUT OF THAT DARN FOREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I cheered, laughing afterwards.

"Now where is Tartarus again?"

1,699 years ago...

Ah yes, my flashback now where do we begin? Oh, right, I stood there in the Castle of the Celestial Princesses bored as heck. I looked around searching for something to do as I was standing on a balcony, I walked back in and some royal guards were there to greet me.

"Hello sir, your Princess Celestia wishes to see you." A guard said, I sighed and shook my head.

"Alright, I'll go see Sunny." I walked forth and they waved goodbye, I heard the guards say something literally behind my back.

"Did you see that guy? He was BUFF, no wonder why Celestia loves him." The guard said to the other, the other guard fanned herself.

"If he wasn't the Princess's Spouse, I would be making moves on him like I was dancing on a dance floor." The other guard said, I cringed, and it hurts to be called handsome. As I walked down the hallway Lucci walked next to me.

"Sup, meeting your wife?" He put the emphasis on wife, it been nearly a week since we've been married and everyone has been poking fun at him.

"Shut up." I chuckled, Lucci just grinned.

"Before we do that, should we go check up on the others? It would be quick." Lucci asked me, I looked at him and he looked at me, silence...

"Sure, why not?" I asked her, Lucci grinned and walked down a hall adjacent to us, I followed him when we were down the hall, someone walked up to us, it was Platinum Dusk! She walked over to Lucci and hugged him.

"Lucy!" She squeezed, Lucci frowned and hugged her back.

"It's Lucci, or just call me Rob instead." Lucci said frowning at the unicorn, she just smiled like the ball of cuteness she is.

"Okay, Robby." Platinum Dusk said grinning knowing she's pissing Lucci off, his frown deepened.

"Say that one more time and I'll buck you-" Lucci was cut off by her.

"Oh? You'll buck me? Get us a room then." She said flirtatiously, Lucci stood there silent.

"Follow me." Lucci walked off, Platinum gleefully followed the assassin, waving goodbye at me, I stood there.

"Look's like everyone is getting laid today." I chuckled as I walked towards the training room, as I reached there I was tackled by something blue.

"Big T! You're here!" Ah yes, Jessica aka Supergirl. "Where you've been, I haven't seen you like, ALLLL day."

"Being the lonely bastard that I am, what about it?" I asked her, she got off of me and pulled me up, she was really strong, but my strength is greater than hers.

"So, what brings you here, Mr. "I married a Princess"?" She grinned, I rub my eyes.

"Why do you people mess with me like this?!" I asked her confused, she shrugged.

"Just feels right, ya know? Plus, you know we can't resist it!" Jessica laughed in a jolly manner, I then hear someone use one of their techniques.

"Hair-Hair, Fists of Fury!" I then hear crashing and groans of pain, I look towards it and I see Rapunzel beating Entity for the one-thousandth time, literally.

"Did ya win again Rapunzel?" I asked her, already knowing the answer, she looked towards me, flipping her hair and putting her hands on her hips.

"Is that a rhetorical questions, because I have a rhetorical answer, yes." She grinned cockily, Entity shot up from the ground.

"Darn it! How do you beat me? WITH HAIR?!?!??!?!" Entity screamed, his right eye twitching, Rapunzel laughed.

"Because I'm just better than you, that simple." Rapunzel smiled, Entity growled.

"Mark my words I will one day beat you in combat!" Entity declared, clenching his "fists" and throwing them into the air.

"Not in two thousand years, Entity." Rapunzel chuckled, she turned to me, "So how's your wife, Thanos?"

"Yeah how's your wife, Thanos?" Sally said behind me, I turned around and took up a fighting stance.

"I SWEAR TO GOD SALLY STOP THAT!!!!!" I yelled, everyone just laughed, "And can y'all stop doing that?"

"Nope." They all said simultaneously, I groaned and facepalmed.

"Alright, I'm gonna go and see my wife." I go to leave the room but was hit tripped by someone or rather somepony, it was Luna, I hit the floor.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! Thou has gotten wrecked!" Luna laughed, I slowly got up and looked at her, my Reality Stone glowing, her laughter turned into fear as I turned her into a potato and I threw her at Jessica and she caught Luna. I then walked off now wanting to see my wife after some torment from my friends. I looked for the stairs because this place was darn maze. I found the stairs upwards and I walked up the stairs I see Celestia at the end of the stairs.

"I was looking for you you purple bean!" She crossed her arms huffing out steam from her nostrils.

"Blame Lucci, he told me to go check up on the boys." I replied, she rolled her eyes.

"You could've declined." She told me, I looked at her unblinkingly.

"Well-" She cut me off.

"No excuses, meet me at my room." She looked at me, then turned around and teleported to her room.

I opened the door to her room and it was cool looking. It had some swords on the walls, some photos of Celestia, Luna and their parents, etc. Celestia sat on her bed, and pats a spot on her bed beside her, I walked over there and sat there nearly knocking her into the ceiling.

"Oh darn," I apologized, she cleared her throat.

"I uh... Think it's best for you to take a seat somewhere else." I nodded, and I pull a chair from a desk nearby and sat on it... The chair broke over my fat ass. I was on the floor looking up on the ceiling in silence. Celestia chuckled at my troubles.

"I'm gonna lay here." I couldn't help but laugh, it was kinda funny. Celestia cleared her throat.

"So... Thanos, I've heard rumors that you have been training." Celestia said, I looked up at her with a raised eyebrow. She kinda blushed.

"Ahem... T-Thanos... Can I train with you?" She asked putting her index fingers together and looking away.

"Is that what you called me here for?" I inquired, she was red with embarrassment.

"N-no! Not all... Uh... I Uh... Good job on a mission that you totally did!" She smiled trying to power through her blush which she failed in miserably.

"I haven't been on any mission in a whole month." I informed her, her eyes widened and she looked away, he pink hair following her.

"W-well uh... Shit." She scratched the back of her head, I stood up.

"You couldn't have just asked me when I was on the balcony enjoying the view?" I asked her she turned around, angry.

"Shut up, I'm a Princess and a Princess shouldn't have to do certain things." She huffed, crossing her arms.

"Doesn't that include training?" I countered, she took a step back.

"Uh... Y-you got me there." She stammered, she shook her head, "But in any case will you train me?"

"Sure, why not?" I grinned, this would be fun.

Present Time.

If I only knew, I walked forward and searched for the nearest town. "I think Dodge Junction is the nearest town, but it's gonna be awhile. I think it's north east, yeah, north east." I ran north east, I had a lot of stamina, I should be there at the end of the night. I then remember more of that flashback I had.


I stood there in the training area, Luna and Celestia sighed, Luna joined too because sibling rivalry I guess. Lucci stood by me, I cleared my throat and got ready for my speech.

"Alright you two, combat is an art, and as you know it takes practice to be good at art, it took about a year for us to be where we are now. A whole year of sweat, blood, tears, and other bodily fluids." Luna and Celestia blushed at that comment, Lucci chuckled, "Not to mention the days of training non-stop. But anyways, Martial Arts is very useful for self defense, and remember this is to defend yourself and others, not to attack others... Or yourself. Anyways, fighting for some is a way to pass time, fighting for others is a curse, you must be ready to take a life if you wish. But you need to fin your strength, and what you are fighting for. What are you fighting for? What is your end goal? How will you learn from this fight? Will this fight benefit you? These are the questions that need to be answered before battle. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? How many weaknesses do you have? How many strengths do you have? Are you a swordsman? A mage? A martial artists? What are you?” I asked them, they looked at each other and answered.

"I'm a fighter." They both said.

Back to present time

"Good times..."

Rescue 1: A Grievous Break Out.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

1,695 years ago.

Thomas POV

I ran as fast as I could, there were 1000 men behind me, magic bolts shot across the sky and crashed into a tree. I fled to the Everfree Forest dodging magic like a dodge the haters. I look behind me, they were closer! I ran into a clearing full of grass where trees had not yet grown. I prepared my elemental swords, they ran at me and shot their magic and threw their spears. I prepared my Fire Swords as I slash, a huge horizontal fiery flash came at the ponies, the slash dispersed the magic bolts and turned the spears to ash, the impact on the ponies was something else. The ponies roared in pain, I raised my Earth sword high and slammed it on the ground making the earth burst from beneath them. They hit the ground, I turned around and ran for it, a magic bolt hit my ankle and I fell down. I got up and the troops surrounded me.

"Give up General, you are completely surrounded, lay your weapons down and stop this." Captain Black Shield said he was the Captain of the Royal Guard back then. I laughed, preparing my swords.

"Never, for I have yet begun to fight." They rained fire on me, I deflect the magic bolts. As they rapidly shot their magic at me, I held up for a while but after I started to get hit, first they got my right leg I fell on my knee but I continue to deflect the oncoming attacks. My extra arms came out and grabbed the water and air swords, but they were shot out of my hands by magic, I snarled in pain. I held my hand and that was all they needed to dominate me. I was on the ground, smoking and burnt, I couldn't move, two guards held me up and turned me to Black Shield.

"I didn't want it to end this way, trust me I didn't but you left me with no other option. Take him to Tartarus." He turned around and collected my swords. I said nothing as I was dragged away.

Present Time

I sat in the darkest corner of my cage. The cage was hanging from the ceiling and close to the ground, my cape was ripped and I was covered in battle scars. I heard a dog yelp and I snapped my head to the entrance, Thanos was riding Cerberus like a bull.

"Let's go free some villains!" Thanos laughed as he rode Cerberus towards the cages. Guards ran at them, he made Cerberus stomp on those fools.

"Hey, Thanos! Over here!" He turned his head to me and I waved. He smiled.

"There you are, how about I do this?" Thanos grabbed a sword from a guard who was now dead on the ground from being stomped on by Cerberus. He threw the sword at the cage chain and the cage fell from the ceiling and hit the floor. The bars were now far enough I can slip out of it. I leaped and landed on Cerberus.

"What took you so long?" I asked jokingly, he smirked.

"I had to tend to my farm, anyways where are the others?" Thanos asked as he made Cerberus stomp on oncoming guards.

"They're in different prisons, Sally is in an Abyssinia prison," I said as he pulled Cerberus around and headed towards the door.

"Grievous I have a favor to ask you, can you get my gauntlet and infinity blade for me? I promise I will repay the favor." Thanos said as he knocks out the heads of Cerberus. We jump off of him and run, I thought about it for a second.

"Okay, I will, but we need to do this before news reaches out to Canterlot we broke out." I tore the last of the cape off of me.

"I will meet you in the Mirror Pool." Thanos headed off, I saw Canterlot and ran towards it, we part ways. Getting the items back is going to suck.

I climbed up Mt. Canter, the stars lit up the night sky. I was a few meters below the Canterlot Palace. My claws dug into the mountain, I was almost up so I start to kick into maximum overdrive and I shot up, I saw a guard who was patrolling the area. I landed in a bush and hid in it.

"That was close..." I said aloud, I quickly covered my mouth.

"Who said that? Reveal yourself." He turned around, he looked to his left, to his right, no one was there. I sneaked up behind him and grinned, I took him out Batman: Arkham Knight style and bashed his head in. I scaled the Palace and with the power of sneakiness, I put out one metal finger, made a perfect circle, kicked it down without the glass breaking, and went inside. I was a thief way back when so I knew how to do this. I looked to my left, then my right, nopony was there.

I snuck past the guards as fast as possible, I started to look for the archives. I crawled on the ceiling looking for the archives, I then saw Celestia's room which gave me an idea, I let out a little evil laugh.

"What was that?" A guard guarding Princess Celestia's door searched for the laugh, the guards next to him turned towards him.

"Probably you going insane." He joked, the other guard deadpanned and turned towards him.

"Ha, ha, real funny, now let's stop talking before we wake her up. A princess does need her beauty sleep." The guards stood silent, while they were facing each other with Ultra Instinct super mega neo awesome moves I managed to slip past them. I was in her room, she was on her bed sound asleep, I got some ink and poured it on her subtly and got the heck out of there. If you want to know I poured it on her boobs, anywho I snuck past the guards again by throwing a piece of jewelry in another room by opening a little crack between the door. To my surprise, they both decided to check it out and I managed to sneak past them. Back on the ceiling, I searched for the archives and found it, it was far down a hallway with four guards guarding it. I mentally sighed in frustration, I dropped in front of them, and before they could even make a peep I easily dispatched them, snapping their necks and stabbing them with their own spears. I opened the door, blood on my cybernetic body, I looked at the water sword, gauntlet, and infinity blade all in one area.

"This is really easy, now I just gotta take these and-" As I took them an alarm went off or whatever of the sort, there was a loud noise, every single guard went into the archives, I put the water sword in the gauntlet, using my extra arms to carry the gauntlet I held the infinity blade and burst through the ceiling like a volcano. I ran as fast as my robotic leg could carry them and before I knew it they were raining fire on me like all those years ago. Zig-zagging is a good way to avoid things because it sure as heck worked for the guards who weren't even landing a hit. I then saw a white Alicorn and a dark Alicorn after me.

"Grievous! Get back here you fiend!" Celestia prepared her sword as Luna prepares her scythe that looked like the crescent moon. I did not want to fight Celestia AND Luna at the same time, not yet at least. I saw the train going to take off, I was running at full speed trying to hitch a ride. But the train moved on, I cursed mentally at myself I was too slow. We were now at the edge of Canterlot I was backed against the edge, I spun the infinity blade as fast as I could. I took one step back and a rock fell off the side, it was a long drop, I could survive it but I don't want to lose the things that I stole.

"Give up, tell us where Thanos is and we'll reform you." Celestia stepped forward, reform? Hah! Don't make me laugh, it's too late for me.

"It's too late for me sunbutt, I am too... How do you say it nowadays? Bloodthirsty. We call it bloodhungry but welp, things change." I said turning the infinity blade faster and faster.

"Things do indeed change, we changed our ways, I know it was Thanos' idea to bring the almost complete genocide of the beings of Equis. So please, work with us and we will beat Thanos." Celestia stepped forth yet again, the guard advanced.

"Heh, nice speech but no, yeet!" I jumped off the cliff and they gasped, they paused for a moment believing that I would choose death rather than serve them. Suddenly I came back up, spinning the infinity blade like a helicopter blade, I was a helicopter and I flew away. They were in too much shock to shoot me down. Luna turned towards Celestia.

"Is that ink?" She pointed to Celestia's breasts, Celestia blushed wildly and looked at it, you could see the anger on her face.


I laughed as I landed into the Everfree Forest.

I walked down the mirror pool, Thanos was sitting down waiting, he got up and smiled at me. I threw his gauntlet and his infinity blade at him, he caught his blade and his gauntlet still smiling.

"You have no idea how hard it was to get this, the whole kingdom now knows where we are," I said through my teeth though I did not have any which surprised me.

"Did you spill the ink on Celestia's boobs?" He asked with a chuckle, if I had a mouth I would've smiled.

"Heck yeah! For your information, Lucci is in the Minos, Rapunzel is underwater in the... In the uh... What do you call it? The uh... The half griffon half sea thingy kingdom! And Entity 303 is in the Griffin capital, Supergirl is in the Dragon Lands, and you already know where Sally is, but that begs the question. Who do we go for next?" I asked him, Thanos stood up and got his gauntlet on and put his blade in his sheath.

"I suppose we could get Lucci, after all we are bros." Thanos said, I nodded and I clenched my Water Sword.

"Lucci was your man wasn't he?" I turned towards him, he nodded, I got up and we walked up the steps, we reached the top and got out of the Mirror Pool area. We stood under the blessed moonlight, shining down upon us, seemingly glaring at us.

"Minos is a few weeks away, so we'll need a boat." Thanos said, I nodded, and again, if I had a mouth I would be grinning.

"I know exactly where to get a boat."

We arrived at Baltimare after a LONG ride, and the whole time we were getting looks, but thankfully we had dark robes on, we were also singing there, kinda like this.

"It's a long, long, way to Maltimare.
But when we get there we're gonna go and get some wares.
We're gonna rescue our friend
From an eternal prison that angers us to no end

This will a be very exciting adventure
But when we enter
We will remember
What our friend done to us

When we all unite
We will stand and fight
We'll stand up side by side
Nothing will beat us, not even the tides

They are not gonna be the winning side
The evil that we will vanquish will free Equestria
From the imbalance that will engulf the world

This will be a fun

That could be a theme song for a show, but now we're in Baltimare, it's still dark out, a few hours until sunrise, we walked forth cautiously, looking around for a certain shop by the port, as we searched for it, we bumped into someone. We looked down at the one we bumped into it was a stallion, the stallion looked up at us, angry.

"Hey watch where you're" He saw how we were built, and he froze.

"I apologize, please excuse us." Thanos said before we walked around him, he was shivering at the sight of us. Though we were concealed, not our eyes. The stallion ran away, he ran to some guards nearby and he spoke with them.

"Those two right?" We heard the guards say, Thanos and I sighed. "Alright hold on." We bolted down the nearest alleyway.

"WE HAVE A RUNNER!!!!!!!" We hear them say I turn towards Thanos.

"Go and stall them, I'll search for "him" alright?" I ask him, Thanos nodded.

"Alright, go." I run off.

Thanos POV

I run down another alleyway and the two guards run after me, I ran up the walls beside me and I got up the roof, I hear them scrambling and getting up.

"Halt! Halt! We just wanna talk!" That's straight up bullshit and you know it, I ran from rooftop to roof top, they were hot on my trail but only because I allowed them to. I jumped down and I hit the plaza, spider-web cracks appearing when I land, they jump down, staggering in the process but following me anyways. Ponies were running away, panicking, guards nearby followed me as well, I groaned and I jump onto the roof tops again, trying to run away from them but not too far. They shot a magic bolt at me, I evaded.

"He evaded the numbing spell!" A guard cried, out, thanks for telling me what it was, jackass. I hate suppressing my strength.

"Stop! Stop! Stop for the love of Faust!" I hear one of them say and I stop immediately, I turn around and faced the guards, they were out of breath already and I haven't even begin getting serious.

"Thank Faust you stopped, why were you running?" A guard spoke, "Oh and by the way, the name's Fire Shine."

"Why was I running? Uh... I forgot, short memory." It was true but I didn't have that short of a memory.

"Oh, well some stallion said you guys looked scary, and told us to deal with you. Can you take off you cloak?" Fire Shine asked me, I looked at him blankly.

"No." I told him, he raised an eyebrow.

"Why not?"

"I don't want to."

"Why don't you want to?"

"I don't feel like it."

"Why don't you feel like it?"


"Why not go to sleep?"

"Because I don't want to."

"Where's your home?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know where your home is?"


"Anyways, we're straying from the point, take your cloak off."


"At least take off the hoodie."


"Why not?"

"Don't feel like it."



"Are you bald?"

"What kind of question is that?!"

"You refuse to take your mysterious cloak off or your hoodie, so you must be bald."

"That's false."

"Not it's not."

"It is."






"Uh Fire Shine, I think we should leave him alone, plus, who are you to say he's bald?"

"Thank you!"

"Be quiet the men are talking."

"Did you just assume my gender?"

"I-I uh..."

"WOOOWWW Fire Shine, wow, how did you make it to the Guard?"

"U-uh... I mean you have a manly voice.:

"That's kinda gay."

"I-What?" The exchange went on for a few minutes, but it felt like an hour.

Grievous POV

I've been searching for this place for a whole hour, finally finding it, I opened the door and found an old stallion with a fisherman hat behind a counter.

"Mr. Miyagi, remember me?" I pulled over hoodie, the old stallion looked at me.

"Oh, my grandfather told me about you, the boat is ready." Mr. Miyagi said with a smile.

"Alright, I'll go get my friend." I bolt out of the building.

"So it's finally begun." Mr. Miyagi rocked back and forth in his chair.

"Why are you purple?" Fire Shine raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you have a horn?" I countered.

"Because I was born this way." He said while taking sip of the coffee a guard brought for us, I had coffee as well.

"Exactly." I said pointing at him.

"Anyways are you a minotaur?" He asked me, I frown.

"Did you just assume my race?" I asked him, he was caught off guard, meanwhile a Pegasi by the name of Aqua Rose, laughed.

"Did you just assume a part of his being, again?!" Aqua Rose laughed, Fire Shine chuckled nervously.

"THANOSWEHAVEASHIPLETSGO!!!!" Grievous ran and grabbed me and ran away.

"Bye, I'm going to Minos!" I waved farewell to them, they waved goodbye to me.

"...He was nice."

Rescue 2: Leopard Boogaloo,

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

1,695 years ago

Chief's POV

I was in my hybrid form fighting the current King of Minotaurs, Golden Horn. We've been fighting for two whole weeks, both of us were now starting to wear out.

"Shave!" I shouted appearing in front of him in a blink of an eye, I then tempest kick him a few times before using madara and pummeling him. Golden Horn blocked my punches as best he could, I laughed knowing it was over.

"I've won Golden Horn, give up!" I spin kick his face making him go into a boulder. He grabbed the boulder and threw it towards me and I use tempest kick and gut the boulder in half. When I did he leaped at me and slammed his fist into my face making me go flying and into the boulder's remains. I leaped up and shot more than fifteen tempest kicks at him, he frowned and tried to avoid all of them but he knew it was futile as I heard cries of pain coming from the dust cloud that now surrounded him due to my missed shots.

"Kamisori!" I yelled as I zigzag dashed at him preparing my fist to end him. He reeled back his fist, blood dripped from his body.


I was no longer in hybrid form, I was on the floor bruised up and... beaten.

"Ho... How...?" I asked struggling to breathe, his back was facing me, he turned towards me and looked me dead in the eye.

"Because that's my warrior way." He then carried me over his shoulder and walked me out of the destruction we caused in our battle.

Present time.

I never did get over that loss, it was my fifth one but what can a guy do? I was prepping for my Gladiator match held my King Golden Hoof a descendent of the Golden Horn family. I was stretching in my cell, ready for battle, a guard came in and unlocked the door, I knew I could break out easily but I was waiting for Thanos. I was released from my prison six months ago, there had been a Dragon ravaging the lands and no other neighboring countries could aid them so they freed me. I fought the dragon and won with no problem, after that I decided to be a gladiator, and boy was I loving it. I was a champion, the champion, I fought some loser named Iron Horn for it, he lost. I would be the world champion but I'm not allowed to participate in the worldwide tournament, because they never told Celestia or the other countries about me. Which was interesting, perhaps I can make the Minos go to war with Equestria? No, not yet, not until Thanos arrives. I walked outside into the sun, it was just like the colosseum in Greece but modernized.

"Here he is folks, the myth, the legend, the almighty Rob Lucci!" The crowd cheered wildly, I smiled, the announcer turned towards my opponent a brave little Avian who dared to fight me.

"Then we have Iron Claw of the Sky Islands!" The Avian was cocky, I could tell from that smirk of his.

"Now that we got introductions out of the way time to fight!" We ran at each other cocking our fists back, we roared and let out a punch.

Thanos' POV

Grievous and I were both in our robes, we walked off the ship that I "borrowed" from Equestria, we walked down the city streets and were in a market place, we were searching for a lead to find Lucci, I turned towards Grievous.

"We should split up and search for clues." I can tell he deadpanned at me, I had a stupid smile on my face.

"Okay, "Fred", I'll go find my Wind Sword, because I know it's here, I can feel it." Grievous ran off to do who knows what, I walked down the streets when I heard a crowd cheering. I looked towards the colosseum, yep Lucci is probably in there. I walked towards the colosseum, there was a minotaur laughing. I walked towards him there a table in front of him with paperwork.

"Oh? You want to fight the great Lucci?" The minotaur smiled, I nodded, "Then sign here and you'll be assigned to fight him." He gave me ink and quill and I wrote my name, "Thanatos" he shook his head and said nothing. "Alright wait in one of the cells." And I went off.

I walked forth into the sunlight, the crowd roaring.

"HERE WE HAVE ANOTHER CHALLENGER FOR THE CHAMPION, OR ANOTHER LOSER, MEET THANATOS FROM PARTS UNKNOWN!!!!!!!" The crowd roared, cheering me on, I waved at them. "NOW WE HAVE THE ONE, THE ONLY, ROB LLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The announcer said dramatically, Lucci appeared from his side, not recognizing me, he looked at me with a grin. Getting into a fighting stance.

"Ready to be beat?" He asked me cockily, I crossed my arms before getting in a stance similar to Katakuri's.

"Are you?" I asked him back, his grinned widened.

"You got some spunk!" Lucci commented.

"THE BATTLE WILL BEGIN IN THREE!!! TWO!!! ONE!!! FIGHT!!!!!!" We lunged at each other, our fists made impact, blowing the dirt from the arena floor away. He looked surprised but shook his head, getting it back into the game. He tried to kick my head but a swift block from me made that useless. I punched him in the nose and he stumbled backward, he laughed and looked at me.

"This will be fun!" He ran at me and jumped, going for a superman punch, he then disappeared, I turn around and he was behind me. I caught his fist and I punch him in the gut, he grunted and then kicked me in the chest. We both jumped back, we looked at each other and went in circles.

"WILL THANATOS BEAT LUCCI??? OR WILL LUCCI LOSE???" The Announcer asked dramatically, I went on the attack sprinting at Lucci, I punched Lucci and but this time I felt some pain.

"Tekkai!" Lucci, jumped up and spin kick me in my head, I use Tekkai as well and he jumped back, wincing. "You know it too?"

"Indeed, and now this fight should be a bit more interesting." I approached him, he approached me as well. We both punched each other, this time Tekkai boosting the strength of our punch, our fists clash and it was a matter of who's Tekkai is stronger. Lucci was sent flying because I used an intense version of Tekkai, called Tekkai Go.

"Darn, you're strong! But I'm stronger!" He ran at me, at full force, I ran at him and we jumped at each other and struck.

Grievous' POV

I crawled verily as I reached the zenith of the mountain, yeah, I had to climb another mountain, might as well call me "Mountain Climber Grievous" I saw multiple armed Minotaurs circling a shrine that had the Wind Sword. I pulled out my water sword, jumped up, and made a water slash at them. There were fifteen in total, two hit the wall and dropped their swords I grabbed the swords and started to do this three sword style, my one foot/claw held one. They ran at me and I water slashed them, one was skilled enough to jump over it. I jumped and it and diagonally slashed them with one water sword and one random sword, blood sprayed on my cybernetic body. I threw the random sword in my right hand and the sword decapitates one of the minotaurs. I let out a laugh as I start mercilessly killing them, another one bit the dust. One actually tried to headbutt me on my forehead, so guess when someone's head hits armor as hard as mine? Killed instantaneously. I jumped through the shrine grabbed the Wind Blade and slashed both of them at the same time at the remaining minotaurs which killed them.

"Whew... That wasn't difficult." I laughed when I heard someone clear their throat, I looked behind me and there was the King, standing tall over me.

"Why do these things happen to me?" I looked at the King who stood tall over me, I was taller than he was but it felt like he was taller than me!

"Maybe if you stop trying to

Lucci's POV

I opened my eyes, I was on a ship, I looked around.

"Where am I?" I asked, soon I got my answer as I spot Thanos cleaning his infinity blade which was soaking in blood.

"So you're finally awake..." He chuckled, I held my head, there was a bandage. I shook my head it really was Thanos!

"Thanos?! You- you're..." He looked at me, I immediately stopped talking.

"How long have you been released from your prison?" He asked finally finishing cleaning the blood from his blade.

"Six months." He laughed and stood up, I did as well. "My man, what took you so long? I was waiting for you"

"I had to tend to my farm." We both laughed and slapped our hands together like this.

"START THE BOAT!!!! START IT NOW!!!!!!" I looked outside and saw Grievous being chased by five hundred armed minotaurs, needless to say, we started to boat. He leaped on it and I went to the back of the boat and used geppo to push it far and fast. Grievous walked outside.

"Goodbye suckers! Hahahahahahaha!" He slapped his knee but quickly held his knee in pain. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" He fell on his rear me and Thanos laughed, now... Who do we go after next?

Rescue 2 - Aftermath

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Celestia POV

We had arrived at the port of the Capital of Minos, Minocow. After ridding myself of the ink, I had gathered my little ponies. Our ship was joined by Captain Shining Armor, he and his men were here, not for war but for intimidation. Twilight looked at me with concern.

"Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked, I sighed and turned towards her.

"Yes my faithful student?" I asked with a smile, Twilight cleared her throat.

"Who is Thanos?" Twilight inquired, Starlight and company turned their heads to me.

"Yeah who is Thanos? He sounds like a total pushover." Rainbow Dash crossed her arms, I shook my head.

"He is no pushover, in fact, it took all we had just to bring him down on his knee." They were in shock, Starlight tilted her head.

"We?" I smiled, always the more curious each generation gets.

"We had a team back then, Me, Luna, Golden Horn, Khrusalis, and the guardian of Tartarus, Cerberus. We fought his team, The Entity 303, Rapunzel, Sally, Supergirl, Grievous, Rob Lucci, and he, we've fought on numerous occasions, each battle getting bloodier." I said walking off the ship, my little ponies followed me.

"Their names don't sound intimidating." Applejack scoffed, I turned towards her.

"Indeed they don't but trust me, they're dangerous, Entity 303 carries a bloodred scythe he has the ability to shoot fire and red beams, Rapunzel has control over her long hair which she could attack and defend with every battle she comes back more fashionable, Sally is a being who looks like Frankenpony if he was female and had red hair she has the ability to decimate objects and skin just by touching them, she is very dangerous, Supergirl is perhaps stronger than Thanos, she can shoot beams out of her eyes, fly at speeds that may be faster than you Rainbow Dash,"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes

"And has the ability to cool objects with just her breath, Grievous is a merciless being who collects his enemies swords and puts them on his platter, he carries four swords to which he carries the other two with his extra arms, he carries the Earth Sword, he can control the earth itself making pillars shoot up from the ground, with his Water Sword he can swim ten times faster than a seapony, he can also control the water making it bend to his will, with his Fire Sword he is able to burn everything with this, even solid steel, he also bears the Air Sword he can walk on clouds, suck the air out of his opponents, and... well let's not get into detail about his ways,"

The ponies shivered in the thought of his horrors that he would bestow.

"Rob Lucci an assassin who kills for Thanos can turn into a hybrid of a leopard in an instant, he has various abilities that aides him in slaying his enemies and Thanos... He carries the Power Stone which gains him so much power that it could destroy Mt. Everhoof it one blast, the Reality Stone which turns anything he wants into a reality, the Time Stone with it he can turn back time, stop time, continue time, and so on and so forth, with the Space Stone he can travel through countries with a portal, one second he's us fighting us than the other he is nowhere to be found, the Mind Stone it grants to the user powerful mental abilities, like the power to subjugate the minds of others, bending them to the will of the user and more, the Soul Stone can manipulate the spiritual essence of living or deceased beings, making it one of the most dangerous Stone." Celestia finished her lecture Twilight took down notes.

They walked on the ground of Minos, there were body bags and wounded minotaurs who had a look of horror on their faces, as a medic carried one wounded minotaur away to the hospital the wounded minotaurs one spoke about Thanos.

"He... He had this giant sword he... he killed them all! He... he killed..." We thankfully couldn't hear that last part as the medic carried him away, Fluttershy shivered at all of the bodies and wounded minotaurs, I saw Golden Hoof command one of his men to tell a family about their child's death. Golden Hoof turned and saw me.

"Thank Storm Fist you're here, I tried to stop Grievous but..." He showed his wound on his chest, it was a large diagonal slash, Captain Armor winced almost feeling his pain.

"Do not fret Golden Hoof, you've done the best you could, they didn't get Lucci... Right?" I asked him, he breathed through his teeth and I groaned and rubbed my forehead, "Oh my Faust..."

"I need to tell you something, we let Lucci go six months ago to fight a dragon who plagued our lands." Golden Hoof said timidly almost knowing I would be enraged.


I cleared my throat.

"What?" I asked in a calm rage, I was smiling, he was sweating.

"Well, it is your fault for not sending any help." Golden Hoof said crossing his arms, I opened my eyes wider than a star.

"Excuse me? We were busy at the time, you're strong, surely you could-" He cut me off.

"The dragon broke every single bucking bone in my body!" Golden Hoof snapped.

"Sucks to be you." Rainbow Dash crossed her arms, Golden Hoof turned his body to her.

"Do you wanna bucking go? Because I'll lay your flank flat, you're not in your "wonderful world of friendship and magic" no, this is the real world, my men tried their hardest out on the battlefield. Tch, I doubt you would even make him bleed." Golden Hoof crossed his arms, Rainbow Dash frowned and walked up to Golden Hoof.

"Why I oughta-" Starlight teleported between the two.

"Both of you calm down, Rainbow Dash you're in the presence of a foreign King, and the ruler of one of the most powerful countries in Equis show some respect, King Golden Hoof you should be acting better than this, you're a King for Celestia's sake!" Starlight snapped, both of them backed away, Rainbow Dash stuck her tongue out at Golden Hoof, he grabbed his sword, it was still in its sheath but it shut Rainbow Dash really good.

"Let us get on track, they will likely go after Entity 303. Captain Shining Armor, get one of your men to bring my little ponies back to Equestria, it's too dangerous here." Captain Shining Armor saluted and went off, "King Golden Hoof do you plan on meeting them at the Griffin Prison?" Celestia raised an eyebrow, King Golden Hoof smirked.

"Buck yeah." He crossed his arms.

"Princess why?" Twilight asked, I turned towards her and shook my head.

"I do not want Thanos or his companions to harm you, I'm sorry my little ponies but you must leave. That is an order." Celestia put her hoof down, basically sealing it in stone, they walked away with their heads down.

"Thanos, here I come."

Rescue 3: 303 Reasons Why This Mission Was a Success.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

1,695 years ago

Zachary POV

We were in the woods, the White Tail Woods to be exact, Celestia was right in front of me, Thanos and the gang were here.

"Give up Celestia, we outnumber and outmatch you." Thanos moved forward Celestia stood there in all her regal glory.

"Really? What if I separate you." Celestia was on us in an instant, she lit up her horn and shot something at Thanos it connected and he vanished from clear sight.


"THANOS!!!! You wench!" Grievous ran at Celestia and jumped at her raising his elemental swords high, she shot the same magic at Grievous and he also vanished from sight.


"Grievous!" I shouted reaching my blocky arm out, Rapunzel and Sally leaped up and lunged at Celestia, Sally trying to get her hands on Celestia, literally, and Rapunzel trying to wrap her up with her hair. She shot the vanishing magic at Sally.


"SALLY!!!!" I turned towards where she disappeared

Rapunzel was next to go, I turned towards her but it was too late.


"Kamisori!" Lucci dashed at Celestia and almost punched her but he then vanished in a flash of light.


Supergirl froze, she was scared, I ran towards her almost reaching her.

"JESSICA!!!!!!!" I shouted her real name as she suddenly disappeared, I was alone, I turned towards Celestia my bloodred eyes glowing. I summoned my scythe. "You bucked up."

"I have not." She summoned her gold and steel sword. It was made out of some weird metal that channels magic, whatever I don't give a crap, she is dead!

"DIE!!!!" I shouted as I appeared above her in an instant and swung my scythe down upon her, she jumped back avoiding my attack, my scythe hit the ground making the area around us shake. I looked up at her and snarled, I flew at her and swung my scythe unceasingly, she either blocked or eluded my attacks. I shot a red beam at her which made her eyes widen in shock. I shot the bloodred beam at her which made her form a golden protective sphere, the beam pushed her back. I sprinted at the sphere and started hammering my scythe down on her, the sphere crack with every strike. With one final roar, I slammed the scythe down on the sphere finally shattering it like she had shattered my smile. I shot a fireball at her stomach and she was sent hurling into a tree making it catch on fire. She ran at me with her sword and I ran at her with my scythe, we clashed making sparks fly into the air. As we clashed we were unaware of the fire growing around us, by now branches were falling and trees were as well. Celestia took one good look around, she gasped at the destruction that was my opening as I slashed her chest blood sprayed on the ground and she hissed in pain as she nursed her wound. I shot multiple fireballs at Celestia and every single one of them was a direct hit.

"What's wrong Celestia? Can't take the heat?" I look behind me and there was a giant tree about to collapse onto me, I rolled out of the way and was hit by a magic blast by Celestia I was thrown into several burning trees. I got up and was sent hurling into more with a buck to the gut. I was on my back and I got up quickly and summoned my scythe, a falling tree was about to crash in my way, I ran towards it, cut it to pieces with my scythe and kicked every flaming piece at Celestia. Celestia flared her wings and shot to the sky smoke filled the air so she went higher, she saw all the destruction the battle had caused. Her wing was suddenly pierced by my red beam she roared in pain as she hit the ground, I ran towards the impact zone and she wasn't there. I looked to my left, then my right, nowhere.

"Come on out you coward!" I roared searching the forest as fast as possible, meanwhile, behind some rocks, Celestia was nursing her wound. It was pretty bad, it would take at least three months to get it back to full health. She sighed and laid her head on the rock, she begged, no, she pleaded for me not to find her, but all that begging and praying was for naught as I appeared beside her.

"Peek-a-boo!" I tried to slam my scythe into her but she jumped out of the way and my scythe was stuck in the rock. I tried to pull it out and when I did was shot by a fully charged alicorn blast, I was thrown yet again into a burning tree, I caught on fire. As I try to put it out I was bucked in the face multiply by her fierce hooves, she kneed my face and I was thrown into the air, she then shot me out of the sky and I hit the ground a mile away. She ran at me at full speeds dodging burning branches and trees, I got up my vision blurred my ears were ringing I saw something white in the fire, I shook my head and it was Celestia. I yelped as she tried to cut me down with her sword she summoned, so I summoned my scythe yet again and sparks flew into the air. The smoke was getting to us as we were coughing, but I wasn't fazed as I swung my scythe relentlessly. Her attacks began to falter as she blocked my attacks more slowly each block getting closer to striking her. I swept her leg and shot a red beam as her chest and shot her far, far, far away. I charged up a fireball, one on my left, the other on my right, I combined them and it grew I spread my hands far from each other and the fireball grew.

"Bigger." I demanded.

It enlarged.

"Bigger! I demanded yet again

It grew in size once more.


It grew to the size of a three-story house.

"Perfect." I threw the massive fireball towards Celestia, Celestia, however, had my same idea and shot a full-powered alicorn blast at my fireball. There was a beam struggle and I shot more fireballs at my giant fireball making the fireball grow in size. Celestia grunted as she poured every drop of power into her attack, her alicorn blast was getting pushed back. I laughed knowing it was over, but then her eyes turned glowing white as she let out a primal scream and with some unknown power pushed my fireball back and right into me.

"No... NO! AAURRGHH!!!!" I was hit by the blast sending me through the woods and out of it. There was a large explosion afterward that could be seen from miles around.

Present Time

I was locked in my cage, all alone with no one to keep me sane but my own singing.

"Ponies all around singing and happy


No one to keep me happy

(So sad!)

I'm so alone, so unbearably lonely
No one to keep me company
No one to make me happy
I'm just alone...

Celestia gaining weight
Luna making sure ponies don't wake
Cadence making sure ponies find love
I am lonely, lonelier than a single dove

I am so lonely

No one to keep me happy

I'm so alone, so unbearably lonely
No one to keep me company
No one to make me happy
I'm just alone...

A lonely entity out on the sea
No one here to keep me company
No one to make me laugh or cry
Some times I wish to die

Oh it would be great to break out of my cage
But the rage won't let me
I want to see my family
Oh wait I can't because of those ponies

My friends separated like me
With no one to keep them company
I'm just so lonely, as lonely as can be
No one to keep me happy

I'm so alone, so unbearably lonely
No one to keep me company
No one to make me happy
I'm just alone...

I'm so alone...

So alone...

So... Alone..."

I break out in tears and full-on wail, I hug my knees and fall on my side. So lonely...

Thanos POV

I was back in my disguise, Lucci, and Grievous had their disguise as well. Cloaks really do work in My Little Pony, I walked down the capital of the Griffin Kingdom, Grifton. I stopped and looked back at them, they stopped in their tracks.

"Lucci you go after Entity 303, Grievous go after your sword, I have to deal with something or rather someone, er... Griffin." I ordered them. They all nod and run off to their respective tasks.


Twilight and company were on a ship back to Equestria they were between the Griffon Kingdom and Equestria. Each of them was silent, all but Rainbow Dash.

"Hey, can you send us back? I mean, we're the Element holders we should be able to fight!" Rainbow Dash protested the guard looked back at Rainbow Dash.

"I'm sorry it was Captain's orders, I can't-"


The guard was hit in the head by Rarity who held a plank, the look on the ponies' faces was priceless.

"I'm not usually the one to agree with Rainbow Dash but she is right, we should be able to fight. We beat Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, and Tirek, we should be able to fight these ruffians, like the guards. We're the protectors of Equestria, if somepony is threatening the whole world, we should be able to fight the threat. Who's with me?" Rarity asked, they all pumped up their fists and cheered. "Then let's go."

Back to Thanos.

I walked towards the Grifton Palace. Guards turned towards my massive figure, their beaks dropped to the ground but quickly readied their spears.

"Halt! State your name and purpose!" They demanded, I stood there unbothered by their actions. I looked down on them.

"My purpose is to chew gum and kick flank, and I'm all out of gum," I said grabbing their spears and stabbing them with it. I wasn't bothered to use my infinity blade, it wasn't worth the effort. I walked up the stairs to the palace cutting down every single Griffin who dared to stop me. I reached the top of the stairs and walked on inside cutting down the guards who were at the entrance. I stepped in the blood pools making my footsteps crimson. I arrived at the throne room after killing the guards, I looked up at the Griffin King, Steel Wing.

"Thanos, am I correct?" I flipped my hood and my helmet shined in the sunlight. I smiled, as I prepare my blade. "So the legends are true..." Steel Wing sat from his throne and picked up his Warhammer.

"Yes the rumors were true, yeah I need that stone." He pointed to Steel Wing's Warhammer that had the Power Stone, Steel Wing chuckled, and got into a Warhammer position.

"Then take it off my hammer." We ran to each other, he raised his Warhammer high and tried to slam in on me, I may not know all the six powers but I know how to use them as I geppo my way up and out of his way. The Warhammer hit the ground and with the boosted power of the Power Stone shook the palace. I was on him like a bee to honey as I hit him with my Infinity Blade, he blocked my attack with his Warhammer the clash sent shockwaves throughout the kingdom, no seriously it did. I was sent hurling to the entrance but with the help of the infinity blade digging trenches into the marble I came to a stop. However Steel Wing wasn't so lucky as he was sent through the walls and into another room, I ran and followed him. I chucked my infinity blade at him which was so fast that he wouldn't be able to register it with his eyes, but his ear certainly did as he was able to dodge it just in the nick of time. He glared at me, he lifted up his hammer and ran at me, he jumped and tried to do a ground pound. I moved out of the way and punched him in the face with my gauntlet, Thanos is strong with his fists but with a gauntlet attached to his fist? Yeah, you're going to feel that in the morning. He hit the ground and I took the Warhammer, I raised it high and tried to slam it on him, he flew out of the way and dove down and kicked me. I stumbled back and dropped the Warhammer, he picked it up and hit me with it so hard I flew out of the palace. I fell down the stairs, it hurt, like a lot. I got up and saw that Steel Wing was charging me with his hammer, about to bash me with it.

"Come on!" I taunted as I ran towards him and we clashed yet again sending shockwaves throughout the country. This time I fell back and was on my stomach as I got up I saw the Power Stone taking a toll on him, he must've never used the Power Stone this long as he was probably used to one-shotting his enemies with that thing. But he still fought though out of breath, he swung at me, his attacks were sloppy.

"Surrender, I do not wish to kill you." He swung yet again and missed. For once I did not want to kill someone er... Some griffin.

"I just... started to... Fight..." He slurred, I punched his face with my gauntlet and knocked him the buck out. I grabbed the infinity stone and smiled.

"At long last... The power stone, it's mi-"


It was no longer in my hand I looked to my left and saw Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer.

"Twilight Sparkle..." I said clenching my fist, she glared at me.

"You know me?" She asked ready to go at me.

"You're not the only one cursed with knowledge," I said with a mental smile on my face.

"My only curse is you, give up Thanos and maybe we won't send you back in stone." I stepped forward and she stepped backward, I smiled, she feared me.

"Starlight, take the stone and give it to Celestia." Starlight tried to rebel but Twilight's face said it all and nodded and left.

"Well, well, it's just you and me. No one to get in my way, I should show you why they call me "The Mad Titan" because actions, in this case, will speak louder than words." I ran at Twilight Sparkle who tried to shoot a magic bolt at me, I sidestepped it and closed in on her, she formed a shield and after continuously bashing it I shattered it. She stumbled back a bit and I gut-punched her, the wind was knocked out of her body she was thrown to the ground. I was ready to finish her off, she was by far the biggest threat to my plans, Celestia? No problem, her? Problem. So I threw my infinity blade at her her eyes opened wide with horror.

"Help!" She cried putting her arms in front of her face, purple light flashed and help came in the form of Shining Armor. His sword blocked the attack of my sword, the blade went back to me.

"Shiny, you saved me! Why are you here? You're supposed to deal with-" Shining Armor looked back at Twilight with a serious look on his face.

"You shouldn't have come back!" I ran at Shining Armor and jumped trying to strike him down with my blade, he blocked my fearsome attack with his sword.

"Go!" Shining Armor ordered, Twilight did as she was told and fled the scene.

"How cute, a brother looking out for a sister, don't worry you will be together when I kill her too." I smiled as I pushed, Shining Armor went on his knee not able to combat my legendary strength. His eyes widened in shock.

"No..." He was shaking like a leaf, he cared too much about his sister.

"Yes! And when I get all of the stones, half of the universe will be gone!" I roared and pushed Shining Armor back he fell on his back and rolled up to try and combat me. Our swords collided each hit coming from us sent sparks in the air, I did a 360 and hit him with my gauntlet. He fell yet again but got right back up, I growled and ran at him swinging my infinity blade with ten times the speed and ten times the force, his sword was showing cracks as I hit harder and faster than before. And with one final slash, his sword gave out and it was reduced to smithereens, his eyes opened wide as pieces of his sword fell and hit the ground. I laughed and he fell on his knees he looked like he lost all hope, he was no match for me in the first place, trying to best me in combat, hah! What a joke. I raised my sword high ready to finish him off.

"Goodnight sweet prince." I slammed my sword down and he braced himself and hoped for the best but he was swooped out of the way by a bruised up Rainbow Dash.

"Okay, this is getting annoying, when can one of you just die already?" I complained, throwing my head back.

"Never!" She stuck her tongue out.

"You're only delaying the inevitable, and I am inevitable!" She flew away with Shining Armor in her arms, "You can run but you can't hide!" She was now out of sight.

"Bucking ponies man..."

Several minutes earlier

Thomas POV

I spun my two swords on my extra arms like a helicopter I crossed my arms as I was closing in on the cloud base that held my earth sword.

"Who bucking puts an earth sword in the sky?" I ask myself as I land on the cloud base, I walked around, no one was there? No griffin, no one. This has to be a trap, I walked to the upper levels and saw my sword, just sitting there yeah just chilling.

"Really? Nothing? Seriously nothing? Okay, don't mind if I do." I reached out to grab it but a rainbow trail swooped and took it from me. "Motherbucker."

"Are you Thanos?" Rainbow Dash asked, I rolled my eyes.

"Do I look like a Thanos? No, I'm Grievous."

"Oooohh... That makes sense." Rainbow Dash realized, I shook my head.

"I know you, very well too. Rainbow Dash, the bravest, the awesomest, the most legendary pony in Equestria! Fighting a dragon with your own hooves, saving Equestria on multiple occasions! To be honest I am honored to be in your presence." Rainbow Dash rubbed the back of her head with a slight blush, I was a master manipulator so... you know where this is going.

"Why thank you Grievous." She said with a bow.

"I know you would beat my flank in one kick, so can you make this a fair fight and give me my Earth Sword then and only then we would have the most legendary battle that will be remembered throughout history and you would be remembered as the pony who beat the fearless Grievous in combat." Rainbow Dash fantasized about the cheering that went on inside her head.

"Okay, here!" She tossed it to me I caught it.

"You do the honors, Rainbow Dash. Hit my forehead right here." I pointed to the hardest point of my head.

"On the forehead?" She raised an eyebrow.

"On the forehead," I confirmed.

"Okay, here it goes! Rainbow Dash kick!" She kicked my forehead and her hoof immediately fractured, she fell on her back and nursed the wound. "You liar!" She rolled around, I walked towards her and clenched my fist.

"Not going to lie... What I'm going to do to you is going to hurt. Bad." I cocked back my arm and threw my punch.

A few minutes earlier

Lucci POV

I dropped the bloody sword and advanced in the prison, multiple souls cried out for help but I didn't answer. I reached a room and I kicked it down, there was Entity 303 hugging his knees sobbing. My eyes shot open.

"Entity?" I couldn't believe the state he was in, oh yeah, those ponies are going to pay. I walked closer and there were cuffs onto him that most likely suppressed his magic and strength.

"L-Lucci?" He looked up at me his once red eyes now blue, I walked closer to him.

"Hey, hey, hey, yeah it's me." I said bending the bars open wide enough for him to get through he stood up and but his cuffs over my neck and "hugged" me.

"I was so lonely! I thought... I thought you were all sentenced to death and... and... and I..." He spoke through his tears and I pat his blocky arm.

"Sh... Sh... It's okay, it's okay we're here. Thanos and Grievous are alive and we're getting the rest of the gang too. After that, it's getting the stones and revenge time." I nodded and his eyes turned back to his normal red.

"I'm killing Celestia." I laughed and lifted his arms off my neck and with one well-timed chop, he was set free. He summoned his scythe and walked out the door, he rolled out of the way as a magic bolt whizzed on by.

"Celestia, I know you're there! I will beat your flank so hard that people will be calling you purple butt because I hit it so darn hard!" Entity clenched his scythe all the while I am holding my laughter.

"Come on out and we can resolve this peacefully, I do not wish to fight you," Celestia said looking at the door.

"Yeah because you're scared, scared that you'll end up like Luna when I'm done with you!" At that point, I busted out laughing on my knees and hitting the ground in laughter.

"Holy crap he has no chill!" I laughed going on my back and laughed my flank off.

"Rob Lucci?" Celestia raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah it's me, whe-when me and Entity are done with you, Celestia you'll end up looking like an eggplant!" We both laughed, Luna held her mouth and tried to conceal her laughter but was cracking up.

"Luna..." Celestia clenched her fist and looked at her sister.

"What I can't help it?" Luna shrugged, Celestia walked forward and flew into the room, Shining Armor and his guard ran into there as well as Luna full-on cackles finally getting a chance to laugh now that the guard went out to battle. Celestia was punched in the face by Entity, and she was sent through a wall and out into the outside world, Entity jumped after her. Meanwhile, I was fighting the Royal Guard, they tried to stab me with their spears but I broke the tips with one kick. Luna flew in and bucked me in my jaw and I was sent hurling into the wall.

"Go, he is too dangerous." Luna turned towards the Royal Guard, I appeared above her with my fist cocked back.

"Luna behind you!" One of the Royal Guards cried out but it was too late as I punched the back of her head into the ground. I look towards the guards and was suddenly hit in the jaw by Luna. I hit the ceiling and Luna flew up and uppercut me through the ceiling and onto the prison rooftops. I landed on the roof as Luna summons her scythe with her horn.

"Can you make this fair and have a fist battle? Because having a weapon is unfair." She looks at me.

"Indeed it is, I agree to your terms." She unsummoned her scythe and ran at me, she tried to punch me but I raised my knee, blocking the attack. I try to spin kick her but she catches it and threw me off the prison rooftops and into the ground. I rolled to my feet and she was flying at me with her fist out, I threw my punch to counter hers and we clashed sending a shockwave around our area. We exchanged blows rapidly the normal pony eye cannot see that we were moving around and clashing, we clashed on rooftops, the earth, the sky, everywhere. I can tell she was holding back, I was as well, I was just getting warmed up. She tried to buck me with her hoof but I did what any normal human would do.

"Tekai!" My body turned hard as iron and when she kicked me I didn't budge, needless to say, she wore a face of surprise. I use a tempest kick and she was hit. I was done with the warm-up and started to get serious, I was glad that she was done as well. She was surrounded by a dark blue aura, the force of her aura shook the ground.

"I see we're done with warm-ups well... If that's the case then, here goes!" I turn into my hybrid form and dash at her, I try to bring my fist down on her but she caught it easily with her hand. I growled and used Madara, sending all sorts of attacks her way, she blocked them all with one finger. She flew up to me and flicked my forehead sending me straight into houses. Every griffin was flying away in fear of getting killed by our clashes, I got up and used one of my more dangerous techniques.

"Tobu Shigan Hibachi!" I shot a giant fireball at Luna who shot a ray of magic at my fireball. The impact caused dust to kick up and fly into the air, pieces of the earth shot up. When the dust settled she found that I was gone.

"Hmph." She crossed her arms.

Thanos POV

Everyone was back together, me and the boys, we ran to the ship and I looked around, the Griffin and Royal Guard were after them as well as the Mane Six and Princesses. Zachary stood between them and us and had his scythe ready, he raised it up.

"YOUUU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!" He slammed his scythe down and the ground started to tumble a firewall blocked them from us. "Ight let's go!" We turn towards the ship and hopped on it, with the help of me and Lucci we rocketed our way out of the kingdom like a bat out of hell. When we were a good distance from port Zachary turned towards me.

"Did you make a Token yet?" He asked hands on his knees.

"No, I'm too focused on saving all of you." I crossed my arms.

"How about we make Tokens? It's just us now, we can probably do some crap." Grievous shrugged, Lucci turned towards me and nodded, I groaned.

"My name is Thanos the Mad Titan, Master of the Infinity Stones and the strongest man on Equis, call upon me and I shall answer." A Token formed in my hand and disappeared.

"Why don't we all make Tokens?" Zachary asked, Lucci, smiled.

"My name is Rob Lucci, Leopard Assassin of Equestria, the Strongest Cipher Pol Agent, and Master of the Six Powers. Call me if you need a job done, call upon Rob Lucci!" A Token formed in his hand and disappeared.

"My name is Grievous master of all four elements, Dragon Slayer of the East, and Master Swordsman. If there is a dragon call me, I'll fight it no matter how strong or weak, call upon me and I shall answer!" His Token formed in his hand and vanished.

"My name is Entity 303, the warrior of flames, and Glitch of Equestria. Call upon my scythe if you need me in battle or if you just need help building things." His Token appeared in his hand and it popped out of existence.

"And now we wait," I said looking up at the sky.

Me and the boys chilling

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Red is for Entity
Purple is for Thanos
White is for Grievous
Yellow is for Lucci
Green is for everyone

My little phony

My little phony


My little phony!

I used to wonder what friendship could be

My little phony!

Until you shared all its torture with me!

Big losers!

Idiotic goals!

A broken heart,

Ugly and weak!

Sharing suffering,

Is an easy feat,


We have gay little ponies!

Don't you know no one will remember you, in the end, ~

Thanos POV

I stood there on the ship, we were heading for the Abyssinian Kingdom and we were so bored. Like no cap we were bored as buck, I was steering the ship

"Are we there yet?" Entity asked looking at Lucci.

"No, not until another thousand miles," Lucci said looking into the ocean, Entity groaned. Grievous was on the back of the ship doing whatever.

"Yohohohoho-" Lucci threw a plank at my head, my helmet shielded the attack. "Dude what the buck?!"

"No! None of that, shame on you." Lucci shook his fist at me, I shook my head at his antics. Ten minutes passed but it seemed like ten hours have passed, Lucci was working out, Entity was relaxing trying to get some sun. Grievous was still chilling in the back.

"Can you check on Grievous?" I asked, Lucci, stopped doing his finger push-ups and walked in the back.

"Dear God it's everywhere!" Well, now I know what Grievous has been doing. Me and Entity laughed our flanks off, Grievous has actually been fixing a leak in the ship. Grievous fixed the leak and was now steering the ship, I was laying down along with my bros.

"Do you remember the Battle of The Badlands?" Entity asked looking into the sunny sky, Lucci turned his head to Entity.

"Yeah it was very bloody, I had to fight the actual Cerberus," Lucci said thinking back to the battle, yeah the Cerberus guarding Tartarus now is a pup the real Cerberus is like three times its size.

"And I had to fight Celestia and Luna." I shuddered, fighting young Celestia and Luna is dangerous, Celestia was a warrior back then and Luna was close in strength but not in skill.

"Oh, and speaking of Luna I fought her back at the Grifton prison." Lucci turned to me, I raised an eyebrow.

"And how well did that turn out?" I asked, he breathed through his teeth.

"Not. Good. Oh, and Entity how was your fight?" Lucci said before he yawned causing me to yawn which caused Entity to yawn which caused you to yawn which caused Grievous to yawn.

"Well..." Entity began

Two days ago

Entity 303 POV

"HAH!!!!" I tried to slam my scythe into Celestia but she blocked it with her sword, we clashed verily every hit sent shivers up my spine. She flew into the air and fire shot from my feet and I started to fly as well, Celestia's eyes widened in shock as I try to slam my scythe into her yet again, she evaded it, and our weapons connected with each other. With a flash of light, she was gone, I looked to my left, then my right, where was she? I was suddenly hit in the gut by a fist, I looked at my attacker and it was Celestia. I was sent flying into the ground and she followed, when I hit the ground she stomped on me with both of her hooves. I went an inch deep in the ground, she stomped on me again and again each hit sending me another inch into the ground. She charged up a magic bolt.

"I will not let you harm anyone of my little ponies. I will make sure you harm no pony ever again." She had a look in her eyes that said what she was going to do to me. I shot two red beams out of my hands making me fly out of the attack's reach. She was holding in the magic bolt, charging it, waiting for the right moment to pull it off. I shot fireballs at her and she avoided the attack, each fireball sent her way was dodged as her attack became more and more powerful. She leaped into the air and she was in the way of the sun making her blast ten times powerful.

"Buck." She released it onto me.

Present Time

Thanos POV

"What happened?" I asked, Entity sighed.

"Did you see how charred up my fur was? Yup, that was her." Entity sighed, while we just wait...

"This is going to be a long day."

Rescue 3 - Aftermath

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Celestia POV

I was disappointed, I looked at my little ponies only three of them got in harm's way the others told me they were guarding the ships. Rainbow Dash's right hoof was in a cast and she had crutches, Twilight's ribs were broken and Starlight was in good condition but Shining Armor, however... Shining Armor was good physically but not mentally this was his first loss in his records. My little ponies were standing before me, I stood tall over them and my sister crossed her arms shaking her head.

"My little ponies, you put yourself in harm's way and two of you would be killed. I have but only one question, why?" They didn't say a word each of them looking down to the ground like a bunch of scared kids. I always hated having to do this, Rainbow Dash surprisingly spoke first.

"We thought that we could handle them, I mean we beat Discord and-" Rainbow Dash awakened something within me, hate, motherly love, and overprotection.

"They're nothing compared to these monsters!" I snapped making everypony but my sister Luna flinch, I sighed and rubbed my eyes.

"Listen my little ponies, these... these monsters aren't like Discord, Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, and even Tirek for that matter. They wouldn't even stand a chance against these monsters, you see... 1,600 years ago when Discord was running amok, someone beat him, badly, he wasn't as strong as he used to be which caused us to beat him. The one who beat Discord was Thanos and his allies, Thanos wielding all of the stones beat him and snapped him like a twig. When we later caught Thanos when he was sleeping and brought him to the Castle of Two Sisters he had a certain charm back then. One year passed and we... Started to date and eventually got married. When I wanted to wipe all evil from Equestria he disagreed, stating that too much harmony will cause chaos and bring nothing but despair. We had a fight and he left me, he went to the Storm Kingdom and the First Great Equestrian War happened, we had the Minotaurs, the Abyssinians, and the Hippogriffs on our side but he had the Zebras, the Humans, the Griffons, and of course the Storm Kingdom under his lead. Eventually, I decided to decimate the Humans because they were the most dangerous threat, we ended up making them go extinct making Thanos go into a fit of rage and destroy half of Equestria with the Power Stone. After a few years of fighting, I separated them one by one leaving Entity for me to fight we fought and I won, Grievous was shot down by one thousand Royal Guards, Rob Lucci was beaten by King Iron Horn, Sally was cut into pieces but survived, Rapunzel was held down by the Abyssinian Queen at that time, Supergirl was caught sleeping and was sent to prison and Thanos... He fought at one final stand with all of his men under his control, we clashed, the fight lasted for a full month and in the end, Thanos fought valiantly but lost. What I'm telling you is... Thanos is too much for you to handle, it took a full month to take him down with a whole army. How much is the fight going to last when six little ponies go at him? One minute without his stones and barely even ten seconds with it. Please, go home, I'll call upon you when the time is right." I turned around and the guards and Luna followed me.

"I-I think she's right, w-we're too inexperienced." Fluttershy turned to the group.

"Yeah ah guess..." Applejack rubbed the back of her head.

"I wanted to kick some evil butt!" Pinkie Pie whined Rarity sighed.

"It's my fault if it wasn't for me, Rainbow Dash and Shining wouldn't be like this. I'm so sorry." Tears flushed down Rarity's face and Fluttershy and Starlight came to comfort her.

"Come on girls, let's go..." They walk-off and go to their ship, meanwhile someone in the shadows hummed.

"Looks like there are Displaced here, hm, I wonder, should I follow them? Well, they seem fun so why not?" The figure let out a quiet chuckle, Fluttershy looked back, wondering what that sound was.

"Fluttershy come on." Twilight said as she walked on when Fluttershy didn't comply she stopped, "What's the matter?"

"I don't know Twilight, I thought I heard something." Twilight shook her head and moves on, Fluttershy too one more look back before following Twilight.

Rescue 4: Furry Convention.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

1,695 years ago

Petra POV

I grabbed Queen Catra's sword making it rust I then snapped it and put the rest of the blade in her shoulder, she let out a cry in pain. I tried to kick her but she evaded it jumping back verily as she stopped herself from moving backward more. She frowned at me and she got in her fighting stance, I got in mine, smiling knowing this will all be over when I touch her with my hands. I lunged at her with my hand out ready to rip and tear through her feline flesh. but she evaded my attempts at landing one hit on her. She smiled and roared like a lion which caused me to stumble back and that was all she needed to completely decimate me.

"Paws of Fury!" She threw her raging paws at me every hit getting more dangerous and faster than before, and to make things worse her "ora' was just like Kenshiro's!

"ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAAA HWATA!!!!!" She finished her attack with a punch to the abdomen, I slid back and she readied her claws and ran at me, my eyes opened wide as she closed in on me ready to rip me to bits! And with a blood-curdling scream, she tore me up like a piece of paper.

Present Time

I stood there in my cell, I had gloves on my hands that had a spell that couldn't be taken off by my hands. I had a violin that after begging and pleading, I got it. The violin is the only thing that keeps me sane, it makes me happy and scares off the sadness, I decided to play my favorite song.

"Gather up all of the crew..." I began singing with every ounce of sadness, the sadness overtakes me sometimes and that's okay, I need to let it out sometimes. I sang with a smile as tears wash down my cheeks, I don't know how but I have tears. I sang quietly thinking back to the good old days. I miss my friends.

Thanos POV

I saw land! It's been like, a whole week. No, seriously it's been a whole week, even with me and Lucci's geppo combination. As soon as I stepped foot on the land I heard a voice call my name.

"Thanos, the Mad Titan, I need your aide! I call upon you."

"Someone is calling me, hold up, this will be interesting. Lucci, Grievous, Entity get Sally and get outta here, adios!" A portal appeared beside me and I hopped in ready for what awaits me.

"He bucking bailed out on us!" Grievous' eye twitched, Lucci turned and looked at the 300 Abyssinian guards in front of them.

"We have bigger frish to- bigger fist to- bigger fishhshshs- motherbucker bigger flish- UGH!!!!! BIGGER FISH TO FRY!!!!!" Lucci lunged at the guards with his fist cocked back as Entity and Grievous laugh their flanks off as they ran at them as well.

Lucci POV

I slammed one of the Abyssinian guard's faces into the ground and using a deadly Rankyaku Hakurai, which is basically spinning with both of your legs in the air and using a large Rankyaku that expands like a circle decimating anyone that gets in its way. This attack appeared fruitful as many of the guards were cut in half by the Rankyaku, Entity was burning and slicing the guards with a grin on his face, Grievous was burning and bashing his enemies with his swords.

"This brings me back to the old days! When we fought armies like this and always coming out on top!" Grievous slammed a guard with his claw. I smiled kicking two guards with both legs and using Shigan to kill four more, Entity was having the time of his life letting out a lot of built-up frustration and anger.

"It sure does!" I said with a grunt slamming my heel down on the head of an Abyssinian guard, the poor girl's face hit the ground and went an inch deep in it. I definitely felt bad but it didn't make me feel bad enough to stop fighting.

"It's time boys." Entity announced, we smirked and looked at each other. With the power of geppo, we reached the sky, I got into my hybrid form, Entity was surrounded in a dark red aura, and Grievous' elemental swords emanated with their element.

"Super Triple Attack!" We all dashed to the ground, I had my fist out, Entity had a combination of a red beam and fireball in his hand, and Grievous was about to slam all of his swords on the ground, when our attacks hit the ground simultaneously, it sent a deadly wave of force, magic, fire, and some of the other elements at the enemies destroying them in the process.

"Welp, all's well that ends well, now let's go." We ran towards the palace that was several meters away from us, like three football fields away from us. Then as we closed in on the palace there was a sign that read, "Bridgework ahead"

"Bridgework ahead? Uh, yeah I sure hope it does." I and Grievous laughed at Entity who just looked at us with a confused look on his face, oh Entity, poor, poor Entity. The palace was brown and looked like one of those cat towers people buy for their cats, it's actually pretty cool looking we ran and jumped over the construction workers building the bridge and ran for the palace in an all-out sprint. I was the fastest of the bunch, Grievous and Entity going at the same speed we then kick down the door sending the door into the guards guarding the queen. The queen sat there unamused on her throne, Queen Furby. (I know a purrfect name.)

"Sup, we're just going to get our friend you don't mind us," I said while giving them a signal by doing the okay sign with my fingers. Queen Furby sat up and walked down the steps leading up to her throne.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that." I was suddenly punched in the gut and was sent into a nearby wall.

"Lucci! You'll pay for that." Entity summoned his scythe, I got up from the punch.

"Just go! I'll take her." The two nodded and ran for a door leading underground she ran after them and with a shave I appeared in front of her and kicked her in the nose, she did a backflip when she was hit and she landed on her feet as all cats do. She watched as the two went inside and frowned.

"You dare get in my way?" She asked, her tone was very regal and could intimidate others but not me. I smiled and got into my fighting stance.

"Oh, I dare alright, you're the one in our way. So please quit this, I don't wanna send you to a vet." I smiled and she growled.

"That little remark is going to cost you your life." She said speaking through her teeth as she clenched her paws, my smile grew wider when she said that.

"Well then take my life!" We ran at each other and our fists collide sending shockwaves that made windows shatter and throw us back into the walls of the throne room. We bounced off the walls and on our feet to which we ran at each other once more striking each other with the force of a typhoon. She tried to spin kick me but I caught her leg and threw her into her throne, she used Shave and appeared before me, my eyes widened in shock. 'How can she use Shave?!' I asked myself before she jabbed at my face, I get knocked backward but I return the jab with a one-inch punch which knocked the wind out of her. I had a grin on my face as I Shigan Madara the crap out of her, remember kids when you finger a girl, make it hurt. There were some holes in Queen Furby's chest as I finish off the barrage with a punch to the face, she retaliated with a punch to the face that was so anger filled it shook my body and sent me flying, I caught myself in the air and looked behind me it was Queen Furby in some type of form! She punched me down into the earth making a small crater form from the impact.

"This is Neko Neko Model: Cheetah!" She was in her hybrid state, my jaw hit the ground, but it then turned into a smile, I got up and crossed my arms. I then got into my hybrid form, she was taken aback by this.

"This is Neko Neko Model: Leopard! Now that we're both transformed... Let's have a good fight!" I shaved my way up to her and struck her gut she was hardly fazed by it, I then looked at her fist it was covered in Armament Haki! She hit me in the jaw and I clenched my fist and punched her face this time she was sent to the roof, and with the power of geppo and shave. I landed on the rooftops and was hit off of it by a speeding punch to the face I was sent hurling into buildings making the people of Purris ran and scattered far and wide. I jumped up and saw Furby dashing at me she was about to punch me, I used shave whilst in the air and our fists collided, we both grunted and jumped back using geppo to stay in the air.

"You're... You're actually a challenge..." Queen Furby panted.

"Same to you..." My vision began to blur but I shook it off. We went at each other again.

Entity POV

I kicked down a guard who tried to block my way, Grievous ran in front of me and made a powerful fire slash burning them, as we ran past the burning cats we closed in on an empty room with a lone cell. There lied Sally playing her violin, Grievous with a swift slash, cut her cuffs and her cell. Her eyes opened wide and looked around.

"Sally we need to-" She hugged tackled me and we hit the floor.

"Finally you bucking got to me! When this is over we're having kids! NO matter what you say you're going to be a father one way or another darn it!" I laughed, Sally didn't change at all!

"Okay, before that let's get out of here!" She got off of me and pushed Grievous aside as the guards ran towards her.

"Move aside, things are about to be crazy." She realized that she cannot take them off and she sheepishly turns towards me.

"Can ya help me out here?" I laughed and took off the gloves for her, I nodded, and she nodded back knowing what to do. She ran through the horde of guards, touching them on the shoulders and turning to dust, when she was done she reduced the gloves to dust, and with a well-timed snap, the guards all crumbled to dust.

"Remind me to not get in her way." Grievous turned towards me and I nodded, we ran up some spiral steps leading to the throne room, Sally was in front of us and when we reached it the room was trashed. Sally deadpanned.

"Let me guess, Lucci?" She turned towards us and we let out a sigh.

"Yup." We then heard a crash and raced outside we saw Lucci in front of Queen Furby with a powerful Rokuogan sending her into the earth, he reverts to his normal form and was now falling to the ground unconscious... while in the air... I now realized this.

"LUCCI!!!!!" I cried out as I ran towards with speeds that would make the Sonic Rainboom look slow I caught him out of the air and landed. I checked his pulse, he was breathing I sighed in relief as the others caught up to me.

"We need to go to the ship!" A portal right next to the ship appeared and Thanos popped out, he looked at us and smiled.

"Come on!" He shouted as we ran towards him, we looked back at us and saw an army. So we sprinted towards the ship we jumped on it and he walked in front of us, his back facing ours. He put his infinity blade in his gauntlet hand and held out a fist.

"Netsu Netsu, Hot Feet!" His fist was bright with heat and he slammed his fist on the ground making the surrounding area red with heat. He walked back in the scorching ground while we were on the ship, our jaws hit the floor as he so casually walks back onto the ship.

"I... What?!" We were more confused than a penguin in the Sahara!

"I'll tell you later." He said, holding up a black Devil Fruit as he sails us away with a smug grin on his face.

Crossover 1 - Titans and Shadows.

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I walked forwards and saw a tiny little shadow man before me, the being had a high ponytail, a black trenchcoat, darker boots, and black pants, yeah using black in the sun isn't really a smart idea, but oh well.

"So," I mused looking down at him, he was so small! Bwahahahaha! "You're the one who called me? What do you want?" He dropped my fake gauntlet and got into an unnoticeable battle stance to the untrained eye, but I can perfectly see that the little stance has is a bucking battle stance.

"You the real Thanos?" He began. "Mad Titan. Conqueror of worlds?" I shook my head.

"Does it really matter?" I grinned, I could smell the fear from him, he is just like the people of Equus back at home. He looked at me with distrust, but then he suddenly relaxed I glanced behind him and saw a weird shadow. I blinked once and still saw it, he was a Devil Fruit user, Shadow Shadow? No, must be something else. Then I suddenly stopped and thought, this boy really thought he could hide that shadow from me, thinking I would not notice it inching closer, I was the hide and seek champion through my years in kindergarten so my eyes are trained. No, seriously that's why my eyes are so trained.

"Not really," He admitted ever so casually. "As long as you don't plan on killing any pony." any pony? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!!!! OH MAN OHHHHHH!!!!!! That is bucking hilarious! He- he uses their variation of anybody! Ohh I'm so gonna tell the boys when I get back home.

"Any pony?" I said slipping out a chuckle, careful to not full-on laugh as I would do in these situations. "I don't kill people or ponies who annoy me and you aren't exactly an eyesore. What's your name little one." I raised an eyebrow, I call people who are shorter than me "Little one" because it is very fitting.

He narrowed his eyes, insulted. "Eric Von Shadow," he growled. His growl died to a groan as I laughed again his name sounded so edgy, like an edgy teenager going into a different world with magic ponies- Oh wait, that's him! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

"No, I meant your real name," I insisted. "I can tell a fake name from a real one." I really wanted to know his actual name, not many displaced share their real name, just their character name which is confusing to me. I saw him glare at the Canterlot Palace, and I suddenly thought, bucking Sunnybutt is there! Oh man, this will be fun.

"Eric Monohan," He grumbled. He gave me a more analytical glare. "And are you actually Thanos? Or are you like me?" I thought about that for a second, does he really think I'm the real Thanos? If so then my acting is peak.

I chuckled yet again, this dude could get Entity a run for his money when it came to comedy. "Technically, the name's John Oliver," I replied, I hadn't heard my name in years. "But, if you're going by Von Shadow, I think I'm entitled to go by Thanos."

"Then you might want this," Eric replied, tossing me my gauntlet. "Well, it's been fun, but you might as well go back." He turned to leave me behind. This bucking guy man, what the heck?! I'm not willing to give up interaction with a new human, not today, not ever!

"What is your title?" I asked, he suddenly stopped and turned towards me with a grin.

"Reaper of the Crystal Empire." He answered I had an idea in mind.

"And," I continued, drawing my double-bladed sword. "Would you like to show me why that's your title?" A grin crossed my face, a dangerous grin that made all of my enemies flee from sight but Eric stood there almost unfazed.

"Are you really challenging a Devil Fruit User?" He asked, a scythe of shadows forming in his hand.

My grin said it all, he couldn't help but grin as well, this is going to be epic.

"No killing," Eric noted, even as he spun his scythe. "Gotta keep this fight exciting."

"LIkewise, Shadow man," I replied. And with twin smiles, we lunged.

Our blades met my own tearing through his like tissue paper. Had he not eluded to the left then my blade would have torn off his nose and half his face. Rolling into a dodge, Eric dropped into his shadow, surfacing a few feet away.

"Don't like the Shadow Scythe, huh?" Eric asked, drawing the Murakumogiri. "Then how about I get to the good stuff?" Oh man, this is so awesome!

I merely laughed. "Your weapon is heavy on one side," I pointed out. "Such imbalance can't hope to go against me and my blade!" It literally goes against everything I stand for, one way or a-bucking-nother I am breaking that blade

"Then come get me, Mad Titan," He dared, so I approached him

I dropped my weapon onto him, he suddenly vanished he appeared behind me, carving a groove into my armor. I wasn't even fazed. I glanced back at Eric, that was the Shave technique

"The Shave Technique," I commented. "An impressive form," I smiled, his form was truly impressive. I then vanished from sight just like he had done moments ago.

"However," he added from behind me. "You're not the only one who knows it!"

He spun with barely enough time to spare. I was bringing his sword down. He was barely able to bring my arm up in time. But when my blade met his limb... he was knocked back. He blinked in shock, eliciting a smile from me.

"If you're familiar with the Shave Technique," Eric noted. "Then you should recognize the Iron Body." He shoved me back, though it was a lot like shoving a brick wall.

"That's two of the Six Powers," I smiled. "I take it you have access to all six?"

"Correct," He replied, stabbing his weapon into the ground. "So how bout we make this more fun?" He cricked his neck. "No weapons. No powers. Just combat skills and the Six Powers?"

"Sadly, I've only got three of the six," I replied, shedding his cloak and armor. "But at least it's half, am I right?" I smiled and cracked my knuckles.

"Good enough," Eric replied, shedding his coat. "I'll only use the Shave, Iron Body, and the Tempest Kick." He reformed his battle stance. "Whenever you're ready, Thanos."

"Let's gets this fight started, Von Shadow," I replied vanishing into the air.

Immediately He used the Shave Technique to match my speed. My blows, aided by my gauntlet, packed a punch. But by combining his punches with the Iron Body technique, he managed to make a few dents in my armor, I grumbled thinking I'll have to fix the dents when I get back home.

Time flew with our punches. I assume maybe an hour passed. Or a day. Either way, the sun was just kissing the horizon when we backed up, sweat pouring down our bodies and our breath ragged.

I chuckled and shook my head "You are quite skilled, I'd say you'd even be a match for Lucci."

I threw a Tempest Kick at Eric... but his body exploded into shadows when I caught him. I blinked in shock as he reformed.

"You said no powers," I argued crossing my arms with a frown.

Eric shrugged. "That's one part I can't turn off," he replied, before holding his hand out. "Call a draw?"

I hummed, before taking his hand. "For now," I replied with a knowing grin. I can tell this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

I settled myself down with my arm against my knee. "So... what do you need help with?"

He tilted his head.

"You called me with my token," I reminded him. "Said you needed my aide."

He sat there a thought for what it seems like a minute, he then looked at me with my impatient stare.

"Right," Eric said with a sheepish grin, settling on the sand as well. "So, about a month ago, we caught wind of an army forming in the Frozen North..."

"And you want me to destroy this army?" I asked with a grin. I busted out laughing before he could even let out a grin. "Sorry, Von Shadow, but without the stones, I'd be at a bit of a disadvantage." I lifted his gauntlet for emphasis. Well, I could be able to beat them but I would have to come up with a strategy.

He chuckled. "No," He confirmed. "But the master of this force wants to amass an army of Devil Fruit users. Now, I've managed to train most of the Mane 6 to properly use their Devil Fruits. However, I can't get past Pinkie's childish demeanor and Rainbow's refusal to admit her weaknesses."

I brushed my chin, looking up at the Canterlot Castle. "Hm, I see your problem." For a moment, I pondered the sand. "Have you tried a severe fear-based tactic?"

He blinked. "A... what?"

"Hear me out..." he began to explain.

Third Person

Eric stood pacing back and forth within the training ground. Nearby, Pinkie played with her shadow. Rainbow Dash, meanwhile, tumbled out of the air, stomping the ground with a growl of frustration. Eric's gaze matched hers, as he exhaled in an attempt to stay calm.

"Fall in!" Eric barked, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie jumping to position before him. "Once again none of you are taking this seriously," he lectured. "Hell, even Fluttershy is taking this more seriously than you two."

Pinkie's hair deflated, while Rainbow Dash glowered at him. The Shadow Man rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Look, I'm not trying to be an ass about this," he continued. "I'm trying to get the two of you to understand. Our enemy isn't going to hold back. They will kill us and they won't even bat an..."

Without warning, a fist burst out of Eric's chest, clutching his heart. Pinkie and Rainbow Dash jumped back with screams as a large, purple-skinned figure appeared behind the shadow man.

Eric stared at his own heart as the purple figure crushed it in his fist, black blood painting the ground before the figure yanked his fist out. Eric stumbled forward, staring at the new hole in his chest before falling to his knees. Briefly, he looked up at the horrified mares.

"E-Eric...?" Dash whimpered.

"Run," he gasped out. Then he slumped to the ground.

Pinkie screamed while Rainbow Dash leaped in front of her, seething with grief and rage as the purple figure laughed before them. His golden armor was covered in the stitches of the mysterious zombie fruit wielders. And worst of all, he held a Devil Fruit in his hand. Once which he promptly popped into his mouth.

"The Power!" the monster laughed as shadows started to pour from his body like an early morning mist. "My master shall be pleased." He leered down at the two. "Especially when I bring him two more Power Fruits!"

Rainbow Dash snarled, flames bursting over her body.

"You'll pay for what you did!" she screamed, launching at the creature like a rocket.

The creature vanished as Rainbow Dash charged, only to reappear behind her. Seizing her hair, the monster halted her charge completely before slamming her into the earth.

"Too slow, Pony," the monster mocked, his boot keeping Rainbow pinned.

"Dashie!" Pinkie squeaked, before trying her own charge. Throwing her arms back, she stretched them to their limits before hurling them at the beast. However, he managed to catch both of her arms with only one massive hand.

"Nice try," he commented, before extending his hand. A shadow tendril launched around the pink mare's neck, squeezing her so her head bulged.

"Pinkie!" Rainbow gasped as her friend struggled for breath.

"You want her to live?" the creature asked. His grip on Pinkie's neck lessened. "Tell me about your weaknesses."

Rainbow Dash snarled. "I have none!" she snapped, throwing a fireball at the giant. A shadow wall caught the flames and dissipated them into nothing.

"Wrong answer." the monster replied, doubling his grip on Pinkie. The pink mare gagged, her face turning blue.

"Wait-wait!" Dash screamed. "Fine!" She lowered her head. "I'm... I'm weak."

"Oh?" The creature asked.

"No matter how hard I try," Dash confessed. "I'm just a pony. I'm not as strong as a dragon or a yak or a minotaur..." Tears welled up in her eyes. "They can at least take a hit and keep on coming."

The beast relaxed his grip on the pink mare.

"I've tried to make up for it," Dash admitted. "I've tried to be fast, so I can never get hit. And my ego's always been there to make it seem like I knew what I was doing. But..." Her head lowered. "But if I get hit... that's it. It doesn't matter how tough or fast I am... I just can't get up after that."

Thanos nodded. "Good girl," he said, dropping Pinkie. The pink mare gave a long gasp of air, her blue face returning to normal. He grinned down at her. "But she still has to die." He drew his blade and stabbed down.

"NO!" Rainbow Dash wailed as Pinkie screamed, breaking down into hysterical sobs. However, as her sobs sounded... they were intermixed with laughter.

Rainbow looked around, blinking her tears away... and gasped. Eric was sitting up. Laughing at her. The hole in his chest was gone! He grinned at Dash as she gaped at him. Thanos couldn't help but laugh as well

"Now was that so hard?" With a wave of his hand, the shadows around Thanos returned to his body. The black stitches faded into the darkness as well.

"You...?" Rainbow Dash stammered, her fire flaring back up as her rage boiled over. "You...!" She looked back and forth between him and Thanos. "Eric, you have five seconds to tell me what in Celestia's name is going on!"

"Or what?" Eric dared. Rainbow Dash turned beet red but had no comment. Eric shrugged. "But, since you insisted..." he pats Thanos' shoulder. "Meet Thanos. He's a fellow Shade like myself. I brought him here to help with both of your training."

"But he killed Pinkie!" Dash argued.

"Did I?" Thanos asked.

He pulled his blade from the pink mare. There was no sign of blood or gore. Pinkie felt at her chest, staring in disbelief at the lack of a mark. Though her pink fur had nearly paled to white, and her mane was completely deflated.

"All this was," Thanos explained. "Was a means to get you to admit your weaknesses. And for Pinkie to understand that you can't play around with an opponent. They will kill you without hesitation."

"And the Devil Fruit?" Pinkie mumbled.

"I promised him one in exchange for his help," Eric replied nonchalantly.

"Speaking of which, which one did you give me?" the Titan asked.

"The Heat-Heat Fruit." Eric grinned. "With your size, I thought it would be perfect for you. Not to mention if you turn hostile, I can take you out easily."

"Pretty cocky for someone who fought me to a standstill." Thanos shot back, though he couldn't keep the grin off his face.

"Eric!!" Rainbow screamed from under Thanos' boot, regaining the attention of the two displaced humans.

"Right. Sorry," the Shadow Man apologized. With a motion from him, Thanos got off Rainbow Dash. "So with the help of Thanos, I managed to get both of you to finally understand the severity of our situation."


Thanos POV

"I kill you," I said.

He blinked in disbelief. "Come again?"

"You want them to understand the gravity of this upcoming war?" I asked with a shrug. "Well, then you need to die. With your powers, my attacks won't do any real damage, right? We'd just need something to substitute your heart."

Eric grinned. "That's... actually not a bad idea," He admitted, pulling out the Heat-Heat Fruit. "This could work as a substitute for my heart." Eric shrugged. "Heck, you can have it if it works."

"Aw," I replied with a grin. "But I didn't get you anything."

"Just give me something awesome next time we meet" Eric replied.

Standing up, he offered his hand to the Titan. I quirked an eyebrow at Shadow, though it quickly shot into a wide-eyed look of disbelief when he managed to pull me up.

"I'm a lot stronger than I look," He explained. "I've trained in the Crystal Empire since I was fifteen years old." He let him go. "Now. Ready to break a ponies will and resolve?"

I grinned. "It is inevitable."

"Please understand," I said to a still fuming Rainbow Dash. "Eric and I did this to protect you. Knowing one's weaknesses makes one stronger. As well as knowing when to play, and when to be serious in a fight can mean the difference between Life and Death." I sheathed my blade. "I would know. I've battled the..."

He nudged me, reminding me of who I was talking to.

"I mean..." I quickly rectified. "I've fought in countless battles. So I know when to fool around and when to be serious." I glanced up at the sun. "Well, I think it's best I return to my friends."

Turning, I came face to face with Celestia herself. The sun princess blinked in shock at me. Immediately I froze before glancing at Eric.

"Meet me where we first fought," I said, before edging around the Princess before giving her a grin. "Nice seeing you, Sunny."

The princess blinked in confusion but I didn't stick around to explain.

"Eric..." Celestia stammered. "Who... or rather what... was that? And why did it call me Sunny?"

"His name is Thanos," Eric replied, watching me walk off. "He's a shade like me." He shook his head. "But I have no idea why he calls you that."

Leaving Celestia flummoxed, I dropped into Eric's shadow, yanking me to him. We resurfaced at the beach. The infinity gauntlet sat waiting for us.

For a moment, we sat there, staring out at sea.

"You married the Celestia in your Equestria," Eric guessed.

"I did," I replied with a nod. "Then she found out about the stones."

I lowered my head. "She wanted to use the stones to erase all evil. I disagreed; I told her a world with no evil would be an imbalanced world."

I shook my head. "She refused to listen, and we started a war against each other."

I glanced back. "This world's Celestia looks just like her when we first married."

Eric tsked. "I'm sorry to hear that," he said with pity. "It's not easy losing your wife."

I gave him a sideways glance.

"She left you too?" I asked.

I shook my head. "She was killed by my best friend," I explained. "He was possessed by a dark spirit."

I hummed in sympathy. "You have my condolences."

"And you've got mine," Eric replied.

I nodded before turning to him. "You may need help in the future," I warned. "You'll need to create a token."

"You mentioned that," Eric noted curiously. "But... how exactly do I do that?"

"You make an item," I explained. "Something you can send into the multiple Equestria's to lend your aid to other Displaced humans."

"Okay. So how do I make one?"

I motioned. "Hold out your palm," I instructed. Eric did as I said. "Now, channel your energy. Turn it into your token."

He began focusing. A black orb started to form before taking shape of a pitch-black Devil Fruit with gray swirls

"Now speak your creed," I instructed.

'I am Eric Von Shadow, I am the Reaper of the Crystal Empire. Should anyone require my aid, simply call upon the Reaper and tell me where to point my scythe!'

Once he finished his creed, Eric tossed the fruit in the air. With a ripple through the air, it vanished. Seconds later, it reappeared and landed in his hand. With a grin, he tossed the fruit over to me

"If you ever require my scythe," Eric said. "Just call upon the Reaper. And I won't hesitate to join you in battle."

I nodded, gripping the fruit to his chest. "Thanks for the fruit, Monohan," I said, as a portal appeared behind him.

"No problem, Oliver," Eric replied.

And with a final nod, I walked into the portal and returned to my Equestria.

Thanos, The King Of Minos

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

"And now we're here." I had just told them the story of how I met Von Shadow and what we did together. My friends were slack-jawed after they heard the story. Grievous frowned, not that he could but it looked like he was a tad bit angrier.

"So, what you're saying is, while we were busting our flanks, fighting armies, and doing work, you were meeting someone who sounds so amazing that I would literally rip off my arm to meet him?!" Grievous was shaking but not of rage but of something else.

"Yeah?" I raised an eyebrow he threw his arms up and swung his head backward and let out an annoyed groan. We all laughed.

"So, what are we going to do now? Supergirl last time I checked was in the Dragon Lands, and we all know how well it would be if we went there. Not to mention that Rapunzel is in Seaquestria and that's several miles deep and again, we all know how that would end, with us dead." Sally deducted, I sat there and thought, we needed to get Supergirl because if we have her, we basically win. Lucci stood up.

"I have an idea, how about... How about you challenge the Golden Hoof to a duel, if you win you get the crown, and every single Minotaur is now under your control if he wins, we turn ourselves in. It's a perfect plan, and I know they have the Reality Stone on them." Lucci had a solid plan.

"Okay, I'll do it, but if I win, you're being changed to Captain of the Guard. Sally will oversee the Navy force, Grievous would oversee blacksmithing, and Entity will oversee the Garrison. Alright, we have that done, let us go." I said looking onward and pointing my sword in front of us.

"To the Minotaur Kingdom!" I shouted.

"Wrong way" Sally giggled, I turned to the left.

"To the Minotaur Kingdom!" I shouted once more.

"To the Minotaur Kingdom!" They pumped their fists in the air.

One Week Later

We arrived at the port and walked off; many guards tried to attack us, but they were reduced to ash when Sally stepped in. We were heading towards the palace, there was an uneasy silence as Lucci kicked down the door to the Throne Room, and Golden Hoof sat upon his throne.

"What do you want." He raised an eyebrow, I stepped forward.

"A duel, if I win, I get the crown and absolute control over Minos, and if you win, we all turn ourselves in." I smiled, he sat there and thought.

"What are the conditions?" He said putting his fingers together like he was thinking about accepting.

"No holds barred, all-out match." He put his hand on his chin, and a smile crossed his face.

"I accept."

I walked into the arena, Golden Hoof was waiting for me, he had his arms crossed and a golden sword that Golden Horn had used centuries ago. The crowd went wild, some wanted me to rule because well, I'd rule with an iron fist. Some wanted Golden Hoof to win because if he didn't the world was going to end, I'm not going to destroy the world, just Equestria because they have too much Harmony.

"Golden Hoof... I've waited too long to fight you in combat. Now that you are ready and prepared, our battle will be legendary!" I pumped my fist into the air and Golden Hoof crossed his arm with a grin on his face.

"Yes, it will, now let us begin." Golden Hoof taps the ground two times before the bell rings indicating that the battle had begun, Golden Hoof ran at me with his fist cocked back ready to punch me, I stood there as my body began to heat up, from thirty degrees Celsius to 1000 degrees Celsius, he punched me but it didn't hurt but Golden Hoof was certainly hurting. He grabbed his hand and roared in pain as he looks at his charred hand, a little tear formed in his eye, he then growled and looked at me.

"What is this sorcery?!" He asked, his eyes dripping with a mix of anger and tears.

"This is the power of the Netsu Netsu No Mi, Heat Body!" I appeared before him in the flash of an eye, not because of shave but just because of how fast I am, I then punched his face with my Gauntlet, a black substance covered it and Golden Hoof was hit by it. Oh, I forgot to mention I have Haki, are you really surprised? I've been here for five years. Yeah, I know it doesn't explain the Six Powers bit but shut up!

"Curse you and your devil powers!" Golden Hoof bellowed as he leaped at me with his sword to which I caught it with my gauntlet was lit ablaze as Golden Hoof quickly let go of the swords and nursed his now burning hands, I then crushed the sword to pieces for it was almost at melting point. The crowd gasped in horror when I broke it, I looked at Golden Hoof, his eyes were filled with tears.

"What did you do? That... That sword..." He couldn't finish his words as the ground below him started to heat up and he jumped in the air but eventually hit the scorching sand.

"Netsu Netsu, Scorching Land!" I laughed as Golden Hoof grunted in pain as his hooves touched the hot sands, he then ran at me with his fist cocked back ready to punch me but this time I hardened my chest with Haki and he punched it, his knuckles made a satisfying cracking sound, as it was satisfying to me it was not satisfying for him as he clutched his hand yet again. I then ran at Golden Hoof and punched his gut with a flaming Armament Haki covered gauntlet.

"Netsu Netsu, Heat Fist!" He was launched into the arena wall, the wall shook and crumbled making the crowd panic but not move from their seats in fear of missing this historical battle. Golden Hoof dropped down from the wall and onto his chest, he didn't move for a minute, and I turned around thinking it was over, but he suddenly jumped into the air and was about the slam his fist onto me.

"Golden Hammer!" He cried out as he punched the back of my head, I went on one knee and Golden Hoof started to go at me.

"Golden Bullets!" He shot a flurry of attacks at me, fists were thrown, and I was getting hit by every single one of them, my Armament Haki couldn't protect all the areas but at least it protected some. He was about to throw one more fist at me, but I caught it, I then wrapped my hand around his neck with my gauntlet hand and started to heat him up. Sweat poured down his face and judging by the look he has he didn't know it was out of fear or it was because of my heat.

"You know, the boiling point for blood is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, around 100 degrees Celsius, I want to see how much a Minotaur could last under such immense heat or rather live if he felt his blood boil. Yield or die." I said looking into the eyes of Golden Hoof. "Yield!" I tightened my grip around his neck.

"Ne... Never..." He choked out, I sighed.

"Wrong answer." As I start to heat him up his screams of agony could be heard throughout the arena, he tried to get himself free but only got more hurt in the process.

"Leave my daddy alone!" Someone cried out, I looked back and saw a young Minotaur in armor in one of the arena seats.

"Sw-sweetie? My baby girl turn away, turn away now!" He felt his blood start boiling and he tried to suppress a scream in agony but failed miserably.

"Leave him alone, please! I don't want to lose him too!" I blinked, the little girl had no mother, and she is trying to... Oh crap, that's his daughter.

"Yield Golden Hoof now!" I tightened my grip with a glare that would kill most foes.

"N...o..." He gasped out.

"Do you want your daughter to see you killed?" I tightened my grip once more.

"I... Don't... Give... A..." Before he could even finish his sentence, I slammed him down, shaking the whole arena. The heat in the arena disappeared immediately, now I may be a villain but that's too low for my tastes, I looked down onto Golden Hoof with disgust.

"Since I am now king the first thing I'm going to do is send this piece of trash to the dungeons and give him the worse torture you have in your arsenal! This man deserves a fate far worse than death!" I bellowed my friends watched the whole battle and frowned at the Minotaur who was now on the floor, unconscious.


View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I sat on my throne as the King of The Minotaurs, it felt good, but then I sat there began to think.

'Von Shadow is another displaced that has the potential to rival me in combat, he seems quite... strong, maybe too strong. I need to get stronger, I know I'm not invincible so I should hone my skills in the Six Powers, if I get the basics down then I could easily put up a fight with Von Shadow. Wait didn't Lucci say that the Minotaurs are in possession of the Reality Stone? Why don't I have it in my gauntlet?' I sat up from my throne and walked on down, the little calf who I saw in the arena, or also know as Golden Shield, walked towards me.

"Mr. Thanos?" She looked up and me, I smiled and kneeled down to her.

"Yes, Golden Shield?" I asked in a soft and mellow tone, she smiled.

"Were you thinking of the red stone in the vault?" How could she know what I was thinking about? Was she a psychic? No, that isn't possible, she is a Minotaur, not a Unicorn. I let out a soft chuckle before answering her.

"Indeed I was little one, do you mind showing me where the vault is?" She nodded and walked off, I followed her. We walked down several hallways and stairs (I had to carry her down those stairs, I don't want her to get hurt do it?) but we finally arrived, it was a big vault, the door was several inches thick. I opened the door with the giant key that was handed to me by the guard who was protecting the vault. There were a lot of weapons, gold, treasures from everywhere, but all in the middle was a glass case and in that glass case was the Reality Stone, I smiled and walked forth.

"It's been too long... But finally, we have reunited again..." I stood in front of the glass case and grabbed the reality stone, breaking the glass. Golden Shield stood there in awe.

"My poppy said that only creatures with the strongest of wills can break that kind of glass..." She looked up to me, and I again, smiling down at her.

"Then my will must be very strong then." I chuckled as I played with the stone in my palm before finally putting it in my gauntlet, the experience shook my body and made me shake, then every single token that I gave to displaced was updated.

"I'm almost whole again... Finally!" I clenched my gauntlet hand and I turn around with haste, "Golden Shield you can watch if you want to but I'm going to do some training!" I smiled as I walked off, she followed me with a waddle, god was it so darn adorable. As I went through several halls I went into a room, easily half the size of a football field, I saw Grievous, Entity, and Lucci sparring, Grievous had one of his swords in his foot and two other in his hands, not using his other set of arms. They then paused with their sparring math and turned to me, I held up my gauntlet, and they smiled.

"Got your stone from Karen?" Grievous joked, and I grinned.

"She has two other stones in her grasp but, I'll get them one way or another." They walked up to me and I give them a 'Are you ready?' look, we go to the sparring area and I waited for the first person to jump at me. I didn't want to get rusty with the Reality Stone, do I?

"Are you guys prepared to get your flanks whooped?" I said clenching my fist and unclenching it.

"No, how about you?" Grievous laughed as he got into his "Three Sword Style" stance.

"And let's begin." I declared as they ran at me, I let them come at my, Lucci was about to pounce on my but a pillar of earth shot up from the ground and hit him, the pillar then bends into an upside-down U and slams him into the earth. Entity and Grievous looked back at Lucci, then back at me, and then charged me, Entity threw his scythe at me to which I ducked, the scythe came around like a boomerang and went back into Entity's hand. Grievous lunged at me trying to slice me with his earth sword, but ironically an earth version of him jumped from the ground and slammed himself onto Grievous, meanwhile, I stood there untouched. I then form rock copies of Lucci and Entity, and you better believe they hit hard, Lucci was still pinned to the ground and Rock Lucci punched Lucci's face over and over and over again, not planning on stopping.

"Tekai!" Lucci shouted as another fist came down on him, but this time, Rock Lucci's fist broke. Lucci then slammed his elbow down on the pillar that was pinning him down, it cracked, and after several attacks, he was set free, while he was still on the ground Rock Lucci axe kicked Lucci down, Lucci's head was now one whole foot deep in the earth because this training room was ground level. Grievous and Rock Grievous were tussling on the ground, rolling and punching, but eventually Rock Grievous kicked Grievous off of him and into a wall, Grievous bounced off of it and landed on his claws, dazed. Rock Grievous ran at Grievous and grabbed him by the back of the head and dragged his head across the wall and into Entity who was currently in a scythe fight with his counterpart. Entity fell and I clench my fist and pillars of rock wrapped themselves around the two, planting them firmly into the ground. Lucci was attacked by an onslaught of attacks by the Rock copies, they were fast, know all six powers too to make it a challenge for Lucci, and oh boy did they succeed. Rock Lucci got Lucci in a full nelson before Rock Grievous and Rock Entity hugged Lucci and they started to form into a rock prison covered him in rock from toe to neck.

"This is was all with the power of the Reality Stone... Imagine, what I could do with all six?" I said looking at Lucci's attempts to break free but with every try, the prison became tighter and tighter, the wind was squeezed out of him like an orange being crushed of its juices, Grievous and Entity were pinned down. I clench my gauntlet fist and everything disappeared that was under the effects of the Reality Stone, the pillar was gone, the Rock copies of the trio sunk into the ground, and the destruction caused by our battle faded. The boys got up and looked at me, injured and awestricken.

"Alright boys, I know we're already strong as it is but we can be stronger! War is coming so we must be on our toes, we all know the Six Powers but not all of them. We need Haki and the Six Powers, until we hone all of those skills we aren't strong enough. I realized with my spar with Von Shadow that I'm not strong enough to one-shot everything. So my goal is to be the best fighter- no, the best warrior a displaced can be! Now let's train boys!" I pumped my fist into the air and the trio pump their fists into the air as well. Sally waddles on down with bacon.

"BACON!!!!!!!!!" We throw our hands into the air, oh just so you know Grievous has some tiny compartment in his back, that is where his taste buds lie and his metal teeth too. Yeah weird... But anyway we eat our meal, Grievous had his head backward as he at his meal which was funny. I then realize that there is a summit involving all of the world leaders to meet at Canterlot.


The Summit.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I walked down the warship and onto the Canterlot soil, this was the first time I've been to Canterlot. Grievous and Lucci accompanied me, they were my bodyguards not that I need them it was just required. I walked down the streets leading to the palace, ponies all around fainted at the sight of me due to my strong Conquerors Haki. Even the mighty Royal Guards were rendered unconscious due to my sheer will, as I walked up to the palace there was this tiny little Royal Guard shaking at the sight of me.

"T-t-t-t-the m-m-m-m-meeting room i-i-is one left then a right and then straight ahead, y-you can't m-m-miss it!" He squeaked the last bit as he hides behind his spear. Lucci chuckled at the sight of the Royal Guard, we went to the exact direction where the guard told us and we couldn't see it.

"Where is it? Where's the door?" We looked to our left and found it, we let out a slight chuckle.

"Oh, there it is." Grievous opened the door, "Titans go first." He said with a bow, I manage to squeeze myself in and Grievous does as well, Lucci just walks on in because he is normal-sized, me and Grievous are colossal. The other rulers were there, King Thorax who is accompanied with Pharynx and some unknown Changeling, King Rutherford with two Yaks, Ember who is guarded by Garble and a pitch-black dragon, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight accompanied by the Mane Five and Shining Armor, Steel Wing who is with Gilda and some armored up Griffin, the Storm Queen with two Storm Guards, Queen Furby who is accompanied by a Lion and a Tiger but they're anthro, Queen Novo who has two other armored up Hippogriffs, and finally me with General Grievous and Rob Lucci.

"Thanos, you're late." Celestia frowned, I sat down at my seat as Grievous and Lucci stood tall beside me.

"Fashionably late, mind you I was in a training session with the boys," I said looking at the room, there was a lot of books, war artifacts, and pictures posted on the wall explaining what happened 1,600 years ago.

"Well since you're here now I believe we should discuss why this summit is being held." Celestia crossed her arms looking away from me.

"Yes, I believe so, Princess Celestia would you explain why you have my Power Stone even though you have the Mind Stone in your possession." Steel Wing said with a slight hint of anger in his voice, the other world leaders looked at Celestia in horror, knowing full well what would happen if you have two stones in your grasp.

"Two Infinity Stones? Ce-Celestia tell me this isn't true." Thorax had worry on his face.

"The reason why is because Thanos before he became king defeated Steel Wing in combat and almost got the Power Stone, if it wasn't for Princess Twilight this planet would be in danger," Celestia said looking to Twilight who nodded to confirm, I held up my gauntlet, the Reality Stone lighting up the room with its red hue.

"And just because I don't have the Power Stone doesn't make me a danger to the planet?" I smirked, Celestia growled.

"The Power Stone is the strongest thing on the planet, you wouldn't be a threat with just the Reality Stone." Celestia snapped, my smirk turned into a smile.

"Oh really?" The room started to change form and the walls sprouted chainsaws and stone monsters, the world leaders became frightened and their bodyguards got into their fighting stances. I quickly turned the room back to normal and I sit back in my chair with a smug look on my face.

"Thanos is the most dangerous threat in the universe, why is he even here? Last time I checked he wasn't a world leader." Ember crossed her arms and gave me a sideways glance. Oh and speaking of which I was seated next to Ember, Ember was seated next to Thorax, Thorax was seated next to Steel Wing, Steel Wing was seated next to Rutherford, Rutherford was seated next to Furby, Furby was seated next to Storm Queen, Storm Queen was seated next to Celestia, and I think you know the rest. We were in a circle type table, yup so it went around.

"That's because I challenged Golden Hoof to combat and if I won I became the King and guess who won?" I said before spinning around in my chair, I had to only chair that could spin.

"Well that's believable, he was the weakest of the bunch..." Furby said looking at me.

"Up top!" I scooted to Furby and she high-fived me. "Eyyyy my girl, man if you were there 1,600 years ago I would've chosen you to be my wife instead of good ol' Sunny!" I laughed, Celestia's eyebrow twitched and she clenched her fist.

"The reason why it didn't work out is that you disagreed to wipe out all evil." She stuck her head up in the air like a pompous unicorn.

"That's the reason why I left you is that too much evil gone would make chaos, too much harmony is horrible, imagine if the whole world was sunshine and rainbows?" I snapped.

"Well, at least I don't have bloodthirsty maniacs for friends." She retorted that hit a nerve.

"At least I pay attention to my friends, guess what happened to Nightmare Moon? You ignored Luna and made her feel lonely, unlike you I know the real reason, ponies praised you, loved you, you were so stuck up that you didn't even help out your sister! She visited me in my dreams when I was in my stone prison, she told me her feelings towards you. She loved but you were so stuck up and so... so... selfish you couldn't see the signs!" My words cut through her like a blade and the rulers were like "Oooo" like a Kindergarteners seeing their fellow Kindergartener swear. Her hair started to flare up, her hair was on fire and the room started to heat up.

"Oh crap!" Lucci threw his hands in the air.

"SHE'S GONNA BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Grievous ducked for cover as did the rest, but I just sat there waiting for a fist to be sent my way but it didn't instead she calmed down.

"I guess you're right, I did ignore her." She said nonchalantly, everyone got out of their cover and sighed. "But at least I didn't start a whole god darn war over because I was asked to destroy all evil!" She snapped at me.

"Here we go again!" I said loudly, "That was your fault for trying to FORCE me to wipe all evil, how many times did you send the guard after me? How many times did you hurt me mentally and physically all because you wanted to wield the gauntlet to wipe all evil?!" I snapped.

"Now that just isn't right" Furby shook her head.

"You stay out of this furball!" Celestia snapped.

"Furball? How original how about you shut up before I make you into a scratching post!" Furby hissed.

"No one talks to my sister like that feline! This is your fault Grievous for not accepting my sister's offer." Luna turned to Grievous,

"ME!?!?!??! I didn't want to slave for you and your tyrannical nation!" Grievous spat, Storm Queen decided to join in on the arguments.

"Oh and speaking of nations, Princess Twilight you killed my husband, and you know that the punishment is death." Storm Queen turned to Twilight who was just chilling there.

"It was self-defense, your husband almost destroyed Equestria!" Cadence glared into Storm Queen's eyes and she glared right back.

"And speaking of which how can one small pony beat three princesses?" Rutherford added.

"Yeah, your nation is weak, the only thing you ponies are good for is raising the sun and moon." Ember laughed.

"Not to mention you shouldn't have any stones, you already have a superweapon!" Pharynx complained, he did raise a good point.

"Why not give the stones to me? I already had them, to begin with, and did I attack anyone? Yes, but it was only for self-defense!" I spoke.

"Yeah, why not give it to the purple bean?" Pharynx rolled his eyes.

"Hey! I'm a titan, not a bean and even if I was a bean I would be a spicy one so I could burn Celestia's ugly mouth!" I thought of that and chuckled.

It was a whole fest of hurling insults at each other, we were all insulting one another it was... It was like Vietnam all over again! Hah, I have achieved comedy. Twilight sat up from her chair.


The force of her voice sent all but me and the boys flying.

"Enough, all of you, you're all acting like foals. You two!" Twilight points to me and Celestia, "Get some counseling, when you're finished we can all continue this summit, all in favor of Thanos and Celestia getting counseling say aye."

"Aye." Literally, everyone in the room said aye.

"Then it's decided, you to get somepony to counsel you until then you guys do whatever you want." She turned to the rest of the leaders and she storms off.


We were in a room, an isolated room and we sat down on chairs, Discord sat behind his desk with glasses on and a notebook with an ink and quill. Celestia had her head turned from me and was crossing her arms, I on the other hand was sitting like a respectful titan of society.

"So... Celestia, I see that you are the most troubled here, so tell me what you think about Thanos." Discord said turning towards Celestia, Celestia snaps her head to Discord.

"He's a big selfish jerk who cares about nopony but himself!" She spouted, I shook my head and Discord winced.

"Oh boy..." I hear him say, "Now what do you think about Celestia." Discord turned towards me.

"What do I think of Celestia... Now I don't think she is a bad pony I just think that she and I don't really fit together." I say as Celestia snaps her head to me wide-eyed and fueled with anger.

"Now that isn't what you said five minutes ago, you said I selfish, now with somepony in front of us you paint me as the bad guy!" She growled, and I shook my finger.

"Ah, ah, ah, I said you were a selfish pony but not are a selfish pony. Get your facts straight, you leave out details to make me the bad guy." She clenched her fist and got from her seat.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down Sunbutt, Thanos can you stop antagonizing her?" Discord got in between us, separating us with his eagle claw and bear paw.

"Fine." We said at the same time, Celestia dropped down to her chair.

"Fatty..." I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say?" Celestia gave me a crazy look.

"I swear to Faust will you two stop?! Okay, okay, okay, where did this all start?" Discord said while rubbing his eyes.

"It started when Celestia demanded me to destroy all evil with the stones!" I snapped.

"Demanded? No, I asked you, and as you said before, get your facts straight." I groaned as I shook my head.

"You know what? Let's focus on the highlights of your relationship." Discord rubbed his temples.

"The highlights? Well, when we first started dating..." Celestia began.

1,700 years ago

I sat there looking at the moonlight, the moon glimmering in the night sky, I was in the Gardens of Two Sisters, I then heard rustling coming from the bushes, I readied the Power Stone and turned towards the bushes. Celestia came out of the bushes and I sighed and the power emanating from the stone faded.

"Dear God you scared me!" I said holding my chest, Celestia giggled.

"Sorry I was late had to sneak past the guard and knock a few out, hehe." She smiled, her smile always vanquishes the darkness hidden in my mind, and with that, I smile too.

"Were they a challenge?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh hardly, they just walk around and patrol, the guard is weak compared to me, compared to you" Her neverending smile remained neverending, Celestia was goofy for a while. Like she was childish when she was with me like she could be herself.

"Well, that's good to hear," I use the Reality Stone and I'm suddenly in a tuxedo and she in a gown. "May I take this dance?" She giggled and put her hand to her mouth surprised.

"You're so full of tricks my purple bean," She called me her purple bean a lot back then and I call her sunny which is hilarious. "Yes, you may."

And with that, we started to waltz in the moonlight it was truly spectacular, no, it was truly beautiful.

Present Time

"I remember we always use to sneak out and waltz together and one time even-" She stopped herself before she could say the words as a deep blush washed over her face and she turned away embarrassed as I laughed.

"Man I don't know what happened to us, we were such a pair." I laughed and she turned around to face me.

"What happened to us is that you were greedy and didn't want to share power!" She snapped and Discord threw his head back and groaned.

"You two go home, we can continue this next week. Get out, now." Discord said not even looking at us, he was just pointing at the door with his eagle claw. We obliged and walked out, we then went out separate ways but Celestia was thinking about something as she walked away.

'What did happen to us?' She thought, who knows what happened? Will they find out what caused their healthy relationship to crumble? Find out on the next exciting episode of Against All Odds!


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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Thanos POV

I sat there on my throne and dealt with all of the townspeople's problems, fish people destroying ships? Sent Entity. Dragon getting too close to the capital? Lucci and I dealt with that. The dam almost collapsing? Sent Grievous and Sally. I am a good problem solver, one of the best I dare say, but while I might solve everyone's problems I can't solve my own. I felt something tug on my leg, I look down and I saw Golden Shield.

"Hello little one, what do you need?" Golden Shield, she is basically my Gamora and I actually enjoy her company she's adorable.

"Mr. Thanos, can you take me to the park?" She looked up at me and I smiled.

"Well of course little one, let us go to the park." I stood up and clapped my hands, I walked down the steps Golden Shield following me, she was twice the size of your average toddler. Golden Shield is four years old and she is 53 inches, that is pretty tall for a four-year-old. I walked out of the palace with Golden shield in tow, I'm not letting my eyes off of her, that's my inner dad coming out even though I never had children.

A few minutes later we found ourselves at the park let's just say Human parks compared to Minotaur parks are vastly different. The Minotaur park had a combat pit and two boys were fighting in it as a crowd was cheering for them, it was like a little tiny child match with a little tiny audience. Adorable? Yes. Safe? No. I looked on in horror as I saw one of the boys bash the other with his knee and the boy who was hit well, hit the ground.

"This isn't healthy..." I muttered, Golden Shield must've heard me as she turned her head to face me.

"This is what Minotaurs do when they're bored, they look for action." Golden Shield smiled innocently, the kid who bashed the other kid won the match.

"Who's gonna fight the Junior League Champion Iron Fist?!" The kid I now know as Iron Fist said, I looked at Golden Shield with a, "Don't you dare" look in my eyes. She had a smug look on her face, a very smug look.

"I will." Golden Shield put her hands on her hips in a loud and proud way. Iron Fist turned to Golden Shield with a smile on his face.

"Oh, what do we have here? The daughter of the miserable Minotaur who failed to beat the titan?" Iron Fist snarked.

"No, I'm the daughter of the titan who beat the miserable Minotaur." She crossed her arms, my heart skipped a beat, what she said right there means that she thinks of me as a father. Oh. My. God.

"Oh really? Then let's see what the daughter of the titan can do." Golden Shield stepped into the ring with her fists up, Iron Fist did the same.

"We have a new competitor folks, we have the Junior League Champion, Iron Fist vs the daughter of the Mad Titan, Golden Shield!" Now which one is more impressive the title Junior League Champion or daughter of the Mad Titan?

"Three, two, one, let the battle begin!" The kid announcer spoke, as Iron Fist aggressively throws his fist at Golden Shield who blocks the attack, Golden Shield retaliates with a haymaker and she hits much to the surprise of the audience. Iron Fist now enraged to be hit by a girl, he gut-punched her making her skid back, he jumps and Superman punches her. Golden Shield hits the ground and she rolls up back to her feet and she hits the jaw of Iron Fist with a right hoof and then a left hook. She then grabs him by the neck and chokeslams him into the ground and when she let go Iron Fist got up and charged up a wind-up punch. His arm spun and pun around, eventually, his fist caught on fire.

"I think the battle is already over because Iron Fist is using his fire fist technique!" The crowd went wild as he finished his wing up and punched Golden Shield who used her ultimate technique.

"Shield barrier!" A barrier like substance formed and looked like a grid when Iron Fist punched the barrier nothing happened, instead Iron FIst was pushed back and he fell on his butt.

"Wh-what was that?! Tch, no matter." Iron Fist got up and cocked back his fist and shot a flurry of punches at the barrier, every punch sent her way was intense in a matter of seconds her shield was shattered and she was hit by the intense punches. She fell on her back, beaten then Iron FIst stuck his hand out Golden Shield took the hand and she got up.

"That was a good fight, there's a tournament that's going to be held in a few days maybe you should sign up?" Iron Fist offered.

"I'll think about it, thank you for the legendary fight but now I need to go." She turned around and waddled over to me, what she just did was Minotaur magic... Wow.

"Okay, little one let's go get something to eat." We go and walk down the town, I looked around, a bakery, salad restaurant, and a meat restaurant, speaking of which I hadn't eaten since that Manticore. The funny thing about being Thanos one meal can last you up to weeks without hunger coming back to bite you.

"I want a salad!" Golden Shield smiled and to the salad restaurant we went.

Grievous POV

I stood there looking at Lucci, Lucci looked at Entity and Entity looked at me. This battle was going to decide who was stronger...

"Plus four!" I slammed my plus four to the discard pile, Lucci smiled grimly.

"You fool, plus four!" He slammed his plus four to the discard pile we looked to Entity who put down his plus four, I put down another plus four, and Lucci had sweat going down his forehead and slammed another plus four down. Entity sighed.

"Welp..." Entity sighed as we laughed, he then got his twenty cards from the deck. Sally then kicked down the door and Entity mouthed something along the lines of "Help me"

"Entity!" Sally called his name furiously, Entity gulped in fear.

"Y-yes?" He whimpered.

"You were supposed to meet me at the salad restaurant, fifteen minutes ago! Can you explain why you were so late and what was so important you would miss our date?" She asked as a red aura swept the room.

"The boys wanted to play Uno..." She snapped her head to look at us and then looked back at Entity a smile crossed her face.

"Then you'll have to pay up for it..." She grabbed Entity's leg and dragged him, he clawed at the ground trying to get free.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He cried as he latched onto the doorway and with one final tug Entity let go as he was dragged away. We sat in silence.

"Lucky idiot..."

Mission Barely Possible.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there is no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends will not wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I sat in the planning room and looked at the commanders, Commander Sapphire Sword of the Blue Fleet, who controls the warships, Commander Emerald Gauntlet of the Emerald Crushers, he is usually used in head-on battles, Commander Ruby (Her name is just Ruby) of the Ruby Demons she literally has an army of monsters she is also used in head-on battles. Grievous, Lucci, Entity, and I were all in the planning room.

"Alright everyone, we need to rid Sunny of the Power Stone, Equestrians cannot, can. Not. Be trusted with that kind of power so Grievous, Lucci, and Entity will try to find it." I declared; Entity looked at me.

"Do you know where it is?" He asked, "Because I'm not risking life if I don't know where it is."

"It is most likely in the Canterlot Vault where all the treasures and artifacts are held," I said looking at the trio.

"Well, I know the three of us can easily sneak past everyone but what if we get found out? I'm not taking any chances." Grievous was right, if things went south, they would be outnumbered and perhaps even outmatched, then an idea clicked.

"You guys, stay right there I need to get something or rather someone." I run out of the room as fast as I could and reached my room, I searched the drawers and opened a secret compartment and a token appeared, a Devil Fruit token. I held it and raised it high.

"I call upon the Reaper of the Crystal Empire!" I paused for a moment, waiting for Eric to pop up like an advertisement on a website. Then suddenly a dark fiery portal appeared behind me that may look like black fire but emanated something cold, almost immediately Eric lunged at my back with a skull mask and put his scythe around my neck, I manage to glance behind me.

"You require the aid of the Reaper?" Eric asked with a grin as he pulled his weapon from the Titan’s throat

In Eric's World three minutes before...

Rainbow Dash released a fireball from her hands sending the crimson orbs at the Shadow Man, Eric simply jumped to avoid them and sent a spear of shadow at the Mare. With a twist of her body, the Pegasus barely evaded the spears as they ripped a part of her shirt, kicking her leg Rainbow sent a monsoon of fire at Eric, who simple formed a pair of giant wings and flapped them creating a powerful gust of wind snuffing the flames out.

With a smile, Eric and Rainbow lowered themselves to the ground. “You’re getting better at controlling the Flame-Flame Fruit”

“Thanks, Eric” Rainbow said as Eric tossed a towel to the mare.

“However, you're still having trouble controlling your precision attacks,” Eric said, wiping his face with his own towel. “You need to work off that otherwise, you’ll tire yourself out in the middle of a fight”

“Trust me I’m trying,” Rainbow said, slightly downtrodden. “I’m not like you I don’t have a knowledge of every Devil Fruit”

“All it takes is some time, patience, and some practice” Eric encouraged with a grin.

"I call upon the Reaper of the Crystal Empire!" Eric paused for a moment, he recognized that voice


“Hey Rainbow, continue training for a bit,” Eric said moving to leave the Pegasus

“Where are you going, Eric?” Rainbow asked as she tried to consume her wings in flames

“Remember that purple-skinned Shade?” Eric asked the Pegasus who nodded. “Well, he needs me so I can’t exactly leave him hanging,” Eric said entering his shadow where a fiery shadow portal was located.

Thanos sighed and rubbed his eyebrows, “Yeah, and pull that shit again and so help me I’ll-” Thanos was cut off when he heard tiny footsteps.

“Daddy?” A young feminine voice spoke, Thanos used all his strength and pushed Eric away and into an armor stand.

“Shieldy!” Thanos said, walking towards his daughter and embracing the Minotaur child. “What are you doing out here?”

“Cute... So is she your Gamora or did you lay a minotaur,” Eric asked before tapping a fist to his chest “Either way respect on being a father.”

“Celestia is the only one for me! But yes, you could say she is my Gamora, there was this King named Golden Hoof. He is a descendent from the Golden family, the ruler of Minos. After I wrecked him and took the throne, his daughter became mine. I got to say, I think she likes me more.” Thanos pets his child.

“Daddy, who is that… Emo guy?” Golden Shield asked, pointing at Eric, Thanos cracked up and pointed at Eric.

“BAH! Hahahahaha!” Thanos slapped his knee as he laughed at Eric, “That my friend is Eric Von Shadow, the Reaper of the Crystal Empire! He has a thing for serving rulers, but don’t worry, I am not gay.” Thanos said, he stood to his full height, a whopping eight foot three inches.

“So, what do you need from me, Thanos?” Eric asked dispelling his scythe

“Oh yeah, follow me.” Thanos said, giving Eric a serious look, Thanos marched on out of his room. He made his way to a door, but his daughter followed Thanos, not that he did not mind. Thanos opened the door and motioned Eric to go in.

Eric walked and found Thanos’ “crew,” which was Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East. Standing tall at a whopping 7’11. Then there was Entity_303, who was a blocky fellow standing at an average of 6’6. Rob Lucci, the Leopard Assassin who was at a whopping 6’11. There were three Minotaurs, the one who wore green armor was Emerald Gauntlet. A Minotaur who is one of the top fifteen strongest Minotaurs alive. Next to him was Sapphire Sword, a more sleek and feminine Minotaur with aqua-colored armor, she also had a sword made of Sapphire. And finally, was Ruby, a minotaur who had scars, she looked just like Sapphire but red. Instead of a sword, she had a spear.

“Eric Von Shadow, meet The Boys! Also called the Infinity Warriors but we aren’t completely assembled yet…” Thanos said with a sigh.

The Boys? If you can call them that” Eric said, turning his gaze to the door as he sensed a shadow approaching. “Especially since there’s a woman approaching rapidly”

“ENTITY!!!!” Sally roared; the door was busted down falling on Eric. Sally walked over the fallen door and glared at Entity_303. “You have the NERVE to skip our date?!”

“IT’S A DAMN WAR!” Entity shrieked in both fear and disbelief.

“I don’t fucking care, a date is a date!” Sally said when she stepped off the door rusted and turned to ash. Burying Eric in ash.

“Thanks,” Eric said, dusting the ash off him. “So where should my scythe be pointed, Thanos?”

“We’re currently going to go on a mission, a mission that’s… barely possible.” Thanos said grinning, Grievous brought out a drum set and did the ‘ba da KSH!.’ “Thank you Grievous.”

“You’re welcome fam.” Grievous replied, “It’s what I do.”

“Anyway, this is a mission that will most likely put you guys in danger. I am going with you guys to make sure you guys do not do something stupid, which you guys would. Now… We’re going to sneak into Canterlot and steal the Power Stone, they are in the possession of the Mind Stone too, but I want to give them a chance in the oncoming war. Giving them hope so that I can CRUSH it.” Thanos said, clenching his fists.

“So, you need me to steal a couple of Infinity Stones?” Eric asked before shrugging his shoulders. “Should be pretty easy”

“Did you not hear the man? He said one.” Grievous said, crossing his arms.

“And no, it won’t be easy. Because the place where they hold the Power Stone is most likely in the Vault of Heroes, deep inside Canterlot. Completely surrounded by Sea Prism Stone and an Anti-Teleportation magic. Not to mention to keep the creatures of the Dark, one of Oblivion the Shadow’s creations, they lit it up the fucking brim. So, Eric, you cannot teleport. We’re splitting up into teams, first, there is Team Snake. Which will be devised of Me, Lucci, Grievous, Sally, and you Eric.” Thanos said, talking to his team.

“Team Snake? Are we going to wear Cardboard boxes?” Eric asked Sarcastically as he grinned

“If it comes to that, yes, we would. Now the second team, Team Watchdog, where a select few will scope around the area and see if there are guards. I know we have Observation Haki to see our surroundings but from what my agent told me-” Thanos was cut off by Eric.

“My Observation isn’t that good, but I can sense anypony's shadow within a three-hundred-mile radius” Eric corrected. “I’m more effective with armament and somewhat on my conquerors''

“Did you know that the Golden Armor that the Royal Guard uses has the effect of Shine? Do you know what that is?” Lucci asked the Reaper.

“Never heard of it” The Reaper answered

“Well, the armor has an effect of making them have no shadow, it is to conceal themselves when doing stealth ops, and to vanquish any Shadow Demon, yes we have those, that may come up. For your information, there was a Unicorn named Oblivion, a student of our world’s Umbra the Dark. Oblivion was Umbra’s successor, and his goal was to vanquish the forces of light and leave the world in shadow. To please Umbra the Dark, so he created Shadow Demons. Shadow Demons come out of REALLY dark places, that’s why Ponies never visit the ocean. Oblivion was sealed in a Ring but… Legend says he’s still making Shadow Demons even inside the said ring.” Lucci told the Reaper.

“I wouldn't mind seeing if I could use something like that” Eric muttered to himself about the ring. “Shadow Demons could work in tandem with my Devil Fruit”

“I’m not going to go into detail about how wrong that idea is,” Sally said with a sigh, she turned to Thanos. “Continue.”

“And not to mention they have Sea Prism Stone weapons; Team Watchdog is to scout the dangers out and message the others with this.” Thanos pulls out a black spherical object. “A communication device made by…” Thanos’ Reality Stone glowed, and Eric had no gravity. “The Reality Stone!”

Eric melted into shadow and vanished in the surrounding shadows; Eric emerged in the same spot as before only this time his feet were bound to the floor.

“So, when do we go retrieve your power stone?” Eric asked the Titan

“Midnight, where shadows are plenty. Oh, and the Third Team is Team Salvation, where Sapphire Sword’s Armada of Airships take us away when we’re done. Emerald Gauntlet and Ruby will cover us as we make our way to their airships. Once I get the Power Stone, I am a step closer to becoming whole again.” Thanos clenched his Gauntlet wearing fist and the gauntlet holes began to light with the Infinity Stones colors. Thanos unclenched the fist and only the Reality Stone remained. “Get some rest, for tonight will shake the balance of the world.”

“What your planning is inevitable to go wrong,” Eric said with a smile. “Hope we have a backup plan

“Mission Barely Possible has multiple plans… Right, Sally?” Thanos turned to Sally, Sally then whispered into his ear. “We… We don’t?” She whispers some more, “Of course I’m not going to tell him, it would be funnier that way. Eric, we have ten backup plans, do not worry.”

“That’s comforting,” Eric said, noticing three of them eyeing him. “What, you see something you like?”

“Nope, edge sharper than my blades…” Grievous said, shaking his head, Lucci leaned to Grievous.

“I know right? He is like that one kid in class who wears goth all the time. Remember Jeremy?” Lucci asked Grievous.

“That kid? Whenever I get a whiff of him, I cut my nose!” Entity said, pointing at his flat and furry nose.

“You all realize I can hear all of you,” Eric said

“Of course, we do, we’re not idiots, I mean we were called the Three Idiots at a time but-” Entity was shut up by Lucci.

“Shut it, you’re not helping our case.” Lucci slapped the back of Entity’s head.

“Thanos, I’m going to rest,” Eric said before stopping at the Titan’s side. “Your crew has no discipline, this plan of yours will fail”

“They only show discipline when they respect someone or in the heat of battle," Thanos replied lazily, Thanos and Eric walked out of the war room. Thanos began to walk to a library.

“Hey Thanos,” Eric said, getting the large man’s attention. “Can I ask you something?”

"What is it, Little One?" Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“If you had the ability to go back in time to save someone, would you, do it?” Eric asked, feeling a mix of emotions having seen somepony using the Time-Time Fruit.

"No, the past is in the past. There is nothing you can do about it; you can only smile and move on. Come, I want to show you something." Thanos and Eric entered the library and they walked past shelves and as they walked deeper, it went darker.

"Welcome to Mino's Archives!" Thanos said, "Also the Realm of Warriors." Thanos and Eric were surrounded by statues of warriors. The statues were minotaurs but one was a statue of Thanos.

“Pretty cool don't you think?" Thanos said, looking at Eric with a grin.

“It is,” Eric said, stopping in front of the statue of Thanos. “Did they do this, or did you command this to be put here?”

"They did, I was a War Hero way back when. Not to mention the student of Cloven Diamond, the strongest being on the planet." Thanos looked at a Statue made of Diamond.

“Cloven Diamond…” Eric said, putting a hand to his chin. “I’ve heard that name before”

Eric reached into his body and pulled the same book he took from Canterlot when he researched King Umbra, flipping through the pages until he found an image of a Minotaur with diamond-colored fur, he was really big even bigger than the Mad Titan, ten feet tall with muscles that put the Mad Titan to shame, and a Viking-like white beard to go with his body.

“Cloven Diamond, he was a minotaur who ruled Minos with compassion, swore an alliance with King Sol until the War with Lord Tirek.” Eric read from the book. “Having felt the king failed to protect his father his son and successor to the throne terminated the alliance and cursed Equestria with a destruction of death, fire, and steel”

"He was a King here too, but he gave the crown to his nephew," Thanos said, admiring the statue.

There was something written at the bottom of the statue. 'Forever the Greatest Warrior.'

"He taught me everything he knew about the Six Powers, Martial Arts, and Haki," Thanos said with a smile.

“We must always honor our masters by the way we fight,” Eric said grinning. “King Jasper and the Captain Raven Wind trained me before his retirement”

"The Captain of the Equestrian Royal Guard name was Black Shield, huh, I guess the colors are connected," Thanos said with a shrug, he then walked towards a shelf and picked a book from it. It was a black book with red letters it read… "The List of Evil."

"I think you might need this, search for Oblivion the Shadow, he might be in your Equestria as well." Thanos said, "Go read it in your room which is…" The two went through the roof with the Reality Stone and arrived in a shadow-themed room. "Here, I made my maids make the room just for you should you need shelter here."

“Thanks,” Eric said, cracking open the book. “For all, I know he may as well be dead in my world, but it’s never a terrible thing to learn how to counter a powerful foe”

"Sweet dreams, short stack." Thanos then moonwalks out the room. He closes the door behind him and walks away.

“See you tonight, Lard Ass,” Eric said before laughing

Behind the door, Thanos couldn’t help but stifle a laugh. "I love that guy…" Thanos then walked away from the door, meanwhile inside the room….

“Oblivion The Shadow...” Eric said, going through the book. “A Unicorn who willingly chose to work under Umbra the Dark. Under his wing, the unicorn defiled many ponies and warped them into mindless drones for Umbra’s army. He also is the creator of the Shadow Spells, spells so forbidden that if you mutter the name, you could get life in Tartarus. The Spells allow him to steal the shadows and make them into warriors, if the Shadow Warriors are alive, the original will not die. Not from starving, falling, or any of the sorts. Making the original unable to see or touch, not able to feel anything. Oblivion has different forms of spells, he can pull people towards them, seal ponies in weapons, and even summon the Demon of Darkness himself, Ravelk to his aid. However, he can only do it for a limited time."

Closing the book Eric looked up to the ceiling. “He better be dead in my Equestria” Setting the book down Eric closed his eyes to rest

The shadows seemed to act differently when Eric said that, like the shadows were angry. One of the shadows had a tendril slithering up the bed and wrapped around Eric's neck but then pulled back and went back to its domain unbeknownst to him.

"ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER WE'RE LEAVING!!!!" Grievous roared, in Eric's ears.

Without hesitation numerous spears of shadow were pressed against the Cyborg's body, lifting himself from the seat Eric opened his eyes and dispelled his shadows

“Don’t do that again.” Eric said looking at the Cyborg with his red and black eyes

Grievous rolled his eyes. "Did I stutter? Hurry your ass up!" Grievous said, turning around, his cape swung with him. Grievous opened the door and walked down the corridor to the Docking Area.

“Lead the way Grievous.” Eric said following behind him. As they marched, they reached the docking area, they passed three Zeppelins with red, blue, and green on each. But there was one in front of them, which was jet black on the sides were…

"This… is the Nigga Mobile!" Thanos said, "Those who are white say the Wigga Mobile." Thanos introduced it to Eric Von Shadow.

Eric rolled his eyes as he boarded the vessel. “Let’s get this party started”

"GET YOUR SORRY ASS BACK HERE!!!" Thanos roared, he used the Reality Stone to make a giant claw of literal Light. He wrapped the claw around him and brought him next to The Boys. "I forgot to cover something with our briefing. We need to put the Power Stone in this," He pulled out a box of Crystal. "Or you'll be obliterated."

“Understood,” Eric said with a nod

"Now, that is all, who knows how to not die?" Thanos said, looking at the group. “Anyone? Okay, now Eric… Do you know who Candice is…?” Thanos said seriously, looking into Eric’s eyes.

“Nice try,” Eric said with a shake of his head. “I fell for that before I was displaced”

“Damn it!” Thanos said, yelling at the heavens, “Well, all aboard the A.S.S! The Awesome Super Ship!” Thanos said, walking aboard.

“This will be fun,” Grievous said, walking aboard.

“I’m surprised you didn’t call the A.S.S. M’dick” Eric said boarding the ship

“No, that's the ship over there.” Sally pointed to the ship that was the smallest of them all.

“Has he ever asked how it feels riding it?” Eric asked looking at the stitched up displaced

“...Yes… And I, unfortunately, said it feels good,” Sally said with a slight blush as she rubbed her eyebrows.

Eric lifted his hand and began rubbing his pointer finger and his thumb together. “You have my condolences, let me play you a song on the world's smallest violin”

“Fuck you!” Sally said with a laugh, shaking her head as they boarded the ship. They sat on a strapped-down chair, to prevent it from sliding across the floor, next to the others, Entity was piloting the ship.

“No this is the world's smallest violin,” Eric said showing a tiny black violin in his hand

“Bro you play that too?!” Sally and Grievous said, showing their small violins.

“Of course,” Eric said, pulling a black violin from his body. “It’s one of my prized possessions”

“...You’ve gained my respect,” Grievous said with a short bow. “That simple thing… You’ve gained my respect, no one respects the most BEAUTIFUL instrument ever.”

“Unfortunately, I can play more than this,” Eric said with slight disgust on his face. “Piano, harp, cello...Every instrument dealing with nobility”

“...I can tell you’re troubled… Have you ever been to Alcatraz on Earth? It is a… Weird place. Oh, and I got a Harmonica there! It read, ‘where music was a privilege.’” Grievous told the Shadow Man.

“I think I would have preferred that when I was still on earth,” Eric said storing his instrument inside his body

“Alrighty Boys and girls, we're taking lift off!” Entity spoke over the intercom as the engines revved up and the aircraft began to ascend. “If you’re scared of heights too bad, if you want to leave, the door is on the right of Thanos.” A door with the word ‘EXIT’ was there next to the Titan.

“Want to hear a story of old, when I and the others weren’t in a war with good ol’ Tia?” Sally asked Eric.

“Sure,” Eric said before crossing his arms and closing his eyes. “But if it involves a dragon, zombies, or Prince Blueblood, then I’ll pass”

“Pfft! Dragons? Zombies? We have too much to talk about them! Let me tell you about the tale of how Supergirl and Thanos raced around the world to settle who was superior at certain things.” Sally said with a smile. “So, about a thousand years ago I woke up to Thanos and Supergirl arguing about who was faster. Supergirl argued that she could fly, making her faster, Thanos argued that he can use Soru and Geppo making her point invalid. So, they decided… To race around the world.” Sally said with a smile, Grievous then added his two cents in.

“Cloven Diamond approved of this, and they met up at the outside of the Everfree Forest, the east side. They were to pass Griffonstone, the Dragon Lands, Zebrafrica, then the continent of Asia and Europe then finally swim from Neighpan to Equestria.” Grievous said, nonchalantly, like he didn’t just say something so amazing.

“That sounds like it was a fun event,” Eric said before opening his eyes and turning to Grievous. “How long did the race last?”

“Um… five hours.” Grievous replied, “It was exciting.”

“Hmm…” Eric mused as he began to think. ‘I don’t my reaper form could make that distance in that time, give, or take two or three extra hours’

“The race was so exciting that even Rulers from other Countries gathered here, then… The race began. Supergirl flew high but Thanos used Kamisori, a mixture of Geppo and Soru or if you want, Moonwalk and Shave. The two were both going fast before they began to swim part of the challenge, that’s right, they swam across bodies of water. So, they swam from Equestria to Griffonstone. Thanos had more physical strength than Supergirl, so Thanos got out of the water first. Thanos was now in the lead, and he ran, Supergirl ran as well because they took turns running and flying. They crossed the Dragon Lands and leaped over volcanoes. But the real interesting part was at the end, there was a huge distance between Neighpan and Equestria. Over 6,000 miles!” Sally said with a grin, her eyes sparkling.

“Hear that man? They swam it too, and they did it in under an hour. Swimming is the most grueling task on the human body.” Grievous said as it was a fact.

“Must have been one hell of a workout,” Eric said with a smile. “Speaking of hell...” Eric turned to Thanos. “How’s the Heat-Heat Fruit treating you, Thanos?”

“I can expel fire now if I condense heat into a ball.” Thanos’ right arm heated up, making light, Thanos clenched his fist, then opened it. A ball of fire revealed itself. “Catch.” Thanos threw it at Eric.

Eric reached for the orb of fire as shadow poured from his hand and swallowed the fire whole, Eric grinned as the shadow receded back into his body

“Oh, and I can do stuff with steam.” Thanos stood up from his seat and began to fly, steam boosting him like Iron Man. Thanos began to vanish, mimicking Gear Second, he then made swish sounds.

“It’s like you're a Steam Man,” Eric said smiling

“I… That is what it’s called man.” Thanos said, now above Eric, upside down, steam coming from his head.

“Good to know,” Eric said to the Titan

“Yeah... Anyways, I’m going to take over the story now. It ended in a draw which is BULLSHIT!” Thanos said, completely bursting in red flames before it calmed down.

“But you had fun, did you not?” Eric asked the Titan

“Yeah… Cloven Diamond was proud of us, saying a draw is better than winning. He told us that we could do it again and push ourselves to our limits trying to overcome one another. He’s basically Oogway.” Thanos said with a chuckle.

“Captain Raven once told me something about one’s limits,” Eric said with a fond smile forming on his face. “Limits are not blockades, Limits aren’t made to be broken, they are meant to be Shattered”

“How did you think I got here?” Thanos asked Eric.

“It was under my guidance that made you live this far.” A voice spoke in Thanos’ head.

“Shut it, Thanos, anyways what were you saying?” Thanos asked Eric.

“Well, it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who hears voices,” Eric said before looking down. “But mine takes the form of my shadow”

“And to answer your question, you got here by not shattering your limits but by destroying them as I have,” Eric said with a nod

“Do you think we can meet your gang? I’m curious about how we differentiate from them.” Lucci asked the Shadow Man.

“Possibly, I still have them thinking I’m Shade made from Umbra’s magic,” Eric said

“I have an idea… What if we said we were Warriors from a distant land? Always works.” Lucci said, Thanos just nodded in agreement.

“It’s a plausible idea, but I finally got the princesses' trust,” Eric said, putting a hand to his chin. “I’d rather not lose it now”

“Do we look untrustworthy? I just helped Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie learn from their mistakes! Hell, you could say you and I are friends. But I understand, princesses are a fickle I should know…” Thanos said coldly.

The Aircraft stopped and the drawbridge hit a snowy platform. Entity crossed his arms, Lucci stood side by side with the Minecraftian. “This is your stop, welcome to the top of Mount Canter, below you is Canterlot. Try not to waste your oxygen until you get down there alright?” Lucci said with a smile.

“Feels like home up here,” Eric said, not bothered by the snow and the cold. Eric, Lucci, Thanos, Sally, and Grievous got off the ship.

“Huh? Why are you joining us?” Thanos asked the Leopard Assassin.

“Because I was a part of the CP9, I’ll be more useful here. I’m not called the Leopard Assassin for nothing.” Lucci said with a shrug.

“Well, does anyone want to go with Entity?” Thanos looked at the others… Silence…

“Well fuck you too!” Entity said, crossing his arms and huffing.

“Sorry sweetie,” Sally said with a smile, Sally walked up and kissed Entity on the cheeks before walking back down. “Stay safe!” Sally said, waving farewell to her lover.

“I’m never safe!” The bridge goes up and the aircraft revs the engine before taking off.

“Are you sure that Celestia won’t notice this?” Eric said pulling out a telescope from his body before peering through

“Don’t worry, she’s crying her heart out. Just look.” Grievous pointed at Celestia's room. What he saw was Celestia having a mental breakdown, hair in ruffles, and whatnot.

“What did you do to her?” Eric asked handing the looking glass to Thanos

“Destroyed her cake stash.” Thanos replied as he looked into the telescope, “Fat bitch, we need to enter through the roof of the building. Silently, we’ll make our way from the roof to the underground vault. Remember Eric, you can’t go sneaking into shadows, the guards have armor that detects shadow demons.”

“I know, I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here” Eric admitted as Thanos handed the telescope back to the shadow man

“Now, don’t jump off just yet, we should do it silently.” Thanos walked to the edge and saw Canterlot. “Follow my lead.” Thanos jumped up before going down, he pulled out his weapon and used magic to make his sword unable to make a sound. Thanos stuck his blade down the side of the mountain as he dug his sword into it, Thanos began to slide down.

Placing his hand on the ground Eric created a large black falcon, Eric jumped on the back of the bird as it glided down to the castle grounds

Lucci turned into his Hybrid Form and looked at his paws, he knew that they wouldn’t make a sound. Lucci jumped down and used Geppo to go to the Castle grounds, he did it slowly for he didn’t want to make more sound.

Grievous got out the Wind Sword and made wings of pure air. Grievous did a running start, jumped off the mountain, and glided down to the castle grounds. Thanos then jumped off the mountain at the right time, using Geppo to jump on air before silently rolling to his feet on the building. Grievous gently flew down, his wings of Wind fluttered as he gracefully stood crouching next to Thanos. Lucci Geppo’d gently down next to Thanos.

Eric jumped from his bird dispelling it immediately before joining the other three

“Where’s Sally?” Grievous said in a whisper, Sally made a bird sound, making Grievous turn to her. Sally was next to them; they had not noticed her given how silent she was.

“Are you sure you’re not Himiko Toga?” Eric asked quietly

“Nope, if I was, I would’ve already tied Entity up and put him in the basement then make him love me,” Sally replied, Grievous, Thanos, and Lucci stared at her wide-eyed.

“Someone better keep an eye on Entity…” Grievous said with a shiver down his robotic spine. “We should really get going.”

“Both are innovative ideas, follow me,” Thanos said silently, crouching and taking a step forward. “Get down!” Thanos said in a whisper, they all went down, and a Guard passed them before pausing. His horn lit up, it shined like a flashlight, and looked around in their direction.

Eric, however, jumped into the shadows and evaded the guard, Eric emerged from behind the guard before grabbing his sheathed sword and slamming it into the guard's neck causing the unicorn guard to fall unconscious. Thanos quickly prevented the guard from making a ton of sound by preventing the guard from hitting the floor.

Eric looked to the others before motioning his hand to the door of the rooftop. “Shall we?”

“Shall we what? Suck some dick? Finish your sentences!” Thanos said in a loud whisper, moving past Eric with Grievous tailing behind him.

“Move on with the mission,” Eric said, keeping his voice down following behind

There was a guard at the door who just entered, Grievous began to move like liquid and hid behind every vase and statue on the roof. He then slipped behind the guard and chopped his neck with his robotic hand, Grievous then gently let the guard down. Grievous opened the door and motioned them to go, Lucci went in first, but Thanos used his Reality Stone to put the guard on a bed. He gives the guard a blanket as well as a pillow, Thanos then pats the guard's head. He did the same for the previous guard.

“Come on!” Lucci said in a whisper.

“I’m kissing the homies goodnight, go on ahead!” Sally walked by Thanos.

“I already did it, let’s move on,” Sally said, dragging Thanos through the door.

They went down the stairs, however, Grievous used his claws to crawl on the ceiling while Eric moved through the shadows. Thanos was using his Reality Stone to morph into different objects as he slipped down the corridor. Sally and Lucci however, snuck normally.

“You know that time when Grievous poured ink on Princess Celestia’s tits?” One of the Guards said as they stopped next to a door.

“Yeah, it was hilarious.” The other guard spoke.

Eric poked his head out of the shadows. “You all have some bad luck around the princesses”

Grievous looked down at Eric, literally. “You have no fucking idea.” Grievous whispered to Eric as he returned to the shadows.

“That’s right,” Thanos said with a sigh.

“What was that?” Guard 1 said, looking around, this guard was a Unicorn, the other an Earth pony.

“I… Don’t know.” Guard 2 put his hand on his sword, Sally then used Soru and rushed right past them. The guards then quickly turn into ash, unfortunately for Sally, the guards' armor hit the floor making a racket.

“Shit, in here!” Sally opened the door to a library and went in, Thanos hurriedly did so as well. Lucci swore more than a sailor and went inside, Grievous did so as well. Eric removed himself from the shadow before entering the Library behind Grievous,

The Five walk in the center and they look around. “Who’s down there?” They heard a voice coming from the corridor.

“Scatter!” Thanos ordered quietly, the gang then scattered.

Eric fired a tendril to the roof and pulled himself from the ground floor, keeping his eyes trained below Eric saw the voice belonged to a certain Princess of the Moon.

“Luna” Eric muttered softly as he watched Luna look around the library.

Luna walked next to a vase; the vase held Grievous who was huddled up deep inside. Luna inspected the vase and was about to touch it.

Thinking quickly Eric sent a small black orb towards the doors she came through, the sound alerted her causing her to think of the group and fled down the hall.

“Is somepony there?” Luna asked, and she walked outside. Everyone held their breath to see if it was safe, they feel relieved as Luna closed the door. Everyone walked back down to the center.

“Oh, thank Faust” Eric whispered out as he descended from the ceiling

“Sally… What. Was. That?” Lucci asked Sally.

“I don’t know, I panicked, and Thanos, you’re supposed to cover us. Couldn’t you have made the plates of armor muffins or something?” Sally asked Thanos.

“I didn’t know you would do that; I unfortunately was thinking about Celestia. Also, Lucci, why are you here?! You’re supposed to be with Entity.” Thanos said, looking at Lucci.

“I am an assassin; this is what I fucking do! So, I snuck off.” Lucci said, crossing his arms.

“And it looks like we’re at the third step,” Eric said confusing the group

“The fuck do you mean?” Grievous asked Eric Von Shadow.

“We’re in the third step of any plan,” Eric said to the cyborg. “Four steps, Make the Plan, Execute the Plan, Expect the plan to go off the Rail. and Throw away the plan”

“No, I worked really hard on the plan, and I will not-” Thanos heard some whimpering, and everyone turned around and they saw Moondancer, shivering in fear.

“I am done with this shit, fuck you.” Thanos forged a bat and approached the mare. Sally got between Thanos and Moondancer.

“That’s a fucking child,” Sally said with a frown.

“Fuck that child,” Thanos replied with a deeper frown.

The sound of a body hit the ground alerted the pair, turning around both found Eric standing over the pony with his unfolded hand signaling he harmlessly knocked her out

“There, Problem solved,” Eric said, moving the pony to sit against the wall with a book on her lap. “Now she’ll think she fell asleep reading”

“Alright, good on her, let’s continue with the plan,” Thanos said with a nod, he walked towards the door before opening said door cautiously. “We’re clear.” Thanos opened the door and motioned the others to come on out, Lucci, Sally, and Grievous walked out. And when Eric went out Thanos began to sneak around and saw another flight of stairs.

“Come on,” Thanos said, Thanos began to sneakily go down the stairs trying to not make a sound. It was hard since he was an 8’3 goliath who weighs about 700 pounds, but he did it anyway. Grievous just crawled on the roof, Lucci just became a Leopard and snuck down the stairs, Sally followed what Thanos did. Eric merged with the dark stairs and rushed ahead, at the bottom of the stairs Eric found a pair of guards. Being in the dark area Eric didn’t need their shadows to pull them into his, before either could let out a scream, they were pulled into the darkness by Eric himself

“You’re going to put them back… Right?” Sally said with a raised eyebrow.

“So long as I don’t forget,” Eric said to the stitched woman

“I’ll be sure to remind you then,” Sally said, she turned to the corridor on the left and looked at the flight of stairs there. “After that flight one more left before we go into the most guarded place in the castle.” Sally noticed that no one was there and made a run for it, her footsteps more silent than a mouse, she then stopped at the flight of stairs. Motioning the others to come. Thanos motioned Eric to go first.

Eric moved ahead of the pack and traveled through the shadows of the flight before stopping at the bottom and finding only a sealed door with several locks adorning it, using his powers he pulled everyone to the bottom via their shadow.

“You need to unlock the door to go down the stairs but…” Thanos turned to his left and saw multiple Nobles talking to the Princess of the Night.

“What is wrong with you?” One of the nobles says, “I still don’t trust you after Nightmare Moon, and yet here I am giving you a second chance only for you to insult my attire?”

“I-I d-didn’t mean to, I meant to say that they’re awfully good…” Luna said, shrinking down her wings covering her face.

Eric clenched his teeth as he began to unsheathe his blade only for a large purple hand to stop him.

“The mission, we need to complete it,” Thanos said, looking at Eric seriously.

Eric hesitated for a second before sheathing his sword and nodded. “You’re right

“You could never be a princess! Always in Celestia’s shadow, hmph! You should go back to the moon where you belong, Mare in the Moon.” The Noble scoffed, Luna was then on the verge of tears. The other Nobles began to say their mind to Luna as she shrunk down.

“She’s a princess, respect her.” Fancy Pants said, going next to Luna and looking at the other nobles in disgust.
“Princess? More like a mistake! Making her a princess was the worst decision ever made, everything was fine until she came along!” The Noble said before spitting in Luna’s face.

Eric’s eyes turn red as he gripped the hilt of his sword to the point his knuckles turned white

Thanos glared at Eric and used powerful Conqueror’s Haki to make Eric know his place, Thanos frowned deeply. “Follow. The. Damn. Mission.” Thanos used his Reality Stone and silently unlocked the door. Thanos then walked to the door and opened it, Lucci had shadows over his eyes as he walked into the door, Grievous and Sally had shadows over their eyes as well as they went inside. Even Thanos looked ticked off as he motioned Eric to go in.

“One should not be reminded of their darkest past” Eric whispers his grip turning red from his bleeding hand

When Eric got in Thanos followed as well, before closing the door silently. No one was there, the stairs were spiral ones and they walked down them. Everyone was silent, not saying a word until Eric spoke up.

“Thanos,” Eric said, getting the Titan’s attention through his clenched teeth. “Once this mission is over, I want to kill that vile man.”

Thanos turned and saw Eric’s eyes turned full black and red with black veins on the sides of his face

“Understood,” Thanos said they were now at the bottom, and at the end of the corridor was the door to the vault covered in Sea Prism Stone. But there were lasers boxing the path like one of those spy movies.

“Move aside” Eric ordered drawing his sword

“Let me hack into the system and make the lasers go away really quick, to not cause any sound or suspicion.” Sally walked up to the High-Tech device that had words on it. In a few minutes, they were done.

“We need to go fast, it’s only one minute until it’s back up again!” Sally said, Thanos and the others ran to the door at a fast pace.

Once the lasers were disarmed Eric rushed the door and brought his sword down then across the door before jumping back, Eric sheathed his sword as the lasers turned back on.

“Shadow Sword Art: Devil’s cross,” Eric said as an upside-down cross formed on the door before caving in

When the door opened or was cut down there was a huge ray of light, full of gold, no shadow in sight. Thanos walked into the room like a drone devoid of emotion, he walked up a mountain of gold and looked down… There it was, on a pedestal. The Power Stone…

“At long last…” Thanos walked down the mountain of gold and looked down at the Power Stone. “You’re now coming back to your rightful owner…” Thanos said with a smile. Lucci and the others walked next to him and looked at Thanos in worry.

“Do you think he’s kind of… Off?” Sally said, leaning to Eric.

Eric breathed in then out trying to calm down enough to turn to the Titan. “Something is off,” Eric responded. “But it isn’t Thanos.” Sally tilted her head, confused.

Thanos opened the top part of the cube he had made and put the Power Stone in. Thanos raised the Crystal Box high… “Mission Success!” Thanos said, finally normal… Thanos, Eric, Sally, Lucci, and Grievous were blown away and slammed into the walls. "Mission FAILED!" Thanos cried out in anger as he was thrown into the wall.

“Ugh… What was that…?” Grievous said weakly.

“Did anyone catch the license plate on that car?” Eric groaned as he looked ahead

“Nope…” Thanos coughed as he got up, he saw a man with bandages around him. He looked robotic too, steampunk-esque, he was a robotic mummy.

“Well, looks like someone became too greedy.” The Man said tauntingly, he waged a finger at them and chuckled.

“Give it back!” Thanos sprinted at The Man and covered his fist in Armament Haki before throwing a punch at The Man. The Man threw an Armament Haki coated fist back at Thanos and Thanos was sent flying to the wall again. Thanos screamed in pain, his wrist broken.

“Who the Hell are you?” Eric said jumping to his feet and summoning his scythe

“My children called my daddy, my wife called me Milien, but you can call me… Nox.” Nox said, looking at Eric, Lucci stood up and took a stance. Grievous unsheathed all his blades, then another blade came out of a compartment in his foot, a sword with a bolt of lightning sheath. Grievous took a stance, he then took a stance with his now four swords. The Water Sword, the Earth Sword, the Wind Sword, and now his Lightning Sword. Sally covered her feet and fists in Armament Haki.

“Now, now, I believe that you guys should calm down and negotiate with me. How about you and I have a chat?” Lucci used Kamisori to interrupt Nox and kick at his head, Nox raised an arm up and blocked the attack effortlessly with his forearm. “Hm, it would seem that you’re not ready to talk yet.” Nox did a palm strike to Lucci’s chest, sending him flying; he then crashed into Eric.

Eric rolled with the Leopard man until they both landed back on their feet. “I think I remember him; I’ve only seen a single episode.” Eric said to Lucci tightening the grip on his weapon “He’s the time wizard from Wakfu”

“Noximilien…” Lucci said, taking a stance. Eric then coughed up blood, five ribs broken.

“It’s Xelor thank you very much,” Nox was now in front of Eric, Nox brought his knee to Eric’s chin sending him into the ceiling. Eric’s head was now stuck in Sea Prism Stone.

“Damn it!” Thanos clenched his gauntlet and used the Reality Stone to separate Eric from the roof. “We’re stuck with him.”

“Not just him.” A voice of a Princess spoke, Thanos turned around and was then kicked at the speed of light into a pile of gold. “Us.” There was Celestia with Luna side by side with her.

“ATA!” Sally covered her foot in Armament Haki and kicked at Celestia, Celestia’s horn lit up and appeared behind the Corpse Queen. Celestia then fired a beam of pure light into Sally’s arm.

“I ate the Glint-Glint Fruit, making me a Light Pony,” Celestia informed Eric was then pulled by Luna whose hand was covered in darkness.

“I need to vent.” Eric was then slammed into the ground by Luna, making Eric wheeze in pain. “Dark-Dark Fruit by the way.”

“Trust me I know,” Eric said pulling his gun from his coat before shooting the alicorns leg

Luna let out a scream of pain due to the negative effects of her Devil Fruit, slamming his head into the princess’s Eric kicked her off and unsheathed his sword ‘Obsidian Blood.’

“The Dark-Dark Fruit may be a Logia Type, but you have a physical body, and you feel twice the pain inflicte-” Eric said as pain flared from his body

Eric then wheezed in pain because Xelor kneed Eric in the kidney. “Have you lost your mind? That is a lady, but I’m a man of true Gender Equality so I respect it.” Nox then grabbed Eric by the back of the head and grinded his head by slamming it into the ground and running across it before throwing him into the wall of the storage.

“Hey, I’m an equal opportunity ass-whooper” Eric argued to Nox sending a shadow fist from his back and into the Xelor’s stomach. Nox took a step back from the attack, Lucci took the opportunity and slammed a foot into the side of Nox’s head. Nox stumbled to the side before firing a wave of Wakfu into Eric. Nox kneed Lucci’s chin to make it even.

Meanwhile, Thanos and Celestia were attacking each other with their weapons, Thanos, using the Infinity Blade to counter Celestia’s Sword of Light. Thanos tried going for the rib, but the Princess blocked the attack and kicked Thanos back. Thanos took two steps back and Celestia raised her sword overhead and slammed the weapon into Thanos. The attack made an impact and cut into him like a Lightsaber through Younglings.

“GWAGH!” Thanos wheezed before he kneed Celestia in her chin before headbutting her. “Double-Bladed Sword Style: Windmill!” Thanos spun around and cuts into Celestia, Celestia went backward, groaning in pain.

“Sister!” Luna ignored Grievous’ attack on her and pulled Thanos in with her Devil Fruit and slammed him to the ground. Thanos heated up his fist and slammed it into Luna, Luna’s head turned into darkness, and the impact hit but nothing happened.

“Damn Dark Dark…” Thanos grumbled.

A gunshot rang as the Lunar princess’s shoulder was pierced and began bleeding, across the room Eric had taken a shot at the princess with his gun before being hit by a wave of Wakfu.

“THOU IS A FUCKING DICK!! THOU SHOT US TWICE!!!” Luna roared as she used the Royal, We.

Nox pulled back a foot and looked at Eric.

Nappa sat on a chair and looked at his friends, Lady Umbra, who was sitting on a couch drinking tea, and Chill, who was sitting on a chair and had his face deep in a pile of cocaine on a black table made of mahogany. “So, what should Nox do?” Nappa asked the pair,

Chill quickly pulled his head out of the pile of cocaine. “MAKE A DODGE JOKE!!! TFS EPIC DODGE IT HAS IT ON A DAMN SHIRT!!!” Chill said crazily. "LET'S FUCKING DO IT!" Chill slammed his fist onto the table, making the cocaine go airborne, Chill then gasps and tries to put the cocaine back into the pile.

“What of you Lady Umbra?” Nappa turned to Lady Umbra.

“While I do like that idea, I’d prefer we stay serious,” Lady Umbra said, taking a sip of her cup of tea. “Why not something along the lines of ‘you should work on your dodging’.”

“Do you have any idea who you are talking to? We’re making a joke.” Nappa said, crossing his arms.

“ThAt’S nOt FuNnY EnOuGh!” Chill said, throwing a water bottle at Lady Umbra. “DODGE JOKE! DODGE JOKE! DODGE JOKE!” Chill chanted repeatedly.

“Alright, we’re doing it,” Nappa said.

“YES, NIGGA!!!” Chill said, going to his feet before jumping and ramming to Lady Umbra who threw her cup of tea at Chill.

“DODGE!!!” Nox slammed his foot into Eric’s groin, covering the foot in Armament Haki and enhancing it with Iron Body “Strong”/Tekkai “Go.” Every man held their groin, except Nox.

“Ha!” Eric laughed, his voice cracking like an Xbox Live kid, but nevertheless he laughed at his attempt with a pained expression. “Already been kicked there, I was prepared for this in the future”

Nox pointed his fingertips at Eric’s nipples and fired two Wakfu Beams into them, Eric hissed in pain as the beams struck his body. Eric a slight grin Eric grabs hold of Nox’s body as Lucci puts his fists together against the Xelor’s back

“Do it, Lucci!” Eric called out holding the Xelor in place

Lucci went into his Hybrid form of Leopard and Human. “You done goofed. Sai Dai Rin… ROKUOGAN!!!!” Lucci shouted out, a huge shockwave pierced through Nox, and he wheezed in pain. Nox held his chest as he felt his ribs broken.

“Y-You got me that time, but…” Eric was then gripped firmly by Nox, Eric was then drained of his Wakfu, making Eric scream in pain as he felt like he was electrocuted and drained.

“Hey Nox,” Eric said weakly

“What?” Nox asked the Shadow Man.

“You should’ve checked the shadows,” Eric said confusing Nox before a black sword pierced Xelor’s chest

Turning his gaze behind him, he was met with a dark figure that was shaped like Eric with burning red eyes, kicking the Xelor off Eric’s shadow lifts him up and hands him the sword

Nox recovered and rolled to his feet. Nox then brought out his own sword, forming it, it looked like a clock pin. “It seems like you need to get serious… Show me your power.” Nox’s now adopted a blue aura that radiated power while Eric’s black aura radiated darkness and death.

“Shadow Sword Art:...” Eric said, gripping his weapon as the blade turned to gold.

“Clockwork Sword Style:...” Nox said, clenching his weapon and covering it in Armament Haki that had an aura to it. It was Ryou Haki.

“...Gold Rush” Eric rushed the Xelor as the blade had a slight blue glow

“Time Swipe.” Nox rushed at the Shadow Man, Nox’s sword having a dark blue glow.

The two clash their blades and each attack hits its intended target. Gold covered Nox’s sword and his arm and shoulder, but Eric had blood on his body. There was a wound that cut deep into Eric. Eric felt that his internal organs were ruptured like a Six King Gun was fired off into him.

“If I know anything about Samurai Movies, it’s that I’m going to die. But before I do, our sponsor for today’s Crossover Chapter is honey!” Nox said, looking at the Readers. “Do you ever get a feeling that your money gets robbed when you buy something online? Then try honey, it saves you a lot of money, but for right now, I'm going to fucking die.” Nox fell lifelessly and hit the ground. Dead.

Eric slowly walked up to Xelor before lifting his sword. “I’ve made this mistake once before,” Eric said, relieving the Time Wizard of his head. “Rule #2: Double-tap” the Shadow Man gripped his blade as it had a clock image around it as it began to reverse the damage taken.

The glow faded and Eric looked at his blade. “Guess I could only use it once” the Shadow Man was still feeling weak from his fight, but he would survive. Eric was then pierced by seven beams of light.

“YOU MURDERER!!!” Celestia roared in anger, Thanos was currently buried in gold.

“I’m a Pirate,” Eric argued. “It’s what I do”

“I FOUND IT!” Thanos jumps from the gold, Thanos’ gauntlet had the Power Stone in it. Grievous then kicked Luna into Celestia, Luna was… grievously wounded.

“PFFFT-” Nappa then laughed and hit the floor with his fist, Chill was laughing as well.

“PEAK FUCKING COMEDY!!!” Chill laughed, slapping his knee. Meanwhile, Lady Umbra sat there unamused.

“Now let’s blow this joint!” Thanos’ Reality Stone glowed, and the ceiling separated and there was a hole that went too far up that they saw the night sky.

With Eric’s body as injured as it was, he formed a set of spider-like limbs which lifted him into the hole leading out, once out the legs were replaced with two sets of wings carrying him into the sky.

Thanos punched the ground with the Power Stone making him shoot up into the skies. Grievous got Sally who had wounds from both Celestia and Luna. Lucci reverted to his human form and ran up the walls to go up. Once everyone was out Thanos shot a wave of the Power Stone’s energy to the sky. Signaling that the time was nigh.

“Now, we need to go and wait until Entity and the others arrive.” Thanos said, “Follow me!” Thanos jumped from the roof of the palace and ran down the streets at light speed. Grievous carried Sally as he followed after the King of Minotaurs, Lucci followed them as well, using Kamisori and bouncing off air and buildings And Eric followed all of them from the skies above only to be dragged back down to hell by Luna. Eric was pulled down, Luna has blood dripping from her head, covering her right eye. Her wings were damaged, Eric was pulled fast, and Luna slammed Eric into the ground making a crater. Eric wheezed from the pain Luna then flung Eric into a fountain of water.

“Dark-Dark… Frozen Darkness!” Infusing magic with her Devil Fruit she unleashed dozens of ice-cold orbs of darkness that were like black holes. The orbs then came together and made a big one, they began to suck Eric in.

A series of tendrils flood from Eric's body moving his form to evade the orbs that weren’t yet absorbed. Though as the orbs he evaded formed a bigger orb eventually Eric couldn’t move forwards and was being pulled as the orb approached Eric rapidly.

“Do you want me to tell you your first mistake or your second” Eric asked the Princess

“Uh… Both please.” Luna said nervously as the Blackhole was mere feet from Eric.

“Your first mistake was fighting me alone,” Eric said with a growing grin. “Your second mistake was to fight me in the city at night

Luna was grabbed by a large black skeletal hand

“Gah!” Luna shrieked, but as the knight grabbed her...She grinned, and an explosion went off as the blackhole impacted Eric. Freezing some bits of him.

However, Eric couldn’t help but smile, which unsettled the princess.

“I’m… Going to get my ass kicked, aren’t I?” Luna said, but a whiz of light went past her, repelled from objects, and darted to Eric. Celestia kicked Eric and sent him into a house, though the house was a storage unit.

Even as he was hit Luna felt something wrap around her legs. “You should really watch where you step,” Eric said as Luna began to sink into the floor. “Enjoy the Shadow Zone.”

“You demon!” Celestia spat, she then tried to shoot a wave of Light into the foreleg of Eric

Unfortunately, a wall of shadow formed in front of the Shadow Man taking the brunt of the attack as Luna vanished into Eric’s shadow

Thanos went side by side with Eric, “I didn’t forget you man, I made sure my boys escaped.” Thanos took a stance, his fist glowed with power.

“Trust me I know, Family first,” Eric said looking back at the angry princess

“Are you fucking Dom?” Thanos said, looking at Eric, laughing. Celestia then appeared next to Thanos, using his Future Sight Observation Haki Thanos raised a forearm and blocked the attack. ”Too slow.” Celestia frowned at Thanos’ taunt.

“We need to end this,” Eric said to the titan. “I can feel myself losing consciousness”

“Oh…?” Celestia said, “You should really not say certain things out… LOUD!” Celestia kicked Eric in his chest, sending him flying into the castle.

Eric struggled to move as Celestia appeared above him with light around her hands

“Kill me you’ll kill Luna as well,” Eric said with a smug grin

“Doesn’t mean I can’t harm you some more…” Celestia raised a finger and pointed at Eric, “So how about you release my dear sister…?” Celestia began to shoot beams of light into Eric’s kneecaps, temporarily preventing him from walking.

Eric screamed in pain, but he still held his grin. “Or I could stop supplying oxygen to my shadow zone”

“I dare you!” Celestia fired two into Eric’s elbows, “Release her!” Thanos then appeared next to Celestia.

“Hahaha... I already have, she has maybe three minutes before she dies” Eric laughed despite the pain

“Get away from… MY BOY!!!!” Thanos slammed his gauntlet fist into Celestia’s face, covering it in 1000-degree Celsius heat, Armament Haki, Tekkai Go, and the Power Stone furthering the attack’s power. “HEAT CRASH!!!!” Celestia was sent flying through the town, crashing into buildings after building. Soon enough ponies began to walk out of the houses and Royal Guards and Night Guards poured out of the castle.

“Thanos...” Eric said as his body began to ripple. “Pull her out...quickly”

“Don’t worry, my pull-out game is unbeatable,” Thanos said, before pulling Luna out. “Oh, and those two guards.” Thanos pulled those two guards on and set them down.

“Are they asleep?” Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“They’re not asleep, just unconscious from lack of oxygen” Eric explained

“Science! Now let’s go!” Thanos walked on only to walk back, noticing Eric was not moving. “Get the fuck up man.”

“I... c… ca… can’t,” Eric said before passing out

“Aww, he’s all tuckered out.” Thanos then picked Eric up and smiled, he picked him up and put him on his back. “Don’t worry, Uncle Thanos will bring you home safely.” Thanos taunted Eric while he was unconscious. Thanos then went serious and ran as fast as he could, as the Royal Guard shot bolts of magic at him. Grievous was currently fighting off some guards patrolling the streets.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! MOVE!” Thanos ordered, Grievous turned around and the two raced to the Zeppelins that just arrived, Lucci had Sally in his hands. Entity walked out of the ship and saw Sally.

“What happened to her?” Entity said now holding Sally in his arms, Lucci walked up to the ship, ignoring Entity. “HEY!”

“She was hit by that bitch Celestia alright? She had the Glint-Glint Fruit she was too fast to catch.” Lucci said, walking into the Nigga Mobile. Entity’s red eyes glowed.

“That… Bitch…” Entity snarled; he then turned his gaze to Thanos who was currently fighting alongside Grievous. Thanos had Eric’s body under his arm as he fought with Celestia, Thanos grunted.

“Entity… They’ll be okay… I’ll be okay, we should… Go while we have the chance…” Sally said, looking up at Entity.

“But Sal, Grievous, and Thanos are fighting for their lives, and Eric’s!” Entity objected Sally sighed.

“We’ll live to fight another day…” Sally’s eyes began to close.

“Sal! Tch… I’m… I’m sorry Thanos.” Entity went up the bridge and inside the Nigga Mobile. “Let’s go!” Entity ordered Lucci, who was piloting. Lucci walked out of the cockpit and saw Entity with a face of struggle.

“But-” Lucci raised his finger to object, Entity clenched his teeth and closed his eyes.

“They’ll be alright, if we get captured what would Golden Shield think?” Entity shot back, Lucci looked at Entity, he looked like he was hurting.

“F-fine!” Lucci looked outside and saw Thanos looking over to the Zeppelin. “I’m sorry my old friend...” The bridge then pulls up. Grievous and Thanos noticed this and looked back to the ship.

“Wait, why are they closing the door?!” Grievous said, “YOU BASTARDS!!!” Grievous roared, Thanos looked over to Grievous solemnly, he began to sigh, knowing what Entity and the others had done.

“Looks like… This is the end of us…” Thanos said with a chuckle, “I’m sorry Eric, I’m sorry Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the others… I couldn’t keep your friend safe.” Grievous looked at Thanos, Grievous saw Thanos shed a tear and the Cybernetic Samurai sighed.

“Remember what our master told us…” Grievous got into a stance, his weapons began to glow with the corresponding element. Thanos grinned and took out his Infinity Blade and lit it on fire.

“DYING IS THE DAY WORTH LIVING FOR!!!!” Thanos and Grievous say with a grin, with a battle cry they run at the army. Celestia frowned and shot a beam of light at Thanos who sleekly evaded the attack without Observation Haki.

“HAAA!” Thanos and Grievous raised their weapons… Only for a magic bolt to hit the enemy army. Thanos looked up and Sapphire Sword’s ships were there as well as the other Generals.

“Don’t worry my King, we have got your backs!” Sapphire Sword spoke with a grin, Emerald Gauntlet jumped down from his ship and landed down.

“I have you, now go!” Emerald Gauntlet went into a blocking position and a huge green shield that had a pattern of emeralds appeared and blocked the magic bolts shooting at the trio. “Go!” Thanos and Grievous ran away, Thanos handed Eric to Grievous.

“Go, there’s something I must take care of.” Thanos then went into a fighting stance, Grievous looked back and saw that the Titan didn’t bother to look at the Cybernetic Warrior. Grievous nods.

“Stay safe brother.” Grievous then runs away to a red Zeppelin that Ruby had. The bridge of it dropped and out came armored Manticores, they began to roar and run after the enemy. Grievous ran past them and onto the Zeppelin. Once he met with Ruby, Grievous turned to Ruby.

“Give him medical attention stat!” Grievous ordered, Ruby looked down at Eric in shock.

“Yes sir!” Ruby carried Grievous and walked away Grievous readied his blades before stopping.

“...He must do it alone…” Grievous said as he turned away from the battlefield before collapsing. “Oh… My body collapsed, cool.”

Meanwhile, Thanos was facing off against Celestia, the two clashed blades, one of fire and one of light. Thanos growled as he pushed Celestia back, Thanos covered his foot in Armament Haki and kicked at Celestia’s head. Celestia predicted this and covered her whole leg in light, she began to counter the attack. The two attacks landed and blew anyone close enough from their battle.

“You won’t get away with this, Thanos, I will have that man’s head on a pike!” Celestia snapped, her hair flaring up, erupting into flames.

“I won’t let you hurt my… HOMEBOY!!!” Thanos roared, using steam to push Celestia back. “But there is something I’ll let you do…” Thanos clenched his fist and using the Reality Stone he made all the Manticores float into the air, floating towards Ruby’s ship. “Get wrecked.” Thanos clenched his fist and the Power Stone glowed.

“NO! DON’T!” Celestia shrieked, but the Chad didn’t listen. Thanos slammed his fist into the ground, and everything went still… Still...

Eric opened his eyes and found himself in a white room and bandages covering his body, sitting up Eric felt pain in his legs and his chest causing him to hiss.

“Shit...” Eric hissed as he pulled himself from the bed

“Hey, you, you’re finally awake,” Thanos said, he looked over to Eric. Thanos wasn’t looking too good as well, he was currently injured, bandaged up too. Thanos was on another bed next to Eric.

“You look like shit man,” Eric said grinning at the Titan

“You don’t look too good either,” Thanos said, grinning back at the Shadow Man.

Eric and Thanos began to laugh as Eric raised his arm, Thanos did the same. “Thanks for having my back,”

“That’s what homies do; they watch their boys' backs.” Thanos gave Eric a high five making pain shoot down both of their arms. “Son of a bitch ass motherfucker who eats donkeys!”

“Yeah... not going to lie that was stupid,” Eric said gripping his arm

“Aww fuck, I can’t believe we’ve done this…” Thanos said, rubbing his arm. “Well… It will take a while to heal, and we can’t exactly move yet so… Wanna talk about cheese? My favorite cheese is Pepper Jack!”

“Not really, was never really a fan of Cheese,” Eric said moving back on the bed

“Pepper Jack is the only exception I’ll make, any cheese on food except for Italian and Mexican is fucking trash,” Thanos said with a frown.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Eric and Thanos spent time healing and enjoying each other's company… And cheese, despite being annoyed by one another every now and then. By the time they had to heal the others planned a party to celebrate the success of Mission Barely Possible.

“It was a stupid name, not going to lie,” Sally said, crossing her arms. Thanos was insulted by this.

“It was absolutely idiotic” Eric agreed with the stitched-up girl

“Well, your name isn’t even better, Eric.” Thanos countered, “And besides, I don’t want to call it Mission Impossible, you need to be both stupid and comedic. What else do you want me to call, Mission Power Sap? Because you know, we’re getting the Power Stone? Oh my god, that was way better than the name I came up with… But it was funny!” Thanos said to both Eric and him.

“Alright let’s quit messing with the purple Mr. Clean and get this party started,” Eric said with a grin


“NO!!!” Chill shouted, still on cocaine. “We’re not doing Bink’s Sake!”

“But-” Nappa objected.

“Fuck off!” Chill shouted out,

“We’re doing it so Eric can have a flashback from his past with Amber,” Lady Umbra said to the cocaine-fueled Chill

“We could simply do a pleasant violin thing. Thanos asked Eric if he could do it well.” Chill replied, “Then boom, Eric sucks Amber’s dead corpse out! M A G I C?!?!?!” Chill then floated upside down and did a weird dance.

“I can work with that,” Lady Umbra said with a nod. “But not the dead body thing.”

“CHASE TURN OFF THE ANTI-GRAVITY!” Nappa cried out, Chill then hit the ground.


“Hey Eric, do you know the w-”

“Chill… We talked about this.” Nappa said, rubbing his eyebrows. Chill was currently a Ugandan Knuckles.

“DIS IS DE WEY MY BRUDDAS!!!” Chill said like a dumbass.

“Do you believe this guy? He’s so… Inspirational, his will to continue a dead meme is-” Nappa said looking at Chill as he stuck his tongue out like a derp.

“For fuck’s sake, continue with the story!” Alucard cried out, Seras right next to him. Everyone turned to the pair, shocked to see that they are there.

“K.” Nappa replied.

“Do you know how to play the violin… A normal violin?” Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“I can,” Eric said, pulling his Ebony Violin from his body. “But the question is what to play”

“Binks- No, play from your heart,” Thanos said with a smile.

With a smile Eric put the instrument against his chin and put the bow to the strings, closing his eyes Eric began to play.

As the song ends Eric remembers something... Special of his life in the Crystal Empire of the past.

"Come on," Amber encouraged me. "Play something."

The instrument shop was filled with beautiful pieces for playing music. But the black violin I had found topped all of them. It looked like it had been carved from pure ebony, with strings that seemed to hum even without touching them.

"Come on, Amber," I said. "I don't really know how to play..."

She smirked. "Humble much?" she asked. "I saw the way you were looking at the piano."

I glanced at one of the ivory-keyed instruments. "It just looks nice," I protested.

"And the cello?" she teased. "Or the harps? Novices don't look at them the way you do, my love." Her smile became less coy. "Come on, my mother tells me that the stronger a man is, the more beautiful his art."

I huffed. "Well, your grandparents clearly never forced your mother to perform at noble galas or parties."

"We're all blessed in our own ways," she replied, giving me that smile that I could never say no to.

Rolling my eyes, but unable to hide my own smile, I picked up the bow for the instrument and placed the violin against my chin.

With the smile of my angel encouraging me, I began to play.

As I lost myself to the music, I almost did not notice the crowd that began to form. All I needed to focus on was her. The light of awe in her beautiful eyes. The way the wind swept her mane to the side. The way her wings twitched and longed to spread when she was excited.

I played for her. I let my love flow through the instrument. And all too soon, I had to stop.

Applause broke us out of the trance we had been stuck in with each other. The crowd was cheering; stamping their feet as they brushed tears from their eyes.

"Huh," I noted, turning to her. "Why didn't you tell me you brought an audience?"

She giggled. "Oh, my beautiful musician," she teased, gazing into my eyes. "You get so lost when you play."

"That's fine," I replied as we drew closer. "I've got you to guide me back."

She kissed my cheek as we nuzzled into each other.

"As long as you play for me," she promised. "I'll always be there to guide you back."

"You know, this won't be the last time I call you. The next time I call you, you should be prepared to battle." Thanos smiled.

Eric said nothing as he continued playing music which caused several to look at him in awe, even Sally could not help but be enchanted by the shadow man's musical prowess.

An hour in and everyone is talking and being themselves, Eric walked out of the room which didn’t go unnoticed by the Mad Titan. Thanos followed him outside, Eric was leaning on some railing that overlooked the kingdom as the titan walked beside him.

“Beautiful is it not?” Thanos said, looking at his city. “This is all mine, my country, Minos. The capital, Minocow.” Thanos looked around the city, a cold breeze brushing past them

“It is,” Eric said observing the city “Especially during the night”

The two just stayed there watching the city before the Shadow Man started to speak up.

“I know I’m going to visit this place in my world,” Eric said, putting his back against the railing. “I made a promise to an ice dragon”

“Eh?” Thanos raised an eyebrow.

"He used the power of his Shadow-Shadow Fruit and reanimated my Wife. She almost killed the Cutie Mark Crusaders and most of the palace guards, I was forced to kill my own wife." Eric said, gritting his teeth trying to hold back his tears. "Could you seriously not be infuriated by having to re-kill your own wife"

The shadows on Eric’s body were more pronounced as well as the red in his eyes, Sympathetically Thanos placed a hand on the Shadow Man’s shoulder

"I remember when I had to... When I had to kill a friend due to a misunderstanding... Platinum Dusk, the only outsider of our group. There was a changeling mind-controlling her sister and... I killed her sister because she was going to kill Sally. We kept it a secret but when she found out... I had to force my hand and blast her to smithereens. I cannot sympathize with you; you lost your wife once then had to kill her... I just had to kill my friend..." Thanos took his hand from Eric's shoulder and shook his head.

"We're all fucked up, aren't we?" Asked the Shadow Man

"Physically and Mentally," Thanos replied, “If you need me, just call me, and as thanks, I’ll give you the Infinity Broadsword, made of a mix between Netherite and Shadow Stone.” Thanos brought out a blade that looked like the Infinity Blade but just the size of a regular broadsword.

“Thanks, Thanos,” Eric said, creating a sheath for the sword from his shadow. “And the same applies to me, if you need me, you know where I’ll be”

A black portal appears behind the Shadow Man, turning around, Eric enters the portal and returns to his Equestria.

Upon leaving the portal Eric found himself standing in front of the palace before he had a chance to take a single step he was struck by a flaming Pegasus.

“Where in Faust’s name have you been, Eric?” Rainbow yelled, grabbing the Shadow Man’s collar.

“Helping a friend,” Eric said, pushing the mare off him as he stood up. “I owed him for helping me train you and Pinkie”

“But you’ve been gone for almost two months,” Rainbow said, causing Eric’s heart to drop.

“So... we’re in the month of Hearths Warming,” Eric said in sadness.

The Deal.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Thanos POV

I sat in the warship with two Infinity Stones in my gauntlet, Mission Barely Possible was a success. With the help of Eric, we won but barely, right now we were heading to the Storm Kingdom for negotiations. Right now war was coming, and right now I need the stones to destroy Equestria or erase half of it. That was my ultimate goal, destroy half of Equestria, and boy was it one heck of a goal. The warship arrived at the port, the warship is an airship so it landed next to the castle. The bridge dropped down and I walked towards the bridge, Emerald Gauntlet and Ruby accompanied me, the boys were resting and Sally won't let Entity go out because it's "dangerous" and that he is "healing." The Storm Castle was pitch black with light blue windows and outlines. The kingdom was futuristic with steampunk gadgets and houses below the castle, there were two Storm Guards in front of us, and in the middle, there was this... Figure. He had dark fur on his body with some white fur on his body, he wore a black and blue France soldier outfit of 1832. He carried a blade too. He bowed to me.

"Welcome, King Thanos of the Minotaur Kingdom, what brings you here to our lands today?" He had a British accent which surprised me given his choice in style.

"I am here to make an alliance between our kingdom. Equestria must fall, if not soon then later." I said towering over the man, he wasn't intimidated at all, he actually smiled.

"I'm glad we agree with each other, my name is Prince Gale of the Storm Kingdom, those cursed Equestrians must pay for what they did to my father!" Gale clenched his fists, he was practically oozing hatred. I put a hand on his shoulder.

"Soon you will, soon you will." I walked past Gale as Emerald Gauntlet and Ruby followed me, Gale quickly followed me as well with his two guards. As we walked to the castle, we received no weird looks from anyone, everyone was casual. Someone even waved at me which was nice, I like this kingdom :D!

"So did you declare war on Equestria?" Gale turned to me, I looked down at him and shook my head.

"No, but I technically did because I attacked their capital," I said as Gale looked at me with surprise written on his face.

"Y-you did?" Gale asked, curious as to why I attacked Canterlot.

"Indeed I did little one, it was pretty easy, with the help of a friend of course," I said as we closed in on the throne room, I saw the guards and Gale gulp in fear which piqued my curiosity. When we arrived we saw a Storm Guard fly past us and hit a wall, now nothing but a bloodstain. We saw the Storm Queen standing from his throne with her hand out, smoke coming from it.

"Useless moron, can I find anyone to give me information about the Crystal Cannon?" She groaned sitting back in her seat, I appeared into view and she grinned. "Thanos, to what do I owe this pleasure?" She said getting in a comfortable position in her seat, I clear my throat.

"I hear you're looking for information on the Crystal Cannon, I can give the information to you if you want," I said looking into her eyes, she rubbed her face with a furry hand.

"You want something in return, do you?" She asked, I just smiled and with my smile, she knew the answer.

"I want to form an alliance to destroy Equestria!" I spoke, the room went silent and at that time it seemed like the whole world went silent as well. She shook her head trying to clear it so that she understood what I was saying.

"What?" She tilted her head with great confusion.

"I said I want to form an alliance, imagine the two strongest nations formed together, you're already allied with the Griffins, are you not? With our combined strength we could rule the galaxy- I mean, restore balance to the world and destroy Equestria once and for all." I said raising my gauntlet fist high, my two infinity stones started to shine. She leaped from her seat and landed in front of us with a smile on her face. She skipped up to me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder which was almost barely impossible, she stood on her toes and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. She pointed a finger gun at me.

"Big T, you got yourself a deal." She grinned wildly, BIg T, that's a new one.

"Then let us plan our course of action." I said with a smile, "This war will be the biggest one in history." Storm Queen nodded in agreement.

"I agree, with you having the two Infinity Stones, everyone will be so focused on having to prevent you from snapping them away. Er... Y-you wouldn't snap US away... Right?" Storm Queen asked me, I just looked at her with a reassuring smile.

"Why of course I wouldn't! After all, we have a deal... Right?" I said my purple eyes began to glow as the Power and Reality Stone began to glow. Storm Queen had to swallow her fear and nodded, I simply smiled. "So why don't we talk about your young, what are they like?" Immediately I felt wind brush against me and next to me was none other than Gale.

"Hello King Thanos, I am Gale, but you already know that. I have two medals of honor and I am the eater of the Gale-Gale Fruit, making me a Wind Stormian. I have heard stories of you and I am a fan of your work, you fight for balance for this world and a good cause!" Gale said, suddenly a female Stormian walked next to Gale. She was wearing armor, similar to Medieval times, it was black and blue. Her hair went down to her waist.

"Hello, my name is Azure, Gale's sister! I too have two medals of honor and I ate the Storm-Storm Fruit, making me a Weather Stormian. I can control the weather, make droughts, snowstorms, hurricanes, and sandstorms. I am also a fan of your work and I can't wait for us to work together more in the future!" Azure said with a smile.

"...I have... Fans?" I said, raising my eyebrow, "Since when?" I asked, looking at Azure and Gale. They looked at each other, then at me confused.

"You don't know? That's surprising, well, it's not like you could've seen the monuments or stuff like that." Gale said, putting two hands on his hips.

"Monuments?!" I said, completely in shock, Ruby and Emerald Gauntlet just looked at me, completely surprised.

"You haven't been around Minos, looking at the monuments that read 'Hero of Minos'? You're a legend!" Emerald Gauntlet squealed, he was grinning ear to ear. Azure was jumping up and down.

"Hell yeah, you are! You fought a whole MONTH against Princess Celestia and Princess Luna! You were handicapped due to one of their elite Royal Guards paralyzing your left arm, and despite that, you were kicking their asses!" Azure beamed, Ruby then grinned as well.

"You were also the pupil of THE strongest being on the planed. Cloven Diamond, not to mention you and him fought on equal ground without the Infinity Stones in that tournament way back when! Though you lost, it is said in the history books that the fight was so close it felt like victory was centimeters apart from you two! Oh, oh, oh! You also destroyed the ENTIRE Avian Army by yourself! Single-handedly!" Ruby said like a fangirl, it was now Gale's turn to be a fangirl.

"It's said your presence alone took down armies, you are a legend, now you're a LIVING LEGEND!!! How cool is that? It is also said that you swam from Neighpan to Equestria in under an hour! It is also said that you pulled a continent back together when Drakor nearly split apart the continent of North Equestria! Not even mention the time you survived one of Drakor's Gura Gura No Mi techniques! You are a legend!" Gale said, the four were now fangirling over me and I could do nothing but just watch.

"...Oh... W-well, how about we talk about the Crystal Cannon?" I said I wasn't all too comfortable talking about my past, a lot of dark things happened there.

"Yeah, I suppose it is time, follow me."

"So let's talk about the Crystal Cannon." I said, my Infinity Gauntlet began to glow and I shot a blast on a wall and a TV screen showed. Startling the three royals and their generals.

"The Cannon is made out of Bedrock Crystal-" I was then cut off when Reggie, a Stormian, began to speak.

"But the resource is gone!" Reggie said, I glared at him.

"Interupt me again Reggie and see what happens!" I bellowed, my Power Stone began to glow. He gulped in fear and whimpered. "As I was saying it is made out of Bedrock Crystal, the hardest Crystal on the planet. Even I cannot break it, one would need an Infinity Stone to shatter it." I explained.

"But that would mean that with all of your strength you can't break it." Gale said with a gasp, Azure gasped in realization.

"Indeed, I cannot. Let us move on to the ammunition. The ammunition of Power Crystals, one crystal can destroy a small building. They stack not one, not two, but one million of these bad boys into the cannon. It can destroy an island easily, I've seen it in action." I said as I walked around the screen.

"So how do you destroy the ammunition it if it's in Equestrian hands?" The Storm Queen inquired.

"Well you simply take the crystals out carefully. One wrong move and BOOM you're dead." I said, for emphasis I made a hologram of the Storm Queen dying to an explosion. The Storm Queen shivered at the thought.

"However you have someone who can wield all Six Infinity Stones. With the Reality Stone I can turn the crystals into Butterflies if I so wish. It's also as big as a large building. What else do you guys want to know?" I asked the company.

"How big is it?" Ruby asked me; I glanced at her.

"Seventeen inches, anything else?" Everyone's jaw dropped at the sheer mention of my manly size. I chuckled, Celestia nearly died the first time she saw "it".

"How did you get that Devil Fruit?" Storm Queen asked me, I thought of Eric and I just shook my head.

"From an edgy bastard, edge so sharp it can kill a man. Like he's like every emo teenager had sex and this would be what came out, Eric. That's his name." I showed what Eric looked like, the generals shrieked.

"Oh god I've been cut!" He joked, everyone laughed, including me at the joke.

"Okay now, how do I end the cha-"

Meet The Displaced

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I picked up the goggles and looked at Thanos who was walking to his room, I looked back to the others, and they nodded getting ready. I look to Dr. Doom and he got ready, then we suddenly teleported in front of Thanos, Thanos opened his eyes, shocked. Garou and Muscular lunged at him, Thanos caught them both by the neck and slammed their heads together, they were dazed. I then look to Magneto and he formed his fist into a ball, Thanos roared in pain and wrapped his hand around his Infinity Gauntlet, it was getting crushed. I then smiled and slowed down time, as I walked up to him, and I got some chains out. I wrapped the chains around Thanos, and I continued time normally, he fell onto his knees. Weakened, he looked down to the chains.

"This is-" Before he can utter a word I cut him off, grabbing my knife and holding it close to his neck.

"That's right, it's sea prism chains and if you want to live you'll come with us. Magneto, take off his gauntlet." Magneto loosened the gauntlet and Muscular took it off. He glared at me and I just said nothing, I pulled his chains as Dr. Doom made a portal for us, I smiled as I dragged Thanos to the portal.

"WAIT YOU TITANNAPPERS!!!!!" I hear someone with an annoying voice say, I turn around and I see, Lucci, Entity, Luffy, Eden Spark, Mogeme, Grievous, and Sally run at us. I roll my eyes and I turn to Warmonger.

"Go and use the spell," I said blandly, Warmonger looked at me.

"As you wish," She held out her hand and time stopped for them, Warmonger walked up to the group, Grievous leading the charge, she giggled and booped him where his nose should be.

"You're so cute when you're trying." She walked to us and Garou looked at her.

"Was that really necessary?" Garou growled, she shrugged.

"What? I have my needs, besides I need a man who's strong, determined, and handsome on the inside." She blew Grievous a quick kiss before hopping in the portal, we all shook our heads and walked into the portal and with that time continued and they ran only to stop themselves. Grievous looked back at the group clenching his fists, he turned back around and fell on his knees.

"Hey robot guy, she thought you were cute," Luffy said pointing at Grievous mockingly. Mogeme held his laughter, Grievous looked like he was about to explode.


A Few Minutes Ago

Grievous POV

I sat in my room in complete silence, I was next to Lucci who was meditating, he's been meditating ever since that fight with Eric. He's been trying to reach out to his primal urges, or should I say awaken his Devil Fruit? Either way, he's been trying nonstop to get stronger. Entity was with me too and Sally for whatever reason, they were playing Uno.

"So how do you think the others are doing?" Sally asked putting down a plus-four, Entity shrugged.

"I dunno, Supergirl's probably cursing at us, after all, she can hear everything." Entity counters the plus-four with his plus four. "Rapunzel is probably singing to herself."

"Hah! You're probably right, she's a singer I tell you." Sally put down another plus four, Entity scoffed.

"Of course she's a Disney princess, but no Disney princess can match your voice and your beauty." Entity smiled, Sally covered her face and blushed as Entity puts down another plus four. I rolled my eyes.

"Tch, yeah right, you have the beauty of a slug." I joked, Sally snapped her head towards me. Entity held her back when she was thrashing to kill me all the while I was laughing.

"Someone's here." Lucci opened his eyes, we all jumped to our feet, I got out my swords, Entity got his scythe, Lucci and Sally got into their fighting stance, we were all facing our backs. Immediately something or rather someone fell from the roof, a man with a straw hat, the straw-hat-wearing man got up and grinned.

"Shishishi, I made it! Hi, my name is Monkey D. Luffy, do you know where I can find a purple guy here?" We all faced him and looked at each other, I shook my head.

"How did you get here? I thought that we can only summon or get summoned by from tokens." I asked loosening my stance.

"That's what I thought too before he attacked," I hear someone say, I snap my head towards the one who made that noise it was... A dude with some weird gear and a guy with a- Wait is that a robot in my room?

"Who's he? Why are you in my room? HOW ARE YOU GUYS HERE!???!?!" I asked looking at everyone in the room, Luffy laughed, the guy with the robot jumped off from the robot and walked up to us.

"Let's cut to the chase, Kaido, the king of beasts, is here to take Thanos and recruit him to his army of Displaced. And before you ask, do you really think that someone with the Infinity tones would go unnoticed in the universe? There are spies in every single Equestria, and one of you killed one of their spies, Noximilen The Clockmaker. Kaido is angry and he wants to see Thanos, he knows that he wasn't the one who killed Noximilien, it was Thanos' little pet, Eric Von Shadow, Kaido knows everything about you, us, and the whole multiverse! He has an army of Displaced and characters from shows stuck in Equestria! He took one of my allies, some of Luffy's, and some of Mogeme's too, the guy with the coat. Name's Eden Spark by the way." Eden Spark finished his little rant and me and the boys and I guess girl, were shocked.

"Wait they're going after Thanos?" As soon as Sally said that I heard the window break and I went running to the door.


Current Time

I punched a wall next to me, I was angered- nay, enraged that I was so close to getting Thanos yet so far. Lucci looked to Eden who sighed.

"I know a way to get to Kaido's Equestria, follow me and I'll tell you the plan to free the prisoners in Kaido's prison."Eden walked off and everyone else followed him but me. I couldn't believe the events that transpired, why? How? When? What?

"Why am I so weak?"

The Greatest Plan Known To Plankind That All Other Plans Are Trash Compared To This Plan, No Seriously This Plan Is So Epic Any Strategists Will Quake In Their Boots And The Plan From "Mission: Barely Possible" Seems Like A Joke Compared To This

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

On a cliff overlooking Minocow stood, Grievous, Eden, Lucci, Sally, Entity, Eden, Mogeme, and Luffy. Eden had toys set up and a toy little house to visualize the plan.

"So how is playing with toys going to help us?" Lucci asked, Eden just glared at Lucci and said nothing.

"Oooh, I call dibs on the robot guy!" Luffy grinned, Grievous turned to Luffy.

"I call dibs on the Ken action figure," Grievous said as both of them reached for the toys, Eden slapped both of their hands and both of them held theirs with a pained expression on their face.

"OW!! Oi, Sparky, why did you hit us!" Luffy snapped, Eden sighed and shook his head.

"Alright, let's get on with the plan," Eden Spark finally spoke, he took a quick glance at the group then back to the toys.
"Okay, John Wick is Lucci, Sally is... Sally, Steve is Entity 303, Terminator is Grievous, Luffy is Ken, Sonic is Mogeme, Thanos is Thanos, and Iron Man is me, before I go on with the plan I'll need you to keep quiet, who knows who is listening."

They all nod and opened their ears, Eden nods and cleared his throat.

"Do you see this toy barn? That's Kaido's base, Megatron is Kaido and you can probably guess what the grunts are," He points to the green soldiers, "What opponents you saw now we're one of his Commanders, his left-hand man is Garou with the ability to turn into an Ice Dragon, 2nd commander is, you guessed it, Warmonger, 3rd is Herobrine, and 4th commander is Captain Verona. They are key people here, key people, I'll need Lucci and Entity to sneak in and grab Thanos and get out, then I and Grievous will go in and Mogeme with his sound ability will make a large amount of sound at the other side of the prison where we are. While he's distracting them we'll find our friends and get out, and while we're doing this, Luffy, Grievous, Lucci, and Entity will start picking the fighters off one by one, leaving no survivors." Eden finished his plan.

"Alright, how are we going to get there?" Lucci raised a good question making the gang turn to Eden, Eden grinned under his mask and pulled out a device the size of a phone. The "Phone" had a rod at the end and he pushed a button making a portal two feet away from us, they look at each other and Luffy has stars in his eyes.

"So... COOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join my crew!" Luffy turned to Eden, who just stared blankly at Luffy.

"I refuse."

"I refuse your refusal." Luffy countered.

"Alright, LEZ GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Grievous jumps in and the rest jumps in too, ready for what's to come.

Thanos POV

When we walked out of the portal, I looked up, there were two cliffs towering above us and when I looked straight ahead I saw Udon Prison, but it looked more beastly than before, there was no factory instead it was a giant building and I saw two guards that looked like the Firebenders Soldiers from Avatar. They looked like elite soldiers of some kind, there a giant dragon statue on top of the building that looked like Kaido's Dragon Form. Which was cool but at the same time terrifying, it looked exactly like the Jade Palace from Kung Fu Panda, speaking of which, I wonder if there was an Equestrian Version of Kung Fu Panda out there, I would kill to watch that.

"To be honest I didn't think it would be that easy." The one known as Reaper said I snapped my head towards him.

"I was outnumbered, you had Sea Prism Chains, and the ability to slow down time, what di you expect? Me to go Super Saiyan and wreck your crap?" I growled, he just grinned and pushed me forward.

"Shut up and keep walking," Reaper said in a monotone voice which kinda creeped me out, Warmonger was walking on my left and leaned her head next to me.

"Sooo, who's that dashing cyborg?" Warmonger asked, I side-eyed her.

"Grievous? He's a wild one, he always does annoying antics, one time he-" I was punched in the back, I didn't feel anything but I looked to the one who punched me, it was Muscular with a cocky grin.

"When I get out of these chains I'm going to snap your neck." I glared down at him, he just laughed.

"I'd like to see you try." After that he said nothing as we reached the entrance, the doors open and what was inside was a hallway that was lit up by torches at the end of the hallway was another door. I saw a dark figure at the end of the hall, when they passed a torch, the orange fire on the torch turned into one of blue fire. When they were 12 feet away I saw what they were, it wasn't a they it was Azula. Accompanying her are two guards wearing blue armor, probably two of her elites. She walked up to me and stopped three feet apart, she put her hands on her hips and smiled smugly. She looked up and down.

"Wow, I didn't think you guys could do it, that or he's weak," Azula said with a snark, the group that captured me growled.

"A. They caught me off guard. B. They have Sea Stone Chains. C. They can slow time. And what can I do? Expel heat from my body, shoot Power Beam lasers, and make reality whatever I want." I retorted.

"With those things going for you, you really should've won, but I guess you're just like the rest, weak. I hope Kaido can make a man out of you." Azula smiled, knowing full well what she was referencing.

"Really? You had to do that? Why? Why did you have to do that? It bucking cause you zero dollars to say that and you did! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!??!?!? WHY??? NO SERIOUSLY TELL ME WHY????" I yelled glaring down at Azula.

"Ain't nothing but a heartache." I hear everyone in this room say including the guards inside and outside say. I turned around, then I turned back around.

"I hate you all, but that was pretty funny, not gonna lie." I chuckled, everyone in this roomed laughed.

"Okay, okay, okay, back to business. Kaido wants to see Thanos, alone." Azula put the emphasis on the "alone" part. I looked back to my capturers, suddenly feeling safer with them.

"Don't worry Than the Man, you're going to meet Kaido! It's going to be fun!" Warmonger pushed me forward and I shake my head and just walked forward, deciding to deal with it. For now.

"Alright, let's go." Azula turned around and walked off with her guards following her, I followed and the Guards stepped aside to let me walk beside Azula. I was three feet taller than her, so I was therefore superior by manly law. As we walked I noticed that the once blue fire turned back to orange. I look down at her.

"Okay, that's seriously cool, the way when you walk past fire it turns blue, and when you do it again it turns back to its original state is amazing," I commented, she blushed a little.

"It's simply due to my presence that the flames turn themselves that way, I am after all the Empress of Flames." She said with a smile, the smile was pure. As we reached the end of the hallway the Guards opened the door and we were now in a room with three hallways, one on the left, right, and middle. Each and every one of them was labeled, the one on the left was where they kept the prisoners, the one on the middle was Kaido's domain, and lastly, the one on the left was where the underlings of Kaido stay.

"Alright, this is as far as I can take you. Go on." I walked forth and I looked back to her, she just smiled, I grumble and I walk to the middle room, the door was colossal, the size of Kaido, speaking of which all of the doors were the size of Kaido. The door was made out of some sort of Dark Wood with red torched sticking out the side of the door, I was tall enough to reach the door handle. I knocked on the door and heard a deep growl, I looked back and saw that Azula was gone.

"Okay, I'm coming in." I open the door and slowly closed it behind me, I scanned the area and I saw that there were giant pillars the size of buildings holding the roof up, each of them was lit up by red fire, I looked in front of me and forty-eight meters ahead of me was Kaido in his Dragon Form wrapped around a pillar bigger than the rest. His eyes were closed, as soon as I took a step his eyes were opened, he yawned and it shook the room, and know that this room was the size of a Football Field. The room was cold, that or I was scared by Kaido, I didn't know which was which at this point.

"Thanos," His voice shook the room, "You came so soon, I was figuring I would take a nap before you came because I thought you ran away. But I'm glad you didn't, so Thanos I've heard about you. From my spy actually Noximilien the Clockmaker, he said you had the strength of Katakuri and the brains of Albert Einstein, and that was some praise from one of my scientists. But unfortunately, he was slain by your pet, Eric Von Shadow of Universe 5687, the wielder of the Shade-Shade Fruit, which allows him to control and become shadows. Similar to the Shadow-Shadow Fruit but superiors in combat. Now, Thanos, you're probably asking yourself, "Why am I here?" It's not because of your pet, it's because of you I need you. You're strength, your speed, your intellect, durability, endurance, and every single physical and mental stat you have. Become one of us, you show great promise." Kaido finished his speech and I stood there, stunned.

"Uh... Well-" Suddenly there was a huge crash that alerted us, next we heard running and yelling. Kaido sighed, heating up the room with his breath.

"That's probably your Allies." Suddenly something opened up on the left, revealing a giant hole that leads outside that can fit Kaido, I saw sunlight. Kaido yawned once more.

"You can stay here and wait for me if you want, not that I care." He said before he released himself from the giant pillar and went down the hole. I immediately booked for the door and went down where the Underlings Stay running past everyone I kicked down the door where the Prisoners mined and I say Grievous cackling like a madman.

"What in the bu-"

A Few Minutes Earlier

The Displaced Rescue Squad sat behind some trees overlooking the prison. They were all in a circle.

"Alright, do you remember the plan?" Eden said, Grievous sat up and walked over in front of a tree that overlooked the prison, revealing itself.

"If they have full watch over the universe do you think they have something cool?" Mogeme asked.

"Well yes but- Wait, don't tell me you're thinking about stealing from Kaido?" Eden turned his head to Mogeme.

"Well, yeah, they probably have something cool." Mogeme grinned, Eden frowned.

"You are NOT stealing from Kaido," Eden said slowly, very, very, slowly.

"Come on, just one thing, it's not gonna hurt him!" Mogeme tried to compromise, Eden stared at Mogeme.

"Mogeme, look at me, I've seen what Kaido and his group can do, you do NOT wanna steal from them. That's why my buddy is in prison." Eden said and suddenly Mogeme decides he shouldn't do that. Luffy yawned loudly, which made some birds fly away, Lucci covered Luffy's mouth, shutting him up.

"Shut up Luffy, you're gonna give away our location," Lucci said through his teeth, Sally shook her head and sat up.

"I'm done with all of you, we'll strike at midnight, I'll go get some wood." Sally walked off, Entity sat up.

"I'm gonna go follow her, who knows what's out here." Entity ran to accompany Sally.

"Alright, thumbs up, let's do this, LEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEENNNKKIIINNNSSSS!!!!!!!!" Grievous jumped down and got out all four of his Elemental Swords and held them with his extra arms, he slid jumped down from their vantage point and used a combination of Geppo and Soru to appear before the prison, he slammed himself through the prison and made a giant hole.

"THANOS I'M COMING FOR YOU BUDDY!!!!!!!!!" Grievous cackled, he looked down at the nigh hundreds of opponents in front of him.

'Let's do this'

Displaced Rescue Squad POV

"Did he just-" Eden stuttered.

"SAVE HIM!!!!" Lucci said looking at Eden.

"You save him, you're strong!" Mogeme said, immediately Entity and Sally ran back to the group.

"What happened?!" They said simultaneously.

"Wahooo! I'm going to join Robot guy!" Luffy jumped but before he completely jumped Eden pulled him back, Eden looked at Luffy straight in his eye.

"Do NOT do what Grievous just did. Do NOT." Eden said with sweat dripping down his eyebrow.

"What do we even do now?" Entity asked, Sally, sighed.

"Do the plan without him I guess..."

Grievous POV

"EY YOOOOO YOU WANNA SQUARE UP!??!?!?!? OI KAIDO GET YO SORRY BEHIND OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted right before multiple Lightning Orbs was shot at me, I dodged the attacks and looked at the one who shot them. It was an Enel Displaced which was pretty cool.

"You wanna square up too?" I asked him, he just grinned.

"Perhaps, let's do this Grievous!" Enel zapped his way in front of me and was about to punch me, my sword was ready to block but suddenly I was pulled forwards and my neck was in the hands of Pain from Naruto Shippuden! I love this guy!

"Enel, let me take care of this, knowing you, you would just play with your food." Pain said coldly, Enel frowned.

"HEY!!! He was mine, drop him before I kick your butt!" Enel growled, Pain glared at him and tossed me aside, I hit the ground and I appeared before Azula.

"Come at me, bro." Pain taunted Enel, Enel zapped in front of Pain and cocked his fist back, covering it in Armament Haki, as they began to fight. Azula's soldiers try to beat me down, they were shooting out blue flames! I cut through the flames and tried to cut them, I was close too but I was blocked by Azula's arm guard. Azula grinned and kicked my stomach launching me into Oven. Oven the fourth son of Big Mom! He reached for me but I jumped back, I turned around and saw that there were so many Displaced warriors there. From people from Sonic to people from memes, I was outnumbered, but I know I wasn't outmatched. Suddenly there was a shadow that covered my body and half the prison, I looked up and saw Kaido.

"General Grievous from the 2003 Clone Wars series, nice." He complimented, I looked up at Kaido like a kid would look up at an airplane.

"Thank you, I'm going to fight you now," I said with complete and utter honesty.

"Okay," Kaido said casually, I jumped from the ground, the ground formed spiderweb cracks as I jumped from it, I then kicked Kaido's jaw with an Armament Haki covered kick, it knocked him up, making his whole serpent-like body follow his head. Everyone stopped to look at Kaido, actually feeling worried for him.

"KAIDO!!!!!!" I hear everyone cry, I start to spin my extra hands then held my swords, flying like a Helicopter. I flew after Kaido, flying up to his face, I then drop-kick his jaw once more launching him behind the Prison, I follow after him. I covered my two free swords, Lightning and Water, in Armament Haki and I start shooting Lightning and Water slashes at Kaido, he fell on his back.

"Take that!" I laughed, as I dropped down ten meters in front of him. Kaido simply picked up his head just to look at me, then laid it back down as he reverts to his human form. Suddenly the sky turned dark and I knew what was coming, I curse to myself as I look down at him, lightning struck him and he stood up, covered in a dark aura.

"Worororo!" I hear him laugh, I frown as he prepares himself, I ready all four of my swords, covering in Armament Haki and letting them glow with their corresponding element. Kaido cracked his neck then his right arm, in his right arm was his weapon, a Kanabo. I dashed at Kaido with great speed, he grinned.

"ELEMENTAL SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I roared as I appeared in front of him in a matter of seconds. He reeled back his Kanabo ready to strike.

"THUNDER BAGUA!!!!!!!!!!" Our weapons hit, making the surrounding area blow away, I was holding up for a few seconds but then he let out a furious roar and went pushed my swords back to my and hit me right in the stomach. The hit made the electricity from him channel itself to me, I was then launched far, far, far away and into the prison. The force shook the whole prison and I fell from it and I hit the floor, knocked out due to the force. My blades fell down with me. He took out his bottle of sake and took a drink.

"Stupid brats."


View Online

Twilight paced back and forth in front of the Crystal Mirror, they were now in the Crystal Empire and they were waiting for a special someone to open, and when I say they I mean the Main Six, Starlight, Shining Armor and Cadence. They were all awaiting Sunset Shimmer who was the possible key to defeat Thanos, when she comes here they will explain why, but Twilight was growing restless.

"When is she coming? She said she'd come in five minutes!" Twilight said as she was pacing up a storm, Cadence sighed.

"We must be patient, Twilight." Cadence told her sister-in-law. Twilight groaned.

"I know, I know, I know, but I can't just... get over Thanos attacking Canterlot, getting the Power Stone, killing our friend Nox, and we're not going to war with the Minotaur Kingdom!" Twilight said in a loud tone.

"Yeah! We need to be punching some Minotaurs! I especially need to take down that General, Grievous for tricking me!" Rainbow Dash growled.

"And ah need to take down Lucci, ah hear he is a monster so ah think ah should beat him." Applejack said thinking about smashing Lucci's skull with her hooves. "Especially we got the basics down with, what's it called? Haki?"

"You girls don't have really good Haki, I only taught Haki I think you would be proficient at. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Guardian Haki. Twilight, Rarity, Starlight, Twilight, Watchful Haki, remember that these monsters know all of them, and Thanos knows Emperors Haki." Shining Armor says, looking at the group.

The mirror suddenly had ripples on them and Sunset walked out, looking at the group. She smiled and waved at everyone, she walked up to the group.

"She's here, what's the plan?" Rainbow Dash asked impatiently.

"Twilight didn't tell you girls?" Sunset asked, they all nodded. Sunset deadpanned Twilight who let out a nervous laugh, she cleared her throat.

"Anyway, I have devised a plan, you see Sunset here has an ability, she can turn and control fire. Don't believe me? Look." Twilight levitated a book with her horn and threw it at Sunset, the book harmlessly passed through Sunset, Twilight then caught the book in her magical grasp and put it back into place. The group were in awe, asking questions on how she can do that. Twilight then cleared her throat, the attention coming back to her.

"Now, I devised a plan, as I said before, we need a team, and I know this team can take down Thanos and his allies." Twilight grinned, which was rare and uncomfortable.

In a distant place called the badlands was a mare with hair that was the color of velvet and clad in a suit of armor was a mare adorning a scar, her name? Fizzle Pop, formerly known as Tempest Shadow of the Storm King's Army. She was saved by Twilight from doing something she might regret, she was suddenly sent a message and her eyes widened and looked behind her in the direction of Canterlot, she grinned.

"Looks like someone needs my help." Fizzle Pop said before she sprinted to that location her broken horn lighting up a she grunted, she jumped up and teleported ten feet forwards. Thanks to her solitary training she has been able to teleport and perform weak spells. With a grin she ran towards Ponyville.

In the Dragon Lands...

Ember stood above the highest point of the Dragon Lands, a volcano, she looked at Ponyville and a message was sent directly to her brain that said.


Ember looked back to her Royal Adviser, Blaze who was blind, Blaze possesses an ability to see even though he was blind, Blaze nodded and Ember dropped down from the volcano and she flew towards Ponyville, with her Bloodstone Scepter. As she flew, she flew over a Changeling Hive, Thorax's hive. Immediately he was alerted by the same message Ember was given. And he turned to his brother, Pharynx.

"I get a feeling someone is calling for me, I must go." Thorax said looking up. Pharynx nodded, and sighed.

"Then go if you must, brother." Pharynx walked to a hall, "I'll keep watch." When he said that Thorax was already gone.

"God darn it Thorax."

"With everything set and ready... Thanos is going down."

The Prison And The Plan

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I was in my cell, Grievous was chained to the wall, unconscious and there was another prisoner who just won't stop bugging me.

"Hey, hey, hey, Thanos." He said.

"What?" I groaned, this has gone for five minutes yet he annoyed me.

"Do you know that The_Chill_Author is SIMP for Screwball666? I mean really! He's such a SIMP, and I'm not talking about the "Squirrels-in-my-pants" kind. Speaking of simp, this one guy who has a chainsaw for a hand is such an A-class SIMP for Twilight. Not to mention the guy named Goku Black is also a simp for protecting-his-so-called-girlfriend-not-really-girlfriend-even-though-said-girlfriend-or-marefriend-was-gonna-confess-to-Goku-Black-he-also-got-turned-to-stone-voluntarily-to-protect-Luna-and-others-I-guess-he-is-still-a-simp. The name's Nappa from the Nappa's Bizarre Adventure story on Fimfiction. Which sadly has 18 likes and 4 dislikes, it's The_Chill_Author's first story. He's going to continue it, I hope until then I'm camping out in your story." Nappa said all under one breath, which I was thoroughly confused yet intrigued.

"Teach me your ways," I asked, kneeling in front of him, he grinned.

"Why the heck not? Speaking of which, I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say. Someone in the comments please do the "Quote" option on every single word that I say or The_Chill_Author types. Also, I'm going to be cursing, just like this, frick! Wait why can't I say frick? WAIT GOD FRICKING DARN IT!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Nappa cried out.

Hah! You thought! I would never give you the ability to curse in my Christian Minecraft story.

"It's not even Christian or Minecraft! This is outrageous!" Nappa snapped back.

Thanos' story, his plot, his rules, sorry bud.

"I hate you." Nappa flat-out said.

I love you too :)

Back to the story, there was a prisoner who was small in size who looked at me.

"Hey you, you're gonna be my b-" Before the little prisoner could even finish his words, I grabbed the thing's head and slammed it into the wall, making it drop dead.

"No," I said firmly and I sat back down next to Nappa.

"I'm never going to let you live this down." Nappa grinned, I just shook my head and went to my thoughts and reflected on everything.

Went to a convention dressed up as a character along with my friends, got sent to Equestria by a creepy merchant by choice, teleported to the Everfree Forest, camped out there for a while, met with Celestia, me and the boys (and girls) beat Discord, us and the ponies became allies, me and Celestia became lovers, I got married with Princess Celestia with all the Infinity Stones, then she wants to destroy all evil, basically committing Genocide, I refused, we started a war against each other, got set in stone, woke up at the Castle of Two Sisters, underground, ate a manticore, went to a prison meant for bad people, freed General Grievous, I asked Grievous to do some Mission Impossible type crap, he succeeds, got a Gauntlet and a blade, went to the Equestria version of Russia but with Minotaurs, fought a friend, Grievous went to some place and got a cool sword to add to his collection, an army was now after us, got onto a boat, got away, went to the Griffin Kingdom, fought against someone with power, Grievous and Lucci broke Entity out of jail, fought some ponies, I fought some ponies, we got away, made some tokens, went to a cat kingdom, got summoned, met an edgy Zuko type character, made him square up, we fought, helped him with a training problem, returned to the boys, while I was gone Lucci fought a cat girl, Grievous and Entity freed Frankenstein Waifu creature thing, they got back to me, I was packing heat, decimated a small army, went back to an Equestrian version of Russia, fought it's King, won, I am now a King, I now have a daughter, got the Reality Stone, kicked my friends butts with it, went to a meeting involving leaders, got counseling with Celestia, Discord being the counselor, after that summoned edgy boy dark guy, he fought hot guy, robot guy, and cat guy, then they went on a mission, fought an old man named Nox, almost killed everyone, Grievous was almost killed by Celestia, Entity was in critical condition, Lucci was hurt but not by much, edgy boy dark guy was about to get his butt kicked, then me and three others came in avengers style, got the Power Stone, burned down half of the capital, made an alliance with furries, got captured by Nox's allies, met a dragon, Grievous fought said dragon, Grievous was also captured, and now I have to wait for my friends to come for my while I'm in prison. HOW DID ALL OF THESE EVENTS TRANSPIRE IN THE TWO MONTHS?!?!?

Sorry for that wall of text :3

"I have a question for god..." I looked up to the ceiling, "WHHHYYYYYY???????????????"

It was nightfall. Lucci looked directly at the prison, with binoculars he looked back at the gang and they nodded, Entity and Lucci jumped to their feet and ran making no sound, they reach the sides of the prisons, Lucci looked through a window and he saw Azula, Pain, and Enel walk through a portal. Lucci frowned and looked to Entity, Entity ran and checked on another window, they saw an injured Rebecca from One Piece there, they went to another one and they saw Shrek chained to the wall. They went to the next and they saw Nappa and Thanos there, Thanos noticed them and waved.

"About time." He said Lucci ran over to him and put a finger close to his lips, and Entity made a perfect circle with his scythe and cut through it. The stone was pulled out by Lucci, he set it down gently.

"Let's go." Lucci turned around but someone in the cells spoke.

"What about us?" They asked.

"Don't worry we'll come back," Lucci promised, as Nappa and Thanos hurry out of there, Thanos runs back and grabs Grievous.

"Almost forgot about you," Thanos said before he runs back out.

The five then run away to the woods, Grievous was unconscious in Thanos' arms as they went back to the camp, using really fast techniques like Soru. When they came back Eden looked at the boys, he gave them the teleporter.

"If things go south, run, they can't come to your world unless they find your Token. I will find your Token and hide it somewhere they can't find it. Alright?" Eden told the boys, they both nodded, Sally, walked up to Eden.

"Let me come with you, you can't do it alone." Sally requested, Eden nodded and they both ran to the cells, where Entity cut a hole through. Sally bent the bars so that Eden can get through, meanwhile, Sally destroys the locks of all the cells and every single prisoner got up and carried their injured out. Eden got out something from his bag, a Scouter, he put it on and clicked it, searching for a specific Power Level. Sally continued to unlock the cells, then suddenly a guard lunged at them, Eden shot a silent shot from a pistol that went right through its skull. Sally caught the falling body and reduced it to atoms. Sally then looked at Eden.

"Are we close?" Sally asked, Eden then looked into a cell and his face dropped, it was a soldier that looked like him but his mask was torn. Blood dripped from his mouth, he didn't look like he was breathing and his clothes had burn marks and slash marks, Sally dissolved the lock and Eden opened the cell, making it slam on the bars. Eden ran in and shook the soldier.

"Cal, Cal, wake up! Wake up, man." The man shown no sign of waking up, he then looked the soldier in the eyes, the soldier's eyes were open and his skin was cold. Eden paused, tears start to form in his eyes.

"Cal! Wake up please, you promised that you would stay strong for me! YOU PROMISED GOD DARN IT!!!!!" He continued to shake him, Sally then heard a voice.

"Hey, who's there?" Sally looked to Eden.

"We need to go, now," Sally said with urgency, Sally reached out to touch Eden, but he turned around, tears in his eyes.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!!! These mother buckers are going to die!" He pulled out a mysterious gun from his bag and something else, it was some sort of rifle and there was a cube that was red and white. Eden got up and pushed Sally out of the way. Eden looked to a guard, it was Magneto, Eden pressed a button on the rifle and Eden shot a blob made out of pure magma into Magneto's head. Magneto fell on his back, dead. Sally looked at Magneto's burnt and molten face, she covered her mouth to stop herself from throwing up. They then hear a loud noise far from them but they could still hear it, must be Mogeme.

Mogeme POV

I blasted my soundwaves loud and proud, waking everyone up, every single warrior came to me.

"I WAS DREAMING ABOUT ME AND GRIEVOUS BEING MARRIED YOU DARN BRAT!!!!!!!!!" Warmonger growled, as she threw her pillow right at me, I ducked and I blasted my soundwaves loud and bobbed my head, I had an earpiece that made me not hear my sounds. Warmonger tried to come close to me but was blasted by my sounds. Garou then walked towards me, unfazed by the soundwaves, as Garou came closer I blasted my soundwaves louder. Garou was getting pushed back and he came closer to me, wings popped from his back and he flapped them coming closer to me.

"Soundwave Noise Maker!" The soundwaves became louder with base boosted, I then play something that will make them regret having ears.

Garou was pushed back into a wall, as I laughed with pure joy.

"SCOTLAND FOREVER SUCKAS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" I laughed, immediately I heard rumbling in the ground and Kaido in his Dragon form came from his resting place, he towered over all of us, I looked up at him.

"What is that noise? Was that you who woke me up?" Kaido looked down at me, I couldn't hear him.

"WHAAAAAAAAT????" I asked him, Kaido cleared his throat.

"I said, "Was that you who woke me up?" Kaido said once more, I still couldn't hear him.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAATT?????" I asked him yet again, Kaido's eye twitched, he cleared his throat again.

"I said, "Was that you who woke me up?!" Kaido repeated himself, I could hear him but now I just want to annoy him.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT????????"" I asked him louder than normal, Kaido had veins appearing on his forehead.

"I said "WAS THAT YOU WHO WOKE ME UP!??!?!?!?"" Kaido said in a near shout (In his point of view that wasn't even a shout.) I was giggling, (What? Men can't giggle?) I inhaled.


"I SAID, "WAS THAT YOU WHO WOKE ME UP!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?"" Kaido asked me with a shout, Warmonger was trying to stop herself from laughing, escaping a few giggles. I inhale once more, more oxygen getting stored in my lungs.

"WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT??????????" I bellowed, his eyes were slits and veins appeared all over his forehead.

"I SAID "WAS THAT YOU WHO WOKE ME UUUUUUPP?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!" Kaido roared, I was full on laughing at this point as I played the Scottish music.


"THAT IS IT, I AM GOING TO END YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! BORO BRE-" Kaido was then punched by a giant Armament Haki covered fist.

"Gum Gum, RED ROC!!!!" The fist impacted Kaido's head and he was slammed into the earth, crushing some of his men, some of them included Dr. Doom. I then realized this was my time to escape, I look at the prison.

"How about we free some prisoners?" I said to myself, my voice sore from all the yelling, it was worth it. I run towards the prison, as Luffy decides to fight them all.

I snuck into the prison, walking down the hallways looking for the prison cells, I then found myself walking inside of a greenhouse, there was a bunch of peculiar fruits in here, but one caught my eye. It was a fruit expelling steam, I could feel the heat, I was drawn to it, I then take the fruit and put it in a bag that had its own dimension. I found a lot of cool stuff in my adventures, I then hear Eden's voice.

"KAIDOOO!!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!???!?!?!?" I look to my left and the glass exploded, sending shards at my way, I covered my face, glass hitting parts of my body. Eden is on a rampage!

"Eden, calm down." I walk towards him but he raised his gun and pointed it at me, Sally got in the way.

"Eden, calm down! I know you're friend is dead but this isn't what he would want!" Sally tried to stop him but she was pushed out of the way.

"Shut up! You don't know what he'll want." Eden snarled, as he makes his way to the sounds of combat, I then countered.

"You wouldn't know either, would you?" I hate seeing women getting put down like that, Eden walked up to me and grabbed me by the collar of my jacket, and pulled me close to him.

"What did you just say you little brat?!" Eden put his rifle under my chin and I put my soundwave gauntlet on his rib. We both glared at each other then we heard a, tsk, tsk, tsk.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, really? Fighting amongst yourselves? That really isn't teamwork." We looked towards The Reaper, or Reaper for short, he was leaning on a tree. Eden pushed me aside and put up his rifle and aimed it at Reaper.

"What the hell did you just say? I don't care about teamwork right now, Kaido needs to die!" Eden growled, Reaper walked up to Eden.

"You can't beat Kaido in a one on one fight, you know what they say, "If it's a one on one fight, Kaido will win." just look what happened to Grievous, and he is thousands of times stronger than you," Reaper said matter-of-factly.

"Tch, you're right we need to take down Kaido, not me. Where are the others?" Eden looked at me, I cleared my throat.

"Luffy is fighting Kaido, Thanos, Grievous, and some Saiyan was saved Lucci and Entity." I listed, Eden sighed.

"Darn Luffy," He muttered under his breath. "Reaper, I doubt you'll try to stop us, will you join us in taking down Kaido?" Eden asked.

"Yeah, I've been wanting to anyways. Kaido is a jerk also here's Thanos' Gauntlet." Reaper held up Thanos' Gauntlet, Eden pulled out another gadget, another teleporter, he tapped a button and he looked at us.

"Jump in." We all do so and after we jumped in everything exploded.


"Jet Pistol!" Luffy shot his fist right at Garou and he was sent flying into the prison. Luffy glared at Kaido, Kaido was about the slam his claw down on Luffy but he suddenly vanished, Luffy was above the clouds held up by Nappa.

"Oi, Nappy, let me down!" Luffy said as he tried to squirm out of his grasp.

"You know as well as I do this won't end well," Nappa said looking at Kaido, Kaido looked to his left and right.

"Where is that darn brat?" Kaido asked himself he flew and tried to look in the forest, Nappa flew back to the camp that was in the forest. Grievous was fully healed due to eating sensu beans that were held by Nappa. Nappa looked at the prison, squatting in a charging position then stood up and flicked both his middle finger and his index finger up.

"Giant Storm!" The prison was then blown into smithereens, Kaido looked back at the prison.

"MY MEN!!!!" He flew back, Nappa turned to his companions, he then sensed Eden, Reaper, Sally, and Mogeme.

"We need to regroup with the others, let's go!" Nappa ran towards the power levels, Thanos, Entity, Lucci, and Grievous ran too.

"All that's left is Kaido, together we can take him down," Thanos said as he saw Sally and the others, he jumped and landed in front of them. The others jumped down with Thanos, they were all together. Thanos, Grievous, Lucci, Entity, Sally, Eden, Luffy, Mogeme, and Reaper.

"Wait, why is he here?" Lucci asked, Reaper crossed his arms.

"You'll need everyone you got to take down Kaido. Also here." Reaper threw Thanos his Gauntlet, he then turned and looked over the two cliffs that were in the way of looking at Kaido. Thanos got his Gauntlet on. They all got in a line, Thanos in the middle, Lucci on his right, Grievous on his left, Entity on Lucci's left, Sally on Grievous' right, Eden on Entity's left, Luffy on Sally's right, Mogeme on Eden's left, Nappa on Luffy's right and finally Reaper on Mogeme's left.

As they marched towards the ruins of the prison, Kaido looked down at our heroes, each of them glaring at Kaido.

Thanos the Mad Titan, the ex-husband of the Guardian of The Sun, master of all the Infinity Stones, King of the Kingdom of the Minotaurs, eater of the Netsu-Netsu No Mi, friend and enemy of many.

Rob Lucci, the Leopard Assassin, master of the Six Powers, two-time defending champ of champion of Minos, master of martial arts, eater of the Neko-Neko No Mi, Model: Leopard, and a friend to the Mad Titan.

General Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East, master of all five Elemental Swords, captain of the Minotaur Kingdom's Royal Guard, master of the blade, and friend to the Mad Titan.

Entity 303, the White Reaper, master of the flames and conqueror of the cold, lover of the Queen of the Dead, master of the scythe, and friend to the Mad Titan.

Sally, the Queen of the Dead, master of destruction, lover to the White Reaper, master of all Six Powers, known as the bladed woman, and friend to the Mad Titan.

Eden Spark, the Mercenary of the West, master of strategy and master of invention, mech wearing demon, and an ally to the Mad Titan.

Straw Hat Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, master of combat, eater of meat, son of a demon and a hero, and an ally to the Mad Titan.

Mogeme Genome, the Gold Blooded Alternian Troll, master of sound, lover of children, entertainer to all, treasure hunter, and an ally to the Mad Titan.

Nappa, a Middle-Class Full-Blooded Saiyan, a proud equestrian, the prankster of Ponyville, warrior of Equestria, master of the martial arts, and an ally to the Mad Titan.

Alvin Cain, The Reaper and killer of many, adoptive father of Rarity Belle, all-seeing and all-knowing, strategist of Kaido, ex-subordinate of Kaido, and an ally to the Mad Titan.

They walked surprisingly in sync, as they passed the giant cliffs that were above them, casting a shadow onto them making it darker for them, but the dark could never stop these beacons of hope, these beacons of light! Thanos unsheathed his blade and put it in his right hand, his gauntlet hand hot with fire. Grievous got out all of his Elemental Swords, Earth, Air, Water, and Lightning, and covered them in Armament Haki. Eden got out his cube and held it close, his rifle still switched to its magma setting. Lucci got into his Hybrid Form, covered both his arms and legs in Armament Haki. Luffy went Gear Second, both his arms and legs covered in Armament Haki. Entity had a flaming aura around him, covering his arms and legs in Armament Haki, he then summoned his Scythe, also covering it in Armament Haki. Sally covered her arms and legs in Armament Haki, and grinned. Mogeme got his boots into Soundwave setting and he got his gauntlets ready as he slammed his fist together on his palm. Nappa clenched his fists, his tail flicked with excitement, and he cracked his knuckles. Reaper got his knife ready, it was a special knife, he switched its setting and it turned itself into a sword, he covered his arms and left with Armament Haki. They walked where the entrance once was, now was just rubble and ruins. Thanos found Muscular's decapitated head and stomped on it like a bug.

"Stupid idiot," Thanos muttered under his breath.

They all got into their fighting stances and looked up at the King of Beasts.

"Let's go!"

Kaido Vs Everyone

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Kaido looked down at us, he used Conquerors Haki to try and stagger us, his blue Conquerors Haki spread towards us, engulfing us in his will. I look up to him and I use my Conquerors Haki to counteract his, Luffy assisted me with his Conquerors Haki as well. Blue, Purple, and Red clashed against each other, then the struggle dispersed, leaving Blue, Purple, and Red specks flying across the battlefield. No one said a word, but the silence was short lived as everyone let our a furious battle cry as they ran at Kaido, Entity jumped up and flew at Kaido, fire boosting him. Kaido shot a small fire ball at him and Entity threw his scythe at the fire ball and cut it in half. The scythe came back to him and Entity shot a red beam the size of his whole body at Kaido. Kaido just put his head to the side dodging the beam. Entity grunted, Sally and Lucci used Kamisori and appeared above Kaido then both then used Rankyaku. Kaido was launched to the ground due to the force of the attack, me and Luffy jumped up to him, I pulled back my Gauntlet wearing fist, covered it in Armament Haki, also with Tekkai "go" which is an enhanced version of Tekkai, I trained a lot to pull of this form of Tekkai, I also heated it up 1000 Celsius. Luffy covered his fist in Ryou Haki, got in Gear Second too.

"Ultra Heat..." I pulled back my fist, Luffy clenched his fist.

"Gum Gum..." He had his fist pulled back, and he grinned.

"CRASH!!!!" I shout out

"RED HAWK!!!!" Luffy roared as both of our attacks hit Kaido's jaw, knocking him up. I used Geppo and my Infinity Blade lit up and caught on fire.

"Fiery Hurricane!" I spin around, cutting into Kaido's body, a gash appeared on his jaw, blood spilling out. I cut Kaido! Probably because of the heat I used to weaken his scales. I grabbed Luffy and used Kamisori to appear back on the battleground.

"Alright, since Thanos cut a wound under his chin that's his weak spot, so we'll exploit that weak spot, right guys?" Reaper looked back at Mogeme and Eden, they nodded and they ran at Kaido. Eden put on some rocket boots, and blasted off, Reaper and Mogeme following. Reaper pulled out another sword, one with a white sheath, Eden got his rifle ready and Mogeme pulled out a pistol. Reaper shot an air slash at him shooting slashes at Kaido's wound, Eden shot magma, and Mogeme shot plasma from his energy pistol. The combined attack made Kaido snarl, Nappa looked up at the three, as gravity took it's effect the Mogeme pulled something from his bag, gum? He popped it in his mouth chewed on it and blew a bubble, everyone landed on the bubble and they landed safety, Mogeme then spits out the gum because 'rona. Nappa grinned.

"You darn brats!" Kaido roared, he charged a blast from his maw. "Boro Breath!" Kaido shoots a ray of fire down upon us, Mogeme ran for cover, Lucci realizing what Mogeme did would be useless ran after him.

"Hey, Mogeme, you can't hide from that-" Immediately the blast shot at Lucci, Nappa ran in front of Kaido.

"Break Cannon!" Nappa shot a Ki wave from his mouth to counter Kaido's Boro Breath, the two waves of power clashed. Kaido having a head start, was overpowering Nappa, Entity went by Nappa and shot a fire blast to assist Nappa. Lucci ran towards me fifteen meters away. Mogeme got up and searched for something in his bag, it was a Hulkbuster gauntlet. Mogeme went up to Nappa and assisted him by shooting a huge wave of plasma, the Ki, Fire, and Plasma vs pure unadulterated fire. Nappa grunted as he powered up, to try and push back the beam.

"If you really thing you could beat me in a beam struggle, you are sorely mistaken!" Whatever Nappa and the others had going for them were destroyed as they were all hit by the blast which made a crater. I ran to go check on them, Mogeme was on his back in said crater, Entity's coat was burnt, Nappa had his armor broken. Nappa groaned.

"Darn it..." I look towards Kaido, I then see Reaper getting his swords ready. He then jumped towards Kaido, using Geppo to boost himself towards Kaido, Reaper was right in front of Kaido's eyes.

"He's trying to blind him." I could tell that he was trying to do that because of how his swords were in his hands. Kaido looked down at Reaper and charged up a small fire blast.

"Oh s-" Reaper was cut off as he was hit by a fire blast and was sent careening into rubble. Reaper was now under the rubble, suddenly Nappa sprung up and shot a blast at Kaido. Kaido tilted his head, dodging the attack.

"You missed." He commented, Nappa panted.

"I wasn't aiming for you, you dumb dragon." Nappa walked out of the crater as his tail twitched, I then realize what happened and looked at the blast, it was glowing like the moon! Soon the others realized it as well.

"It gon' be bootleg Godzilla vs bootleg King Kong." Lucci chuckles, as Nappa panted and his eyes turn white, he then grew in size, hair turning into fur. Nappa grew larger and larger, soon towering over us all, we look at Kaido and Nappa.

"Alright guys, let me handle him!" Nappa said, his voice booming, Entity carried Mogeme out of the crater and ran to somewhere safe. I tapped into my Observation Haki to try and see where Reaper fell.

Reaper POV

As I was trapped under rubble I sat there in thought.

Why was I so weak?

I've been working under Kaido for five years, sure I was strong for being a human but that's all I got going for me. I'm strong and I have a good sword... I wonder how Rarity is doing? Rarity... I must be strong, for her!

I burst out of the rubble, in a new form, clad in black. I looked up to Kaido, I then notice Nappa in his Great Ape form. Thanos was next to me, I readied by wings but be put a hand in front of me.

"Let him handle it." Thanos said, I glared at him, Thanos glared back, I sighed and crossed my arms.

"Fine, let's see in King Kong can beat a dragon." I say looking at Nappa.

"Alrighty, Kaido have you ever been punched by a monkey?"Nappa asked, Kaido looked at him, curious.

"No." Kaido said plainly, Nappa grinned.

"WOULD YOU LIKE TO!??!?!" Nappa flew at Kaido and launched a devastating uppercut on Kaido, knocking him up into the air. Kaido was sent flying to the sky, Nappa grabbed onto his tail and spun, and spun, and spun around. Nappa then threw him, Kaido caught himself and flew high.

"BORO BREATH!!!!" Kaido shot a fire blast from his maw at Nappa, Nappa simply slapped it away, the attack hitting a nearby mountain and destroying it.

"Witch please..." Nappa rubbed the hand he slapped the attack away. Kaido growled and turned into his human form, he had his Kanabo out, he glared at Nappa, Nappa was 50 meters tall, Kaido was 27 meters tall.

"Shorty." Nappa grinned, Kaido glared at Nappa, Nappa ran at Kaido, Kaido ran at Nappa. Kaido raised his Kanabo high and Nappa clenched his right fist. Kaido covered his Kanabo is Armament Haki, weapon and fist meet, blowing away some rubble. Kaido and Nappa struggled, they both jumped back, Kaido ran at Nappa and hit him with his Kanabo in the chest. Nappa staggered a bit, Nappa pulled back his fist and punched Kaido in his right cheek, Kaido tried to hit Nappa again but was blocked by Nappa. Nappa blocked the attack with his arm guard, Nappa punched Kaido in the gut. Kaido then proceeds to headbutt Nappa, dazing him. Lightning hits Kaido, and Kaido performs the quickest Thunder Bagua I've seen him do.

"Thunder Bagua!" Kaido hits Nappa with his Kanabo, Nappa was then launched towards me and Thanos. Thanos grabs my hands and runs towards the group, just in time too, Nappa hit the floor just as we reached the group.

"Cute birdies..." Literal birds circled around Nappa, I look at Thanos.

"Can we fight him now?" I cross my arms, Thanos sighed, and shook his head.

"Yeah, really hoped Nappa could beat him." Thanos said, Immediately I lunged towards Kaido at speeds that broke the sound barrier, I got my two swords out and was about to slash Kaido, but Kaido blocked my attack. The speed at which I clashed with him pushed him back, Grievous appeared above me.

"Four Sword Style, Kabob!" Grievous shoved all of his swords into Kaido (Oh my~), it didn't pierce Kaido sadly but it did push him back. Lucci appeared above Grievous his right leg covered in fire.

"Poêle à Frire: Spectre!" Lucci cried out as he lands several fiery kicks on Kaido's head, Kaido taking all of the hits Lucci then spin kicks Kaido once more. Kaido didn't move, Kaido glared at Lucci, he let out a roar blowing us all away, I caught myself and landed on my feet, so did Lucci and Grievous.

"Tch, alright what do we do?" I ask Lucci, "We need a plan if we want to win."

"I don't know, we should probably just wait until Entity finishes his Fire Bomb." Lucci said as he got in a battle stance, I look up behind me, and there was Entity with a... mountain sized Fire Ball... How did he do that so fast?!

"HEY KAIDO!!!! PACIFIC RIM SUCKA!!!" Eden said as he punched Kaido with a mech, Kaido growled and raised his Kanabo.

"Oh fu-" Eden was hit by the Kanabo and he was sent flying out of the mech, Eden was no unconscious and landed on a pile of burnt bodies. Thanos looked at me, I looked at him back.

"Oh..." We both said at the same time.

"MOVE OUTTA DA WAE!!!!!!!" I hear a loud voice say, we both know who it was and ran away. Far. KAido looked confused.

"Why are you running?" Kaido then looked up, and mouthed something not very pg.

"FIRE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kaido looked at the mountain sized fiery sun like ball. His body changed a little before the Fire Bomb hit Kaido. Entity fell from the sky, out of energy, before I even try to catch him Sally at the speed of light caught Entity.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Sally asked, Entity coughed and he grinned.

"No..." Entity wheezed, Sally then embraced Entity, and with a squeeze Entity had half of his bones broken. Thanos smiled, I sighed, we won.

"Wahoo! We won! It's all because of us worked together, kinda just like Oars." Luffy said with a grin ear to ear.

"Alrighty, let's see if there are any survivors." I say clapping my hands together.

"GRIEVOUS SENPAAAAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Grievous was suddenly tackled by someone clad in armor, one with female features, Grievous was squeezed.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East, the one who slayed dragons upon dragons, the one who fought Eric Von Shadow fearlessly, the one who fought Celestia and joked about her sexuality and showed no fear was scared by an armored waifu.

"HAVE MY BABIES!!!" Warmonger said so quickly no one heard but Grievous.

"YE WOT M8?!?!?!?!?" Grievous was confused, Thanos laughed his butt off, Lucci just smiled... Before he was stomped like
a bug.

"You darn brats... Really thought a mediocre attack like that, could kill me!??!?!" Kaido took two steps closer revealing Lucci, no longer in his hybrid form. Kaido towered over us, the size of Nappa in his Great Ape Form. Warmonger looked at Kaido, spooked.

"K-Kaido, you're not dead..." Warmonger looked at Kaido, Kaido scoffed.

"I knew it, you betray me, just like him!" Kaido raised his Kanabo and was about to slam it down on Warmonger, but Grievous jumped in front of Kaido. Grievous and his Elemental Swords clashed with Kaido's Kanabo yet again but this time there was no struggle, Grievous was thrown back by the force. Grievous was thrown into one of the cliffs that they previously past, it made a small crater that made Grievous stick there. I look at Kaido with pure fear, comparing me to him is like comparing an anthill to a mountain! I was paralyzed with fear, he let out a burst of his Conquerors Haki and I fell on one knee.

"I-I knew it... We shouldn't have tried to face him." I said, my voice shaky, Luffy looked at me, he could feel my fear.

"Oi, Reaper, get it together! We need to take down Kaido, we still stand a chance!" I looked at Luffy, was he serious?!

"We don't that's his Hybrid Form, his third phase! We already lost thing Boss battle when it started. I should've seen that, oh I should've." Thanos walked past me and pushed me aside.

"Well if you're going to be a coward, then it's just us then!" Thanos then powered up, steam bursting around him like an aura. By now he was covered in steam, the steam dispersed leaving Thanos in a Gear Second like state. He was light purple, Luffy grinned and kicked off his shoes.

Luffy put his left arm in front of him and let out a deep inhale, Luffy coats his left arm in Armament Haki. Luffy used all of his gathered air and bit down on his left arm, air going into it.

"Muscle Balloon!" Luffy's left arm grew to the size of a white sedan, the arm then had a red aura around it. Still blowing on it the air went to his body making him grow. It also made is right arm grow as well, air finally going into his fingers each finger growing to the length of a snake, Luffy then proceeds to ball up the fist that finally had it's fingers blown up. Tribal like symbols start to appear on his chest, matching the pattern of the Gum-Gum Fruit that he ate. Steam then blocked our view covering Luffy's whole entire body in steam. In the steam I saw Luffy's silhouette appear, it was his head, bouncing side to side Luffy pushed some steam out of his way and opened his eyes from the steam. His eyes fueled with determination, the steam then dissipated, revealing Luffy in a fighting stance, steam came out of his mouth.

"Gear!" Luffy throws his head back "FOOOUUUUUUTHH!!!!" Luffy's head went back to it's normal position as he started to bounce, and every time his feet would touch the earth it would clang like metal. "Bounce Man." Luffy finished.

"Steam Man!" Thanos called his new form, I looked to Mogeme who pulled out some armor, Mogeme threw it into the air and the armor attached itself onto Mogeme. Mogeme stood there, clad in white armor, like a knight, he stood there.

"Sound Armor, let's go!" Mogeme grinned, Entity got up and stood beside Mogeme, a red aura appeared around him and his eyes turned crimson, he summoned his scythe and it grew in size. Twin Fire Dragons burst out of the ground and appear beside him.

"Get ready my Dragon companions, this will be a hard fought battle." Entity said as he shaked with fear- no, excitement, why was I so scared?! Sally stood up and walked beside Entity.

"I may have no flashy forms, or flashy armor and I may not be good at the Six Powers as Lucci but my quirk is very strong without any of those." Sally said as she clenched his fists, coating it in Armament Haki, I got up, readying my swords.

"Well... If you guys are going to fight him, I'm not going to be left behind!" I clenched my swords, Kaido looked down at us. I look to Warmonger but she was gone, I look back to Grievous and Warmonger was getting him out of the crater.

"Well then if you all insist, you can all DIE!!!!" Kaido jumped at us, we all got out of the way, Luffy jumping out of the way, Luffy using the elastic force to fly flew at Kaido. Luffy covered his right arm in Ryou Haki.

"Gum Gum, Red Gun!" Luffy punched Kaido in the jaw, Kaido stumbled back, Kaido raised his left fist and was about to slam it on Luffy.

"Red Dragon, go!" One of Entity's Fire Dragons flew and wrapped itself around Kaido's left arm, the other Fire Dragon wrapped itself around Kaido's other arm. "Go, Thanos!" Entity cries out as Thanos broke the sound barrier and left a sonic boom appeared in front of Kaido. He covered his Gauntlet fist in Armament Haki, and increased the damage by Tekkai Go.

"Super Sonic Heat Crash!" The fist hit Kaido and made him spew blood, Kaido after he got hit grabbed Thanos and held him high. Kaido then charged a fire blast from his mouth, Thanos' eyes opened wide.

"BORO BREATH!!!!" Kaido let go of Thanos and before Thanos even thought about running he was hit by the attack and was launched over the horizon. My eyes opened wide, Thanos was our only chance, Kaido smashed the Fire Dragons together, killing them. Kaido then threw his Kanabo at Entity, Sally got in the way and tried to disintegrate it but was hit by the Kanabo. Sally and Entity were sent flying into the cliff Grievous was launched, going through the cliff and into trees and rocks they were gone.

"We... We had a chance... And it... And it..." I fell to my knees and before I realized it, my form was gone, I then collapsed. Shaking, in fear.

"Reaper!" Luffy cried out, I couldn't hear him, my world went dark in a matter of seconds. I then hear a punch impact someone and I hear Luffy scream.

"Luffy's down..." I muttered as I slowly pass out.

Kaido looked to Mogeme who stood there, Mogeme looked to Luffy's unconscious form and looked to Reaper.

"Well I'm screwed ain't I?" Mogeme looked at Kaido.

"Right in the down under." Kaido grinned before he lunged at Mogeme.

"OH F-"

Crossover 2 - Titans and Gods

View Online

In a forest far, far, far away from Thanos's universe

As dawn broke, the peace and serenity of the everfree forest were shattered, by the bellow of a wild animal…

“CRAP BASKETS!!!!” Nightmare shouted, her body falling towards the ground at an alarming rate. The Parayzte’s body impacted the ground, a small crater forming in the process, scarring the forest's animals. It shook the ground as many leaves fell from the unusual trees. She coughed up spit, landing on her knees as she was disgusted by the taste of dirt in her mouth. She slowly got up as a pair of boots landed in front of her, looking up. Nightmare saw Black looking down at her with a smirk.

“Come on, are you still having trouble with dodging?” Black laughed. He held out a helping hand, Nightmare grabbed it, being pulled up to her hoofs as she frowned at Black.

“It’s harder than it looks alright!” Nightmare shouted, Black, rolling his eyes as he turned around and walked out of the crater, Nightmare slowly followed after as she held her gut. The pair walked together out of the forest into an opening. Black looked up, seeing the mountain that held up the capital city of Equestria, Canterlot. Black smirked as he looked back down, seeing multiple wooden logs sticking out of the ground with multiple planks of wood next to it.

“Really?” Black looked back to Nightmare with a mocking look of confusion, “I never knew it was that complicated,” Nightmare growled at him, Black laughing in the process. “I’m kidding, I’ll just have to tackle that part of your training later, come help me finish this cabin.” Black gestured a hand to the frame. The Parasite groaned in annoyance, Black shook his head as he made his way to the wooden structure. As he went to pick up a plank, he notices something out of the corner of his eye.

He squinted as a gold light shimmed from the reflection of the rising sun. Black got curious, placing the plank back onto the pile, and walked over to the object. Picking it up, his eyes widened as he realized what he just picked up.

“What is this doing here?” Black whispered, expecting the golden gauntlet. Flipping it, he saw it had two gems embedded in it. One purple while the other was red, putting the two things together, Black spoke in disbelief.

“The Infinity Gauntlet…” Black spoke. Nightmare notices the Saiyan looking at something.

“Whatcha looking at?” Nightmare asked as she walked over, seeing the gauntlet in Black’s grasp.

“A weapon that could wipe out half of all mortal life in a snap,” Black explained as he faced Nightmare. Hearing this got the Parasite uneasy as she looked at the gauntlet. “But it can’t in this state, for it requires all the infinity stones for that to happen. But I don’t think this one is the real thing, this holds the same energy like this.” Black reached into his gi, pulling out the Crimson Sage’s Token. “I believe we found another Displaced.”

“Another one?” Nightmare asked as Black nodded, “Are you going to summon this guy now?”

Black looked at the gauntlet, thinking if he should summon the token’s user, but the Saiyan shrugged. “Nope, Last time I summoned a Displaced, it wasn’t for any real reason, I just wanted to see what it looked like,” Black explained as Nightmare nodded in agreement. “I’ll summon him when there’s a great danger.” Black put away the Crimson Sage’s token but then thought of something as he looked back at the gauntlet. ‘I wouldn't kill to have one of the Doctor’s coats, bigger on the inside pockets sound great right about now…’

Black was interrupted as the ground began to shake, sending Nightmare onto her ass as Black managed to stand up. The sky darkened with clouds forming over Canterlot. “What the buck was that!” Nightmare shouted, looking to the Saiyan, only to see Black wide-eyed. “Black?”

After a moment, Black’s eyes narrowed, “So… you're finally back, huh…” Without any explanation, the Saiyan ignited his aura, flying straight up while leaving a crater underneath him. Dirt was kicked up, flying into Nightmare as she coughed up dirt that made its way into her mouth. Black immediately appeared in the Canterlot gardens, landing on the ground, and began sprinting through the hedges. He passed through multiple statues, many from warriors of the past, ones of villains. Black arrived at one, only to see it shattered into pieces. Nightmare followed shortly…

“What the buck was that for?!” Nightmare shouted, “You could’ve at least told me what was happening without getting me covered in dirt!” Black was ignoring the Parasite.

“We may need to summon him now,” Black whispered, looking down at the infinity gauntlet. Without a word, he lifted the gauntlet to eye level, a voice spoke from it.

“My name is Thanos, The Mad Titan, Call My Name And I Shall Answer!” a voice boomed from the gauntlet.

Black smirked, shouting “The Mad Titan, Thanos, I require your aid!” The Saiyan’s voice rang throughout the city. Not long after, a small orb made of dark clouds appeared a few feet from the pair, slowly growing in size with lightning arcing around it. It expanded, making a small hole, inside it was dark. Shortly after, it spat out a large muscular purple being with a weird chin. The large muscular purple being had burnt marks and was bleeding with its armor melted.

Black eyes went wide as he sprinted to the large muscular purple being’s side, “Crap crap crap crap crap…” Black muttered, he kneeled next to the being, placing a hand on his chest. “Don’t die on me, your reality stone will be really helpful.” Black's hand began to glow green, the glow expanding across the beings body, healing all the burn marks and any other injury Black couldn’t see. After waiting a moment, Black stopped healing the being and waited for him to wake up. After waiting a minute and not getting anything from him, Black grew impatient. “OI! Wake the fuck up!” Black slapped the being. The being quickly grabbed Black’s collar and stood up, its eyes peering into Black’s.

“Where. Is. Kaido.” The being merely said, his voice emanating raw power.

Black looked confused at the being as he was unaffected by the being’s stare. “Alright, that explains the burn marks. Let me guess, you were in a fight with this ‘Kaido’ fella, correct?” The being merely nodded in response. “Well, you're not in your universe anymore pal,” Black answered the being’s question honestly. The being let go of Black’s collar and looked around.

“No, no, no, no! Entity and the others are in danger!” The being grabbed its head in realization, “Is there a way that I can go back?! Or do I have to do something for you? Kill someone? Eating contest? Jokes? I got jokes darn it!” The being shook Black back and forth.

Black started to get dizzy, “Oi, if you stop shaking me, then I can explain to you why you’re here!” Black shouted, the being immediately stopped shaking the Saiyan. Black shook his head, “Right, I just need some help defeating a spirit that can change the fabric of reality like his own house plaything. I’d rather not kill him since he’s kinda required to exist. But after that, you can go home. Plus, since you were summoned, your universe is kinda paused until you go back.”

“Oooooohhh…” The being said in realization, “The name’s Thanos by the way, I am actually good at cleaning which is not related to the situation, at all!” Thanos laughed.

Black looked at Thanos with a deadpan look, he looked back to the hand that was holding him by the collar, “Can you put me down please?” Black asked politely.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that” Thanos lets Black down and he cleans his hands… In mid-air… with no water… And no soap. Black stood there for a second before pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Goddammit, can every other displace I summon make the fabric of reality their plaything now…” Black muttered. He looked back to Thanos, “I bet you're enjoying making me annoyed, aren't you?” Black asked unamused.

“Perhaps, I just learned how to do these things because of Nappa, he also mentioned that you are massive and I mean MASSIVE simp.” Thanos explained, “Sorry about breaking reality, don’t normally do that.”

Black let out a massive sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose again, muttering about exchanging for a different displaced. “Welp, can’t do shit ‘bout this now.” Black then realized what Thanos said. “Wait a minute, who the fuck said I’m a simp!?”

“Nappa, from Dragon Ball Z Abridged, you watch that right? Apparently, he was in a prison which I was captive there at the time, long story, but he said you’re a massive simp. If you want to square up with him, I do not recommend it. Unless you wanna be tormented by Ghost Nappa forever.” Thanos informed Black with nothing but the truth.

“Who hasn't seen Dragon Ball Z Abridged?” Black answered back, before shivering at the thought of being tormented by Ghost Nappa. “Either way, I’m not a Simp…” Black answered while Thanos looked at him with a questioning look.

“I don’t know man, sealing yourself in stone to protect a woman is kinda simpy, not gonna lie.” Thanos puts his hands up and tries to hide his grin.

Black frowned, “It was either that or let a mass genocidal Nightmare take control of my mind and body and letting him commit genocide across the universe. I didn’t have a choice…” Black explained, frowning at the memory.

“Who hasn’t committed genocide these days, I mean my Celestia destroyed the entire race of humans and threatened to destroy all evil leaving no evil to stand in Equestria’s way.” Thanos chuckled as a can of hetap out of nowhere appeared in his grasp and Thanos took a sip of said hetap.

“I have... in a way... kinda...” Black shivered at the moment of an old memory. He shook the memory away as he stared at the hetap. “Hey, can I have one of those?”

“Hold up,” Thanos turned around and got out another hetap and tossed it at Black, he then noticed Nightmare. “Oh, don’t go thinking I forgot about you.” He turned around again and faced Nightmare, another hetap in hand. “Here.” He tosses the hetap at Nightmare.

The two both catch the cans of hetap, Nightmare looked at it questionably while Black took a sip and sighed in satisfaction. “Ah, a sip of hetap is always nice,” Black spoke. Nightmare shrugged and took a sip, immediately spitting out the contents of the beer. She looked disgusted…

“The buck is this?!?” The Parasite shouted, she threw the drink into the ground, it exploded into clouds as it impacted the ground.

“What you have just done is a vile sin,” Thanos said, anger in his eyes as heat emanating from his body, the ground started to heat up. Thanos frowned at Nightmare. “There are children who would drink that, think about the children god darn it!” Thanos boomed.

“Oh, the children indeed! How could you do such a vile thing, Nightmare Moon!” A voice boomed in the sky, gathering the attention of every creature. Blacks' eyes narrowed as his teeth began to grind against each other.

“So you finally show yourself…” Black hissed.

“SEE??!?! He gets it don’t you, want some hetap? I got more than a life’s time full of it.” Thanos offered a hetap appearing in his offhand out of nowhere.

“No thank you, I’m more of a chocolate milk being myself.” the voice boomed in another direction, a form materializing a few feet away from the group. Its body was abnormal, a mixture of multiple creatures as it was fully formed. It had the legs of a dragon and donkey, the arms of a lion, and a griffon. A tail and body of a serpent with a head of a pony with ears of a donkey’s and antlers. It also had a pair of bat wings. “Here, have some,” It flicked its hand, changing Thanos’s hetap into a glass of chocolate milk.

“Thanks,” Thanos commented as he took a sip of the chocolate milk. “Nothing is sweeter than chocolate milk, am I right or am I right?” Thanos chuckled, his offhand slowly reaching for his Infinity Blade.

Black said nothing as he stared at the being, “You should’ve stayed in your stone prison, Discord…” The Saiyan hissed as he immediately transformed into Super Saiyan 2, his hair spiked up as it turned golden with his pupils turning blue.

Discord watching in amusement as he held out a hand, a glass of chocolate milk appearing in it as he took a sip, “Ooo, is the monkey upset? Do you need a banana to calm down my ape friend?” Only for Black to shoot a ki blast at his chocolate milk, shattering the beverage.

Thanos appeared before Discord, his gauntlet wearing fist covered in some type of black armor and caught on fire. “YOU RACIST SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!” Thanos then punched Discord into a tree.

Black appeared next to Thanos, “Don’t kill him, we kinda need him since he holds part of this reality together after all.” Black explained to the Titan, the Saiyan turning his attention to Nightmare. “Go get the Princess and the Elements of Harmony were going to need them to seal this racist jackass once more.”

“But I can help!” Nightmare complained, but a look from Goku Black shut her up. She quickly spread her wings and took off into the castle. Black turned his attention back to Discord as he stood back up.

“We need to hold him off, don’t let him get away. Don’t underestimate him, he’s a shifty one.” Black put a plan together.

Thanos kept his blade sheathed as he stretched, “Don’t worry, that punch was a love tap, and since you’re a Super Saiyan I can tell that we’re not dealing with the average villain anymore, he has ascended, he has become a Super Villain!” Thanos said comedically as he got into his fighting stance.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that…” Black muttered, ignoring the references as he got into a fighting stance similar to Vegeta’s. “I don’t know how it works in your universe, but here it took everything I had last time I faced him, and I was a Super Saiyan. He’s considered a deity here, one that’s below the Supreme Kais.” Black shifted his stance slightly as he waited for Discord to make a move. “I may have to kick it up to god after all…” The Saiyan muttered.

“Indeed,” Discord exclaimed as he walked towards the pair. “Thanos, was it? That punch was, what’s the word?” Discord went into thought as he put a claw to his snout. “Oh, that’s it! Pathetic…”

“... I’m gonna start beating you now. I don’t know when I’ll stop,” Thanos said as shadows appeared over his eyes. Thanos used a technique that appeared to be instant transmission and Thanos cocked back his fist once more to strike the Spirit of Chaos. His fist covered in a black substance, heated up so much that fire appeared before it, “Tekkai, Go.” He muttered under his breath. “HEAT CRASH!!!” Thanos slams his fist into Discord’s gut.

An explosion of fire exploded across the area, Black putting up a barrier to protect himself from the flames. After the explosion of fire, it left a large scorch mark in the garden as it destroyed any plant life the fire came in contact with. Thanos emerged from the rising smoke with a smirk.

“How about that you little bitch ass motherfucking-” Thanos proceeds to call Discord any single swear word known to man, “Ye fat fokin cunt.” Thanos finished his onslaught of swears.

Discord emerged from the smoke with a hole in his gut, he looked down before smirking, “You done?” Thanos nods, “Good.” Discord’s gut healed immediately as he began to pat it. “Impressive attack I must say, but it still won’t be enough to beat me.” Discord exclaimed, laughing.

“Do you ever shut up…” Black growled as he appeared behind the spirit of chaos? Discord didn’t have enough time to dodge as Black struck Discord in the chin, sending the spirit into the sky. Black quickly followed, exploding into Super Saiyan 3 as he increased his speed. He appeared Discord, putting his hands together and striking the spirit in the gut, sending him back to the ground.

“Oh hell yeah!” Using some type of energy, Thanos appeared above Discord, he then let out a spin kick, “Rankyaku!” A slash of air as wide as a car was sent flying at Discord. This sent the spirit of chaos deeper into the ground, creating a large crater in the process while kicking up a dust cloud. Both Thanos and Black land next to each other, waiting for Discord to appear in front of him.

“That won’t put him down, at this point he thinks this is a game to entertain him.” Black said as he dropped out of Super Saiyan 3. “Got anything else that could be useful…” The Saiyan was interrupted as Discord appeared in front of him, his lion paw recoiled back.

“Dropped your guard.” Discord chuckled, landing a punch across the Saiyans face. This sent Black towards the castle and into a wall. Thanos went for a punch, but it missed as Discord appeared behind the Titan, kicking Thanos into a tree.

“You fucking bitch, I know why you kicked me into a tree, vengeance right? Well then… I have a form…” Thanos’ skin changed color as steam started to surround him like a Super Saiyan’s aura. “You won’t… Be able to do anything!” Breaking the sound barrier he appeared before Discord. “Super Sonic, Heat CRRRAAAASH!!!!” His fist was covered in the black substance again and was enhanced by this “Tekkai Go'' he spoke about earlier the attack launched him far but before he could hit anything. Thanos appears and uppercuts Discord into the sky, using some type of ability he kicks himself from the ground and does some type of skill that lets him jump in the air, effectively making him fly. He was now in front of Discord, “Infernal Rainshower!” A full army of fists impacted Discord as each fist let a burn mark on Discord, all the while saying “Muda'' with each punch he threw, and with a final punch, he sent Discord into the ground, shaking Canterlot.

As Discord slowly stood up, patting out all the scorch marks on his body. “I actually felt that one-” The spirit was interrupted as the sound of a rising voice.

“FINAL!!!” A fire aura exploded from Blacks' position. Soon, a spire of fire flew straight into the sky, revealing Black going Super Saiyan God. He had his arms to the side as two yellow balls of ki in his hands. He threw his hands forward, the two balls of ki merging to one. “KAAA MEEEE,”

Discord looked up in disbelief, “He… he can’t be serious, right?”

Black brought his arms to his right side, charging the massive blast next to him as it had a mixture of blue and yellow. “HAAAAAA MEE-”

Black suddenly disappeared with the sound of a popping balloon. Discord’s eyes widen, the popping sound appears in front of him, with a really pissed-off Saiyan looking at him with nothing but pure hatred. “Oh… CRAP BASKETS!!!”


Black threw his hands forward, sending the blast straight in Discord's face. Thanos jumped to the side as the blast flew past him. Discord screamed as the blast began to melt his skin. The beam of energy flying from the ground and into the sky. It shortly thinned out with a massive explosion followed after, it shook the earth. Black huffed, “Hard enough for you…”

“That’s what she said.” Thanos laughed, “Oh man, get fucked Discord. Wait, did you kill him?!” Thanos asked.

Black gave Thanos the finger as he answered the Titan’s question, “No, remember, he’s essentially a spirit, the only way to kill a spirit is the use of a Haki…” Black looked to where the explosion happened, seeing a mutilated figure of Discord look at the Saiyan with nothing but rage. “Think I pissed him off…” Black muttered.

Discord appeared before them, his skin burned away as it revealed bone and muscle. “That actually kinda hurt.” Discord growled. He threw his arms to the side, his skin and fur covering his muscle and bones.

Thanos appeared behind Discord and put him in a Full Nelson. “FULL NELSON!!!! Haha, I’m gonna break you like a KitKat bar.” Thanos’ body started to heat up as Discord struggled to escape, grinning the Mad Titan stood there. “You know the boiling point of blood is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, I wonder how long you can hold out?” Thanos began to heat up Discord’s muscles and bones started to burn. “I bet you’re going to stay awhile, so grab a snicker!” Thanos laughed.

Discord twisted his head a full 180 and grinned, “I think I might just do that,” Discord then turned into a large mass of water, cooling down the area and drenching Thanos. The spirit appeared a few feet away with a snicker in paw and began to eat it. “Man, you humans sure do know how to make good candy.” Discord spoke, finishing the candy in a few moments.

“How do you know we’re humans? Wait, you can break the fourth wall too?! Can you please say that Goku Black is a simp, you’re from his story.” Thanos said, looking directly at Goku Black with a shit-eating grin.

Black facepalmed, “I swear, I'm dealing with Deadpool in the body of a mad titan…” Black groaned.

“Don’t be like that, he’s such a good friend, I do need to get that cherry changa that I promised him after that completely unnecessary Death Battle between him and Pinkie Pie.” Discord explained as he pulled out a kit-kat bar. He didn’t get to take a bit of the candy as Black appeared in front of him, exploding into Super Saiyan Rose. The Saiyan grabbed Discord by the throat, choke slamming the spirit into the ground. Black grabbed Discord by the wings, pulling him into the air before slamming him back into the ground, creating a hole in the process.

“What the hell is happening right now, where the fuck am I!” Discord shouted in anger, Black proceeds to point two fingers into the hole, a small ball of it growing. “Wait a minute, hold on… now I see a light?”

“Walk towards it!” Black shouts, he released the small ball of ki, which flew down into as it wrapped around the spirit and exploded.

“WHAT THE HEEEELLLUU-” The explosion died out, leaving a massive crater in the ground. Shortly after, Discord reappeared between the pair with a kit-kat bar, “Anyways. Where were we?”

“If only Nappa was here it would be perfect.” Then suddenly the Ghost of Nappa appeared right beside Thanos.

“Who’s to say I’m not here already?” Nappa laughed, “Also, Dissy, say Goku Black is a simp, for the fans,” Nappa said with a grin.

“If you say so.” Discord formed his claw into a fist and coughed into it. “Goku Black is a-” He was interrupted when he was suddenly split in half, his lower body falling to the ground while his upper body floated. He spun around to see Black with a long ki blade. Discord narrowed his eyes. “MOTHER FUCKER!” Discord’s lower half reconnected with his upper body. He threw a fist at the Saiyan, Black barely dodging it as he charged forward, Discord's hand scraping against his cheek.

“I’m getting really tired of everybody’s bullshit,” Black growled, gut-punching the spirit before spin kicking him back into the garden. He threw a hand forward, “BIG BANG ATTACK!” He shouted as a condensed blue ball of ki is sent towards the spirit, creating a massive explosion after.

Thanos saw Discord’s silhouette in the mist, appearing behind Discord he spin kicks him in the arm, breaking his arm, Discord grabbed his arm in pain. Discord walked forward two steps as the dust dissipated, he fell on both of his knees.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-” Discord then rolls around in pain, Discord was on his back.

“Hey, who has two broken arms and is a total bitch?” The Titan asked him, Discord glared at Thanos.

“You stupid motherfucker, you only broke one of my arms you-” Thanos then steps on Discord's other arm in the right spot, breaking that arm too.

“This guy.” Discord howled in pain as he rolled around, Nappa pats Thanos on the back, his hand going through Thanos.

“Good job buddy, got another TFS reference in ya?” He asked, he just smiled, and his smile said it all.

Black let a small smile creep upon his face, ‘Man I miss watching that parody.’ Black thought. He walked over to Discord as the spirit glared daggers at the Saiyan. “You can’t win this time Discord. With the power of TFS references, we’re unstoppable.” Black jokes.

“Hey, there’s three of us, so that means…” Thanos grinned.

Black looked to Thanos, realizing what he said. A big grin appears across the Saiyans face as he puts a fist out. “TEAM-”

“THREE-STAR!!!!!” They all say at the same time, Discord still rolling around in pain. Thanos was full-on laughing at this point, tears of pure joy appeared in his eyes.

Black tried to contain his laughter but failed as he held his gut. He seemingly forgot the hatred for Discord at the moment. “Oh… oh my god… this is the funniest shit that’s ever happened to me!” Black chuckled. He looked down to see the writhing spirit below him. “Ah… ah… you’re so fucked.”

“Ahaha, yup, I’ma do another one.” Thanos grinned, as he walked towards Discord, he then ripped his arm off, “Looks like you’ve been… DISARMED!!!” Thanos laughed.

There was a long silence, no one saying a word until…

“I get it!” Ghost Nappa exclaimed.

“Shut it Nappa…” Black groaned, the exchange made it even funnier to Thanos as he grinned.

“I am having a hell of a time, do you think Nightmare is back with the others?” Thanos asked Black..

Black put a hand on the back of his head, “I dunno…”


“Black and this big purple thing with a weird chin is in danger! Discord has been released!” Nightmare exclaimed, the princesses exchanged looks.

“There was a massive earthquake earlier with the sky darkening,” Celestia spoke with Luna nodding.

“As of now though, Black should easily be able to beat Discord now with his power. But we will need the elements of Harmony to steal him away, Tia” Luna explained. Celestia nodded, a piece of paper with a quill appeared and she began to write a letter to Twilight. “Wait Tia, shouldn’t we just teleport the elements here?”

Celestia put the quill to her snout, shrugging. “I don’t think so, a letter will be fine.” Celestia proceeded to write the letter while leaving a dumbfounded Luna and Nightmare.

Back to the plot…

“I’m sure the Elements will be here any moment now,” Black said with a smile while putting his hands on his hip. After a few moments, a breeze blew past him, “Any moment now.”

Thanos sat there in silence, “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Thanos began to sing, Nappa looking at Thanos began to chime in.

“Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Nappa grinned.

Black crossed his arms and looked at the two singing, before…

“Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”

Discord inhaled, trying to join in on the fun but just at that moment, the Elements came, with them were the princesses and Nightmare by their side. “Your end has come Discord!” Luna exclaimed. Discord watched in fear, trying to crawl away, but was stopped by Black looking down at him with a smirk.

“Ah ah ah, where do you think you're going?” Black smiled as the Elements put on their respective elements. The six ponies glow together as a massive rainbow beam shoots up into the sky and onto Discord Black jumping away in time. Discord muttered a few words before turning to stone, but no creature except Black could hear it…


“Goku Black is… a…”


Discord’s body was turned into stone, his position forever being the pose of a useless human in the history of TFS, Yamcha…

“I think that ended well, right guys?” Thanos looked at the ponies who had no idea who he was.

The ponies looked questionably at the sight of a half floating bald man and a tall muscular purple titan with a weird chin. “Who the buck are you?” Rainbow shouted, pointing at the two.

“Hello, I’m Nappa and this is Thanos, he was a prison-” Before Nappa could utter a word Thanos looked at Nappa letting out a mysterious force that blew everyone away, the wind started to pick up and Thanos glared at Nappa with looks that would’ve killed him thousands of times over.

“Say that and I will beat your ass,” Thanos said in a voice that could leave foals cry.

“Bitch…” Nappa finished in a near whisper.

Black rolled his eyes and shook his head, walking over to the ponies. “What took you all so long?” Black questioned the group. Luna looked towards Celestia.

“When Nightmare told us the situation, I suggested we teleport the elements of harmony here, but she told me that writing a letter would be more important.” Luna groaned. Black looked at Celestia with a blank look while the alicorn began to laugh nervously.

“Alright, Black, since we basically didn’t fight half of the time we were with Discord and just fucked with him, what do you say I teach you some skills and maybe even have a spar. Because I see you want to protect right? Well, I have a boatload of skills to show you.” Thanos said crossing his arms, finally serious.

Black looked wide-eyed at the titan, “Oh, you're being serious…” Black was surprised. “Sure, I’d like to learn at least one.”

“I’ll teach you Haki instead of the Rokushiki Techniques, which are useful but would take more time, Applejack come here.” Thanos looked towards Applejack.

Applejack walked slowly towards the titan with a look of unease. “Alright, what do ya’ need me for?”

Thanos held his right fist and turned it to a palm, the non-gauntlet wearing one. “Kick my palm with all you got.”

Applejack gulped nervously, “If ya’ say so.” She then proceeded to land a powerful kick into Thanos’s palm.

“Very good, now,” His palm was covered in some type of black armor. “Now do it again.”

Applejack proceeded to kick again, only for her to cry out in pain as she fell to the ground, holding her leg in pain. “Gah! Mother bucker!”

“This is Armament Haki, it is willpower but in weapon form, just how ponies weaponize friendship, you weaponize willpower.” Thanos informed the ponies “Your Armament Haki increases in strength in the heat of battle, I fought my Princesses toe to toe and I fought for a whole month before getting his by their gay laser but that story is for another time.” Thanos cleared his throat. “Now, Rainbow Dash, you’re fast right? Try to hit me.”

Rainbow grew a grin, “I’ll show you how strong I am!’ She flapped her wings and flew at top speed, throwing her leg in for a kick. Only to be avoided by Thanos who crossed his arms.

“Come on Rainbow Crash, you can do better than that? Or should I say… Rainbow Lesbian?” Thanos grinned.

Steam came out of Rainbow’s ears as she stared daggers at Thanos, “OH YEAH! Then how about THIS!” She shouted as she sent another kick, only to be dodged by Thanos.

“Really? No wonder you’re gay, you can’t seem to hit me.” Thanos laughed, Nappa covered his mouth to try to not laugh.

“STOP MOCKING ME!!!” Rainbow roared as she threw in a punch, only for Thanos to grab it.

“That’s enough, that my friend was Observation Haki, with it you can sense auras, predict your opponent’s movements and when you master it enough see further into the future which I can do. Oh and by the way I can dodge your attacks without using my Observation Haki.” Thanos explained, he turned to Goku Black. “So Black, think you can use them?” Thanos inquired.

Black nodded, “If I can learn a technique that could possibly destroy my legs and arms if used improperly within an hour or two, I think I can learn this.” Black explained as he took on the challenge.

“There’s one more last thing that can’t be taught, you inherit it- No, you’re born with it. This is called Conqueror's Haki, you can knock out opponents with weaker wills and if you have strong enough Conqueror's Haki, even manipulate the weather. Here’s an example...” Thanos let out a burst of his Conqueror’s Haki making everyone stagger and feel their energy drain slightly, clouds start to form above, “May God strike me where I stand.” Lightning hits Thanos and it had no effect on him. “Nice try jackass.” the earth begins to crack at the will of Thanos, Thanos then stops his Haki, taking a deep breath.

“Damn, that was impressive,” Black said as he smirked at Thanos. “But I’m pretty sure that was Faust who struck you with lightning, just saying.” Black jokes.

“Any of you have the potential, Fluttershy, you have the “Stare” correct? That’s Conqueror’s Haki. Celestia, do you have Conquerors? Luna, do you have Conquerors? FIND OUT- Nevermind, I couldn’t.” Thanos sighed. “Now Goku Black, show me you know how to use Armament and Observation.”

Black nodded. Closing his eyes he began to concentrate, putting all of his willpower into a specific point, his will to fight, his will to protect, his will to-

“Just get to the point!” Nappa shouted at ShirtMechanic.


(What the fuck just happened?!) - Shirt

(Get rekt.) - Chill

(Why are you making this longer than it should be?) - Shirt

(That's what she said.) - Chill

(Kami fucking damn it) - Shirt

Black opened his eyes, looking at his right hand, he saw the smallest black spot in the palm of his hand. It slowly grew across his hand, completely engulfing it. This took Black by surprise, not expecting it to go well on the first try.

“You have a strong will, now DODGE!!!!” Thanos slaps Black across the face.

Black’s eyes widened, not expecting the titan to slap him, but as another hand was about to strike him. He quickly moved his head out of the way. Thanos went for a punch, only for it to be pushed away. “I’ve got a hang of dodging before something happens. Last displaced pushed me as far as Ultra Instinct.” Black explained.

“Very interesting, but I need to look for something.” Thanos looked around, behind pillars and bushes, he walked back to Black. “Sorry, but I couldn’t find who fucking asked.” Thanos smiled.

Black frowned, “And here’s joking Thanos again…” Black muttered.

“Anyways…” Thanos appeared behind Luna and put his blade up to her neck. “I believe it’s time to get serious again…”

Black didn’t hesitate to appear next to Thanos with a ki scythe pointed towards the Titan's neck. Black didn’t say anything as he glared at Thanos.

“Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, even if you try to kill me, I know when you’ll do it, so you’ll just end up with one dead princess and one dead titan. Now, try to knock me off guard, if you move so much as an inch, I will cut her head off. Try and knock me out, try to make me stagger, try to make me weak, without any force but your own will.” Thanos said inching his blade closer to the Lunar Princess’s neck.

Black didn’t say anything, not even a blink, which piqued Thanos’s interest. A moment later, cracks appear around the Saiyan, purple and pink shards fall of the Saiyan as the figure of Goku Black disintegrates. This took Thanos by surprise, but he heard a laugh behind. The Titan turns around to see Black standing there in his base form.

“I knew I didn’t have Conqueror's Haki, I would’ve known I had it by now,” Black explained.

“Well, sorry about that Princess Luna, so sorry.” Thanos lets go of Luna and sheaths his sword. “Now buddy, what do you say about a little spar?” Thanos grinned, “I know the perfect place.” Thanos said.

“And where would that be?” Black asked.
“I can make a “Cell Games” arena if ya want.” Thanos grinned.

Black smiled, “Well, I just happen to have a place where it’s a whole year in about a month, and I can change the surroundings to whatever I want!”

“The hyperbola time claimer!” Thanos exclaimed.

“Eh, sorta. It was created by the last Displaced I summoned, a gift from him. Come on,” Black gesture for everyone to follow.

A Few Moments Later

Black opened the door to the chamber, Thanos, Ghost Nappa, and everypony followed. Black followed shortly after and he closed the door behind him, a loud echo followed by the closing door. A cloud of nanomachines formed a cream-colored pony with a white curly mane and a chestnut brown eye in a maid uniform. “Thanos, Ghost Nappa, say hello to Cotton Tail!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you two,” Cotton Tail bowed at them before standing straight again.



“The fuck’s this?” Nappa turned to Goku Black, “Why would someone make this? Is this one type of sexbot? What in the fuck? Even I have lines, and that is borderline crossing the fucking line!” Nappa said loudly… in front of her…

“Calm down Nappa, it’s a robot waifu,” Thanos said looking at Nappa, Nappa crossed his arms.

“Hmph.” Nappa turned away from Thanos.

Black sighs, rubbing his head, “It’s not like I had a choice in her creation, I didn’t even get a choice in her clothing, take up that complaint to the Crimson Sage.”

“Maybe I fucking will! Where’s that bastard?!” Nappa growled.

“Ignore him, let’s just go to the arena.” Thanos looked towards Nappa as he went into a rant about waifu’s, robots, and more stupid shit like that.

“Just give me a sec.” Black put a finger up and walked to a console near the middle of the room. The Saiyan looked out into the white void, looking back to the screen. He began to switch through different areas.

He looked back to the void to see west city, “That’s not right…” Black murmured. He looked back to the monitor and switched it again. Looking back he saw Planet Namek, “How’d that happen?!” He went through multiple areas like King Kai’s world, a wasteland, an ocean, green plains, and the snowy mountains, one even was Beerus’s planet.


“There we go!” He looked back to see the Cell Games Arena. “Still need to find out how this thing works, Edward didn’t really leave any instructions.”

Thanos grinned and cleared his throat “P is for Priceless the look upon your faces.” He began to sing.

“E is for Extinction, all you’re puny races,” Nappa added in.

“R for Revolution which will be televised.” Thanos turned to Goku Black.

Black smirked “F is for how Fucked you are, now allow me to reprise…” Black sang along.

“E is for Eccentric, just listen to my song.” Thanos sang with a grin stuck on his face like Gorilla Glue. (Totally not weird at all)

“C is for Completion, that I’ve waited for so long!” Nappa looked over to Goku Black.

“T is for the Terror, upon you I’ll bestow…”

“My name’s Perfect Cell, and I’d like to say… Hello.” They all completed the song, whilst the ponies in the back just looked at Team Three Star, confused yet intrigued.

Black stood at one end of the stage while Thanos walked to the other, Nappa floating at the sidelines. The ghost eagerly waited for the start of the fight. Black smirked at Thanos, “To think I’d be fighting another displaced so soon, while at an iconic fighting arena. I would like to make a request though…” Black asked the mad titan.

“What?” Thanos raised his eyebrow, intrigued at what the Saiyan could say.

“How powerful are you without using your infinity gauntlet?” Black asked, the mad titan raising an eyebrow.

“The infinity stones do not work outside of their Universe so… I haven’t been using my infinity gauntlet. My powers are a type of fruit that I ate. The Netsu-Netsu No Mi or Heat-Heat Fruit. It allows me to heat up my body at alarming rates that would kill anyone on impact. And even without it, I was pretty strong back then.” Thanos explained to Black.

The Saiyan slammed his hand on his face, mumbling, “I feel like such an idiot now, I've completely forgotten that the infinity stones don’t work in their own universe.” Blacks' hand slid off his face, revealing a sheepish smile. The Saiyan scratched the back of his head, “I guess 1000 years will do that to any creature.” Black laughed nervously.

“Indeed it can, when I was trapped in stone I was doing what you would call “Image Training.” Taught to me by the strongest Minotaur that could even topple the mountains themselves, Golden Hoof.” Thanos said looking to the sky remembering when he was “weak” and training to be stronger.

Black crossed his arms, a solemn smile grew across the Saiyans face, “I remember the times before I was turned to stone before I even knew how to even use ki. My friends, Luna and I trained to be the strongest. My master and I sparred every month after I finished training under him.” Black then frowned as he looked to the stadium floor. “But all of that, taken away from me because I was too afraid to act…”

“Tch, too afraid? When I was fighting Kaido, a giant dragon who can turn into a human and a dragon due to his Zoan type Devil Fruit, I was terrified, but sometimes fear is something that drives you to become stronger. A loss is a loss, a win is a win, but no matter who wins in a fight it only matters if you focus on what you are fighting for. What are you fighting for? What is your end goal? How will you learn from this fight? Will this fight benefit you? These are the questions that need to be answered before battle.” Thanos educated the dark Saiyan.

Black remained quiet, looking to the arena floor with the thought of the very questions given to him. The Saiyan closed his eyes, smirking. “And I might just have the answer to those questions. I fight for the sole purpose of bettering myself, for the protection of the ones I love.” Black opened his eyes, them changing into a shade of silver for a split second. This caught the Titan's attention, “I fight so then in the darkest of hours, my strength can strike hope into the hearts of every creature in need. I fight to learn from my past mistakes,” Blacks hair flowed upwards for a second, then having a silver outline to them before turning to normal. “If I have to sacrifice myself in order to protect my planet, so be it. But know this, I will never give up, I will never submit myself to a cause that will put the innocent in danger. Cause I just made myself a promise, right now.” Black then got into a fighting stance similar to one of Vegeta’s.

“Never be cruel, never be cowardly. Remember, hate is always foolish and love is always wise. Always try to be nice. But never fail to be kind. Laugh hard, Eat well, train well, sleep well, push yourself to the limit, and always be kind.” Blacks hardened his stance as he flashed a grin towards Thanos, “That is my promise.”

“That was a lengthy speech, also, if you knock me off stage I’ll give 9001 cans of hetap.” Thanos got in a stance similar to that of Katakuri’s the Sweet Commander of the Big Mom Pirates. His fists and boots were covered in Armament Haki.

“If that’s the case, I might have to skip my stretches.” Black let out a yell, jumping straight to Super Saiyan 2, purple and blue lighting pulsating around the Saiyan.

Thanos gets ready and warms up with some stretches, just to piss off whatever god that doesn’t like stretching. Heat emanates from Thanos in a Titan-like way, no, not from marvel, Attack of Titan, that show. “Alrighty, Goku Black, this will be fun, though I’m just gonna say this. My name is Titan and it rhymes with fightin’ and you’re gonna be hurtin’ ALL. TOO. SOOOON.” Thanos laughed as he slipped out another TFS reference in the chapter.

Black just stood that silently, beginning to think about his life choices, but shook the thoughts out of his mind. He turned his head to the ponies, who waited patiently on the sidelines. “Wanna count us off?”

Rainbow Dash, eager at the opportunity to start off a fight between two displaced. She stepped up with a hand in the air, “The fight will start in 3!”

Blacks' happy demeanor disappeared as he straightened his stance, the Saiyan’s stare held no emotion as he stared at the mad titan.


Thanos grinned, as his body somehow became tougher as his muscles stuck out. More heat radiated off of his body; his grin did not falter he faced the dark Saiyans empty stare.


Time seemed to freeze for the two displaced, not a sound traveled through the ears of the two warriors. The cut through air was the movement of Dash’s hand swinging towards the ground. The sudden stop in motion and the yell of Rainbow Dash signaled the two warriors to begin.


Not a moment later, there was a bright flash of light.

The Battle of Deities - Sponsored By Hetap

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The Battle of the Deities - Sponsored by Hetap

The explosion shook the area, the shockwave sending Rainbow flying into the main area holding the rest of the ponies. Luckily, Twilight caught Rainbow before she collided with the wall using her magic. Shortly after, two figures were pushed away from each other, sending them to a side of the arena. Black stood there with a bruise on his cheek while Thanos stood tall with a tiny scratch.

The Saiyan smiled as he popped his neck a few times, “I must say, Thanos, you must be really strong if you were able to leave a bruise on me, especially at Super Saiyan 2.” Black stretched his arms before going back into a stance, one similar to Goku’s.

“That is what nearly 1700 years can do to ya and fighting for one month as well, and I must say, no Displaced has ever made me want to fight them as much as you,” Thanos commented as his two Armament Haki covered fists were clenched, then unclenched, then clenched again. He went back into his fighting stance waiting for Goku Black’s move.

“Say, didn’t you say I can coat my Armament Haki to any item I wish, correct?” Black asked Thanos, shifting his stance slightly. The mad titan merely nodded, making the Saiyan grin. “Let’s do a quick experiment, shall we?” Black chuckled as he powered up. His aura increased slightly before it formed itself into a ki blade on his right arm. “I only did this technique a few times,” Thanos had a curious look, before going into realization as Black lifted his left arm in front of him. The Saiyan then stabbed his left hand, a little blood trickling down as the ki blade embedded itself into his hand.

Thanos just popped open a can of hetap casually and took a sip and he looked on with an “I don’t give a fuck.” look in his eyes. He blanked out for a second and thought of some random bullshit like, how would clouds date, what is Black’s opinion on cheese, and why the fuck is he here in the first place and not fucking with ShirtMechanic and The Chill Author.

(I swear, if he breaks the fourth wall again, I'm going to slam my head into my car window.) - Shirt

(Doesn’t sound very healthy bro.) - Chill

Black pulled out his ki blade slowly, morphing its shape into something the grim reaper would use. Fully pulling it out, it fully formed into a scythe, pulsating like a heartbeat. Black then closed his eyes and began to focus, a black substance slowly forming over the scythe as a yellow glow escaped through the black substance. Opening his eyes, he witnesses as he encased his scythe with Armament Haki, it still has a yellow glow around the weapon. The Saiyan looked to Thanos, seeing the Mad Titan was out of focus, seemingly daydreaming. “You done daydreaming!” Black shouted.

“Before we do this, what is your opinion on cheese?” Thanos pulls out his Infinity Blade and covers it in Armament Haki and then spinning it around intimidatingly.

Black starred with a blank look before muttering, “I’m going to start beating you now, I don’t know when I’ll stop…” The Saiyan then bursts forward, spinning the scythe around before attempting to strike the mad titan. Unfortunately, Thanos was prepared for this as he swung his Infinity Blade at him. The two weapons clashing, an explosion of pressure knocked down trees and grass around them. The Saiyan ducked under, kicking the Titan’s legs as he aimed a ki blast at Thanos’s back.

Thanos simply sidestepped the attack as it was nothing. “Unlike you, I have perfected the art of dodging without Ultra Instinct. Not to mention you’ll have to be faster than that to even land a hit on me.” Thanos said as he used an attack as instantaneous as Instant Transmission, appearing before the Saiyan in a flash. Thanos heated up his blade. “Double-Bladed Sword Style… Hellflame Slash!” With an attack that was 100 degrees celsius, Thanos swung a diagonal slash down upon Black.

The Saiyan barely had any time to dodge, quickly moving to the side he clashed his scythe with Thanos’s infinity blade. The scythe groaned under the pressure of Thanos’s raw power. Black knew his weapon was temporary while the titans weren’t, thinking quickly, a red glow began to surround the Saiyan. “Kaio-Ken Times 2!” Black shouted, a red aura exploding around Black while Thanos stood there in confusion.

“Kaio-what?” Thanos seemingly forgot about the technique as it wasn’t useful in Dragon Ball Super, like Yamcha. The only thing it was useful for was beating an assassin with a dick head.

Black roared as he pushed Thanos back, the titan seemingly too confused to see Black throwing a kick to the head. The foot connected, sending the Titan across the arena floor and into a small hill nearby. The Saiyan then quickly dropped out of Kaio-ken, but then got to thinking. ‘Man,’ Black thought as he dropped down a level to regular Super Saiyan. He discarded his weapon, it vanishing into thin air. ‘Let's see if this works.’ Black shouted once again as a red aura exploded around his Super Saiyan aura. The Saiyan saw Thanos getting back up from his small tumble. ‘That does a toll on my body.’ Black thought. The Saiyan then got an idea, one that is stupid but brilliant. The Saiyan quickly dropped out of his Super Saiyan 2 into Perfected Super Saiyan. ‘Let’s hope this plan works…’ Black roared, the Kaio-ken exploding around him once more. The Saiyan then noticed Thanos standing up from his small tumble.

Thanos received that hit but stood there like it didn’t even happen, there was no scratch on his forehead. “Armament Haki can be used in a multitude of ways if you are creative with it, it is good for offense but also good for defense,” Thanos instructed the Saiyan as he walked on back to the stage. “Looks like I owe you 9001 cans of hetap, don’t I? Also, I recommend not hitting me because if you do you will get hurt. Like a lot” Thanos then muttered something under his breath. “Tekkai, Go.” His whole body became tougher than vibranium itself, and Black could see it.

“Interesting, a technique that enhances the body’s overall resistance to damage.” Black complemented. He crouched as he began to slowly power up, “Let’s see how it can stand up to this! Kaio-Ken Times 3!!” Black shouted as he rocketed forward towards the mad titan with a grin.

Thanos just sighed as he used another form of the Tekkai. “Tekkai Utsugi.” Thanos muttered under his breath and looked at Black as he approached him at speeds slower than “Soru.”

As Black struck Thanos’s chest with a kick, he felt a strong pain in his chest. Gritting his teeth, he went for another strike across the arm, he then felt a pain in his right arm. The Saiyan bounced off the Titan as he landed on his feet, looking on in confusion. ‘The hell was that… every time I stuck him, I felt a pain in places I stru-’ Black then realized what was happening. The Saiyan then smirked, this going unnoticed by the mad titan. “Kaio-Ken Times 4!” Black flew forwards once again, his strength and speed increasing once again as he stuck Thanos on the side of the head.

“The definition of insanity is repeating something over and over expecting a different result.” Thanos covered his whole head in Armament Haki, furthering boosting his defense, a Dragon who punches him in his defenses would find their arm broken.

Black felt the pain across his head but paid it no mind as he continued to strike blows. “Oh, but I’m no Dragon,” Black commented as he sent a final blow into Thanos’s chest. The Saiyan jumped back, clenching his chest with a hand. Black let out a soft chuckle as he dropped to his base form, the Kaio-Ken disappearing along with his Super Saiyan appearance. “You’ve done your part well,” Black muttered. Thanos couldn’t see it, but a green glow appeared on the Saiyan’s back, healing Black of any injury. The Saiyan stood fully, the bruise on his cheek disappeared, catching Thanos’s attention.

“That’s fucking cheating!” Thanos argued, frowning. “Bah, no mind, I believe it’s time I kick it up a notch.” Thanos’s body started to heat up, his body turning darker and glowing, Thanos grinned wildly and his whole body was covered in Armament Haki, Tekkai Go, and was no longer added by Tekkai Utsugi. Thanos sighed as steam released itself from his mouth. “Netsu-Netsu… HEAT MAN!!!!” Thanos said dramatically as the arena floor began to heat up.

Black felt the sudden rise in temperature, the heat eating at the Saiyan’s skin. “I guess I’ll do the same…” Black commented as he let out a massive roar, the sound of an oozaru echoing across the lands as Black’s hair grew down his back, his eyebrows disappearing. Black looked on as he felt his power much stronger than it was before, not from the transformation. But from the Zenkai Boost he gained after the small attacks he did against Thanos, “Shall we?”

“Taken out of context that sounds kinda gay, shall we what? Hang out? Because I got beer, finish yer goddamn sentence.” Thanos grinned as he knew, just knew he was pissing Black off and he was having a hell of a time doing so.

Black didn’t say anything as he inhaled deeply, before letting it out, a small growl following it as he seemingly disappeared out of plain sight. Thanos looked around before he felt a kick to his back. He was sent flying forwards as Black appeared under him. The Saiyan let out a yell, kicking the Titan in the chest. This sent Thanos into the sky as Black followed after, appearing about the Titan with his hands coupled together. “AAAAHHHHHH!” Black roared as he brought the fists down, slamming them into Thanos’s head. The Saiyan did a flip kick, sending the Titan back to the ground before charging a massive attack.

“BIG BANG! KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!” A blue ball appeared in the Saiyans hand, growing in size before shooting towards Thanos in a beam of light. It struck the Titan as it detonated in the air, sending a powerful shockwave across the land, making the ponies land on their asses.

Celestia, recovering from the shockwave of the attack.“That’s a new one…” She muttered, amazed by the new attack the Saiyan used. “Lulu, how many attacks does Black know?”

Luna stood up, helping up some of the ponies. “From what he told me, he knows all the attacks and techniques from Saiyans known as Goku Black, Son Goku, Prince Vegeta, Vegito, and Gogeta. And one technique from the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus.” Luna explained.

Black hovered in the air, waiting for either Thanos to attack him or see the silhouette of the mad titan. The smoke and dust cleared away, revealing Thanos standing there.

“Temper, temper, temper, such a hothead.” Thanos shook his head as nothing happened. “My turn.” Thanos appeared behind Black and grabbed onto Black’s head his 100 degrees Celsius body burning Black. Thanos dropped from the sky and slammed Black’s head into the earth, shaking the area. Thanos then sprinted grabbing Black’s head and running his head across the earth making a trench. He then threw him into a nearby hill, Thanos grabbed a piece of the earth the size of a car and heated it up. “Meteor… Impact!” Thanos threw the boulder at breakneck speeds and it impacted the Saiyan as the hill and blew the hill up. Pieces of the hill falling to the earth heated up and falling down like meteorites.

Thanos landed on the ground, waiting for the Saiyan to attack. Instead, he saw a silhouette walk out of the smoke and debris. It revealed Black, his gi roughed up, his pants slightly ripped with dirt covering his boots. The Saiyan stopped a few feet away from Thanos with a smirk across his face. He had a small trail of blood coming from his mouth but was wiped away as Black wiped it with his thumb. “Not a bad attack at all.” Black complimented, “But it won’t be enough to put me down.”

“That’s cool, I have more techniques to test on you, like… Uh… What is it called? Oh yeah something called HOT WIND FIST!!!!” Thanos shot a punch, the force of the punch sent a wave of pure heat towards Black, so hot it made the air catch on fire and make a fire fist, Black was hit by the fist of pure fire. “Bitch.”

But the fire fist was disintegrated instantly, an explosion of power shook the area. A sphere of fire surrounded the Saiyan, it slowly breaking apart, revealing the Saiyan. His hair, not as long as a Super Saiyan 3’s but close. His hair back to its normal form, but it was blood red. His pupils turned into a dark red. His tail swishing around him, it changed to the same color as his hair.

The Saiyan let out a deep chuckle, “It’s about time…” Black’s form completely disappears from every creature's sight. He appeared behind Thanos with a ki scythe once again, but he split in half. One half stayed the same while the other half turned into ki chains. He wrapped it around Thanos’s neck, tightening it before yanking him across the floor. He pulled hard on the chains, this sending the titan into a nearby mountain. “Don’t let your guard down now, I’m much more dangerous in this form.”

Thanos sat there in the mountain, “Welp, guess I’m going to have to use my hax.” Thanos used Kamisori and appeared in front of Black. “Well, this is going to be fun.” Thanos then sighed and let out a burst of Conquerors Haki, making clouds appear and darken the sky, it then started to rain and storm. “Dramatic ain’t it?” Thanos grinned, his Conquerors Haki making an aura around him making him look like he’s going Kaio-ken but it’s purple. The aura was fiery and Thanos’ body became lighter as opposed to his heated-up body before.

“NETSU-NETSU!!! STEAM MAN!!!!” Thanos shouted out, he started to float and “fly” steam coming from his feet allowing him to fly.

Black immediately knew the technique and aura Thanos was using, he spat to the side before scoffing, “Well, I call this a load of Bullshit…” Black growled. The Saiyan tried to think of ways he could counter this technique, but nothing came to mind. In Black’s eyes, what Thanos was using is basically Ultra Instinct. ‘Anything I do, he’ll basically see what would happen before I even thought of it…’ The Saiyan looked on, waiting for Thanos to make a move, but a couple of moments later he knew it was pointless. But he got an idea that had the possibility to fail, but he had no other choice. The Saiyan charged forward quickly, when getting close Thanos threw a fist. Black dodged but was quickly kicked away by the mad titan. But as he hit the ground, he landed on his hands and feet, but out of Thanos’s sight, he placed an incredibly small ki mine in the ground.

Thanos took a step forward then stopped, “You think you’re slick huh?” Thanos pulled back his right foot, steam getting ready to increase the speed, “Steam Kick!” Thanos kicked Black in his jaw, steam boosting the attack and launching him far. Thanos seemingly teleported into the sky, and using steam to boost him he appeared before black and crashed his fist into Black. “Ultra Heat Crash!” The heat, steam, and impact made an explosion of fire, when the smoke cleared, Black laid there in a crater.

Black didn’t make a move to stand but continued to lay there. He looked over his body to see he had a small gash and a few scratches on him. “This is stupid, how the hell am I suppose to beat him with that haki technique…” Black spoke to himself. A small flame rolled over his body, specifically over his gash. He slowly stood up, looking back up to the mad titan. ‘I have to make him get distracted, but I can’t think of anything…” Moments later, the flames disappeared to reveal his injuries gone, he clenched his fists a few times.

“Huh, that’s nice. Secret technique…” Thanos suddenly multiplied, there were a total of ten surrounding Black now. “Owl Thrashing!” The platoon of Thanos started to punch Black rapidly, Black getting hit from all sides, the front, the back, everywhere. Thanos uppercuts Black into the air, then another Thanos corkscrew punches Black into the earth, but just as he was sent flying there another Thanos jumps and knees Black in the chest. Keeping him into the air, then yet another Thanos appeared before him. “Steam Cannon!” Thanos sent a burst of steam Black’s way launching him higher into the air.

Black was beyond annoyed at this point, knowing he couldn’t do anything to counter Thanos’s and his clone army. As he reached the maximum height from his velocity, he began to hover. Looking at the scenery, high above the clouds, he began to chuckle slightly, before going into full-on laughter. He looked back at himself, seeing the top part of his gi was ripped, hanging at his waists. His black shirt was ripped in places with his pants and boots ripped apart. He put two fingers to his head and teleported, appearing under Thanos at the ground. Looking up, he smirked, “You know the more you injure me, I continue to heal and get stronger, so I have a proposal.” Black offered.

“Eh?” Thanos stopped and immediately his “clones” disappeared. “And what is this offer?”

“We both know that I won’t be able to beat you with that Haki technique you're using, and you will only make me stronger if you continue to harm me and I’ll heal. So, how about I stop using any healing techniques and you stop using that specific Haki technique. Cause at this point, it won’t be any fair on each side.” Black offered to the Mad Titan.

“Hm… I knew that it was very useful for brutes that can’t learn it fast enough but damn! Really? Alright, I’ll stop using it, but you gotta stop using that healing technique as we agreed on.” Thanos grinned, “And before you ask, no, they were not clones, I was just moving so fast that it looked like that there were multiple versions of me. And just so you know, I can’t turn Observation Haki on, it was already on, to begin with! I was just letting you hit me!” Thanos laughed.

“So, you were just playing with me huh…” Black scoffed and went back to his base form. “But, I believe that the warm-up is over.” Black clenched his hands, pulling them to the side as he let out a godly roar, his hair flying upwards and turning pink. A green thunderstorm rolled in and lightning struck all around Black. With one more push, Black transformed into Super Saiyan Rose as his pink aura turned erratic. He let out a sigh, smiling towards the Mad Titan, “I still have one more after this one, best make this count.” Black muttered.

“Same, but you’re now British aren’t ya? Bri’sh be like wa’er bo’le, rather shtewpid ain’t it?” Thanos grinned, getting back into a fighting stance, but this time, one that was similar to Garp, the Marine Hero.

Black rolled his eyes and played his game, “I have no bloody idea what you’re talking about lad.” Black joked, going into a fighting stance similar to Vegito.

“Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!” Thanos raised his fist into the air with a smile, only to slam that fist down into Black making Black drop like a ton of bricks, the force of the attack made his whole head bury into the earth like an ostrich, his whole body standing straight up. ‘Now that’s comedy.’ Thanos thought, and grabbed Black’s leg, and slammed him into the ground, ripping his head out of the ground like a carrot. Thanos proceeds to “Puny God” him by slamming over and over again and throwing him into the air. Jumping after him he uses another “Steam Cannon.” and rocketed Black away from him.

Black quickly recovered whilst in the air, launching towards Thanos with steely determination. He moved quickly, 2 afterimages breaking from him, charging a Super Black Kamehameha. Black teleported behind the mad titan, kicking him in the back before spin kicking him, a ki blade forming from his foot. It cut the titan slightly, but not enough to cause serious injury. Thanos turned around for an attack, but Black was already gone, charging a Super Black Kamehameha, with his afterimages doing the same. But in reality, the Saiyan was charging 3 attacks at once. Black launched his attack, 3 pink and black beams of plasma shooting towards the mad titan, making contact as a massive explosion followed after. The two afterimages disappear, revealing the real Goku Black.

“That… Hurt…” Thanos grunted as he got to his feet, “This might be interesting at all!” Thanos appeared before Black and cocked his fist back. “First Stance, Fist of the Black Tortoise!” Thanos cried out as he punched Black in the gut with enough force to decimate a mountain, Thanos prepared for another attack, “Second Stance, Vermillion Bird!” Black was engulfed by a red pillar, “Third Stance, White Tiger!” Thanos started to punch and kick Black rapidly, faster than Thanos ever has before, he then stopped preparing a final attack. “Last Stance… AZURE DRAGON!!!!” Thanos shot two fists at Black but stopped a few inches away, Thanos having one arm above the others. The attack then sent a devastating shockwave towards Black, there was a shockwave that came right through him as well, the other shockwave leveling everything behind them making a trench deeper than fifteen meters.

The Saiyan was sent flying down the trench, bouncing off the walls. He recovered quickly by gripping onto the wall, his fingers dragging along it while ripping into the stone. He looked back up with a smirk, “You keep on surprising me Thanos,” Black mutters, wiping a smudge of blood out of the corner of his lip. He looked at the stain of blood on his thumb, before teleporting above Thanos. He charged forward, activating a longer version of his ki blade, it looked like a katana. “Taste this!! MY DIVINE LASSO!!” Black sliced across Thanos’s back before kicking him to the side. He flew fast, before stopping in his tracks, swinging his blade around, sending tiny pink shards of ki into Thanos. It dug into the titan’s skin, Thanos yelped in pain. Black did a few more motions before stopping in a pose. Less than a second later, the shards exploded into a pink dust cloud. The Saiyan then lifted his arm, sliding the blade against his forearm before disabling his technique.

Nappa looked on into the fight, him crossing his arms, “This is a very close fight, and both of them aren’t even close to their full power.” Nappa commented before looking at Thanos, he was panting, looking out of breath. “His Armament Haki is wearing off.” Nappa frowned.

The ponies watching the fight were deeply interested in the outcome. The last one was a major loss for Black, knowing that the Crimson Sage was leagues above the Saiyan. Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie were cheering on the Saiyan. Fluttershy and Rarity remained quiet, hoping that neither of them would be seriously injured or killed in this fight. While Twilight, Celestia, and Luna were predicting how this fight would end.

Twilight was ranting on how Thanos could win with the Observation Haki, but that was quickly put down by Celestia, “I think not my student. They both agreed to terms that they wouldn’t either use Observation Haki or any healing abilities or techniques.” Celestia reminded the purple unicorn.

Luna at this point had noticed the purple titan had been getting tired. The labored breaths had been enough evidence already. But what really surprised the princess was that Black didn’t seem to be getting tired. The Saiyan had a few gashes and scratches, but nothing that would hinder the Saiyan’s chance to win.

Black hovered down a few meters away from Thanos, noticing the mad titan’s state. Black smiled, “You don’t look so hot.” Black commented.

Thanos heard nothing. He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing, standing tall. Nappa raised his eyebrow at this, Thanos stood there, silent, remembering something his teacher has taught him, long, long, long, ago…

1,700 Years Ago, Equestria 69420.

“ATA!!!” Thanos punched a boulder and it easily shattered into dust, Thanos looked towards Cloven Diamond, Cloven Diamond smiled and nodded.

“Did ya see it, I was AMAZING!!!!” Thanos laughed, Cloven Diamond walked up to Thanos, the only creature that could match his height besides Dragons.

“Yes, indeed you were, your Armament Haki has been increasing at an alarming rate, soon, you might be able to even beat me!” Thanos smiled, “But, I still haven’t shown you a level that’s beyond your capabilities as of now.” Cloven Diamond walked over to a tree, he coated his fist in Armament Haki, there was then a blue outline, Thanos opened his eyes in surprise. Cloven Diamond roared and punched the tree but before he even touched it, it broke in half, as well as shattering it into tiny pieces. Cloven Diamond sighed, and the Armament Haki disappeared.

“Master, what was that?!” Thanos asked, Cloven Diamond smiled.

“That’s a new level of Armament Haki known as Ryou Haki. This level of Armament Haki has the ability to damage your opponent internally instead of on the outside.” Cloven Diamond explained Thanos’s jaw dropped.

“WHAT?!?!? How do I learn it? Teach me, teach me!” Thanos asked like a child asking his mother for a new toy.

“You have to learn it on your own, it would seem my days may be numbered, I’ll have to return to war and fight for my country once more.” Cloven Diamond said, “But do not fret, I believe that you have the talent to do it. I believe in you.”

Thanos smiled wildly, “Awww, thanks!”

“You are welcome, we should hurry back to the castle now, I hear Turkey is on the menu!” Cloven Diamond informed Thanos.

“YES!!! TURKEY!!!” Thanos laughed.

Thanos sighed deeply, his Armament Haki disappearing, Thanos’s fists and boots suddenly had a purple outline, this caught everyone’s attention, Nappa sighed.

“So he’s finally done it…” Nappa grinned.

Luna squinted his eyes, noticing the mad titan's main armor disappearing. It being replaced by a purple glow, “This could be bad…” Luna murmured.

“He has unlocked… Ryou Haki.” Nappa looked at Thanos, Thanos loosened up spreading his feet far apart.

“He protects under Celestia’s moon…” Thanos sang, “He protects under Luna’s night, for he is the hero who shall stand and fight… He fights evil when he’s ready or not, he is solid as steel and that isn’t all he’s got, when he fights under Luna’s moon, he will bring his enemies doom. For his name is Cloven Diamond.” Thanos finished, Thanos had Armament Haki covering his body fully, his fists and boots having a glowing purple aura type bubble around them. “Get ready… Son Goku Black.” Thanos said opening his eyes, looking at Black’s eyes.

Black smirked at the sudden rise of determination radiating from the mad titan. “Well then, it seems you’ve unlocked something new,” Black spoke. He popped his neck a few times before a thin red glow emitted around the Saiyans body. ‘Can’t use that form yet, it’s still imperfect, gotta use the Kaio-ken for a while before pushing it to the next level…’ Black thought as the spiky red aura shot around Black. He let out a gurgling roar, “Kaio-Ken Times 10!!!”

Thanos sighed and got in a Fighting Stance similar to Daewi’s. “Netsu-Netsu…” Thanos took a deep inhale and vanished from sight. Black took a step back looking around and trying to sense Thanos’s ki, but then Black was hit in the gut, Black’s pupils disappeared and reappeared rapidly. Thanos had gut-punched the Dark Saiyan with earth-shattering force, “Dragon’s Claw.” Thanos said in a monotone voice, Black was launched far, far, far away. He was a few feet above the ground, Thanos appeared above him and spin kicked him in the head, Black could feel his skull getting punched, and feeling as though no skin was protecting the punch as well. Black was buried into the earth, Thanos grabbed Black and threw him, high into the air. Nearly above the clouds too. Thanos blasted off, steam propelling him, making a sonic boom happen, Thanos then knees Black in his back, throwing him higher into the sky. Thanos appeared on the earth quickly.

“Black’s getting fucked.” Nappa commented.

The Saiyan coughed up a small amount of blood, clutching his gut as he reached the top of the sky. Still, in pain, he began to fall back to the earth. Black realized he was falling down at an alarming rate now, he quickly recovered. The Saiyan looked back down at Thanos, he gritted his teeth before he remembered he had a certain soul inside of him. Concentrating, he closed his eyes, beginning to look through his mind until he found a flaming emerald-colored gem. ‘Draig, I think it’s about time I used some of your power’ Black called out in his head. Opening his eyes, it revealed in his right arm, a gauntlet. It had had red sharp edges around it with two golden spikes sticking out of the end of the glove. Its fingers dangerously sharp, in the middle of the glove, sat an emerald gem.

“It’s about time, I’d thought you have forgotten about me,” Draig said annoyed, Black giving the dragon spirit a nervous laugh.

“I know, I know, but I was out for a week and was trying to get Nightmare to learn how to dodge.” Black then looked down to the mad titan, who looked in interest at the gauntlet. “But now is not the time for that, gonna need to use your power,” Black commented as he descended towards the ground, landing a couple of meters away from Thanos.

“A gauntlet eh? Black, I do believe this will be interesting.” Thanos stayed in Daewi’s Fighting Stance.

“It will indeed,” Black commented, closing his eyes for a second, feeling a sudden power flow through him. He opened his eyes, revealing them to have turned draconic. He took in a deep breath, before exhaling, small flames exiting the Saiyans mouth. Black got into a stance similar to one of Gogeta. Black disabled his Kaio-Ken, the red aura disappearing only to leave his rose aura. ‘Let’s give this a try, eh Draig?’ Black asked the dragon soul.

‘Let’s see what you can do.’ Draig said as a master would to his student.

Black rushed forwards, flying low to the ground as the pressure created a trench behind him. Before appearing in front of Thanos, the mad titan charged forward as well. The both of them smirked, both of them throwing a fist forwards. They clashed, creating an explosion of light, inside of the ball of light the two warriors were clashing with every hit. Black used the boosted gear to double his power every 10 seconds. The ponies almost fell over this time from the shockwaves, even if they were being suppressed. As the Saiyan blocked a punch, Thanos left himself open, the Saiyan taking the opportunity to threw his gauntlet-covered fist, it shot a wall of flames point-blank in the titan’s face. Thanos ran through the flames, catching the Saiyan off guard. Without thinking, he yelled, “EXPLOSION!” Suddenly, a powerful aura shot from the Saiyan, pushing back Thanos.

The Saiyan was shocked at the sudden boost in power but used it to fly faster than he had before, gut-punching the Titan. He then spin-kicked Thanos, pushing him back before he blocked an incoming punch from the Saiyan. Black blind sighted the titan before kicking his legs, tripping the mad titan. The Saiyan then wrapped his tail around Thanos’s throat before slamming him into the ground, creating a small crater. Black then flipped in the air, recoiling his first back before chanting, “Five Regi Kugi Dragon Fist!!!” A pink dragon exploding from Black’s gauntlet-covered fist, impacting the titan before exploding into a mushroom cloud.

Thanos sat there on his back, coughing up some blood, Thanos stood up, grinning. “Alrighty, we can play it that way.” Thanos put both of his palms close together, steam came from it and formed into a ball. Thanos proceeds to expand said ball and it grew in size, growing larger and larger, the size of the Spirit Bomb now. Thanos then compresses it and starts crushing it, making it grow smaller and smaller into a golf ball-sized steam ball. Thanos used Soru and appeared before Black and shoved the steam ball into Black’s chest. “STEAM EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!” Suddenly the ball became bigger on impact and more destructive than it would be if he just threw the spirit bomb-sized one. The force of the explosion made a massive crate and a huge shockwave that knocked even Nappa on his ass, though he has none. Dust filled the air and it suddenly cleared because of Thanos’s aura, the area was a total wreck, a massive crater bigger than the one in the original cell games, basically an Island-Sized crater.

“Uh… Luna, Celestia, and Twilight I think you should probably check your guesses on who would win now.” Nappa said looking on at Thanos.

“I still stand by my guess, Black isn’t close to being finished,” Luna said with determination. The other princesses nodded with her while Nappa scoffed.

Black was deep inside the crater, covered under hundreds of tons of rubble and debris. He coughed up a good amount of blood and spit. He could barely see under the rubble, igniting his aura, it disintegrated the debris around him. The Saiyan shot out of the crater, seeing the titan waiting for him to attack... He looked at himself, seeing that his shirt was holding onto a thread now, his sleeves ripped apart. His pants were ripped and ruined all over with his boots now completely missing. He looked back to Thanos, “You’ve earned it,” Black said. Ripping off what was left of his shirt, he closed his eyes and did a few deep breaths. His hair became a deeper pink with it slightly growing but becoming spikier in the process. Once opening his eyes, his draconic eyes became a deep red. “This is full-power Super Saiyan rose, or should I say-” Black disappeared and reappeared behind Thanos with his back facing the titan. “Perfected Super Saiyan Rose…”

“Well, you deserved this as well,” Thanos jumped back about ten meters away from Black, he went to one knee and dug his fingers into the earth, he suddenly became to heat up drastically, the people in the shield feeling it too. Suddenly he was set aflame, his back suddenly bursting into flames and dying down then bursting again, he dragged his finger across the dirt leaving behind molten magma. “Netsu-Netsu… BURST MAN!!!!!!!” Thanos then rocketed at Black and cocked back his fist he then flickered a bit and disappeared from sight only to punch Black in his right cheek and sending him flying into distant rock formations. Thanos, finally looking serious for once stood there the earth below him turning into magma.

Before Thanos had punched the Saiyan, he had covered his cheek in Armament Haki, protecting his back from being melted. There was still a burn on his back from not mastering the Haki technique., protecting his cheek from being melted. There was still a burn mark on it since he had just learned Armament Haki. The burn made the Saiyan hiss, but he shook off the pain and shot from the rock, back at the mad Titan. He knew he had to stay away from him, he didn’t want to run the risk of being burnt. That was until Draig spoke in his mind, ‘Why didn’t you just say so? I can enhance your Armament Haki slightly, you will still get burnt, but not as bad as your cheek.’ the dragon soul suggested.

“Why not, I’ve got no better options…” Black spoke, covering himself in the Armament Haki technique. He felt his armored body enhanced a little, making the Saiyan grin. The Saiyan shot forward at the titan, recoiling his leg, “Five Ren Kugi Fierce God Kick!” Black yelled, striking the Titan across the ribs. Black didn’t notice it, but Thanos’s eyes winced slightly. He performed another kick, but it wasn’t as powerful as before. The Saiyan roared, “EXPLOSION!” The pressure of the new aura had pushed away from the magma beneath them. This sent the Titan backward, taking the chance the Saiyan had charged a Kamehameha towards Thanos. The Titan sidestepped the attack, aggravating Goku Black.

Thanos took a few steps, and went into a Boxing stance, he started to swirl, him doing an infinity sign with his body, this mesmerized the Saiyan, seemingly too interested to realize he was gonna get hit. “Good thing I watched Hajime No Ippo.” Thanos then proceeds to do the Dempsey Roll, punching Black in the face over and over again. Black stumbled backward, Thanos then stomped onto the ground the force making the Saiyan go up into the air. “A Thousand Rending Fists!” Thanos starts to punch Black over and over and over again, a thousand times verily. Thanos does one more punch and hits him directly in his stomach.

“Direct hit!” Nappa yelled.

Thanos then uses steam and the flames to boost him, breaking the sound barrier and crashing him into multiple mountains in the process. Thanos then vanished and reappeared back where the Arena once was.

“Black has zero chance of winning in that form, and even still this form is suppressed! Just wait until we get into the Blue Flames or the White Hot Fire Stages.” Nappa grinned, rubbing his hands together maniacally.

Black unhinged himself from the side of a mountain, spitting out a small amount of blood before glaring through the multiple mountains. ‘This is getting ridiculous…’ Black used instantaneous movement, appearing on top of one of the mountains, looking down at the new hellish landscape. ‘The kaio-ken can only push me so far before my body ultimately fails me…’ The Saiyan spotted the mad titan covered in flames. ‘Body… don’t fail me now…’ Black clenched his fists and roared into the heavens, the landscape shaking and changing due to the Saiyan’s pressure. “KAIO-KEN TIMES 50!!!!” Black roared, the red spiky aura growing in size as the color of the land changed to an eerie red. The Saiyan looked down and threw fist forwards, sending multiple small condensed pressure blasts as they shot towards Thanos, making impact with the Titan.

Thanos stumbled backward, Thanos grunted, “Well whatever you can do… I CAN DO BETTER!!!!” Thanos replicated Black’s skill perfectly, the Ryou Haki boosting its strength, the fists made impact and Thanos then used a flaming lariat on Black, making him choke a bit, Thanos then spun and spun around Black still with him, Thanos threw him not very far and only a few feet. Thanos sighed. “I think it’s time to end this fight once and for all.” Thanos declared, he disappeared and Black stood to his feet to try and see what the Mad Titan was doing. He sees the Titan in the distance pulling something out of the earth, Thanos roared and leaped pulling out a chunk of the earth as wide as the Titanic is long and as tall as Eiffel Tower. Thanos was in a squatting position and Black could see Thanos’s struggle, but he stood up and he seemed to be perfectly fine.

“YOU SEE THIS BLACK!?!?!?!? THIS IS RAW FUCKING POWER!!!!! WHILE MY TRANSFORMATIONS GIVE ME ENHANCEMENTS THIS IS RAWW POWER!!!!!!!!” Thanos yelled, Thanos used his team to boost him to the skies going beyond the clouds and he kept on going, reaching the Thermosphere, Thanos holding his breath all the way to it. Thanos then came crashing down and covered the whole goddamn mountain in Armament Haki, taking his Armament Haki as protection and focussing all of it on the mountain. Thanos came crashing down like a meteor, Nappa’s jaw hit the floor.

Black at the last second put up a protective barrier and enhanced it with Armament Haki. It almost broke under the pressure of the literal fucking mountain and meteor crashing on top of him. The Saiyan had a bead of sweat roll down his cheek, hissing when it reached his burn mark. The Saiyan dropped the barrier and roared, his aura breaking through the mountain and rubble, reducing it into dust. After the dust, it revealed Thanos was somewhat surprised that Black had survived that attack. “A mountain size rock isn’t going to stop me, I can literally destroy a fucking galaxy if I wanted to.” Black spat at the ground. The Saiyan disappeared, gut-punching Thanos, ignoring the flames. “Ten Ren Kugi Punches!!!” Black roared, continuing his barrage of punches until he covered one of his fists in ki. It struck Thanos, the ki transferring to Thanos before Black spun kicked him into the sky. Black threw his arms up, the ki surrounding Thanos detonating in a massive mushroom cloud.

The Saiyan saw the body of Thanos land, he stumbled back from the sudden attacks. “Final-” Black threw his arms to the side, two balls of ki forming in them before he brought them forward, “Big Bang-” Then he brought his hands to the side as the two orbs merged into a larger blast. “KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!” Throwing his arms forward, the blasts grew to the size of a mountain, engulfing the mad titan as the blasts pushed him back. The blast flew off into the horizon, disappearing as it revealed a multi-mile deep trench. Black huffed, dropping back down to Super Saiyan God to save stamina.

There was a silhouette in the trench, it was Thanos, all bloodied, his Haki was gone, his Tekkai was gone, but not his will. Thanos was near unconsciousness it felt like a gust could blow him down but Black knew better than that. “If my body… Can survive… Sn-snapping… Half the f-FUCKING universe and sn-snapping it again… I can survive a puny bitch ass attack like that…” Thanos coughed up some blood, Thanos put his arms to the side and roared his fire turning from red to blue then white. “Black… You have been the toughest opponent I fought… But… Like you, Saiyans will to fight… I have a will… A will to win! And a will that’s stronger than YOUUURRRSS!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared his Conquerors Haki bursting, turning the clouds darker than they were before Lightning struck him, making his Gauntlet be fueled with Lightning like Stormbreaker and making his aura yellow and blue.

“I’m sorry to say this… But Black… This is my last hurrah… And I know that probably took a lot of stamina from you as well… But remember what I told you… What are you fighting for? Well for me… It’s for my love… Celestia from my earth. She was beautiful and I wish I could go back in time and right my wrongs… the people I killed in combat… But I can’t so, Black… Be prepared.” Thanos said, before letting out a furious roar shaking everyone to their very core. Thanos stepped forward, his step felt by Nappa, though he is a Ghost. Thanos shot at Black his wounds taking a toll on him but he ignored it and punched the Saiyan. No amount of Armament Haki could help him now as the punch let out a shockwave and threw him back far, Thanos getting tired of his own strength and him knocking Black far appeared before the Saiyan.

“SPECIAL TECHNIQUE, OWL THRASHING!!!!” “Clones” of the Titan appeared all over and threw themselves at the Saiyan punching him over and over Thanos then charged up a fiery punch, one that would devastate the Saiyan greatly. “OMEGAAA HEEEAAAATTT CRRRRRRAAAAAAASHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Thanos rolled his r’s and punched the Saiyan with the sheer power of the Titan making it as though the sky cracked, also sending him far. “God damn it, why do I have so much knockback!” Thanos complained with a grin, trying to make the situation more comedic.

Thanos then grunted, no longer able to ignore the pain. He fell to one knee, holding a hand on his gut. The mad titan thought he had won, there was no sign of the Saiyan and no sudden teleportation rang throughout the hellish landscape. He sighed in relief, but his hopes were shattered when he heard a distorted roar in the distance. Looking up, he saw a very thin aura with a mixture of blue and white in it. The aura grew in size as it started to shake the land, almost making the tired and worn-out Titan fall over.

“Sorry Black, but if you’re using your Ultra Instinct, and you can dodge while I can’t… Then I’m gonna have to break our promise. I am sorry Black, so very, very sorry, I’ll give you the Kage Kage Fruit as an extra prize!” Thanos turned on his Future Sight Observation Haki. Thanos then boosted himself with steam cocking his fist back for a punch, grinning wildly. ‘It’s been a hell of a time fighting you… Son Goku Black…’

Almost instantly, Black appeared with no shirt on, his pants completely ruined while covered in blood. His hair went back to almost normal with it sticking up in places, it flickering from black to silver. His eyes went from blood red to silver. He too had his fist cocked back for a powerful punch, ‘You're my second strongest opponent I’ve ever faced, and it’s been a hell of a time… Thanos’

The two warriors struck each other across the cheek, an explosion far larger than any of the ponies have seen before. The mushroom cloud reached the limited height the Hyperbolic Time Chamber has. The land was no longer the hellish landscape but was now just a massive crater hundreds of miles deep. In it, both Goku Black and Thanos laid, somehow still conscious. They were both too worn out to move, knowing the fight was now finally over. Black coughed, no longer in Omen Ultra instinct, “Draw?” Black asked the Titan weakly.

Thanos grinned, “Draw… Hey… Black… What do you call a girl named Luna who likes music?” Thanos asked.

Black almost immediately began to chuckle, “What… would th… that be?” Black huffed, grunting in pain from the chuckling.

“Looney Tunes!” Thanos laughed, hurting in extreme agony. “Hehe… ow… hehe… ow… hehe… ow…” Thanos continued. Black laughed with him but immediately regretted it as he felt a growing pain in his chest. He, therefore, uses any stamina remaining to heal himself just enough to move and fly. After struggling to get up, he picked up Thanos, almost stumbling over from the weight.

“Dear Dende, how much do you weigh?” Black joked as he began to hover out of the crater, back to the ponies and ghost. He walked in to see some faces with either worry or just sheer amazement. Black ignored them and walked into the common area and laid Thanos on a couch, then proceeded to heal him slightly as well.

Thanos got up and stumbled a bit, “I weigh a low of 700 pounds jackass,” Thanos chuckled, before pulling out a dark and mysterious fruit from his hand. “As a prize for beating me to a draw… You get the Shadow-Shadow Fruit, or Kage-Kage No Mi in Japanese terms. It allows you to steal others' shadows and if the one you stole the shadow from walks out into the sun… They get obliterated… You can also put them inside the dead, pause... “ Thanos laughed, “Not to mention if you stuff the shadows into one body you can enhance your strength and sometimes even your size… So you can have a thousand men inside of you, pause.” Thanos offered.

Black sat down and he let out a mocking sigh of annoyance, speaking in Japanese, “ Subarashī, watashi ga manabi, shūtoku suruhitsuyōgāru mōhitotsu no chikara... Naze jigokude wanai… (Great, another power I need to learn and master... Why the hell not…)” Black agreed with Thanos looking confused.

“Nani?” Thanos raised an eyebrow, that was the only Japanese word he knows besides, ZAWARUDO TOKI WO TOMARE, Kono Dio Da, Go ahead Mr. Joestar, Goodbye Jojo, Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town, and I’m In Polnereffuuuu. He knew that it wasn’t Japanese he just wanted to piss off ShirtMechanic again.

(Goddammit, Thanos…) - ShirtMechanic

(Also, I’m leaving you, Ghost Nappa, while the actual Nappa stays in my story, so, TWO NAPPAS!!!! YAAAAAYYY!!!!) - The_Chill_Author

Black rolled his eyes, “I mean, why the hell not…” The Saiyan answered. The Saiyan stood up and walked out of the room, before coming back with a small brown bag. He opened it and shook out two green beans. He put the bag away before throwing a bean at Thanos, “Senzu Bean!”

“Okay, bean daddy, no homo, I also forgot to mention that it knocks out whoever you steal the shadow from for three days. But eating a Devil Fruit will cause the sea to curse you and you will not be able to swim and you will also be useless if you are trapped in Sea Prism Stone, but you don’t have to worry about that.” Thanos popped the bean in his mouth and all of his wounds healed, Thanos felt stronger than before, feeling like he could take out Kaido, once and for all. “Alright, are you absolutely, positively, sure you want to eat this fruit. It also tastes like crap.” Thanos informed the Saiyan.

Black then began to think on the offer again, sure he could fly. But he’d rather not eat something that tastes like crap. “I think I might actually back down from the offer, at this point I still have so many techniques I need to master at the moment.” Black declined.

Thanos threw it to Black and he caught it, “Well, give it to another Displaced because I’m not keeping that shit. We should probably head out.” Thanos went for the door meanwhile, Nappa went over to the ponies with a smug look on his face.

“So what was that about Black winning? Also what was your opinion on the overall fight, because it was fucking epic.” Nappa chuckled.

Luna rolled her eyes and smirked, “Well, Thanos didn’t win either, they declared it a draw, but I will admit.” Luna said with a growing smirk, “It was pretty awesome.” Luna declared.

Black shook his head, but then realized his gi was completely ruined. ‘I’ve been wanting a new gi anyway…’ Black thought. He put a hand over his chest, a white flash later revealing a new gi on the Saiyan. It had a dark grey turtleneck short sleeve shirt under it with the same grey shirt over it. He had a shorter and slimmer red belt, black wristbands and he kept the same pants with new fatter white boots. The short-sleeve shirt also revealed a long scar across the Saiyan's arms.

“Also, Cotton fail or whatever your name is, get your ass over here!” Nappa cried out, waiting for the “Sex Bot” to arrive.

Black rolled his eyes as he popped the senzu bean into his mouth, chewing it before swallowing. All of his wounds disappeared as he then called out the A.I, “Cotton Tail, you here?” Black called out, the A.I pony revealing herself.

“What do you require?” Cotton Tail asked politely.

“Nappa has a question for you,” Black said as he pointed to the seemingly angry Ghost.

“Where is the Crimson Crackhead? What universe is he in, I need to torment him for a few chapters.” Nappa crossed his arms angrily.

“My creator is currently crossing the void to get back to his universe. You won’t be able to call him unless you have his token. Plus, I’m sure he would erase you from existence if you annoy him for too long.” Cotten Tail politely explained to the ghost.

“That’s a risk I’m willing to fucking take, Black give me the damn Token, please, I’m begging you! Plus I’m a gag character so I can’t really be injured.” Nappa pleaded.

“No, I’m not letting you take the token so then you can torment a being who has the literal fucking methods to traverse the void!” Black refused Nappa’s request.

“FINE!!! I’ll ask Chill to crossover with his author later on in the story SO I CAN FUCKING BEAT HIS ASS WITH MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!” Nappa yelled to the heavens, Thanos sighed.

“Black do you know who Candice is?” Thanos asked the Saiyan.

“Who’s that?” Black answered with a raised eyebrow.

“CANDICE DICK FIT IN YOUR MOU-” Thanos was then run over by a truck, with Phil Swift in it.

“9001 cans of Hetap for Goku Black?” Phil Swift stepped out of the vehicle, looking at Black.

“Uh… yeah?” Black said surprised.

“Bring it out boys,” Phil Swift the one who basically made Flex Tape famous ordered, the Devil’s Luck Pirates came out Ragnar carrying four crates of Hetap and laying it in front of Black, Verona, and William coming out with one, Duros and Pearl carrying separate ones and putting it down in front of Black as well.

“And that’s it, you also get some free bacon and muffins that is 1000 in total,” Phil Swift threw two small capsules and Black caught them. “And a muffin button to apologize for Thanos’s… Joke.” Phil Swift rubbed the back of his head.

“Thanks!” Black thanked the man with a smile. He then realized something, ‘Where the hell am I supposed to store all of the hetap?’ Black thought while rubbing the back of his head.

“Alright, boys let’s head out.” The Devil’s Luck Pirates went back into the truck and Phil Swift in the driver's seat, he waved Black goodbye and a portal appeared before the truck and it strolled off, running over Thanos again in the process.

“God fucking damn it that hurt!” Thanos got up, “I’m getting out of this damn chamber.” Thanos opens the door and exits the chamber. Black and everyone else followed the mad titan. Once exiting the chamber, it was like nothing ever changed when they stepped inside the chamber.

“Are you about to head out?” Black asked the mad titan.

“Yeah but I gotta do one more thing, Nappa come over here,” Thanos ordered the ghost, Nappa floated over to Thanos and he whispered into his ear, Nappa grinned ear to ear.

“I’m gonna be staying with you guys, for however long I want, but now, I have something to do.” Nappa flew off into the sky. The ponies just looked at Thanos with pure fear.

“What did you say to him?” Celestia asked the mad titan.

“Hehehehehe… Hahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Thanos threw his head back and laughed maniacally, laughing like the one true villain of Dragon Ball, Mr. Popo. “He’s gonna do something that will please the readers, and after he’s done with that he’s gonna teach you guys more about the Rokushiki Techniques while I’m not here. He can change from Ghost to Saiyan anytime he wants now, you have Nappa’s Ghost and I have Nappa from Nappa’s Bizarre Adventure, so there are basically two abridged Nappa’s out there.” Thanos said with a grin.

Goku put a hand on his face and groaned, “Goddammit…” Black muttered.

“Oh and by the way, expect to see Discord coming out… Less sane.” Thanos crossed his arms, a portal appeared behind him, “Farewell, that was a good fight, now I have to kill a Dragon.” Thanos walked inside the portal waving goodbye at the, grinning before he hopped in.

Black shook his head in annoyance and confusion, ‘The hell does he mean Discord will be coming out again. But he removed the thought from his head and turned to the ponies, “I’m going back into the chamber for a bit, I’m going to be in there for a few months, so it’ll be about 2 weeks before I come out.” Black explained suddenly, getting many of the ponies to raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean Black, you’ve just come to a draw from a massive fight, and you're going to go train for two weeks!” Luna shouted angrily, Black nervously laughed before he walked up to her and whispered in her ear. Luna was still confused, but she understood that nothing could stop a Saiyan from training. So she hesitantly nodded.

Black looked at Nightmare who had been silent the entire time, “And don’t think your training is being put on hold, you're coming with me.” Black said as walked to her and dragged her back to the chamber. She tried to protest, but she then disappeared into the chamber as Black looked back to the ponies, “Don’t do anything crazy while I’m gone, alright.” Black told them before walking in and closing the door.

The ponies stood there in confusion except for Luna. They all shrugged as the mane 6 went home, Rainbow talking about the fight with the girls while Celestia walked to Luna’s side. “What did he tell you, Lulu?” Celestia asked her sister. Luna looked at her and simply said.


Discord lied there in stone and tended to his own devices.

“They’ve broken my body, my pride, I failed in my mission to cause chaos to Equestria…” Discord said to himself, yet no one could hear him.

“Discord… Discord…”

Discord heard a voice that was very, very, similar to Nappa’s. “Wh-what?”

Ghost Nappa appeared before him, only him being visible to him and only he could hear him. “I’m haunting you.”

“NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Discord cried out, his scream could not be heard.

Kaido's Defeat.

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

"GAH!!!" Mogeme rolled out of the way of a giant foot about to stomp onto him, Kaido was toying around like a predator toys around with its prey. Mogeme was looked at Kaido, trying to find an opening, but every time he went close he felt danger.

"WORORORORO!!!! You have no chance of beating me, not in a million years." Kaido laughed as Mogeme searches for somewhere to hide because he knew he stands no chance against this demon. Kaido stepped forth, Mogeme stepped back.

"Uh... I need an adult." Mogeme said shakily, Kaido looked down at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You are an adult." Mogeme realized he was the adult in this situation, Mogeme looked into his bag and saw a couple of Healing potions.

"K-Kaido, can you please lend me five minutes of preparation time? If you do, I'll give you one hell of a fight." Mogeme lied as he spoke, he knew he wouldn't beat him but together with his comrades they could. Kaido sighed.

"Fine. I'll go get my Kanabo." Kaido walks off, Mogeme runs over to Luffy and opens his mouth to feed him the potion. The potion goes into Luffy's mouth and his eyes open wide.

"Where's Kaido?!" Mogeme quickly hushed him, Mogeme helped Luffy up.

"Listen, I need you to take these potions and give them to our allies, it will heal them." Luffy nodded as Mogeme gave him the potions, Luffy immediately disappeared. He looks around, he sees the destroyed terrain, the bodies, the ash...

"We need to win this, for if we fail, we'll lose our lives," Mogeme said to himself, but the others were listening, everyone was healed up. Eden sighed and put a hand on Mogeme's shoulder.

"This is the final battle, let's do this... Together." Mogeme nodded and got his pistols out, Eden got his mech out of nowhere and stood tall, Lucci turned into his Hybrid Form and covered his body in Armament Haki, Grievous got his swords out and covered his whole body including his swords in Armament Haki, Sally got her Quirk ready, Entity got his Scythe out and got into his Blood Red Form covering his arms and legs in Armament Haki, Reaper got his two swords out and coats them in Armament Haki, Luffy goes Gear Fourth Snake Man and covered his fists in Ryou Haki, they look on as they see Kaido appear before them with his Kanabo.

"Eh? You're all together? No matter, I'll just kill you all." He said gripping his Kanabo.

"We'll like to see you try!" Everyone let out a battle cry as they charged at the dragon. Kaido ran at them, raising his Kanabo.

"Gum Gum, Jet Culverin!" Kaido was hit in the forehead at blinding speeds, Reaper got his blades ready, gripping them and clenching his teeth.

"Oden Two Sword Style, Paradise Waterfall!" Reaper cried out a horizontal slash appeared on Kaido's chest, he winced a little bit. Reaper said no words as Eden cocked back his ram and slammed it into Kaido making him stumble backward. Grievous jumped above Eden with his swords prepped for attack.

"Four Swords Style, Rhino Charge!" The cyborg started to cut of Kaido like a mother would cut up carrots for her children. "And to finish this combo off, Sanjuroku Pound Ho!" He shot an X shaped slash at Kaido burring itself into Kaido's scales.

"Diable Jambe, Extra Hachis!" Lucci kicks Kaido in his head rapidly, barely being visible to anyone on the battle field. Mogeme shot up next to Lucci, with his pistols, shooting Kaido in the eye just as Lucci kicks Kaido away. Kaido falls to the ground, Sally runs up on Kaido trying to get one touch onto him, trying to obliterate him. Kaido then slapped Sally away, Sally was sent flying into a mountain of rubble. Entity looked to Kaido angry.

"YOU SON OF A DONKEY!!!!!!!" Entity flew at Kaido, Kaido got up with his Kanabo ready.

"THUNDER STRIKE!!!!!" Kaido raised his Kanabo high a storm cloud appeared over Entity, Kaido slammed his Kanabo down and thunder or lightning in this case struck Entity and he dropped like a fly.

"Oh crap baskets, BIG BANG ATTACK!!!" Nappa shot a blue energy wave at Kaido and he knocked it away. Nappa charged up his energy shaking the area.

"Kaioken!" Nappa flew at Kaido and punched Kaido, Kaido didn't fall, Kaido punched Nappa with an Armament Haki covered fist. Nappa slammed into the ground, Kaido slammed his Kanabo down on Nappa making a small crater.

"Tch, you brats never learn... I AM KAIDO, THE KING OF BEASTS!! I WILL NOT BE-" Eden punched Kaido with his mech.

"Oh put a sock in it." Eden said with a grin, Kaido was silent, he grabbed the mech and tore it's arm off. Eden then fired his flamethrower and Kaido tore that arm off, Eden looked at Kaido fearfully.

"Oh... No..." Kaido kicked then Mech and Eden was launched out of it and was sent backward. "SOMEONE STUPID GET IT MY WAY!!!!" Mogeme was hit by Eden's body.

"Gum Gum, Black Mamba!" Luffy shot a bunch of fists at Kaido, Kaido walked through those punches like a breeze in the wind and grabbed Luffy and slammed him into the floor. Luffy wheezed, he slammed Luffy over and over and threw him into Grievous.

"You dare hurt my senpai!?" Warmonger ran at Kaido, jumping high into the air, "Moonlight... SLASH!!!" She shot a monstrous mountain sized slash towards Kaido.

"Oh how cute she named it- OH SHI-" Kaido was hit by the attack and the aftermath of the attack made a trench deeper than m- I shouldn't finish that joke. Nope, not finishing it. Warmonger seemingly teleported to Grievous pushing the no longer Gear Fourth Luffy off of Grievous.

"Grievous Senpai, are you okay?" She shook the cyborg, Grievous opened his eyes.

"Ralof? Is that you?" Grievous asked before shaking his head and looking at Warmonger in disappointment. "Oh, it's you." Warmonger hugged Grievous tight.

"Thank god you're alive!" Warmonger just hugged him until she felt better, which was five minutes of pure silence. In that five minutes Lucci used Guerilla Tactics on Kaido disappearing and reappearing and punching Kaido. Kaido roared and hit Lucci, Lucci blocked the attack and was sent flying to the earth. It still harmed him though.

"Damn, why can't I beat him?" Lucci got to his feet and appeared before Kaido and kicked him in the gut Kaido growled as his gut was burnt by Lucci's flames. Kaido tried to slam his Kanabo down onto Lucci but Lucci used a Rokuogan and shattered the Kanabo into pieces. Lucci grunted, the technique putting some slight strain onto him. Lucci and Kaido's fists then clashed, Kaido's raw strength making Lucci get knocked back. Lucci dug his claws into the earth to stop himself from moving farther.

"Tobu Shigan Hibachi!" Lucci shot a fireball from his fingertips, launching a giant car sized ball of flame at Kaido. Kaido charged up a small fire blast and shot it at the fireball, causing an explosion. Kaido roared causing the smoke from the explosion to disappear, Kaido stood there and took a step forward. Lucci got up and went into a fighting position.

"Alright Kaido... Let's do this!" Lucci ran at Kaido, letting out a furious battle cry.

Reaper and the others looked on as Lucci and Kaido dueled, Lucci trying his best to take down the drake, Mogeme looked through his bag for anything, something that's powerful enough to defeat the King of Beasts.

"Master Sword? No... Nuclear Warhead? That would kill us all... My Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collection that I spend way too much time on that causes me to stress later in life trying to collect all of these damn cards? No... Shisui? That isn't even Shisui, it's a knock-off toy! What do we need to have to kill Kaido?! It will be ears until I can find something that could take down Kaido!" Mogeme ruffled his hair groaning, he sat down and sighed.

"We need to find Thanos, he's our only hope." Grievous said standing to his feet.

"But how? He could be in another universe and we wouldn't even know!" Mogeme said standing up to the cyborg, Grievous looked down at Mogeme.

"Do you have a teleporter?" Grievous inquired.

"...It broke." Mogeme sighed, Grievous tsked, Grievous walked passed the troll.

"Well then, we'll have to wait until Thanos comes back." Grievous drew his swords, Mogeme turned to the cyborg.

"But how do you know he's even alive?! That blast could kill a regular human being!" Mogeme claimed, Grievous looked back at the troll.

"It's a little thing called faith, and Thanos isn't a regular human being nor is he a regular human being. He's a Titan, and he's our friend." Grievous ran to assist Lucci in battle.

"Faith... Faith huh?" Mogeme slumped down, Warmonger scooted herself over to Mogeme's side.

"Don't worry, they'll win, with the power of God and Anime on their side." Warmonger smiled under her helmet, but on the battlefield Grievous and Lucci were struggling against Kaido. Kaido swatting their attacks like flies, Lucci went up to Kaido's chest.

"ROKUOGAN!!!!" Lucci cried out producing a massive shockwave at pointblank range, Kaido spewed a little bit of blood. Grievous then sliced that same spot where Lucci struck, digging his swords into the wound, now causing the dragon to bleed. Kaido jumped back to gain some breathing room. Lucci fell to one knee, his Armament Haki covered body wearing off.

"Damn... The strain of both the Rokuogan and the Armament Haki is starting to wear on me." Grievous fell to his knees, his Armament Haki covered body wearing off as well.

"Same, but we have to fight on and-" At that moment a flash of white went past them and crashed into Kaido.

"HEEAATTT CRRRASHH!!!!!" Thanos cried out as the force and speed of the punches sent Kaido flying into a mountain. Thanos stood there in his "Burst Man Form, White Hot Edition." Ryou Haki covered his fists and boots.

"Thanos... Hehe, you've finally done it." Lucci commented, Thanos looked back at Lucci.

"Indeed, after fighting Goku Black I actually feel a tad bit stronger." Thanos said clenching his fist.

"Let me guess, a Displaced?" Grievous asked Thanos, the titan simply nodded.

"Indeed, I recommend you get some cover because things are gonna get... Spicy." Thanos shot off and breakneck speeds towards the mountain he launched Kaido to.

"Kick his ass... Thanos." Lucci said before collapsing.

I appeared before Kaido, Kaido was in the mountain side, he walked out from the mountain and glared at me.

"So you finally shown your true power... Thanos." He clenched his teeth and covered his whole body in Armament Haki.

"Affirmative, and now, you're gonna pay for what you did to my friends... Kaido." I got into stance similar to Monkey D. Luffy.

"Oh? And how are you going to do that?" Kaido raised an eyebrow.

"With the power of friendship, and this gun I found." I pulled out a gun from nowhere and shot Kaido in the chest, making the dragon stumble backward.

"What the f-" I flew at Kaido and punched him in his nose, making him go through the mountain, I followed him and I brought down my boot upon his chest. Kaido roared in pain and he was sent downwards, Kaido caught himself in the air and sprouted wings. He then flew at me, I blinked in surprise, shocked that Kaido sprouted wings like a demon, I shook my head and regained my attention to the matter at hand. He punched me and punched me hard sending me higher into the air. I regain my balance and he shot himself above me and tried to slam a fist down on me, I threw a punch and out fists connected. Our Conquerors Haki clashing making lightning bolts fly across the place. We were launched backward, both of our Haki nearly equal. I shot myself at Kaido and punched his gut, he then sledgehammered me into the earth making a hole. He charged a Boro Breath and shot it at me, I shot a Steam Cannon and the two waves of heat clashed and made an explosion. It made a dust cloud and in that dust cloud I flew at Kaido and kicked his jaw, he grabbed my leg and threw me far. I hit the floor and was sent tumbling through a forest and into a castle, I look at the castle and it was in fact the Castle of Two Sisters. I shot up and I Kaido flew at me and hits me with a lariat, I grunted and was thrown back into the earth. I flew back up determined to take him down, I cocked back my fist and used a deadly punch.

"SUPER SONIC HEAT CRASH!!!!!!!" I punched his gut and just like last time he spewed out blood and was sent flying. I cupped my hands and used steams and focused the steam into a ball. I then expanded it, making it build to the size of a spirit bomb, I then compress it and turn it to the size of a golf ball and at the same time Kaido recovered from my punch. I used Soru and appeared above him.

"Steam... EXPLOSION!!!" The explosion could be seen from miles and Kaido was shot to the earth, the impact made the literal continent shake. "Bitch..."

"DRAGON CLAW!!!!" Kaido flew up and grabbed my head and slammed me into the ground, he then dragged my head across the ground and threw me out of the forest and into a plain field, except the plain field was littered with weapons. I get to my feet and I see Kaido land in front of me. I give him a look, Kaido raised an eyebrow.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked as he turned his Armament Haki off, I do the same.

"What the hell happened here?" I asked him, he just laughed.

"WORORORORORO!!! You want to know what happened do you? Well, I suppose I could because you're going to die anyways." Kaido laughed, before sighing. "This place was a battle field, just like my Prison was, except it was Displaced vs the inhabitants of the Planet. And as you can see... We won, but let's talk about my origin real quick. A few thousand years ago, I was a boy by the name of James, I loved One Piece and I loved Kaido. So one day I cosplayed as him and went to Comic Con and was sent to Equestria. As Kaido I was feared, and was praised by the Dragons. One day Celestia and Luna decided they had enough of me flying around their lands and saying jokes. They turned me into stone, and after a thousand years I broke out, and I decided, you know what? Fuck them all. I made my token and went to Displaced Universe to Displaced Universe, recruiting them to support my cause and after three years I had a total of three thousand Displaced under me. I declared war on the planet and after a few years we met here for a final battle and I won, killing every single race out there, except for the Dragons because they accepted me for who I was. I then made an empire, a prison to keep the Displaced in, a home for them, I gave them love, I gave them strength. But that all went up in smoke, literally when that damn Nappa destroyed the Prison designed to turn Displaced to my side! But hehe... You forget that there are Displaced on missions, and even if you kill me, they will come after you and they will kill you!" Kaido claimed.

"Well, I'll be waiting for it when the time has come!" I roared my aura exploding, I got my Ryou Haki ready, Kaido got his Armament Haki ready. He turned into a Black Dragon once again. We dashed at each other and clashed, our Cnquerors Haki once again clashing. We grunt and jump backwards.

"LET'S GO KAIDO!!!!" I cried out and I shot to the sky, Kaido going after me, we fought in the skies like Gods. When our fists clash it felt like it shook the earth, we kept clashing making shockwaves across everywhere. Kaido punched me but I caught his fist and threw him into the earth, he shot a bunch of fire blasts at me, I dodged them and he flew at me with his fists cocked back. He then punched me above the clouds, I caught myself and I look down seeing him fly at me. He tried to hit me but I vanished into thin air, he looked around searching for me. While he was doing that I was on the floor, I boosted myself, breaking the sound barrier and making a sonic boom of white. I then knee him to the moon, Kaido was sent through all the levels of the atmosphere and crashed into the moon. I hold my breath and I followed him going as fast as I can, I landed on the moon, making the moon shake at the force I landed it on. Kaido saw me and ran at me, I ran at him our fists clashed yet again, the moon shook, seemingly unable to withstand out attacks. I jumped back and he jumped back as well, we both vanish and shockwaves appeared all over the moon. I uppercut Kaido in his jaw and I kick him into the moon, I punch him over and over and over again. Kaido punched me up into space. Kaido charged up a Boro Breath, a powerful one at that.

"THIS IS IT THANO!!! ULTIMATE BORO BREATH!!!!!!!!" He shot a deadly fire blast at me, I flew at then blast charging up, and focusing my heat into my Gauntlet.

"SUPER SONIC OMEGA HEAT CRRRRRAAAAAAAASHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I went through the blast and I punched Kaido in his chest, his body was slammed into the moon, the heat from my fist made the Moon crack and shake. Suddenly everything became still, my gauntlet deep into Kaido, I felt his organs which made me nearly puke... Then the moon exploded. Making me get launched back to Equus.

Mogeme looked on as a fiery ball came crashing down.

"What's that?" Mogeme asked himself, Lucci stood up and looked at it as well, he grinned.

"He did it..." Lucci said

It fell a few meters in front of them. Luffy looked at the area where the ball crashed at, Lucci ran towards it and he saw Thanos, unmoving and grinning. Lucci kneeled down to Thanos. Reaper went out of his form and all of his injuries were shown, injured, Reaper walked forth, Eden, Entity, Sally, and Mogeme both raced to see Thanos. Grievous was carried by Warmonger for his body failed him. Luffy walked towards the Thanos, limping, Nappa grinning as he followed Luffy, limping as well. They saw the Titan beaten up, Lucci was no longer in his hybrid form, collapsed next to Thanos. Luffy, Nappa, and Reaper fell on their faces after reaching there.

"Did you do it, Big T?" Warmonger asked as she placed Grievous down, Grievous sighed slowly. Thanos grinned letting out a cough.

"What do you think... Warmonger?" He asked grinning, tears appeared on Mogeme's eyes.

"WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAIDO IS DEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!" Mogeme shouted out, throwing his hands up into the air running around and celebrating. Eden laughed as tears went down his face, they had finally won! Eden remembered everything, the time where they met Grievous, went to the Prison, Grievous fighting Kaido, Nappa blowing up the prison, and finally defeating Kaido.

"WE WON CAL!!!!!!!" Eden said his voice cracking. "LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Eden roared, everyone laughed.

"Hey, do you mind if I join your Universe?" Reaper asks the Titan.

"Go ahead, in fact, you're all invited for a grand celebration!" Everyone cheered, as they couldn't wait to go home.

Training, Again...

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Let me catch you guys up on what happened, it's been a few days or a week since Kaido we beat Kaido. Mogeme is somewhere with Luffy, sailing the seas and being a pirate. Mogeme apparently has a bounty of 425 million, for Luffy it's 2 billion. Reaper is somewhere here because apparently his Universe got destroyed by... Someone. Got to watch out for whoever did that. From what I hear Reaper is somewhere in Equestria being a farmer, that's good for him. Eden Spark is somewhere in Zebrafrica, because apparently they have a Wakanda. Noted. Warmonger is with us, because she has a massive crush on Grievous, which I don't really see why. Nappa is with us too, because he says "I need screen time, and I want to annoy the author." Or something like that, oh and Lucci has a Cp9, so uh... Yeah, anyways let's get back to the story.

I stood there in the Training Room looking at my comrades, Nappa, Grievous, Sally, Entity, and Lucci. We all know why we were here, we needed to get stronger, because there are foes, not many, who are stronger than Kaido.

"Alright, it's been a whole week after our fight with Kaido, we all know how he was insanely powerful. Like add Discord, Luna, Celestia, and Tirek then add Nappa, now you have Kaido. Kaido could be our strongest opponent that we will ever fight in a thousand years. However, that doesn't mean we should be slacking on our training." I crossed my arms and looked among them.

"Alright so how are you supposed to get stronger?" Grievous crossed his arms, I just grinned.

"Well, there was a man that I fought, Goku Black, a Displaced. In his universe he had the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, so guess where we're going?" My Reality Stone began to heat up, suddenly the whole room turned into an empty void that stretched on for miles, there was a house in front of us that had twin giant hour glasses. Lucci and the others (excluding Nappa.) Jaws dropped instantly, I just looked at the area.

"Ta da..." Nappa grinned, Grievous went running around, going to the house. Full on fangirling, Lucci, Sally, and Entity follow. Grievous was inside of the little shelter, there were two beds there, he opened up the pantry and it was filled with food.

"Oh my god! THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL!!!!" Grievous shouted out, Lucci grinned ear to ear.

"Dear god I love Goku Black already... Thanos you are the most awesome man I've ever met. Heh, it sounds like we just met, I remember when our first play date happened. Our parents brought us all together, for each of them were friends. And what do you know? They passed on the torch to us." Lucci's grin turned into a soft smile. I smile with him, Nappa clears his throat.

"Ahem! Alright listen up you degenerates, you guys need to learn all about Ki Control. Yeah, that's right, Ki Control. Celestia is probably growing stronger as we speak, gaining more and more power by the minute. Hell, she may wage war on us, sure we all have Luffy, Mogeme, Eden, Reaper, and Warmonger on our side. But we may have our Avengers, but who knows what they're cooking up? Which is why I will teach you all in Ki Control." Nappa declared, we all turned to face the Saiyan who stood there in the void. We all smirked.

"Well then, teach us oh mighty one." Sally dared, Nappa put his hands on his hips.

"Well then, get ready for some gruesome training." Nappa rubbed his hands together, evilly. Suddenly Sally gulped in fear.

We were all standing side by side, Nappa stood before us. Grievous was giddy, he turned to me.

"Can you believe we're finally going to learn about Ki Control?" He said bouncing up and down, I just grinned.

"Hell yeah! This is going to be epic!" I said to him in a loud whisper. Nappa cleared his throat gaining our attention.

"Alright let's get down to business, first let's talk about the most simplest form of Ki Control. Now Control is all about focus, having full control over one's body and mind require meditation. Go to your happy space, go where everything is fine. Now Ki is life force, what makes you really live? What makes you want to push on? First thing's first. Meditate." Nappa ordered us, we all nod to our master. Lucci turns into his Leopard form, he then lays down and closes his eyes. I take a seat, Entity, Grievous, and Sally following me.

I imagined me dancing with Celestia under the moon light, the cold breeze brushing past us. Her soft warm smile lighting up the night as we danced, the wind rushing through the trees. The leaves slowly descending and touching the earth, the river water rushing past us as we danced. The rocks that were our stepping stones as we made it past said river, it was all so calming.

Seeing that we were all relaxing Nappa said in a soothing voice, "Now, do not try to force the Ki coming out of your palm. Clench your fist then, open it..." We all held out a clenched fist, our eyes closed, we all then open it. Feeling a warming feel to it, we all opened our eyes and looked at our Ki orbs. Mines was purples, Lucci's was orange, Entity's was red, Sally's was the magenta, and Grievous was grey.

"This feels so amazing." We all said at the same time, we all then stand up. Looking at Nappa.

"It feels like... The Ki orb is one with me, and I was one with it. I feel... Alive." Grievous told the bald Saiyan, the Saiyan let out a chuckle.

"Indeed, that is what it means to learn Ki, I have years of experience with it, I used it for killing, protecting, and living. Now, dispel the Ki Orb." Everyone tossed theirs up, and like UI Goku it disappeared. Nappa grinned.

"Now for flight focus all of that Ki into your feet. Feel the life around you, imagine you're in nature, feel the grass wave against your feet. The wind brushing through your hair... Or ears in Thanos' case." I just smiled and raised a middle finger to the Saiyan. Everyone escapes a soft chuckle before focusing Ki to their feet. Suddenly I heard a flight sound, we all turn to Grievous who had done it first. In a Zen mode, he was flying!

"Grievous! You're doing it!" Sally cheered, soon after that, me, Lucci, Sally and Entity fly as well. We all look to Grievous who was still in a Zen state.

"Grievous?" I poked him, his eyes then widen as he looked around.

"What happened? Why am I flying?!" Grievous looked to Nappa before deadpanning, "Oh, Ki Control. I got it. WAIT I'M FLYING!!!!!!" Grievous cheered, we all laugh at our very slow friend.

"Now come back down here, we're learning about Ki Aura's. It's basically you using your Ki and pushing it all outside, enhancing you're body and strength, here is a demonstration." We all went back down and Nappa began to charge up, his Ki Aura flaring up like fires. He let out a mighty roar as his body was encased in a white flaming aura, Nappa then stops. "Now you guys try."

We look at each other and all sigh, "HAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" We all let out a mighty roar, a few sparks came out but nothing more. Nappa frowned.

"You have to put more oomph to it, let out a roar, picture you fighting Kaido, Kaido killed your friend or lover. Show him what for!" Nappa ordered us, pumping his fist into the air. Entity growled as he began to charge up, we all turn to him making primal growls, the growls turn into a full on roar knocking us away. His aura was flaring up like hellfire before stopping, grunting when he was done. We all look at him with pure shock, Nappa's eyes were open wide. Nappa walked over to Entity.

"This man, right here knows how to fucking roar." Nappa pats Entity's shoulder, Entity chuckled, he voice hoarse.

"Thanks, but that took a lot out of me..." Entity chuckled once more, scratching the back of his head.

"Alright, now you guys try."

It took a while but we managed to pull it off, we all had flaming white aura's, Entity and Nappa gave us a round of applause as they saw us. We did it, we were the best, like no one ever was. Nappa pushed Entity towards us, stumbling forward he was back with us.

"Now, let's talk about Ki Blades this time. Since you mastered Ki Aura, you must focus that aura to your hand, then you can try and make it into a blade shape." Nappa informed us, Grievous does it perfectly.

"Like this?" He askes the bald Saiyan, Nappa looks at Grievous in dumb shock.

"...Yes." Nappa nodded slowly, soon after that we replicate Grievous' mastery. "I call fucking bullshit on that, how in this whole entire world, can you guys do this so god damn easily? It took me days, weeks, full on months to do this and you guys are doing it like no problem. This is trash writing, if I was in charge, OH HO HO things would be so different!" Nappa finished his rant and we just stare at him blankly before looking at ourselves with a grin.

"We have the power of God and Anime on our side." We all said striking a pose like the Ginyu Force. Nappa smiles and pulls out a Glock.

"Do you want to repeat that?" We go back to our normal posture and Nappa puts up his gun.

"Good, you all go home, that's enough for today." Nappa told us, my Reality Stone began to glow and we were back in the Training Area. I was met with a sword to me neck, the wielder? A young Unicorn that reminded me a lot of Platinum Shine. She glared at me, Grievous reached for his swords but I waved him off.

"Good evening." I greeted, "Why do you have a sword to my neck?" I asked the mare.

"The name is Aurora Platinum, the Sorceress of the North, I come here to avenge my ancestors, Platinum Dusk and Platinum Shine." Aurora Platinum growled, I looked around and I saw Emerald Gauntlet trapped via steel wrapped around his body, Ruby and Sapphire Sword tied together as well. I look down at her.

"Let's make a deal, if you win against me on a one on one battle, you can kill me, if I win you'll work under me." I grin as I look down at her, she glares up at me and sheathes her sword.

"Fine, but you better make this battle worth my time." Platinum scoffs and turn around, she then storms off, I turn to Lucci.

"Follow her until the match starts." I whispered to him, "Oh and the match starts in thirty minutes!" I shouted to her as she left the room.

"Perfect, they can go build your grave in that time!" Platinum shouted back, I look to Lucci.

"Do not fuck this up." I frowned, he saluted.

"Yes my King! to infinity, and your mom!" Lucci runs off and I sigh...

"Damn bastard..."

Lucci's POV

I lurked in the shadows of the town of Minocow, I followed Aurora Platinum. Platinum was walking down the streets, everyone kept their distance from her. I stood on the rooftops, I looked down at Platinum solemnly. I sighed, remembering our times with her ancestors, Platinum Dusk and Platinum Shine were our best friends... But it changed all because of that stupid changeling. Platinum then turned up to me, I paused and I looked down at her, we both stared at each other for a while. Platinum then fires a magical bolt at me, I tilted my head to the side and evaded the attack. Next thing I know she was in my face, a sword in hand. Platinum swiped down at me, I jumped back.

"Hey, trying to get warmed up before the fight with Thanos, eh?" I chuckled landing on my feet she growled and readied her blade. Platinum ran at me, raising her sword up high and trying to swipe down at me. I evaded the attack, she continued to try and land a hit on me. Platinum shot a diagonal air slash at me, I then ducked under it, barely too. Platinum continued to run at me and I yelped, turning around I made a run for it.

"Don't run from me you coward!" Platinum cried out, I turned back to her, she shot a magical bolt at me. Jumping to another roof I evaded the attack, Platinum followed after me. She skids to a halt then follows after me, I jumped down to the streets of Minocow. She follows me, jumping down as well, the Minotaurs of Minocow look on as we run past them. I run on the walls of the houses, Platinum glared at me as she sprints after me. Suddenly Grievous was running next to me, Grievous looked at me.

"What are we running from?" Grievous asked me, I ducked my head and evaded another magical bolt.

"A very angry mare!" I shouted to him, his eyes open wide and he starts booking it like crazy. I run after him as Platinum roars at us, as I caught up to Grievous was suddenly wrapped around a burning hellish lasso.

"Tell Thanos I said fuck- YOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" Grievous was suddenly pulled and I looked back, only to see him being pulled into an alleyway, a huge torrent of fire followed afterwards. I screamed in pure unadulterated fear, Platinum walks out of the alleyway and runs after me. It reminded me of Officer Earl going after Flint Lockwood.

"Rob Lucci!" Platinum spat, I just turned into my Leopard Form, running faster than her. I sprinted faster than I ever had before, I looked back and she continued to run after me. There was a crowd in front of me and I jumped over them. I went back to my Human form, I then rip a cloak off of a Minotaur.

"Hey!" He cried out, I just looked at him.

"Not time to explain, I got to hide!" I shouted out before concealing myself in the cloak. I then walked among the Minotaurs, then everyone was pushed aside by Aurora Platinum. She looked among us, I just walked around looking at the items the stores had on sale. I hear Aurora Platinum footsteps getting closer.

"Tch, he's not here. Excuse me sir but do you know where a man named Lucci is located?" Platinum put a hand on my shoulder and my body stiffened.

"No ma'am, I haven't seen Captain Lucci." I said in a different voice more heroic. Platinum pokes me, I made the mistake of turning to her. There was a pause, me and her locked eyes.

"You son of a bitch!" Platinum then punches me in the nose.

"Gah! WHY DO YOU HATE US!??!??" I asked her, my nose having a trail of blood falling down it. Platinum pulled me close to her.

"You killed my ancestors, they trusted you, they were your friends, and you killed them!" Platinum shouted, the Minotaurs then slowly back away from her. A good call on their part.

"We didn't do it because we wanted to! It's because a changeling controlled them to kill us!" I shouted to her, she then blinked.

"Really? Huh, guess I won't kill you. Very well, I shall serve under you." Platinum bowed her head to me, I stared at her blankly.

"What? You believe me?" I asked her, Platinum just nodded with a grin.

"Hell yeah, but I still hate Thanos! I'm probably going to attempt to assassinate him a couple times!" Platinum told me honestly, I blinked a few times.

"I... What?" I took the cloak off and threw it to the ground. The Minotaur before picked it up.

"Hmph!" The Minotaur then walked off, I stood there... Our eyes locked. Her silver eyes met my black eyes, I remembered my time with Platinum Dusk, she was my girlfriend, and here she is, reincarnated.

"I... Huh, do you want to get some... Dinner?" I asked her, she shrugged.

"Why not? All that running made me hungry!" Platinum put her hands behind her head and grinned, we then turn around and walk off.

What a weird girl...

Negotiations with other Countries.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

It was after the Displaced Tournament and me and the boys partied all day and night when we got home but we had to get serious again. Our only allies were the Storm Kingdom, so I decided to go scouting for some people to join my crusade! So, I sat there in my air ship as we flew over the lands of Zebrafrica, I had notified Eden that we were coming to Mokao, the Wakanda of Zebrafrica. I had brought my companions, only two, Sally and Entity. Sally looked at me with curiosity gleaming in her eyes.

"So, why are we going to Mokao?" Sally inquired, raised an eyebrow as she turned to me. I turned to her with a grin as wide as Celestia's body.

"Well, Eden is here in Mokao, so I had decided that we could talk with their leader to gain an ally. King Ziyad of Zebrafrica," I told the corpse, that sounds wrong out of context. Entity butted in the conversation, oh I forgot to mention Entity 303 had Netherite Armor on.

"Alright, this should be fun." Entity red eyes gleamed for a split second before returning to their original crimson state. Sapphire Sword spoke up, being the pilot.

"Uh, there's a mountain in front of us and this Ki you're talking about is coming from that mountain. Should we find somewhere to land?" I walked up to the cockpit, Entity and Sally following me. Ruby was Sapphire Sword's co-pilot. I crossed my arms, no longer grinning.

"Go straight for it," I ordered the duo looked at me in confusion, Ruby spoke up.

"But my King, we'll surely crash if we-" Ruby was cut off by Entity, Entity looked down at Ruby his scythe, Hell Bringer, adding to his intimidating aura.

"Are you doubting your King, Ruby?" Entity asked Ruby, peering down at Ruby. She gulped, obviously scared for her damn life.

"I hope you're right about this..." Ruby muttered before turning to Sapphire Sword, "Alright Sapphy, let's do this. For the glory of Storm Fist!" Ruby and Sapphire shut their eyes as they headed into the mountain the airship went through the mountain. I saw... Something beautiful, the technology dwarfed that of the Storm Kingdom's. It was so technological, I only saw the city from afar yet I could see the people, we flew over the farms that reside the people of Mokao. Ruby and Sapphire Sword slowly opened their eyes, they sighed in relief before they gaped at the sight.

"It's so... beautiful..." Sapphire Sword awed, as they looked at the area, I chuckled.

"Indeed it is, indeed it-" I was cut off as I heard a crash that came from our ship. It knocked Sally off her balance and sent her tumbling. I went out of the cockpit and there was a massive hole in the side of the ship, Ruby let out a scream.

"GAH WE'RE GOING DOWN!!!!!!" Ruby shouted out as the ship spun around and around before it crashed down in an empty plain field that was left untouched. Entity groaned, before getting to his feet, I got up as well as Ruby and Sapphire tumbled out of the cockpit before Sapphire Sword met her lunch again. I winced and looked to Entity.

"Is everyone alright?" I asked him, Entity looked back at the cockpit as Sally walked out with ruffled hair.

"Eh, I say we're doing fine." Entity said in obvious sarcasm, I deadpan at him, Ruby then tapped my arm, I turned to her.

"Uh guys, you should look at that." Ruby pointed to the hole and there was... Officer Earl? How did he get here? I frowned he was likely one of Kaido's men.

"King Thanos of Minos, what brings you here? Have you come to invade our sacred lands?" Earl asked me, I looked down at him with a scoff.

"If I had wanted to do so, I would've done so already, no, I come to form an alliance," I told the African American, he tsked.

"Hmph, really? I don't believe you, given your history with the other Kingdoms, especially the Pony Kingdom, Equestria." Earl clenched his fists, I clench mines.

"You don't want to fight me, I have fought countless foes and all have been defeated by me." I frowned, Earl frowned as well, we both locked eyes.

"Put them hands up then!" Earl ran at me as he did to Flint, I cracked up a little before lunging at him. He covered a fist in Armament Haki, I covered mine and our fists clashed. To my surprise he knocked me back, Earl launched an uppercut to my chin and threw me through the aircraft's roof. He jumped after me and landed a spin kick to the side of my head, I was sent flying to the ground. Earl used Geppo and flew at me attempting to grapple me with his meaty arms. However I caught him and both of our hands were wrapped around each other, I then put my right foot behind me. I let out a roar before slamming Earl down onto the ground, the force made him bounce up in the air. I then did a flip kick and launched him up into the air. Using Geppo, I followed him but unfortunately for me, he recovered, he used Geppo and flew after me. Our fists clashed and it knocked both of us back.

"I'm not gonna lie, you have some spunk kid!" I laughed, Earl frowned.

"Who is you callin' kid, you purple jelly bean?" Earl mocked, however, it only made me laugh more. We flew at each other once more and our fists finally landed on their targets. My fist met his jaw and his fist bet my rib, we both start to slug each other, punch after punch, they were all landing. It was basically Franky and Fukurou punching each other over and over again. Entity took a step out of the ship, the others soon following.

"Should we help him or..." Sapphire Sword said as she looked up at me and Earl slugging each other.

"No, no, let him have his fun." Sally waved Sapphire off, as she looked on at the fight. Finally, we broke out of this cycle when I sledgehammered him down into the ground and into some mud, using Kamisori I appeared before him. I went for a hook kick but that was a mistake as the police officer grabbed my leg. He then threw me over his shoulder and I landed in the mud, I went to my knees only for Earl to pull back his leg and kick me in my chin. The force made me reel backwards, but I caught myself and I headbutt him in his nose. The force made Earl stumble backward, Earl then regained his footing, his nose bleeding. Earl wiped it off before grinning, we were about to continue our bout before a slam interrupted us. We turned towards the noise and there stood King Ziyad with his staff, Earl looked to me, I looked to him.

"He started it!" We both shouted out, pointing at each other. Ziyad just stared at us and let out a small growl.

We stood in Mokao's castle after we got each other cleaned off, Ziyad sat on his throne looking down at me. Officer Earl was close to Ziyad's thrones, Entity and Sally were behind me. Sapphire Sword and Ruby were next to them, Ziyad rubbed his eyes.

"King Thanos I apologize for Captain Earl's... What's the word for it? Oh right, overprotectiveness, we found him nearly dead on our borders, the attacker was a Manticore. Ever since we saved him he has been a loyal subject of mine for three years. Now Thanos what brings you here?" Ziyad asked me, all regal like, damn I want to be like him.

"Ahem, I come to form an alliance," I told the King, the guards all directed their gaze over to me with shocked expressions.

"Go on..." Ziyad mused, I cleared my throat.

"Alright, so you have probably heard of Celestia's outburst at the summit, speaking of which why weren't you there?" I asked Ziyad, Ziyad rolled his eyes.

"My daughter was giving birth and I wanted to be there for her," Ziyad told me, my eyes widened.

"Oh uh, congratulations sir, but we all know, Celestia has the thought process and the emotions of a teenager. She was like this one thousand years ago and I know it's because it takes a while for an Alicorn to mature due to their age but she should be learning by now. We all know that time and time again she has failed to do the right things, not aiding Luna through dark times, not killing Tirek, not killing Sombra when she had the chance. These are villains that threatened the entire world and what did she do? She spared them, she spared them because she believes in redemption, some people- Er... Ponies can't be redeemed. Not to mention she was taken out by a single pony, her kingdom fell in one swoop, her Kingdom is weak, and she needs to be stopped before she releases another evil. Who knows, maybe even Chrysalis or a random pink pony might destroy the world because of her. She makes fatal mistakes that leave the whole world in danger, that is why I have decided to end her and her kingdom. Will you join me in taking over Equestria, King Ziyad?" I asked the King, Ziyad looked down at me before he chuckled.

"My, my, you have quite the collection of words up your sleeve. Quite the dithyramb if I do say myself but what you are saying is... Hypocritical, you preach on how she fails to do the right things but from what I hear, you're the one who failed to kill Sombra." I was taken aback by this, I cleared my throat.

"Well, you see Celestia had the chance when-" Ziyad cut me off when he slammed his staff down, the room became silent.

"You had your turn Thanos, it is my turn to speak." Ziyad frowned, looking down at me, I nodded, "As I was saying, you were the one who failed to kill Sombra. You're a strong man, able to fight on for a whole month before getting defeated in combat. Not to mention you attacked Canterlot with a mercenary who refers to himself as Eric Von Shadow."

"How do you-" I asked him before I was cut off by Ziyad.

"Thank that to Noximilien the Watchmaker, he supplied us with these little bugs, they help us see everything. Including what happened with you and your captors, I must say, you are quite strong. Especially this Goku Black." My eyes opened wide, so he did know...

"Huh, so uh... You know that I can destroy the moon." I asked the King, he nodded, "Oh..."

"Indeed, let us get back to the topic at hand, I'm going to have to say we don't know for our alliance. You're a good man, with good intentions but we're not sure if we can trust you... Yet." Ziyad told me, I bowed.

"Thank you for your time, well uh... We don't have a ship." I chuckled, Ziyad turned to Earl.

"Earl here will direct you to your new airship, it's only fair given that he blew up your ship." Ziyad frowned at Earl who turned away from Ziyad whistling.

"Alright, let's go!"

We were at the Abyssinian Kingdom, our new ship was big yet surprisingly fast, that's what she said. We had arrived there in record time, we were descending to the aircraft docks, Queen Furby crossed her arms and looked up at us. The two guards from the Summit were there, the Lion and the Tiger. We landed and the bridge dropped, I walked down it, my friends following me.

"Hello Queen Furby, I haven't seen you since the summit," I informed the feline, she grins, sticking a furry paw out to me. I took it gratefully

"A pleasure to meet you again, Thanos King of Minos." Furby's grin was contagious as I grinned back. The Tiger rolled its eyes.

"Okay, that's enough you two love birds." I took a step back and she does as well, slightly blushing. She cleared her throat.

"Alright, what brings you to the Abyssinian Kingdom?" Furby inquired, I look to Entity and he nodded.

"I'm here to ask you if you would like to..." Furby's ears perked, "...Join my alliance and takedown Celestia." Her ears flattened, she raised a claw to her chin.

"Oh let me think about it, fuck yeah!" Furby grinned, my eyes widened, I look down at her, shocked as her response was immediate.

"Alright, that's-" The Cat Queen had cut me off, raising a claw.

"However that will come at a price, I want you to beat me in combat. Just to gauge how truly powerful you are, I and Lucci fought and it nearly came to a draw. I know you're stronger so, do you accept?" Furby asked me, I looked to the others, Sally shrugged, Entity did a thumbs up or at least tried to given that he was a blocky man. Sapphire Sword and Ruby just deadpan at me I turn to Furby.

"Alright I accept your challenge where do you want to fight?" I asked the feline, she smirked.

"Right here, right now, I want you to pou- I mean I want you to beat me... In battle." Furby raised a furry paw up at me, I slowly nodded, it was obvious she was sexually attracted to me. Very obvious.

"Okay then... Do we count or-" She cut me off once more as she landed a right kick to my jaw, it made me stumble to the right a little bit. I then slowly stare at her, I stared down at her motherfuckerly.

"Oh, that's how we're going to play it huh? Alright, I'm going to beat your ass." I popped my knuckles I could've sworn I heard, 'Oh please do,' I swear on my life I just heard that escaping her lips. I jumped back away from our aircraft and Furby used Soru to appear before me. Furby cocked back a fist to punch me, I was ready for it until she faked it and delivered a kick to my side. I reached to grab her leg but she was quick and pulled it back before delivering an uppercut. Using my Future Sight Observation Haki, I saw Furby going for a leg sweep, and look what happened, she did a leg sweep. I jumped over it and jump-kicked her, in her forehead. She stumbled backward a bit before I landed a blow on her abdomen, it stunned her for a moment. I took advantage of that and decked her in her muzzle, the force knocked Furby backward. She recovered and used Soru to appear far back, she chuckled.

"You are strong indeed however, let's skip the warm-up!" Furby said as she turned into her Cheetah Hybrid form, I clench my fists and we ran at each other.

Okay so uh... After the sparring session we went to the Diamond Dog Packs apparently Shiva was right, they only know about sex and fighting. Sounds epic, but after I talked with the Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Jade Diamond Dog Packs, they were pretty open to accepting. They hate the ponies for mistreating them and running them out of their homelands, so that's another ally. So you must be wondering... What next? Well, we're going to the Avian Kingdom.

"The what?!" Sally shrieked, it shook the whole aircraft as we flew above the clouds. I winced, she was shaky. "You do know what they did to-" I cut her off.

"Of course I know, I still have PTSD of that shit, we need allies, and we all know that Equestria has the Griffon, Seaquestrian, Changeling, Dragon, and Yak Kingdom on their sides. What do we have? Minotaurs, Storm, Abyssinian, and the Diamond Dog Packs. We need to even out the odds." I told the Corpse Queen, she hummed.

"Hmph, well, I guess you're right-" Suddenly there was a crash, I cursed as I walked out of the cockpit. There was... A bunch of pirates, I saw blue flames in the form of wings and talons. It was Marco, Marco the Phoenix!

"Sup Thanos, I hear you're recruiting people," Marco smirked, I looked at him blankly.

"Well uh... Yeah, I was just heading to the Avian Kingdom." I nodded dumbly, Marco then grinned ear to ear.

"Well, you're just in luck, because I'm the King!"

Rescue 5: A Heated Battle Part 1.

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Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

1,695 years ago.

Uh... I suppose it is my turn to tell you how I got beaten up, is it? Well my name is Jessica and I am Supergirl, I was teleported to the Dragon Lands by Celestia herself. There I stood in the Dragon Lands as Dragon Lord Torch sent his troops after me, this is what happened.

"Is that all you got?!" I asked as I slammed my heel into a dragon that came a bit too close to me. The dragon was sent plummeting down into the ground, the dragon then made a large imprint on the ground with his body there, limp. He was unconscious and not dead, I may be a monster but I'm not a monster.

"Hmph, I suppose it is time I join the fray," Torch then walks forth, going towards me, I grin and I get in my signature fighting stance.

"Come on big guy, show me what you got!" I said with a grin, I then flew off to him on to get caught in a trap, I was then unmoving as I tried my best I then look up and I see Luna with her horn glowing. "...I hate you."

"You really though I would fight somedrake that rivals Thanos? BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You must really be stupid." Torch then approaches me and raises his dragon claw high.

"This is going to hurt..."

Yeah that's how I got trapped, pretty much bullshit not gonna lie. I should have won. I tried so hard to get so far... But in the end it doesn't even matter...

Present time

"I am Marco the King of the Avian Kingdom," Marco introduced himself to us, me and my crew had confusion stuck on our faces.

"But... How? You're not an Avian!" Ruby pointed out, Marco chuckled and shook his head.

"Well, how am I King? Well, after I got here, which was four years ago, I was welcomed at the Avian Kingdom. Not to mention I was praised as a God because you know, the phoenix stuff. Let's just say being praised as a God didn't sit well with the King, so we had a duel. If I won I get to be King, if he wins I get banished, and guess who won?" Marco pointed to himself, dear God this is getting me flashbacks to the Summit.

"You remind me of when I beat Golden Hoof and became King. You and I are alike in some ways, what do you say we get an alliance together, I mean we-" I was cut off by Marco.

"Alright, I'll join you." Marco said blankly, my crew and I had a dumbstruck look on their faces.

"Was there any thought in that?!" Sapphire Sword asked in a near shout, Marco shook his head.

"Nope! You guys must be desperate coming to me of all people, especially the given history with your kind." I grimaced at that, remembering the war. "Also Celestia is a bitch, she committed genocide on the Human Race. And for what? To make your will shatter and get rid of the most intelligent species on the planet. As well as the most dangerous, they were a peaceful race, but Celestia just had to kill them all. That got me pretty pissed when I read that, almost made me wage war on them, but when I heard that a certain Titan was laying dormant. I ordered one of my strongest Unicorns to cast on un-stoning spell, I just knew you would become a good ally to us and we would become a good ally to you." Marco walked up to me with a grin, I flashed a grin back and we shook hands.

"It's good that we're on the same page." I said, Marco nodded.

"Hey, are we forgetting something?" Entity asked, I turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't think so, if we forgot about it, it probably wasn't important... WAIT SUPERGIRL AND RAPUNZEL!!!!"

I stood there on my airship as we arrived at the Dragon Lands, everyone was here except some of the CP9, there was one member of the CP9 with us. Her name was Sumidetora but we call her Tora for short, she came with us in hope to kill Celestia, to avenge her kin. I had found her in my room, she actually waited ALL day just to join us, talk about dedication am I right? Anyways I was on top of the air ship like a chad, I looked in front of me there was Ember standing there with her scepter and an army of Dragons behind her. She saw my literal army behind me, there were some Avians behind me, Marco was next to me and Grievous was on the other side of me. Grievous looked at all of the dragons in... Excitement? Resentment? I couldn't quite tell.

"Thanos," Ember began, thus gaining my attention. "You have no business being here, leave."

"You have something that I want, Ember, a dear friend that you have captive." I spoke, the dragons flinched at the royalty of my voice. "Give her to me or I'll let dear Grievous here rain hell on you guys."

"Am I suppose to be scared of some bucked for brains?" Ember asked me with a raised scaly eyebrow.

"I will exterminate your kind, and I'll have fun doing it you useless bag of scales!" Grievous cried out, the dragons then tense up at the anger in his voice, Warmonger walked up behind the Cybernetic Samurai. Warmonger then hugged Grievous around the General's neck.

"Oh Grievy, don't be like that~" Warmonger cooed, Grievous just deadpanned.

"Leave me alone." Grievous grumbled, Warmonger then let go of Grievous. I stare at Ember, she stares at me.

"So, what is your opinion on cheese?" I asked her, Ember face-clawed.

"Idiots, all of them..." Ember grumbled, Marco chuckled.

"Well they may be idiots but I'm certainly not!" Marco cried out.

"Thanks for helping me stall." Ember grinned, from the clouds air ships of the Equestrian Empire came down, there stood Celestia along with her allies. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh hello Sunny! It's been a while hasn't it?" I asked the Alicorn, Tora walked beside me growling and readying her poison, I glance at her. "Not yet Tora..." I told her, she glanced at me before begrudgingly stopping her poison.

"Thanos, you know this means war, right? Well if it's a war you want, it's a war you'll get." Celestia spoke, I cross my arms. "Thanos you know what will happen if you attack these lands, it will be the same like last time, do you really want another war?"

"Shut the fuck up Tia! I do what I want!" I cried out, Celestia growled at my stubbornness, "You started this, you made me this way! This all happened because of YOU'RE selfishness! I will get my friends back, I will get my Infinity Stones back, and I will live with my actual family! FIRE THE CANNONS!!!!" I roared, immediately the cannons fired off, massive cannon balls were fire and Tora jumped on one. Looking right at Celestia, the dragons then flew at all of us and Marco then flew down in his Full Phoenix Form. Grievous jumped from the aircraft only to be hit by Rainbow Dash as they were carried into a forest.

"You and me have a score to settle bucket head!" I hear Rainbow Dash cry out, I then flew from the air craft, flying to the ground. Though while I was flying, I saw Sunset Shimmer herself flying at me, fire boosting her to come in contact with me. She fired off a fireball at me, I ignored the attack as I went right through it. Sunset Shimmer yelped right before I slammed into her, both of us hit the ground. Sunset Shimmer squeaked for she was under by boot now.

"Get away from her!" I hear someone shout, I then get kicked in the head by none other than Applejack, Sunset got up and put her fists up.

"Thanks AJ," Sunset told the Cowgirl, Applejack just nodded before she ran at me, she then covered her legs in Armament Haki. She jumped up above me and dove down feet first, I grab her feet with one hand and I slam Applejack down.

"Insect!" I told her, Sunset fired off a fireball at me, I picked up Applejack and I blocked the fireball with her body. Sunset gasped, I then threw AJ aside like trash, which she was.

"Fire Bullets!" Sunset put her hands in a finger gun like position and she let fire at me, I then avoid the attacks like a badass. Doing flips like Spiderman, you could call me Spider-Titan, hah! But back to the battle, I pull out my sword and I began spinning it, blocking the fire bullets. I then began to approach the Unicorn, her horn lit up and my sword was covered in a magical aura. I tightened my grip on it as it began to spin, Sunset tried feebly to pull the blade out of my grasp as she let loose on me. When I got close enough I wrapped my hand around her neck, I then lifted her up. I sheathe my blade and I cover my off hand in Armament Haki. She looked at me fearfully, I cock back my fist and slammed the fist into her gut.

"So long Gay Bowser." I let go of her and I fired off a Ki Blast, sending her flying into the sky. It then detonates and I hear a satisfying scream of pain, I grin before turning around. I see Luna, I sighed. "When do you people learn? I'm built different."

"This ends now, Thanos!" Luna conjured her scythe and she flew at me, unsheathing my blade I then spun it before our weapons clash.

"You can't beat me, I have years of experience on my side!" I cried out, looking down at Rainbow Dash, I had all of my four swords out. Rainbow Dash growled as she flew at me, I then side-step her easily before kicking her in the rib. Making her fly into a tree, she then hit the ground with a thud.

"Don't you dare tell me what I can and can't do!" Rainbow Dash cried out before kicking off from the tree and flying towards me, a rainbow trail following her. I frown or at least try to as I make a wall of rock with the Earth Sword, she then crashes into it. I then kick through the wall and I kick her in the stomach. She then grabs onto me leg and throws me over, I looked at Rainbow Dash with an annoyed look on my face as she threw me. Using Geppo I regained my balance in the air and I slammed my body into hers, making her hit the floor. I was now on top of her, she then bucks me in my chest making me go back up into the air, I then slam onto the ground but rather on my back it's my feet.

"I will beat you! You and Thanos cause nothing but trouble, and as the Element of Loyalty I'll kick your flank!" Rainbow Dash cried out, covering her fists and feet in Armament Haki, looking down at her I sheathe my blades and I put up my extra arms. I then get in a Martial Arts stance, looking at Rainbow Dash.

"If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" I roared, I then ran at Rainbow Dash, she grits her teeth and goes for a buck to my face. Ducking under it I then land a punch to her gut, she gets sent flying I then pause. "...Why do I have a sudden urge to kill a pony named Amethyst Shard?" Though as I was distracted she swept my leg making me go on my back. Rainbow Dash was about to stomp onto me but I rolled out of the way, I get to my feet and perform a snap kick to her stomach. Sending her flying into a tree, I then walk forth.

"Damn you!" Rainbow Dash snarled, she then flew towards a tree adjacent to her she then kicks off of it, propelling herself towards me. I frown if I could, as the Pegasi close in on me I dodged out of the way and grabbed her arm. I then pull her over me and I slammed her onto the ground, knocking the wind out of her.

"Rainbow Dash, this is suicide, you can't beat me!" I told the rainbow mane pony, she gets up and strikes me in the jaw. However due to Observation Haki I softened the blow with Armament Haki, and my Armament Haki is stronger than hers. Rainbow Dash then winces at the pain before glaring up to me.

"What did I tell you about telling me what I can and can't do?!" Rainbow Dash then shot towards me, I then slide out of the way. "What do you care anyway? You're a blood thirsty murderer, just like your friends!" I clench my teeth.

"History is told by the winners, what Celestia told you was a lie, we are not your enemies!" I tried to reasoned with her but it was like talking to a brick wall.

"Shut up! Celestia told me you manipulate people and then kill them, I know you're tricks bucket head!" Rainbow Dash cried out. My mind then wonders and I close my eyes, Rainbow Dash sees this opening and begins to beat me down.

Rainbow Dash is too far gone.

Too poisoned with the lies that Celestia has told her, told all of them.

We could have become friends in another life, I suppose it was my fault, I killed those guards that night. But... It isn't fair! Everything we've worked for, everything! Celestia, how could she betray us like this?

The battles we've fought together, the things we've sacrificed, the love and bond we had with each other.

Why? Why did Celestia have to do this to us? Why must she hurt us? She hunted Thanos just because she was too scared of losing anyone else. She was scared of the evils that lurked in the shadows but why did she go too damn far?!





I snap out of my trance and I let out a roar, my Ki surrounded me and I explode in anger. Knocking Rainbow Dash away, she then tumbles before digging her fingers into the ground to stop herself from moving far. She looks up at me with sudden horror on her face, I look at my features and I had a red aura. I think I went Kaio-Ken, but I don't feel any strain.

"Rainbow Dash," I said looking down at the mare, I then sighed, "You have been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly bamboozled. I am not your enemy, I am your friend." I then reach a claw to her, "Take my hand, we can end this farce. I can tell you what truly happened during those times." Rainbow Dash looks at my claw, staring at it for a full thirty seconds.

"Shut up! I will never join you, you're evil and you'll always be evil!" Rainbow Dash said with a frown, those words hurt me more than anything. As if what I said was true, I didn't want to believe it, I truly didn't. But... It seems that history is always written by the winners, and whoever is told otherwise is wrong. I clench the claw and I put it to my side.

"Well, I'm sorry Rainbow Dash, it seems like it's too late for you." I said solemnly she then looks up at me, conflicted, Rainbow Dash then shakes her head.

"Rainbow..." Rainbow Dash began getting in a squatting position, "HOPPER!!!" Rainbow Dash then proceeds to bounce off the trees and the ground, she began to pick up speed until I only saw a rainbow blur.

I then close my eyes and everything began to slow, I couldn't hear her hopping I only heard nature. The leaves falling from the trees, the wind blowing into the tree branches, causing it to shake. The rivers that had water rush down it, the rocks moving under the river, the fish going up the river and migrating. The birds on the branches chirping. I had become one with nature, my conscious then slowly faded away. Though I still stood.

"You really though that you can turn to the dark side just like Emperor Ponytine? Well that means you're just stupid! I'm Loyal to my friends, I'm the Element of Loyalty! I would never side with a bunch of villains like you!" Rainbow Dash spat, though I didn't respond. "Say goodbye, Grievous!" She then flies towards me and I still stood, my eyes still closed. I then appear behind Rainbow Dash and she stumbled forward before stopping. She looks at me with fear as I adopted a new look, I had a crystalline blue and white aura. Some light blue here and there. Almost immediately Rainbow Dash was hit with multiple shockwaves that were delayed, her body bending in an unnatural shape. She then spews saliva in a Dragon Ball Z like fashion before she collapsed.

I then open my eyes, and they were silver.

Rescue 5 A Heated Battle Part 2.

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I grunt as I kick away a Royal Guard away, I had defeated absolutely ALL of the guards guarding this cave. ALL of them, I sighed as I dragged my feet deeper inside of the cave. It was annoying beating all of those guards up, it's like swatting away flies, so many of them and you can't seem to get them. But after a while, trial and error, I bested them all.

'I'm sure that I- Wait... What's that in the cave? Don't tell me it's ANOTHER Royal Guard.' I though as I spot a little silhouette in the cave.

"...You know who I'm thinking..." Abridged Thanos said, I groaned and clutched my forehead.

'Oh no, no, no, no...' I begged- nay, pleaded for it to be anyone else but her.

"It would seem that it was only fate," MCU Thanos piped up, I then swore and advanced.

'I swear to god I will maim her if she acts like Tony Stark. I will do so with NO remorse! NONE WHATSOEVER!!!' I growled mentally.

As I approached the figure I recognized it as, who would've guessed? Twilight fucking Sparkle. I stopped as she looked up at me, glaring into my eyes. I simply looked down back at her, our eyes were locked to each other. There was a pregnant pause, no one spoke, moved, or breathed.

"So-" I went to speak but I was cut off by the mare.

"Thanos, I can't let you pass. You've done enough harm already, I can't allow you to set Supergirl free, submit now and we'll shorten your sentence in Tartarus by five hundred years." Twilight negotiated, five hundred? She's saying that like its not a long time!

"Oh I'm not going to give up on Jessica, nor will I let her down. I well never run around and desert my friends, I will not make her cry while she's trapped in that infernal prison. And I will never say goodbye to them, I will never tell a lie to them nor hurt them. This... IS MY WARRIOR WAY!!!" I declared, pointing a finger at Twilight. (Get rickrolled Reader.)

"Then you leave me with no choice," Twilight said, she then readies her fists and they take on a magical glow. She then shoots a wave of magic from her fists, I then pull out my Infinity Blade and I use it as a shield. Surprisingly it pushed me back, I hummed with intrigue before I used jump in the air. Using Geppo, I kicked off the air and shot towards her like a rocket, Twilight spread her wings and shot to the ceiling. However with my Future Sight I predicted this, I then use Geppo to bounce off the air and towards her.

"Steam... Kick!" I then perform a roundhouse kick to her rib, steam boosting my leg as I slammed it into her. Letting out a wheeze Twilight crashed into the walls of the cave, the cave shook from the force. Looking up I saw stalactites, I then smile as a plan formed in my mind. I was then blasted in the chest by an ice spell, my chest was covered in ice. I then look up to see Twilight's horn glowing. "Really?" I said, raising an eyebrow, I then use my Netsu-Netsu No Mi to heat up my body, melting the ice. "You can't handle me, nay, you can't best me."

"I know I can't, but she can." Twilight said, pointing to the entrance of the cave, I turned towards it. And saw... Oh you gotta be shitting me, it was Celestia. She was holding Tora by her neck, she then threw her against the wall and the cave shook again. The stalactites were loosening.

"Ah, Master and Student versus the big bad villain! I think this is suppose to be happening at the finale and NOT the beginning of the war. Or it's just the cliché, 'Oh no, my master is dead, I must avenge them' type shit." I snarked, the two ponies then stand side by side.

"It's time we end this," Celestia said, turning to her student. Twilight nods and Celestia fires off a beam of light, piercing through my chest. I then fall down dead... Only to pop up behind of a rock.

"Hey Sunny!" I called out, Celestia turns to face me. "You missed, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop!" I trolled as I tactically ran away. Celestia snarled and flared her wings, Twilight did the same.

"Don't let him get away!" The duo shot towards me as I ran away, as I went deeper into the cave I noticed that the cave turned into a caver. There was a bridge that lead to Supergirl, there she was, imprisoned in stone. However it was at least a mile wide. I looked around me and I saw pillars of rock held this place up, preventing it from falling, and to top it off there were red, orange, and pink crystals to light up the area. It was beautiful. "Wow..."

Though my moment of awe turned into pain as Celestia smashed her foot into the back of my head, making me go through the bridge and towards to lava. I fall in the lava or magma... Would it be called magma? Yeah, it's magma. Anyway, Celestia looked down the hole and Twilight finally caught up. "Did you get him?"

"I hope so," Celestia said solemnly, I then shot from the magma, my fist fueled with the element.

"Surprise motherfucker!" I then punched Celestia in her abdomen, making her spew saliva in a Dragon Ball Z like fashion. I then use steam to shoot the Princess of the Sun into Twilight. Knocking them off, fortunately for Twilight she caught Celestia and flew back on the bridge. I then turn around to face the trial that awaited me on my venture to free my comrade. I saw that there was a giant golem made out of pure obsidian and magma. I then shoot towards the golem, using steam to propel myself towards the golem, the golem was far and was in front of Supergirl. So it would be a few minutes or rather seconds because I'm fast as fuck.

I then hear Celestia speaking with Twilight in the background. "Twilight," She had grunted out, "Go, prevent Thanos from reaching Supergirl. You are our only hope, I've taken too much damage, his heat... His new found power is too much for even I to handle. But with the power of Friendship and the power of Good, you can send him back to the hole he crawled out of. Go." Celestia said, wow, what a speech.

"Okay, I'll do it, for you." Twilight said, going to her feet. I look at the golem as I was now close to it, I was picking up speed thus making an attack more effective. Though I'll have to be careful, with Jessica sealed in stone it'll be hard for me to go all out.

"Soaring... UPPERCUT!!!" Using steam to drive my fist into the golem's chin. I sent the bastard into the cavern's ceiling, shaking the cavern. The golem's then fell into the magma that was below the bridge, I then look at Jessica, we were ten meters away from each other. "At long last... Jessica, you shall be fr-" Pop




"Where's Jessica?" Jessica was no longer in front of me, I slowly turn around, steam began to emanate from my body as the bridge below me began to melt. "TWILIGHT YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!" I roared in pure unadulterated rage, I see Twilight flying towards the cave's exit. She wasn't far however, I took a step to advance but the golem had made it's appearance. Grabbing me and pulling me down into the magma, I fly out of the magma, the arms of the golem on me. I then roar and my Ki made the arms fling off of me, I glare at Twilight as she vanished. I then shoot towards Twilight... Only to be kicked by Celestia, I was then flung into multiple pillars of rock before slamming against the cavern's walls.

"You are not laying another finger on my student," Celestia declared, I seethed at her and I growl. "Are you angry, my, I haven't seen you this heated up."

"I will tear your atoms apart!" I growled, I shot towards Celestia... Only to make a hard left, shooting towards Twilight. "AFTER I GET JESSICA!!!"

"No!" Celestia went to her feet, only to drop to her knees, she then glowers at the scorch mark that left an imprint of my fist on her coat. I look back at Celestia and I cackle in victory, I then look at Twilight as she feebly tries to flap away like a little bug trying to escape a bird.

"I'm gonna getcha!" I said, as I pulled out my blade, using Kamisori I appeared above Twilight. A look of sheer horror adorned her face as I had my Infinity Blade over my head. "Double Bladed Style: Hell Spinner!" Spinning around, I made a fiery tornado, making Twilight drop Jessica to avoid it. Unfortunately for her, she was caught in the tornado anyway, I swiftly catch Jessica and set her down.

"Alright, time to release you," I said, I then clench my gauntlet hand, the Reality Stone began to grow with power and I touched Jessica's forehead. "Awaken Jessica of The Girls!" Like a mud mask, the pieces of stone broke apart and what was revealed was none other than Kara Zor-El aka Jessica. She drops into my arms, she was cold, I then use my Netsu Netsu No Mi to make her warm. I smile as I look down at my friend, I look up to see Twilight glaring at me. Her coat charred.

"What's next Thanos? What's next after this? Do you wipe of the Dragons, do you keep getting stronger? What happens when you win?" Twilight said, struggling to stand up correctly, she was shaking in fear. Twilight was scared of me, as she should.

"Balance," I simply said, "Everything will be in balance, there will be a perfect side of Good and Evil. A villain and a hero, chaos and order, everything will be as it should. This universe will never end, with the stones that only I can wield. I have the power to make the universe never end! I can make the age of the universe loop to a certain point that you still age and die yet time still moves on. I can stop every single star from exploding, I can prevent the inevitable heat death of the universe! Me winning is inevitable, I am inevitable, so why do you struggle? I WILL win, I will not fail, you know why? It's because I have friends." I then hear a moan, looking down I see Jessica snuggling in my arms.

"What do you mean, Thanos?" Twilight asked, I looked up with her with a smile.

"Think Twilight, all of your enemies, Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, King Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Tirek, and Cozy Glow never had friends. They didn't have any other strong allies they could depend on, no one to back them up when they fail. It was all about them, their strength, no second in command, NOTHING. That's how you won, you had allies that were all as strong as you if not stronger, what happens if another so-called villain has that power? It's if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object Twilight, with my friends we are unstoppable!" I said, looking at Twilight's face of horror.

"Each and everyone of my friends walked through hell and didn't get burnt, each of them can take down armies, destroy cities with a swipe of their hand. What happens when inexperienced fighters such as yourselves go against people who have YEARS of experience?" I then grin and let out a cackle, throwing my head back. "You and your puny army can't hold a CANDLE to us, now take Celestia and leave. She's the ONLY one out of all of you who can pose a threat to us, run along you fool." Twilight looked at me, conflicted, I then take a step forth. The step startled her and she scrambled away like the coward that she is.

"You talked your way out of conflict? Is this a dream? Normally you rush into things head on." I look down and I see Jessica looking at me, I crack her a warming smile.

"Yeah, yeah shut up," I set her on her feet, she was wobbly and fell over, thankfully I caught her. I then carry her since this is better now, "We REALLY need to get you caught up." I say walking into the light of the outside.

I stood there in my air ship, my men standing guard in case somepony dares sneak into our ship. I look down as the Minotaurs spill out of their ships and down onto the main battlefield. I look to my right hand man, Flash Sentry.

"Rain hell on those air ships," I said, pointing to the air ships that had Minotaurs in it. Flash Sentry nodded, and looked back at our men.

"RAIN HELL ON THOSE AIR SHIPS!!!!" Flash Sentry barked, the Earth Ponies that were currently linked with the gunsmen nod.

"Fire the can- Wait, what do you mean the cannons are destroyed? HE'S HERE?!?! GET OUT OF THERE!!!" One of the Earth Ponies cried out, I turn to face the Earth Pony.

"Soldier, what the Tartarus is going on there?" I approach the Earth Pony, he looked up at me fearfully.




"Do you hear that?" I said, looking around, trying to locate the voice. "It sounds like heavy metal music." After I had said that, the air ship shook and I nearly got knocked off my feet. "The Tartarus was that?!" Then Flash Sentry gave me a look, a look of sheer terror.

"C-Captain Sh-Shining A-A-Armor... B-b-be-behind you..." Flash Sentry said softly, gulping down his saliva. I slowly turn around and placed my hand on the hilt of my blade, when I turned around... I saw General Grievous with a white and blue aura.

"Hmph, you realize you're out numbered right?" I said smiling as I took out my blade, he said no words. "No last words? Hm, fine by me." I then stab Grievous... Only to find him gone, a wave of heat hit my back as I heard a deafening explosion. When I turned around I found all of my men dead, Flash Sentry had a metal pipe stuck through his chest. I gasp and I hear more explosions, I then run to the windows to see what was happening outside. I saw a blue streak crashing through our air ships. The first ship, the blue streak crashed through the engine and started to make holes in it like a worm eating an apple. It made it's way to... Oh no, Luna's ship! The Lunar Nuova! I cried out but they couldn't hear me, signals were cut off.

"Damn it!" I swore, the Lunar Nuova then explodes for a wave of pure lightning slammed into the air craft, causing an explosion. Soon after a pillars of rock penetrated through another one of our greatest ships, the ship then slowly slides to the ground off the pillars. I gasped and watched the damn thing explode, what kind of monster would do- I then hear a pop! I slowly turn around and I see Grievous, blood on his body but not his.

"Rip and tear until it is done." He then drove his sword deep inside of me. I let out a moan of pain.

"Y-you're splitting me apart," I grunted out as he drove it deeper until it was all the way in. The Cybernetic General said no words, "Y-you're sure not the gentle one... A-are you...?" Grievous then pulls out and kicks me into the metal floor. I then feel the aircraft going down and he give me one look.

"You're mad sus," And like that he pierced through the ceiling and left.

"The fuck does sus mean?"

"And then I was ran over by PHIL FUCKING SWIFT!!!" I said laughing, Jessica erupted into laughter and leaned on me for support. We were now walking side by side.

"Man, you've sure gotten stronger since we've last met, are you strong enough to make me limp should we-" I then put a hand over her mouth.

"Shut up," I said shaking me head, she then licks my hand and I snatch my hand away from her mouth. "DISGUSTING!!!" I called out, Jessica just grinned.

"You made me do it," Jessica said, pointing finger guns at me.

"Anyways, I got what I came for-" I was then cut off when Jessica spun around, twirling around me before she stopped in front of me.

"So you actually ejaculated when I touched your leg that one time? You're a simp!" Jessica touched my chest with her index finger and gave me a cheeky smile. I raise my hand up and I chop her on the top of her head, Jessica's whole body except her heat went into the ground.

"Fuck you, you horny bastard," I then walk around her and she fly up from the little hole I made her. Jessica then began to fly next to me, her hands on the back of her head, flying backwards.

"Well being sealed in stone doesn't really make you less needy. Hey Big T, wanna scratch my itch when we get home?" Jessica said, raising an eyebrow.

"I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD IF YOU LEAVE ME A LONE THEN YES!!!!" I roared, I then hear a groan and I look below me. There lays Tora, "Oh hi Tora." Tora then jumps to her feet.

"Back and ready to fight sir, where is Celestia sir?" Tora said, saluting to me.

"She's currently recovering after I punched her with steaming hot magma," I said, pushing past her, Tora's mouth fell agape.

"Don't leave your mouth open, flies will get in your mouth." Jessica warned, pushing Tora's chin up and closing her mouth. Tora then turns to me.

"I-I knew you were strong sir but I never knew you were THIS strong." Tora then walks beside me, I glance at her and I put my hands behind my back.

"I'm a Titan, we're naturally born to be stronger than even the strongest ponies around. Now Tora please be a dear and go alert the others that it's time to go." I say brushing Tora off, she gave me a salute.

"Sir yes sir, I will not fail you, sir!" Tora then runs off to alert the others.

"So... Is that like, your Police Girl to your Alucard or..." Jessica mused, I just rub my eyebrows.

"If you mean student; yes, yes she is. Tora has some beef with Celestia after she killed Tora's kin, the... Human Tribes I think? So she's absolutely dedicated to my cause and especially in fighting Celestia, she got her ass kicked fighting her as I got here." I explained, Jessica then opened her mouth. "And she's a Futa, and is also apart of the New CP9, so far she's the only member. So I guess it's CP2." Jessica then pouts like a brat, and immediately Lucci, Warmonger, Entity, Sally, Grievous, and Nappa were present. Though Grievous had the aura of Ultra Instinct.

"Whoa, you have a SICK aura," Jessica said, looking at Grievous... Though he didn't respond, "Oh okay, that's cool, just ignore me.

"So you the Jessica everyone's been talking about, wanna fight?" Nappa said, smashing his fist into his palm.

"Only if you buy me drinks for a day," Jessica said, turning to Nappa with a grin.

"Why the hell not?" Nappa said with a shrug, Sally just sighed in a joyful manner.

"Finally, it's been a LONG time since we've talked Jessica." Sally said, smiling at the Kryptonian.

"You say it Sal, say, have you and Entity gotten married yet?" Jessica asked, Sally just pinched Entity's cheek.

"No, because this little shit is too scared!" Sally said, Entity then grimaced at the pain, Jessica just laughs. Grievous then stops as the Dragon Lord himself appeared before us, Celestia, Luna and their so-called protectors side by side with them. We then all stop and there was a face off. Grievous and Lord Torch, Supergirl and Luna, Lucci and Applejack, Warmonger and Sunset Shimmer, Nappa and Twilight, Sally and Rarity, Entity and Pinkie. These were the people who were staring at each other and of course, me and Celestia.

"It's time we send you meanies packing!" Pinkie Pie said, smashing her fist into her palm.

"No you," I simply replied, giving her a middle finger.

"Hey, hey, I have an idea!" Jessica then whispers something devious into my ear, with a smile that mimicked the Grinch I looked at Pinkie Pie.

"Hey Pinkie, I pinkie promise that I will win. Cross my heart, hope to fly, and stick a cupcake in my eye." Entity just shot me a horrified look.

"You monster," Entity said, holding a blocky hand to his mouth. "You absolute villain."

"How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just doing what comes-" Lucci then slaps my bald ass head, "Okay I deserved that. So where were we? Serious conversation here with us staring intently in our eyes like some kind of couple. What is this? Hearts and Hooves Day? Fuck off will you guys? We all ready w-" Grievous took a single step and Celestia and her goons were blown away. Grievous was now in front of Lord Torch, standing on his tusk.

"Die." Grievous touched the hilt of his Earth Sword and a huge spike of earth sqewered the Dragon Lord like a pig. The pillar then shoots up to the skies and went above the clouds, at that moment out jaws dropped.

"Holy shit man he didn't even expect that!" We all exclaim, Grievous just looked back at us.

"Exactly, thank you for the distraction, my first Dragon Lord slain. I wonder what else I can kill." Grievous then walks forth to our main air ship, Nappa looks at us before following the General. We loom at each other nervously before following him.

Dear god Grievous has no chill.

Catching up

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Catching Up

I was grinning at the sight. Me, Aurora Platinum, Lucci, Emerald Gauntlet, Ruby, Sapphire Sword, Warmonger, Grievous, Nappa, Marco, Entity, Sally, and Supergirl were all here in the Dining Room. We were all laughing and talking to each other like a bunch of teenagers.

"Se Kaido actually threw BOTH of you into that boulder?" Supergirl said, looking at both Entity and Sally.

"Yeah, not one of my proudest moments…" Entity said with a sigh, "But I tried my best."

"And that's all that mattered." Sally said with a smile, Lucci then cleared his throat.

"We had our backs up against the wall, me and Grievous were the only ones fighting. Everyone else were scared, Kaido was a monster, a demon." Lucci said, he then turned to me.

"Meanwhile, I got summoned by a Goku Black Displaced." I said, "He healed me up and wanted me to help him in return so I fought Discord. Me, Ghost Nappa, and Black kicked the shit out of Discord."

"Yeah, remember getting Kryptonite down my throat when I fought him." Supergirl said with a pout. "Unfair."

"After we beat the crap out of Discord me and him fought. He had Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, God, and Rosè. Not to mention Mastered Ultra Instinct, he also had a device that made his power multiply every ten seconds, it was a draw." I said with a frown, it was a good fight but one day I want to settle who is truly stronger.

"Then he came back and kicked Kaido's ass, they were fighting so evenly and the sheer force of their attacks shook the planet. Thanos even destroyed the moon!" Warmonger said with a grin, her helmet was off she had white hair and red eyes.

"Man! I wanna fight you Thanos, you're so… So… So… SO… Strong. I want to see who is stronger once and for all!" Supergirl said, looking at me.

"How about you fight Nappa and see where that goes." I said, pointing at Nappa.

"The classic Saiyan vs Kryptonian, a fight that'll never get old." Lucci said with a soft smile, he wanted to see it for himself. No Death Battle just real life.

"I'm up for it, what say you, Nappa?" Supergirl said cheekily, looking at Nappa. Napp held up a hand and downed his meat stick before drinking some water to wash it down.

"Yeah, but if I win you have to admit that Dragon Ball Z Abridged's Cell Saga was better written than Dragon Ball Z's Cell Saga." Nappa said, I nodded, I agreed with him that it did so many things right that DBZ couldn't do.

"Oh, we're doing this now? Alright I'll bite, but if I win you'll have to watch Boku No Pico." Supergirl said, everyone gasped and turned to Nappa. Nappa went silent and Supergirl grinned cheekily.

"Alright bet, I'm gonna pound your ass so hard!" Nappa declared, Aurora Platinum blushed furiously.

"W-wanna rephrase that?" Aurora Platinum asked Nappa.

"Nope!" Everyone in the room said at the same time. Supergirl turned to me.

"So where will we be fighting? The Minos Arena, the Everfree Forest, or maybe the Dragon Lands?" Supergirl asked me, I chuckled at her excitement.

"How about… Gizard Wasteland?" My Reality Stone glowed and just like that we were in Gizard Wasteland. The exact spot where Goku and Vegeta first fought. "Here we are! Now, place your bets everyone!"

"Wow… The Reality Stone is… Amazing." Aurora said in awe looking around Warmonger nodded in agreement Aurora.

"I'm betting on Nappa, Saiyans over Kryptonians any day." Entity said with grin.

"I'm going with Supergirl, sure Nappa is strong but the Death Battle with Superman and Gok-" Sally was cut off when Grievous and Lucci butted in.

"THAT FIGHT WAS BULLSHIT!!!" The two roared in rage, Sally yelped at the sudden yell.

"Sheesh!" Sally said, backing away from the two. I then began to count the votes. Nine for Nappa and seven for Supergirl.

"Girl power!" Ruby cheered, Sapphire Sword pumped her fist up.

"Beat that ruffian!" Sapphire Sword said, Supergirl nodded.

"I'll do my best, now Mr. Clean, get ready because I'm gonna send you packing!" Supergirl said with a confident grin. Nappa flew onto the spot where Vegeta was, Nappa took a stance. Supergirl flew onto the spot where Goku was and took a stance.

"Alrighty, let's get in a bubble to protect us from their attacks!" I used my Reality Stone to cover all of us in a bubble.

"Oh shit!" Emerald Gauntlet said, not expecting to be in a bubble so soon.

"Get used to it fam." I said as the bubble began to float up. We all looked down at the two fighters, waiting for the fight to start.

"Hi." Nappa said, looking down at Supergirl.

"Hi." Supergirl greeted the Saiyan, she was then punted across the wasteland and into rocks.

"Why didn't you…" Nappa said, inhaling and gathering air.

"DODGE?!?" Everyone said at the same time, Supergirl flew from the rocks.

"Dick move, attacking when I'm not prepared was a dick move." Supergirl said with a frown.

"Why would I wait for you to prepare yourself? Think Supergirl!" Nappa did the whole Omni Man "think" pose.

"I'm gonna start beating you now, I don't know when I'll stop." Supergirl flew at Nappa, cocking a fist back to punch Nappa. Nappa flew at Supergirl, readying a fist to drive deep into her face. The two fists collide, blowing the landform that they were once standing on away.

The two began to clash in the air, Nappa threw a right into Supergirl's cheek. Supergirl returned the favor with a knee to the chin, stunning Nappa. Supergirl covered her right leg in Armament Haki before pummeling Nappa with her kicks of fury. Nappa then caught one of Supergirl's kicks before doing a Dragon Throw and throwing her into a plateau. Nappa then fired off a Double Sunday at Supergirl who was recovering from the throw. The Double Sunday leveled the plateau and blew it to smithereens, leaving nothing but rubble.

"Get up, I wanna play with you some more!" Nappa said with a smile, crossing his arms. Supergirl got up once more.

"Okay, I'm getting tired of getting thrown back. So can we just chill for a sec-" Nappa flew under Supergirl and kicked her up before vanishing and reappearing behind her. Nappa then drop kicks Supergirl into the ground. "YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Supergirl cried out before ramming into Nappa's chest at supersonic speeds. Nappa wheezed in pain before getting spin kicked across the wasteland and crashing into a plateau. Nappa flew from the plateau and headbutted Supergirl's stomach. Supergirl stopped herself from being thrown back, she growled and kneed Nappa's stomach.

"Kicks Combo!" Nappa was then pummeled left and right with Supergirl's kicks. Nappa then raised his arms to block, he was getting pushed back. Supergirl grinned, she had Nappa in a corner. Nappa then roared and transformed into a Super Saiyan.

"What is that?!" Aurora asked, looking at the Super Saiyan in awe.

"That is Super Saiyan." Sally answered, "Only Saiyans can transform into a Super Saiyan."

"Awesome…" Aurora muttered, I smirked, she hasn't seen anything yet.

"Super Saiyan huh? Well it's time I get serious!" Supergirl flies at Nappa who sidesteps Supergirl and kicks her in her tummy. Supergirl wheezed at the force of the attack, and sent her higher in the air. Supergirl stopped herself and let Nappa come to her, once Nappa tried to kick her, Supergirl ducked under the atrack and uppercuts the Saiyan. Supergirl flies above her and her eyes begin to glow red.

"Oh… CRAPBASKEEE-" Nappa yelped as Supergirl fired her laser eyes down at Nappa. Sending him down into the earth, the laser eyes were more like a Kamehameha than the normal thin lasers. Nappa hit the ground and Supergirl stopped her laser. A crater was shown and Nappa flew out of the crater. "Okay, dick move."

"You're a dick move." Supergirl pointed down at Nappa.

"Yo Momma." Nappa flew from his crater and in front of Supergirl. "Hi," He then fired off a Milky Cannon, sending Supergirl flying. "Bye." Nappa followed Supergirl as she was flung and his palm was shining with Ki. Nappa was above Supergirl and fired a full powered energy wave. Sending Supergirl into the ground, Nappa then fired multiple Ki blasts down at Supergirl. Not stopping only For Supergirl to fly through the Ki blasts and elbow Nappa in his nose. Blood spewed from his nose and Supergirl inhaled before blowing incredible winds at Nappa. With the strength of a category ten hurricane, Nappa, and every rock, boulder, plateau, and mountain was blown away. All that was left was rubble and dirt.

Nappa jumped from the rubble and wiped blood that was trickling down his nose. "Well you might have gotten a good blow on me, but that's not enough to take me down. Hah!" Nappa charged up and went into Super Saiyan 2. Supergirl descended from the clouds and landed on the ground. Nappa walked from the rubble and in front of Supergirl. "Alright, let's see if you can keep up with this!"

"I know I can!" Supergirl flew at Nappa and threw a punch. Nappa disappeared and Supergirl punched the ground, she looked up and Nappa dropped down to kick her. Supergirl was quick and hopped backwards. Nappa flew at her and covered his arm in Ki energy.

"Arm… CRASH!" Supergirl raised her arms to block her stomach only to be decked in the schnoz by the Saiyan. Nappa kneed Supergirl's jaw and slammed his foot down onto her, making her back hit the floor. Nappa faced his palm towards Supergirl and fired off a Meteor Burst. Supergirl fired off her lasers at the same time Nappa fired off his Ki wave. The two energies collide and throw both Nappa and Supergirl back. Supergirl was the first to recover as Nappa was trying to regIn his balance. Supergirl flew at Nappa and kneed Nappa's rib before driving her elbow into his chest, knocking the wind out of Nappa. Nappa coughed a little before pulling his head back, covering it in Armament Haki, and slammed his head into Supergirl's. Supergirl's face met the dirt. "Bomber DX!" Nappa covered his fist in Ki before firing off an AOE Ki wave. Supergirl skids across the sandy terrain and catches herself as she digs her nails into said sand to halt herself.

"Imma getcha!" Nappa ran at Supergirl and threw a kick to Supergirl's forehead. Supergirl kicked at Nappa's forehead as well, their two kicks collided and kicked up a dust cloud. Nappa and Supegirl began to trade blows like Pokemon cards as they did so the dust dispersed from the force of their attacks. They let out a battle cry as the blows picked up speed, Nappa punched Supergirl in her jaw before clasping his hands and putting his hands into a ball. He slammed both of his knuckles into the other side of Supergirl's jaw like he was swinging a warhammer, Supergirl was thrown across the wasteland and into the remaining rubble. Supergirl then jumps up and throws a Rankyaku at Nappa, Nappa slaps the Rankyaku away.

"Bitch please." Nappa rubbed the back of his hands, it went numb from the blow. Supergirl frowned and inhaled to blow another hurricane-like attack only to cough.

"Damn dust in my throat!" Supergirl coughed, she then waved the dust away. "Thanks for waitin-" Nappa went behind Supergirl and jumped up fifty meters in the air.

"Hidden lotus!" Nappa slammed Supergirl into the ground, only her legs stuck out. "Get planted like a vegetable."

Supergirl then roared in annoyance and the ground was leveled, making dust kick into the air. As Nappa closed his eyes, Supergirl punched him where his sternum was. Nappa reeled in pain, Supergirl then covered his fists in Armament Haki before doing a double palm strike. This sent Nappa out of the dust cloud.

"Doh! Doh! Doh! Brbrbrb!" Nappa groaned as he rolled across the sandy terrain. Nappa then got up and took a stance, only to find Supergirl gone.

"Dodge!" Nappa ducked under a right hook, "Oh he actually- DOGH!!" Supergirl was then punched in her abdomen, making her wheeze in pain. She clutched her stomach and took a few steps backwards before groaning in pain. She then went to one knee, "Okay, give me a second… I need to-"

Nappa then shot a Bomber DX at Supergirl, sending her flying across the sand. "Okay, okay, give me a second." Supergirl flew into space.

"What is she doing?" Aurora asked, Grievous turned to Aurora to answer.

"She's gathering energy from the Sun." Grievous answered, Aurora's eyes opened wide.

"She's what?!" Aurora's voice cracked, her jaw hit the bubble's bottom.

"Okay, since I can't breathe in space I'm gonna let her do it." Nappa said before crossing his arms. "Now, I'm going to level up!" Nappa then charged up furiously as he began to grow fur, t'was red, and his tail began to turn red. Nappa still didn't grow, his armor then shattered as he was now in his Saiyan "undies".

Supergirl then crashed down, supercharged by the Sun. "GET READY CAILLOU!!!" Supergirl shot towards Nappa, Nappa then roared.

"I'D SAY THE SAME TO YOU WONDERWOMAN!!!! KAIOKEN TIMES TEN!!!!" With twin grins, they clashed, shaking the planet. They were pushing each other, hand clasping hands. They were both screaming though meanwhile there were no flashy effects just them screaming.

"This… This is stupid." Sally said with a facepalm, "I thought they would be adults."

"This is Nappa and Supergirl we're talking about. Nappa and Supergirl." Entity said with a flat stare.

"I guess you're right." Sally crossed her arms, back to the fight the two began to slug each other.

Nappa threw a punch, Supergirl shot one back. The two began to punch each other, every blow landing. It was like watching Franky vs Fukurou. "Saiyan Barrage!" Nappa stepped on Supergirl's foot making her yelp. Nappa began to shoot punches at Supergirl like he was a mini-gun. Nappa then pulled back a punch and covered it in Armament Haki, Ki, and amped it up with Tekkai Go. Nappa slammed his fist into Supergirl's jaw and stepped off of her foot. Supergirl was sent flying across the sand before she caught herself, she then flew at the Saiyan and grabbed his face. Supergirl then dragged him across the sandy and rocky terrain before throwing Nappa into some rubble. Nappa then shot up into the air.

"It's time we end this Wonderwoman!" Nappa's aura crackled across the landscape.

"It's Supergirl jackass!" Supergirl gave Nappa the bird.

"If that finger had balls you'd be pregnant!" Nappa shot back at Supergirl, every female in the vicinity of that roast blushed.

"I… You're right but fuck you!" Supergirl said with shark teeth, Nappa grinned.

"Get ready… Break… CRASH!!!!" Nappa shot a powerful Ki blast down at Supergirl. Supergirl's eyes began to glow red.

"HEAT VISION THINGY!!!" Supergirl fired a massive heat vision beam. The two beams of energy collided and began to shake the planet. There was a brief clash with their two beams, though Supergirl, amped up with the sun, quickly overpowered Nappa.

"I CALL HAAAAAAACKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!" Nappa cried out as he was absorbed in the Ki blast.

"Well… I know where this is going…"

"MY FUCKING EYES!!!!" Nappa cried out, being heard across the planet.

Rescue 6: Fight of the Valkyries Part 1.

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Rescue 6

"..." I crossed my arms as I leaned on the wall. We were in the Royal airship as we were going to Mount Ares. In front of me were The Boys/The Girls, we were all silent, the day was close. Where we would finally reunite, everyone, after months we would be reunited once more. Me, Grievous, Lucci, Entity, Sally, Supergirl, and finally Rapunzel would be reunited at last. Everyone was silent, as we were remembering past adventures we had with each other. We knew that this battle would be one of the biggest battles fought in history. Should the Infinity Warriors, us, gather together it would spell disaster for the world. I expect Celestia and Luna to be there along with the other rulers of each nation to gather. Currently, it was just us five with the Gem Generals, Nappa, and Marco and his fleet.

"Infinity Warriors," I spoke, gaining their attention. Lucci, who had his head tilted downwards, looked up at me. Grievous, who was meditating, opened his eyes and stared at me. Supergirl who was back to back with Nappa looked over to me along with the latter. Entity and Sally held their hands before looking over at me. Marco, who was leaning on the door to the cockpit, looked over to me. And finally, the Gem Generals who were standing side by side peered at me.

"It's almost begun, the Infinity War will now truly begin to kick off when we get Rapunzel. General Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East, master of all Elements of Nature, and General of all of the Minotaur Armies. Rob Lucci, the Leopard Assassin, the Strongest Member of the CP9, and my Royal Advisor. Entity_303, the White Reaper, the Crimson Eyed Demon of the North, and the Sun's Guardian Demon. Sally, the Corpse Queen, Master of Decay, and the Empress of Death. Jessica, known as Supergirl; the Warrior of Equus, the second strongest of the Infinity Warriors, and the Symbol of Justice." I did a roll call, everyone perked their heads up when they heard their names and titles.

"We Warriors have been betrayed by the Equestrian Kingdom, and the entire world as we know it. We were sent her to bring balance to this world, to balance the forces of Light and Dark, of Yin and the Yang. Once we get Rapunzel from her infernal prison, our goal will be to do just that. Balance the Good with the Evil, our goal will be to get the Infinity Stones no matter the costs. If people die they die, there is no resurrecting the dead. The Equestrians are in possession of one of the six Infinity Stones. I am in possession of two, should they get more than that number it would spell doom for us all. This goes for you guys too… Understood?" I said, looking at the Infinity Warriors as well as The Boys nod.

"Understood!" The Infinity Allies say at the same time, all nodding. I then walk away from the wall and everyone walked to me and formed a circle.

"We are the Infinity Allies, our goal is to balance the earth. We'll destroy anything that crosses our path, no matter how much it's worth. We are Displaced for a reason, and we shall never commit treason. As brothers and sisters will fight as one until the battle is won. We are the Infinity Allies." We all say at the same time, I put my hand in.

"Together to the end," I said with a determined nod, Lucci's put his in.

"Together to the end." Lucci nodded back, everyone began to put their hands in, repeating what I and Lucci said.

"Together to the end."

We arrived at Mount Ares, not really arriving. We were a kilometer away but you get the point. I was on the roof of the airship with the Infinity Allies and a telescope I conjured, I looked into the telescope to look at Mount Ares. I saw rows of military forces, from Equestria, Diamond Dog tribes, Dragon Lands, the United Nations of Gryphith, and of course, warriors from Seaquestria. A whole fleet of airships was in front of Mount Ares, though what caught my eye was a certain airship with the mark of Twilight's cutie mark. She was here and not grieving over her brother? That was surprising.

"Do you see Rapunzel?" Sally asked me, I shook my head. "Try to see if you can see her."

"Will do." I use the Reality Stone to intensify the zoom on the telescope, I then see Celestia, Luna, and Twilight Sparkle standing alongside the rulers. I chuckle, "She knows…"

"That isn't all too surprising given that we one-shot her last time." Abridged Thanos said with a mumble.

"She's ready to fight us, so give her what she wants." MCU Thanos spoke, I nod absentmindedly. I'm not planning on fighting her but if I must… I will.

I look upwards with the telescope and I see Rapunzel shackled to an elevated platform, the same one Ace was on during Marineford. The shackles appear to be sea prism stone and I frowned when I saw her hair shackled as well, such beauty should not be harmed. I then blinked in realization… She… She was… She wasn't in stone! "How the fuck did I not realize that Rapunzel wasn't in stone?" I said out loud.

"Probably because you're an idiot," Marco replied, I nodded… Before I turned to him in realization of what he said.

"Hey!" I shouted out, everyone began to chuckle.

"See? You're a slow man, gotta keep up." Marco said, tapping his head with his index finger like he was Perfect Cell.

"Will do, but for now…" I summon a megaphone. "READY YOUR BATTLE STATIONS EVERYONE!!! PREPARE FOR THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIVES!!!" Everyone readied their weapons and took a stance. "THIS BATTLE WILL NOT ONLY DECIDE WHERE THE FUTURE LIES BUT THE FATE OF THE PLANET AS WE KNOW IT!!! FIGHT AS THOUGH THIS IS THE LAST DAY ON EQUUS FOR IT MAY BE!!! DYING IS THE DAY WORTH LIVING FOR!!!! TO VALHALLA!!!!" I roared, suddenly warships (longboats with weapons, more like a rocket-like airship) began to shoot from our airships.

"TO VALHALLA!!!!" The Infinity Allies roared as they used different ways to fly, I used my steam to fly forward, Marco used his Devil Fruit; Lucci used the Six Powers, Nappa used Ki, and Supergirl just flew normally. As the enemy spots up flying towards them, they deploy warships of their own. They also brought out Dragons, Griffons, and Pegasi to fight the Avian warriors of ours. As I flew towards Mount Ares, I saw the Wonderbolts swooping down from above.

"Scatter!" I ordered and the others did as they were told. Spitfire was on Marco's tail, who was currently in his Full Phoenix form. Spitfire kicked Marco's back who went downwards from the attack, Soarin hit Marco's chin. Marco used his Devil Fruit abilities to curl up and burst in a ball of flames. The flames went to Soarin and he caught on fire, Marco then grabbed Soarin with his talons.

"Agh!" Soarin cried out in pain, "Spitfire, help!" Soarin said before he was chucked into an enemy warship, it knocked the warship off course and it hits another warship. Soarin had the wind knocked out of him and he was dazed as he flew down.

"Soarin!" Spitfire cried out before swooping down to get her comrade, however, Marco had none of that and swooped down and rammed himself into Spitfire. Spitfire groaned in annoyance before a rainbow blur caught Soarin, said rainbow blur hit Marco under his wing. Marco was caught off balance before he caught himself, he roared at the rainbow blur as it gave Soarin to Spitfire and circled around Marco.

"Can't keep up birdbrain?" Rainbow Dash scoffed, Marco was turning around trying to catch Rainbow Dash. He used Observation Haki to try and see where she was going but the speedster was too fast. Eventually, she made an airborne tornado, making several warships and soldiers get dragged in both enemy and allies. Rainbow Dash flew to Spitfire, "And that's how you deal with a phoenix."

"Idiot! Do you realize that you're hurting our men too?" Soarin spat in anger, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes in realization before turning around only to see Marco come out of the tornado and ram the three bolts in their chests. Marco had been using the strong winds of the tornado to his advantage and used it to pick up speeds and ram into the enemy. Marco then began to spin around as he had the three pinned to his wing as they were going down below the clouds. Marco then spun so fast that he looked like a drill.

"Inferno Drill!" Marco then flung them below the clouds as they spun out of control; Marco then flew back up.

As for Sally she grabbed one of the Wonderbolts faces and began to use her quirk to decay their face. The Wonderbolt began to make a death cry as it went limp, Sally threw the Wonderbolt aside before she was attacked by Gilda. Gilda punched Sally in her lower abdomen, Gilda currently had a gauntlet on that looked like it was enhanced by Power Crystals. Sally was flung away before she caught herself, using Geppo to hop on the air.

"Alright freakshow, you better crawl back into your grave before I send you back home myself." Gilda was currently wearing armor that covered her whole body and a helmet that looked like a Valkyrie's. It was a helmet that when pushed down would lock into place.

"Your first mistake is thinking I would let you send me, and for your information, I am no ordinary corpse. I am the Queen of Death!" Sally said, taking a stance and clenching her fists.

"I don't care who you are, as long as you and your friends are put back in stone and shattered is all that matters to me. Now prepare to get your flank kicked by me!" Gilda put her helmet face cover down and it locked into place. Gilda then roared before flying towards Sally, Sally threw a Rankyaku and Gilda simply evaded the attack. Gilda then hit Sally with her head, Sally then touched Gilda's back but to her shock, it wasn't decaying the armor. "Don't you know? This is everlasting steel, meaning it can never decay!" Gilda uppercuts Sally in her jaw before grabbing her head and slamming her knee into Sally's face. Sally staggered a bit before wiping the tar blood oozing out of her nose.

"Hmph, maybe this fight will last longer than expected. But you'll still die by my hands!" Sally coated her fists in Armament Haki before throwing a punch at Gilda, Sally slammed her fist into Gilda's jaw. Gilda staggered and Sally slammed her other fist into the rib of Gilda. Gilda wheezed in pain before throwing a kick at Sally's head, Sally blocked the kick. Sally then grabbed her leg and did a Dragon Throw, sending Gilda into a bigger warship. Sally followed Gilda and landed on the roof of the warship, Sally and Gilda began to go hand to hand there.

Sally threw a kick to Gilda's forehead which was evaded by the latter, Gilda did a palm strike to the abdomen of Sally. Sally then used Shigan to hopefully pierce through Gilda's armor, it didn't do such a thing but it did send Gilda on her back. Sally then began to try and stomp on Gilda who was rolling away, Gilda rolled to her feet and took out a knife from her shoulder that was concealed. Gilda began to slash at Sally who was currently trying her best to evade the attacks. Sally used Tekkai and hardened her body, when Gilda slashed at Sally's cheek the blade broke off.

"Tch!" Gilda took a step back and Sally began to kick at Gilda, doing mixed martial arts ranging from Kung Fu to Taijutsu.

"Eagle!" Sally kicked Gilda in her stomach, sending her back, "Falcon!" Sally kneed Gilda's chin. "Seagull!" Sally kicked the rib of Gilda making her wheeze in pain. "Owl!" Sally kicked Gilda where her eyes would be which nearly knocked Gilda off balance. "Phoenix!" Sally slid her foot across the metal of the warship so fast that it made the bottom of Sally's shoe go on fire. Sally then kicked Gilda in her stomach, sending her off the warship. When the airships begin to close in on each other and start firing cannons, magic, and explosives at each other things begin to get hectic. Gilda flapped her wings to get back her balance, an Avian whizzed by and made Gilda spin around.

Sally jumped up off the warship and looked down at Gilda, she pointed her feet down at Gilda and dove down after her. "Pelican!" Sally then kicked Gilda right in the beak, Gilds roared in anger and pain.

"BASTARD!!! I'LL RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!!!!" Gilda's Power Gauntlet glowed purple with energy and punched Sally in her jaw. Making her head snap right, Gilda then gut-punched Sally before going above the Corpse Queen. Gilda then sledgehammers Sally downwards, Sally hits one of the Equestrian warships before Gilda flew down and rammed Sally through it; killing the Earth Pony in the ship. Gilda began to slug the crap out of Sally, making her spew tar blood. But unbeknownst to Gilda, her helmet was getting loose. Eventually, Sally kneed Gilda's chin and made her helmet fly off. Sally grabbed the back of Gilda's head and covered her own head in Armament Haki before slamming the enhanced head into Gilda's feeble one. Gilda's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she went out cold, Sally then tossed her aside like trash.

"I… Have nothing to say when I beat you, damn it." Sally swore as she looked at Gilda's unconscious body falling down under the clouds. Sally wiped the tar blood from her chin. Entity flew next to Sally and stopped at her side.

"How about, 'Enjoy your stay in my world, bitch.'?" Entity suggested to his girlfriend. Sally nodded.

"Enjoy your stay in my world, bitch!" Sally said, flipping Gilda off, she then hugged Entity, turning her quirk off. "Thanks, Zacky."

"You're welcome Sal," Entity embraced Sally, and they shared a nice embrace through all of the death and destruction around them.

Though there was a nice moment on their side there were no nice moments for our favorite Cybernetic General. Grievous was currently fighting off a horde of dragons who wanted to avenge their fallen former Dragon Lord. Grievous did what a Dragon Slayer did and ripped and tore through all of them. Though Grievous was surprised to see something go through one of the warships, it was Twilight Sparkle with fury in her eyes.

"GRIEVOUS!!!" Twilight, Sunset, and Starlight followed afterward. Grievous opened his eyes wide before he was rammed into one of his comrade's warships. Grievous rolled to his feet and took out his swords, only using two, using the Wind Sword and the Lightning Sword. Twilight landed before Grievous with Sunset and Starlight in tow. "I've never truly hated anypony before I met you, you crippled my brother, and sent Cadence through a sickness that came due to the stress of losing her husband. And Flurry Heart is there with no one to look after her, a whole kingdom with no King nor Queen!" Twilight said with fury in her eyes.

"And don't forget how you butchered my father!" Grievous turned around and spotted Ember who was standing on the opposite side of the warship.

"You have no way to run and nowhere to hide. You're surrounded and outnumbered, so you might as well be digging your own grave." Starlight frowned, Grievous chuckled darkly.

"You know what they say, the more the merrier. Come, I'll take you ALL on!" Grievous said, his aura began to crackle.

"Hey man, can you guys get off my ship? I know you're having this, 'oh we meet again' schtick but can you not do it here? Kind of insensitive…" The guy said, Twilight opened her eyes wide.

"Oh, sorry, for being- Hey! Why should I be listening to you!" Sunset Shimmer cried out.

"Hey man, he's just trying to vibe, so can we just get off the poor man's ship?" Grievous motioned to the skies. "I mean, my man is just chillin'."

"Thanks, General!" The pilot spoke from the warship.

"You're welcome, Tom." Grievous looked down at the cockpit.

"My name is not Tom but… Thanks, I guess." Tom said, Grievous then jumped off and flew away.

"Catch me if you can!" Grievous said as he flew towards the main battlefield. Ember and Twilight flared their wings and flew at Grievous, Sunset turned her bottom half into flames and shot after the General. Starlight however used a spell to make her body float, her horn lit up and her body began to light up with Starlight's magic aura. Starlight flew after her comrades.

Grievous was blasted with fire from Sunset, Grievous then did a spin and cut the flames in two. Ember went through the fire, catching Grievous off guard, Ember spun her scepter and the Dragon Lord's ruby began to glow. Ember fired a draconic blast at Grievous, the General was sent flying downwards. Twilight's horn glowed with magic before she let out a powerful wave of Alicorn Magic. Grievous barely dodged it, had he not used Observation Haki the blast would have incinerated through his duranium shell.

"Lightning Strike!" Grievous shot a lighting bolt at Starlight, the slowest of the bunch, Starlight had enough time to conjure a shield. Though even still the force of the attack sent her a ways backward. Grievous then made a thick cloud packed with water before Grievous swung the cloud around. Grievous slammed the cloud into Ember who groaned in pain at the attack.

"Hah!" Sunset kicked at Grievous' head, Grievous covered his head in Armament Haki and headbutts Sunset's foot. Sunset gasped as she felt something break in her foot, Grievous flew at Sunset and elbowed her in Sunset's nose. Grievous grabbed Sunset's foot before Sunset turned her whole body into fire. "Get off of me!" Sunset roared and bursts in magical fiery energy. Grievous was sent backward and was kicked by Starlight, followed by Ember bringing her knee into the General's chin. Twilight then did a flip kick and slammed her foot onto Grievous' abdomen, Grievous wheezed at the attack.

"Tch looks like I'll have to kick it up a notch!" Grievous said with fire in his eyes, Grievous popped out his extra arms and grabbed his Water Sword and Earth Sword.

"I don't see how an Earth Sword would help you in the skies," Ember said flatly, Grievous chuckled.

"You'll be in a loop when I use this sword," Grievous clenched his Earth Sword. Grievous flew at the four fighters Grievous then began clenching his blades as they glowed with their corresponding colors. "COME HERE GIRLS!!!" Grievous said in a southern accent as he flew towards Starlight.

"What?" Starlight was too confused to realize that Grievous was about to attack.

"DODGE!!!!" Grievous kicked Starlight in her jaw, making her head snap right. Grievous then shot a lightning bolt down at her, making Starlight hit a pacing warship that took her away.

"Starlight!" Sunset cried out, Sunset went after Starlight as Twilight and Ember handled Grievous. Twilight began to shoot blast after blast at Grievous who was just cutting them to ribbons. Ember from behind readied to stab her scepter into Grievous' back, Grievous grabbed Ember's face with his foot/claw before bringing her up and using her as a meat shield. Twilight stopped her fire and Grievous did a front flip before throwing Ember at Twilight. Twilight yelped as she caught Ember.

“Zeus's Thunderbolt!” A storm cloud appeared above the two and a gigantic lightning bolt came out of said storm cloud and SLAMMED into Twilight and Ember. The lightning bolt brought them down, as Grievous saw Twilight hit the clouds, her eyes rolling into her head and Ember went through the clouds he thought scoffed. “Amateurs…” Grievous then flew towards Mount Ares.

Back to me, as the battles were continuing on I had noticed that they were deliberately trying to hold us off. They were waiting for something, they would have already killed Rapunzel. I looked around and saw that Lucci was next to me. I looked behind me and the whole squad was behind me. I then pressed my communication device.

“Gem Warriors do you copy?” I said, speaking into the communication device that was on my wrist.

“We copy Ocean Storm, our troops are doing well against the forces of the Equestrian Allies but we can’t get our airships near without them being attacked.” Ruby said.

“Indeed, I don’t think our shields would be decimated in a matter of minutes if we head through. We won’t be able to go around without being attacked. And we can’t go that high because the ship isn’t designed to reach that height.” Emerald Gauntlet said.

“We’re stumped, what do we do my King?” Sapphire Sword asked, I then thought of a risky idea.

“Go below the clouds, they won’t see you there, Supergirl, go to Titanfall.” I ordered Supergirl and for once she did as she was told and flew to my ship.

“King Thanos, that's a risky move, the air currents down there would be dangerous with the plateaus!” Ruby objected, “We’d be thrashed around!”

“Which is exactly why I sent Supergirl to handle the steering for you. Supergirl is capable of flying Mach 50 speeds and circle around the planet like it’s a dance floor.” I explained to Ruby.

“That’s insanely dangerous… I like it, let’s do this thing!” Emerald Gauntlet whooped, I just chuckled at his antics.

“We’ll see you at Mount Ares my King.” Sapphire Sword said, like that we disconnected. I look back at Marco who was above me.

“Alright Marco, do your thing,” I ordered the Avian King, the Phoenix Man smirks and his Phoenix body expanded and turned into a giant blue fiery phoenix. Marco screeched and flew down to Mount Ares in mere moments. The soldiers down there screamed as they were rammed by an 800 ton Phoenix, the area around them caught on fire and was filled with dust. Me and the rest of the Infinity Allies land next to Marco from the eye of the storm of fire. The storm of fire cleared and there I was in front of the pack… I glanced up and glance at Rapunzel who was too ashamed of herself to look at me.


I’m coming.

Rescue 6, Fight of the Valkyries Part 2

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Rescue 6

1,695 Years ago

My name is Rapunzel and I am a coward. When I was sent away by Celestia I was brought to an uncharted forest.

I blinked into existence as I looked around, “Where am I? Thanos? Zackary? G-Grievous?!” I said looking around, “Where am I?” I walked around in search of my friends. I used Observation Haki and I looked far and I saw Grievous!

I ran towards Grievous’ location, running as fast as I could. I was smiling. Me and Grievous go way back, we were the best of friends on Earth. When I saw him I immediately stopped in my tracks and I saw Grievous getting carried away by the Royal Guard. There were a thousand of them and I saw Captain Black Shield. Grievous looked mortally wounded… I couldn’t move… I was too scared of getting captured, too scared of ending up like Grievous. Grievous groaned and looked over to me, he knew I was there.

...I turned away and began to run the opposite direction, tears filled my eyes as I ran away. I couldn’t face them, I was too scared.

I let my friend get captured, and it’s all my fault… I’m nothing but a traitor.

A Failure.

Thanos POV.

I stood there, side by side with my comrades, I glanced up to Rapunzel. She wasn't looking at me, it was weird, why wasn't she looking at us in awe or hope?

"Thanos, what's our game plan?" Lucci asked me, I got out of my Superhero Landing pose.

"Get to Rapunzel, prevent Rapunzel from getting executed, and find out what they're waiting for." I said, Lucci nodded in understanding.

"...I feel it." Grievous said, he began to glance around rapidly. Sally curled an eyebrow.

"Feel what?" Sally inquired, Grievous turned back to us.

"The Sword of Fire, the Fire Sword!" Grievous then ran off, going up Mount Ares. Multiple soldiers tried to stop him, Grievous clenched his weapons and growled like a rabid wolf. “OUT OF MY WAY! Four Sword Style: Elemental Cross Slash!” Grievous crossed his swords together like an X and slashed at them. He made a giant slash and cut the enemies in his way down.

"Grievous wait!" Entity cried out, about to run after Grievous, though I held him back. I shook my head.

"It's better for all of us to be together, Grievous' Elemental Swords are important to him. And his swords are a part of us, they're our friends." I spoke, Entity nodded and took a stance with his Netherite Scythe.

"Now… Celestia, surrender now so I don't have to kick your ass!" I ordered the Princess of the Sun. I took out my sword and I spun it around, I then clenched my offhand, and with Lava Dragon Slayer Magic my left fist was covered in lava. My right hand that held my Infinity Blade went aflame.

"Thanos, you are alone with your allies, every ruler is here. Each and everyone of us are as strong as one of you, we have an army, your army is fighting our ships. So here you stand before me with no one but yourself and your companions. You can't stop us." Celestia spoke from afar. Celestia’s horn glowed and she was placed in her Solar Sun Armor, she then forged her Light Sword and spun it around.

"Well I couldn't if I didn't have a plan!" I said with a cackle, my Royal Airship appears from the clouds below. Celestia gasped as well as the others in surprise. Below it Supergirl was there grinning.

"Sup bitches!" Supergirl then put the airship down and flew over next to us. "Where's Grievous?" I didn’t even bother looking back at her and I just stared into Celestia’s eyes.

"Getting the Fire Sword," I then hear an explosion, and a cackle from Grievous. Grievous was currently in the middle of the battlefield fighting off hundreds of warriors. "And doing that apparently."

With a SLAM the bridge to my Royal Airship hit the ground, my elite warriors came out. Tora was there as well, Emerald Gauntlet and Sapphire Sword were ready for battle. Tora jumped far before landing next to us and went in a stance.

“My King, I’m ready to fight!” Tora declared, looking at me, she then blinks and looks around. “Where’s General Grievous?”

“Getting the Fire Sword.” I answered, “Now as he gets it… We’ll get her.” I said, pointing at Rapunzel. Tora nodded, the Gem Generals now caught up to us.

“My King, what shall we do to aid you in battle?” Sapphire Sword said, taking out her blade, I glanced at her before tilting my head to avoid an attack from Celestia, a beam of light exact.

“I wish for you, all of you, to get anyone out of our way. We’re getting Rapunzel, and it’s just going to be the friends who she was brought into this world with that’s going to be by her side. Er, no offense.” I said, as I took a step forward.

“Eh, it’s no biggie man, you’re friends, right?” Marco said, “No, Tora,Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, let’s hold the others off as they go on ahead.”

“I take no orders for you, but if it’s for the King, then fine.” Sumidetora said as poison gets to leak from her body. The four then take up a stance.

“Go my King, we’ll hold them off!” Sapphire clenched her sapphire sword and grit her teeth, Emerald Gauntlet readied his gauntlets and smashed his fists together, and Ruby took out her sword as well and grinned.

“Alright, Displaced Assemble!”

I was currently marching my way towards the location where I felt my Fire Sword. It was over by a cave, I was currently going up some steps and kicking off and guard who was opposing me. Though even still, some guards were talented enough to block my attacks.

As I swung down on one guard to cut them down, they slid under me and sliced my back. Sparks came out given that I was metal, though it didn’t leave a mark it still hurt. I turned around with my Earth Sword in hand. I slammed the sword against the wall that was next to us and a pillar came out and hit the guard. The guard screamed as he fell off the staircase to the cave.

“Enough of this shit.” I said as I brought out my Wind Sword and I stuck the two swords that I had in my hand and pulled myself up. I shot myself into the air and I used the Wind Sword to blow air behind me. Many guards tried to shoot me down, but one hit me and knocked me off course.

“Annoying fodder!” I growled, using Geppo I shot myself towards them and used Tekkai to solidify my body as I crashed into them. Dust kicked up the air and using Observation Haki I analyzed my surroundings, I looked around and five total guards were up here. I grabbed one of the guards heads with one of my talons before throwing them into one of the other guards, the two then went and tumbled down the side of the staircase. I then slammed my Earth Sword into the ground and Obsidian spikes stuck out and pierced through their bodies. I walked past them and continued my trek up the staircase.

I was like a level one hundred players going back to the start of the game, or at least that’s what I’m thinking anyways. As I got up to the top there were ten guards up there. “Hrah!” I kicked down one of the Hippogriff Soldiers that went in my way, through the entrance to a pond. I sighed deeply. The other nine ran at me, I raised my Water Sword and slammed it down, I was then surrounded in my Water Sphere, I then spun around and the water sphere expanded and pushed everyone off.

“Get fucked fodder, you guys are adopted.” I said, toxicity oozing out of my voice. “Oh god my Ninja is showing, forgive me.” I chuckled and walked into the room of the pond. There were a few Hippogriffs guarding it and they let out a battlecry. I rolled my eyes at the amount of people who were trying to get in my way.

“You’ll never harm Princess Skystar!” One of the guards said as they ran towards, I then grabbed the man’s head with my claw and I slammed his head onto the ground, knocking them out. One of the other guards ran at me, they raised their spear high only for me to cut it in two with my Water Sword. I then stabbed the female soldier with my Earth Sword.

“W-what did you do?” The guard quivered, I took my blade out of her.

“Nothing, just increase the size of the iron in your body, it’ll take effect in five, four, three, two, one and....” The guard then explodes, her blood spraying on my body. I then glance over to the three remaining guards. “Do you guys… Fear death?”

“Yes!” The guard then runs around me and escapes, I paid no mind to him, he was wise.

“Coward!” His comrades cry out, they glare at the exit then back to me, I then try to frown even though my face is permanently like that.

“It isn’t cowardly to be smart.” I said before stepping forth, I then slam my foot down, making them jump. “He is a wise man, knowing when to fight and when to run.”

“B-But, I thought you were the kind of warrior who hates when their enemies run!” One of the guards says, I then sigh and I clench my blades.

“Yes, I was like that at one point in my life, hating when my prey ran from me, considering it shameful. However I’ve grown to respect people who flee, but know this, I do not do this all the time. You two, however, aren’t as wise as your comrade.” I then began to stomp my way towards them, my swords creating sparks on the ground.HI only had two out, the Water Sword and the Earth Sword. They then rushed me for a valiant effort to attack, but I raised my Earth Sword high and stone pillars erupted beneath them and slammed them into the ceiling.

"Ggs ez." I said as I made my way to the pond. "Where is the entrance again? It couldn't be underwater… Right? Well, only one way to find out. Wee!" I then somersault and jump inside the pool of water.

It was dark, I couldn't see a thing, all I know is that I was drowning. I quickly used my Water Sword and made a bubble around my head, allowing me some access to air. I gasped for air before I swam about, "Now, where is my precious Fire Sword…?" I move between the houses of the Underwater Kingdom. I sometimes looked inside just to scare them but then I glanced at an orphanage… I felt it. It was there. I then swam over to the orphanage and I kicked down the door to the entrance of it, I then swam in, I saw a few children huddled up in a corner. Shaking and crying, not that I could see their tears given that we were underwater. My gaze fell upon a yellowish Hippogriff who had a crown on her head, she was holding my sword up to her chest.

"Ah, Princess Skystar I believe? My name is General Grievous of the Kingdom of Minos." I said ever so casually, I approached the Princess. "W-"

"I know who you are! Y-you're a Swordsman, an evil one who wants his sword back. I won't give it to you so that you can cause harm!" Skystar declared, I stomped my foot on the ground, making the building shake.

"Give. Me. My. Sword." I spoke, having one hand open, Skystar was quivering at my rage. "Do you know how long I've been apart from it? It's like not seeing your pet after a fucking YEAR!!!" I roared, I was really pissed off, she had no right to hold my sword like that.

"Leave her alone!" Something hit the back of my head, but it bounced off, I clenched my Water Sword as I slowly turned around, I covered the sword in Armament Haki. I then breathe shakily in my anger.

"I'mma make Order 66 look like a damn tea party if you do that again." I warned the young orphan. I said, pure unadulterated wrath oozing out of my voice, the orphan then whimpers in fear.

"G-Go Princess!" I turned around and I saw Skystar booking it out of the orphanage. I look back at the kid. "Hah, now you can never get your sword back, she's the fastest in all of our lands!" The orphan boasted.

"I have no time dealing with you!" I then swim out of the orphanage, I look around to spot Skystar swimming away. Some of the guards swim towards me and I then use the Earth Sword to make the stalactites above us grow larger and stab into them.. The Swords were all Katanas meaning they were good underwater because they're sleek. In any case, the guards who got in my way were quickly dealt with. "You're only prolonging the inevitable!" I called out.

I then swim towards her, with my Water Sword my swimming speed is twice then it should be. But I'm still not able to catch up to her, using Ki energy I teleported above the Princess. I was now above her and I slammed both of my legs into her back, she groaned in pain and hit the seafloor. I took the Fire Sword because she dropped it when I kicked her.

"We're finally back together… Old friend." I looked at my Fire Sword as it glowed red, I chuckled. "It sure did take me a while."

"You'll… Never win." I heard Skystar grunt, she was currently leaning on a rock. I looked down at her and I sheathed my Fire Sword.

"Well, I look forward to when we lose." I said sarcastically, I turned around and the princess grabbed my talon.

“I won’t let you… Get away!” Skystar said she was determined because of that I began to chuckle. I turned around, my yellow eyes began to glow, I then created a sphere of water around Skystar and drained the place of its water. I raise my Lightning Sword and I prepare to stick the blade in the sphere.

“Then, I’ll prevent you from not letting me get away.” I kicked her with my talon, making her left go of my hand, I then slammed my Lightning Blade into the water sphere and watched the fireworks unfold...

I marched on as I kicked away a soldier who was running up to me, and into Emerald Gauntlet who smashed the soldier’s head in. Emerald Gauntlet then grins ear to ear and stands up to his full height. “Come on my King, she awaits.” At first I was confused about what he meant, Rapunzel wasn’t close to being free but then I looked at Celestia.

“Aw shit, here we go again.” I then approached Celestia, Celestia’s horn lit up and her armor came on. Celestia then conjured a sword of light as we began to approach each other. I took out my Infinity Blade and set it aflame with my Devil Fruit. As we began to walk towards each other we began to pick up speed. We then went into an all out sprint towards each other, we both then swung at each other and our blades collided. It caused an explosion of heat and light to rain upon this area, Celestia glared into my eyes as we were pushing against each other.

“What are you waiting for Celesta? What’s going on in the plagued mind?” I asked the Alicorn, Celestia then pushes be back before dispelling her blade to use the Lightspeed Kick. “Earth Dragon's Scales!” My whole left forearm turned into scales as rough as an Earth Dragon’s and I used Tekkai to keep my body firm. I then blocked the attack and didn’t even budge an inch.

“Meteor Shower!” Celestia named her attack as she began to kick and punch me at a rapid pace, I cocked back my fists and got ready to attack. My foot slammed onto the ground and I began to grin wildly.

“Dragon Slayer's Secret Art, Earth's Wrath: Rock Slide!” I surround my hands and legs with rock like skin and rapidly deliver several punches and kicks while keeping Cekestia at close distance, each delivering more pain after each impact. As our attacks collided the ground beneath us could barely keep up with us as it was being shattered beneath our feets. Using her wings, she did a mighty flap of said wings making her go airborne enough to kick me in my chin. I reeled back in pain before I put a foot behind my right.

I took a deep inhale and some rocks began to suck into my mouth, I then put the rocks into my cheeks and my cheeks began to glow red. Those weren’t rocks anymore, they were magma. “Lava Dragon's Roar!” I then shot a horizontal tornado of rocks and lava Celestia, Celsetia thought quickly and made a shield, blocking my attack from her. Though it did burn the shield and leave a few cracks in it.

“You ask me what I’m planning, just ask him.” Celestia said with a smile, I then turned around and a portal appeared, outcome Discord, the Spirit of Chaos. He began to yawn and looked down at me. My eyes opened wide and I clench my gauntlet fist, the Reality Stone began to glow. With the snap of Discord's fingers, a wave of water hit me and sent me into a building. The water then surrounds me and turns into a sphere.

"Ya know, you could have just called me from the start." Discord said, crossing his arms. Celestia began to chuckle as she watched me drown, I couldn't move because I was underwater and I had a Devil Fruit.

"After all this trouble… To see you so weak, I could possibly laugh in pure joy. But honestly it's pathetic seeing you like this." Celestia said, as she approached me. I held my hand upwards as I tried to swim but no matter how hard I tried I wasn't able to move.

"D-damn it! Not like this, I won't die like this! I still have a lot of things I need to do, people I have to see, a universe that needs balancing!" I said mentally as I began to struggle more, I was panicking, I never knew how terrifying not being able to breathe is. Began to kick and I tried to use my Dragon Slayer Magic or Alicorn Magic, ANY magic!

"Poor, poor Thanos… Honestly I could not see this going otherwise… Goodbye, Thanos." Celestia charged up a wave of Light.

Suddenly, a giant rock slammed into Celestia, but passed through her because she was a logia. As Celestia turned towards the one who did it, the water sphere evaporated into steam. "What? No!" Celestia was then cut across her chest which left a burn mark. Celestia howled in pain as she took a step back.

With the slam of foot the steam cleared and as I was gasping for air, I looked up and saw General Grievous. Wielding all of his swords, the Earth Sword being carried by his talon and using his extra arms to wield the rest. "Sorry Celestia, I won't let you kill him." Grievous said with a serious glare, Celestia growled.

"Who's dealing with Discord?" I said between breaths, Grievous pointed over to Discord and I saw Nappa pummelling Discord to a pulp.

"Patty cake, patty cake, bakers MAN!" Nappa sent a fist into Discord's gut, making him wheeze in pain. "Bake me a cake as fast as you CAN!" Nappa punched Discord in his left cheek and sent a point blank Ki blast to Discord's forehead.

I then chuckled and stood to my feet, I spun my Infinity Blade around. "Looks like the fight continues." I proceeded to run at Celestia and I threw my Infinity Blade at her. Celestia shot it with a magic bolt, the Infinity Blade went back to me like Captain America's Shield. I spun around and went for a swipe of my blade, Celestia raised a foot up and blocked the attack. "Quick question, where's Lulu?"

"She's currently governing the Crystal Empire because Grievous crippled Shining Armor and sent Cadence in a depressive state!" Celestia replied with venom, I then smiled.

"I knew Luna had it in her."

Rescue 6, Fight of the Valkyries Part 3

View Online

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Cannon fire, magic bolts, arrows, and clashing of blades filled the sound of the battlefield. There was a battle between Emerald Gauntlet and Prince Rutherford, who was wielding an axe, on the battlefield.

“Dah!” Emerald Gauntlet’s gauntlets made contact with Rutherford’s axe, making a shockwave fill the area, the ground then shook with the strength of the two warriors. Emerald Gauntlet jumped into the air and maneuvered himself to slam a fist into Rutherford’s head, the fist making an impact on the ground.

“You think Rutherford is going down that easily? Bah, I can win with my eyes closed!” Rutherford claimed as he lifted his head and went to his feet, Rutherford then swung his axe at Emerald Gauntlet. Emerald Gauntlet crossed his arms into an X position and a grid of transparent emeralds was in the way of Rutherford’s attack, like a forcefield. The attack impacted the shield and Rutherford was pushed back.

“Hah! I am a General of the Minotaur Army for a reason, I am Emerald Gauntlet, my Minotaur Magic is the ability to make force fields!” Emerald Gauntlet said with a grin, with a roar of frustration Rutherford began to hit Emerald Gauntlet’s shield repeatedly. Though it had no effect on it, Emerald Gauntlet began to wince as he was being pushed back, Rutherford began to mercilessly smash into it, some cracks began to form. He then roared and slammed the shield into the Prince, breaking the Yak’s nose. Emerald Gauntlet disperses the shield and slammed a fist into Rutherford’s gut, Rutherford wheezed in pain.

“YAADAAH!” Emerald Gauntlet began to punch the Prince at a rapid pace before he was blown away by a cannon, Emerald Gauntlet slammed into a building and he was covered in cake. The Culprit? Pinkie Pie.

“Rutherford thanks you, Pinkie Pie.” Rutherford gives Pinkie Pie a slight bow, Pinkie Pie just gave Rutherford a grin.

“That’s what friends are for!” Pinkie Pie said with a grin, Emerald Gauntlet jumped up from his cakey prison. Emerald Gauntlet then began to shake the cake off.

“What is with the tomfoolery?! It’s a fight, not a party!” Emerald Gauntlet said with a growl, Pinkie Pie then looked over to the Minotaur.

“Everything is a party, silly, you just don’t see it!” Pinkie Pie said with a grin, Emerald Gauntlet gritted his teeth. How dare she? Her people are fighting for their cause and dying for their cause as well, all the death and destruction around her and she can only joke about it?!

“You piss me the HELL off!” Emerald Gauntlet said with a low growl, Rutherford gets in a stance and readies his axe. Pinkie Pie then blows raspberries at Emerald Gauntlet.

“Don’t worry, I have your back.” Sapphire Sword walks next to Emerald Gauntlet, her sword out, she then adopts a fighting stance. Ruby then takes the other side of Emerald, she then spun her spear and adopted a fighting stance.

“As do I,” Ruby said, Emerald Gauntlet had an expression of shock at his fellow Generals before he began grinning. Emerald Gauntlet slammed his fists together making a loud metal sound.

“Let’s do this, Gem Generals roll out!” Emerald Gauntlet jumped up to slam a fist down upon Rutherford’s head, alas, the attack was blocked by the foreleg of a certain Applebucker, Applejack. Applejack then pushed Emerald Gauntlet back, Emerald Gauntlet then rolled away from the three warriors. “Well, well, the Element of Honesty, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Emerald Gauntlet said to the Earth Pony.

“Ah gotta protect mah friends, even from Minotaurs like you.” Applejack then puts her fists up before raising her right leg up as well.

“Your fight is with me,” Sapphire Sword took up a stance and frowned at Applejack, she coated her blade with Armament Haki. Each fighter took on their stance.

“Let us continue our bout, Prince Rutherford of Yakistan!” Emerald Gauntlet coated his arms in Armament Haki, making his gauntlets harder than they need to be.

“Rutherford agrees, Bull!” Prince Rutherford said as a red aura began to cover him, his eyes became white and veins began to appear from his eyes. His muscles began to expand and he gritted his teeth as he became a growling animal.

Rutherford let out a yell as he rushed after Emerald Gauntlet, abandoning his axe. The Yak prince slammed his fist into the Minotaurs sending him back causing Emerald Gauntlet to cough up some saliva, the Minotaur General slide to a stop and glared at the berserking yak

“Cheap shotting Sheep.” Emerald Gauntlet said with a frown, he raised up his fist and ran towards the Yak Prince. Emerald Gauntlet shot a jab to Rutherford’s forehead, stunning him briefly before Emerald Gauntlet planted his feet and sent his right fist into Rutherford’s gut.

The prince however let out another rage-filled scream before tackling Emerald Gauntlet to the ground, raising his fist the yak prince landed blow after blow on the Minotaur General. Emerald Gauntlet formed his arms in an X cross position and a green grid was formed to protect himself. The shield was holding up fairly well before Emerald Gauntlet pushed the Yakistan Prince off of him, Emerald Gauntlet rolled to his feet, the shield was still up.

With a glare of utter rage the Yakistan Prince shoved his hands into the ground, the prince broke through the earth with ease. With a loud grunt, the prince lifted the earth causing the Minotaur General off balance, losing his balance the Minotaur General lost control of his magic.

“SHIT!” Emerald Gauntlet mouthed as he nearly fell, but the General placed a hand on the ground to support himself, having enough upper body strength to lift his body in the air. Emerald Gauntlet then spun around, doing a table party technique, spinning himself while his hands were on the ground. Emerald Gauntlet coated his legs in Armament Haki and smashed two of his legs into Prince Rutherford. Emerald Gauntlet then put himself back on his feet before going behind Rutherford, he then pulled off a German Suplex and slammed the Yak’s head into the ground.

Emerald let go of the prince and put some space in between them, his ears perked up when he heard a muffled scream. Around the yak prince, the earth began to crack, letting out more of the prince’s screams of rage. The prince unearthed himself with two handfuls of stone, turning to the Minotaur the prince threw the chunks of stone at Emerald Gauntlet.

Emerald Gauntlet crossed his arms and called forth his defensive magic and conjured a green grid-shaped shield to defend himself from the chunks of stone, the stones exploded into dust on contact which obstructed his view on the Yakistan Prince.

“How is that going to help you? Reveal yourself, coward!” Emerald Gauntlet demanded the Prince of Yakistan.

Without warning two fists collided with the General's shield which forced him back, The yak prince charged Emerald Gauntlet with primal fury in his eyes. Emerald Gauntlet let down his shield and let the Yak run at him, he then sidestepped the Prince and grabbed Rutherford’s arm. Emerald Gauntlet threw Rutherford over him and slammed the Yak into the ground, the impact causing a huge dust cloud. When the dust cleared Emerald Gauntlet had a foot on Rutherford’s face. “Though you are powerful, your rage blinds you and makes you susceptible to damage.” Emerald Gauntlet then crosses his arms and huffs before stepping off the unconscious Yak.

Sapphire Sword brought her sword down upon Applejack, the Applebucker raised her leg to block the attack, coating her legs in Armament Haki. The two warriors collide in an epic fashion, blowing the dust that was being hurled around by the battles around them. Sapphire Sword raised her blade of sapphire high before she swung it down, an air slash came out of it.

Applejack jumped back and avoided both the blade and the air slash, however, she still got cut from the slash. Applejack glanced at her now bleeding arm before looking at the Minotaur.

“Ah reckon it’ll be difficult to fight you when ya have that blade of yours,” Applejack said as she began to spin around kicking up dust in the process.

Sapphire squinted into the kicked-up dust as she began to see a reddish glow, without warning Applejack sprang forth and swung her glowing leg into the Minotaur's sword. To her shock the sword was shattered like glass, Applejack spun around to kick the General in her jaw, one of the most effective ways to knock someone out. Only to be blocked by a furry foot, Applejack looked at the one who countered her kick, and it was none other than CP9 Member, Sumidetora.

“Stay back General Sapphire, I’ll take care of her,” Tora said as Applejack jumped back for some breathing room, Tora then slouched, her paws facing the ground. Venom began to drip from her skin and hit the ground as Tora began to smile wryly.

“Well, this ain’t good” Applejack muttered under her breath

“You don’t say? My name is Sumidetora, I am from a tribe of warriors consisting of Omnivores and Predators, my fighting specialty is Venom. And since I completed the challenge of the Venom Cobra I have gotten the chance to eat the Doku Doku no Mi, or rather Venom-Venom Fruit if you prefer.” Tora said as blobs of venom came off of her and hit the ground, the blobs of venom began to form into six feet tall ghouls that have devil horns and sharp teeth. “Doku-Doku: Venom Ghouls, go my children, rip and tear your enemy to shreds!” A total of five Venom Ghouls let out a scream before running at Applejack, aiming to rip apart the Element of Honesty.

Applejack jumped to avoid the claws of the ghouls, using Geppo she stayed in the air before turning to the CP9 member. The Applebucker kicked the air using Rankyaku to send a blade of air at the Abyssinian, the blade of air travels through the air. The attack lands and hits Tora’s shoulder, Tora scowled in pain before she used Kamisori to appear before Applejack. Her maw was filled with a ball of poison.

“Plah!” Tora shot the ball of poison at Applejack and it exploded on impact, a cloud of poison blanketed her, she, unfortunately, inhaled it and began coughing. While in the cloud of poison weakened the earth pony the ghouls began to slash Applejack up, Applejack’s clothes began to tear as one after another began to wallop the Element of Honesty. And with one kick by Tora, Applejack was flung out of the poison cloud and hit the ground. She began to writhe in pain as the poison began to seep into her skin.

Applejack began to gasp for air as she was screaming in pain, she was crawling on the ground as Tora began to laugh, the Venom Ghouls began to croak and turn into puddles. Tora walked over to Applejack and was stepped on by Tora. She began to cackle, “Well, well, well! Looks like I’m bringing Thanos the head of an Element today!” Tora then grabbed Applejack by her neck and lifted her up in the air, “As King Thanos says, ‘good night sweet princess.” Tora then flings Applejack away, making her hit a random enemy soldier.

“Well that’s all cleaned up, I should bring General Sapphire an extra sword from the airship…” Tora mused as she walked towards the airship without a care in the world. But as Tora was walking away, someone else was fighting…

“Ata!” Ruby swung her spear and slashed Pinkie Pie across the chest, making the Earth Pony draw blood, the Party Pony screamed in pain. “Not laughing now, are we? Not making jokes, are we?!” Ruby spun her spear and slammed it onto Pinkie Pie’s noggin, making her head slam into the ground. Coating her foot in Armament Haki, Ruby kicked Pinkie Pie in the head, sending her skidding across the ground.

“Ugh…” Pinkie Pie moaned in pain, the Earth Pony’s palms touched the ground as she pushed herself up. “No Pinkamena, she’s just fighting for her people I…. We can’t kill her.”

“Who are you talking to? Have you gone mad?” Ruby asked the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie then struggled to get to her feet, as she got to about knee level Ruby slammed the blunt side of the spear into Pinkie’s forehead. The force made the Pink Menace fall on her ass. “No matter, I’ll just knock you out, or does Thanos prefer your head on a pike. Thanos seems like the type of guy who wants the job done, so I might as well do what he asks for.” As Pinkie Pie tried to get up Ruby stepped on Pinkie Pie’s chest.

“Please… This isn’t how this is supposed to end, we’re supposed to be happy, having a party!” Pinkie Pie said, Ruby then raised her spear high before enchanting it with her Minotaur Magic, Beastly Prowess. Ruby’s eyes became slits and she adopted a wicked grin.

“Honestly, I cannot see this going otherwise…” Ruby raised spear high, ready to jam it into Pinkie Pie’s chest, the Element of Laughter’s eyes widened in horror before she shielded her face with her arms. Ruby then slammed it into her… Only to be surprised that it was caught by the menace. “W-what?!”

Pinkie Pie’s hair became deflated and she had a serious look in her eye. She held the blade of the spear, making her hands bleed but it didn’t seem to bother her. With a grunt she pushed Ruby off of her and ripped the blade from the spear, the Pink Menace slammed the blade into Ruby’s shoulder.

“GAH!” Ruby howled in pain as she held her shoulder, Pinkie Pie’s hand was covered in Armament Haki before she gut-punched Ruby. “W-who… Who are you…? You’re not the same one I fought…” Ruby whimpered as she clenched her gut, trying to prevent herself from throwing up.

“You’re right, I’m not Pinkie Pie, I’m Pinkamen Diane Pie bitch.” Pinkamena reeled back a fist and readied it to slam into Ruby only for Emerald Gauntlet to punch Pinkamena in her jaw. It made Pinkamena’s head slam left as Emerald Gauntlet pushed Ruby behind him. “Ah… Nice punch, did it feel nice to punch a warrior without them knowing?” Pinkamena asked with a sadistic grin.

“Well, no, but you were about to beat the Tartarus out of my friend, and I can’t allow that.” Emerald Gauntlet clenched his fists, and Pinkamena adopted a fighting stance.

“Well, your friend was about to kill mine so an eye for an eye,” Pinkamena said Emerald Gauntlet then took his fighting stance and coated his fists in Haki.

“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind, now let’s fight, Pinkamena Diane Pie!” Emerald Gauntlet then did some footwork and sent a couple of fake jabs towards Pinkamena’s way. Pinkamena coated her own twin fists in Armament Haki.

“Agreed!” Pinkamena said before laughing like a psychotic demon, and like that, their fists clashed.

I looked behind Celestia, spotting Rapunzel looking down, she was still crying. I began to frown in anger, how dare they treat my comrade like that. I tried to go past the Alicorn but by grabbing my arm she threw me over and I hit the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere, Thanos.” Celestia said with an eternal frown on my face I growled as I rolled to my feet, we stared at each other and I adopted a stance.

“Let me pass Tia,” I said to Celestia who’s fists were glowing with light. “I need to get to Rapunzel, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“That’s rich, the only thing you do is cause pain to those around you, monster.” Celestia adopted a boxer stance, she began to work on her footwork before I sighed.

“MARCO!!!!!!” I shouted out, immediately a blue blur slammed into Celestia, making her skid across the battlefield and into a pillar.

“Yes, Than the Man?” Marco said with a cheeky grin on his face, I rolled my eyes at the name and pointed to Celestia.

“I need you to hold her off as I reach Rapunzel,” I told Marco, the King of Avians simply gave me a nod as he began to change. Marco’s feet turned into talons of a Blue Phoenix and his arms turned into the wings of one.

“Got it,” Marco turned his attention to Celestia who was slowly getting up, the attack had dazed her and even with her Observation Haki she still couldn’t have predicted that the Phoenix would attack. “Hey Hothead, would you like to tango with the Rango?” Marco asked with a grin on his face.

“Move aside creature” Celestia ordered as her body began to glow with light

“Sheesh, harsh innit? Do you know who I am? I am Marco, King of the Avian Kingdom and that is no way to treat Royalty. I should teach you a lesson.” Marco then flapped his wings and a mighty gust of wind mixed with blue flames was sent towards the Princess. Only for it to be dispersed by another being, Thorax appeared with his sword, he was followed by the Golden Dog Alpha, Retriever, before Steel Wing, King of Griffons stopped on by. Marco stood in front of the four rulers of nations, Celestia Solaris, Thorax, Retriever, and Steel Wing. Marco simply grinned.

“All I need is to stall you guys,” Marco then adopted a stance and a grin began to form on his face, “Stall you long enough for Thanos to save his friend.”

“That’s quite noble of you Marco, King of Avians, hey Steel Wing, do you mind guarding Rapunzel for me?” Retriever asked, Steel Wing, nodded and flared his wings to fly off. Marco tried to intercept but was kicked aside by Queen Novo of the Hippogriffs.

“Cheap shotting son-of-a-bitch!” Marco exclaimed, skidding across the ground before regaining his footing. “I’m going, to be honest with you, this is bullshit of the highest order.” Marco then stood to his full height.

“Do not fret my King, we have got your back.” A feminine voice said, Marco, turned back and saw four Unicorns who took a stance, ready to fight alongside their King.

“Well, well, well, how the turn tabled…”

“It’s ‘how the table has turned.” Shirayuki, a Unicorn with white hair said, looking at Marco with a deadpan expression on her face.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let’s go, my people, to Valhalla!” Marco’s Devil Fruit flared around him and he began to grin, the Unicorns behind him gave their King a nod.

“Yes, my King!” But as they were getting ready to fight alongside their King, here is what I was doing.

I roared as I ran towards Rapunzel, who was on a podium strapped down there. “RAPUNZEL!!!” I cried out as I crashed into those who were in the way, Steel Wing went in the way to stop me with his Warhammer. I clench my fist and slam it into the ground, using Netsu Netsu Hot Feet to burn the feet of others.

Rapunzel looked at me as I punched through foes after foe. She saw as Lucci, Grievous, Entity, Supergirl, and Sally were right behind me, taking out foe after foe as we pushed through the enemy. “That’s enough you guys! Why… Why are you saving me?! I abandoned you guys during your time of need!” Rapunzel shouted, tears welling up in her eyes.

Lucci kicked an Equestrian Soldier out of the way and into a Yak, the force knocked the Yak over. “It’s because…” I then fired off a Ki blast hitting one of the big structures, the structure began to fall down on the forces under it. Many scrambled and get away but those who were unfortunate got crushed. “YOU’RE OUR FRIEND!” We said as we punched through the structure that was in the way, Rapunzel now began to shed tears.

“I don’t deserve to be called that!” Rapunzel replied, I then clench my fists as we neared in on her. She shouldn’t tell herself that she's important to us, to all of us.

“Take that back! You’re our friend and we’re going to save you!” I said as we ran as fast as we could, we weren’t using our powers just to show how we’ll go through anything for our friend.

Celestia tried to approach us but was blocked off by Marco, Marco raised his leg and kicked her aside, his Phoenix talon hitting Celestia. Celestia was sent flying and hit into a building, Marco stood there with his leg up and his wings up in a boxing stance He was currently grinning at Celestia as she got up from the rubble of the said building.

“Hey now, I can’t let you get in the way,” Marco said as Celestia growled, her hair began to flare up and lit on fire as she exploded in anger.

“NOOO!!!” Celestia roared, “I will NOT allow you to prevent me from stopping Rapunzel!” Marco then got in a serious stance and frowned at Celestia.

“And I will not allow you to stop my friends from seeing theirs.” Marco then transformed into a full-body Phoenix and flew at Celestia, ready to continue their battle. Back to us as we pushed through enemy lines, kicking our enemies out of the way.

“Please… I don’t want you guys to be hurt.” Rapunzel said as she saw us crash through our enemies we then all jumped in the air at the same time and land on the podium.

“Then stop hurting us with your tears!” Entity snapped, he then grabbed the chains, “Stop crying and start smiling!”

Lucci grabbed the chains as well, “When we stand together nothing can stop us! You and us can do wonders in the future if you just abandon the past and look ahead towards the future!”

Sally grabbed the chains with fire in her eyes. “We’re friends and we don’t leave our friends behind, no matter what they did to us in the past!”

Grievous then grabbed the chains, fires began to spark within his eyes. “Just because you did something wrong in the past doesn’t mean that you can’t change! You can change yourself for the better if you believe in yourself!”

Jessica then grabs the chains and she smiles. “We’ve been through thick and thin and we’re not going to stop, we’ll go over the moon and go past the stars, we’ll keep on going until the road ends!”

“Because we’re friends, and that is what we do to each other. We laugh, cry, bicker, lose, win, and fight alongside each other! So wipe those tears off and start SMILING!” I said as I grabbed the chains and with a mighty roar we ripped the chains off, the podium began to fall down and Rapunzel was just sitting there on her knees. She looked down before looking up at us.

We all then put our hands together and look at Rapunzel. “Come with us!” With a tearful nod, she took our hands and wiped the tears off her face.

“That’s the spirit!” Grievous said with a chuckle we all then jumped from the falling podium and onto the ground, we all then went in a circle, our backs against each other. I prepared my Netsu Netsu No Mi, taking out my Infinity Blade, and my fists began to heat up, Grievous took out his Elemental Swords except the Lightning one and began to wield them, Lucci went into his Leopard-Human Hybrid form, Sally took up a fighting stance, Supergirl’s eyes began to heat up, Entity took out his scythe and swung it around.

“Displaced ASSEMBLE!” I said, pumping my fist into the air, with a battle cry from my friends we prepared to fight as enemy forces closed in on us. Pegasi began to swoop down on us, so Rapunzel’s hair flared up and formed into tendrils; she then shoots her hair tendrils at her opponents and stabs them into her enemies. A Yak ran at me but I Spartan kicked it away and into a Unicorn who was approaching Entity. Entity threw his scythe in the air and it cut into a Dragon who was about to breathe fire. The Dragon spun out of control and was about to crash into us but Lucci jumped into the air and kicked it away. Sally then slammed her hands into the ground, filling it with the energy of Decay, as Earth-Pony soldiers ran at us they began to dissolve and break apart. Supergirl began to fire laser eyes into Griffons and Hippogriffs coming our way, turning those birds into a roasted chicken. I threw my Infinity Blade and it began to cut through my enemies, killing multiple. I then use my Reality Stone to turn the enemies' swords and spears into snakes so that the weapons bite into their opponents, I then use the Power Stone and shoot a ray of Power Energy beams into the battlefield. We kept up the pace until all that surrounded us were dead bodies.

“Let’s go!” I said as I grabbed Rapunzel’s hand, I then began to sprint as we blitzed through everyone, they were all too busy with their battles, I ran past Marco who had Celestia chained in Sea Prism Stone cuffs to a literal house. Don’t know how he did that, nor do I care, as we ran I looked back at my troops. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED RETREAT!!!!” I yelled, and with the Reality Stone I made it so that my voice could be heard from everywhere within a 100-kilometer radius, immediately the troops began to fall back.

“Now what’s the plan?” Sally asked me, I looked at her and I simply stared at her.

“Honestly I didn’t think we’d get this far,” I said honestly, everyone rolled their eyes and looked at me.

“John…” They all said with a deadpan expression, I then chuckled softly and shook my head. I miss Earth where we just had to deal with taxes and not a HUGE war.

“Okay, so you know how I have the Reality Stone, right? I can make air currents to push our ships back to the safety of their homeland. And as for us… I have an idea.” I then look up and see Twilight and her friends ready to slam into us, using the Reality Stone I caught them in a giant net. “Almost had us!”

“You are NOT escaping us!” Rainbow Dash said with fire in her eyes, I looked behind me and back to her.

“Looks like we are,” I said with a smarmy look on my face, this angered Rainbow Dash to no end.

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Sunset readies her fire fist only to be doused in water by the Reality Stone.

“You guys are worthless, time to leave guys.” I then tossed them aside before I paused and yoinked Twilight over, I then placed an inhibitor ring on Twilight’s horn. “You’re coming with us.”

“Wh-What?!” Twilight practically screamed in my ear, I then slap Twilight across the face and knocked her the fuck out.

“Damn bro, she didn’t deserve that,” Grievous said as we were running close to the edge, everyone was currently on the ship, Grievous then picked up Rapunzel and carried him in his arms.

“Um, guys, we’re getting close to the edge,” Rapunzel said but we ignored her as we raced on as our ship fled the battlefield, we then all looked down and prepared to jump. “GUYS!!!”

“TO VALHALLA!!!!” We all shouted out as we jumped off Mount Aris, Rapunzel then screamed like the girl that she is as she fell down, we all laughed as we fell down as well.

We had finally been reunited.


View Online

Twilight sat there in the interrogation room, chained up to a table, bound to a chair. She sat there glaring down at the table, we watched her from a window that can only be seen through on our side. I crossed my arms and looked at the Infinity Warriors, the Original one.

“Alright, before I send the message to Celestia, is there anything you want to say to Twinkles over here?” I asked The Boys, Supergirl was currently sharpening her nails with a nail file, though she looked over to me.

“So basically you kidnapped someone’s daughter and made her your hostage, then you troll the hostage before sending the mother an email and use the daughter to get a shiny rock,” Supergirl said, for a while, we just stood there.

“An oversimplification of events but yes,” I said, everyone then busted out laughing, Rapunzel giggled like a child and Grievous laughed like the villain that he is.

“Okay, I’ll go and talk to her.” Grievous gets an envelope full of paper before heading in, when the Cybernetic Samurai went inside Twilight glared up to Grievous.

“What do you want, mur-” Grievous cut off the Princess of Friendship when he slammed the envelope on the table three times, when the third one hit he slammed it hard making a loud sound. Grievous glared down at Twilight.

“TWENTY-EIGHT STAB WOUNDS!” Grievous shouted, the phrase made me stifle a chuckle, Entity just shook his head and facepalmed. “You didn’t want to leave him a chance huh?” Grievous slammed the envelope down again.

“What are you talking about?” Twilight asked, her ears in pain at the sound of Grievous’ metallic voice that he can raise to bass boosted when he chooses to.

“Did you feel anger?” SLAM! “Hate?” SLAM! “He was bleeding.” SLAM SLAM SLAM! “Begging for mercy, but you stabbed him again and again and again!” SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM! Grievous was currently pressuring Twilight Sparkle who felt confused and scared at the same time.

“Leave me alone, please! I don’t know what you’re talking about, I never killed anypony!” Twilight said, closing her eyes and facing the table. Grievous then walks behind Twilight with the envelope.

“All right, all right.” Grievous then walks to his chair at the other side of the interrogation table. “Everything is going to be okay.” Grievous then slams then envelopes down on the table, scattering the paper around, he then just hits the table normally. Twilight winced at the intensity of the table abuse, Grievous walked next to Twilight. “Just say I killed him, IS IT THAT HARD TO SAY?!?!?!?!” Grievous asked as he slammed his fists down on the table next to Twilight. Twilight was shaking with fear, she didn’t know if Grievous was going to hurt her. Only if she knew that Grievous was playing around.

“He’s really scaring her, look at her, she’s scared.” Rapunzel said, “Grievous stop it.” Rapunzel went for the door only for Entity to walk in front of her.

“Ah, ah! This is Grievous’ Funtime, wait your turn.” Entity said as he was then gut-punched by Rapunzel, making him reel in pain. “Oh god, you hit like an orc!”

Rapunzel was about to walk inside before she paused and looked down at Entity. “Did you just say I hit like an orc? Are you implying that I’m a fucking orc?!” Rapunzel’s eyes began to twitch.

“That’s not what I said.” Entity said as he steadily stood up to his full height, as they argue Grievous continued to troll Twilight.

“JUST SAY YOU KILLED HIM!” Grievous demanded, grabbing Twilight and pulling her up, she was crying out of pure fear as Grievous glared into Twilight’s eyes. “JUST SAY IT!” Grievous said with his bass boosted voice, Twilight just looked at Grievous paralyzed from fear, Grievous hit the table as they stared at each other. Grievous then drops Twilight and lets the Alicorn hit her head on the table. Grievous then walks out of the interrogation room. “I’ve done it, I’ve successfully made a being younger than me terrified.”

“Well, I think it’s time I walk in and talk to the young lady.” I walked past Grievous before I gave him a fistbump when Grievous did it back he was punted across the room by Rapunzel. I shook my head and went inside the room. Twilight just looked down at the table, confused and crying. I use the Reality Stone to make a cup of water, I held it in my hands before setting it next to her. “Twilight Sparkle, I apologize for Grievous' way of ‘fun’. However, he just loves pulling pranks like that on people, who can blame him?” Twilight said nothing in response, “Go ahead, drink up, it will help calm you down.”

Twilight grabbed the cup and threw it at me, I let the water hit me and I just stared at her. “What do you want? You don’t even need to talk to me, just tell Celestia I’m here already!” Twilight snapped, I just stared at her and used my Devil Fruit to dry off the water. Steam came off of me.

“Twilight, you don’t know the full story of what happened all those centuries ago, do you?” Twilight kept silent and looked away from me. “I see that Celestia hasn’t told you yet, centuries ago-”

“I don’t want to hear your lies, Thanos!” Twilight shouted, I looked down at her before I walked onto her right side, I kneeled down to her, my face next to hers.

“I am many things when I’m serious, a liar is not one of them. I can see that you are still blinded by Celestia’s lies, making them your shield as she was to you. Now, let me tell you how this all began. A few weeks after our wedding I told Celestia what all six Infinity Stones could do, I didn’t feel comfortable lying to my wife. When I told her she was thrilled to my surprise, I could use all of the Infinity Stones to shred the Universe to the last atom and start anew. Yet she was… Excited, it scared me, but she asked me one thing. ‘Can it destroy all evil?’ I responded with a yes, to which she replied with… ‘Do it, destroy all evil. This world can be a peaceful one, we wouldn’t have to worry about any more wars, no death, no agony. Make evil disappear.’” I told the story to Twilight, her ears perked up, and was now interested in my story.

“Why didn’t you do it? You could have been married, you could have ruled Equestria.” Twilight said, I looked at her and went to my full height, I then walked around the table.

“Because it would upset the balance of the Universe, one can never progress without evil blocking your way. If there was no evil in this world, you would have never discovered the meaning of Friendship. Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, would have been erased because of who he was at the time. Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings would be dead, her Hive without a ruler to die out. You wouldn’t have met Starlight either, all of these people who affected your life for the better and the worse would be gone.” I then placed both of my hands on the table, I was now on the other side of the table, looking at Twilight.

“But that doesn’t explain why you went to war with her, you could have just-” I interrupted Twilight by slamming my hands down on the table, Twilight jumped at my sudden burst of anger.

“She betrayed us, we didn’t betray her! When I refused she tried to take the Infinity Gauntlet away from me, to destroy all those people who could be redeemed. But I ran, I ran away from the love of my life because she tried to kill those people, she sent guards after me to try and detain me. To take me, to take the one thing that could save everything away. I was on the run for a month before my friends found out what was going on, Celestia manipulated them into thinking I ran away for some reason and wasn’t coming back. So they hunted me down and when they cornered me I told them what happened, my own friends turned against me and they were convinced that I was brainwashed. I had to fight my friends that day but after restraining them I told them once more, Celestia had betrayed me.” I told Twilight, Twilight looked at me, quivering.

“No, it can’t be… It isn’t true!” Twilight yelled, she closed her eyes and looked down. “You must be… You must be deceiving me!”

“I’m not, after we went to Minos for shelter, she destroyed the United Nations of Atalus, the Human Kingdom. She wiped them out to make me come out of hiding, she wiped out… My people.” I clenched my fists, she wiped out the Human race so easily, they were just a peaceful nation, minding their own business only to get wiped out.

“You’re people?” Twilight tilted her head, I then shook my own head.

“Nevermind that, do you see what point I’m trying to make? Celestia is in the wrong here.” I said, putting my finger down, I was frowning.

“When you were gone, she would’ve used the Infinity Stones anyway,” Twilight said, I smirked, I had the perfect counter for that.

“She would IF she could reach the Soul Stone, I have a theory that she gave the Soul Stone to someone because if I should return I would undo what she did. Why didn’t she use all of the Stones then give them to someone else? Well, what if I told you… She couldn’t? The strain would be too much on her body and she’ll pass out. And to prevent me from getting them she sent the Soul Stone to someone, and I’m finding out who.” I then walk away from the table and open the door. “Prepare Twilight Sparkle, the end is nigh.”

Luna bandaged Celestia’s wounds from the battle of Mount Aris, Celestia winced as Luna poured healing water on Tia’s burns.

"You should have been more careful, you know what Thanos is capable of. He has become stronger in the past months, I have no idea what the source of it is but he's ascending at an alarming rate." Luna said, Celestia, winced as Luna touched one of the more intense burns. "Sorry."

"It's okay Luna, I should be the one apologizing, Thanos truly has become stronger than he was beforehoof, I believe it’s because of what Ryker did,” Celestia said, Luna, pulled back and gave Celestia a strange look.

“Who is Ryker? Is it one of Thanos’ allies?” Luna asked, Celestia then frowned and shook her head.

“No, far from it, he’s a villain who causes death and destruction to those around him. All in the name of saving his daughter, he casts aside his friends just to save his daughter even though it’s been 7,000 years he’s still not over it. I know how he feels but… He truly was a monster… If Thanos fought that man, then there’s no doubt that he’s stronger than any of us.” Celestia said, suddenly a letter flew in the room. “Oh, that must be from the Elements, what lesson have they learned today?”

Celestia opened the letter and the letter began to float in front of Celestia’s face and Thanos’ voice began to come from it.

“Dear Celestia Solaris of the Equestrian Kingdom.

I have Twilight with me, but I’m sure you already know that, I am currently at Neighagra Falls at the river down in the South. If you want to see her alive, come to me and show me the Infinity Stone I require. If you don’t come at sunset, I will cut an inch of her horn off her head every minute until you come to the location. Be sure to come alone or I’ll kill Twilight Sparkle. I’ll be seeing you.

From your favorite bean, Thanos the Mad Titan.”

Celestia and Luna sat there in silence, Celestia stood up and checked the clock. It was thirty minutes until sunset, if she could make it right now Twilight wouldn’t experience that level of pain. Celestia flared her wings and opened the door to the window.

“Sister wait! You don’t know if it’s a trap, you don’t know if he’s lying!” Luna yelled, Celestia merely looked back at Luna.

“Thanos is many things when he’s serious, a liar is not one of them. Until then, Luna, stay safe, I need to go!” Celestia then jumped out of the window and began to fly towards Neighagra falls. Luna stood up and walked towards the window, she looked out the window as she saw Celestia fly off, Luna then sighed and sat down.

Luna put her hands together and closed her eyes and pressed her forehead against her fists. “Please sister, come back safe, I don’t want you to die… I don’t want to be alone, not again…” She prayed.

I stood there as I looked up, the sun was still up and was showing no signs of coming down, which is of course the laws of Equis at play. Celestia can lower the sun when she pleases, of course, the Alicorn couldn’t lower the sun and still make it here but she has to lower the sun on time or else Equestria will erupt in a panic.

“She won’t listen to your lies, you wouldn’t hurt me, then Celestia would destroy you,” Twilight said defiantly, I didn’t bother to look at her, simply standing behind her as I looked straight ahead. “She probably has the Elements of-”

“That’s enough, Sparkle.” I sent a wave of Conqueror’s Haki at Twilight, making her feel weak, she shivered a little bit. “She wouldn’t be stupid enough to bring the Elements, she knows what I’m capable of, I could have this whole world bowing at my feet in seconds out of fear. Yet… I don’t, simply because I don’t want people to follow me out of fear. I want them to follow me out of loyalty.” I said, Twilight then closed her lips and looked down.

I heard the sound of hooves hitting the ground, I looked up and saw the love of my life, Celestia. The sun then set right as she looked up at me, Celestia glared into my soul. “Let her go, Thanos, now,” Celestia demanded.

“You are in no position to make demands Celestia, you and Twilight are at my mercy,” I said looking at Celestia straight into her eyes. “Now tell me where the Soul Stone is.”

“Never!” Celestia then fired beams of light at me, using the Reality Stone, I conjured mirrors in front of me, redirecting the beams of light to somewhere else. “I’ll never tell you, you mad man!”

Never?” I mused, I then clenched my fist and the Power Stone began to glow. “I believe this will change your mind.” I then held the Power Stone up to the temple of Twilight’s head, a sensation of pure agony washed over the young Alicorn like a tsunami engulfing a town.

Twilight roared in pain, “GYAAAAH!” She screamed as tears began to escape her eyes, Celestia winced but still kept firm, believing I wouldn't dare go farther. I pressed the Power Stone closer to Twilight’s head, causing her to scream loud in pain. She began to kick the seat and writhe in pain in the chair, Celestia closed her eyes, trying to block the sound of screaming. “C-Cel… Celestia… H-help… ARGH!” She screamed.

“That’s enough!” Celestia shouted, I smirked and let the Power Stone stray away from her head. “That’s enough Thanos, I’ll… I’ll take you to where the Soul Stone is.”

“Good girl,” I said as I walked away from Twilight, Twilight weakly looked up to Celestia.

“P...Please… Don’t… Let… H… Him win…” Twilight begged Celestia, Celestia looked at Twilight with remorse.

“I won’t, my faithful student, I won’t,” Celestia said, her eyes closed as she looked down, I then used the Reality Stone and Twilight was now in a box. I then drug her underground, “What did you do to her?!” She demanded, she reached for her blade only for me to bring Twilight back up, I pointed the Power Stone back to Twilight and Celestia stopped.

“I’m making sure that you don’t run off with her, if you hurt me, I’ll be forced to hurt Twilight as well. One attack, five seconds of injuring Twilight with the Power Stone.” I said as I raised my Infinity Gauntlet, Celestia snarled.

“Follow me.” Celestia turned herself into light and bolted off to Mount Everhoof, I used my steam from the Netsu Netsu no MI to follow her. I was keeping pace with her as she was literal light, I made it note that I was fast as light. “Why do you request the Soul Stone in particular? I could give you the Time Stone, the Space Stone, or even the Mind Stone.”

“Because the Soul Stone is… Important to me, I am close to it.” I said, Celestia glanced back at me, looking at me with curiosity but kept whatever question she had to herself. As snow began to rain down upon us, after a couple of moments she stopped and landed next to a rock wall. I landed next to her. “Is this where the Stone is?”

Celestia shook her head, “No, where it leads to is where the location of the Soul Stone is.” Celestia walked up to the rock wall, it was covered in ice and snow. Celestia’s hand began to glow hot with fire and she touched the rock wall. The ice on it began to melt and there was a message as well as the outline of a doorway.

“For those who want to feel whole, come inside and find your soul.”

“Come inside? Is this supposed to be a door?” I asked, looking at the door I then chuckled. “Sure as hell doesn’t look like one.”

“It isn’t, it’s a portal.” Celestia placed her horn onto the door, the door briefly glowed orange before Celestia took two steps away from it. She stepped right by my side, I looked at her solemnly and smiled softly, she still felt safe when standing next to me. The door then lights up and a portal reveals itself.

“Ladies go first,” I said, standing next to the portal, Celestia rolled her eyes.

“What a gentlecolt…” Celestia said sarcastically as she went inside, I chuckled as I walked into the portal. On the other side was nothing but sand, the sky was purple. There was then a plateau with a stairwell up. “Welcome to Vormir.”

I froze in my tracks and began to tremble, my heart began to pound. “No… No, no, no…” Tears began to well up in my eyes but I quickly wiped them, though this didn’t go unnoticed by Celestia.

“What’s the matter my little bean, scared?” Celestia taunted, but that quickly got me out of my trance, she just called me by the nickname that she gave me. Celestia then walked forth with a smirk on her face, and I shook my head and slapped my face.

“Get it together John, for all I know there’s just a podium that has the Soul Stone on it. Yeah, that must be it!” I said to myself quietly, I then walked forth and caught up to Celestia.

“I hope…” Abridged Thanos said, his voice shaky.

Shivers went up my spine and I shuddered, “What in Faust’s name are you scared of? Have you been here before?” Celestia asked me, I then gulped down the saliva in my mouth before answering. I shook my head.

“No, I uh… Haven’t.” I said as we made our way up the steps, Celestia smirked and looked down at me.

“Are you lying, my little bean?” Celestia taunted, my eyes then widened, she was purposely doing this to piss me off! Well, I have something that will knock her off her high horse! Get it? Because she has a horse face… Hey, hey, hey! Just because I made a pun doesn’t mean you have to deadpan at me, why the long face? PFFT-HAHAHA!

“No, I truly have never been here before, Tia,” I said, Celestia jumped at the name, I then laughed. “What’s wrong? Jumpy as of late Tia?” I had a sly grin on my face.

Celestia looked on ahead. “Not at all my little bean, not at all,” Celestia smirked and shook her head, we then reached the zenith of the stairwell, and finally, we reached perfectly balanced floors. I took a step forward and put myself in front of her. As we walked together, we both saw a figure in the distance. I readied my Infinity Blade and lit it on fire with my Netsu-Netsu no Mi, Celestia took out her Light Sword and readied for battle.

“Do not worry, Thanos, Celestia. I have not come to harm you.” The being spoke, the being sounded masculine, he was far in the distance so I couldn’t make out what he looked like but what he sounded like was…

“...Kilton?” I asked, the being stepped forward and the Displacer revealed himself. I then deactivated my fruit, Celestia deactivated her fruit as well.

“You know each other? You know my name?!” Celestia said, looking between us, Kilton and I looked at the Alicorn.

“We are… Acquaintances, yes. And as to why I know your name, it’s quite simple, I know all and see all of everything that goes on in this Universe.” Kilton said, Celestia looked at him before looking at me. She then nodded her head towards Kilton as if saying, ‘Ask him where the Stone is so we can get the buck out of here.’

“Kilton, do you know where the Soul Stone is?” I asked him as I approached the Void Dweller, Kilton grinned wryly.

“Follow me, my friends, I shall show you where the Stone lies.” Kilton then floated up the steps that lead to where the Soul Stone is. At this point, my heart began to beat faster and faster, I was nervous. What if I had to kill my Tia? My Princess? My love? I began to breathe heavy but I felt a warm feeling on my left shoulder, I look to see who it was and I saw Celestia.

“What is it, my little bean? Are you scared of the weird old man?” She teased, I then chuckled, and shook my head. I followed Kilton and she followed me as we approached the location of the Soul Stone. My heart dropped when I saw a cliff. I stood there in silence as I looked at the cliff.

“So where is the Soul Stone?” Celestia asked Kilton, Kilton crossed his arms.

“To get the Soul Stone, you must trade someone you love. A soul for a soul.” Kilton said, I then approached the cliff, standing at the edge, I looked down the cliff and saw where Gamora and Natasha died. My heart began to beat and tears began to well up in my eyes. I began to breathe heavily as I looked down, tears began to drop from my face, and went off the cliff.

Celestia began to chuckle before she straight up guffawed, “BWAHAHAHA! After all these years, I finally get to see it. The battles you’ve fought for this one moment, to get the Soul Stone. And you. Can’t. Have it. I dreamt of this ever since you were released from your prison, just to look at you fail brings a smile to my face!” Celestia said with a grin, I slowly turned around and took a step forth, I was now face to face Celestia. Celestia then looked at me with a ridiculous look on his face. “Really? Tears? You’re such a foal when you can’t get what you want.”

“Those tears aren’t for him.” Kilton said, Celestia looked at Kilton strangely before she looked up at me.

“This… This isn’t love.” Celestia quivered, she backed away and readied her wings, only to find that she was cuffed in Sea Prism Stone and her wings were gone as well as her horn. She gasped and looked up at me. “No…”

“Don’t be afraid to do what needs to be done.” MCU Thanos said, his voice echoing across my mind.

I take a step forth, “I’m sorry, Tia.” I said tears falling down my face, Celestia tried to run but grabbed her wrist.

“NO!” Celestia wailed as she tried to escape my grasp, I clench my teeth as I powered through the pain in my heart. My whole body felt like jelly, like I could faint or pass out, I closed my eyes and threw her off. Celestia screamed as she fell down, “MY LITTLE BEAN, WHY?!” Celestia cried out as tears fell frowning her cheeks as she was about to hit the ground. I looked away and heard a loud thud on the ground, I slowly turned my head to look down and I saw Celestia. Her eyes closed and blood seeped from her head, laying down in the same way Gamora and Natasha did.

The clouds above me began to form a particular shape, though I wasn’t looking I only looked at my love, my Tia. I then fell to my knees as my tears hit the ground, I then closed my eyes…

I sat there looking at the moonlight, the moon glimmering in the night sky, I was in the Gardens of Two Sisters, I then heard rustling coming from the bushes, I readied the Power Stone and turned towards the bushes. Celestia came out of the bushes and I sighed and the power emanating from the stone faded.

"Dear God, you scared me!" I said holding my chest, Celestia giggled.

"Sorry I was late, had to sneak past the guard and knock a few out, hehe." She smiled, her smile always vanquishes the darkness hidden in my mind, and with that, I smile too.

"Were they a challenge?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh hardly, they just walk around and patrol, the guard is weak compared to me, compared to you" Her neverending smile remained neverending, Celestia was goofy for a while. Like she was childish when she was with me like she could be herself.

"Well, that's good to hear," I use the Reality Stone and I'm suddenly in a tuxedo, and she in a gown. "May I take this dance?" She giggled and put her hand to her mouth, surprised.

"You're so full of tricks my purple bean,"

“Where are you my little bean? Hide and seek is only fun when the seeker can find the hider!”

“My little bean, do you even know how to cook?”

“My little bean, Supergirl has been teasing me again!”

“My little bean, you’re truly special.”

“YES! Yes, a thousand times yes my little bean!”

“I do, my little bean.”

“I love you, my little bean.”

My eyes opened, I was surrounded by water, I groaned as I went to my knees. I looked around and I wasn’t on my bed, my friends weren’t here, Black wasn’t here, Furby wasn’t here. I looked down and I saw an orange glow in the palm of my right hand.

I lifted my hand out of the water and saw the Soul Stone sitting there in my palm, I drowsily lifted my left arm, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. I then placed the stone where it should be, a rush of power went up and down my body and I shuddered.

I groaned as I looked down at my hands, I looked at my hands and saw the blood of Celestia on them. I then remember what happened… What I had done, tears welled up in my eyes once more and began to hit the water and my hands. I then began to sob quietly. It increased in volume, I didn’t know if someone was here nor did I care. I then look up into the air, as if glaring up at the Gods, at Kilton. I then began to wail as tears began to rush down my face like a river, going down to my chin and ear.

My heart began to ache and it began to beat faster as I couldn’t stand up. I wailed loudly, my sounds of agony being heard to no one but the Gods themselves.

“WHAT HAVE I DONE?!??!?!” I sobbed in agony, I began to scream as I cried tears that could flood the entire planet. I then get a headache that makes my head whirl, I then remember everything that I’ve done. Insulting Eric’s deceased wife, killing Avians after Avians, killing Aurora Platinum’s descendants, Cloven Diamond’s death, the enemies that I’ve killed… Celestia’s blood on my hands. I’m a monster.

Nothing but a monster.


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“Where are you, Tia?” I asked as I began to tap my foot on the floor, she should be here by now, already having taken Thanos to what Infinity Stone he desired. She should be here with Twilight Sparkle, laughing and talking with me! Where is she, I began to growl and by tapping on the floor eventually broke a hole through it. I put my foot out of the hole and I looked down and saw the basement, no one was there. “Oops…”

I then sighed and laid on my bed, this is why I need my sister, she always keeps my emotions in check. I looked up at my roof and I took a deep inhale before breathing out, “Why isn’t she here yet?” I asked myself, I then heard knocking that came from my door. “Come in,” I told whoever was outside the door, the door then opened and Aqua Rose, a Pegasi Guard who interacted with the Mad Titan Thanos.

“Princess Luna, Princess Twilight Sparkle has made her return to Canterlot!” Aqua Rose said, my eyes lit up and I jumped off my bed. I turned to her while walking out of my room, Aqua Rose quickly followed me.

“What is the location of young Twilight?” I asked the Pegasi, Aqua Rose was taken aback by my eagerness to speak with the Princess.

“W-well um, she’s in the Royal Infirmary but I need to tell you something before you-” I ignored the Pegasi and sprinted down the corridor, I reached the end of the corridor and sprinted down the hall on the right. “Princess Luna, wait!” Aqua Rose cried out, I didn’t want to talk to her, I needed to see if my sister was alright. I needed to see if she was okay! I made my way to the Royal Infirmary.

“Greetings Princess-” One of the two guards who was guarding the door to the Royal Infirmary spoke, I just ignored them as I did to Aqua Rose and I opened the door. When I got in my eyes widened and I gasped, Twilight was in a hospital bed injured, Twilight’s head was damaged by the Power Stone. I looked towards the Doctor, Doctor Flowing Wind.

“What happened to her? Where’s Celestia?” I asked Doctor Flowing Wind, he jumped at my suddenness before he fixed his glasses.

“I- Er, well Princess Luna, she hasn’t said a word since she arrived here. And she’s clearly not fit for any questions, her head has received serious trauma. I’m surprised that she even found her way to Canterlot with all the brain damage.” Doctor Flowing Wind said, I slowly looked over to Twilight, she was looking down at her lap, I then brushed past the Doctor and I walked to Twilight’s hospital bed.

“Twilight, what happened? What did Thanos do to you?” I asked Twilight softly, she was quivering in fear, tears began to hit the blanket. I looked at her with sympathy before I embraced her. I then pet her hair, “Don’t worry young Twilight, you’re safe with us.”

“T-Thanos… H-he put me in an interrogation r-room, tied me to a chair with chains. I couldn’t use my magic at all, h-he began to lie to me… T-then he sent a message to Princess Celestia. He then grabbed me and flew me across the sky, occasionally he dropped me on purpose to try and hurt me mentally. A-and when C-Celestia came to the meeting point she tried to fight him. B-but Thanos… He began to hurt me with the Power Stone, it hurt so much, I felt my entire brain burn. A-and when she agreed to stop, Thanos took Celestia and left for Mount Everhoof. And when he came back… Celestia was gone and when I asked him what he did to her. He…. He said… t-t-t-that he…. That he…” Twilight then burst into tears and embraced me, “He killed her! He killed Celestia, he did it!” Twilight sobbed, holding me tightly, I gasped and I began to shake.

“No… It can’t be true… He wouldn’t…” Tears began to descend from my cheek, “Thanos why…? Why would you… No…” I let go of Twilight and she returned the favor. I looked towards Doctor Flowing Wind and Aqua Rose, as well as the two guards outside. They were all standing there in shock as tears began to well up in their eyes.

“NO!” I ran past them and began to sprint towards my room, my vision was blurry, I don’t know if it was from my tears or from the shock. I ran into my room and shut the doors behind me. I stumbled forth before I tripped and hit the edge of my couch, I thankfully latched onto the couch before I impacted it. “No, no, no, no, no… How could he… Why would he… WHY DID YOU DO THIS!”

I screamed, I then began to ruffle my hair up, I began to scratch it as I tried to rack my brain up to wrap my head around it. “Thanos… You said you loved her, that you would die for her! Why? Why, why, why, why, why… Why… Why…?” I asked softly as I began to sob, my tears began to hit the floor. I then remember what he said to me that night…

As I walked out of the Castle I looked at my moon, she was so beautiful, though nopony can truly see its beauty, I can. She was like a daughter to me, after my father passed away and gave me the right to control the moon she was like… Family. I then made my way to a path that would lead me out to the Everfree Forest for a moonlit walk, before I noticed the Mad Titan laying down on the grass. In a field surrounded by violet flowers, I quickly hide behind a statue in the Gardens. I then peaked at the Titan who was silently looking up at the skies.

“Thanos? What are thou doing out here late at night?” I walked out of my hiding spot and approached the Titan. Thanos glanced at me, I noticed that he still had that Gauntlet on him. He always had it on and it strikes me as strange even now, even after the war against the Avians.

“Hey Lulu, don’t mind me I’m just stargazing, appreciating the night nothing much. What are you doing?” Thanos asked me, I looked at him with surprise, I then looked up at the sky. He was… Appreciating my night?

“W-well, we were going to walk into the Everfree Forest, to go on a nice soothing walk,” I said, looking at the Everfree Forest.

“Oh, well have fun, don’t let me stop you,” Thanos said before averting his gaze from me, he looked up at the sky, I put my hoof on the path before I looked back at Thanos. “Hm?”

“Hey, can we join thou?” I asked, looking back at the Titan, Thanos quirked an eyebrow.

“Sure, go ahead, I don’t mind,” Thanos said, I walked next to him and laid on my back next to him. I looked up and saw the night, it was the only way that I could see my father now since he passed away. “So… Trouble sleeping?”

“Nay, we just appreciate going on walks in our night. It… Calms me down after Night Court.” I said as I sighed, “This Night Court was dreadful.”

“Yeah, I heard, a noble asked to erase the Homeless Shelter and make way for an over-the-top expensive hotel. Sometimes I’m disappointed in ponies, though they’re not all bad, you’re a prime example.” Thanos said, I then smirked.

“Oh, my, going for two princesses are thou?” I chuckled, but to my surprise, he chuckled as well. We looked at each other for a brief second before we both laughed together, as the laughter died down we looked up at the night sky with a smile on our faces. “Hey, Thanos,” I said, still looking up at the sky.

“Yeah, Lulu?” Thanos said, glancing at me, I turned my head to Thanos.

“Are thy feelings towards Celestia real, or do thou just want the power that comes with marrying her?” I asked the Titan, Thanos looked at me, offended.

“Lulu, you know I love Celestia more than anything in the world, and I really don’t want to be royalty. I mean I have enough power as it is.” Thanos raised his Infinity Gauntlet, the Infinity Gauntlet’s stones began to glow with their corresponding colors. I was unnerved that e was right, he truly did have a lot of powerl

I hummed before I eventually nodded, “Thou truly seem that thee don't want royal status, what of the wedding plans?” I asked Thanos, Thanos breathed through his teeth. “Thou didn’t plan, did thou?”

“Eeyup. But uh… I’m thinking of having the wedding at where we first met, you know by the cliffside overlooking the waterfall?” Thanos said, my eyes widened as I recalled when we met The Boys.

“It truly does seem like a beautiful place to spend a wedding, any honeymoon plans?” I asked the Titan, Thanos then yawned, before answering me.

“I was thinking about going to Neighpan with her, seeing the beautiful views of the country,” Thanos said, I slowly nodded.

“That sounds nice, Thanos, do thou promise me that thy will never hurt my sister?” I asked the Titan, Thanos glanced at me, confused. Thanos continued to look at me, I stared at him before Thanos deadpanned at me.

“I would never hurt her, you know that,” Thanos said, rolling his eyes, he then put his hands on the back of his head. "Why would I hurt my wife? That's stupid."

“Thanos,” I said, looking at Thanos with a deadpan stare, he groaned. “Do thou promise that thy will never hurt my sister?”

“I promise.”

I screamed in anguish as I grabbed my hair comb and threw it at my mirror, it shattered the mirror. I began to pant as I wobbly made my way to the mirror, I then lean on the desk before the mirror, placing my hands down on the material. “Liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar… liar… liar… liar… Liar.” I sobbed as I punched the desk, tears hit the wood desk.

I began to shake and quiver. “I hate you… I hate you Thanos, I hate you Lucci, I hate you Supergirl, I hate you Rapunzel, I hate you Grievous, I hate you Entity, I hate you Thanos…” I said as I continued to hit the desk softly.

I slowly looked up to see what I’ve become, I looked up and saw Nightmare Moon staring back into my eyes. Nightmare Moon looked at me solemnly, “You want it to stop, do you? You want things to change, you want Thanos to stop.” Nightmare Moon said, looking into my eyes.

“Yes… I want Thanos to stop.” I said shakily, Nightmare Moon looked at me with amusement.

“Then, you must take matters into your own hands and stop him yourself.” Nightmare Moon said, I looked down at the desk.

“But… How? How do I stop him?” I looked back up to Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Moon grinned.

“Stop him by doing this,” Nightmare Moon pressed her horn onto the glass, I pressed my horn on the glass and I was filled with knowledge and I jumped. “Do you know what to do now?”

“Y… Yes, I know what I must do.” I said with a nod, Nightmare Moon gave me her hand.

“Then shake my hand, we can stop him together. When we join forces we’ll become stronger than any foe, we can avenge our sister.” Nightmare Moon said, I looked at her and she nodded with determination. I looked at my hand, last time I was with this parasite, she nearly caused eternal night. I did so many awful things when I was with her. “It’s the only way to beat Thanos, please Luna, Celestia sacrificed herself to save Twilight. And who knows what Thanos will do with all six Infinity Stones, with three Infinity Stones he’s the strongest being in the Universe. What if he… Snaps us all away?”

The thought crossed my mind and I looked down at my hands again. I won’t let Celestia’s death be in vain. I won’t let Thanos win! “Let’s get this son of a bitch.” I said as I shook Nightmare Moon’s hand firmly she grinned and vanished from the mirror and I felt a burst of energy envelope my body. I began to cackle as I began to change, my hair grew long, going to my waist, a helmet appeared on my head. A scythe appeared in my hand, the blade was Sea Prism Stone, I began to grin. “Ah… She was right… I feel… So much stronger.” I said as I looked at my hands, I then put my scythe on my back. I pick up the hair comb and it froze over, I then clench it and it shatters into pieces.

“You can get more power…” I hear Nightmare Moon’s voice echo in my mind. She's right, I opened the desk to the drawer and a picture of Celestia was there. Celestia and I with Thanos, Lucci, Supergirl, Entity, Sally, Grievous, and Rapunzel there. I frowned and my eyes began to glow, I then burned the faces off of Thanos and his friends off the photo. I then opened the secret drawer and I saw the Alicorn Amulet.

“You know the consequences if you use the Amulet, right?” Nightmare Moon said in my mind, I look at the Amulet and I pick it up in my hand. I nod.

“Indeed I do, but with this power boost I can indefinitely annihilate Thanos once and for all.” I then put the Alicorn Amulet around my neck, my eyes flashed red for a brief second. I looked at my hands and I clench them then I unclench them. I fire off a bolt of magic into a lamp and it shatters into a billion pieces, before the pieces hit the floor I freeze them out of the air. The pieces hit the ground and shatter into more pieces, I show my palm to the shards of ice and I teleport them to the garbage bin.

“I have become stronger, but is it enough to take down Thanos? I’m sure it is, the Titan is strong but he isn’t unbeatable. So what do you suppose we do to stop him?” I asked Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Moon hummed.

“Well, the Titan was a weakness though it’s small it can work hugely in our favor. His Devil Fruit weakness and his Devil Fruit in general. Thanos has the Heat Heat Fruit, making him able to generate heat, though it can’t be in effect if we use our Devil Fruit, the Dark Dark Fruit. With the Dark Dark Fruit, we can suppress Thanos’ main source of combat, fire damage. If you dig Sea Stone Prism weapons into Thanos’ body, you could defeat him. He’ll have to take it out as we attack him mercilessly. We won’t give him a chance to recover!” Nightmare Moon exclaimed, I then slowly nodded.

“That makes sense, we can infuse certain spots on our body with Alicorn Magic, making it stronger than normal. With the Alicorn Amulet, we’ve become stronger, all that’s left is to hone our abilities.” I said clenching my fists, I then nodded with determination.

“You’re forgetting something.” Nightmare Moon said, I then paused, “You need to announce your presence to the world. You are now Queen of Equestria.I looked at the balcony door and I looked at the mirror.

“What if they… Don’t like what I’ve become?”

“Everypony has opinions on your changes, whether it be big or small. They’ll think highly or less of you, and remember, you’re Queen, what you say goes.” Nightmare Moon said, I then nod.

“Yeah, they don’t know what I’ve been through! They don’t know a damn thing, I’m Queen.” My eyes flashed red as I walked towards the door of the balcony and I kicked it down. Attracting attention from those down below, everyone gasped when they looked up at me.

“PEOPLE OF EQUESTRIA!” I boomed, alerting everypony in the vicinity of my presence. “IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS THAT I ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF MY SISTER, PRINCESS CELESTIA SOLARIS TO YOU ALL!” The citizens gasped and murmured amongst themselves, I heard voices that were casting suspicion onto me, saying that I killed my own sister. How foolish are these nobles?

“SHE WAS KILLED BY THE KING OF MINOTAUR, THANOS THE MAD TITAN!” I said as others looked at themselves, they knew of the new King, knowing that Celestia and Thanos fought on multiple occasions.

“Who are you? You look like both Luna and Nightmare Moon!” I heard somepony in the crowd say, I look at the one who said it. It was a noble colt.


“I WILL BE YOUR BEACON OF HOPE, I AM THE QUEEN OF EQUESTRIA AND I WILL LEAD YOU ALL TO A BETTER TOMORROW! I WILL RAISE BOTH THE SUN AND THE MOON BY MYSELF, I WILL LEAD YOU, AND AFTER THIS WAR, WE’LL NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT THE FORCES OF EVIL AGAIN!” Everypony erupted into cheers as I finished my speech, they all threw their hats up into the air in celebration of their new leader. I then slowly grin ear to ear.


...Your end is near.

Training, but with more pain.

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I walked around the castle with a somber expression on my face, Grievous and the others were walking with me. Ever since Celestia’s death Thanos hasn’t left his room in days, it’s almost been a whole week. As we walk down the corridors we spot Golden Shield knocking on John’s door.

“Daddy? Why won’t you come out of there?” Golden Shield asked, Rapunzel sped walk in front of Golden Shield and kneeled down to her.

“Daddy is currently going through a very tough time, he’s in there thinking on what he should do.” Rapunzel said, Golden Shield looked up to Rapunzel, she briefly peaked behind the Princess.

“Oh, okay, Daddy I hope you can solve your problem!” Golden Shield said to the Titan, though the Titan didn’t respond.

“Come on Goldy, let’s do something fun.” Rapunzel suggested, the two began to walk off, going to where we arrived. Grievous looked as the two walked off, we then proceeded to continue on our walk to the training room.

“Is… Is John going to be alright?” Supergirl asked, we all looked at her with surprise, we didn’t expect Supergirl to care for John that much. “I know I’m not the type of gal to worry about others but… She was our friend too, even though she’s done some terrible things to us. I’m worried for him.”

“Don’t worry, Thanos can get through this, I have faith in him. He’s probably just talking to his friends inside of his head right now!” Nappa said with a grin, though Supergirl still couldn’t help being worried. “Come on, it’s Thanos we’re talking about.”

“He’s not Thanos! His name is John, he’s been our friend for years now, he’s going through a tough time and I’m frustrated we can’t help him! Rah! I’m going to blow off some steam!” Supergirl then flies through an open window, going off to destroy something.

“I’m going to go talk to her,” Entity said as he flew after Supergirl, Sally looked on as her lover chased after her friend.

“Thanos is the leader of our group, and now that he’s currently out of commission… We’re all in shambles, I just wish we can help John out.” Sally said with a sigh, she then rubs her arms and looks down.

“Well, moping around isn’t going to do anything, we need to train our troops for the next battle. Since we’ve got Rapunzel we need to go after the stones, I reckon we should get the Time Stone first but we don’t know where it is.” Grievous said, putting a claw up to his chin.

“We could go get Nox to help us,” I suggested Sally perked up and began to nod.

“That sounds like that could work, we could ask him for an Infinity Radar too!” Sally suggested, Grievous then chuckled.

“Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.” Grievous said, stroking his “chin”, I just shook my head at his antics.

“Yeah, but how are we going to get it? It’s in Thanos’ room, and you know what happened the last time we tried to go inside…” I said and we all winced, Supergirl was punted across the Kingdom with the Power Stone.

“Hrm… Well, we’ll figure that part out later, for now, we should get to training for the next battle.” Grievous said, he began to walk away, I looked to Sally who sighed and crossed her arms.

“He’s right, who knows what awaits us next? An army? A pony who can manipulate shadows? Another member of Kaido?” Sally said, “In anycase, I’m heading towards the Gravity Chamber, I suggest you do the same.” And with that, Sally walked off, as I watched her walk off I slowly stared at my palms.

“How could I go back to being in my Awakened State?” I thought to myself, I hadn’t been able to go in my Awakened State for a while, but I just… Couldn’t. “Could it be that I must embrace the way of the Leopard? That must be it.” I clenched my fists and nodded, today, I’ll be going to Zebrafrica to embrace my natural state.

“Alright, I’m going to fly to Zebrafrica…” I said as I began to walk towards the nearest exit, “...Talk to some Leopards and learn their ways…” As I walked outside I made my way towards the take off zone. “...And awaken my Devil Fruit!”

“GYAH!” I heard a rumble, my head snapped towards the direction and I saw a golden light. I frowned and used Soru to zip my way up to the area where the golden light was emanating, and to my surprise. It was Aurora Platinum, ten meters tall and shining golden. “What’s going on?!”

“Did you just eat the Human-Human Fruit Model: Buddha?” I asked Platinum to which she looked around before looking down at me.

“Lucci! How did you get so tiny?” Platinum asked me, I gave her a deadpan stare.

“Answer the fucking question you idiot.” I snapped, Platinum jumped back at my harshness, she began to blush. Platinum then pressed her fingers together and in classic anime fashion began squirming around.

“I-I...Yeah, I-I saw a golden fruit and I wanted to get stronger so I ate it. But I didn’t know I would become this!” Platinum said, pointing to her body, I just face palmed and groaned.

“Did you read any Devil Fruit Encyclopedia that’s in the royal library here? Did you?!” I said slightly pissed off, this Devil Fruit was meant for the best of warriors and she is definitely not a good warrior. Sure she’s good, but not a legend.

“No…” Platinum said with a sigh, she looked downwards, she then sat down on the building behind her. “Look, I’m sorry Lucci, I really wanted to become stronger than normal. I wanted to be the greatest of all. I wanted to be a legend.”

I looked at her with sympathy, “Well, there goes my plans for my evening,” I muttered under my breath, I looked over to Platinum. “Say what? I’ll help you to be a legend, IF, you promise to never betray us. Ever.” I told Platinum.

“R-really? Well uh, I promise!” Platinum said with a nod, “Now how do I return to normal?” Platinum looked at her body.

“Okay, clench everything in your body.”

In Another Universe...

The Town Hall exploded amidst a writhing of flesh and an earth-shattering roar. The dragon rose from the wreckage, dirt and bits of debris falling from its sharp, dull-brown scales. It squatted low to the ground, shorter than most houses despite being wider than the newly-destroyed Town Hall.

The dragon stomped out of the wreckage as the screaming started, ponies and others running too and fro in panic. The dragon turned its head lazily about, watching the chaos with its three sets of deep-sunk eyes. It took a deep breath and opened its mouth, a cloud of green fog billowing up out of its throat. Wherever the cloud touched, living things turned to stone. Grass. Animals. Ponies and zebras. One gryphon barely managed to take off before letting out a squawk as hill legs were petrified. He struggled for a moment to stay airborne before the weight of his legs sent him hurtling back into the cloud, his scream cut off shortly before the sound of shattering stone sounded.

The dragon plodded through the smoke undeterred, smashing stone creatures beneath his feet and tearing the walls from buildings just by brushing against them. He set his muzzle to the ground, sniffing deeply. "Hm." His voice was like the grinding of boulders against each other. "Not here." He lifted his head, sniffing the air. "Close. South of here. Together. How convenient."

“Unfortunately for you, you won’t be going there. Or anywhere, for that matter.”

The dragon turned its massive head to the left and frowned. It was rare for a dragon to show any level of concern, but this one couldn’t keep a look of annoyance off of its face. “Undying. I thought you were with the Gryphons.”

Angel strode down the street, keeping her eyes on the dragon but watching the last of the civilians flee out the corner of her eye. Got to stall him. “I’m on leave,” she said casually. “Got a few days off to come here and visit my daughter. Work doesn’t usually follow me home, though. How annoying.” She crossed her arms, hiding her left hand as it flicked open a small portal. She glared at the dragon as she began rummaging within, looking for a token that could help her. “How about you do yourself a favor and get out before I add another dragon-skin purse to my collection?”

The dragon snorted angrily, another cloud of green mist shooting out and swirling around him. “I think not, Undying. I may die today, but I will first cripple the Sun Queen’s great weapon.”

Great weapon? Angel fought to keep her expression neutral. He means the Elements! The girls! She grabbed a token at random. I’m out of time, she sent. Hope you can help. I’ve got a nasty earth-dragon here who wants to kill the Mane Six. If you can help, the Undying Angel would be in your debt.

In the deserts of the south, Grievous stood there surrounded by colossal sand dunes. He had all five of his swords planted into the ground, in an X formation. “I never tried this before, however, I need to get stronger.” He said to himself.

Grievous then began to wave his arm around, “The Guardian of Earth, Bolder, the Guardian of Wind, Aero, the Guardian of Fire, Aidan, the Guardian of Water, Vatten, the Guardian of Lightning, Volt. These are the Elemental Guardians of this world, I need your power. Combine these vessels that hold your power and join as one, join as the Elemental Blade.” Grievous began to dance slowly and the blades began to light up with their elements. Beams of the elements then shot up to the skies and the clouds broke away. The elements began to rotate over and over again and it made a tornado.

"Tch!" Grievous said, putting his arm in front of his face to shield himself from the amount of magic emitted. Grievous dug his claws into the ground to prevent himself from getting pushed back. The tornado then exploded and sent Grievous into a sand dune, he grunted in pain as he rolled from the sand dune and back to the ground. "Ugh…"

Grievous then slowly got up and dusted himself off to see his sword, the Elemental Sword, the blade in the ground. The blade has lightning strikes, fire marks, air symbols, rock drawings, and wave drawings on there. The colors of the swords in complete harmony. "I can't believe it, it looks so cool!" Grievous made his way over to his blade and picked it up. He flipped it around before he took up a stance, he closed his eyes before doing a spinning swipe. This caused all the sand dunes and the mountains in his area to be cut into pieces.

He opened his eyes and admired his sword, "What a beaut, you would do well against the armies of imbalance." Grievous said before a voice rang through his head.

"Hope you can help. I’ve got a nasty earth-dragon here who wants to kill the Mane Six. If you can help, the Undying Angel would be in your debt!"

A portal opened next to him, "Huh, cool-" He was then sucked into the portal.

"My name is Grievous, master of all four elements, Dragon Slayer of the East, and Master Swordsman. If there is a dragon, call me, I'll fight it no matter how strong or weak, call upon me and I shall answer!" The voice of a metallic warrior rang throughout the town. Suddenly, lightning struck the ground, an earth pillar shot up before air cut it in half. Fire began to shoot up into the sky before water slammed into it, putting out the fire and making a cloud fill the area. A silhouette appeared in the cloud, a 7’11 figure with a big sword resting on its shoulder. It walked out of the cloud and the Dragon Slayer revealed himself. “So, Earth Dragon huh?” Grievous said, glancing around at the destruction, “Easy bits.”

“Do not underestimate him, soldier,” Angel warned, a metallic chime heralding the arrival of her horn, wings, and armor. “This isn’t like other dragons you’ve faced, I guarantee it. He’s spewing out petrifying fog and speaks as one ready to die for his cause. I’d wager my wings he’s one of the Elders.”

The dragon hummed in reluctant approval. “You are wise to see it. I am indeed Elder Dragon Terra, one of the Four Elemental Elders. I have walked this land longer even than the Sun Queen, the Moon Dream, and all the Masked Ones of the zebras. I don’t doubt that you, resilient as you are, will be able to kill me in time, but that matters not; it shall not be quick, and I will complete my task before the end.” He turned his gaze on Grievous. “Be gone, stranger of metal; this is not your fight.”

Grievous then sighed deeply, “You know, you’re kind of right, it isn’t. But I swore an oath to kill all dragons who harm others, especially, ESPECIALLY, ponies. For the record, age doesn’t equal skill, let me show you my power. But before I do, I should introduce myself. The name’s Grievous, I kill dragons for a living, and I’m currently in a huge scale war across the world. Not to mention that I’m a general of the Minotaur Army, but enough with introductions, let’s dive into the main course shall we?” Grievous raised his sword high before he began to spin, like a ball rolling he began to spin towards the dragon. Grievous rolled towards a piece of rubble that knocked him up high, Grievous was now above the dragon. “Water Sword: High-Pressure Water Shot!” Grievous fired off a wave of high pressure water into the dragon’s back, knocking him into the ground.

At least, it should have. The dragon stood firm, undaunted before the massive pressure. He barely turned his head in Grievous’ direction as he landed. “It takes millenia for a river to carve out a canyon,” Terra stated. “I am almost as much a being of the earth as the Dog God; it will take far more than that to wear down my muscles or pierce my scales.”

“Try this, then!” Angel rushed forward, her right arm transforming into a massive hammer. Terra’s eyes went wide as she ran through his green fog with no ill effect and swung her weapon into his side. A dull, heavy thud sound and Angel was sent reeling back from the impact.

“A wise stratagem,” Terra commented lazily, swinging his massive tail around and forcing Angel to jump back to avoid it. “If you cannot pierce my armor, then bruise the flesh beneath, yes? Unfortunately, my hide is as a single stone; to reach what lies beneath, you must chip away at the layers without.”

“You know, you should feel honored.” Grievous’ sword began to become covered in some black armor, “I’m going to use my Armament Haki on you. I only use these for high level dragons, such as yourself. This will most definitely pierce through some armor, probably.” Grievous began to sprint towards Terra before he suddenly vanished from sight. Grievous appeared on Terra’s right side, Grievous’ yellow eyes began to glow with the element of water and air. “Ice Sword: Frozen Cross!” Grievous’ Elemental Sword glowed white and did an X slash onto Terra’s side. The force of the attack nearly knocked the Elder Dragon over, though Grievous vanished yet again and appeared by Angel’s side. “Your turn mate.”

“Turn nothing,” Angel muttered as Terra turned slowly to face them. “You may have given him a bit of a start, but that hardly even phased him. We can knock him around all we like, but I don’t think he’ll be nearly so simple to beat.” She pointed to the dragon. “What do you notice about his back?”

“It has no wings.” Grievous replied, glancing at Angel before studying Terra more.

“Exactly,” Angel muttered. “It attacked Town Hall by burrowing up from beneath. Earth ponies draw great strength from the earth as long as they’re in contact with it, or at least they do here. This dragon probably does, too. Even if we’re able to knock him around a bit, I don’t think we’re getting through those scales until we’ve managed to separate him from the ground.”

“You are correct, Undying.” The dragon smirked at Angel’s surprise. “I can hear your speech resonate through the ground. From the earth comes my power. I admit, I had thought it would take you longer to realize.” He shook his head. “No matter. As you have discovered this, it is time for me to go on the offensive.” He lifted his head high and brought it slamming down to the ground.

Immediately, a massive fissure opened up beneath Angel and Grievous, the sides perfectly smooth and plunging into the darkness beneath. Angel leapt into the air, her wings flaring to hold herself aloft. Grievous then levitated from the ground, flying though he had no wings.

“Huh,” Angel noted. “That’s a neet tri-” Her compliment was cut off as a flurry of diamond bullets tore her head apart. She fell spiraling into the fissure, quickly disappearing from sight.

“Why didn’t you…” Grievous then inhaled, “DODGE!?” He screamed as he flew down after Angel, he was surrounded by a white fiery aura. As Angel descended downwards, Grievous noticed that he wouldn’t make it in time to prevent her from hitting the floor. “Tch, I have no other options, Kaioken!” Grievous was surrounded by a thick red aura and he shot downwards and caught Angel with his extra two arms. “Gotcha.”

A slight rumble was all the warning Grievous had before hundreds of holes began to open in the sides of the fissure. Lava immediately began pouring out of half of them, quickly filling the bottom of the canyon and rapidly beginning to rise. From the other half shot near-constant streams of diamonds and other sharpened stones, filling the air between Grievous and freedom with liquid rock and deadly shrapnel.

“Hang on tight,” Grievous raised his sword up and water began to sprout, it then began to transform into a water drill. “Water Sword: Drill of Poseidon!” Grievous then shot into the half where the diamonds were shot from. He began to tear through them and crashed into the wall, from there he began to dig up, when his back was facing the diamonds they turned and began to hit him. Though the General of the Minotaurs didn’t flinch, his back was covered in Armament Haki. “Almost… There… Hang on!” Grievous then pierced through the earth and into the sky, Grievous then hit the ground with his feet. “There you go,” Grievous then puts Angel down.

It was then that he noticed the full extent of her injury. Angel’s head was now no more than a few ribbons of flesh clinging to the bloody stump of a neck. There was no doubt that she was dead.

No sooner had this revelation dawned than a massive tail knocked Grievous into the air, sending him flying out towards the Everfree. Terra spared Angel’s corpse barely a glance before plodding off to the woods south of town, casually crushing everything in his path.

Grievous let out a scream as he hit the grounds of the Everfree Forest, he then began to skip like a rock on water. Thinking quickly the general took out his blade and slammed it into the ground, soon he came to a halt. When Grievous completely stopped he then took a deep breath, “She’s dead. And that dragon killed her,” Grievous then slowly got up and looked at his surroundings. He was next to a river with some boulders nearby. “There’s nothing I can do to revive her but I can avenge her.”

Grievous looked down at his injuries, his armor had been bent from the force of the attack. “It seems like I have to pull out the big guns, time for Armament Haki: Internal Destruction or as I like to call it Ryou Haki.” His sword then was covered in some black armor before it adopted a green aura. “With this Haki, I think I should be able to damage the dragon’s internal organs. But…” Grievous then got ready to sprint. “...It's time to kick some dragon ass!”

He then began to sprint, Grievous used Observation Haki to sense Terra’s aura, when he located Terra he then chuckled. “White Tail forest huh? Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.” Grievous began to sprint towards that location, jumping, running, and dodging past everything that was in his way. “I’m coming for you, Terra.”

As he sprinted towards the area, he saw six other aura’s with my Observation Haki. Curiously Grievous ran towards there, “OI!” Grievous shouted out, “What are you guys doing out here? A dragon is attacking Ponyville, get your asses out of the forest and somewhere safe!” He then turned off my Observation Haki and he noticed what the auras were. “Oh.” I then stopped in my tracks.

Twilight and her friends stared at the metallic creature before them, eyes wide and jaws slacked. “Sooo,” Rainbow Dash finally said, “Weird minotaur clockwerk thing, or Displaced?”

Twilight shook her head and glared at Grievous. “What do you mean, a dragon? The dragons wouldn’t dare attack Equestria; we’re not even part of the war! And where’s Angel? You are Displaced, right?”

“No, I’m just a Minotaur dressing up as a- OF COURSE I’M A DISPLACED!” Grievous said, “And that white haired girl is dead, SUPER dead, if you search up dead on google her picture is right there. Dead. I’m sorry for your loss, there was nothing I could do.”

Twilight sighed and - to Grievous’ surprise - looked more annoyed than sad. “Great. It’ll be a bit, then.” She straightened up. “What’s the dragon doing now? Is it just running rampant? I can’t imagine Angel would let herself get killed until she’d at least seen that everyone was out of immediate harm’s way.”

“The dragon isn’t after the townsfolk, it seems that the dragon is after you. From that I gathered, the dragon is an Elder Dragon that’s older than Celestia herself. The Elder Dragon of the Earth Element, Terra. I’d advise that you run, run far or you will die. But I can give you some time, because I am General Grievous of the Minotaur Army, the Dragon Slayer of the East and Greatest Swordsman on Equis! Now run along you little ponies.” Grievous then turns around and grips his sword, using Observation Haki to pinpoint Terra’s location.

“Damn it!” Twilight’s friends gasped at her profanity but she ignored them. “This is exactly what Angel told Celestia would happen. Well, she didn’t think it would be one of the bucking elders, but still…”

“Where is he?” Rainbow demanded, punching the air a few times. “I’ll teach that no-good overgrown lizard not to mess with Ponyville!”

“Don’t you dare, Rainbow Dash!” Twilight scolded. “An Elder isn’t something you can fight. They’re almost on par with the gods in terms of sheer power, and more powerful than a few.” She cleared her throat and looked away. “Including me.” She shook her head and turned. “Come on. This ‘Grievous’ is right; we need to run and wait for help to arrive. Hopefully, Grievous and Angel will be able to hold him off for long enough.”

“Isn’t she dead?” Grievous said, turning to Twilight.

Twilight and her friends shared a look before breaking down into giggles. “Trust me, Mister Grievous,” Fluttershy said with a small smirk. “That won’t keep her down for long.” With that, they turned and started galloping south.

“...Cool.” Grievous turned around and slammed his sword down, a water pillar erupted from the ground, from a good ways away a water pillar shot up the dragon into the air. “Rankyaku!” Grievous then jumped high into the air and shot a bunch of air slashes at Terra, the forces of air hitting the drake, cutting into his scales and shedding his blood for the first time. The dragon then fell back and hit the ground. “Nice try, jackass!”

The dragon growled and got back to his feet, glaring at Grievous. “Foolish young creature. You should have struck me harder when you had the chance.” The earth around Terra’s feet shifted, creeping up his legs almost to the knees. As Grievous watched, Terra’s wounds began to knit together. “The young are so hasty to ruin what few advantages they possess; you will not find me so easily moved from now on.”

“Heh, looks like I have to bring it my A-Game.” Grievous clenched his blade that was covered in Ryou Haki, “I have a perfect stratagem to annihilate you. You won't… Be able to do anything!” Grievous was surrounded by a fiery white aura and he shot towards Terra. Grievous then slammed his blade into the head of Terra, but the dragon stood there unmoving. Grievous pushed on, though Terra’s head began to adopt an unbearable pain, like something had ruptured his brain.

“Young… fool,” Terra grunted. Grievous suddenly felt a strange sensation, as if the trees, the earth, and even gravity itself were leaning in towards Terra. It was suddenly as if, rather than level earth, Terra were suddenly at the bottom of a steep funnel. His healing accelerated, his wounds stitching up and his scales reforming immaculately. Terra’s pained expression faded and he seemed to grow even larger, slowly and methodically pushing back against Grievous’ blade. He glared down at the general whose head now barely came up to Terra’s chin. “I told you, it will not be that easy.”

“Thanks for the target!”

The dull sound of metal meeting flesh sounded again and all six of Terra’s eyes went wide. Angel slid forward from underneath the dragon, her hand once again a massive hammer and her head fully restored. Stranger still to Grievous, she seemed to have changed from a soldier’s uniform to that of a japanese high-school girl. Grievous also could have sworn that she was at least five years older the last time he’d seen her.

“That was a low blow,” Terra grumbled, shifting his back legs uncomfortably. “And mostly ineffective.”

“But not entirely,” Angel crowed, leaping into the air and hovering by Grievous’ side. “We just need to stall him,” she whispered. “Help is on the way. Keep him from moving forward.”

“I can do that.” Grievous went into a stance, “Kaioken Times… Four!” Grievous’ aura then flared up into a spiky red one. “What strength that I had is now four times greater than normal, if you can get stronger Terra, then so can I!” Grievous flew towards Terra, he then went for a spinning slash down onto Terra’s head. The force made Terra crash into the earth, doing a backflip he kicked Terra’s chin, forcing him to look up into the air. He then did a palm strike to Terra’s chin, trying to knock the drake out.

Terra simply lowered his head slowly, glaring at Grievous in contempt. “My turn, I suppose.” He tucked his tail into the ground behind him and gave it a small flick. A veritable mountain of stone, dirt, and forest ripped itself from the ground, hanging for just a moment over the three of them - casting them all into deep shadow - before it started to come crashing down.

“Ah horseapples,” Angel muttered, firing up her horn and vanishing in a flash of light.

Grievous stood then before he grabbed onto his blade, “Combined Earth and Fire Style: Obsidian Protection.” With the combination of the fire and Earth, a wall of obsidian formed before him as he was hit with the mountain of various natural resources.

Angel appeared above the mountain just in time to be hit with a massive wave of force and dust. She was buffeted for a minute before she managed to regain her balance. She looked down and gasped. A large hole now sat in Whitetail Wood, reaching deep into bedrock. The stone that had once filled it now sat and settled as a small hill. She stared for a time before she noticed the stone on one side beginning to shift.

Terra’s head slowly pushed out of the stone on the south side of the hill, the rock sluffing off of him like water. He continued southward, unhurried and unimpeded. Angel flew down behind him, giving him a final glance before flying into the cave he’d left behind. “Grievous!” she called, lighting her horn so she could see. “Grievous! Are you alright in there?!”

“Oh I’m fan-fucking-tastic, nothing but gumdrops and ice cream in here…” Grievous said before he shot into the air, one of his extra arms was missing and a part of his helmet was broken off. “With the benefit of hindsight I shouldn’t have stood in the way of the attack.” Grievous said, shaking the dirt off of him, he then looked down at the massive crater before looking up to Terra. “Look at what you’ve done? I’m going to have to clean up this mess before I leave.” Grievous mused, his Kaioken wasn’t around anymore.

Angel shook her head. “Don’t worry about that; the insurance companies will take care of it.” Seeing the strange look he gave her, she shrugged. “The whole country has Displaced Insurance at this point. Anyway, we’d better get back to stalling him. AJ and RD may be good to gallop forever, but Pinkie’s been putting on weight since her second foal and her endurance isn’t what it used to be.”

“She has a fucking baby?” Grievous said, turning to Angel curiously, “Angel, am I correct? Truthfully ever since the beginning I have been trying to gauge his power. To see what level of power I should use on him. I have analyzed his weaknesses, and I have a technique that can bypass his scales. Ryou Haki, it can harm one's internal organs. Right now I wouldn’t be able to counter him with his strength as of now. I’m asking you to distract him so that I can hopefully slay or render him unconscious. Can you do that for me?” Grievous asked Angel as he began to stretch his robotic joints.

“Well, the baby isn’t old enough to be fucking, yet.” Angel sighed and looked down at the casual destruction Terra was wreaking. “Honestly, I don’t think injuring his internals will do any good. You saw what his healing factor is like. And I’ve heard legends of the Elders’ powers. I have a feeling that he’ll be able to recover from a burst heart or a smashed brain so long as he’s rooted in the ground.” She pointed downwards. “And look at how he’s walking. The earth comes off his foot whenever he takes a step, but it encases it again before he takes another. It’s slowed him practically to a crawl, but it all but guarantees his invulnerability.” She looked back up at Grievous. “Honestly, I think we’d need a god to take him out at this point.” She jerked her chin northward. “Thankfully, it looks like one is on the way, if we can manage to stall for long enough.”

Grievous turned north towards Mount Canter. The city of Canterlot was surrounded by darting shapes that could only be dragons, but they were being kept away from the city proper by what looked like massive whips made of sunlight. Meanwhile, a spot of deepest darkness was flying low to the ground away from the mountain towards Ponyville, a few stars glittering within.

“I think I may have an idea for a god to come sooner.” Grievous said, he then turns to Angel. “Angel, do you think you can ALMOST kill me? Like really hurt me until death? Because this transformation only activates if I have either complete focus or I’m nearly dying. I need you to hit me as hard as you can, not some arbitrary percentage. No, I want you to hit me. As HARD as you can.” Grievous said, looking into Angel’s eyes.

Angel let out a bark of laughter before quickly composing herself. “Ahem, no. No you don’t, Grievous. If I hit you as hard as I could, I’d kill you, Terra, and all of Ponyville, Whitetail, and the Everfree. Probably give most of Canterlot radiation poisoning, too. But if you really want me to almost kill you…” Angel raised her arm, and her hand transformed into a mallet the size of Canterlot Castle. “Guard skill,” Angel intoned. “Overdrive upgrade: limiters off: version meteor-to-kill-an-ant.” The metallic chime that rang out this time was accompanied by literal claxons sounding, though Angel didn’t seem very different. But she was suddenly radiating a truly disturbing aura of brute strength for a moe anime girl. “How much force can you stand?” Angel asked with an innocent smile.

“I can withstand hits from a being the size of every single mountain on earth, that’s maybe the size of the moon. I don’t know, it's been a while since the Displaced Tournament.” Grievous said with a shrug. “But how about going for a… Probably moon level attack. But just use it on me, okay?”

Angel giggled like a schoolgirl. “Aw, but why waste the opportunity?” She gave a single, stronger flap of her wings, flipping around Grievous and positioning him between her and Terra. She threw her arm behind her, her innocent grin turning suddenly savage. “FOOOOOOOORE!!!”

Terra looked up slightly as a massive crack split the air before he was driven twenty yards underground by the android that had been smashed into his back at supersonic speeds.

Angel surveyed her work for a moment as she reverted her Overdrive to normal and substituted the Gavel of Freakin’ Awesome Judgement for her regular Angel Hammer. “Well, that ought to ‘almost kill’ him properly. And it’ll take Terra a few-” Terra climbed out of the earth a few yards to the south and continued his plodding unabated. “...seconds. A few seconds to get out of there.” Angel sighed. “Grievous whatever you’re planning, do it quickly.”

As if answering the Undying Angel, a pillar of Ki shot to the skies and the whole planet began to shake with the amount of power emanating. The pillar then slowly fades away and there stood the general, his sword on his back and surrounded in a bluish white aura. Grievous clenched his fists before gazing at Terra, instantly Grievous slammed his fist into Terra’s jaw, shattering the ground beneath the dragon and sending the dragon skidding into what was left of the forest. Grievous then vanished from sight and as Terra attempted to get up from the attack the dragon was flung across the forest again. The process repeated itself before Terra was flung into the crater, Grievous had his sword out and was flying downwards. “Elemental Sword: Elemental Spin!” Like Sonic the hedgehog he spun in a circle, the elements of fire, water, earth, air, lightning, ice, and even lava revealed itself. Grievous then slammed his Ryou Haki coated sword along with those elements into Terra, sending him down into the crater, all the way down to bedrock. “Greetings Angel, this is… Well, a transformation of the Angels and Gods themselves.” Grievous said before he slowly looked down, as if trying to read what the dragon would do.

“What is this?!” For the first time all fight, Terra seemed genuinely angry. He glared up at Grievous as his torn and tattered flesh began to heal. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! WHAT HAVE YOU DARED TO DO?!!!”

The earth began to tremble and shake as the crater Terra was in began to fill, lifting the dragon as he increased in size tenfold. A hundred. A thousand.


“Silence Terra, thou old windbag.”

Princess Luna flew up to Grievous’ side, studying him for a moment. “Miraculous,” she muttered. “Not a true god, yet divine all the same. Curious. I shall have to welcome you properly to Equestria when this is done with.” She turned back to Terra with a smirk. “It is true that the gods of this world are forbidden from involving themselves in such matters in their divine forms. However, this entity is not of this world, and is thus not bound by our laws. I believe my sister sent out a notice a few decades ago of strange, bipedal beings of various powers that might be appearing in this world from worlds beyond? Surely Typhon has not neglected to keep his precious dragons informed of the allies of their most hated enemy?”

Terra ground his teeth, the sound like the crashing of two mountains together. “...HE MAY HAVE MENTIONED SOMETHING OF THE LIKE.”

“Then you have no quarrel with this, er, ‘transformation of the angels and gods themselves’ participating?”


“Excellent! However, I would hate for him to have to spend all of his time in Equestria dealing with the likes of you. So let us be done with this.” Her horn lit and, with no visible struggle, she lifted Terra straight from the earth. He began to shrink immediately as Luna turned a smirk to Angel. “Now, would you be so kind as to dispose of him for me? His hoard is massive enough that such a sudden influx of wealth into the Royal Treasury would absolutely destroy the Equestrian economy.”

Angel let out a sigh of relief and let her hammer revert back into a regular hand. “Gladly, Luna.” She turned to Grievous. “General? Would you like to give him any final words before I end him?”

Grievous blinked for a moment before sighing, he had multiple voices stacked on top of his so it was like a thousand voices. “Eeyup, Terra, remember my words. Never fuck with a Dragon Slayer, also get fucked mate.” Grievous gave Terra the middle finger and saluted with it.

Angel rolled her eyes and flew over to where Terra was suspended, now back to the size he had been when he first appeared. “Make it quick, Undying,” he muttered. “I deserve that dignity, at least.”

“You burst into a civilian population and killed indiscriminately,” Angel countered.

:You’ve killed dragons quickly for doing more. And you are no sadist.”

“...perhaps not.” Angel sighed. “Why did you do it? Why did you enter this war? I thought the Council was determined to keep Equestria out of it.”

“They are,” Terra said. He sighed. “And now, they will have to face the inevitable.”

Angel glared down and to the side. “Much as I hate to admit it, the outcome of this war is hardly inevitable.”

“Then you do not know ponies as well as you think you do.” Angel looked at Terra curiously.

“I have watched the various races for longer than you can imagine, Undying. I have seen the barbarity of the minotaurs. The greed of the gryphons. The perfectionism of the yaks. The aloofness of the abyssinians. The cowardice of the hippogryphs. And the infinite compassion of ponies. It would not be too long before they joined this war, no matter what the Sun Queen may wish. Not now that you have opened their eyes to the outside world.”

Angel frowned and narrowed her eyes. “And you wanted to… hurry it on? Why?”

“Because the Council is full of stubborn fools who refuse to adapt to a changing world.” Angel’s eyes went wide. “I was against this war from the start. I told them that they could not terrorize the minotaurs and zebras and gryphons back into chaos and squabbling, not now that they’ve been reformed by your hand. They could not restore the old, comfortable order where dragons could prey as they wished outside of Equestria without repercussion. We needed to adapt, to civilize, to learn to cooperate with the other races of this world.

“But pride is a powerful thing, and they refused. They began this ridiculous war and dragged every race in against us. We will lose this war, even faster once Equestria joins. All I and my fellows have done is ensure that it will happen sooner rather than later, so that those on the fence may see our race coming to folley, and flee the conflict to survive and build our race anew.”

“Your fellows?” Angel turned her gaze northward. “You mean the ones attacking Canterlot?”

Terra let out a deep chuckle. “Chaos befalls this town on a regular basis, and Canterlot has seen its fair share of attacks. No, Undying. We have coordinated attacks on every major city in Equestria this day. The ponies will have no choice to see what has befallen the other lands which have suffered from this war. Even if this is the last attack the dragons ever launch on Equestria, the ponies will not be satisfied until no-one else has to suffer as they’ve suffered this day any longer.”

“’re a devil, you are.”

Terra let out a loud and boisterous laugh. “And what are you then, child of slaughter? We are devils, the both of us, and both for the greater good of this world.” He nodded to her. “Now then, see this old devil put to his rest.”

“You do not fear death?”

“Typhon is forgiving to those who die in battle,” Terra said. “I shall find my rest well enough.”

“...I hope so.” Angel’s horn lit. It was a simple spell, if gruesome. Terra began to twitch and gasp, grasping for his chest. He looked Angel in the eye as his life slowly bled out. Finally, at last, he was dead.

The Bearers were found and returned to Ponyville. The dead were found, buried, and mourned. Temporary housing went up for those who had lived south of Town Hall. Mayor Mare - who had been out shopping at the time - had put aside her horror to manage everything with admirable speed and efficiency. And just north of town, four figures stood in the meeting.

“Luna, Twilight,” said Angel, “May I introduce General Grievous. Grievous, Princesses Twilight Sparkle and Luna Starlight.”

“Well met, Grievous,” Luna said, nodding slightly. “Welcome to our Equestria.”

“A pleasure to meet you.” Grievous was still in his transformation, the general gave them a bow. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to minimize casualties, I was kind of punted to the Everfree Forest by that dragon.” Grievous said, looking around at the destruction and where he was launched.

“From what the mayor said, most of the casualties were in the first minute,” Twilight said solemnly. “Pretty much everyone fled the town after the dragon appeared, and the southern part even more so once he started walking.”

“There’s nothing anyone could have done,” Angel agreed. “This is just what happens in a war. Like I’ve been telling you all.”

“Celestia can’t let this go unanswered,” Twilight muttered to herself. “Even if it was a deliberate provocation. Ponies across Equestria won’t stand for it. There was already a pretty strong pro-war faction, but now-”


Twilight slapped a hoof over her mouth as Angel glared down at her. “What do you mean a ‘pro-war faction?’”

Twilight lowered both her hoof and her ears. “It’s… been gaining strength for this past year. There’s a lot of nobles calling for us to send aid, and some influential voices - mostly Fancy Pants and his group - are saying we should join it altogether.”

Angel crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “And why am I only hearing about this now?”

Twilight blushed and looked away. “We, er, we were kind of worried it would stir you to galvanize them.”

“Does Sunset know? Tempest?”

“Same problem. And it never really came up.”

Angel sighed. “No, no I suppose it wouldn’t.” She smirked. “Not like national political factions are exactly a pillow-talk sort of conversation.”

“Speaking of wars, we’re actually in a war as well. It’s a fight for the Infinity Stones, you see, I’m not the only Displaced in my universe. Thanos the Mad Titan, is the King of Minotaurs after he challenged the King to a duel and won. The Equestrians want to use the Infinity Stones to annihilate chaos completely while we believe that there should be a balance.” Grievous said, raising a finger. “I, er, may or may not have crippled Shining Armor and killed the Dragon Lord… As well as indirectly destroying the foundation of the Crystal Empire-” Grievous then cut himself off, crossing his arms. “Oh crap here it comes…” Grievous said, looking at his hands.

Twilight shot Grievous a glare but reigned in her anger.

“Here what comes?” Angel asked, taking a small step back.

“Well, I can’t turn this transformation off. And I can’t go into this transformation on command, your body and your mind must be trained until God-hood to use this. I’m almost there but-” Black and purple lightning electrocuted Grievous and his pupils became white, letting out a scream of agony before he dropped to a knee. “Yeah… There it is… ooh…” Grievous then rested his back on the ground as he clutched his body in pain. “Pain, all I know is pain.”

Twilight muttered something under her breath and Angel was sure she caught “Shiney” in there. Angel cleared her throat. “Well, good to see you condescend back to mortality. I was feeling lonely for a minute, surrounded by divine beings like this.”

“Glad to be back,” Grievous shakily got up and dusted himself off. “Hey Angel, this won’t be the last time we meet you know.” Grievous said as he stood stoically. “A storm is brewing and if the Equestrians win, we would be wiped out, especially since the Queen of Equestria is now Nightmare Moon. Can I trust that you’ll come to our aid when the time comes?” Grievous asked the Undying Angel.

Angel stared Grievous down for a minute. “I would like to say that I would.” Her eyes darted briefly to Luna. “And Luna would definitely like me to say yes so I can put Nightmare Moon in her place. But… it would depend on certain things. One thing in particular, actually.”

“And what is the thing in particular?” Grievous said, as he leaned on thin-air.


Angel was knocked to the ground as a silver-haired bullet plowed into her chest. She laughed and reached down, pulling a young girl off of herself and holding her up in the air. “Hello, Dawny. Did you give Tempest any trouble?”

“You know she wouldn’t dare.” A mulberry unicorn with a shattered horn made her way over, smiling at Twilight, nodding to Luna, and giving Grievous an appraising look before turning back to Angel. “She watched the fight from her bedroom, until the new Displaced was pathetically flung into Everfree like a ragdoll. She’s been around town a bit, making sure her friends are safe. Thankfully the attack occurred on a school day; Cheerilee got them all out well in advance.” She smirked. “She’ll be happy to get a new schoolhouse.”

Angel chuckled and stood, hefting Dawn up in her arms. “Well, some good, then.” Her expression turned solemn. “What’s the final count?”

“One-hundred and twenty-eight dead,” Tempest reported. “Most of them are the workers in Town Hall. Only five after the first puff of cloud. Zero wounded, so the hospital is relieved.”

“Ironic that it’s on the west side and evaded damage, and yet it’s unneeded.” Angel sighed and shook her head. “Thank you, Tempest. Dismissed.”

Tempest saluted before turning and walking away, though not before giving Grievous a final condescending look.

“Grievous, this is my daughter, Dawn. Dawn, General Grievous.”

Dawn looked Grievous up and down before smirking. “Hello there.”

“General Kenobi.” Grievous replied instinctively, Grievous popped out his extra arms. He had found and repaired the one that was lost in battle. “You know, finding an arm isn’t hard when you have a tracker on it.” Grievous began to clench his arms and unclench them. “Well, nice to meet you Dawn.”

Dawn giggled. “You’re kinda funny.”

Angel rolled her eyes. “And you,” she poked Dawn on the nose, eliciting giggles, “Are rude.” She turned back to Grievous and nodded her head at Dawn. “And that’s the reason. My husband and I don’t have particular plans for another child, but then, we never planned for Dawn.”

Dawn gasped. “You didn’t?!”

“You’ve known that for years. Hush up.”

Dawn stuck out her tongue at Angel before giggling again.

“Adorable, absolutely adorable.” Grievous said looking at the two, “I miss Kodo, anyway, if ya need to slay a dragon. Old or young, big or small, strong or weak, remember that I, General Grievous of the Minotaur Army, will always help you. Now if I need you I’ll give you a call, speaking of call, are you forgetting something?” Grievous said, looking at Angel.

Angel nodded. Her wings unfurled with a metallic chime, and she quickly plucked a feather from one of them before dismissing it. “Guard skill: token create.” She handed the feather to Grievous with a nod. “General Grievous, our contract is complete. Thank you for your help, and may whatever forces guide your world lead you to a happy conclusion.”

“Oh it will.” Grievous said before turning towards the readers, “That my friends, is called ‘foreshadowing’!” Grievous then snapped back to reality, op there goes gravity… A portal appeared behind Grievous. “Well, I’ll be off, remember my friends. Dying is gay, and I never die.” Grievous went inside the portal before he stuck his head back out. “Hah! You’re gay!” Grievous laughed pointing at Angel before he went back in, the portal then closed.

Angel rolled her eyes. “Bi, thank you very much.”

It's Rewind Time.

View Online

I sat on my bed, the lights were dimmed, I had a hoodie on like an edgy bastard and I was huddled in a corner. It wouldn’t stop, the tears wouldn’t stop, the memories would keep flooding my brain. I clenched my head, my hand on my head, I looked down before I saw a certain chest glow. I crawled over to the chest on the shelf and I grabbed the chest and put it on the ground. I used the Reality Stone to make a key and I opened it.

There it lay, Nox’s Token, the Eliacube, I took the cube and I put my hands around it. I then rested my back against the wall and looked at the cube brokenly. “Nox… Oh Nox what do I do? You’ve handled the loss of a loved one, you should know what to do.” The Eliacube glowed and an enchanting voice spoke from it.

“I am Noximillien the Watchmaker, I am the clock that ticks the other way, the clock that ticks loudly, wanting answers. Call upon me, be it battle, learning, or even the day to day help, I’ll be there.” Nox’s voice said from his Token, I clenched the Token.

“Noximilien the Watchmaker, I need your help!” I said with a pained voice, the token glowed with some sort of magic. A portal then appears at the other side of my room, it was a clock-like portal. Nox walked out in a robe with a hoodie on his head, he was carrying a suitcase, Nox fanned his head.

“Phew! What is that smell? Thanos, you should really do some- Thanos!” Nox shouted, worried for me. He dropped his suitcase and ran to my side, “What happened? Is that… an alcoholic beverage?” Nox asked, pointing at my rum.

“...Yes…” I sighed, I then got off my ass and I stumbled towards my desk, “What happened was… I did it, I got the Soul Stone. And in turn lost Celestia, even though we were enemies I still loved her. What do I do now? I don’t know how I can move on…” I said, putting both of my hands on my desk.

“Thanos, I’ve been in your situation before, so you did the right thing by calling me. If you’re not ready to leave your shell and let your wounds heal, you still need to be a king. You need to pursue your long term goal.” Nox said to me, I sighed shakely, I then nodded.

“You’re right, you’re right.” I then turn to face him, “Do you have a radar that can point out the locations of the Infinity Stones? Because we still do not know the location of the Time Stone, and the location is vital.”

“HAH! There’s a reason why I was the lead scientist of the Science Team in Kaido’s Army!” Nox then opened his palm, and like a magnet, his palm attracted his suitcase. Opening it, he made a little desk full of tools and inventions. “No, not that, not this, not that, not that…” Nox placed aside items such as an arc reactor, an amulet, pokeballs, etc. Before pulling out the Dragon Radar. “Ah-ha! There we go, the Dragon Radar, just press this button and it will switch to the Infinity Stone setting.”

Nox handed me the Dragon Radar, I then pressed a button on the right side of the radar and it glowed with all the colors of the Infinity Stones. First, there was only the Power, Reality, and Soul Stone on there. Before the Time Stone appeared it was west.

"Do you want me to go and take it?" Nox asked me, I got up to my feet and looked at Nox.

"There'll be no need," I walked to Nox and I opened my palms, Nox handed me the device.

"Be safe, you are a valuable asset, and an interesting Displaced." Nox told me, I chuckled, using the Reality Stone, I made a staircase out of here. "I'll be off!" Nox called out.

"Farewell, and thank you, for everything." I said as I went down the staircase, closing the ground behind me.

In the quaint town of Ponyville, on the outskirts of the said town, there sat Starlight Glimmer. Her eyes closed, having taken a nap underneath a tree. Though a sensation went across her brain, and the brief image of Thanos appeared, though Thanos was far.

Starlight opened her eyes and gasped, holding her chest. “He’s… he’s coming, Thanos is coming!” Starlight got to her feet and ran towards Ponyville, sweat going down her face as images of Thanos from afar coming closer and closer. Starlight shook with fear, she soon reached the streets of Ponyville.

“He’s coming! Thanos is coming!” Starlight shouted, as ponies walked out of their home, they saw Starlight running down the streets shouting that phrase repeatedly. Everyone soon began to flee towards the city hall.

“Everypony to the bunker!” Madam Mayor said with urgency, as she and the civilians run towards the town hall, some ponies open a compartment from the ground. Revealing a hidden passageway.

“The fillies and colts go down first!” One of the ponies in the scuffle shouts out, Cheerilee hurries the young ones into the bunker. As that is going on Starlight ran up to Rainbow Dash who was napping on a cloud.

“Rainbow Dash, Rainbow!” Rainbow Dash kept on snoring, “RAINBOW DASH!” Starlight screamed, Rainbow Dash yelped and fell off her cloud. Hitting the ground in the process, she groggily went to her feet.

“What is it?” Rainbow Dash asked before she yawned and stretched, her joints popping.

“Thanos is coming, can you go get the girls? We’ve got to hide the Time Stone, make sure to-” Before Starlight could even finish, Rainbow Dash shot off, zooming past her to go get the others. Starlight spun in place before she stopped herself, “She never gives me the chance to finish.” Starlight muttered.

In the kitchen of the Castle of Friendship, there stood Twilight, crossing her arms. She was currently frowning at Spike, who’s claw was stuck in a cookie jar.

“Spike, what did I tell you about stealing cookies from the cookie jar?” Twilight asked, frowning at the dragon. Spike chuckled sheepishly, Twilight’s ears perked up. “What… Is that?”She had sensed the Mad Titan coming.

“What is what?” Spike asked as he took his claw out of the cookie jar. Twilight hurried towards the window that the kitchen had, she looked out the window and-

“Hi Egghead!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, making the Alicorn jump. Twilight had tripped and fell when Rainbow Dash showed up. Thus, the walking Skittles advertisement guffawed, “BWAHAHA! You should see the look on your face!” Rainbow Dash slapped her knee, laughing at Twilight.

Twilight growled before going to her feet, “Rainbow, why are you here? Don’t you have weather duty today?” Twilight asked the Pegasi, Rainbow Dash opened the window.

“Nah, I completed it, in ten seconds flat. I’m just that good, also Thanos is coming.” Rainbow Dash said, making both Spike and Twilight’s face drop in horror.

“Spike-go-and-write-a-letter-to-Queen-Rang-Nebula-right-now!” Twilight said as Spike quickly ran to get the materials to write. “Is everyone else in the bunker?” Twilight asked.

“Yup, I also got the girls, and shouldn’t you be hiding that green jewel?” Rainbow Dash pointed at Twilight’s necklace, which held the Time Stone. Twilight looked at it, her face dropping, it had been the last gift Celestia had given her. She shook her head.

“No, Thanos has at least three Infinity Stones now, having one can boost our chances. Especially one that can manipulate time.” Twilight said, holding the stone of the necklace in her hand.

“Well, no time to waste, let’s go!” Rainbow Dash flared her wings and zoomed out the window, Twilight looked back. Hoping to see one last glimpse of her number one assistant before she fights against the Titan. But she wasn’t able to. “Twilight, let’s go!”

“I’m coming!” Twilight flared her wings and dashed out the window, elegantly circling around the castle and spotting her grout of friends a couple of meters away from said castle. Out in the open fields, she then swoops by and lands on her feet.

“Hey, Twilight’s here! Now the gang's all together!” Pinkie Pie said, wrapping her arms around her friends with a grin ear to ear.

“Ugh, I really didn’t hope that we would have to fight Thanos so soon, but we prepared for this girls. We can do this!” Rarity said with determination, the girls gave their nod of agreement.

“Do you have that amulet on ya? Ya know the amulet that Thanos is looking for?” Applejack said, turning to face Twilight. Twilight crossed her arms.

“We need to even the odds somehow, I mean I’m an Alicorn with a stone that can control, Starlight is a powerful unicorn, Applejack is a good martial artist, Fluttershy is…” Twilight looked at Fluttershy, who was hiding behind her wings, not wanting to be here. “...Good at intimidation, Rarity is a somewhat good swordsmare, Pinkie Pie defies the laws of nature, and Rainbow Dash has a black belt in karate and is an athlete.” Twilight said, looking at the girls.

“Well… if you put it like that, then I guess we can win.” Fluttershy said, Rainbow Dash crossed her arms and laughed.

“Yeah, and what does that little eggplant have? Nothing!” Rainbow Dash said with a grin on her face, Twilight frowned.

“Thanos has years of combat experience, mastery of all forms of Haki, has Alicorn magic, a Devil Fruit, trained under the strongest Minotaur on Equis, is a Master Swordsman, is a King of Warriors, fought with Celestia and Luna for one month without rest, can control reality, has the ability to destroy a planet, can locate your soul and knock it out of you. Do you girls see why we need the Time Stone?” Twilight asked, the girls began to nod nervously.

“Uh, girls, he’s coming.” Starlight said as she looked up to the skies, the rest of the girls prepared their battle stations and looked up at the flaming ball coming down on them. Rarity conjured a shield just in case.

The flaming ball then slams three meters before them, and there he stood, the Mad Titan.


I stood up to my full height and sighed, I looked on as the blue shield dropped. I finally saw my adversaries, the Elements of Harmony, oh, and that Starlight chick. Haven’t really seen her since that time I tried to take the Power Stone.

“Ah, the Elements of Harmony, and what is this?” I said in amusement, I looked at Twilight, a necklace on her body. Holding the Time Stone, “I reckon she bestowed you the power to manipulate time, didn’t she?” I asked the ponies, Twilight clenched the Time Stone.

“Welcome to Ponyville!” Pinkie Pie said in a cheery tone, pulling out a party popper she then fires it up in the air. I just stood in silence.

“Pinkamena Diane Pie, you realize that me and my friends killed Torch, but also killed the Princess. I am literally your number one enemy, don’t pull out a party popper.” I said looking as the confetti fell down.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he’s right, you know.” Rarity said, glancing at Pinkie Pie who’s mane deflated.

“U-um, well, Mr. Thanos?” I glanced over to Fluttershy who flinched at my gaze. “Um, can you not fight us? I know we have something you want, but I’m sure we can find a way to talk this out.” Fluttershy said, I made a stump for me to sit on with the Reality Stone.

As I sat down, and exhaled, suddenly, they all relaxed, still wary of me. “You know, I didn’t want to do this, I truly didn’t. If things had gone differently, you would be happy to see me, I just… I…” I look up at them, at a loss for words. I stare at the Time Stone before I frown, I then get up to my feet.

“I’m sorry girls, but I don’t have time to talk. For the clock is ticking, and you bet your sorry ass there’s going to be a kaboom.” I walked forward only to be put back in place. Twilight smiled.

“You know, you should really think about things before you do them. Now, you’re in a time-loop, and Spike just messaged the Queen. So you should dig your own grave, oh wait, you can't, you're in a time-loop.” Twilight said with a smug look on her face.

“Ah got ta hand it to you Twi, you sure did do the right thing when you messaged the Queen.” Applejack said, I looked around, trying to find a way out of this. I tried instant transmission, thus I teleported in front of Twilight but was put back in my place.

“Hah! Nice try, Thanos, you can’t get out of this one!” Rainbow Dash said, laughing at me, I then chuckled which made her sweat. “Uh… W-Why are you laughing?”

“You girls forget,” I lifted my Infinity Gauntlet, twirling it around curiously. “Reality can be whatever I want.” I then clench the Gauntlet and because I bended Reality to my will, I was now out of the time-loop.

“Uh oh.” Pinkie Pie said, as I began to approach them, my fists were clenched and I had my hand near my Infinity Blade. Rarity looked at the rest of the girls, sweat on her face but quickly wiped it off with a towel.

“Alright girls, we prepared for this, let’s go and fight this ruffian!” The rest of the girls nod, and they prepare for battle. Rainbow Dash dashed up to me and spun around me, making a tornado. It also made me spin and levitate, I hummed curiously.

I reached in a random direction and grabbed Rainbow Dash by the neck, I then slammed her down on the ground. “Insect!” I said with a frown on my face, I then looked up only to be met with a Party Cannon. I was then shot in the face with confetti and cake, I was sent back and I landed on my back.

“Go get him girls!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, Rarity, Starlight, and Twilight ran at me and their horns lit up. As I get up I was bombarded with spells, Rarity shot a spell that had diamond shaped projectiles. They hit me and I stumbled back, Starlight ran at me and slipped under me, she then conjured a chain and wrapped it around my neck. Trying to pull me down, this made me lean back, Twilight then swooped down and slammed a magic hammer into my chest. This sent me flying, and Starlight was lucky enough to duck under me.

As I was sent flying, I felt rope wrap around my hand, Applejack clenched her lasso and flung me around and slammed me into a tree. The tree fell over, I then get to my feet and Applejack tugged on it. I frown and yanked on it, sending her flying towards me, I clench my fist and coated it with Armament Haki. Twilight then constructs a barrier to protect Applejack as she approaches me. As I slammed my fist into the barrier, my fist heats up with the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. I then burst through the barrier, shattering it like glass, my fist connects with Applejack’s stomach and she then vomits. Using the Reality Stone, I transformed the vomit into water.

The water hits me and it evaporates, making water vapor, I then inhale the water vapor and fire off a steam blast from my mouth. Knocking Applejack away, this hit Rainbow Dash, knocking her over, I then gagged for a quick second, realizing what I had done. It was both awesome and disgusting.

“Take this you ruffian!” Rarity fired off multiple diamond shaped bolts at me, and with the Power Stone, I crushed the blasts before they got to me. I then fired off a Power Wave at her, she gasped in surprise, Starlight leaped in front of Rarity and made a shield. The Power Stone quickly began to break through the shield, and break it did. As the Power Wave hit Starlight, she slammed into Rarity and they were sent skidding back.

I look around and I see Rainbow Dash recovering from the attack, Applejack was down for the count, clutching her stomach. Starlight was heavily injured and Rarity was injured too, as well as crying over her mane. Fluttershy was scared, and Twilight was running over to Starlight to check if they were okay.

“Do you see how futile it is? Your resistance? You can’t fathom my power, you’re all weak, so you might as well hand the stone over.” I said, walking towards them with murderous intent, I readied my blade and drugged it on the ground. I then infuse it with my Devil Fruit, setting my sword ablaze. Fluttershy looked up to me, tears in her eyes before she gave me a glare.

“That’s enough! You already killed Celestia, what more do you want from us? You’re just fighting us over stupid ROCKS?! Rocks that give you power? Is that all you want? To be powerful?” Fluttershy asked, “Look at us! We’re not strong as you, we’re younger, we just want everything to stop, we want this war to be over. Please… Stop this…” Flutteshy said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

I stood there, mere meters before her, “I… I’m sorry little one,” Fluttershy looks up at me with hope in her eyes. As I was about to drop my blade, I realized what I was fighting for. For good and evil, yin and yang, chaos and harmony. Everything that I worked for would be for nothing, “But-”

Something slammed into me at high speeds, I looked at it, it was Rainbow Dash. She had a rainbow aura around her, she then drugged me across the ground. I was being pushed back by her, she had hit me with the Sonic Rainboom. I coughed out blood and I was sent far, I was then launched into the Everfree Forest.

As I flew across the forest, I crashed into tree after tree before I hit the Castle of Two Sister. When I hit it, I wound up in the Throne Room. I then rolled to a stop and landed beside Celestia’s throne. I was stuck in the wall beside the throne, I then pushed myself out of my spot and stumbled forward.

I looked at Celestia's throne, tears well up in my eyes as I saw Celestia there. I then reimaged the broken castle to be how it was before, booming with life. Luna beside Celestia, and me, right next to my Tia, my love… But then sorrow was overcome by anger. That is the main emotion I felt, those bastards had one lucky shot on me. I looked at my chest and saw the imprints of Rainbow Dash’s fists. “DAMN IIIIITTT!!!!!!!!” I roared, I was then surrounded by Ki, Dragon Slayer Magic, and my Devil Fruit. I then jumped high and out of the Everfree Forest, I then landed on the battlefield in front of Rainbow Dash who was her stomach with two broken arms.

I growled and kicked Rainbow Dash to be on her back, Fluttershy yelled at me but I didn’t hear her. I then felt something hit my rib, it was weak, I turned to face the one who hit me, Fluttershy.
“WEAKLING!” I spat, and then threw her aside and she hit the ground with a thud, I then took out my Infinity Blade and was about to plunge it deep into the Rainbow Menace’s chest.

“STOP! WAIT!” Twilight shouted, tears in her eyes, she ran up to me. “Please, spare her life, please don’t kill my friend.” Twilight looked up to me and I gazed down at her, heat emanating from my body as I did so.

“Then give me the stone, no tricks.” I said, sheathing my blade and holding my hand out, Twilight looked down at Rainbow Dash.

“Don’t do it-” I then stomped on her chest and she wheezed in pain. I pressed my foot on her chest, squeezing the air out of her body. She began to scream in agony as I felt her rips break.

“Give me the stone.” I said, and Twilight took her necklace off and took out the Time Stone. We stared at each other, Twilight then levitated it over to me and I grasp it. I then put the Time Stone in my Gauntlet and I felt the rush of power surge within me. I then chuckled and did Instant Transmission and came back with Spike in a cage.

“Spike!” Twilight shouted, Spike was roughed up and each of his claws were broken so he couldn’t write. I then set the cage down and I kicked it over, making Spike hit the side of the cage. I smiled.

“You never had a chance to begin with.” I then used Instant Transmission once more and left.

Storm Hunting.

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Grievous moved through the terrain of the Cloven Forest, there were a lot of rocks, boulders, and anything that looks like a rock here. But with very few trees, he was joined by his “lover” AKA Warmonger. Grievous moved through the rocks and kept to the shadows as Warmonger followed close behind, doing better than what Grievous does.

“Uh, why are we out here again?” Warmonger asked, Grievous leaped and rolled to another rock. Warmonger stopped time and simply walked to the shade of the boulder and resumend time. “Grievy?”

Grievous jumped back at the surprise, nearly knocking the boulder over. Grievous then ducked down low and put his metallic hands on Warmonger’s shoulder and pulled her down. Looking down at her with a glare.

A blush appeared on Warmonger’s face though she wore a helmet, her armor heated up. “Ara, ara~ right here?” Warmonger said flirtatiously, Grievous gave her a deadpan stare. “You could have just asked me in Minocow, or did you bring me out here so we can be as loud as we want~?” Warmonger asked, making her fingers walk up Grievous’ chest and winking at him. Grievous put his claw up and pushed her hand down.

“First, I didn’t bring you here, you followed me. Second, why would I waste my virginity on you? Third, I’m on a quest to find any hidden outposts of the enemy nations and expose them.” Grievous said before using Observation Haki and Ki Sense to sense any enemy around him. “A bunch of Griffons, two klicks southeast.” Grievous took out his Elemental Sword and jammed it into the ground before the sword began to spin and he dug into the earth like a mole.

“Can I come down there, honey?” Warmonger asked, a ‘fuck off’ gave her an idea of an answer. “Okay sweetie I’ll meet you there m’kay?” Warmonger jumped up and sighed blissfully. Warmonger then put a fist to her head and giggled before skipping away to the locations of the enemy.

Though as she was skipping and humming to herself she heard something, the trees moved in a particular way. Warmonger halted and gripped her blade, “Who goes there?” Warmonger demanded, something jumped out of the trees and slashed at Warmonger. She used her blade and blocked the attack, it was from Reaper, aka Alvin Cain. “Alvin?”

Alvin simply said nothing and shoved Warmonger back, Warmonger placed her hand down to halt herself from continuing to be pushed back. Alvin looked at Warmonger, the two were locked in a stare down. “Warmonger, come back to the army. There is a new army, it’s called the Azure Dragons, this is all about making Kaido the strongest being. It’s led by the Man Clad in Ice, I’ve been sent by him to invite you back to your true home.” Alvin said, Warmonger loosened her stance, shocked at the news but then she quickly tightened her stance.

“No.” Warmonger said firmly, “I chose a new life, I chose to betray Kaido. I chose this life, I chose to be with my true love, I chose to help Thanos reach his goals. And now… I choose to fight against you.” Warmonger’s sword began to glow green with Aero Magic.

“... I thought this would have been easier, I truly thought you were the one.” Alvin clenched his dagger and it transformed into his Deity Slaying blade. Alvin then adopted his demon form, “Looks like I’ll have to force you to join.”

“You’re lucky to try!” Warmonger was surrounded by Magical Pressure, she shot herself towards Alvin. The Reaper shot himself towards Warmonger, his weapon now red with his demonic powers. Green and red clashed, shaking and blowing away the rocks around them.

Grievous jumped out from the earth and rolled to an adjacent tree, he looked from the tree and saw fifteen Griffons lugging a carriage. It was covered in tarp, Grievous hummed in curiosity and used Observation Haki to see through it and he saw a dragon’s egg. It was red. A Red Dragon Egg.

Grievous looked away before looking back, it was really one, those dragons were the most dangerous around. Grievous looked at the Griffons, they looked like they were heading to Minocow. If they make it there they could crack it, alerting the mother, the mother would raise hell on Minocow and destroy it.

Grievous peered at the Griffons, and analyzed a way to not disturb the egg and beat the Griffons. “Whatcha doin’?” A voice said, Grievous nearly yelled but stopped himself from uttering a peep. He looked to his right and saw Luffy, then to his left and he saw Mogeme.

“What are you two doing here?” Grievous asked silently, Luffy tilted his head at Grievous. Luffy put his straw hat on his head and looked at the carriage. Luffy grinned and glanced at Grievous, this made the General sweat though he had no pores to sweat from.

“We’re just gonna stop the destruction of Minocow, wanna help?” Luffy asked, Mogeme grinned and readied his sound gauntlet, cracking his knuckles. Mogeme placed them on the ground and readied to shoot off to them.

“Of course he wants to help.” An unknown voice said, Grievous looked behind him and saw a Displaced Ace and a Displaced Sabo, walking over to them. “We haven’t properly introduced ourselves yet, I’m Sabo and he’s Ace. We’re originally from Luffy’s crew, our universe has been ruined by war, so we’re here in your universe.”

“Which is ruined by war.” Ace said with a chuckle, this gained a few laughs from the others but not Grievous. Grievous looked at the four and facepalmed, shaking his head before standing up to his full height and pulling out his Elemental Sword.

“If you want to help you’re welcome to help, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go off.” Grievous said before leaping towards the carriage with intense force. Grievous used the air element to suck the oxygen out of those who pulled the carriage.

Mogeme shot himself towards his enemies and spun around before firing off a soundwave, knocking a Griffon into a tree. Luffy clenched his fist with Armament Haki and jumped into the air and slammed his fist into the top of a Griffon’s head, making the Griffon hit the ground. Sabo and Ace shot towards the Griffons and fired off a fire attack.

“Flame Dragon Fireball!” They shot a combined fireball and incinerated the carriage, the fireball didn’t stop there and incinerated half the forest. Grievous looked at them with utter shock as the two went down and dusted their hands off.

“That’s how it’s done, Minos Protection Team for the win!” Ace said, pumping his fist up, Luffy walked up to him and gave him a high five. Grievous looked confused as the four began to high five each other.

“Wait, Minos Protection Team?” Grievous asked, Luffy turned to Grievous and nodded. Sabo crossed his arms and Ace did the same, striking a little pose. Mogeme went next to them and grinned.

“Yup, Minos Protection Team, who do you think stops the attempted assaults on the cities and the capital? Us! Me, Sabo, Ace, and Mogeme. Together we are LASM or we’re called the Minos Protection Team but LASM sounds cool. Sounds like something from RWBY.” Luffy said with a goofy grin.

“It really does, I like LASM.” Mogeme said, and Ace and Sabo just nodded in agreement, Grievous looked at them all strangely. “Hey Grievous, the egg is rolling away.” Mogeme pointed behind Grievous, Grievous turned towards the egg. The egg began to roll down the hill that Ace and Sabo accidentally created when doing the fireball.

“GAH!” Grievous yelped and he ran towards the egg, the egg began to roll down at a rapid pace. Grievous threw his sword in front of him and he jumped on the sword and he began to surf down the hill.

“Ooh, are we chasing something?” Luffy asked before running after Grievous, “I’MMA GET IT BEFORE YOU!” Luffy said with a grin, Sabo put on his goggles, Ace looked determined, Mogeme clenched his fists.

“Challenge accepted.” They said fiercely before running after the egg, Grievous was close to the egg and reached his arm out to grab it. But Luffy intercepted Grievous and kicked him away, Grievous nearly fell off his sword.

“MY EGG!” Luffy shouted, he was running as fast as he could trying to get the egg. Ace swooped in and snatched the egg, he began to fly in the air. Ace’s bottom half was completely engulfed in flames.

“Hah! Mine now!” Ace said before laughing, Luffy frowned and tried to jump and get it before Mogeme accidentally rammed into Luffy. Knocking Luffy off course and making him hit a tree, Mogeme blinked before he flew after Ace, going right through him and picking up the egg. “Hey, no fair!”

“All is fair in love and war my friend!” Mogeme said before Sabo came alone and took the egg, “HEY!” Mogeme shouted. Sabo grinned and shot himself forward, he looked at Grievous with a grin and began to spin the egg on his finger.

Put the grin turned into a face of pain when Grievous made a wall of ice, Sabo hit the wall of ice. The egg flipped in the air and Grievous caught the egg and Sabo slid down the ice in pain. Grievous then cackled evilly. “MUAHAHAHAHA! MINE NOW BITCHES!”

The others growl and run after Grievous, Grievous yelped when Luffy tried to grab Grievous with his stretched arm. Grievous continued to surf on his sword, this went on for ten minutes before Mogeme, Ace, and Luffy boosted themselves and crashed into Grievous. They formed into a ball and rolled down the hill before they hit a boulder.

Dust filled the air, Grievous jumped up victorious, standing on top of his challengers. “HAH! Nobody messes with the Grieve Master!” Grievous cackled before he heard the egg crack, Grievous looked at the egg with horror painted in his eyes. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, n-” The egg continued to crack, before it exploded, slime hit Grievous’ face. In his hands was a baby Red Dragon that was at least one meter tall and was as fit as a bodybuilder. Also, it had tits, signalling that it was in fact a girl.

“Dada!” The Red Dragon infant hugged Grievous’ slimy face, Grievous stood there in pure shock. Grievous snapped back to reality and pushed the Red Dragon away. Grievous deadpanned at the Red Dragon.

“No, I am not your “Dada”, I will never be your Dada, I am genetically not your Dada, so don’t call me that.” Grievous said, the Red Dragon gave Grievous a confused look before smiling innocently.

“Dada!” the Red Dragon said, Grievous set the Red Dragon down, the Red Dragon sat on its bottom. Grievous sighed and used the Elemental Sword to wash the slime off. He then lit himself on fire with the fire sword to dry him off.

Grievous turned around and saw Luffy cracking up, Ace was on the ground cackling, Sabo was covering his mouth in tears from trying to conceal his laughter. Mogeme was laughing like a Hyena, “I hate you guys, so f…” Grievous looked at the Red Dragon. “Much. I hate you guys so much.”

“He’s filtering himself because there’s a child, how mature of him.” Sabo said with an eternal smile on his face, Grievous sighed as more laughing went on. The Red Dragon looked up at Grievous before crawling towards him and hugging the General.

“Dada…” Grievous looked down and saw the Red Dragon, the Red Dragon then nuzzled against his durasteel body. Grievous went to one knee and picked the Red Dragon up before giving it a little boop. Grievous’ normally annoyed eyes turned soft, Grievous’ burnt face under his mask began to smile.

“You know, I always wanted to adopt since I met Kodo, and I think I just found my daughter.” Grievous said, his cape began to blow in the wind as he looked lovingly at his daughter. Luffy crossed his arms and grinned.

“Shishishishi! We’re glad we can help you find your daughter.” Luffy said with a grin, Mogeme then looked at his watch and jumped. Mogeme looked to Ace and nodded, the son of Roger nodded.

“Alright General, we need to go, we have more people we need to take down to ensure life on Minos is good. And, looks like the Flying Shepards are coming at us.” Ace looks up and sees a bunch of Pegasi, armored up and ready to attack.

“Good luck you guys, I’ll be going back to Minocow now.” Grievous said, Sabo nodded and shot to the skies to fight. Luffy gave him a grin before running off to fight followed by Ace and Mogeme.

Grievous looked down at his daughter, “Alright, you’re going to meet a lot of my siblings when we get home. There’s gonna be a lot of uncles and aunties you’re gonna meet, especially Thanos.” Grievous then proceeds to walk. Though something hit the ground in front of him, Grievous used his body to block any of the rocks being flung from the impact. Shielding his daughter from harm, Grievous then turned to face the object, the object was Warmonger. She was in tatters, her armor was broken, her helmet then fell off.

“Hey Grievy…” Warmonger, her true face was revealed she had white hair in a ponytail, she also had crimson eyes and she was white. Warmonger stumbled forward a bit, Grievous caught her with his extra arms, popping out quickly.

“Warmonger, what happened?” Grievous asked, Warmonger moaned in exhaustion before nuzzling against his chest. At the same time the Red Dragon cooed and nuzzled against Grievous, Grievous was covered in affection.

“Alvin… Reaper came here and attacked me, he said that the Kaido Army has been reassembled and there's a new leader. And the leader is out there destroying universes, this could be bad.” Warmonger said, Grievous’ eyes opened wide, he wanted to say that they should warn Thanos but then he realised the situation. “Also, who’s this little cutie?” Warmonger asked, scratching the nose of the Red Dragon.

Grievous looked at the asleep Red Dragon before he looked up at Warmonger, his eyes turned soft and kind. “Our daughter.” Grievous used his extra arms to side-hug Warmonger. Warmonger looked at the Red Dragon and smiled.

“Did you give her a name yet?” Grievous shook his head, “Hm… How about… Atala? Is that cheesy?” Grievous looked at Warmonger before looking down at the Red Dragon. He chuckled softly.

“Atala… I like that, welcome home, Atala.”

Time To Go The One Place That Hasn't Been Corrupted By Capitalism, Space!

View Online

“I’m so sorry Thanos couldn’t be here.” Lucci said, looking at the Storm Queen, Gale and Azure were side by side with her. Lucci was currently in the throne room joined by Supergirl, Rapunzel, and Entity.

“It can be hard losing a loved one, everyone needs time to recover from loss of a loved one.” Storm Queen said sagely, Lucci then pulled out the Infinity Radar.

“Queen Storm, can you build a ship that can go to space?” Lucci asked seriously, Gale and Azure were taken aback by the request.

“Hm, yes, I can, but can you tell me why you would need a ship that has the power to go to space?” Queen Storm asked, Supergirl crossed her arms.

“Well, I have searched high and low with the Infinity Radar in search of the Space Stone. It was always close, but I couldn’t see it, so it must be above, and there’s only one place where it can have the Space Stone. The Moon.” Supergirl said, pointing up to the sky, “I can’t go on my own because it would notify Prin- I mean, Queen Luna.”

“Heh, it seems like it just can’t be true. To call Luna, a queen.” Entity said, Rapunzel sighed and adopted a solemn expression. Queen Storm crossed her arms.

“It will take at least a week to make the ship, we have the resources ready but it will take a while to build it.” Queen Storm said, Rapunzel sighed in relief.

"Thank you, for your time and for your help.” Rapunzel gave Storm a bow, before turning around and walking off. They gave Storm a bow before we walked off as well. They then sighed collectively, how are they going to get Thanos out of his room?

Well, that question was answered soon enough when Lucci just stared at the Titan’s door, not even saying anything just staring. Eventually, he spoke. “Thanos, it’s been a FUCKING month, get out!” Lucci demanded.

“No…” Thanos grumbled from inside, “I’ll go out when I need to…”

“We’re getting the Space Stone get the fuck out!” Lucci said with a frown, Thanos moaned like an exhausted old man.

“Can we get it later…?” Thanos asked, Lucci turned to Supergirl who just facepalmed.

“NAPPA!” Supergirl shouted out, “GET BLACK!”

“Bet, let me talk to other Nappa.” Nappa poked his scouter and he heard the sound of nature. “Hey Nappa!” Nappa greeted Other Nappa.

“Yello!” Other Nappa responded to Nappa.

“Can you get Black on the Scouter? I need to talk to him.” Nappa asked the other Nappa.

“‘Kay, hey Black! Get over here!” Other Nappa said to Black, there were the sounds of footsteps and the Dark Saiyan spoke over the scouter.

'Yo, it's been awhile other Nappa, what's happening?' Black asked with a chirpy tone.

“Thanos has stayed in his room for a month and won’t come out, we kinda need your help.” Nappa said, Sally then perks up.

“I have Black’s Token, should we bring him here?” Sally asked the Saiyan.

“I’m on the Scouter with him right now, so Black we need your help, we’re trying to get the Space Stone and Thanos still won’t come out…” Nappa said, “Please?”

'Uh sure, no problem. I'll be waiting. Hey Shallot! I'll be gone for a bit alright!' Black shouted as the scouter turned off.

“Black, I summon thee!” Sally said, and a portal opened, out came the Dark Saiyan. “Hello Black, you’re the one that Entity’s been talking about right? We haven’t officially met, I’m Sally.”

"Nice to meet you Sally?" Black said with a grin, which lasted for a moment before it disappeared. "Now, why the hell is Purple Mr. Clean isn't coming out of his room?" The saiyan asked as he crossed his arms.

“How do you reckon he got the Soul Stone?” Entity asked Black, “A star is dead.”

Black said nothing as he frowned, before letting out a sigh. "Right, where is his room?"

“Right there,” Rapunzel said, pointing to the door in front of the party.

"Right…" Black muttered as he walked past the group. He stared at the door for a few moments. "Right you jackass, get your sorry ass out here right now!" Black shouted, the group taken aback by the sudden change in mood.

“No! Suck mah dick! I’m not doing shit, I’m…” Black heard the sounds of chugging, “...Not!” The dark saiyan having enough of the titans shit, he knocked the door down with a flick. Revealing the Mad Titan drinking alcohol. He had an apron on and a cute little hat “MY EYES!” Thanos clutched his eyes, seeing the light for the first time in a month.

"Get up, you're going to help your friends wherever you like it or not." Black said sternly, crossing his arms as he frowned.

“No, don’t you get it?! I AM MISSES NESBITT!” Thanos began to cackle like a mad man, or should I say mad titan.

Black walked up to him, before bitch slapping him into the wall with little effort. The Saiyan winced at the smell of alcohol as he walked up to the Titan. "Look at you… a mighty warrior... reduced to alcoholism." Black spat.

"I.... You’re right, I can get through this,” Thanos got up and stepped out of his room, before he went to his knees. “OH BLACK, I AM RUINED! A STRONG FIGHTER LIKE ME CAN’T HANDLE LOSS?! Please tell me the hat was good, the apron was a bit much but it seemed like such a good idea at the time…”

Black scoffed as he picked up Thanos by the shirt. "I may not see the whole story, but I do sense Luna became something darker to what you did to Tia. And she will not hesitate to take you and your family and kill you in the most brutal way possible. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT." Black shouted as he threw the Titan to another wall, it collapsing atop Thanos.

“What the fuck man?” Thanos proceeds to get up, “Why the fuck did you do that? Threw me twice, god damn,” Thanos then dusts himself off. “I’m sane now, I can exist, I am back to normal. Just don’t throw me again, please.”

“Thanks Black, do you mind helping us get a stone?” Supergirl asked Black, “It can make portals and it’s really cool too.”

"The Space Stone huh… I'm here now so why not. Just one more thing…" Black then grinned as he stared at Thanos. "FEEL GRATEFUL!!" Black roared as he grabbed Thanos by the head and threw the Mad Titan again into a wall.

“Fuck you!” Thanos said as he got up, “Okay, ignoring what you just did, we’re going to the Storm Kingdom. To get in a Spaceship, and go to the moon. I can survive in the vacuum of space, so can Lucci and Supergirl, Marco is already at the Storm Kingdom talking with the Storm Queen. So we’re going to the Storm Kingdom to go to space, Lucci and Marco aren’t fast enough to go to space in time. Thus a spaceship was made, now, let’s go to ze Storm Kingdom!”

"I'll go get the Infinity Radar…" Grievous said, walking away from the party.

“As Thanos’ Number One Rival, I’ll stand beside Thanos, like a rival does.” Supergirl slyly stood beside Thanos, with a grin.

Black then burst out laughing, slapping his knees. "HAHAHAHA… hahaha… oh that was a good joke, I didn't know you were a comedian Supergirl!" Black exclaimed as he proceeded to stand by Thanos' side.

“Have you beaten Thanos? No, I did on countless occasions, he wins, I win. It’s a common occurrence, when two rivals try to one up each other, one wins the other does the same. And last time I checked, you two drawed.” Supergirl huffed.

"Last time I checked, Thanos even called me his rival, and from what I recall, he hasn't even mentioned you last time I saw him. Plus me and him put rules in check to make sure we weren't cheating." Black retorted, his eyes twitching slightly.

“Oh really? He only put restrictions so you wouldn’t be sad that he whooped your monkey tail! And I can fight him WITH his Observation Haki, and can you?” Supergirl said with an overconfident grin.

"He was only getting mad that I was healing every time I got injured, resulting in Zenkai boosts. Plus, really racist there by the way. Also, didn't you get like a really shifty TV series?" Black asked with a shiteating grin.

“How the fuck is that racist, I was talking about your tail!” Supergirl pointed at Black’s literal tail, “Oh and shitty TV series, that’s rich, did Black have to get his ass kicked to get stronger? Oh and even after those Zenkai Boosts, you STILL tied with Thanos? Thanos, who gave you the hardest fight? Me or Black?” Supergirl turned to the Titan.

"Didn't I recall I almost got you with my, and in your words Thanos. 'Multiverse level attack' that left you a bloody mess?" Black retorted as he stared between the two.

“Didn’t I punch you with the heat of the Sun and leave you almost dying?” Supergirl said, looking at Thanos, the two progressively tried to one-up each other. Their voices began to overlap with each other before...


“AAAAAA!!!!” Thanos proceeds to run away, “I’M GOING TO THE STORM KINGDOM!”

"GET BACK HERE, I WANT TO HEAR YOUR ANSWER!!!" Black roared as he jumped into Perfected Super Saiyan Rosé, chasing after the Mad Titan.

Supergirl went into her transformation, a stronger version of herself with bright glowing eyes and an orange aura around her. Thanos kicked into Burst Man: White Hot Edition. “AAAAA-”

“And now we’re here.” Thanos said, a few bruises on his body, Sally and Black’s faces were swelling up with pain. Thanos was currently in front of the Storm Queen and Marco, the three rulers stared at each other.

“That’s… So stupid.” Storm Queen then facepalmed with her paw, as she rubbed her eyes Black opened his mouth to object but was given a stern glare from Thanos. The three had been duking it out as they went to the Storm Kingdom and apparently, Ki + Heat Beam = Nuclear Explosion.

“Well, we ARE talking about Thanos here, what isn’t stupid coming from him?” Marco said, crossing his arms, Thanos looked at the Spaceship that was adjacent to them.

“Okay, so… Are the suits ready?” Thanos asked the Storm Queen, the Queen of the Storm Kingdom nodded and pulled out a gun.

“Eeyup, you get it on like this,” Storm Queen then shoots Black, and Grievous, who were now wearing spacesuits.

“Huh, cool!” Grievous said, looking at the suit, “Isn’t that right Black?”

"Eh… I guess, it's just not my style." Black said as he then put a hand over himself, the space suit disappearing, it being replaced by Saiyan armor like Vegeta’s, but it had Black’s color scheme.. "I can survive in the vacuum of space for a long time."

“Now all we have to do is touch the button for lift off then we’re gone.” Thanos said, Supergirl then chuckled.

“As Thanos’ REAL rival, I’ll go do the honors.” Supergirl approached the Spaceship shaped like a penis that was called Long Schlong.

"Go for it, I'll see you guys there." Black said with a smile. "Kai kai!" The saiyan then disappeared with the sound of a pop.

“Oh that asshole!” Supergirl took off to space, Thanos just crossed his arms and sighed.

“Women… Anyways, let’s get on this ship!” Thanos approached the ship, Storm Queen waved the controller.

“Forgetting something, Titan?” Storm Queen asked Thanos, Thanos paused and turned around.

“Oh, I nearly forgot.” Thanos walked over to the Storm Queen and took the controller, before… “Boop.” Thanos grinned and pressed a button on the controller, the draw bridge to the ship fell down.

Grievous approached the spaceship, passing the flustered Storm Queen who was standing there at a loss for words. “Boop master Thanos.” Marco exclaimed as he walked on the drawbridge.

“After this you’ll have one more stone to obtain next, the Mind Stone.” The Storm Queen said, Thanos looked at the spaceship and he nodded.

“Indeed, after this stone, it all goes downhill from here. We’ll soon be in the Endgame.” Thanos said as she slowly nodded, “The final battle is close.”

“Indeed, the storm is closing in on us, now go Thanos, go and seize the Space Stone.” The Storm Queen pushed the Titan forward, he then walked towards the spaceship. And as he got on, Thanos looked back behind him to see Storm Queen looking at Thanos and nodding in approval.

“Thank you.” Thanos said, nodding towards Storm Queen, and like that, he went aboard.

Supergirl and Black stood there as they saw the spaceship approach the moon, the two hadn’t talked since they arrived at the moon. “...So, what’s your favorite Infinity Stone?” Supergirl asked as the spaceship came closer to the moon.

"I've never really thought about it. Definitely not the soul, power ,reality, space, or mind Stone. I guess it would be the time stone." Black said with a shrug. "Either way, I'd rather not have them, they cause too many problems."

“Eh, you’re right, but if you destroy them they’ll kind of… You know, kill you. For me it would be the Mind Stone, imagine having the power to phase through walls and scare people. Fucking hilarious.” Supergirl said, crossing her arms, not having anywhere else to put her hands.

"Eh, I doubt it was the Mind Stone that did that. I believe that was Vision's thing, though I could be wrong." Black shrugged as he created a lounge chair for the two of them. He sat down and put his arms behind his head.

“Yeah, because in WandaVision when the other Vision was messing with the Mind Stone on Vision’s head, he phased through it.” Supergirl said with a yawn, the space ship lands and Lucci, Thanos, Marco, and Grievous come out of the ship.

"What took you so long, I was about to make myself a drink." Black asked with a grin.

“The machine takes a long time to pick up speed to go faster than Mach 20. But that… Was… FUN! You really have to go on a spaceship!” Thanos said with a grin, approaching his two rivals. Grievous held up a device, kind of like the Dragon Radar.

“Hm… The Infinity Rader says it’s north, let us be aware of any cave on the Moon, it may be in one.” Grievous pointed out, Lucci took the Radar.

“Alright Grievous, Marco, let’s go!” Lucci said as he marched on, Grievous and Marco followed after the Leopard Assassin.

“Well, have fun.” Thanos said, crossing his arms, suddenly, Thanos was punted across the moon. Thanos was sent crashing into Black, and the two tumbled across the moon before Thanos took out his Infinity Blade and stuck it down onto the moon to stop himself from tumbling further. “Ah, Princess Luna, sup.”

They saw Rang Nebula in all of her glory, with her scythe in hand, Supergirl was just sitting there watching them. “It’s Rang Nebula now, Thanos you’ll be paying dearly for killing my sister.” She growled as her mane began to flare up.

"Rang Nebula, that's such a better name than yours Nightmare!" Black exclaimed, seeming to be talking to himself. "No, yours is just plain, nothing original."

“Yeah, the name Nightmare Moon was stupid honestly,” Rang Nebula said, “It was a stupid pun on mare and night. Oh god I wish I could strangle myself in some sense back then, this… Thing is good. I’ll allow him to live, you however shall die today.”

“Was that a compliment? You hear that Nightmare, you can be nice as well you know!” Black said as he talked to himself again. “Don’t make me do what I did to Zamasu now alright!” But the Saiyan was then interrupted by Thanos.

“Looks like you’re on the side of every Nightmare and Luna now Black, how does it feel?” Thanos puts up a Microphone that he made with the Reality Stone up to Black’s mouth.

"Um… I really don’t have a comment about that… I just usually say something and they agree.” Black answered, scratching the back of his head with his robotic hand.

“No one does,” Thanos said, Nebula then stabs her scythe into Thanos’ body, Thanos wheezed in pain at the sudden teleportation. Rang Nebula glared into Thanos’ eyes with red ones. “Tch!” Rang Nebula took the scythe out of the Titan’s body and went for another attack, Thanos raised his Infinity Blade and blocked the attack. The two were currently duking it out in front of Black. “HEAT CRASH!” Thanos tries to punch Nebula in her face but Nebula catches it, not feeling the heat.

“Don’t you remember? I ate the Yami-Yami No Mi, making me a Dark Pony, the Yami-Yami no Mi has an ability to cancel out other Devil Fruits.” Nebula then gut punches Thanos, the Titan wheezing before he slammed his head against Nebula’s. Nebula stumbled backwards before hitting the ground.

“Tch, I don’t have time for this, Black, fight Nebula, she’s a Luna you got this!” Before Black could counter with an argument, Thanos then runs North, leaving the two in the dust.

“GET BACK HERE!” Nebula demanded, readying her scythe to throw at the Titan. Though she was stopped when she was elbowed in the gut, before being spin kicked in the face by Black.

"Sorry, but I won't let you stand in his way. Nothing personal Lulu…" Black muttered, transforming into Super Saiyan 4.

“You know, I’m not mad at you, I’m disappointed.” Nebula said with frown, Nebula clenched her fists.

Lucci, Marco, and Grievous were marching where the image of the Space Stone was on the Infinity Radar. “I can stand silence but not this kind of silence! We need to make some conversation up in this bitch!”

“Hm, hey Marco, have you awakened your Devil Fruit?” Grievous asked the Avian King, the man gave Grievous a side-ways glance.

“Uh, yeah. Why do you think I am able to turn myself into a giant blue bird? I can also change into a Black Flamed One. That’s THE awakened version, have you awakened your Devil Fruit Lucci?” Marco said to the Leopard Assassin.

“Yeah, after I trained Aurora Platinum she became pretty adept with the Buddha fruit. During our sparring matches I managed to turn back into my awakened form, I’m like a… Lightning Cat, Lightning Leopard that is. Have you mastered Ultra Instinct, Grievous?” Lucci turned to Grievous.

“Well, I’m close, however I’m being held back by Atala’s clinginess. However, Warmonger has brought it upon herself to take care of Atala while I train. Do you guys want to spar with me a few rounds after this so that I can reach Mastered Ultra Instinct?” Grievous asked his comrades.

“Sure, I don’t see why not, man.” Lucci shrugged, Marco nodded in agreement. The beeping then stopped and Lucci looked at the radar, it was now on full screen. “We’re close to getting to the Space Stone.”

“So it would seem.” Grievous muttered, as they reached a pit, It was deep. “If I’ve seen any horror movies, the black man should not go first.”

“It’s down there, so uh, who’s going first? Because I’m sure as hell ain’t going down there first.” Lucci said crossing his arms, Marco began to rub his chin in thought.

“How about we all go in first? That way when we all come down together, the monster won’t expect all three of us. Then we jump said monster and beat their ass.” Marco said, turning to Lucci.

“Good idea, man.” Lucci said, Grievous nodding in agreement as well. “Alright, we’re gonna jump when I say jump. One…”

“Two…” Grievous said, getting ready to jump.

“Three…” Marco said getting ready to jump as well, looking down into the abyss.

“Jump!” Lucci jumped down but Grievous and Marco didn’t jump too, “YOU NIGGAS AIN’T LOYAL FOR SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!”


Marco and Grievous winced when Lucci hit the floor, they then looked at each other. “Alright, enough games, let’s do this. For realsies.”

“For realsies.” Grievous confirmed and like that, they both jumped down.

Nebula then jumped into the air and showed Black her palm. Black was then pulled towards Nebula at highspeeds, the Alicorn then slams Black onto the ground as the Saiyan felt the force of an enhanced Alicorn.

"Damn you can punch!" Black exclaimed in a laugh, standing up while dusting himself off. “You sure are packing more power than the Luna I know.” Black says as he pops his neck. “Though I’m a little confused at why you're disappointed in me, is it because of my lack of strength?” Black asked as he summoned his ki scythe.

"No," Nebula threw her scythe at Black who evaded the attack, "You work for a mad man, a terrorist, a tyrant, a villain." Nebula's horn lit up and her scythe swung itself down upon Black. Black turned around and blocked the attack only to be brought to his knee by Nebula who kicked the back of his leg. Nebula grabbed Black's head and slammed him down before running across the moon and throwing him into one of the deeper craters on the moon.

Black stood up, noticed he was bleeding from the lip, his armor slightly damaged as his back faced Nebula. “At first, I didn’t want to help him with his plans. I thought they were crazy and insane, I’d thought the original Thanos took over.” Black said as he spit out some blood and faced the Alicorn, his pupils turning blood red. “But when he told me what Tia had planned to use them to destroy all evil.. it started to make more sense.. I may not know the full story,, but I'm not gonna sit around and let him fail!" Black explained as he turned Super Saiyan God. He let out a roar as the pressure began to push dust into the moon sky. When it settled, the Saiyan had prepared a Kamehameha. “HAAAA!” The Saiyan shot the attack, the beam of energy flying towards Nebula.

Darkness spewed from Nebula's back and formed into a ball, the ball flew up and Nebula threw it at the Ki Wave. The Ki Wave was absorbed into the black ball and it hit the Moon's surface. Black was then pulled by the black ball and he held his ground, but Nebula's scythe hit Black's leg with the hilt. Black fell into the black ball and it exploded, Nebula began to approach the dust cloud that was the aftermath of the attack. Black shot out of the dust cloud and punched Nebula in her jaw, Nebula skid back a little before looking back at Black. Nebula then spit out a tooth and some blood. A tooth was then replaced by a regrowing spell.

"Man I wish I had that spell, I miss my left arm." Black jokes, but he was then suckered punched across the face, sending him skidding back. Nebula popped into existence before Black and slammed her fist into Black's abdomen. The saiyan winced, his eyes narrowed as he was pushed back. “No Nightmare, I haven't even achieved that form since blowing myself up, I'm not going for it!" Black exclaimed as a pink aura overtook him, his hair flowing upwards as he transformed into Perfected Super Saiyan Rose. Nebula popped into existence again, going for a kick, but the Saiyan ducked under, covering his fist in Armament Haki and ki together. He landed a punch in the side of her ribs, a powerful shockwave and ki shot out the Alicorns back.

Nebula's pupils flashed in and out of existence before she clenched her teeth. Nebula was sent tumbling across the crater, "Ergh, the Titan taught you that, didn't he?" Nebula slowly got up and looked at Black, she then covered her fists in Ryou Haki. Black's eyes widened at the state of Haki.

“Only Armament, everything else I made on my own.” Black said, his tone changing from cheerful to calculated. He got in a stance similar to Goku’s, “Now I’ve gotta be careful, or I’ll be in real trouble…” Black waited for the Alicorn to make her move, not taking his eyes off Nebula’s.

Nebula's hands began to glow with darkness as she slammed her hands onto the ground, the whole crater's floor was full of darkness. Black looked at the darkness and raised his leg up, only for it to be stuck. Black shot a Ki blast down at the darkness only for it to not work. "Yami-Yami…" Black then sunk into the darkness, a huge spirit bomb sized ball of darkness appeared above Nebula. "...LIBERATION!" Black was spewed outside the ball of darkness as well as some boulders and rocks. Black caught himself as he hit the floor.

“Jeeze, and here I thought Eric was edgy…” Black muttered as he powered up his aura, it exploding around him as he shot forward towards Nebula. Just as he was about to strike the Alicorn, he disappeared, only to reappear above the Alicorn. He coupled his hands together, bringing them down onto Nebula’s head. This sent her to the ground as the Saiyan then sent a ki barrage. “ATATATATATATATA” Black exclaimed as the blasts made contact, massive explosions shaking the area. Nebula shot from the volley of Ki blasts, avoiding the ones that Black hadn't thrown already. Nebula's horn lit up and Black turned around and blocked the scythe that was about to slice into him. Nebula was going to kick Black only for the Saiyan to catch the Alicorn.

There was a struggle of power as two forces began to push against Black, with a roar he shoved Nebula back down and the scythe away. Nebula hit the ground but caught herself when she touched the Moon's surface. "What the hell is an Eric? He sounds overly edgy and dramatic." Nebula summoned her scythe to herside.

“Oh you’ve got no idea, he actually almost killed me with a sleeping spell with dark magic.” Black said as he created his scythe once more, this time it being pink.

"How did he do that? You're a strong fighter unless this Eric is stronger which I doubt, how could he have beaten you?" Nebula asked Black.

“He won by hiding in the background, like a coward. He was preparing his magic when I knocked back one of his clones. I’m surprised he wasn't disqualified for going for a weakness.” Black spat, spitting to the side with blood immediately sissling up under the sun.

"...If I meet him, I'll kill him first. Like I said, I like you, so I'll give you a chance to run away." Nebula said, "Because-" Thanos then drop kicks Nebula across the crater and she hit the edge of it.

“...So you’re the Guardian of the Space Stone?” Lucci asked the Sphinx in front of them, she nodded. “What can we do to get said stone?”

“It’s been over a thousand years and I haven’t had any form of entertainment so, will you please entertain me?” The Sphinx said with a bored yawn, Marco stared at her motherfuckerly.

“Entertainment for a magical stone that can teleport you to any given location in the Universe? Deal!” Marco said, then Grievous then pulled Lucci and Marco together and huddled in a circle.

“Alright, so what are we going to entertain her with?” Grievous asked, Marco perked up.

“We could always show off our powers.” Marco suggested, Grievous give the Avian King a blank stare.

“Do you think a Goddess would be impressed by our mortal skill?” Grievous asked Marco, the man grumbled and shook his head.

“I could always sing the song,” Grievous gave Lucci wide eyes and Lucci stared at the General back. Marco was confused, what could possibly make Grievous’ eyes wide like that?

“Do it.” Come on, you know who said it.

“Bet.” Lucci looked over to the Sphinx and Grievous then pulled out a variety of instruments out of his body. Marco’s job opened wide, the Sphinx’s eyes perked with curiosity. “This is for everyone, who lost a nigga. Swag.”

“The other day, my nigga went to work

He said he picked up a box that was heavy and it really hurt.”

“Ow this hurts.”

“So he went to the bathroom to look for an answer

And took a look at his hip and thought he saw a lump of cancer.”

“This looks like cancer.”

”So he did what a nigga does

Called his nigga up

He was like, "nigga"

I was like, "nigga"

We was like, "niggaaa".”


“He said, "i think I caught cancer from lifting this box"

I was like, "that's heavy

Well, anyway, can I holla at your girlfriend

The one with the big booty that shakes like it's got shocks?"

He was like, "what?"

I said, "I'm just playin', not really

But I think you got a hernia"

He said, "oh, no, I got me a hernia"

I said, "I know this doctor that look like Sigourney-a Weaver”.”

“He said, "i ain't got no money for a doctor"

So we went to a party

Then my nigga died.”

"Get fucked!" Thanos exclaimed, Nebula groaned in pain.

“Hey, she was just about to explain why she was gonna let me live. Plus, it is rude to interrupt a battle.” Black said, annoyed, placing his fists on his hips as he glared at the Mad Titan.

"Speaking of saltiness, I want to add my two cents in this conversation. I was literally about to just chop Link's neck when I was doing the finale. I would make it seem like I punched him but nooooo, Eric had to be a fucking DICK!" Thanos said, his body erupting into flames out of anger.

"This Eric truly is an asshole, isn't he?" Nebula said as she flew towards Thanos, kicking at the Titan, Thanos ducked under the attack. He grabbed her leg and threw her over him and slammed her down.

“Oh, if you want a turn, just let me finish my battle with her and you can be on your merry way.” Black said annoyed, a frown appearing as he crossed his arms.

"Fine, do your business, make sure not to screw this one Black!" Thanos then flies away from the battle.

"Hah, Black the Moon Pussy Slayer. How many Luna's have you had sex with? Probably Nightmare too if I'm being honest…" Alucard said in Black's mind. The Saiyan immediately blushing, leaving Nebula confused.

“Shut… it… Alucard… I swear the next time I see you…” Black growled.

"Hey Nightmare, did Black insert his drill into your moon to look for some... rocks…" Alucard then cackled evilly.

I'm not a part of this conversation!’ Nightmare exclaimed.

“Hey, shut it you two!” Black pointed to the sky like an idiot, leaving Nebula even more confused.

Black looked down to see Nebula gone, "Oh you scared her away, you didn't think that wouldn't be creepy? 'Oh, let me just talk to the people inside my head in front of my opponent, that would be sane!'" Alucard said to Black.

Then the sound of a phone hanging up rang through the Saiyan’s head. “Ah much better…” Black said to himself, he then began to sense for Nebula. Only to find out she started to chase after Thanos, who had probably found the stone by this time. “OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!” Black exclaimed as he gave chase.

For a while Thanos stood there, awaiting the arrival of Nebula, Thanos looked up and sidestepped out of a downward swipe from Nebula. Nebula growled and seethed in anger, glaring at the Titan. Thanos covered his foot in Armament Haki and slammed it into Nebula’s rib, sending the Alicorn tumbling before she recovered and landed on her feet.

“Ah, Queen Luna, fancy meeting you here.” Thanos mused, Nebula stood up to her full height and adopted a fighting stance, coating her scythe in Haki.

“It’s Queen Rang Nebula to you.” Nebula spat, Thanos got out his Infinity Blade and he began to grin. Nebula readied her scythe as Thanos coated his blade in Haki, Nebula threw her blade at Thanos. Thanos ran and slid under her scythe before spinning around and cutting into her, he expected her to be in absolute agony given her Devil Fruit but she winced in pain. No screaming bloody-murder, no writhing on the ground.

“How are you not screaming in pain?” Thanos said, looking at Nebula as her horn lit up and her scythe came back to her. She cackled and looked at him.

“Have you forgotten? My body is abnormal, I have another being inside of me who can take control over me whenever she pleases. Nightmare Moon, we are two beings in one body, we can not be split, we are your demise, Titan!” Nebula ran at him and threw her scythe at the Titan again, Thanos ran at the scythe before doing a spin and throwing his blade at the scythe. The two weapons clashed and were knocked off course, Thanos and Nebula ran at each other and readied their fists.

Thanos threw a punch at Nebula but she slid under him and jabbed him in his rib, Thanos slammed his knee into Nebula’s jaw. She recoiled at the attack and Thanos tried to slam his fist into the temple of Nebula’s head. Raising her forearm she blocked the attack, the two struggled for advantage over one another, but eventually they jumped back to gain some distance.

“Soru!” Thanos said, and like that, he was in front of Nebula in an instant. He readied his fist and landed an uppercut on her, Nebula reeled back from the force of the attack. Thanos clenched his fist, hardening it with Tekkai before he spun and launched a hook to her right rib. Nebula stumbled to the right, Nebula clenched her fist and it began to glow with darkness. She slammed the fist into his chest, knocking the wind out of his sails. Nebula launched a spin kick to Thanos’ jaw, almost making him lose his balance.

Nebula then used some blue clouds from her hair to ensnare Thanos, Nebula then spun around and threw him across the moon. He skipped across the land like a rock being skipped across a lake. Thanos hit a pile of moon rocks before he got back up and jumped out of the way just in time to avoid a flying Nebula. Nebula crashed into the moon rocks, Nebula had her fist buried into the rocks before she pulled it out.

“Earth Dragon’s Crushing Fang!” Thanos shouted out, his right hand was covered in rocks, making a claw. Thanos jumped up to slam his claw down onto Nebula, Nebula summoned her scythe to her hand to block the attack. Only for the weapon to completely shatter, Nebula’s eyes opened wide with surprise. The Titan kept going and slashed her across the chest with the claw, Nebula screamed in agony and a part of her armor broke off, Thanos clenched his fist and it glowed with the Power Stone. Thanos slammed his fit into Nebula’s gut sending her up into space, Thanos jumped after her and sledgehammered her back down.

Nebula hit the ground of the moon and it knocked the wind out of her, she then rolled out of the way in time to dodge a wave of lava pouring down onto her via Lava Dragon Slayer Magic. Nebula got up and Thanos was still in the air, using the Time Stone he made Nebula go back onto the ground. And utilizing the Reality Stone he bonded her there into the moon, Thanos made his whole body harden with Tekkai as he came crashing down. Thanos slammed his feet into her, making her wheeze in pain, her horn lit up and she teleported away from the Titan.

Nebula’s horn glowed and she fired a wave of Alicorn Magic at him, Thanos used his Reality Stone to absorb the blast before firing a wave of high pressure Hetap at her. (Hetap is an alcoholic beverage) Nebula narrowly avoided the attack, as she recovered Thanos fired off a wave of the Power Stone at her, Nebula constructed a portal and the energy went in. She then made a portal next to Thanos and he was hit with the Power Stone energy, but before he was hit, he covered himself with scales of the Earth Dragon. As the wave slammed into him, he was pushed back and he hit the ground. Thanos looked at his body, the scales charred with the energy of the Power Stone. Thanos dismissed the scales, but as he did he was pulled to Nebula.

Nebula’s hand was covered in the Yami-Yami No Mi’s energy and her hand was a blackhole, Thanos hit Nebula’s hand with his chest. Nebula grinned before slamming him down onto the ground, he wheezed in pain before he fired a steam blast. The attack sent Nebula airborne and Thanos rolled to his feet and fired off waves of the Power Stone at Nebula. Using her wings to fly, she ducked under the attack and flew towards Thanos. Thanos roared as he tried to shoot her down, trailing the Power Stone energy after her. Nebula did a barrel roll and avoided the energy before she slammed and Armament Haki enhanced fist into Thanos’ face, sending him flying backwards.

Thanos was airborne but was close to the ground, close enough that he could recover with a flip. Thanos summoned his Infinity Blade and ran towards Nebula, the Alicorn tried to recall her scythe but she couldn’t. She tried again before realizing her scythe broke, Thanos slammed the Infinity Blade down upon her, fortunately for Nebula she made a forcefield with her Alicorn Magic. Thanos’ blade dug into the shield, making it crack. “You won’t win this,” Nebula seethed.

The Titan merely said nothing and coated the blade in Ryou Haki, this quickly shattered the shield. Nebula was knocked back as the forcefield broke apart, Thanos clenched his gauntlet fist and covered it in Ryou Haki. It began to glow purple, both with his Haki Color and the Power Stone. Thanos slammed his fist into her gut, making her reel in pain, she coughed out blood before she was knocked back. Thanos clenched his fist and pointed his gauntlet at Nebula to fire the power of the Reality, Time, Soul, and Power Stone into Nebula before he powered down.

“You’re not worth the effort of finishing off, you’re too weak, too pathetic.” Thanos turned around and walked away from Nebula, the Queen coughed out blood before shakily going to her feet. She began to have blurry vision as she saw Thanos get away.

“Are you really going to let him get away? After all he’s done?!” Nightmare Moon yelled, Nebula coughed out some more blood before wiping it from her mouth.

“I can’t… I can’t beat him, he’s too strong…” Nebula stumbled forward, using some of her strength to chase after him.

“You are strong, we are strong. You’re not alone Lulu, you have me, let me lend you my power. With this power you should be able to kill him for good.” Nightmare Moon said, Nebula suddenly received a rush of energy, her eyes turned into that of a cat. She was surrounded by a deep blue magical aura.

Thanos then stopped in his tracks and turned around just in time to be punched in the jaw by Nebula. Thanos was then punted across the moon and slammed into a deep crater, the size of ten football fields. Thanos then gets up and adopts a fighting stance but is launched into the edge of the crater, Thanos winces in pain and looks at his injuries. He then looked up and saw Nebula’s speed, she was more than a thousand times faster than before, Thanos slowly got up and steam began to emanate from him. His skin began to turn light purple.

“Netsu-Netsu, Steam Man!” Thanos said and he shot forward, Nebula appeared at his side, her two feet were out and she aimed to hit the Titan in his left ribs. The fast Titan shot steam from his chest and it knocked him upwards just in time to avoid the attack. Thanos made a steam ball, making it giant before making it the size of an ant. He put it into his right palm and clenched his fist, Nebula shot to the edge of the crater, kicking off from it before flying towards the back of him. Thanos turned around and palm struck Nebua in her face, the steam ball exploded like a nuclear bomb and sent both Thanos and Nebula flying across the massive crater. They both hit the edge and they launched themselves towards each other, letting out a war cry before doing so.

Shockwaves filled the crater as every strike shook the moon, Thanos was barely keeping up with Nebula, for every strike Thanos landed on Nebula. She landed a hundred more on Thanos, Thanos grunted before using Kiai to push Nebula away. “Netsu-Netsu Burst Man!” Thanos shouted out, his body began to glow with heat, his skin turned glowing red. Nebula shot herself towards him, but the Titan could see her clearly now, Thanos ducked out of the way and avoided a kick. Thanos grabbed her leg and dropped down and slammed her into the moon. Shaking the moon, Nebula scrambled to get up but he grabbed her by the head and slammed her into the ground.

Nebula growled as blood began to seep out of her mouth, through her teeth, Thanos then kicked Nebula, making her skid across the crater. She then stopped herself from skidding by digging her fingers into the earth.

Her horn lit up and the ground beneath Thanos began to glow with magic, Thanos quickly rolled out of the attack. An eruption of crystal spikes is what the Titan had avoided, Thanos frowned and he began to change form. He was surrounded with magma and igneous rock, the shards of the igneous rock surrounded his lava like aura. “Bursting Igneous Lava Dragon Mode!” Thanos said as he was surrounded by a fierce aura. “Blue Inferno Edition!” The lava turned blue and he changed, his heat rivalled that of the suns, and the moon began to melt.

“Impossible! Father made it so that the moon could never be destroyed!” Nebula said in surprise, Thanos began to roar like a dragon, Nebula saw the image of Kaido behind him.

“BORO BREATH!” A huge breath of rock and lava shot towards Nebula, Nebula was paralyzed from fear before she snapped out of it at the last second and teleported away. Nebula was airborne and panting, she was currently shivering, though fear quickly turned into hatred.

“First you kill my older sister, AND NOW YOU DEFILE MY FATHER’S GRAVE?! YOU’RE DONE FOR!” Nebula boomed with the Royal Canterlot voice, her deep blue aura turned even deeper and sinister, her eyes began to glow with Dark Magic.

“Hmph!” Thanos jumped from the moon, aiming to knock Nebula out of the sky. Nebula flew down to Thanos, she began to clench her fists, being covered with Dark Magic and the Yami-Yami No Mi. The two pulled their fists back and with a roar they struck and the universe shook with the power that they were putting out. The two began to trade blows rapidly, Thanos readied his fists and they began to glow bright with blue lava. “Azure Lotus: Lava-Earth Dragon’s Iron Fist!” Thanos began to punch at Nebula rapidly, with trails of blue lava following Thanos’ fists, Nebula matched those blows with barriers covering her fists added with Armament Haki, Dark Magic, and the effects Yami-Yami No Mi.

As they fought they both spun around and their fists collided one more time and a huge explosion lit up the moon.

“I, really miss my nigga.

I, really miss my nigga

White people you can sing it too, just change that "n" to a "w"

Miss my wigga

Just say I really miss my wigga

Back to the song.”

“Was at the hospital bed

Said, "nigga, are you dead?"

My nigga said, "yeah"

And I said, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Why'd you have to go go go go go go?.”

“Reached out to his ghost in slo-mo mo

Pulled a trigga for my nigga then it burst in the air

Nurse said, "you can't do that here"

I said, "bitch, I don't care".”

“She said, "you don't care?

Well, this part's important

Help me lift this nigga up and put him in the dead nigga storage"

I said, "dead nigga storage?

You jokin'"

She said, "I'm jokin'

It was just a joke"

I said, "I'ma shoot you in the face, call it a joke"

She said, "the best way to cheer up is to laugh"

I said, "bitch, I'll cheer up after this bloodbath

I want the whole world to know what it's like to lose a nigga".”

“… I lost my nigga to a hernia

I lost my nigga to a hernia!

I really miss my nigga

I really miss my nigga

White people white people!

I really miss my wigga”

“This song is about equality!”

“I really miss my nigga

Let's sing it together

I really miss my nigga

But white people if a black person's next to you and they look real pissed you better stop it

I really miss my nigga

I ain't responsible for your well being!”

“I really miss my nigga

I really miss my wigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga.”

Lucci finished his song, he now looked up to the Sphinx who had tears in her eyes. "Can we have the Space Stone now? We entertained you."

The Sphinx sniffed, "Y-yes, g-go ahead, you're such a beautiful singer. Hopefully your ni-" There was a boom above the cavern.

"Come on! The Space Stone!" Grievous said impatiently, the Sphinx rolled her eyes and she opened her mouth the Space Stone came out of it. Marco caught the Space Stone.

"Now, all we have to do is-" Marco was then interrupted by Black. Black bursted from the ceiling and in front of the trio.

“Oh hey guys.” Black said simply as he stood up, dusting himself off. “I’ve seen you got the Space Stone.”

"Yeah, is Thanos here yet?" Grievous asked the Saiyan before hearing a massive BOOM above following the cackle of Thanos. "I'm guessing that's a no."

“Yup, has anyone seen Supergirl?” Black asked with a raised eyebrow. “Either way, we should get out of here before Nebula decides to go all out and possibly kill everyone here except for me…”

"Black's right. My baby dragon's lunch time is at seven." Grievous looked at his watch, it was a watch with a dragon on it.

"Damn, did you lay another Luna?" Lucci asked Black with a grin.

“SHUT IT, FOR THE OMNI KING’S SAKE! Dear Kami, all she said was she liked me!” Black exclaimed, gripping his fists and glaring at Lucci.

"Black and Nebula sitting in a tree. K, I, S, S, I, N, G!" Supergirl said with a grin, dropping from the hole in the ceiling.

Black spun around then punched the kryptonian back through the hole, hard enough to send her back to Equis. “First it was Alucard, now you children…” Black seethed. “At this point, I might just join her cause and beat the shit out of all of you…”

"Would you like to join my cause, my co- I mean my friend." Nebula descended from the hole before she was absolutely fucking stomped by Thanos.

"BAH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Thanos laughed as he pointed at Black, he then slapped his knee and fell on his back. Nebula growled as she emerged from the ground.

Black was blushing uncontrollably, “First it was my Luna, then a Luna from a gamer displaced, now this Luna… I swear I think every single Luna in the Multiverse likes me…” Black muttered, sensing Nightmare laughing with Zamasu lightly chuckling.

"Fucking hilarious, anyways, let's go." Thanos walked away only for Nebula to grab his foot.

"You're not going ANYWHERE you tyrant." Nebula said with so much venom that it could turn Tobey Maguire into Bully Maguire.

"Hey T, catch!" Marco threw the Space Stone at the Titan, Thanos caught it and put it in his gauntlet. Thanos jolted at the rush of power.

"Well, it's been fun, Marefriend of Black," Nebula was then covered in Sea Prism Stone armor, making her go limp. "But we gotta go." Thanos used the Space Stone to make a portal.

"Marefriend of Black, hehehehe…" Grievous chuckled, he then walked into the portal nonchalantly followed by Lucci and Marco.

"Black, say something to your marefriend before you get the milk." Thanos said to the Saiyan.

Said Saiyan had a dark hase over his face, Thanos raised his eyebrow, before being pimp slapped into the portal. Black looked at the Alicorn with an unreadable face. He pointed a hand towards Nebula, a ki blast forming. He shot it, Nebula seeing this closed her eyes as if this was her fate. Only to open them again as she saw the Sea Prism Armor destroyed. What she saw was a green bean with a note, the Saiyan was gone and with the portal to. The Alicorn picked up the two items, the note saying ‘Eat this, it’ll heal any injury and replenish your strength and stamina. This is a sign of mercy, you should use it some time. Use It Wisely… From your friendly multiversal Saiyan, Son Goku Black.’

Nebula picked up the bean before grinning like a psychotic bastard, "Oh I can use this… But not now." Her horn lit up and the bean vanished, "Run Thanos run, you are only prolonging the inevitable." Nebula looked up to space and saw Equis, specifically the continent of Ava, then looking at Minos, and it's capital; Minocow.

She then broke out into a chilling laughter that echoed across the cavern, across space...

A Storm Is Brewing

View Online

It was late in the night, a blue moon glowing above the city of Minocow. In a room that had a balcony, a room for a King, in a shadowy corner next to a drawer opened the eyes of Rang Nebula. Her pupils were as slim as a cat and her dark blue iris was glowing in the moonlight. Nebula walked out the shadows and exhaled, and looked around the Titan’s room before setting her eyes on Thanos. Thanos was in a deep sleep, his eyes closed, Nebula had made sure Thanos had a good dream so he wouldn’t make up for a while.

“It should be in here…” Nebula said, her breath freezing the drawer she was next to, she smirked at the effect she had on her surroundings. Her eyes began to glow blue, and with her eyes she saw trails of magic everywhere. But a few spoke to her, two potara earrings, the Shade-Shade Fruit, and the Eliacube. She went towards those locations levitating like a ghost, the earrings were by a nightlight, the fruit was on a shelf with a chest next to it that held the Eliacube.

Nebula floated towards the earrings and reached for it before she pulled back, her eyes glowed bright pink and she detected an alarm system. The system would turn on if her hand was lit by the light, "Clever for an idiot." Nebula mused. Her horn lit up and she levitated the earrings, she then put the earrings in her hand. "But not clever enough." She then put the earrings in her pocket, she looked over to the Shade-Shade Fruit and saw no alarm.

So she took it and nothing happened, she chuckled quietly at this and put it in her body. She had eaten the Hie-Hie No Mi, or the Ice-Ice Fruit, making her an Ice Pony. This wasn't eaten by her, but rather Nightmare Moon, yet she still had the ability to use the fruit because they share the same body. Nebula shuddered when the fruit went inside her body, she wasn't used to putting certain objects into her body.

Nebula then turned towards the chest and saw magic overflowing inside the chest. She noticed that it had a lock, but then, she lifted up her right hand which held a gauntlet similar to that of Thanos. It held the Mind Stone, she then fazed her hand into the chest and picked up the Eliacube. Nebula marveled at the power, the magic, the history that the Eliacube held. She placed both of her hands on it before glancing at Thanos, should she absorb it in front of him?

"Heh, it's not like the fool would wake up." Nebula said with a chaotic grin on her face that whispered insanity. She then began to siphon the Wakfu from the cube, her eyes turned white as she had flashes of history and knowledge fill her mind. Eliatropes, Qilby, Yugo, Dragons, Nox, Nox vs Thanos, Ryker, Eric, Black, Shiva, Link, Phoenix, Dr. Doom, Kaido, Shanks, Buggy…!

Nebula gasped and dropped the Eliacube making a clattering sound as she held her chest and nearly fell down. She began to steady her breath and looked at Thanos waiting to see him wake up, but he never did. She began to grin, "Interesting… Very Interesting indeed." Nebula walked up to Thanos and touched his arm, she began to drain him of magic.

"You've been through so much pain, haven't you? Your friends died, you were betrayed by them and forced into a corner, you could have become a commander of Ryker yet… You chose your friends. You found Cloven Diamond's killer yet you didn't avenge him. You are an odd specimen, yet… Your will is the strongest in this universe. After this, I should kill your friends, after all, they're monsters too." Nebula said, she then pulled her hand away, having drained him of his Alicorn Magic. Thanos had drank Celestia's blood, making him have that magic.

"Now…" Nebula summoned her scythe and slammed it into Thanos' neck, cutting it off and killing him. Or that's what she would have done if she had not stopped, Nebula stopped and looked down at him and began to chuckle, her face painted with insanity. "No… No, no, no, not yet. Not until I destroy everything and everyone you love." Nebula pulled her scythe away from Thanos' neck and dismissed it.

"Soon… Soon Thanos, hehehaha…" Nebula chuckled and she flew out the open window. Turning herself into a blue mist as she did so, she began to chuckle like an unstable monster. A broken mare, without the only family she had left.

A lonely filly lost in the forest of her reality.

Princess Luna.

“Queen Rang Nebula, we’re here.” Bat Pony 1 said, as the chariot descended onto the grounds of Tartarus, when it hit the soil of the damned they heards the screeches of the monsters that were imprisoned. Chained in a cage that was meters above the ground, chained to the ceiling. The Bat Ponies unhooked themselves from the chariot and Bat Pony 2 walked over to the side of the chariot where Nebula was.

Bat Pony 2 opened the door and Rang Nebula stepped out, Nebula inhaled and exhaled. She stood to her full height which had changed from 5’6 to 8’2, she looked around and saw the demons of Equestria. The most wanted criminals locked in here with the hellspawn, Nebula then heard footsteps and turned to face them. It was the warden, Blood Horn, despite such a fierce name, the warden was female and a Minotaur.

She wore dark purple scaled dragon armor to protect herself from the fires of Tartarus, by her side were guards completely covered in dark purple scaled dragon armor. They wielded hailbards that were enchanted with Power Crystals, Nebula’s Bat Pony guards stood on both sides of her and took out their greatswords and placed the tip on the ground.

“Queen Rang Nebula, to what do I owe this visit?” Blood Horn said, she stopped when she was a meter before her, her Tartarus Guards stopped as well and slammed the bottom of the polearm down. Making a loud BANG sound, this made the blade of the hailbard glow with the Power Crystal’s energy.

“I come to visit a prisoner, prisoner 6619.” Nebula said, Blood Horn was taken aback by this, this also caused the other prisoners to gasp. Instead of one, the one that didn’t gasp began to chuckle and leaned on the cage. It was a pony with the prison number 8053.

“Well, well, well… The Princess everyone, the Princess of all people wants to visit old Oblivion!” 8053 said loudly, it echoed across Tartarus before he chuckled more. Nebula glared at 8053, giving off some Conqueror’s Haki.

“It’s Queen, prisoner.” Nebula spat, the Tartarus Guards tensed and clenched their hailbards, feeling threatened by Nebula’s tone. Blood Horn tensed up as well but did well to hide it, she began to sweat and look at Nebula then at prisoner 8053.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to read the newspaper that day. Why is it that you want to visit the apprentice of the most vile prisoner in Tartarus, heh, in the UNIVERSE?! I know you’re dealing with the Titan up there but is it really a cause to try and get Oblivion the Shadow to help you?” 8053 said with a grin looking down at Queen Nebula.

Blood Horn gasped and looked at Nebula with shock, “My Queen, is this true? If that is so, I can not allow you to-” Blood Horn was cut off when Rang Nebula glared at Blood Horn with unrivaled fury in her eyes.

“Do you believe this prisoner?” Nebula said with venom taking a step forward and standing over Blood Horn. The Tartarus Guards got in a fighting stance and the blade of the hailbards began to glow purple, the Bat Ponies adopted a stance and their swords glowed with blue colored magic. “Are you implying that I would call upon a VILLAIN to help my Kingdom?!” Rang Nebula said glaring down at Blood Horn.

“This is her true nature, everyone! The monster, the demon, the mare on the moon, eh, demon on the planet more like it. You’ve changed since auntie died, probably because she kept you in check, without her you’re a villain. Once a villain, always a villain.” 8053 said, Rang Nebula snapped her head towards 8053, and she peered at him. The man revealed himself to be Ex-Prince Blueblood, he had multiple scars on his body from battle.

“Don’t you dare talk to your mother like that!” Nebula snapped at her son, when Luna was banished, she was pregnant. And for natural born Alicorns it takes a while to birth them, so when she gave birth Celestia came and took Blueblood away from her. Blueblood began to cackle at Luna.

“HAHAHAHAHA! I was disowned by Celestia and you, remember?! I am no Prince, I am no King, I’m just a stallion against the world. And right here is my world, I am a dweller of Tartarus!” Blueblood cackled, Nebula summoned her scythe and threw it, the scythe cut the chains and the cage fell down and hit the ground. Nebula marched towards the toppled cage as Blueblood began to chuckle.

“See? This is her true nature, she’s always the villain in this story, ALWAYS GYEHAHAHAHA!” Blueblood said, his mind was broken, he had spent so long in here that his mind shattered like glass. He was no longer a stallion, he was a husk. A shell of his former self, the Tartarus Guards began to march towards Nebula, more Tartarus Guards marched towards her as well. Using Barrier Magic, Nebula formed a transparent dark blue box, only Nebula and Blueblood were in this box.

“My Queen, you must stop!” Blood Horn cried out, running to the barrier and punching it with her fist. The Bat Ponies realized the direness of the situation and ran towards the barrier and tried to come in from above only to find that blocked off as well. Nebula lifted the cage with her magic and unlocked it before pulling Blueblood close to her with the Yami-Yami No Mi. Blueblood was in Nebula’s hands with a grin on his face.

“Why… Why Blueblood…?” Motherly tears began to appear on Nebula’s face, “Why don’t you love me? I’m your mother, I cared for you when no one else did, I gave you everything. I loved you.” Nebula asked, Blueblood’s grin began to fade.

“Mother, I do like you, but life… My life is a comedy. I’m not special, I shouldn’t have been born, I don’t deserve a mother like you.” Blueblood said, Nebula gasped and looked at Blueblood’s face. He was smiling, tears began to run down his face. Nebula closed her eyes and exhaled, she then dropped Blueblood as she dropped the barrier. Immediately Tartarus Guards rushed and pinned Blueblood, Nebula turned around and walked away from Blueblood and to Blood Horn.

“Take me to Oblivion.” Nebula said as she marched forward Blood Horn looked at her two Tartarus Guards and the Bat Pony Guards, the five then walked after Nebula. As she marched on, her heart ached, her son… Didn’t think he was enough.


...Is the worst thing a son could feel.

Nebula and Blood Horn, who were with their guards, walked down a corridor with prison cells to their right. Holding the most vicious criminals, Chrysalis, King Sombra, Drakor, Blood Riot, Dread Wing, King Umbra, and finally Oblivion the Shadow.

They stopped at his cell. There were bars in front unlike the rest who had steel glass for their cell, a singular ring was in the cell. The ring glowed purple before Oblivion came out of the ring, he had the Tartarus Prisoner attire. Purple jumpsuit with his prisoner number on his back, Oblivion had long hair that reached to his lower back. His eyes are blood red and his horn long and red, he grinned at Queen Rang Nebula.

“Ah, Princess Luna, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Oblivion asked, walking close and grasping the bars and leaning in close. Nebula took a step forth and leaned in close, her face and his were only put apart by the bars.

"Do you know of the Titan race?" Nebula asked, Oblivion just shook his head, "Do you know how to beat Thanos? Do you know his weakness? How many spells do you have that can put out flames?"

"Why are you asking me all of these weird questions?" Oblivion asked, Nebula then walked through the bars, her logia body passing through. The guards gasped, Nebula grabbed Oblivion by his neck and pinned him against the wall.

"It would seem that you're no use of me the way that you are now. Though… Your spells would be quite helpful." Nebula said, Oblivion's eyes opened wide in fear as he began to tug on her hand. Oblivion tried feebly to pull away, to save himself, Nebula’s mouth gaped open and her eyes began to glow. Lasers fired off from the three places on her face and it hit Oblivion’s.

Oblivion screamed in pain as he tried to punch Nebula’s hand to make her drop him, though it was futile. Blood Horn was yelling in panic and she charged at the bars and began to try and open it with the keys only to find them gone.

"QUEEN RANG NEBULA STOP IT!" Blood Horn cried out, the four guards ran at the bars and tried to shatter the bars. But they were too strong for the guards to shatter, Nebula let go of Oblivion but was still firing the lasers. Nebula put her arms apart and Oblivion was forced to do the same thing. Oblivion was pulled towards Nebula and began to fuse into her body.

Nebula absorbed Oblivion whole and her fur coat turned pitch black with some blue here and there. Nebula's horn turned red, she then exhaled and looked at her palms. Blood Horn and the guards began to sweat.

"Well, that's done. I got what I came for." Nebula said nonchalantly, like she didn't absorb another living being. She then walked through the bars, "Bat Ponies come with me." The Bat Ponies went with her, silent and processing what they just saw.

Nebula began to grin, now having Oblivion's memories, as well as learning of Thanos and other universes. As she got into the chariot and the Bat Ponies hooked themselves onto the chariot, they began to run down the runway before taking flight. Nebula began to chuckle, she had grown stronger and she had other ideas to grow stronger too.

1,698 Years Ago

Cloven Diamond was walking out of his room, he yawned as it's just been morning time for him.

"Welp, time for training." Cloven Diamond said, suddenly he felt an intense magical aura behind him. He turned around and saw Rang Nebula.

"Hello Diamond." Nebula summoned her scythe and swung down onto him.

The Storm is Approaching.

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In the training room, the sounds of grunts and combat filled the room. Many people were in there training for the upcoming final battle.

“Nine hundred, ninety nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety eight!” Thanos said with 50 thousand Kilo on each limb on his body including neck as he did sit-ups from a levitating pole. “Nine hundred, ninety nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety nine!” Thanos said with his teeth clenched. “One million!” Thanos then dropped down and landed on his feet, shaking the whole palace.

“Rokuogan!” Lucci shouted, firing off the technique, he was in his Awakened Hybrid form, shattering platinum plates. Rapunzel was throwing up those platinum plates as she was lifting 10 thousand Kilo with her hair and hands. “ROKUOGAN!” Lucci shouted firing off another platinum plate, Lucci was getting out of breath but he didn’t stop there. “ROKUOGAN!”

“Grah!” Grievous shouted, 50 thousand Kilo on his Elemental Sword as he swung it up and down. He was also running on a treadmill that was currently going ten thousand miles per hour as he swung the sword.

“Yah!” Entity swung his scythe down upon Warmonger who blocked it with her sword. Warmonger pushed the Minecraftian back, Entity pulled out a fishing rod and planted it on the ground before pulling on it. Making him hit the ground, Entity then threw his scythe at Warmonger and she ducked under it. She then fired an aero blast at Entity who raised his shield and blocked it.

“Come on!” Supergirl said, dodging blows from a Super Saiyan 4 Nappa, Supergirl also firing back some blows of her own. Nappa was dodging them as well, the two were dodging their attacks and were growing tired but they still didn’t stop.

“HAH!” Sally shouted, decaying another giant sphere of platinum, the spheres kept on coming as they were being summoned by Aurora Platinum with her horn. The Unicorn was currently in her Buddha form doing push-ups while conjuring spheres. But meanwhile Black was sitting outside in a chair reading a book with a cup of tea next to him.

He flipped a page, enjoying the book before a mini-quake shook the area. He looked towards the training room and let out an annoyed huff. "Geeze, they do make a ruckus." Black mumbled before he went back to reading his book.

'Shouldn't you be back in your universe?' Nightmare asked, questioning the Saiyan as he flipped the page.

"I should be fine here, by the time I got back, it would be like I never left." Black explained as he grabbed his tea and took a sip.

“So… Aren’t you going to help them?” Emerald Gauntlet asked Black, as a shockwave was felt and heard. Blowing some tea into Black’s face.

The Dark saiyan groaned, briefly going Super saiyan to get rid of the tea before going back to his base form. "Them training every second isn't going to really help them. Not letting your body rest for a day or two will have negative effects on your training." Black explained as he flipped a page. "Sure you'll see an increase in power, but it won't be much. After resting for a day, you can continue training and you will get better results."

“...You realize that this is day three of training, right?” Emerald Gauntlet asked, “They’ve been training and taking care of themselves. Especially Thanos, he has a daughter… And I suppose Grievous since he has his dragon daughter, Atala.” Emerald Gauntlet said as a maid goes up to him and hands him some beer.

Black shot up immediately, startling Emerald. "Thanos and Grievous have children! Why didn’t they tell me this?!" Black exclaimed, throwing the book to the side.

“Uh… I have no clue,” Emerald Gauntlet shrugged, suddenly a golden fur coated Minotaur walked up to Emerald Gauntlet and tugged on his pants. “What is it Golden Shield?”

“When is Daddy going to be done with his training? He said he would take me to the park at 3:00 and it’s 2:55.” Golden Shield said, looking up to Emerald Gauntlet.

“You are a smart kid, you know that, right?” Emerald Gauntlet said, suddenly a baby dragon began to crawl up Emerald Gauntlet’s body. “And there is Atala.”

“Where Dada?” Atala asked, her voice not fully developed so it’s just as squeaky as Mr. Clean’s head.

The door then busts open and Thanos, Grievous, and Warmonger run out. “We’re here!” They said frantically.

Thanos picked up Golden Shield, and raised him over his head. “My Goldylocks! How is it going my girl?” Thanos then embraced his Minotaur child.

“Dada!” Atala flapped her wings and hovered towards Grievous and hugged him, nearly crushing his torso. Grievous wheezes at the amount of force being exerted from the hatchling.

“I nearly forgot how strong you are.” Grievous hugged his daughter as he unleashed his extra arms to bring his girlfriend, Warmonger in for the huge.

Black just stood there with a big smile. "Looks like you two are moving it up in life." Black jokes.

“Well, when you hit rock bottom, you can only go up. And it looks like I’m now sky high with my precious Gold.” Thanos said, hugging Golden Shield who hugged him in return.

“Indeed, but we’re already sky high, now we’re in the stars with our little precious egg.” Warmonger said, hugging Atala as Grievous hands Atala over to Warmonger.

“Seems nice.” Black said with a chuckle. He turned his attention to Thanos, “So, when do you think Nebula will attack?”

“It’s unknown, I don’t even sense Rang Nebula’s Ki anywhere on the planet. She’s either on another planet, or she’s evolved to have suppressed her Ki to astronomical levels. You weren’t there during my fight with Nebula, she increased her power during the fight. She was growing, I had to combine both my Blue Inferno and my Dragon Slayer magic to even keep up with her. And I have five Infinity Stones on me.” Thanos said, shaking his head as he placed Golden Shield down.

Black looked to the ground for a moment, realizing how serious Thanos was being. “If thats the case, then I need to break my limit.” The saiyan looked to Thanos, “I discovered something when I detonated myself during the Displaced Tournament. I had broken my limits and I felt stronger before it passed.”

“Yeah that was pretty stupid of you.” Thanos remarked, “But I think I know what it was, I felt everything, I felt like I was there. Have you reached a new stage of Super Saiyan Rose?” Thanos inquired, raising an eyebrow.

“If so, that would be pretty neat, it would be nice to have you in the final battle.” Grievous said, Thanos frowned at this but said nothing.

Black sighed as he scratched the back of his head. “It’s possible I’ve found a new stage of Rose, but I keep dropping in power every time I try to access it. Either way, I should have enough strength to keep up with Nebula. If not, I always have my trump card.” Black explained.

“Ultra Instinct?” Warmonger asked as Atala began to crawl up her body.

“Not really, Instead it’s a fully charged Spirit Bomb. I would then absorb it and have a large increase in power for a short period… but yeah Ultra Instinct is one of them.” Black said with a laugh. “Though I haven’t done the Spirit Bomb in centuries.”

“Centuries?” Grievous asked, curious.

“Before I turned to stone, I had used the Spirit Bomb against Discord during our battle. Though it didn’t work as I wasn’t strong enough.” Black explained. “That was the only time I had used the Spirit Bomb. I was planning to use it against Ryker, but he would’ve taken me out before I could even get it ready.”

“Hm… You plan on fighting alongside me, don’t you?” Thanos asked, looking at his friend.

Black looked back at Thanos, “Thanos, from what you said about Nebula, she got stronger as she fought you. She’s probably getting stronger by the second. You’re gonna need help.” Black confirmed.

“Black, you have a universe, you have a home, and most of all you have a family. You just don’t realize it yet, I can’t let you risk your life for my own mistake.” Thanos said as he signalled Emerald Gauntlet to take the children away for a bit. The Emerald General did so.

“You can’t be serious, I risked everything when I almost killed myself during the Tournament. Your daughter could’ve had no father if you died during that tournament.” Black argued. “And this can happen again if you’ve lost against Nebula. You need help for this fight. Period…”

“I have ways I could have survived, plenty of ways. But what of you? What about Luna, Celestia, and everyone else you have back in your universe? Rang Nebula is dangerous, I can’t risk having you die facing her. You deserve to live WAY more than I.” Thanos said, crossing his arms.

“No you do!” Black countered as he walked up to the Titan and pokes him. “You... have... a... Daughter! She deserves to have a father and your her father. If you die because of ignorance then she’ll have to live in a world ruled by Nebula, without you. And if Nebula found out you have a daughter.” Black empathize.

“This all happened because of me, the war, if I had just talked to Celestia when I got out of stone, none of this would have happened. Golden Shield would be with her biological father, and I would be like you. Having fun, celebrating with… Celestia over victories. And besides, Lucci is a legend here, he trained under Cloven Diamond, and Lucci is the champion of Minos. He’s committed far less sins than I have, and I’m just a big dumb brute who likes fights.” Thanos said, Black then recalled what Thanos was put through during the Displaced Tournament.

Black sighed as he stepped back, “I know you’ve been through a lot, lost people. But so have I, I lost my friends, my master, a child I promised to protect. Because I was too ignorant, I fought alone and that's why I lost them.” Black pressed. “If you do this alone with your team, you will fall.”

“Look at us, we have an army of warriors. Each Minotaur is trained with Ki and Haki, I have the trust of Kingdoms. And even if we don’t, we have Supergirl on our side, someone who is invulnerable to most attacks. And we even have Entity_303 with his Minecraft capabilities, he could make Nether Portals and make the creatures of the Nether fight alongside us. Even without your help we still have a chance.” Thanos said with confidence, though it wasn’t that much.

“Nebula will have her own army, but she’ll have the trust of other nations, that's more than your army. Even if they do get taken down, I’ve noticed you're missing an Infinity stone.” Black pointed to Thanos’s gauntlet. “And if I’m not mistaken, the mind stone is missing, one of the most powerful infinity stones out there. And Nebula will have it! She can take you out!” Black argued. “I know I’ve got a life behind me, but I wouldn’t be able to rest knowing I could’ve helped you!”

“Then rest, we can do this, we have the power to win. And besides, we have five Infinity Stones, one of them can manipulate Time and Space. We can win.” Thanos said, as if he’s repeating this over and over again to give him reassurance. “I won’t allow another one of my friends to die because of my idiocy.”

“You can keep saying you’ll win this fight without my help over and over again, but it won’t work. What do I have to do in order to convince you?” Black asked, glaring at the Mad Titan.

“I can’t reason with you, leave.” Using the Space and Reality Stone the Titan made a portal to Black’s Universe. “I can’t allow you to fight with me, you’ll perish.” Thanos said as he furrowed his brow.

Black turned and looked at the portal to his world. He stood there for a few moments before turning back to Thanos. “Here I was, thinking you were better… You’re a bigger fool than Eric…” Black spat as he walked away, “And when you do lose, just know it was your fault…” Black said as he walked through the portal, flipping Thanos off.

“...You did the right thing Thanos, involving him with the storm that’s approaching is… It’s a bad thing to do.” Warmonger said, putting her hand on Thanos’ shoulder. Thanos then sighs slowly.

“When everything is done and over with, I just wish we could still be friends.” Thanos said, unfolding his arms and walking away to go see his daughter.

“So… How was school today?” I asked as me and Golden Shield walked down the streets of Minos and to the park. Golden Shield looked up at me strangely.

“Daddy, it’s a Saturday.” Golden Shield said, I just blinked in surprise, rubbing the back of my head.

“Huh, and I was here thinking it was Wednesday.” I said with a chuckle, Golden Shield looked up to me, she looked worried. “What’s wrong, my precious Gold?”

“Daddy, why don’t you think you deserve to live?” Golden Shield asked me, when she said that my eyes opened wide and I walked in silence. Golden Shield looked up to me, “Daddy?”

“Well, Daddy has done some awful things in the past and now he just wants things to be over with. And besides, you’re going to be queen, remember? I am unable to die of natural causes such as age, because I drank a magic apple juice. Which is why I need to be out of the picture in order for you to grow.” I told her, she hugged my leg, tears in her eyes.

“But I don’t want to grow up if it means I won’t be able to see you anymore. I don’t want you to go…” She sniffled, I smiled softly and picked her up and embraced my kid.

“I won’t, I’ll always be here. Always.” I said to my daughter, Golden Shield calmed down and nuzzled against my chest. I then peer off into the distance and I spot Entity making beacons, he was currently at the park making a max beacon and turning the beacon blue.

“Hold on, let's go to the park, like I promised you.” I tell Golden Shield, I then lift Golden Shield up and put her on my shoulders. As I walked towards the park, Entity noticed me, he was currently in his strongest armor. With mending so he’s OP, I waved at Entity.

“Uncle Entity!” Golden Shield said, I then set my daughter down, she then runs over to Entity and Entity embraces the Minotaur. I smiled as Golden Shield gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Goldy! How are you doing today?” Entity asked Golden Shield, he let go of the Minotaur and Golden Shield let go of Entity.

“Me and Daddy are walking around the park, oh, it’s Aunt Sally!” Golden Shield said, looking at Sally talking to Lucci. I gave Goldy a nod and she ran off to talk to Sally, I then looked at Entity.

“So, you’re preparing for the attack, aren’t you?” I asked Entity, the Minecraftian nodded, he then sat down on a Netherite block.

“Aye, I have a feeling it’s close, the end.” Entity said before he sighed looking down at the ground, he averted his gaze and focused on my eyes. “The storm is approaching, and all we can do is prepare.”

I nodded in agreement and looked at Sally laughing with Golden Shield and Lucci. “...You shouldn’t have made Black leave.” Entity said, “Now it’s certain that we’ll lose, you said it yourself, Lu… Rang Nebula is evolving.”

“I…” I said but Entity turned away.

“Save it, I’m going to start building evacuation tunnels.” Entity walked away, and I turned to Sally from afar and I saw Lucci and Sally holding Golden Shield.

“Daddy, I’m going home with Uncle Lucci and Aunt Sally, is that okay?” Golden Shield asked me, I nodded slowly before doing it rapidly. I gave her a thumbs up and a fake smile. “Okay, I’ll see you at home, Daddy!” She then walks away with Sally and Lucci to the palace.

I then look down, a tear welling up in my eye. ‘If I lose this fight, I lose everything. No, I can still fix this, I can still fix this!’ I thought, I clench my Gauntlet and use the Space Stone and walk through it.

I walked out the portal and into a porch, I looked up to the sky, it was bluish-orange. There were two moons in the sky, I then smiled and nod. This was supposed to be where me and Celestia raised our child. There were crops for miles, I visit this place every so often and tend the crops. I then walked inside, I was now in the living room, a TV in front of a couch. I then sit down on the couch and sat in thought.

“...How do I broadcast my message?” I asked myself, I looked down at my Gauntlet, “From what I know, the Void is the space in between universes. Wait,” I then make my token appear in front of me. The Infinity Gauntlet with five Infinity Stones, I then use the Reality Stone to make a screen to be attached to the Gauntlet.

“Hm…” I then hit record and I see myself on the screen, “Oh! Damn, it’s recording, HAH! It worked!” I said with surprise and excitement. I then realized the direness of the situation and sighed. I then set the token on the TV.

“Ahem, hello everyone, my name is Thanos. You might know me as John Oliver, the Strongest Displaced of the New Generation, or even as Lard Ass. Names and titles aside, I… I messed up.” I said, rubbing my face, “I took everything for granted, my life, my friends, my power, and my choices. I thought they didn’t have any consequences, but they do and this is a product of my choices.” I used the Reality Stone and made a hologram of Rang Nebula.

“Rang Nebula, the Queen of Equestria. A combination of Luna and Nightmare Moon, they combined after I killed Celestia and took the Soul Stone. And now I need your help to beat her, she’s become too strong for me, her abilities counter mine and she’s basically designed to kill me. And destroy everything I love, including my kingdom, my friends, and my daughter.” I said, I then held my face in both palms.

“What… What should I do? Black was right, I should have listened to him, should have teamed up. But I can’t change what I did, all I have to do is to keep my head high and face the future with a smile on my face. She has the strength of Kingdoms on her side, dragons, griffons, etc. I…” I then got up on my feet, holding the back of my head, I looked up and sighed.

“I’m sorry, Eric was right, Shiva was right, Dr. Doom was right, Link was right, Black was right. I’m a fool, and I can’t… I can’t fix anything. If you get this message, run. Destroy my token, before Rang Nebula attacks you, I won’t have another universe be wiped out because of my foolishness. Please, be safe, and please make the right choices. This is Thanos the Mad Titan, signing off for the last time.” I then stop the recording, I walk up to the token and I sent it across the Multiverse. My final message.

My final goodbye.

The Storm Part I.

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The Storm Part I

Thanos, Lucci, and Grievous began to walk down the streets of Minos. Thanos had vanilla ice cream in his left hand, Lucci had a refreshing strawberry smoothie, and Grievous was eating a popsicle.

The people of Minos greeted the trio as they made their way down the streets, Lucci took a sip of his milkshake before gazing at Thanos. “So… What’s the status of everything in the world?” Lucci asked the King, Thanos bit some of his ice cream.

“Hm,” He then swallowed the ice cream, “Marco is currently talking with Ziyad to discuss the side he is on. Sally, Supergirl, Rapunzel, Warmonger are in the castle playing with Golden Shield and Atala. And Entity and Aurora Platinum are in the training room, Emerald Gauntlet and his troops are currently on his way back from taking down a fortress. And uh…” Before Thanos continued Grievous interrupted him.

“Wait, he said world status, why did you talk about our daughters?” Grievous asked, Thanos looked over to Grievous with a deadpan expression. “What?”

“Dude, our daughters, are our world.” Thanos said flatly, Grievous nodded, “Do you guys have any plans this Saturday?”

“No, why?” Lucci asked as they made their way into the center of the great city.

“I have the Reality Stone, making me make reality whatever I want it to be.” Thanos said, Grievous quirked his non-existent eyebrow.

“Yeah, which means?” Grievous asked, Thanos then turned around to face them with a grin on his face.

“Which means I can make anything I want, like a TV with Disney Plus, so we can binge watch all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in order!” Thanos said, Lucci and Grievous squeaked in realization and began to cheer..

“LET’S GOOOO!” The duo said at the same time, Grievous jumped up and raised his palm high, Lucci jumped up and they high-five. I then smiled as they landed, and I wrapped my arms around their shoulders.

As we made our merry way down the center of the city, I saw an Earth Pony selling ice cream to the people of Minos. There were Griffons and even a Deer there, as the Earth Pony handed out the ice cream my smile grew wider.

“Harmony, this is true harmony. Harmony in the chaos and chaos in the harmony,” Thanos sighed as he let go of his friends.

“Hey, do you see that?” Lucci asked, peering off into the distance, seeing a magical aura. Thanos and Grievous squinted their eyes before they see a purple outline. Suddenly, the purple outline revealed itself to be Rang Nebula herself, holding the Crystal Cannon. She had a wicked grin on her face, and the cannon seemed to be packed with Power Crystals.

Thanos thought quickly, clenching his gauntlet, using the Soul, Reality, and Space Stone. Using the Soul Stone to search for every civillian in Minocow, using the Reality Stone to make them invulnerable to damage temporarily, and usng the Space Stone to drop them in a portal. Grievous quickly used his Elemental Sword to make a wall of ice, lightning, fire, earth, and air to prevent any damage from them.

“Oh shi-” Lucci had managed to get out before Rang Nebula shot the cannon. A huge ball of purple energy shot towards them, faster than they could register and it slammed into the shield.


Thanos bursted from the debris of the capital, Grievous dropped the forcefield he used, Lucci then jumped from the debris as well. They were currently now next to the palace, Grievous looked worried and glanced at Thanos.

“Is everyone okay? Where are they?” Grievous asked, he looked like he'd seen a ghost. Thanos looked around and checked his head, he was bleeding. The Titan sighed and looked on at the destruction.

“Everyone is okay, I have sent them to the Abyssinian Kingdom, I had talked with Furby in case any of this happened. I hoped I was wrong, but here we are.” Thanos said, Lucci was crossing his arms, his eyes like a leopard’s. Looking off into a random direction, “So, what has she been doing?”

“Absolutely nothing, she’s waiting for us to come to her.” Lucci responded, “She’s grown stronger, even though she’s suppressed I can feel that she’s stronger.”

“Still, we have to fight her, but if we come near her there could be a trap.” Grievous said, leaning on his Elemental Sword, Thanos simply nodded.

“Yeah, I don’t really care at this point.” Thanos said, shaking his head, Grievous chuckled.

“Good, as long as we’re all in agreement..” Grievous picked up the Elemental Sword and it began to glow with the power of the Elements. He then raised it to the sky and a pillar of fire, water, earth, air, and lighting shot from it.

Thanos summoned the Infinity Blade to his side, it appeared, sticking out the ground next to him. Thanos picked it up and used the Reality Stone to make his Demon Slayer Armor appear, che then clenched his gauntlet.

Lucci glanced at the duo before he turned his hands and feet into leopard paws. He then popped his shoulder and his neck, before an aura of orange surrounded him, as if the leopards themselves were lending him power.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?” Grievous said with fire in his eyes.

The trio began to walk down the rubble of what was once their home, everything that made Minocow beautiful was now in ruins. The statues, the houses, the plant life, and every single tree in a five kilometer radius. As they made their way down the street, they saw the Queen of Equestria, Rang Nebula.

They had gotten a closer look at her, she had two gauntlets. The one on her right hand had a lot of rare and powerful Amulets. The one on her left held the Mind Stone as well as having holes to place other Infinity Stones. She wore blue armor that looked like stars, though her Equestrian Helmet was on her scythe, it was black and blue in color. Her wings were more bigger, easily the size of a teenaged dragon, and her horn was covered in some sort of armor which could be something to block any things that suppress her Alicorn Magic. Her scythe was enchanted and had several modifications to it, an amulet on the blade, being made out of solid ice, and also having a dark and shadowy aura to it.

The trio made their way to her and were two meters from her, the two began to circle around her like a pack of wolves. The Queen wasn’t worried, she was just fiddling around with a stuffed teddy bear. Nebula looked up at them, more specifically, Thanos, the Titan felt a shiver down his spine. He hadn’t known if it was from fear or from the deathly cold, her azure eyes peered into the Titan’s eyes.

“You know, it was smart on you to use those rocks to make everyone in Minocow go into a new location. Because now, I can go all out without killing your subjects, not that I would have any problem with doing so.” Nebula said, Lucci squinted his eyes at her. Nebula threw the teddy bear aside, “I realized something, if I have all of the Infinity Stones, would I be able fufil my sister’s dream? A place of perfect harmony, no more chaos or ruin, which you are incarnate, chaos and ruin. So, with the Stones you brought to me, I will shred everything that is evil in this world and make a new world, a world of harmony.” Nebula said, going to her feet and putting on her helmet and picking up her scythe.

“Born out of the deaths of trillions.” Lucci said as Nebula looked down at the Leopard Assassin.

“They wouldn’t know it, because they won’t remember you.” Nebula said with a scowl on her face, Grievous clenched his Elemental Sword. The Cybernetic Samurai let out a battle cry and slammed his Elemental Sword into the dirt, conjuring an iceberg from the ground and engulfing her into it.

“Thanos, now!” Grievous said, Thanos clenched his fist and it began to heat up with the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. Thanos ran towards the iceberg and was about to slam his fist into it, only for Rang Nebula to burst from the icebrg and slam her amulet fist into Thanos’ chest. This sent the Titan flying into pieces of rubble, Lucci jumped up and brought his claws down onto Rang Nebula.

Nebula raised her scythe to block it, Lucci, using Tekkai Go, and Armament Haki to strengthen himself continued to bring his claws down. The two clashed and Nebula fired off a Conqueror's Haki wave, making Lucci lightheaded and making Nebula have the advantage in the struggle. Grievous jumped towards Nebula and slammed his blade into the back of Nebula’s leg, making her lose balance, though she used it to her advantage. Placing a hand on the ground, she spun and slammed an Armament Haki coated foot into Grievous’ face, this send Grievous back and made him hit the ground.

Nebula then heard spinning and she ducked down just in time to dodge Thanos’ Infinity Blade that was spinning. The blade came back to its owner, Thanos the Mad Titan, the Titan ran at Nabula and he leaped into the air. He clenched the Infinity Stones and he fired off a Power Blast, though Nebula came prepared and she made a portal with the assist of one of her amulets right in front of Thanos. And another one on Thanos’ side, the Power Blast went into the portal and hit Thanos in the rib knocking him out of the sky.

The Titan thought fast, using the Space Stone, he made a portal and fell through it, he then appeared next to Nebula. Thanos then brought the Infinity Blade down onto Nebula, the Queen countered with her scythe and the two struggled. Thanos pressed down upon her, as it was working, Nebula was slowly being forced to go down on her shins. Thanos grinned and this made the Queen angry, Nebula began to rise up slowly, overpowering the Titan.

“Well damn.” Thanos was then pushed into the air, Thanos then dropped down and slammed the Infinity Blade into the ground to prevent him from going farther. Thanos then slammed his fist into the ground, the floor below Nebula erupted with magma. Nebula was shot into the sky, Thanos then levitated a wall and threw the wall at Nebula. Nebula then cut the wall in half with a magic beam, Nebula then shot a Mind Stone beam at Thanos. Thanos then dodged to the side, and began to run away, Nebula continued to shoot the beam at Thanos.

“GOTCHA!” Lucci said, jumping to Nebula and grabbing the gauntlet that held the Mind Stone, he tried to grab the Mind Stone but a protective barrier was set around it. “Well that isn’t fair.” Lucci remarked before Nebula flung Lucci aside and the leopard was sent careening into a broken building. Though the Assassin caught himself and placed his feet on the wall, and shot towards Nebula one more time.

Lucci began to spin towards her, like a tornado, “RANKYAKU!” Lucci shouted, and a flurry of air slashes was sent Nebula’s way. Nebula levitated her scythe in front of the air slashes and she spun it around, blocking and deflecting the slashes of air.

Nebula then used Observation Haki and dodged a lightning bolt from Grievous, Grievous then shot multiple slashes of elements at Nebula. Who was dodging them, she was now blocking and dodging multiple attacks.

“HEY-O!” Thanos said, crashing down onto Rang Nebula, “Earth Dragon Spear!” Thanos was coated in rock and he slammed into Nebula, making the Queen hit the ground. Nebula hit the ground, Thanos was now on top of her and he raised his sword high, it was then lit aflame with the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. He was going to stab it into Nebula but she caught Thanos’ blade, coating her hands in Armament Haki, and turning her hands dark with the Yami-Yami No Mi.

Thanos began to coat his sword in Armament Haki, he pressed the sword down into Nebula, Nebula began to push her up. Lucci then slammed his foot down into Nebula’s head, she then growled and Thanos was glowing blue, Nebula levitated Thanos and flung him into Lucci. Nebula rolled to her feet just in time to dodge an attack from Grievous. Nebula summoned her scythe and she countered Grievous’ attacks with hers, she the slammed her head into Grievous’ head. This stunned the Cybernetic Samurai, Nebula the punched him, and with the Mine Stone this cut a hole in the side of his body. Grievous then popped out his extra arms and grabbed Nebula by her horn and slammed his fist into Nebula’s nose.

Nebula reared back in pain, blood coming from her nose, Lucci then used Soru and appeared beside Nebula and slammed his foot into Nebula’s head. Thanos appeared on the other side of her and punched her in the face. Lucci then kicked Nebula’s leg, making her go down to one knee, Thanos then punched Nebula’s face. The two began to punch Nebula repeatedly.

“ENOUGH!” She shouted, and a burst of Ki shot from her, sending the two into the air.

“She has Ki?!” Lucci asked with fear, he then turned into his Hybrid Form, Thanos then kicked it up a notch and went into his Bursting Igneous Lava Dragon Mode: Blue Inferno, Grievous then went Kaio-Ken times 30.

Nebula shot towards Lucci, she then pulled the Leopard Assassin towards her with the Yami-Yami No Mi. Lucci was now in Nebula’s grasp and with a scowl on her face, she threw him into the air and shot after him. Thanos and Grievous shot after Nebula but when a meteorite teleported in front of them they stopped in their tracks. The two hit the meteorite and hit the ground, back to Nebula she traded blows with Lucci.

“SHIGAN MADARA!” Lucci shouted, throwing punches after punches at Nebula, but the Alicorn bobbed and weaved the assault before slamming a fist into Lucci’s gut. Using Wakfu, she shot a blast at Lucci’s gut, and he coughed. Nebula continued to shoot Wakfu blasts at Lucci, making him cough blood each time, Nebula then kicked him into the air and readied a Rokuogan. Only for an Elemental Slash to interupt and hit her, Nebula growled and fired a full powered Alicorn Magic wave down at Grievous. Grievous then blocked the attack and was covered and swarmed with the magic.

“HEAT CRASH!” Nebula heard as she looked to her left and was punched in the face by Thanos, her head snapped right… Before she began to push her head back into place. Thanos’ eyes opened in pure shock, Nebula the grabbed Thanos by the head and spun him around and threw him into the earth. Causing an explosion, shaking the capital.

“HYOO!” Lucci shouted, he was using Diable Jambe and was kicking at Nebula repeatedly who was blocking the attacks with one arm. She then used both of her arms and caught Lucci’s leg, she then used the Hie-Hie No Mi and froze Lucci’s legs. Nebula grinned and she lit her horn up, she then fired off a huge wave of Alicorn Magic into him, making him fly into the ground, he then tore through the earth and hit many broken houses.

“Who’s next?” Nebula asked, Grievous leaped above Nebula and slammed his sword down upon her. Nebula fazed through the attack, making Grievous fall through her, Nebula then grabbed Grievous by the cape before swinging him over head. She then flew down and slammed Grievous into the ground, before wrapping the cape around Grievous’ neck, Nebula then tugged on it. Making Grievous lose oxygen, Grievous grabbed his cape and tried to rip it, he then realized that this is futie and he reached for the Elemental Sword. His hand out towards it, he extra arms clawing at the cape, his free arm trying to reach for the Elemental Sword. Grievous clutched it and tried to stab Nebula with it, but the Queen caught the blade.

“Looky here, Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East, reduced to a choking piece of metal.” Nebula taunted Grievous then increased his power, trying to overpower the Queen. Nebula cackled and began to try and break Grievous’ sword, Grievous’ eyes opened in fear. “Hahahaha! Prepare to-”

“HOT WIND FIST!” A fire fist slammed into Nebula, sending her back, she flew into a wall or ten, Thanos then walked up beside Grievous and helped him up. “Are you okay.” Grievous gasped for air and clutched his chest.

“Yeah, I’m okay, almost died, but okay.” Grievous said, readying his Elemental Blade, Thanos chuckled.

“Ain’t that a mood, wait here Grievous, recover and-” Thanos didn’t have the chance to finish as Rang Nebula pulled Grievous over to her, Nebula caught Grievous before throwing him in the air. Levitating him, Nebula slammed him through ground and drug him through it before throwing him far. “GRIEVOUS!”

Nebula turned to Thanos and smiled wickedly, “What do we have here? A lost bird, a lost bird that never learned to fly!” Nebula readied her scythe, levitating it, she threw it at Thanos. Thanos then levitated his Infinity blade and threw it at Nebula’s scythe, the two forms of weaponry duel while the owners get ready for a slugfest.

Thanos readied to kick Nebula in the rib but Nebula raised her foot and stomped on Thanos’ foot. Nebula slammed Thanos’ foot down before punching Thanos in the jaw, Nebula then slammed a knee into Thanos’ chest. The Titan recoiled from the assault before he paid back to attacks with everything he’s got, he slugged Nebula in her jaw.

He readied the Power Stone and punched Nebula across Minocow before flying after her, when he was close to her, he slammed his fist down onto Nebula. But Nebula fazed through it with the power of the Mind Stone, Nebula was now above Thanos. Nebula grabbed Thanos’ head and slammed it on the ground before Thanos used the Space Stone to make a portal, he then went through. Now appearing where he was before he flew after Nebula.

Thanos used Future Sight Observation to try and see where Nebula was going to attack now, it was above. So Thanos used the Reality Stone to construct arms of Sea Prism Stone to grab at Nebula… Only for Nebula to appear beside him, Nebula then stabbed a Ki Blade into Thanos’ knee. The Titan let out a scream in pain, Thanos then tried to use the Time Stone but Nebula placed an ice block on Thanos’ hand to prevent him from using the Gauntlet. Thanos tried to use his Devil Fruit to heat himself up, but Nebula grabbed Thanos by his hand.

Using the Yami-Yami No Mi, she prevented the use of his Devil Fruit. Thanos was then going to use the Magma Dragon Slayer magic he was given by Ed. Nebula then began to freeze the magma with her Awakened Devil Fruit. Thanos’ eyes opened wide in fear, for he knew he was going to receive the beatdown of the century.

Nebula punched Thanos repeatedly, slamming her fist into Thanos body, slamming her fist into Thanos’ nose making him reel back in pain. Nebula then slammed her knee into Thanos’ Gold Doubloons, making Thanos squeak, Nebula slammed her fist into Thanos’ chest. Nebula then slammed her head into Thanos’ head, making a huge cracking sound. Thanos groaned in pain, Nebula then slammed a foot into the knee of Thanos, letting him go. Thanos stumbled backward before his foot was stomped on by Nebula.

“Sai Dai Rin…” Thanos’ eyes widened in fear, “ROKUOGAN!!!” Nebula shouted, Thanos coughed out an ungodly amount of blood, Thanos felt his heart begin to shake. And that isn't healthy :)

"YAH!" Range Nebula punched Thanos in the face, sending him flying before following him. She then slammed her two feet into Thanos, making him bounce up from the ground, she then threw attack after attack at Thanos before firing a wave of Alicorn Magic. This sent Thanos crashing through Minocow and he hit the side of his castle, some rubble came off of it. Thanos opened his eyes only for his vision to be blocked by debris.

Nebula looked on, and saw Thanos, Grievous, and Lucci all down. Rang Nebula began to cackle.

"Is that all you got?!"

The Storm Part II.

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The Storm II

A hand bursted from the rubble, a hand of a Titan, the hand became an arm and it hit the rest of the rubble. Thanos tried to bring himself up but the rubble was loose, some debris fell down the pile. Another hand came from the rubble and it grabbed onto a wall and pulled. Thanos emerged from the rubble, his back on the rubble.

Thanos gasped for air and he winced at the damage on his body, his internal organs were still screaming, his body cold. Thanos rolled over to his stomach, but he began to fall down the rubble and hit the floor. Thanos, now on solid ground, pushed himself up and stumbled forward, his legs wobbly.

His vision was blurry but he saw multiple silhouettes in the distance, Thanos shook his head to clear his vision and he saw multiple warships descending from the heavens. Dragons coming on down, the Equestrian, Crystal Empire, Diamond Dog, Griffon, Dragon and Yak armies readying their formations. In the distance, he saw the Elements of Harmony, ready for battle.

Thanos stumbled forward and looked up to them, Rang Nebula looked down at him, holding her scythe which she had retrieved. Thanos clenched his Infinity Gauntlet and raised his fists hig, his eyes flaring up.

“I can… Do this all day.” Thanos said, as he adopted a weak fighting stance, suddenly, radio-like static began to ring in his ears.

“Tha- Thanos… can you hear me?” Thanos’ eyes opened wide with shock, as he recognized the voice.

“On your left…” A second later a blue portal opened behind the Titan, a figure walked out of it, revealing Black with a smug look. “What did I fucking say?” Soon another figure walked out, A younger Saiyan with ancient armor. Shallot looked around and saw the massive armies behind Nebula.

Another portal opened, Ziyad, Officer Earl, Eden Spark, and Marco came out, followed by an army of Avians and Zebras. Marco circled around Thanos in his hybrid phoenix form and landed next to the Titan with a grin on his face.

The Next portal opened revealing three figures, A lamia with red spiky hair with armor covering his wrists and a pair of swords attached to his hips, the second was a man with pure white long hair, a dark skin tone covered his right arm and shoulder, black spikes jutted out of the top of his head. Black and purple robes adorned his body, behind him was a large snake that peered at the battlefield with venomous purple

The next was a figure the Titan knew all too well, however he was different from the last time they met. Eric Von Shadow stepped onto the battlefield with a pair of jet black wings adorning his back and a pitch black pointed horn jutting from his forehead, the Shadow King was wearing his usual attire with the exception of a crown on top of his head. Above Eric flew in a dark blue pegasus with star-like dots decorating his wings wearing samurai armor that had a Moon on top of a cloud painted on it. He had a Katana with a star hilt.

“Quote the Raven” Eric said with a smile stretching across his face. “We’re here to fuck shit up”

Then another portal opened and out came Luffy who was followed by Mogeme, Sabo and Ace who lit their flames with fire in their eyes. Another portal opened and the Commanders of Ryker appeared with Elia and an Eliatrope army behind them. In the skys more displaced with ships appeared, out of another portal came Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Hit, Optimus Prime, Alucard, Alexander Anderson, Asura and more.

Then, something erupted in the rubbles of the castle, an awakened Aurora appeared, and Supergirl landed between Thanos and Black. “No, I get to stand beside Thanos!” She said as the Infinity Warriors all assembled next to Thanos. Grievous and Lucci went up to them as well.

“Not the time for this Supergirl…” Black said annoyed. The Saiyan transformed into Super Saiyan God with Shallot following suit. The two powerful auras shaking the area.

Nox and his children appeared as well, the Minotaur Army appeared as well, Emerald Gauntlet, Ruby, and Sapphire Sword. “And that’s everyone!” Nox exclaimed, Light curled an eyebrow.

“Is that it?” Light asked.

“You wanted more?!” Nox exclaimed.

Eric stepped up to the Titan before giving him a nod. “It’s good to see you Thanos”

“Yeah, yeah, nice to see you too.” Thanos would say as he used the Time Stone to recover.

“So how much Hetap am I getting for being fucking right?” Black asked with a chuckle.

“How many I can fit up your ass.” Thanos would reply, all the while Nebula’s mouth was gaped.

Black noticed this and grinned. “What’s wrong, Nightmare Jr? Weren't expecting reinforcements. You gonna cry?” Black mocked. Shallot let out a snicker while Nebula growled.

Thanos looked around and he chuckled softly, “DISPLACED!” Thanos shouted out, he then reached his hand out and the Infinity Blade closed in on him. “Assemble.”

“LET’S GO!” Grievous shouted out and everyone charged, Thanos flew forward, and Katakuri turned into his donut form. Everyone was using their abilities to charge forward.

Eric flared his wings and took to the Skies as Orochimaru and Welsh charged at the army with their weapons drawn.

Black and Shallot both roared as their auras doubled in size before charging into Nebula’s army. Black readied his ki scythe and Shallot centered his ki into his fist, resulting in them glowing. The pair broke off with Black heading straight for Nebula and Shallot going into the large army.

Thanos, Eric, Black, Hit, Luffy were leading, the pack all the while Rang Nebula pointed her scythe and the Elements of Harmony charged forward as she calmly walked forward. The armies soon collide.

Aurora Platinum slammed her fist into a Dragon and the Dragon hit the ground, Thanos slammed his sword into anything that went in his path, going straight towards Rang Nebula with anger.

Grievous was cutting up dragons like they’re sushi, Optimus ran towards several tanks and sent off multiple rounds of bullets. Hit leaped in the air and punched straight through an enemy warship as Supergirl appeared right beside him and fired off laserbeams.

Black charged straight into Twilight, swinging his scythe into the Alicorn. Twilight prepared a barrier, but it was shattered by the ki scythe and it knocked the Alicorn back.

Twilight was knocked into the dirt and she rolled to her feet, placing a palm on the ground to stop herself. She growled and fired off bolts of magic at Black as she closed in on Black, she then fired off a punch at him. Black dodged most of the magical bolts before deflecting one, the Saiyan then threw his own fist as the two collided, letting out a shockwave.

Twilight’s horn lit up once more and Black’s fist began to freeze solid, when Black tried to pull back he was stuck. Twilight then grabbed onto the Saiyan and roared, he then flung him into the sky where he hit the Legendary Assassin, Hit.

“SHIT!” Hit exclaimed, recovering in the air.

The Saiyan recovered, smirking before he looked at Hit. “Sorry about that,” Black said quickly before shooting back at Twilight, who shot many magic bolts at him. The Saiyan threw his hand forward and fired off many ki blasts. The two energies collide to make a massive explosion. Black flew through the smoke and sent a kick into Twilight's gut, the Alicorn gasping for air as she bounced off the ground. “Is this all you can offer me, color me disappointed.” Black mocked, delivering an uppercut into her back.

As Twilight was being sent to the sky, she glared down at Black, she then levitated two of Thanos’ warships and threw them down at Black. She then fired off a full powered Alicorn wave of energy, making the warships explode. Out of the smoke, multiple red ki shards flew at the Alicorn, she growled as she began to dodge them. Then Black appeared above her, putting his hands together and throwing them into her skull. “What’s with the silent treatment, the Twilight of my world is so much more talkative!” Black exclaimed as he delivered a kick, sending the Alicorn back to the ground.

“We’re on a battlefield! We’re not supposed to talk, you… Not smart person!” Twilight said, flying up to Black, and unleashing an uppercut on Black’s jaw. Twilight did a spin dash and slammed her heel into Black, sending him down. Levitating the Saiyan with magic, she drug Black across the ground and flung him across the country.

The Saiyan broke out of her magic before slamming his feet into the ground to stop himself. “Di-… did you just avoid swearing?” Black asked dumbfounded, he cupped his hands together, creating a ball of red ki between his hands. “You’ve gotta be the most naive pony right next to Fluttershy. Times Ten… KA… ME… HA… ME…” Black charged his attack, Twilight creating a magic blast in her hands and firing it at the Saiyan. Black waited till the magical blast was right in front of him.

“HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” Black shot the Kamehameha straight into the blast, the magic collapsing on itself as the ki propelled the magic into Twilight. Twilight quickly teleported away from the blast, and as the dust cleared, Black tried to sense Twilight’s Ki. He did, only for Twilight to descend from the clouds and slam both of her feet into Black, sending him down.

Twilight flew downwards, following Black, slamming her elbow into Black he was sent far. Twilight continued to launch attack after attack before kicking him into Gypsy Danger who was currently fighting a dragon. The Saiyan bounced off the Yeager before falling to the ground. Black began to chuckle as the Alicorn landed a few feet away from him. The Saiyan stood up, revealing all of Twilight's attacks did nothing to the dark Saiyan. “Is that all? Come on, show me your power.” Black said as he instantly appeared in front of her, delivering a punch to her gut. She gasped for air but was then swiftly hit to the side as Black delivered punch after punch into the Alicorn.

“HYA!” Black was then hit with a Sonic Rainboom, making the Saiyan wheeze in pain, he was then knocked into the rubble of Minocow and slammed into the broken palace. Rainbow Dash flew beside Twilight. “I got you covered Twi.’ She said, out of breath.

“Thank you Rainbow.” Twilight gave her an appreciative smile.

A large explosion caught their attention as the palace of Minocow was vaporized, a large aura shaking the land as Black rose from the rubble with a smirk. “Gotta say Rainbow Dash, second fastest in the world. You managed to leave a bruise, something poor Celestia jr couldn’t do.” Black mocked, his aura twice as large. He pointed his hand at them, sending a large barrage of ki into the pair.

Rainbow Dash ducked under the Ki Blasts before she noticed Grievous and dived down after him. Twilight flew towards Black and flew off, breaking the sound barrier she then slammed a fist into the jaw of Black, glaring at him.

“Come on now, surely you can do better.” Black laughed as he grabbed her fist, yanking it to the side and delivered his own punch into Twilight’s Jaw. This attack did a lot of damage, but the Saiyan didn’t stop there as he grabbed her face and charged her to the ground. “Five Ren kugi Punch Barrage!” Black chanted as he threw her into the dirt, bouncing off it before being sent back down into it by a barrage of punches from Black.

Twilight growled and grumbled in pain, “ENOUGH!” She yelled, using her Royal Canterlot Voice, a burst of magic surrounded her and blew Black to the skies. Twilight then shot up to Black and stabbed him with her horn before firing off a wave of Alicorn Magic through him. The Saiyan threw his arms to the side, letting the blast collide with him, followed by an explosion.

A few moments later, the dust settled to see Black standing there with a grin. Twilight noticed that the Saiyan haven't been taking any damage since the fight started. “So you’ve finally noticed that you’re not damaging me at all. So I recommend you go full power before you could ever stand a chance against me... you sorry excuse for an Alicorn.” Black spat, his aura growing in size as the ground around them began to shatter. This caused Twilight to lose her balance and in letting Black appear with a ki blade, slicing her arms. Twilight hissed in pain and threw a punch at Black, though the Saiyan caught it before it could make contact. Black then began to apply pressure, crushing her fist as she tried to get out of his hold.

Twilight roared in pain before her eyes turned white and Black was pushed back across the continent before she turned back to normal. The Saiyan however noticed this jump in power, making him grin. “Oh, rage, the universal language to a large increase in power. Are you getting frustrated wittle Tia?” Black mocked as he dusted himself off.

“Stop… Saying her name…!” Twilight clenched her fists.

“Please, I’m sure she’s disappointed in you, after all you couldn’t even save her.” Black laughed. The Saiyan appeared in front of her, ki blade in hand as he grabbed her by the neck. “You're a disappointment to not just Celestia, but to your family, your friends.” He brought the Ki blade to her horn, scrapping it against her as she began to wail in pain. “And even if you were able to get a rage boost, I’m not at full strength so it wouldn’t even matter!” Black pulled his blade back and was ready to slice her horn off.

Suddenly, her eyes turned white, she grabbed Black by his neck and flew up to the cloud where everything was chaotic. Ships from Star Wars, Marvel, and more were firing off and attacking each other. “You claim I’m weak, yet who is this Chrystal you failed to save?” She inquired.

Black’s gaze hardened, this surprised her as suddenly they stopped in mid-air. She tried to move the Saiyan but was failing to. Black swiftly grabbed her by the horn and began to apply pressure to it. “Do you even know who you speak about?” Black asked. Twilight used all of her might to pull away from the Saiyan, but she couldn’t move.

Twilight then teleports away, “We are the Vessel of the Spirit of Harmony, we can detect any amount of friendship throughout all of time and space.” Twilight then fired off a bolt of lighting at Black.

The Saiyan teleported behind the alicorn, she turned around and threw a fist at him with it connecting to his jaw. Though Saiyan didn’t move, he glared at Twilight. “Then you should know not to bring… a… child… into this.” Black declared as he pointed two fingers towards Twilight's chest. Without a moment of hesitation, he formed his hand into a fist and instantly hit her chest. “Cause now… I’m done playing with my food…” Black then kneed her in the chin, before grabbing her and throwing her into the chaotic battle below.

The Saiyan teleported to the ground below, cocking his fist back. “Armament Hakai… Five Ren Kugi Punch.” Black chanted as by the time Twilight got to the ground, He threw the punch into her gut. This made the Alicorn spit out blood. Landing on the ground, she vomited all over the dirt. The Saiyan didn’t hesitate, kicking her in the stomach and sending her tumbling against a wall. Twilight coughed up more blood and vomit, she glanced to see Black with a dead expression. A large pit of fear enveloped her as she shakely stood up. “Tell me… what else do you know about me?”

“You’re a maniac who loves fighting.” Twilight groaned, clutching her stomach.

“Is that what Nebula told you? Or are you just guessing without any knowledge of me?” Black asked. He appeared in front of her, she threw a punch to his chest but upon impact she only managed to break her hand.

“It’s what Nebula told me, and she’s visited your universe, she knows what happened with Shallot and you. Always loving the fight, do you?” Twilight said with venom.

“Oh Nebula only gave you a percentage of knowledge about my world. Is that all she told you?” Black asked as he began to walk towards Twilight. The Alicorn then shoots magic bolts non-stop at the Saiyan. Creating a large cloud of dust as she continued to fire magic bolt after magic bolt. A minute later she stopped, letting out heavy breaths. Though she then begins to feel fear as Black walks out of the smoke, his gi shredded but no damage to the Saiyan himself. “Let me give you a glimpse of my life.” The Saiyan says, appearing in front of Twilight and grabbing her head. A moment later, Twilight’s eyes open wide as Black’s life is shown. Showing his time with his master, Starswirl. His time with the original bearers of the Elements of Harmony. His time with Luna and Celestia. All of his hardships and losses, his happiness and sadness. A second later Black let go and kicked Twilight away as she tumbled across the ground.

Twilight pushed herself from the ground, “You…” Twilight then collapsed and hit the ground, unconscious. Black stood there silently, a hint of regret in his eyes as he picked up Twilight and teleported away to somewhere safe. Teleporting next to a tree, he carefully set her sitting against the tree and teleporting back to the battle.

Where Hit was currently punching through enemy after enemy, beams of Ki going through them. Hit then grabbed a Griffon and threw them to Black, the Saiyan dropped down to his base form and slammed his foot into the Griffon’s gut, sending the Griffon into the dirt.

“Not bad, kid.” Hit said, shooting Ki beams out of his eye and piercing through several opponents.

“Kid? Really?” Black said as he moved his head to the side from a blast of magic. The Saiyan then turned around and threw his fist forward. An invisible pressure blast was sent into the army, taking out a large portion of them.

“I’m 1,300 years old.” Hit said stopping the heart of a Diamond Dog, the Diamond dog fell down unconscious.

“You’re just a little older than me. 1,032 years old doesn’t make me a kid.” Black counted as he caught a fist and widened his eyes. A large pressure blast knocked out a large portion of Nebula’s army.

Eric descended into the battle as he drew his sword, the Shadow Alicorn’s blade came into contact with the sword of Magnum Opus - Captain of the Crystal Empire’s Royal Guard. Their clash sent sparks through the air before they separated, Magnum couldn’t help but glare at the Crystal Empire sigil on Eric’s shoulder.

“Hmph, Displaced? Rang Nebula warned us about you, told us you were demons. And by the looks of it, it’s true, you probably absorbed the captain of the Crystal Guard and took their title!” Magnum Opus lunged at Eric and slammed his Sea Prism Stone blade into Eric, using the Shave technique to do so.

Eric Nearily managed to block the attack with his own blade. “You’ve got it wrong, Pony” Eric grunted, firing a beam of magic from his horn. “But my title was given to me by My Friend, King Sombra”

“Sombra, the corrupted man who raped and killed women and children alike.” Magnum said, firing a beam of fire at Eric, the beam of fire tearing a piece of him off.

Despite the damage taken Eric stood behind the Unicorn in a flash, a deep gash appeared across the cheek of the pony. Eric brought his sword down on the Crystal Pony, only for his attack to be blocked.

“You will not speak ill about him” Eric said through gritted teeth

“Then don’t praise him by calling him your friend!” Magnum responded with gritted teeth, Magnum then slammed his head into Eric’s, temporarily stunning the Shadow Man. Magnum then does a spinning strike, slicing across Eric’s chest before firing another fire spell at Eric.

Eric slid back a few feet before glaring daggers at the unicorn, unfurling his wings. Eric rose from the ground as magic covered his hands, immediately black balls of fire form in his hands.

“Your pure flames are pathetic compared to the Magic of the Dark King” Eric said, merging the two together. “Flame of Purgatory”

Eric hurled the magical flames at the pony, however the pony jumped back to avoid the dark fire spell. The moment the fire hit the ground it began to spread at a rapid pace, the flame itself was going after the Crystal Unicorn. Magnum levitated himself and he flew up in the air, avoiding the flames all together, he then landed on a warship. Magnum then fired off volleys of crystal bombs at Eric.

With a raise of his hand Eric erects a spherical barrier around himself, however the crystal bombs where slowly working through his magic. Eric flew up after the pony before landing on the warship, Eric’s powers began to flare as his shadow began to rise and morph into a large Chimera.

“Sic him” Eric ordered before charging the pony by using a mix of the Shave and the Moonwalk technique. Magnum levitated his sword and spun it around rapidly before tearing through the Chimera like butter. He then brought the sword back to his person.

“Nice try, demon!” Magnum raised his sword overhead high before slamming his sword down upon Eric. however the Shadows converged on Eric blocking his form from the pony’s

“I am no Demon” the chilling voice of Eric’s reaper form said as he blocked the sword with his scythe. “I am a Reaper”

Eric kicked the pony off before jumping to his feet, the Shadow Man rushed forward before slamming his foot into Magnum’s chest which sent the crystal pony off the warship and back onto the battlefield. Eric followed after with his scythe raised to cleave the pony in two, however, Magnum teleported away from the Shadow Man. Magnum appeared on the battlefield below, just in time to avoid the exploding warship.

“OI!” Luffy called out, decking Magnum in the face, sending him crashing through the dirt. “What are you doing? I was just fighting-” Luffy then avoided an attack from Rocky, Alpha of the Obsidian Dogs.

As Magnum went to his feet crashed down feet away from the unicorn, his scythe blade gleaming in the sun's light. The Shadow Man rushed the unicorn before sliding to a stop with blood dripping from his scythe.

“Hmm..” Eric mused as he turned to the still alive Crystal Pony who was clenching his missing hand. “It would seem I am indeed getting older, I was aiming for your neck” Eric rose and swung his scythe splashing the blood from the blade onto the ground. “I won’t miss a second time”

Gritting his teeth, Magnum ripped off his sleeves and bound his stump of a hand. This in turn cut off the blood flow significantly, with his remaining hand the crystal unicorn gripped his weapon.

“Still got some fight in you, Pony” Eric laughed before raising his scythe. “Let’s see how long that lasts”

“I’ll fight until there’s no tomorrow if it means saving the world from people like you!” Magnum readied his blade, before sprinting at Eric, readying to cut into Eric.

With a Skeletal grin Eric parried the unicorn's initial strike. “You know you remind me a lot of Captain Turquoise,'' Eric said as he blocked another strike. “He was the pony who trained me, I only wish his replacement was more like you”

“Well, ponies can’t all be good, sometimes you need to find the right light to push past the darkness!” Magnum’s horn lit up, blinding Eric before he spun around and cut into Eric, given an imbalance, he nearly tripped and fell but he found his bearings.

Inhaling through his teeth, Eric couldn’t help but let out a laugh as he held his side. “Perhaps in another life you and I could have gotten along like Celestia and Cake”

“Yeah, perhaps.” He would chuckle, “But as long as I stand, I’ll keep on fighting, FOR THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!” He said, running at Eric with his sword ready.

“I couldn’t agree more” Eric said spinning around his scythe and met Magnum blow for blow

Though as the fight went on, Eric’s scythe began to break Magnum’s sword, every strike broke a piece of Magnum’s blade. Eric gave one final swing against the Captain’s sword, Magnum’s weapon couldn’t handle the stress any longer and shattered. This caused him to fall back onto the ground. Before he had a chance to move he felt the tip of Eric’s scythe against his forehead.

“Stay down,” Eric said to the pony. “I meant what I said, you remind me too much of the pony who trained me and I’d rather not kill somepony as pure-hearted as you” Eric said, removing his weapon. “You may see me as a demon, but I am not without honor”

“I meant what I said as well… As long as I stand…” Magnum’s horn began to light up, “I will keep on fighting…” The horn began to conjure a ball. The ball began to expand. “For.” The ball grew in size. “THE.” It became the size of a car. “CRYSTAL EMPIRE!!!!” He fired off a ball of magic at Eric.

Eric raised his hand and summoned his Dark Barrier spell, while at the same time covering the pony as well. The ball of magic hit Eric’s barrier which began to crack under the pressure, purple plumes of magic poured from his eyes as he fired a orb of magic at the destructive spell. Eric’s spell did not dispel his opponent’s magic, it did however redirect it into the sky. Eric dispelled his magic as he approached the unicorn, raising his weapon the Shadow Man smacked Magnum at the base of his horn. A large crack formed from the base of Magnum’s horn and traveled up until the tip, Eric pulled his weapon back as he knelt down to the pony.

“At this point I’m begging” Eric said to the pony. “Stay down, I don’t want to kill you”

Eric rose to his feet and surveyed the battlefield, Orochimaru was fighting a group of ponies while Welsh and his snake were locked in combat with Silvia of the Silver Dogs.. Eric was about to join the rest of the battle until he heard the sound of crackling, whipping his head around he saw Magnum trying to use magic with his damaged horn.

“Stop it!” Eric said concern in his voice. “Your horn is damaged, you can’t channel raw magic, it’ll backfire”

“Then…” Magnum got in a boxing stance, “I’ll kick you to the stars!” Magnum coated his arms and legs in Armament Haki and ran towards Eric, ready to box him.

Thinking quickly Eric Swung his scythe at the crystal pony, the blade cleaved through the horn as the pony tackled the Shadow Man. Unfortunately the horn still held the spell which was becoming more powerful by the second, Eric soon realized that the horn was being fueled by the surrounding magic. Moving quickly the Shadow Man pulled himself and his opponent into his shadow, mere moments passed and the spell went berserk causing a massive explosion that took out a good number of Rang Nebula’s forces as well as injuring both of Eric’s Shade’s.

Eric emerged from the shadow of his fallen Shade’s with Magnum in his grip, the Shadow Man’s body was smoking as part of the out of control spell penetrated his shadow. Dropping the Crystal pony the Shadow Man went to check on his Shades only to stop when Magnum struggled to his feet, rising to his feet Eric grabbed Magnum by his armor and forced him to the ground.

“I’m sorry about your horn but it had to be done” Eric said before forming Armament haki over his fist and knocking the unicorn unconscious

Eric turned to his Shade’s and saw both getting up and reclaiming their weapons. “Can you two still fight?”

“Tis nothing but a minor flesh wound, Master” Welsh said as be gave a bow to Eric

“Flessh wound my assss!” Orochimaru shouted as he held his bleeding arm. “That being sssaid, I can ssstill fight Eric”

“Then go” Eric ordered before surveying the battle

Eric unfurled his wings and took to the skies to take out the dragons amongst Nebula’s forces.

Starry Sky flies toward Retriever with his Hand on the hilt. "One Sword style: 360 pound phoenix!" Starry yells as he sends a slash towards Retriever.

The Golden Dog used Soru and disappeared from sight, he appeared beside Starry and slammed his elbow into Starry, sending him back. Slamming his fist into the ground, golden pillars appeared below Starry and attempted to pierce them.

Starry quickly recovers and instantly disappears and reappears ls in rapid succession creating a mirage of Starrys. All of them unsheathing their Katanas and running towards Retriever, Retriever slammed both fists into the ground and all of them were then concealed in circles of gold, He then lifts them up by slamming his foot down, making a shockwave that sent them to the sky. He leaped after them and kicked every golden ball into enemy warships.

Starrys mirage dissipates and Starry is nowhere to be found then suddenly Retriever is pierced in the shoulder and blood pours from the wound and a voice could be heard. "It's not wise to turn your back to your opponent." As Starry goes for an upward slash on Retrievers back, only for the Golden Dog to avoid it.

“Hmph!” The Golden Dog then howled, the sound pushed Starry back. “Wounds on the back is a warrior's shame, and even more of a shame if a man hits a man on the back!” Retriever then punched Starry in his chest, sending him back, gold wrapped around Starry and he was covered in gold. He then uppercuts Starry and Retriever kicks Starry backwards, making him hit a dragon.

"Nice trick. I have one too." As the gold suddenly disappears and Starry flies up and puts his hands to the air and a giant clear paw bubble appears then Starry shrinks it and launches it towards him. "Have you ever wanted to fly? If so, let me show you how it feels." as the small bubble expands hitting Retriever.

“TCH!” Retriever winced as he was pushed back, he then howled and his howl had several others following him. Suddenly Starry’s head was clutched by a wolf and he was slammed into the ground, Retriever then made a golden spike, hitting Starry in his rib. This also made Starry increase in height, reaching the air battle field, suddenly ships locked onto Starry.

Starry breathes deeply and everything slows down for him as he hears the gears of the battle ships creak, the captain giving orders and the crew readying to fire. He extends his arms and waits.

Suddenly, a truck went into the sky and transformed into Optimus. The Cybertronian cut through the ships and sliced through the golden spike. “Go on, young one, fight with your heart!” Optimus said as he took down another ship.

Retriever gaped in pure shock as Optimus ran away.

Starry floats there confused and flabbergasted 'This is getting out of hand. I'm just glad he's on our side.' Starry sighs and nods and dons a look of determination then dives toward Retriever. He extends his arm. "Paw Barrage!" Starry yells as he launches a barrage of paws at light speed towards Retriever.

Though the quick Golden Dog avoided the paws, soon Retriever erected a wall of gold before kicking it down, the wall of gold was going to slam into Starry.

Starry flies faster towards him and slaps the gold wall launching it into one of the enemy warships and continues undeterred. He grabs the hilt of his katana and suddenly disappears then reappears behind Retriever as he sheaths his Katana. "You fought well"

“Oh da-” Retriever said as blood spurts out of his body, he then hits the floor, unconscious. Starry then flies deeper into the battlefield cutting down any enemy and a few warships he encounters before Rang Nebula caught Starry by the neck as he was tearing through.

“I can’t allow you to do that, can I?” She mused before she began to freeze Starry solid, suddenly Thanos appeared and slammed his fist into Nebula’s jaw. Forcing her to let go of Starry.

“Your fight is with me, jackass!” Thanos said before looking back at Starry. “I recommend you to fight Pinkamena before fighting a monster like this!” Thanos then slammed his blade upon Nebula who countered the attack with her scythe.

"Very well Purple One and a few words for you" Starry points at Nebula drawing her attention " Yousa bit-" Starry disappears before finishing leaving behind broken ice

“Now… Where were we?” Thanos asked, quirking an eyebrow, Nebula grinned.

“Yes, where were we?” She snapped her fingers and a cage appeared in the sky, Thanos looked up and saw…

And Saw…

He saw…

Cloven Diamond.

“Ah, hello my student!” He waved down at Thanos, “How are you doing?”

“Master Cloven?!” Thanos said with shock, Rang Nebula tried to cut into Thanos but he avoided it and punched Rang Nebula.

“Yeah, it’s me, don’t worry about me, I’m fin-” He was then teleported away, Thanos then clenched his fists in anger. He glared and turned around to face Nebula, and the two’s punches collided and the world began to shake as if an earthquake went off.

Thanos punches Nebula in her jaw, Nebula then slammed her blade down upon him, cutting his shoulder. Thanos grabbed Nebula by her neck, and slammed the blade into Nebula’s knee.

Nebula groaned in pain and she leaped back, Thanos then jumped towards Nebula and threw a punch at her and it connected. Not letting her rest for a second, Thanos slammed his sword down upon Nebula who erected a barrier and blocked the attack.

"Fool." She then pushed Thanos back, and summoned her scythe. She then raised it overhead and tried to slam the weapon onto Thanos who blocked the attack with his Infinity Blade. "You can not win this war, when I get all six infinity stones you will peri-."

“GERONIMO!!!!!!” Nebula was then swiftly drop kicked by Black, sending her into a nearby mountain, followed by a large explosion. The Saiyan then landed next to The shocked Titan with a smile, “How’s dark and gloomy being right now?” He then transformed into Perfected Super Saiyan Rosé.

“How’s who?” Thanos asked, confused on what Black is talking about

“Who else could I be referring to?” Black said deadpanned. But turned his attention back to where Nebula was kicked into.

“Well, in terms of power she stole your token, AKA the potara earrings, Nox’s token, Kodo’s token, and even Eric’s token… As well as Oblivion the Shadow’s ring.” Thanos said, coating his sword in Armament Haki.

“Huh… besides my token, I feel like we’re in trouble.” Black muttered, a second later the mountain exploded with Nebula rising out of the rubble.

“You’d be correct.” Nebula would then knock their heads together, now behind them, Thanos and Black were stunned. Nebula would then slam their heads into the ground, “Dickheads.”

Black grunted, a red spikes aura surrounded him. “Kaioken Times Ten!” Black shouted, backflipping away and shooting an array of fire and ki blasts.

“How pathetically predictable…” Nebula mused, she then turned around to face Black. Thanos would then try to punch Nebula’s head only for the Alicorn to use Thanos as a shield. Nebula then threw Thanos at Black.

“Somebody stupid get in my way!” Thanos yelped heading towards Black.

“Not again!!!” Black exclaimed, moving to the side and grabbing Thanos by the arm. The Siayan then used his momentum to spin Thanos back towards Nebula.

“HELLISH SWORD SPIN!” Thanos then lit his sword aflame and threw it at Nebula who threw her scythe in the air, she slid down and slammed her heel in Thanos’ forehead. However Thanos bit Nebula’s foot, making her screech like a banshee. Black used instant transmission to appear behind Nebula and deliver a haymaker to her ribs. Nebula would then levitate Black and slam him into Thanos, before crushing them together, sucking them in close with Dark Dark Fruit. She then began to freeze them solid, disabling Thanos’ Devil Fruit with the Dark Dark Fruit.

“You will not interfere with my plan, fools!” Nebula spat, glaring at them. A muffled roar could be heard before being followed by an explosion of power. The smoke died down to see Black and Thanos side by side with a determined glare.

“Let’s go!” Thanos went into Bursting Igneous Magma Blue Inferno, surrounded in a blue aura of heat and Dragon Slayer Magic.

“KAIOKEN TIMES 30!!!” Black roared, the ground beneath him shattered as his aura grew three times in size. Black quickly went into his fighting stance with Thanos doing the same. The two then both charged at Nebula and delivered a kick to Nebula’s gut simultaneously. Thanos quickly followed after, slamming a Power Stone enhanced fist into Nebula’s gut, sending her sky high. Thanos then throws Black into the air at breakneck speeds to follow Nebula in the air.

“Armament Haki: Ten Ren Kugi Dragon Fist!” Black chanted as he pulled his arm back, letting it glow gold and be covered in Armament Haki. Black appeared in front of Nebula and delivered the attack into her jaw. Before she could be sent higher into the sky, the Saiyan grabbed her by the face and sprung her down back to Thanos. Black teleported to the Titans side using instant transmission, to where the two both kicked Nebula across the battlefield.

“Let’s send her to Tartarus, Thanos!” Black exclaimed as he let his aura go wild.

“Aye, let’s send her to the moon, nay, THE STARS!” Thanos would said, “GARGANTUAN INFINITE…” Thanos would conjure a blast with all of the colors of the Infinity Stone he had in his left hand.

Black threw his hands to the side as two yellow energies formed. “FINAL…” Black moves his arms in front of him and begins to merge the two energies. “BIG BANG… KA…” Black began to chant as he brought his hands to the side slowly as the energy began to go wild. “ME… HA… ME…” Nebula recovered in the air, only to see Black and Thanos conjuring their most powerful Blasts. “LIGHTS OUT, NEBULA… HHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Black roared as he released his blast, throwing his hands forward and letting the blast fly towards Nebula.

“GO TO HELL... WAAAAVVVEEEE!!!!!!!” Thanos would bellow, the two attacks flew side-by-side until they merged into one gargantuan blast. Tearing through the air like bullet in the wind and slamming into Rang Nebula. They took a huge chunk out of the world and the surrounding planets.

Thanos would lift his Gauntlet in the air and a giant green pentagram would appear, he would twist his hand and the chunk would be restored. “Good as new.” Thanos exhaled.

“That’s busted…” Black chuckled, dropping out of Kaioken to conserve energy while Thanos laughed with him for a moment.

“Wow, I thought we were close Black.” Black was then surrounded by darkness, “Thanos always had to die but not you.” Nebula mused.

Black groaned in annoyance, “Well, I’m not really into chicks who are hell bent on revenge…” Black said as he looked around, a bead of sweat rolling down his chin.

“I tried to help you walk away, and now you’re making me do this.” Nebula said, her voice surrounding Black. Black was suddenly turned into what he was when he was human. Suddenly rows of everything that was important was around him, he was in a hall.

“What the hell is this…” Black muttered.

Nebula then appeared a few feet from Black, “You told me, you disapproved of Thanos’ choices.” As Black would try to fire a Ki blast, nothing would come out. “You told me that you just wanted to protect your girl.” Nebula would say, appearing behind Black, looking down at Black.

The Saiyan-turned human took a few steps back, “So what’s your point…” Black said carefully.

“Black, help me!” The voice of Luna cried out, coming from one of the doors.

Black spun around to the doors, looking between them swiftly before turning back to Nebula with a look that could kill. Before he ran into one of them without hesitation, he then stumbled forward and stopped himself from falling off one of the Castle of Two Sisters balconies. Luna was looking at Black, who was now in the past with no scars and his original arms.

“Black, what’s happening?” Luna said, looking around in fear.

Black said nothing as he looked around the castle. “I know this isn't real Nebula!” Black roared.

“Do you though?” Nebula appeared behind Luna and her wings were bound together, a ring on Luna’s horn, holding her over the balcony. Luna was panicking, Nebula then dropped her from the balcony.

“LUNA!!!” To Black’s objection, his body moved on instinct as he charged forward past Nebula and dived down after Luna. He then hit the floor.

“I don’t think you know what’s real, Michael.” Nebula said, her voice repeating all around Black, as he got up he was pulled to his childhood, he saw flashbacks of being ruthlessly beaten up, casted aside by kids who used him, and him walking alone back to the orphanage.

“This is the Mind Stone’s doing! Whatever you're trying to gain, it won't work!” Black exclaimed as he turned away from his childhood and tried looking for Nebula.

Suddenly, a giant fist sprung out and punched Black. Throwing him into the door he walked in when he was Displaced, he then fell down multiple shards for crystal. "You need to WAKE UP!" Black then slammed into a tank, and rolled off of it, psychically injured. He gets up and looks around, trying to spot Nebula.

“If you’re trying to get me angry, it’s fucking working!” Black spat as sparks of electricity began to surround the Saiyan. Suddenly the air around him darkened once more, the cries and sound of battle no more. Suddenly shards of mirrors slam around Black.

“I mean, just look at yourself.” Nebula said, Black was now in the Gi he was in when he first hung out with Luna back in the day. The Saiyan saw himself in hundreds of mirrors. The eyes of a younger Saiyan stared back. More innocent and before the time of war. Hesitantly, he walked up to the mirror, lifting his hand to touch the mirror.

Suddenly they lunged at Black and tackled him, Black tried to fight back but he was overwhelmed quickly. They began to rip off some clothing, “You are just a scared little kid, in a SWEAT SUIT!” Black was now in the Gi he started out with, now in an altar with all the Alicorns.

“I combined myself with Nightmare Moon to give the world someone to believe in! I control the truth, Rang Nebula is the truth!” Her voice rang out, surrounding Black.

“You're mad with power! Would Tia want any of this, for you to combine with Nightmare and all this killing?!” Black spat, getting into a stance.

Suddenly, Rang Nebula dropped down and slammed her fist down upon Black’s head, making him hit the ground. Nebula grabbed Black and slammed him against an Alicorn statue before throwing him across the pillars that surrounded them.

The Saiyan grunted, slamming his palm into the ground to stop his momentum. He stared back at Nebula with anger, shooting multiple ki blasts towards the Alicorn. Who flew in the air in response, shooting down ice beams and dark spheres down upon Black. Who kept on avoiding it until Nebula shot one of the pillars and the pillar fell down and hit Black. Black was now on his knees in front of a gravestone.

“If you were good enough…” Black opened his eyes to see Chrystal written on the plaque. “Maybe Chrystal would still be alive.” Suddenly, a hand sprung out, the hand of a child, the child lifted itself out. It was Chrystal, she began crawling towards Black, her eyes rotten, spiders all over..

Black’s eyes widened as he started to hear his heartbeat, sound around him began to grow distant with his rage growing by the second. The spiders then jumped and went into Black’s eyes, his vision then transferred to an army of Rang Nebulas marching forward. “Deep down, you know I’m right.” Rang Nebula’s chest piece opened the eye of Nightmare Moon.

Black then tried to run in a random direction to try and get out of the illusion, but then he bumped into glass. He then hit the ground, and the houses of Canterlot emerged. “You made your choice, and all you had to do was step aside, and now, your universe will have to-” Nebula was then punched by Thanos, and she hit the ground unconscious.

“Black, I know she told you she was going to your universe. What are the coordinates? Since she has my token I can’t help your universe if things go to shit!” Thanos said, looking down at Black.

Black stayed silent, starring Thanos down. “How the hell don’t you know where my universe is?” Black asked.

“Displaced travel through tokens, and the Void is an infinite space, it would be eons until I find you. And by then, Nebula would have killed Luna! Do you want that Black?!” Thanos said, frowning at Black.

Black stayed silent for a few moments, closing his eyes and huffed out. “Don’t think that will work… Princess Luna.” Black said with spite.

“You are smart, now I have to torture the information out of Nox.” Nebula mused, suddenly paintings, sculptures, buildings, and rubbles started to fall around Black.

Black, tired of Nebula’s games, let out a roar. Exploding into Perfected Super Saiyan Rosé. “ENOUGH!!!!” Black roared as the illusion started to break around him.

“Fire the cannon.” Nebula said darkly, suddenly, the illusion broke down and Black turned to his right. And the Crystal Cannon fired off a Power Beam, sending Black into space, eventually leading him to one of Saturn’s Moons, Titan. “All that’s left is Thanos.”

On a distant moon, Black cried out in pain, looking down to his gut as saw a large gash that went deep into his skin and muscle. The Saiyan had dropped down to Super Saiyan God to heal himself. Though it was slow, it still was ecrusinating for him. “D-Dammit…” Black lifted his hand over himself, using whatever stamina he had left he used The Supreme Kai’s Healing technique.

This sped up the healing process as he started to see his muscles and skin regrow and heal. It would be a good few minutes before he fully healed himself. He rested his head on Titans surface, dropping back into his base form as he used most of his stamina. “We’ll… i can officially say I’ve been to Thanos’s home world, if that serves anything…” Black muttered. “So Nightmare… think we’ve still got a chance against Nebula?”

From the beat down you just received. You’ve gotten a Zenkai Boost so you at least 50 times stronger now..’ Nightmare said, though Black heard her sigh. ‘Though with you out of commission, I’d say no.’

“No faith in me huh?” Black let out a humorless chuckle. He began to think back to the mind game Nebula played on him. “All Nebula did was just make me angrier… and realize that she’s gone mentally insane…” The Saiyan shakily sat up, groaning in pain as he slowly stood up.

You shouldn’t be moving, you need to rest!’ Nightmare warned, though Black didn’t listen. A clear black aura surrounded the Saiyan as Black gritted his teeth.

“And let everyone down, let Nebula win?” Black spat, shutting Nightmare up. “I’m not gonna stand by and let Thanos die due to me having a NAP!” Black transformed into Perfected Rosé once more. “Never Again, will I lose someone I care about due to Ignorance!” Sparks started to appear around the Saiyan, Black gritted his teeth. “I will not lose another Friend… NO MORE” Black roared as he clenched his fists, blood escaping from his palms. The Saiyan began to breathe heavily, looking at the ground with hate before he started to take deep breaths. Calming himself down, however he didn’t notice a certain heat emanating from his body, followed by a mystical aura.

A few moments passed before Black realized what he’d just done. He looked at his hands, in awe at the amount of power he emitted. He said nothing as he then looked back to Equis ' direction with a glare. “Prepare yourself Nebula… you’ve made the worst mistake ever in your life.” Black said as he launched himself off Titan and sped towards Equis at speeds greater than light.

Starry continued into the battlefield when Discord appeared in front of him, Starry bumped into him. “Ah, hello there.” Discord greeted.

'This is where the fun begins' Starry then waves at Discord "Ah Discord we've been expecting you. Quick question, what kind of chaos should we be expecting"

“Oh you know, the kind that does this.” Discord said, levitating Starry and throwing him into the clouds, flinging him away.

Starry reappears beside Discord and whistles "You've got a mean arm. Let me show you mine" as Starry hits Discord making him suddenly disappear. Starry then looks around him taping his hoof against the ground while crossing his arms Sonic style.

“Yeet.” Starry was transported to an island, where Discord appeared above him, smiling cockily. “Now you know how it feels, do you?”

"Yes, I've always wondered how it felt. Now I do. Now how about a little more." Starry says as he flies into the sky doing a few flips and spins before landing and putting his hands to the ground.

Discord whistles and suddenly several signs with a score of 9 and 8 out of 10's appear. "Beautiful performance Starry, the landing could use some work." Discord says as Starry still has his hands on The ground. Discord looks at him confused "Oh don't be sad Starry you'll get me next time " Discord says as veins start to pop out of Starry's arms. "Starry?

"You know what my power is to repel anything I touch right?"

"Yes. I know about your power, what about it?" Discords suddenly thought he realized what he meant "Oh no you don't" Discord says as he grabs Starry but Starry just smiles and puts his hands to Discords chest.


"What?" Discord says confused before feeling extreme pain all over his body "RRRRAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Discord screams in agony as purple energy starts to exit his body. Discord immediately teleports away but falls to his knees when he tries to stand. "What did you do to me?!" Discord yells confused and in pain as Starry just walks into the purple mist and absorbs it.

Starry suddenly falls to his knees as he struggles to stand. 'Crap I didn't think it would hurt this much ' He thinks as he shakes his head and stands up and snaps his fingers. Suddenly his wounds close up and he stands up. 'I don't know how long it'll last but let's put it to good use.'

"Answer me dammit!" Discord yells enraged.

Starry just looks to Discord as he stands up as well. They face each other. "Fine, don't answer me." Discord snaps his fingers and summons several enormous cannons and Sea Prism chains then tries to cuff Starry with them but before they could touch him, Starry snaps his fingers and the chains turn into giant snakes and he launches them to Discord who snaps his fingers and they poof into smoke. 'He has chaos magic?!'

Starry disappears and reappears behind the cannons and snaps his fingers causing them to fire at Discord who in response turns the cannons and cannonballs into magma then in circles Starry with it who just floats there and suddenly disappears. Starry reappears and snaps the magma into weapons which then fall to the ground. He picks one up and charges Discord.

"Tch" Discord grabs a Halberd while Starry has his katana and a Gladius sword. They lock weapons with a boom and jump away from each other and start to fly. Discord launches several balls of pure chaos towards Starry who dodges them but they keep following him as he flies away from them. Discord keeps making more and more chaos balls and sends them towards Starry but Starry doesn't seem fazed by them. As Starry continues to fly he changes directions and starts heading toward Discord who smiles and creates a giant sea above them "DIE!" Discord yells as he let's the water go and it falls toward them both but Starry snaps his fingers. Discord looks around trying to figure what he did but then the water suddenly explodes and out from the water comes the chaos balls Discord made each and everyone of them hitting Discord directly.

Discord starts to fall to the ground charred and smoking but he suddenly stops and a strong purple aura surrounds him and he slowly floats up. Discord looks at Starry his eyes white ge extends his talon and out comes a giant beam of chaos, Starry makes a portal to redirect the energy back to Discord but it doesn't hurt him in fact he grew bigger. Starry stares at him but suddenly Discord disappears and reappears behind Starry ready to bring the Halberd down but Starry blocks the hit and reappears a few feet in front of Discord. The paw on his hand was bleeding and his Gladius shattered.

Discord then sends beam after beam towards Starry as Starry desperately tries to dodge each one. One of them hits Starry in his leg and when Starry looks his leg is gone. "AAGGGHH!!" Starry screams in pain as Discord takes this chance to teleport above Starry and put his hands together then hit Starry towards the ground but before he hits the ground Discord teleports below him and kicks him high in the sky. Discord then continues to teleport and hit him until it looks like a sphere of Discords all either punching or kicking and if you could see inside you'd see a bloodied Starry.

"RRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" Starry screams, sending a shockwave out pushing Discord back and what he sees scares him. Starry covered in the same aura as him. Starry floats there limp until his upper body straightens and he looks at Discord. They stay there looking at each other. They both breath in and out before conjuring a ball of chaos. They both charge their own before several Discords and Starrys appear and start fighting creating what looks to be a cyan and purple Aurora Borealis but inside of it a giant cyan human skeleton with gladiator armor fights a giant purple Discord. The resulting power struggle could be seen from all over the planet. As both the skeleton and Discord open their mouths "KAME HAME HAAAAAA!!!!!" They both yell out before a cyan beam leaves the skeletons mouth and a purple beam leaves Discords.

Both energies collide with each other, both pushing and desperately trying to overpower the other as the several Discords and Starrys start to crack as a cyan glow could be seen from the Starrys cracks and a purple glow could be seen from the Discords cracks before exploding and their energies join the beams. The surrounding area is gone. All that is left Is the sea bed. "RRRRAAAAAHHHHH" both Discord and Starry roar as their beams grow bigger. This time reality starts to change around them as they go through dimension through dimension, unfortunately destroying one or two of them before they return to where they were originally, both the beams die down and the skeleton and Discord dissipate leaving both a bloodied and broken Starry and Discord.

They both fly towards each other and punch the other in the face sending a shockwave. They both struggle looking at each other with rage and determination. Suddenly Discord loses consciousness and starts to fall to the sea before Starry snaps his fingers and the island reappears and Discord gets stuck in some vines catching him. Starry snaps his fingers and he appears above the battlefield before destroying a large amount of the enemy's warships and troops. Starry’s arm suddenly cracks and the cracks soon follow up his chest then spreads to the rest of his body but he snaps his fingers one last time before exploding into a massive silhouette of a human and pegasus back to back made of a blinding purple light and when the light fades where once stood Starry only ashes and his katana remain slowly falling toward the ground and settling.

Shallot sidesteps a dragon before upper cutting into the Lizard's gut, making the dragon keel over and hold his stomach. The young Saiyan then kicks the dragon away as more dragons charge at him. “This is getting annoying!” Shallot groaned.

“Hey! That’s my job!” Grievous cried out, in Mastered Ultra Instinct, tearing through dragon after dragon like he’s a shredder.

“Does it matter, we need to shorten their numbers so then we can all gang up on Nebula!” Shallot shouted as he spun around and swung his hand, letting a ki way cut across the land and into multiple dragons.

“TALLY-HO!” Sunset Shimmer slammed her feet into Shallot’s face, fire then bursted from her heels and blasted Shallot into the ground. “You’re next, Grievous.”

“Okay boomer.” Grievous said before flying off to kill more dragons.

To Sunset Shimmer's surprise, Shallot grabbed her feet and slammed her to the ground with it shattering underneath her. He produced a red ki ball and ran it into the unicorn's gut, a second later it exploded, propelling Sunset into a group of Dragons.

“Wow, you’re strong.” Supergirl mused, standing beside Shallot, crossing her arms.

“Thanks, but I’m nowhere close to Black. He told me I was the equivalent of Princess Celestia back in my universe… which is considerably low.” Shallot muttered off to the side. “Though he is training me, Spike, and three fillies to become stronger!” Shallot was interrupted when he felt a massive spike of power, his eyes widening when he looked off into the sky.

“Did you guys sense that?!?” Shallot said in disbelief.

“Yeah, that’s Black, I could totally kick his ass if I found a blue star.” Supergirl said cockily, looking up to the skies above.

“Don’t know what you mean by that… but… this seems different… more calm…” Shallot muses. Suddenly, he saw a white star appear in the sky and grow in size. As Black got closer, Shallot could sense his power continuously growing, it having no end. A second later, multiple sonic booms could be heard as Black instantly appeared in front of Shallot with his back turned to him.

Shallot stumbled backwards from the sudden appearance of his master. His hair was an absolute mess and it remained it’s normal color. His aura was mystical and calm as Black’s strength continued to grow. Black turned his head to Shallot, “How are you holding up?”

“Fine… but what… how did you…” Shallot tried to speak, but Black’s power made the young Saiyan speechless.

“I’ll answer that later, just keep helping Supergirl and Grievous.” Black said calmly, turning his head back to the battle.

Suddenly, everyone began to float in the air and everyone turned their attention to Thanos. He was flying in one spot, levitating. “I’m sorry everyone, there is no other way.” Thanos began to lit aflame, kicking it up to Netsu Netsu Heat Man, but there was something off about that made it more powerful. Eric recognized it was the Awakened Devil Fruit.

Thanos began to charge up, surrounded by Divine Ki, the Eternal and the Deviant inside him roaring like mad men. Thanos’ aura was surrounded by the colors of the Infinity Stones he had in possession.


But the Titan didn’t listen, the ground below everyone began to turn into molten magma. Thanos’ body had scales on them and he was covered in purple Armament Haki with the aura of Ryou, Tekkai Go enhancing his strength further.

Black furrowed his eyebrows as he watched silently as the Titan began to push himself.

Thanos began to sprout wings of Magma and Earth, claws began to form on his hands and Thanos’ eyes turned pure white and with a roar he was finished. With the power he had he was overloading.

Absolutely overloading.

“Absolute Overload!” Thanos called his new form, the ground, lava, the air burning up around him. Kaio-Ken increased his fiery aura.

Black teleported to the Titans side, he looked at Thanos before looking towards Nebula. Who looked intrigued at his reappearance. “Did you honestly think that cannon would take me out? All you achieved was making me stronger.” Black said calmly as he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “And I’m not done evolving yet.” The Saiyan said calmly, he took a deep breath and a beam of pure light and heat shot into the sky.

Nebula was no longer looking at two mortal men, she was looking at hurricanes. Nebula then kicked it up a notch herself and turned into her full powered form. “Ice Empress!” She called her new form.

A few moments later, the beam of light died down to reveal Black with the same hairstyle, though his hair was now silver with his eyes doing the same. “You cannot stop me now Luna, This is Complete Ultra Instinct.” Black spoke, his voice having an echo. “Thanos, if we don’t beat her like this, we’ve still got potara.”

“Aye, I suppose.” Thanos would say, his breath nearly turning Black into roasted pork. “Let’s put her in the place.”

“Let’s…” Black said as he and Thanos got into a stance, before launching forward with determined glares.

The Storm Part III.

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The Storm III

Eric fired off a massive series of shadow orbs which took out another platoon of the enemy's army.

He heard flapping of wings and there landed the Dragon Lord, Ember, she stared blankly at Eric. Unamused at the Shadow Man's assaults on her army.

“Hmm…Dragon Empress Ember.” Eric mused as he turned to face the blue dragoness. “I take it you’ll fight me next?”

"If that is what you want," She mused, taking out her scepter that was glowing crimson. "You realize that I not only am in possession of a weapon passed down by dragons who can wipe out continents, but you're also digging your own grave." Ember said.

“The Dragon Scepter, I’m aware of it.” Eric said, closing his eyes as magic began to pour from them. “But can it fight a creature capable of destroying all life?”

"We shall see." Ember twirled her scepter and pointed it at Eric. What seemed to be a dragon formed from the tip of the scepter, the dragon then opened it's maw and fired a wave of pure molten magma at the Shadow Man.

Eric raised a hand as a small orb of magic formed. “Naraku!” The magma was sucked into the orb leaving the Shadow Man unharmed, however the shadow man staggered holding his head. “Damn I’m using too much magic again.”

Ember hummed before a smirk formed on her scaly face. "Too much magic…? Let's see how much you can use that spell of yours." She then fired off waves of different elements, magma, lightning, ice, water, even acid at Eric.

In response the Shadow Man unfurled his wings and took to the skies to avoid the elements launched by the Dragon Lord. Ember spread her wings and took flight, following after Eric, the Dragon Lord continued to fire the spells at Eric with not much trouble.

Using his magic Eric fired off another ‘Naraku’ spell to absorb the magic, the toll of the magical feedback surged through the Shadow Man’s head which caused him to slow down significantly. Which caused some magma and acid to skim pass his sides, causing Ember to chuckle.

"You're slowing down, Alicorn." Ember said with a smirk, she then flies above Eric and fires off a bolt of lightning, and since he's holding a metal weapon it did extra damage to him. Shaking him to his core, Ember then coated her teeth in Armament Haki and bit into Eric's arm. The arm that he's holding his scythe more specifically she then slammed her scepter into Eric's chest, making him bleed slightly. Ember then fires off a variety of spells into Eric's chest, as they head towards the ground.

Eric crashed into the ground with blood covering his body, Ember lowered herself down to deliver the final blow. However Eric’s arm jolted up and seized hold of the Dragon Scepter, Eric opened his eyes and they flash a bright green color rather than his permanent red. A powerful magical aura covered Eric’s form as he slammed his fist into Ember’s stomach, even with her scales the Dragon Lord still felt tremendous pain from that hit.

“Emerald eyes…" Ember mused before spotting a broken ship wreckage. She smirked and flew behind it.

“It was a parting gift of the True King of the Crystal Empire.” Eric spoke watching the Dragon hide. “This is the one and only Spell of the Real King Umbra”

Ember then bursts through the wreckage, magma covered her claws and her talons. She then coats them in Armament Haki and swipes at Eric, as she's doing it, she spews magma at the Shadow Man. Trying to reduce him to a metal of blackness.

Eric effortlessly dodged the attacks with ease with the Paper Art technique, then with the aid of the Shave Technique moved behind the dragon.

“Shade Fist...” The Shadow Man reared his fist back before covering it in Pitch Black Armament Haki. “...Dark Star!”

Eric’s fist connected the Dragon Lord just below her wings with such force an audible snap could be heard, Ember was sent rolling onto the battlefield. Ember grabbed a halberd that was buried into a corpse and stuck it into the ground to stop herself. The Dragon Lord rose to her feet but felt nothing from her wings, The Shadow Man’s attack had snapped the bones connecting her wings to her back.

She lifted the halberd and looked at it, contemplating using the weapon. She shrugged and then bit into the metal of the blade and ate it whole. Her mouth began to glow an orangey red color, she growled, a gurgle coming deep within.

"RAAAH!" She spewed magma into the air, appearing like a volcano has erupted. Looking down she peers into Eric's eyes and gets ready to brawl, with her fists or with magic.

Eric dropped into the shadows to avoid the attack, tapping the ground with her talons she hummed.

"What will I do without my scepter? It's almost like I can just…" She then summoned the scepter back into her claws. "Farewell, Shadow-Alicorn-thingy." Slamming her scepter down, the whole area around her erupted with magma, sending a pillar of molten rock to the clouds.

Without warning the Dragon lord felt something bite into her shoulder, turning the Blue Dragon was met one of Eric’s Shade’s.

“Bad move lady,” Orochimaru said with a flick of his forked tongue.

"Which one? Mine or yours, considering that you're surrounded by magma." Ember said as they were in the aftermath of the magma pillar. Surrounded by magma with very few platforms, she laughed in Orochimaru's face. And forced the snake to let go of her shoulder, she turned to face the snake shade. "You're in my home turf now, and what are you? A speck of darkness in a bowl of light!" Ember twirled her scepter and the magma began to turn into a whirlpool, waves of magma went up and down.

"Face it, you're outmatched, outgunned, and shit out of luck!" Ember said with a smile that wreaked of chaos.

“Be that asssss it may” Orochimaru hissed out with a wide smile. “I will alwayssss come back even if I die” the Lamia’s smile only grew as he flicked his serpent tongue. “But can you return after being exposed to my Venom?”

Ember glanced at her wound, seeing it already swell and infect. "You underestimate a dragon's immunity to natural poisons, and even still, if you tear my wings off; my arms, legs, eyes, ears, I'll always find a way to fight back. I am a dragon. A Dragon Lord." Suddenly entities flew out of her scepter, and the spirits of the past Dragon Lords twirled around the crater. Circling around the pair as if they're judging their battle.

Orochimaru lunged at the Dragon Lord with a loud hiss, the serpent slithered under the Dragons legend before coming behind and coiling around her in his ever tightening grip.

“Have you ever fought a Lamia Shade, Dragon?” Orochimauru asked as he tightened around her even further.

"Have you fought a Dragon Lord, Shade?" Ember clenched her scepter and a boom of thunder rang out as lightning struck the pair. Not really harming Ember, but sure as hell injured the shade. Ember repeated the process repeatedly until Orochimarublet go of her, lightning after lightning, she wouldn't stop.

Orochimaru released the dragon and began to fall to the ground, however he could only laugh as his body began to melt which caused the Dragon Lord to raise her eyebrow in confusion.

"Hm… Must be warning me of something, well, might as well take it." Ember then dives down into the magma, submerging completely in said magma.

Their battle, yet not finished…


No amount of words could describe the situation right now. A giant green circle above the planet, turning back time once a chunk of the earth was ripped from it. Beams of power piercing heaven and hell, space and reality shifting, souls beginning to bend and shake, destruction, instinct, and mind.

Streaks of purple, white, and dark blue clashed throughout the air. Shattering dimensions and the universe alike, ripping holes into the multiverse and making deities quake in their boots. The ones who were causing such bursts of power were Thanos, Son Goku Black, and Rang Nebula. The Gods, the Titans, the Goliaths.

Shallot had stopped his fight and watched the chaos above him. Another clash happened with reality shattering again. “This is unreal… If they keep fighting they just may end up ending this universe.” Shallot spoke, another clash making him fall to the ground.

"Jesus…" Supergirl muttered as she watched Nebula clash with Black, their scythes entwined. "This isn't even a fight, it's a war." Supergirl said, terrified of the power of the Gods.

Black broke his scythe in half, turning part of it into a sting of chains. He quickly wrapped them around Nebula’s arm and pulled her towards him. He prepared a ki blast in his hands and was ready to fire, but Nebula teleported away as the Saiyan fired off the attack. Thanos quickly caught the ki blast to prevent it from hitting the planet and launched it to the sky, the brightness of the explosion made the sun look like a night light. Thanos looked around for Nebula and found himself punched in the face by the Alicorn.

Nebula's horn lit up and from the heavens, four moons began to appear in the atmosphere. She clenched her teeth and slammed them into each other, the moons then combined into a dwarf planet. She then began to slam it down upon Thanos and Black, the two looked at each other wordlessly and nodded. They looked up at the mega moon and their palms faced it.


In an instant, the mega moon turned into dust, shocking Nebula to how easy it was to destroy an object of that size. From the dust Black appeared with a determined glare, he pulled his fists back and launched a barrage of attacks at Nebula, who had begun to counter. Their clash of fists shook the planet to it’s very core as explosions, streaks of lightning began to tear at the planet’s surface. And it was quickly repaired with the Time Stone.

Nebula went for a strike against the Saiyan’s head, but Black’s body moved on it’s own, tilting his head to the side and delivering a destructive punch to the gut. The power of the attack sent a pressure blast out the back of Nebula and flattened a section of the planet. This stunned Nebula long enough for Black to deliver his barrage of attacks again, his arms legs being coated in Armament Haki. “Fifteen Ren Kugi Punch.” Black spoke calmly, his voice having an echo as Black delivered the final blow into Nebula’s skull. This sent Nebula through the planet and into its molten core. And was buried under it… Only for her to tear through the earth and appear before black, burnt and injured.

Thanos swooped in and delivered a Power Punch to the temple, "POWER CRASH!" Nebula was sent flying across the earth. Thanos turned around and slammed his heel into Nebula once she had circled the earth, sending her into a pile of corpses. Using the Reality Stone, he turned those corpses into Zombies and they began to claw at Nebula, only for her to vaporise them all. Nebula roared with wrath and seethed in anger, she glared up at Thanos and fired beams of Ice and Dark spheres at him. Thanos began to avoid them and the beams of ice melted when they got close and the dark spheres went towards Black.

Black closed his eyes and began to move his hands in a circular movement before bringing them to his side, clenching his fists. He opened his eyes as the dark spheres were mere moments away, he threw his palms forward and his aura engulfed the spheres, stopping them in his tracks. They soon changed color to pure light and the Saiyan sent them hurtling back to Nebula. The Alicorn dodge them with one just scraping against her, but Black appeared above her and elbowed her into the ground, creating a massive crater. Nebula landed on her hands and feet and she turned around, glaring at Black who held no emotion.

“Face it Nebula, you can’t win this battle. Give up.” Black spoke, Nebula growled and seethed with anger before she calmed down.

"You know, there's a saying that goes around through the Alicorn Generations… When you can't win the battle, win the war." Nebula's horn lit up and in her hands was Twilight Sparkle, and Grogar's Bell. Black’s eyes narrowed as he recognized the item in hand.

‘She can’t be that desperate…’ Black thought.

"Oh. Oh no." Thanos said, looking at Black then Nebula. "This isn't good."

"If you come near me in a ten meter radius, you will be under my mind control, so you must either watch me become more powerful, or serve under me." Nebula said, as a sick Cadence in chains appeared next to her. Obviously mistreated.

‘She’s that desperate…’ Black thought with disgust. “So… you’d become the one thing everypony feared at night.”

"No, we are becoming the savior to the multiverse, we are going to cleanse the filth that is the Displaced, WE ARE GOING TO SAVE ALL!" Nebula said as she bounded Cadence to the ground.

Black had enough of her God complex talk and began to charge up a Final Big Bang Kamehameha. The power emanating from Black as he made his attack larger and fueled with so much ki it began to break the planet itself below. “You can’t justify yourself as the Savior of the multiverse Nebula.”

"Come on, hit me, I want ya to do it, c'mon hit me, do it, hit me, hit me, HIT ME!" She cackled maniacally, spreading her arms apart, ready to take the full brunt of the attack.

Black’s eyes narrowed as he began to fly up into the air, ascending into the sky. The higher he flew up, the more concern that began to wash over everyone. “Tell me Nebula, you said you’d be willing to do anything to beat us, correct?” Black asked as he began to become a shining star in the sky. Shallot looked up to Black, growing more and more concerned.

"YE-HE-HE-HE-HE-S! YOU GET ME SON GOKU BLACK! YOU GET MY RESOLVE, MY DRIVE!" Nebula began to say her pupils were becoming slits, her teeth, sharper.

"It's about drive, it's about power-" Thanos began to sing before he was cut off by Shallot.

“BLACK DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE FIRE THAT BLAST!!!” Shallot roared, clenching his fists.

Pieces of the planet began to break off and rise into the sky, other planets began to do the same. Black’s mythical aura began to have an outline of red, his aura from going calm to becoming violent. Suddenly a sharp red aura encompassed the Saiyan as he attack grew from twice it’s size. “I’m sorry, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Princess Twilight.” Black said. Before teleporting out of existence, shocking Nebula. Suddenly Black appeared in front of the Alicorns with a glare that could wipe everything from existence.

HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” Black roared with the might of a thousand Ozaru’s, the blast engulfed Nebula and everything in its path. The Blast vaporized half the planet and most of the galaxy that was in its path. And fortunately not hitting the Displaced Army and unfortunately, not hitting most of Nebula's.

Though the planet was repaired once more, Thanos flew down, sighing in disappointment. "You know, I truly thought she could be redeemed." He said with the cross of his arms.

“She was far to gone, I noticed she was becoming more and more like Nightmare Moon when I was charging that attack.” Black said as he stood up and looked across the landscape and the horrified Nebula Army.

"It's time to go home, buddy." Thanos pats Black on his back, accidentally burning him. "Sorry." Thanos and Black turned around to go when…

A sudden jump in power was felt from behind them, they looked behind them and dust was blocking their view. Thanos and Black were horrified and confused, who could that be? The dust slowly began to clear and the magicless husks of Twilight and Cadence revealed themselves. Their pupils are blank…

"Black…" Thanos said, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Black nodded as he faced the dust with an emotionless glare, prepared for her to show herself.

"Wheeze wheeze Displaced, have you any blood…?"

An ominous voice rang from the dust, sending shivers up every Displaced spines.

"No ma'am, no ma'am, I'm out of luck."

She’s lost it…’ Nightmare said in Black’s mind.

"We will break your family and your bones…"

"And force you to be all alone…"

The dust cleared and there stood the Devil herself. Her wings were massive, she had another pair too, one purple one pink, her horn was long as well, with spirals of purple and pink around it. Her eyes were filled with a glowing dark blue, she had two new Cutie Marks placed around her body. Twilight's Cutie Mark on her chest, Cadence's on her back, her scythe was impressive in scythe and fierceness. Her mane was long and regal, as if it had its own kingdom under it, her armor was now an intimidating black and blue with a moon crescent on her chest.

"Hello, Black, Thanos, what would you like your coffin to look like?" Ultimate Nebula asked, her voice had the voices of Twilight, Grogar, Cadence, and Nightmare Moon stockpiled. She began tilting her head and smiling like a deranged LUNAtic.

I'll see myself out.

Black took a deep breath and a large beam of light shot into the sky, breaking away the dark clouds above and letting the sun shine down onto the battered warzone. “You need to stop Luna.” Black said calmly as he took on a stance.

"Stop?" Her voices began to echo, "Oh, Black why would I? When I feel so alive?" She began to chuckle to herself, a permanent smile on her face.

“Do you not realize what you’ve become? You became the Devil and everyone can see this!” Black pointed out, using his hand to gesture to her army.

She looked at her army and scoffed, before looking at Black. "Black, Michael… Michael, Michael, Michael… You aren't like me. I am above this, above all, I am no god, I am a girl who wants vengeance." She points her scythe at Black, "And I am ready to take what's rightfully mine…"

“And what will you do after you're done wiping all existence of Displaced. What will you do after with a population who despises you?” Black asked.

"I finally rest, and smile upon a greatful universe." Ultimate Nebula spoke, she then rushed at Black, her speed making Black appear slow. Ultimate Nebula slashed Black across the chest, burying her blade deep into the ribs of the Saiyan. Thanos hadn't time to react, even with his Future Sight Observation Haki. As Black is pierced, Ultimate Nebula rang out a cackle and threw Black into space, making him tear through galaxies and stars.

"What the he-" Thanos was then grabbed by the neck, Ultimate Nebula cackled once more and froze him solid.

"You. Are going to be my pet, I know I wanted to kill you, but where's the fun in that? I'm going to make you wish that you were dead." Ultimate Nebula said between giggles of insanity. Katakuri then slammed into Ultimate Nebula, sending her back one meter.

"She is a danger to the Multiverse, and she must be defeated!" Katakuri would shout, kicking it up to his Ultimate Form.

A large flash of light outshined the sun and countless galaxies as an immense heat could be felt. Black reappeared next to Katakuri ten times stronger than before. His shirt was vaporized with only his pants and boots remaining.

"Ah, you've returned, now let's handle this-" Katakuri was cut off with cackling, and it wasn't from Ultimate Nebula.

Ultimate Nebula looked up, confused, "What the hell?!" She boomed.


Black’s eyes widened for a moment, but then returned to their emotionless stare as Black looked to the sky. “So… you’re here as well…”


"The itsy bitsy Titan went up the waterspout, down came the Irish to take the Titan out!" Ryker sang as Thanos melted through his prison, Ryker came down from above, in his God of Destruction Form with the eyes of Fierce Deity Link.

Thanos was then punched by Ryker and was sent to the ground, Ryker then appeared next to Ultimate Nebula. They both glanced at each other and cackled before getting ready to fight alongside each other.

To Be Continued...

The Storm IV.

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The Storm IV

It was in ruins… The battlefield of Discord and Starry was in absolute ruins. One pile of ash was on the sands of the island, the only noise that filled the area was footsteps. Those footsteps came from a hooded figure, when he took a step, a crack was formed in the ground. A sudden blizzard formed and the figure looked down at the pile of dust.

He kneeled down to one knee, "Starry Sky, a swordsman of Japan, awaken." A blue pentagram made of ice appeared before the dust pile. The man twisted his hand, the dust formed together and became Starry Sky. "Starry Sky, reborn." He said and he stood up to his fill height.

"What the, where am I?" Starry said, disoriented and confused.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, you're on the Island of Chaos and Stars." The Man said, naming the island after the fierce battle of Starry and Discord.

"Who are you?"

The Man turned around and took one step, he gazed back at Starry and allowed him to see a part of his face. He had blue eyes and shark teeth. "I am the Man Clad in Ice." He grinned and faded into the blizzard. Once the blizzard cleared, he was no longer there. And Starry was back on the battlefield.

"Man Clad in Ice… huh well you have my thanks whatever your real name is." Starry grins while grabbing his katana and charges back into the fray.

Thanos and Black were pushed back, Thanos put his sword into the ground to a halt. Black placed his palms behind his back and used Ki to stop.

"Okay, Black… I think we're boned." Thanos said, spitting blood out his mouth.

“No fucking shit…” Black growled.

"If only we had some guy in a scythe and shadow powers to help us." Thanos said, as he stood up to his feet.

“I'm sure he’s occupied.” Black said as he got into his stance and awaited Ultimate Nebula and Ryker’s attack. “Although, his assistance would be much appreciated…” Black grumbled.

"Yup." Thanos was then rushed by Ultimate Nebula, raising her scythe she slammed it onto Thanos. Thanos proceeds to dodge it, when the scythe hits the ground it freezes the feet of Thanos and Black. "Hey Black." Thanos said calmly.

“Yeah?” Black asked, proceeding to make flames in the palms of his hands and pointed them at their feet.

"How screwed are we?" Thanos asked as Ryker closed in on them with his Dark Blade.

“Oh greatly… if I don’t use full power…” Black hesitantly said. Getting them out of the ice and firing a blast at Ryker. The blast disintegrated on his Destroyer Form aura. "Oh, errors have been made."

"TALLY-HO!" Ryker swiped at Black. On instinct, Black dodged the attack and covered his hand in dense ki and threw a punch into Ryker’s skull. Ryker took the punch and held his ground.

"Nice punch, let me show you mine." Ryker then threw a punch fueled with Ryou Haki into Black's chest. The punch made Black wince but nothing major until the Saiyan coughed out blood. The Saiyan's arm then began to twist. "You know, having Kenshiro's martial arts really does wonders." Black's arms then break and Ryker slammed the flat side of his blade onto Black sending him into Thanos. The two fall and hit the ground.

"Black, are you alright?" Thanos wheezed, covered in ice from Ultimate Nebula's assault.

“My fucking arm is broken…” Black groaned as he supported himself with his metal arm, glaring at both Ultimate Nebula and Ryker. “I do have a plan though… Which may or may not involve you becoming a punching bag for about 5 minutes…” Black explained as he began to use his healing technique on his right arm.

"Well… It's not like I haven't been a punching bag for the whole Displaced Tournament." Thanos said as he got up, raised both his fist high and his Infinity Blade.

To that answer, the Saiyan dropped back down to his base form and floated into the sky. Raising his hands to the sky, he closed his eyes as thousands of lights emitted from the planet, concentrating into a ball above him. ‘Mahna dada, do do do-do do’, the Saiyan began to sing in his mind.

"Alright, let's kick some ass!" Thanos said before he was rushed by Ultimate Nebula and Ryker. He was getting punched and slashed left and right. "OH GOD! FUCK! I AM IN SO MUCH AGONY OH FUCK! SHIT!"

Mahna Mahna, do do-do do. Mahna Mahna, do do de-de de’ Black continued to sing in his mind as the Spirit Bomb began to grow in size.


De-de-de, de-de-de, de-do-do I’ma chagrin’ my attack’ Black sang as the Spirit Bomb grew to the size of the moon. Then Thanos’ body flew straight past him and into the ground violently. The Saiyan noticed this and glanced at the Titan, “Hey you alright buddy?”

"OOHOHOHO GOD! I CAN'T FEEL MY ARMS! MY MAIN SOURCE OF ATTACK GONE!" Thanos screamed in pain, Ryker slammed his knees into Thanos' gut. "BLAURGH!"

“Oh ok… you're fine~” Black said as he turned his attention back to the Spirit Bomb, said attack growing to the size of the planet, it feeding off the energy emitting of the sun. “Hmm… it’s not enough… A little more energy wouldn’t hurt would it?”

In a bird enclosure, there stood Casey Turner, sketching a bird. A notebook in hand and a pencil in another. He then looks up to find the bird dead.

"Mr. Birdy, no!" Casey shouted.

Thanos then rolls over Black covered in blood, ice, and bruises, "Are ya done yet, pal…?" His voice cracked.

“Just about in 3… 2… 1… DONE!” Black said as the sound of a bell went off, confusing everyone on the battlefield. The Saiyan then went back into Complete Ultra Instinct with a glare and to Thanos’ surprise, the Saiyan began to absorb the energy from the Spirit Bomb.

Using the Time Stone, Thanos reverts his injuries and he turns back to the way he was 5 minutes ago. "Okay, this is shocking." He commented. The planet began to shake violently as Black’s aura began to grow in size along with his power. Both the armies stopped their assaults and watched in fear of how the Planet size Spirit bomb was being absorbed into the Saiyan.

"Oh god, I can't get up." Thanos said, trying to get up but failing due to the pressure of Black's ki.

“Only a weakling says they can't,” Eric said, flying down next to the Titan with his hand extended. “And the Mad Titan is no weakling.”

Thanos lowered the temperature in his right hand and grabbed Eric's hand. Just as the Shadow Man pulled him up, he made his right hand back to it's fiery state. "Eric, Ryker is here, Nebula has become Ultimate. Her ice freezes my heat and I currently have the power of a thousand suns. The reason why this place isn't burning is…" Thanos pointed up, and a giant green pentagram was revealed to Eric.

“That’s pretty metal,” Eric whispered out before looking back to the Titan. “What do you need from me, John?”

"Alright, ready your scythe and-" Thanos was then cut off by the Dark Saiyan

“MAKE SURE I’M NOT FUCKING INTURRUPTED!!!” Black roared as Ryker charged towards the Saiyan.

"EGHEHAHA! GET READY TO DIE!" Ryker spun around, eventually becoming a black tornado given the Dark Blade and his Armament Haki.

Eric’s green eyes glowed with power as an orange magic came from his horn and eyes, Magic channeled into his hands as he slammed his fist into the ground. A large chunk of the earth jolted up before the Shadow Man struck the stone and sent it towards Ryker, Ryker cut the stone in half. He was then knocked off course and he slammed his blade into the ground.

"...Eric…" Ryker said in a singsong, he turned to the Shadow Man. "Look at you, so… Alicorn-y." Ryker said as he stood to his feet. "What happened?"

“I wed the one you threatened to hurt to enslave me.” Eric said to the former king as he withdrew a katana from his body. “One-Cut Killer…” the Shadow Man said, unsheathing the blade. “...Murasame”

"Hm." Ryker readied his Yoru and jumped at Eric with a grin on his face, "Let's see how much you've grown since the Archipelago!" The two flared their Conqueror's Haki, shaking the earth around them

“Let’s.” Eric said, stepping towards the vile King. “I still need to kill you for all my comrades you killed during your wretched tournament.” Eric’s Haki grew stronger with each step as did Ryker’s.

"You had your chance when you defeated me alongside your friends. Now look at you, all alone. Without Shiva, Luke, Celine, Kodo, Sombra, Thanos, Lucci, Entity, Link, Black, Luna Black! I've slain countless of displaced, those who've destroyed universes!" Ryker said with a laugh, "You're nothing."

“I’d rather face you alone than put my friends in harm's way again.” Eric said as his Ryou Haki covered his arms and legs. “And a king puts his life before others, something you failed to realize”

"I am no King." Ryker spat, "I lost my Kingdom when you won, now? I'm a Ronin. Huh, Ronin… I like that. Ryker the Ronin." Ryker said as sheathed his sword and covered his arms and legs in Ryou Haki. "Shigan/Finger Pistol." Ryker jabbed a finger towards Eric.

Quick as a flash Eric grabbed hold of the former king's finger with an iron grip, a glare hardened in the Shadow Man’s eyes.

“I’m not as weak as I was before.” Eric said, breaking the finger and kicking Ryker away. “It’ll take much more than that to stop me this time around”

"Finally, a challenge!" Ryker used some Ki and fixed his broken finger. Ryker's Fierce Deity eyes were combined with Rinnegan Eyes. "Come on… And give me what I want…" Chakra mixed with Ki twirled around Ryker and his green eyes changed to golden. "Come at me."

Eric planted his feet as he shifted his grip on his Imperial Arms. “Gladly.” Eric rushed the former king before coating his weapon in haki

Ryker laughed and he formed a Bisento and his Dark Blade, as the two got ready to square off. Thanos plants his feet onto the ground and he fuels himself with power once more. Thanos' skin began to break but with the Time Stone it was placed back.

"C'mon!" Thanos clenched his teeth and covered his body in Ryou Haki. "Let's kick some Ultimate Ass!"

Ultimate Nebula smiled, looking at Thanos and Black, "Aw… Look at Thanos, trying to push himself to his limits. You're all pathetic." She spat.

Black growled as he gathered the rest of the Spirit Bomb into his body. His aura exploded around him, becoming erratic. ‘The power of the sun… in the palm of my hand.’ Black thought to himself as a red outline began to surround the Saiyan. “I can’t hold this energy for long. So let’s finish this…” Black growled.

"Aye!" Thanos charged at Ultimate Nebula, using the Space Stone he made a portal and went through it. Using the Reality Stone, Black came from the portal in front of Ultimate Nebula.

"Oh damn." Ultimate Nebula said calmly.

Black let out a powerful roar, coating his metal arm in armament haki and ki. Throwing his fist into Ultimate Nebula’s ribcage. The Alicorn coughed up blood, but Black didn’t stop as he threw his right arm, sending thousands of invisible compressed air punches into the Alicorn’s gut.

Ultimate Nebula was pushed back into Thanos' lariat, Thanos wrapped his arm around Nebula's waist. Spinning around he threw him into the air, Thanos leaped up after her, now above her. "ABSOLUTE HELLISH RAINSHOWER!" Thanos unleashed a thousandth of punches and they all slammed into Nebula. She was heading towards the ground, Ultimate Nebula growled before teleporting away. Thanos then landed on the ground, he looked around to find Ultimate Nebula.

"Oh boys!" Ultimate Nebula said in a singsong, she slammed her fist into Thanos' rib. Ultimate Nebula then slammed a knee into his chin before she grabbed him by the neck and slammed him onto the ground. Ultimate Nebula then pulled Black close with Alicorn Magic and slammed Black into Thanos. Once they were grouped together she grabbed the two together and threw them into the air.

"YAMI-HIE NO MI! DARKENED ICE!" She shot threads of darkness covered in ice at the Dynamic Dumbasses.

Without warning the form of Ryker was thrown into the Alicorn sparring the Dynamic Dumbasses from her attacks, Ryker stopped himself from moving and glared up at Eric. "Ah… Nice blow, I almost fell." Crossing his legendary weapons he unleashed an X shaped air slash that tore through the ground, digging towards Eric and surrounded by plasma.

“You should be lucky I smacked you out of the sky and didn’t cut you down with Murasame.” Eric said quickly drawing Obsidian Blood and crossing his blades to block the air slash

However the pressure was too great and knocked him off balance, Ryker quickly turned into plasma with his logia body. He shot towards Eric with great speed and transformed his top half into his normal form and slammed his Bisento and Dark Blade onto Eric's blade. The two struggled a bit, but Ryker proved to still tower over Eric in strength and in height.

"You will never beat me on your own Eric, you're outmatched by my strength, skill, speed, and my experience. I am 27,000 years old, and I am-"

Suddenly Ryker disappeared and in his place stood Starry with his hand outstretched. "For all your talk you got sent flying pretty easily. Hey Eric, need a hand."

Eric just stared at the pony with widened eyes, with no warning the Shadow Man embraced the pegasus in a tight hug before giving him a saddened expression.

“I’m sorry,” Eric said in a saddened tone. “I couldn’t save you”

"What are you talking about? You can't save everyone Eric and plus I'm still alive so wipe your tears and steel your soul for we have a war to win!" Starry hugs Eric back.

“You’re right,” Eric said, glancing at the Samurai’s neck with a tinge of guilt.

Eric turned back to the former king before the shadows began to envelope him.

"And for what it's worth I'm glad to be fighting alongside you again, old friend."

“The feeling is mutual, my friend.” Eric said as the shadows covered his being.

"..." Ryker looked at the pair, and put his weapons up. "Y'know, Eric… I never thought of you as a guy who would apologize for the death of a friend. Like me." Ryker said before he dropped his Haki and his eyes turned back to green. "I really don't know you, do I? But I know one thing, you've grown."

“I appreciate the compliment Ryker” Eric said as a black swarm of shadow blocked Ryker’s view of the Shadow Man. “Shadow Soul…”

"Phase 1…" Starry said as he is covered in a thin layer of cyan Colored energy.

“..Soul of Lucifer.”

The shadows dispersed around the Shadow Man, his form towering over Ryker by 20 feet. His eyes were a dark violet color, while his skin was a darkened gray. Several large horns jutted from his head. Black leathery bat wings sprouted from his back. Clawed gauntlets covered his forearms, and dark armor covered the entirety of his body.

"..Protectors Grace" The cyan energy circles around Starry then some of it goes to float around Eric. Starry starts to fly and the cyan energy solidifies and forms a robot body around him.

Ryker inhaled then exhaled, plasma and string twirled around him. The Irish Ronin slammed his knuckles together, his fists were armored with the Gauntlets of Asura. His feet were armored with the Boots of Zeus, his chest was armored with the Ki Nullifying Chestplate. "7th Gate, Open." Ryker was fueled with Taijutsu. Destroyer Energy surrounded Ryker and he transformed into his Destroyer Form, his eyes opened with the eyes of the Fierce Deity and Rinnegan Eyes. He then coats his arms and legs in Ryou Haki and boosts them with Tekkai. "Kaio-Ken times 70." Another red aura added itself onto Ryker's plethora of auras.

'You chose the Phase one armor why?'

"You got a better idea?" Starry says to the air.

'As a matter a fact.' Starrys body starts to glow, change and grow; soon he's a 30 feet tall owl.

"....THIS IS YOUR IDEA!" Starry yells as he looks over himself. "I regret accepting your deal." Starry says dejectedly.

'But you did and now we're here so cheer up cause we have a fight to win!' Starry sighs and looks toward Eric. "Eric hop on." Starry says as he hears laughing in his head.

“Y̸̦ͧ͌ŏ̙u̢̘̥ ̛͇͐̓ḡ̻o͔͕̎ͭt͐́͘ ̶̹̤̌a̘̓̐ ͂́͡p̨̩̲̃l̷͇̕a̗̙͒̾n͗,ͣ̓̀ͅ ̪͠S̈ͥ͢͞k̴̹̦͌ͮ͢y̥͚̔́?” Eric asked climbing on top of the large owl

"Regrettably, yes." Starry flies high with Eric on top of him and starts to form ice all over him and Eric healing their wounds. Then the ice breaks and forms copies of them and fly toward Ryker as Starry charges up a cyan ball in his beak.

"What the- You know what? I'm not gonna ask." Ryker vanished from sight and Starry was knocked out of the sky. Ryker slammed fist fist into Starry's chest, the two were knocking above the clouds.

"That was a mistake." Starry says releasing the ball, freezing them both. Healing Starry but breaking down Ryker. They both fall towards the ground at terminal velocity. Ryker then reformed his body with his logia.

"Oof… I nearly got a cold." Ryker said looking at his red hands.

"GIBBY!" Ryker hears above him before Starry crashes into him and freezes them and the entire area around them.

"PISS OFF!" Ryker then burns the area surrounding him, making a crater around him. "Stop freezing me!"

"Don't feel like it" Starry flies again and shoots icicles at him before charging.

“Di̴͓͇͏s̱̐t̴̠͍ͯͦ͝r̝͂ä̧͔̠́c̸̓̒t̴̰͉͞ ̧̫̙̃͘h̴̻̞ͨͧi̗m͠.” Eric said vanishing from Starry’s back but left a shadow double on his back

Ryker and Starry tussled by talking to each other. Ryker getting frozen, being on frozen, arguing with Starry before getting frozen again.

With Ryker focused on Starry Sky, the Shadow Man appeared behind the former King with his arm coated in Ryou Haki.

“R͈ï̦nͨ̉g͍͌͒͝ ͅõ̫̚f͉͚̔͜ ̰ͩW̛̘ͧr̡̟ͮ͝aͭ̅t͒͟h̢̘̟͢” Eric said going for the former King’s neck. “S̙͉h̲͞͠a͙̒ḍ̢̔o͕w̄̚ ͨḨ̴̮e͗̾l̶̨l̸̳͙ ͎̍S̷̜̓̈t̮̺a̮̲ͧ̅r͓̦”

Eric smashed his fist into Ryker’s neck and buried him into the ground with the earth around him destroyed on impact

Starry breathes deeply before disappearing and reappearing creating a mirage of giant owls before they all charge a cyan ball in their beaks. "Ice Age: LIFE'S MAGIC!"

Ryker sighed, before opening his eyes, plasma shown from it. A colossal cone of plasma is shown, destroying all of the ice nearby. "Alrighty!" Ryker then shot towards Eric and he was surrounded by chakra and formed into a Perfect Green Sussanoõ. "Hello, Eric." He greeted punching Eric across the face, and grabbing him by the neck and choke slamming him.

Starry disappears and reappears in front of Ryker and slaps him across the face causing him to disappear. Starry helps Eric up and faces toward the direction Ryker went."I've got this." Starry says before charging Ryker and screeching.

Ryker proceeds to uppercut Starry before grabbing his wings. Ryker brought Starry down and slammed his knee into the Owl, Ryker flew up to the clouds before piledriving Starry into the dirt.

Starry bites into the Sussanoõ tearing a piece off before swallowing it. "That's what Chakra tastes like. Huh. Hey, was that enough?"

'Yep alright here you go. You've got three minutes of this. Fuck him up!' Starry starts to form a susanoo around him and knocks Ryker away.

Ryker grabbed Starry by his neck and slammed him into the ground. Ryker pinned Starry down and began to punch him over and over again. Grabbing Starry by his head, Ryker slammed Starry into the rubble of the Minocow Palace. Ryker unsheathed his right katana and stabbed it onto Stary's right wing. Ryker then shot a Ki blast at Eric, the Ki blasts turned into chains and they pinned Eric down.

Starry places his left wing against Rykers body and focuses before Ryker feels an excruciating pain erupt from his body and sees a green aura leave his body before Starry absorbs it and turns the tables, pinning Ryker down continuing to absorb the green aura.

Ryker shrunk down to his normal height, making Starry stumble. Ryker then shot forth and slammed both of his fists into Starry. "Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan!" Immense pain shot up Starry's internal organs, mainly his lungs and his heart. Ryker then delivers a swift kick to Starry's chin.

"Too late!" Starry freezes himself along with Ryker. Healing himself and breaking down Ryker but the ice looks different it has a green hue to it and it starts to harden.

Ryker roared and a huge sphere of plasma, Ki, and chakra formed around him. It then expanded and melted the ice off of Starry. During the dust cloud, Ryker wrapped his hand around Starry's neck, giant once more, but now he looked like a giant human. His body, now made of string. "Ahem… Stop freezing me, please? It makes me very uncomfortable."

Starry starts to laugh loudly before sitting down. "You know this fight won't end for a long while, especially since I absorbed some of your energy. So I have a suggestion."

Ryker sat down as well, "Wait, before you say anything, have you watched Wander Over Yonder?" Ryker asked the Owl man.

"Man, I'm from Feudal Japan. I'm not sure what that is but I'm sure you'll explain it."

"Okay, so it's about a guy and a dinosaur saving planets from an evil skull guy and his army of eyeballs. I promise it's a good show- You know what? Can I show you?" Ryker asked, with a smile.

"Eh, it bets an endless battle. Sure also Hey Guardian didn't you mention something Like that." A cyan figure exits from Starrys body forming a small orange figure.

"Yeah I did but you didn't listen when I explained it but this is what one of the characters looks like."

"You know, I can conjure a TV, we can watch it." Ryker said, pointing at a free spot on the battlefield. "Two seasons." He conjured a TV at the free spot, shrinking down to his normal size.

Starry and Guardian look at each other before shrugging and heading to the TV. Starry shrinking down. "Can you turn me back."

" Nah you're too comfortable like this." Guardian says before cuddling up with Starry.
"You can get in on this Ryker. I promise he feels better than clouds."

"Bet." Ryker said before dropping out of his transformation and sitting next to them. Starry sighs before settling down and the show starts.

"Yip bi di dit bip bi-ee-i-di-dit

Wander Over Yonder!"

Ultimate Nebula spun her scythe as she lunged at Thanos, the Titan raised his Infinity Blade, lighting it on fire with his Netsu-Netsu No Mi. Ultimate Nebula and Thanos clashed, and an explosion of fire and ice filled the air, making a smokescreen. “Damn, Thanos and Luna aren't holding back.” Black commented as sounds of the clashing of blades and energy filled the smokescreen and Thanos was sent hurtling out of it. Thanos slammed his blade onto the ground, a small trench of magma was made because of it.

“Black, guard up!” Thanos said as Ultimate Nebula shot from the smokescreen, the amount of magic in her body overflowing, turning her into a darker shade of blue and black. Ultimate Nebula used her horn and made her scythe float, she then threw the scythe at Black, but as the scythe was flying towards Black, she made a portal and stuck her hands in it. Behind Black another portal appeared and her hands reached out to grab the Saiyan. Black was now between a rock and a cold place.

Time slowed down as the Saiyan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A moment later his eyes shot open as he swung his metal arm towards Ultimate Nebula, sending a series of pressured blasts to hold back the Alicorn. And using his right arm to grab her scythe, spinning around and throwing it back at Ultimate Nebula at blinding speed. The Saiyan created multiple ki blasts in his metal palm and threw them at the Alicorn.

Ultimate Nebula’s horn lit up and time slowed down, first, she dodged the ki blasts by leaning back and moving her body to dodge each blast. Ultimate Nebula’s back was mere inches from hitting the ground, she put her right hand up and caught the scythe. Using the momentum, she placed her left hand on the ground and allowed the scythe to spin her to her feet. Ultimate Nebula then threw her scythe in the air and placed her palms on the ground.

“ICE AGE!” The ground below Thanos and Black quickly began to freeze over, quickly, the duo sprung up into the air to avoid the attack.

“That was close.” Thanos panted, fearing his life if the attack landed on either of them, Ultimate Nebula cackled which made Thanos uneasy.

“Ya had to say it.” Black growled.

“Oh I’m not done yet…” Using her awakened Devil Fruit status, the ice below them shot up in blocks. Trying to smash into them and crush them to bits. Thanos shot up to the skies to avoid them, but a shadow came over him, he looked up to see thousands of ice block tendrils coming down onto him. Thanos quickly flew away and began to shoot at the ice block tendrils with his Magma Dragon Slayer Magic, it was effective, but he was clearly being overwhelmed.

As for Black, thousands of dark tendrils shot out to him and whatever Ki or Fire he shot at the darkness was only absorbed and devoured. As the tendrils surrounded him and shot towards him, the Saiyan’s body would avoid and dodge all the tendrils his way. All though it was only delaying the fact he was destroying his body. The energy of the planet sized spirit bomb and the power of Complete Ultra Instinct were beginning to strain his body. Black teleported away and stumbled backwards as he watched all the tendrils crash into each other.

The Saiyan watched as Thanos was being overwhelmed by the non-stop blocks of ice. ‘This is bad…’ Black thought, catching his breath before he caught sight of Ultimate Nebula looking down on him with a smug shit eating grin.

“D’aww… Is the widdle Saiyan tired? How about you take a nap? FOREVER!” Ultimate Nebula then fired off a bunch of ice tendrils coated in darkness. “Ice-Heart!”

“I'm not done just yet Luna, I’ve still got a trick up my sleeve.” Black huffed, clenching his fists as a red outline surrounded his mystical aura. The Saiyan gritted his teeth as his power began to increase dramatically. He began to yell as a spiky red aura exploded around him, his power multiplying to heights unseen.

“ULTRA KAIOKEN!!!” Black roared with the might of a thousand oozarus. The ice tentrals shatters by the force of his aura.

“Ultra-what?” Ultimate Nebula quirked an eyebrow of intrigue.

Ultimate Nebula didn’t get a chance to question further as a fist instantaneously struck her in the cheek. She was then struck by a barrage of punches and kicks all around her body. To the naked eye Black had been standing still, not moving from his spot. The barrage stopped as a kick to the gut made the Alicorn keel over and fall to her knees. She looked up to see Black stare back down at her with a determined glare.

Oh no, he became stronger and more red, whatever shall I do?” The Ultimate Alicorn grabbed Black by his throat and frost began to cover his skin. “My, my, you’re looking cold, you should get a jacket.”

“I’m fine, thank you.” Black replied as the frost began to melt and the area around them began to melt. The Saiyan took the Alicorn’s hand off his throat and began to crush it. “You should start worrying about yourself.” Black yanked her hand and kneed the Alicorn in the snout. The force sent her back but only to be yanked back to the Saiyan and slammed into the ground, causing it to shatter into dust. This stunned her long enough for Black to grab her by the face and dragged her halfway across the planet. Black threw Ultimate Nebula back into the sky only for Black to appear above her, kicking her back into the planet’s core and out the otherside of the planet.

Suddenly, the damages were reversed, and the green glow from the sky was gone. Thanos stood on the ground, out of breath from using the Infinity Stones. “Black, whatever damage to the planet you do now will be permanent. If you do one more attack like that… The whole world will be wiped out.” Thanos said as he clenched his fist one more and reversed the frost from his skin.

“Then we’ll have to finish this now… And I’ve got just the move for that.” Black answered calmly as his body became more visually strained.

“Black, you need to stop that transformation, it’s going to kill you. If you overwork your body too much, you’ll die.” Thanos said as he clenched his fists.

“I know. But you’re doing the same thing, so you can’t say anything.” Black replied as he began to heal himself using the Supreme Kai’s Technique.

Tendrils of ice and darkness surrounded Black, making a sphere around him. The sphere then condenses and he is brought to the ground. Nebula jumped above the sphere and cut it in two, Nebula then grabbed Black from the remnants of the sphere and slammed him to the ground, “Destroy MY planet one more time, and I’ll make damn sure your Luna dies.” Ultimate Nebula seethed.

Black’s aura exploded, the Saiyan’s injuries disappearing as the healing technique did it’s job. “Then let’s take this off the planet.” Black growled as he grabbed Ultimate Nebula and shot off into the sky and into space, flying straight towards the moon. Black roared and threw the Alicorn onto the surface of the moon, creating a massive new crater for all to see. The Saiyan landed on the ground as Nebula shot out of the crater and landed a few meters away from him. “This more suitable for you? Your precious planet is no longer in harm’s path.” Black asked.

“You have no idea how fucked you are.” In the distance, planets the size of Jupiter began to close in, suddenly stopping. Each and every planet circled around the Earth.

“Neither do you.” Black responded coldly.

Ultimate Nebula shot at Black, using Ryou Haki, she slammed her fist into Black’s chest and directly hit his heart. Making Black spurt out blood from his mouth, Ultimate Nebul then grabbed Black by the neck and drove him through each and every planet. Including the core, as she circled the earth and picked up speed, she suddenly shot to the abyss of space. “I hear Saiyans can’t breathe in the Vacuum of Space, I wonder, how long will it take for you to run out?” The two quickly made their way out of the solar system.


“You made a mistake taking me out this far Nebula… cause now…” Black grunted as he grabbed Nebula and shook her off. “I no longer need to hold back…” The Saiyan shot forward, landing a punch into the Alicorn’s ribs. The power of the attack made cracks in the fabric of reality as Ultimate Nebula spat out blood. Black roared as he coated his body in armament kaki, he threw a kick towards the Alicorn, but she crossed her arms and blocked the attack. However the force sent her back as the Saiyan delivered another kick, breaking her guard.

Each attack continued to crack reality. The Saiyan clenched his fists as he let his aura run wild. Ultimate Nebula’s horn lit up as she sent hundreds of dark tendrils Black’s way. This time he dodged and weaved out of their path and appeared in front of the Alicorn. “Five Ren Kugi Punch!” Black chanted as he punched into Ultimate Nebula’s snout. The force sent her back as the Saiyan continued to follow her, increasing the multiplier of his Ren Kugi punches every blow.

The Saiyan summoned his sacred gear, a red gauntlet appearing in his right arm. “EXPLOSION!” Black roared as his power doubled every second. Ultimate Nebula tried to retaliate by sending a large magic blast. But the Saiyan’s body moved to the side, circling around the beam before appearing before the Alicorn. “FIFTEEN REN KUGI PUNCH!” Black roared as he punched her in the gut. This attack shattered reality, the sounds of glass shattering around them and a colorful area surrounded them.

The Alicorn recovered, coiling her arm back as the Saiyan did the same, throwing their arms forward. They collided and reality shattered once again, a shockwave being felt across the universe. The Saiyan began to breathe heavily, knowing his time was running short. Black growled as he coated his arms in god ki and threw a barrage of attacks at Ultimate Nebula. She tried to keep up but was overwhelmed by the Saiyan’s increasing speed. Black roared as he pulled his arm back. “TWENTY REN KUGI GOD PUNCH!!” Black punched into the Alicorn’s gut once more, this time his god ki covered the Alicorn as it began to rip at the Alicorn’s body.
The Saiyan crossed his arms, letting out a mighty roar and throwing his arms into the void of space. This triggered the god ki to detonate, creating the largest explosion this universe had seen. The smoke cleared to see a battered and beaten Alicorn, who glared daggers at Black. The Saiyan sighed as he cupped his hands together and began to charge a Full power Final Big Bang Kamehameha.

“Oh, he’s not done yet. Come on…Make me stronger.” Ultimate Nebula said, this made Black freeze in place. “You finally realize it now? I’ve been toying with you since the very beginning! If I could send you across galaxies with a casual swing of my scythe, don’t you think I would have been stronger?!” Ultimate Nebula’s body began to bend and tremble as it fixed itself.

“Being in different universes has its benefits, and having Oblivion and Umbra’s powers does as well. Oh yeah, that’s right, I have all of the Shadow Magic. During my time scavenging the multiverse I saw Eric’s fight with Umbra and Nox, time travel, basically. And I saw that protective technique Umbra had and so I improved it. And with Grogar’s Magic, Oblivion’s Magic, and even Cadence’s magic. The pain was halved. You’re strong Black, and I can’t protect myself fully, so I did the next best thing. Fixing my broken bones and halving the damage.” Ultimate Nebula said, crossing her arms. “What are you going to do now that this information has been brought to you? Look at little Goku Junior, gonna cry?”

Black said nothing as he continued to charge his attack. The strain of the Spirit Bomb’s energy, Complete Ultra Instinct, and Ultra Kaioken began to take it’s toll. But to Ultimate Nebula’s surprise, the Saiyan continued to grow stronger and stronger the longer he stayed in this transformation. “I’ve tried to save you Luna, talk you out of this dark path… but since you threatened my Luna… I’m done trying to save you…” Black spoke as he made his attack stronger and more powerful.

Ultimate Nebula charged up her power, magic, dark magic, love magic, Ki, ice, darkness, and everything she could possibly find in her arsenal for an attack that could counter Black. The life energy of nearby stars and planets went into Ultimate Nebula’s body as she began to become supercharged.

The Saiyan’s aura disappeared as it was sucked into the massive sphere held in his hands. His pupils dilated into ones of a felines as he draws power from Nightmare and Zamasu. “THIS… IS… MY… AAALLLLLLL!!!!” Black roared as he threw his hands forward, sending the largest Final Big Bang Kamehameha of all time. It grows to the size of a planet before condensing to the size of a small moon.

Like Black, the Alicorn’s aura disappeared and was sucked into a sphere of pure destruction and hatred. Ultimate Nebula’s eyes began to glow white and shone upon the galaxy. “PREPARE FOR THE DEATH OF A DISPLAAAACED!!!!” The ball then grew and tore through space and slammed itself into Black’s Ki Blast, the size of the blast rivaling Black’s. Reality broke around them and they were sent into a different place entirely, a broken reality.

Back on Equis, the power of the two attacks can be felt as the planet shakes. Shallot looked up to the sky with worry for Black. Another shockwave was felt, beginning to crack the planet’s surface as earthquakes and Hurricane winds ran rampant all over Equis. Thanos raised the Infinity Gauntlet to the sky and used the Time Stone to reverse the damages, the Reality Stone to make a forcefield to help the planet, the Space Stone to make everyone invulnerable, the Soul stone to seek out everyone, and the Power Stone to fight back against the shockwave. Thanos’ left arm began to suffer from the power output but it was reversed with the earth.

‘This is insane… if this keeps going…’ Shallot thought as he watched Thanos reverse all the damages. He looked back up to the sky and glared as he raised his hand. ‘Come on Black… Finish it already.’ Said Saiyan was struggling to overpower Ultimate Nebula’s attack and neither could her. The two were in a complete standstill as the two powers continued to clash. Black grunted as he tried to increase his power, but the more he did the larger the chance his body would give in to the strain.

Gritting his teeth and closing his eyes, “KAIOKEN…”

Ultimate Nebula gasped… Before her smile became wider. “Kaio-Ken, the most basic of power increases. You’re already at death’s door, if you go beyond, you’ll die. Or worse, crippled, unable to fight whilst your instincts tell you to!” Ultimate Nebula guffawed.

“TIMES!!” Black roared as he gasped from the sudden shattering of his bones. Though he continued to glare through his blast and to Ultimate Nebula. Shakely, he moved one of his arms away while using his metal arm to continue supplying his blast with energy. His right arm began to glow purple with destruction energy, gathering as much of it as possible.

To the Alicorn’s surprise, Black canceled his Final Big Bang Kamehameha. Letting her ball of mixed energies fly towards him at light-speed. He used instant transmission, cupping his hands together for kamehameha as he appeared in front of Ultimate Nebula. To her instincts, she crossed her arms to block the attack. Though to her surprise again, as Black threw his hands forward, a small confetti popper appeared and showered the Alicorn in confetti.

“GOT YOU! HAKAI!!” Black roared, using Ultimate Nebula’s confusion for his chance to end all this madness. Throwing his right arm forward, palm facing towards the Alicorn’s face. He released all the destruction energy he had stored up. Unfortunately, Nebula got out of her stupor in time to dodge the attack, resulting in the hakai letting out a blinding light to shine throughout the universe.

Once the Saiyan and Alicorn opened their eyes, they were to see the side the dark Saiyan unleashed his attack, there was a void in front of them. No planets, no stars, no distant galaxies awaited them, there was just nothing. Black grunted as he noticed that his mystical aura had disappeared and he could see a bang of his hair hanging in front of him. It was now back to it’s normal state. “S… Shit…” Was all he could say before spitting out a large amount of blood.

Ultimate Nebula paused, surprised that a chunk of the universe was wiped out. Her horn lit up and both Ultimate Nebula and Black, teleported back to Planet Equis.

This left Black confused, “Why… Why'd you take me back with you? I thought you wanted me… dead.” The Saiyan asked as he laid on the ground, unable to move.

“I’d rather watch Thanos’ despair than the satisfaction of you drifting in space all alone.” Ultimate Nebula said before kicking Black aside, into a ship wreckage. Thanos walked forth, his body messed up from use of the Infinity Gauntlet, he began to pant, wheezing. He then proceeds to take out his Infinity Blade.

“I have your back, Black… I…” Thanos coughed out blood.

“I always will.”

As the second season starts Eric stands next to and stares at Ryker,Starry and Wander.

“Sup.” Ryker said, drinking on a banana and strawberry smoothie. “So, how is it going? I uh, see that the sky is filled with planets.” A bright flash of light filled the sky and vanished. “Ultimate Nebula is getting cooked.” Ryker said simply.

"I wouldn't worry Ryker, the fight's not over. From everything Nightmare's absorbed she'll still be kicking by the end of the second season." Wander said, drinking a cookies and cream milkshake and feeding Starry fries.

“Y’know, I love the company, after being tortured by Alucard and his friends for the past few months, this is a nice break.” Ryker said, sipping his smoothie once more. “Now, how much are you willing to bet that Eric will punch me into a large structure?” Ryker asked the duo.

"Apologies for you being tortured hope your doing better but as for Eric punching you I'd say quite a bit since we were fighting a bit ago. Though I doubt it'll hurt." Starry said, drinking a soda.

“Yeah, it took a whole army to kill me, and they didn’t even finish me off. Pathetic, won’t even give me the pleasure of the sweet release of death.” Ryker sighed.

"I can only imagine what that feels like. Although I was close to a similar fate when the shogun I refused sent his warriors to capture me." Starry said, patting Ryker’s back with his wing.

“Wait, is there something wrong?” Ryker asked, turning to Starry, “Because I feel like you’re growing a tiny bit weaker…” He mused, going back into his full powered state.

"Nothings wrong but I have two more questions. Was anything you said true and what's your reason for helping Nightmare?" Starry said disappointed, standing up.

“All of what I said was true, and my reason is to cause Thanos pain. As much pain as he and that BITCH SHIVA CAUSED ME!” Ryker leaped into the air, grinning. “WATCHING WANDER OVER YONDER WAS A PLOY, STARRY! TO STALL YOU! AND TO DO THIS!” Ryker’s hand turned a darker shade of purple.

Eric gritted his fanged teeth at the mention of Lady Shiva, “Yo̪̾u ͎ͤw̯͒i̠l̅l su̦fͧf̤̈́e̳̋rͨ ͅRy̼ke̝r.”

“HAH! I’m immune to such pain, suffering has made me immune to more!” Ryker claimed two balls of Hakai in his hands. He merged them together and expanded it to be the size of a mountain.

"Hey Ryker, maybe after this we can watch something with a fight." Guardian yells towards him. "Starry, come on we have a fight to win." Starry nods and merges with Guardian.

With his God-like eyes he focused and knew exactly where to throw it. Ryker then splits the giant ball into tiny orbs, about as small as a golf ball. Eric and Starry sense that if they were hit by even one of them, they would be obliterated. Not even mind, soul, or a body left.

Eric thrust his hand forward and fired off hundreds of black arrows at Ryker’s orbs, however they proved to do nothing against them.

Starry transforms back into a pony. 'What could we do here?'

'I've got it!'


'Watch and learn young padawan.' Starry’s eyes change to a cyan hue and he puts his hands to the ground. The ground starts to break and Starry launches all the broken pieces towards the balls causing the rocks to disappear but also the balls, creating a path to Ryker.

“Tch,” Ryker shot towards Starry and slammed his fist into the ground in front of Starry, the ground beneath Starry erupted in Ki. Sending him up in the air, turning to face Eric, he made the orbs of Hakai to shield himself from Eric. But leaving Starry exposed to assistance.

Eric clicked his teeth as he caught the flying pegasus, however as he released the pegasus Ryker lunged and hit the Shadow Man with a powerful kick that launched him across the battlefield towards the Titan.

Thanos, who was currently holding the world together, to try and prevent the shockwaves from Black’s inevitable beat down, was pushed. Thanos nearly fell trying to keep the world from destruction., for he was weakened, the stress on his body was on the edge of-

“S̟ͦ̚ö̭͍́ͭm͎̓ḛͤo̼̱̎n͓̭̎ͬe͇̾̎ ͅSt̰̠ͯup̎ͥi͒d̼ͣ̏ ̫g̈́̾e̓ͬt̟̼ ̤ì̗̘͗ň̖̠ ̲ͪm̞̺ͩyͮ ͆w̪̟a̩̗̿y͒” Eric shouted as he slammed into the Mad Titan

Thanos fell down and hit the ground, falling on his chest. Thanos closed his eyes, passing out for a few seconds, and during the seconds, a category 10 earthquake shook the lands. Making the earth shatter and quake.

“D̹̑́e̲̪a̦̓͋r̄̈ F̣̗͋a̺ͫǘ͈ͣs͎̪tͯ̒.̳͌̄” Eric uttered before inhaling deeply. “WË́L̙̽̃S͊̚H͓̦̊͊!̼̬ͦͯ!͊”

Within seconds his Shade crash landed next to him with a pair of wings folding into his back. “My Lord” Welsh said kneeling

“Pͦ͒r̲o͕͇t̤̮ec̟̝t̜ͧͯ ̬̹t̓̇h͍͓ͥ̄eͩ ̈̉T́ī͈̱t̹ͅa̙̯ń̝͎,̗͖̒” Eric ordered his Shade. “K̲͌e͚e̼̰p̰ ̄t͖̉̋hi̭ͦ̊sͫͯ ͉̎̿w͔͑o͕͍̐ͣrḷd͗̊ ̇f̣̺̆ͮr͈̮ö́m̟̋̆ f̥͇ͯa̭͇͑̃l̰͒̚lͬ̈́in̙̘͋̾g͍͈ a͈͔pͬ͆ă̈r̫̬̅͆t̮̣͋̏.̋”

“As you wish.” Welsh said rising to his feet, rushing towards the Titan’s side, deflecting a bullet from hitting the downed Thanos.

Thanos slowly pushed himself up from the ground, back to consciousness. Thanos wheezed and clenched his teeth, he began to grunt in effort. Thanos stood back to his full height and clenched his gauntlet, he raised it high and roared. The Infinity Stones began to glow, he began to burst with power.

During Thanos getting up, Welsh was forcing attacks to go opposite ways, either destroying them or sending the attacks back at the enemy. That was his objective and by God was he doing it well.

Starry appears and stares in shock as he floats in the air. 'Dear Gods.' Starry mutters.

'This ain't the time to just stare you've got incoming. Don't worry I'll help this time.'

'Right!' Starry turns around in time to see Ryker soaring towards them.

Ryker readied his fists before shooting a pressured blast at Starry, the air blast made weapons and debris pick up, they shot towards Starry, Eric, Welsh, and Thanos.

Starry takes a deep breath while Guardian appears from Starry's body and expands taking the brunt of the attack before disappearing and Starry launching himself at Ryker but before he could attack Guardian appears behind Ryker and immobilizes him by wrapping around his limbs then Starry slashing his neck.

From behind Eric appears and rams Murasame through Ryker’s Chest. “F̲ͣ̚or͛ ͔th̽e̘̚ ̱̍T͑̓o̦͈ͯu̲r͎͂̃ṇ͔̽͐a͖̎ḿ͗e͖̰n̾ṫ̆”

Yet… Despite all of these injuries, despite bleeding, despite the curse spreading over his body, he didn’t look panicked. He was laughing. Laughing like he did in the tournament. Laughing like he did when he killed Eric’s friends. Laughing… As he killed Maude, Rainbow Dash, Nox, Luffy, Grievous, and forced Black and Eric to turn on their friends.

“I am 27,002 years old, I have slain beings that’ll make you piss yourselves at night. It? Dead. Infinity Ultron? Dead. Darkside? Dead. I can not die by you, and you know that. You’re trying so desperately to beat me. I can never die by any of you, I’m too powerful. You’re struggling to have everything you want, you HAD your chance to kill me during the tournament Eric. And that chance has been long since past.” Ryker said. “Not even Thanos, Black, or even some Void Dwellers could kill me! So enough of this farce. You lost, we’re done.” Ryker said. As he made a portal behind himself.

"Oh no we're not! Get back here!" Guardian tries to stop him with blasts from his hand while soaring towards him.

Ryker walked back into the portal despite the attempts at trying to stop him. Before he was completely submerged he gave them one more last grin before he faded out of existence.

"Prick." Guardian chuckled

After a while, clashing of the blades coming from Thanos’ directions was heard.


…Was in trouble.

To Be Continued…

The Storm V

View Online

The Storm V

Thanos was on his last legs, the Infinity Blade in hand, the blade that had been his main weapon for so long was collapsing. Ultimate Rang Nebula noticed this, despite herself being injured, she was not slowing down. Ultimate Rang Nebula and Thanos clashed blades, both of them flaring their Conqueror's Haki. Their might begin to make the ground beneath the crack, Thanos was being pushed back, Ultimate Rang Nebula began to freeze Thanos' Infinity Blade. Thanos looked at his sword in worry, the Ultimate Alicorn began to laugh.

"HAHAHA! You're becoming weaker, well, weaker than you already were." Ultimate Rang Nebula said as Thanos was slowly being pushed to his knees. "Once I kill you, everything will be just in this world! And every-"

"Blah, blah, blah…" Thanos said, shaking his head side to side, "Will you shut up already…?" Ultimate Rang Nebula looked at Thanos, offended.

"HOW DARE!" Ultimate Rang Nebula slammed her knee into Thanos, knocking him off balance and flinging him far. Thanos rolled across the ground, Thanos slowly began to push himself up. Thanos leaned on the Infinity Blade, he squinted his eyes and noticed cracks forming on it. Thanos looked over to Ultimate Rang Nebula who was marching towards him, the ground below her becoming ice and darkness.

"Alright you crazy bitch, come at me." Thanos said sluggishly, he limped and almost fell. He caught himself and noticed his best bud standing up.

Black breathed heavily, shaking as he used his metal arm to support himself up against a piece of debris. “I’m not- done just yet…” Black said with determination, though his appearance would say otherwise.

Ultimate Rang Nebula's eyes began to twitch at the two's determination. Thanos and Black… The biggest thorns in her sides are still up. She clenched her teeth in anger. "JUST DIE ALREADY!" The ice below her sprouted up and shot towards the Dynamic Dumbasses. Thanos raised his Infinity Blade high, using two hands, he brought it down and cut the ice block that was shot towards him. The force of the attack sent him on his back, making him roll across the ground. But what was Black going to do with his ice block?

Black threw and hand forward and shot a ki blast, but no energy shot out of his hand, shocking him. Instead he moved quickly and dodged the ice block. ‘Dammit, Delayed Onset Ki Disorder you son of a bitch. I shouldn’t have used Ultra Kaioken…’ Black thought as the ice block followed him. This time he shot his hand forward again and instead shot a beam of fire at the ice block, melting it. ‘This means I can’t even use my Super Saiyan transformations…’

Ultimate Rang Nebula snarled at their pure crazy amount of endurance. She then makes more ice blocks, she shoots more at them. Each bigger than the last. Thanos tried to go Burst Man only to go to a little tiny burst in heat. He was in the standard form, Heat Man. Although he wasn't that hot, Thanos clenched his fists and shot a Power Blast at the blocks of ice. And it was slightly more effective, but then, she shot a big block. Thanos was hit by the ice block, making him crash and get buried under the rubble of said ice block.

Black attempted to melt the much larger ice blocks, but this time they were taking too long to melt. The Saiyan growled and as the ice blocks crew closer he punched one of them. It shattered, but along with Black’s hand as he yelped in pain. ‘Alright note to self, don’t punch dense shit without ki control.’ Black thought as he resulted in dodging the ice blocks. Though it wouldn’t last long as the Saiyan started to get overwhelmed.

“HAH!” Ultimate Rang Nebula shot a dark ball at Black, to knock him into the dirt. SLAM! Black was seen rolling across the battlefield. Black didn’t move for a few moments, until his body started to shake again as he pushed himself up and onto his knees. He looked to Ultimate Rang Nebula with one eye closed and the other barely open.

“Is… that all… you’ve got?” Black rasped, struggling to get onto his feet.

Ultimate Rang Nebula roared in rage, she shot towards Black and coated her fist in Armament Haki. The Ultimate Alicorn went to punch Black, only for it to be blocked by Thanos, Thanos had used Soru to move in front of Black. Thanos’ Infinity Blade was shaking as well as his arm, Ultimate Rang Nebula began to push Thanos. Thanos tried to push back only to be knocked to one knee, Ultimate Rang Nebula grabbed his sword and began to freeze it over. Thanos gasped and tried to heat it up, but it wasn’t hot enough as his sword was frozen completely solid.

“No, please don’t.” Thanos said, looking at his sword in worry, but the cruel Queen merely smiled and shattered the Infinity Blade. Thanos looked at the shards of his great blade that hit the ground. “Damn it…”

Ultimate Rang Nebula uppercuts Thanos and he hits the ground behind Black. She then rears back her knee and she slams it into Black’s nose. This made Black stumble backwards before falling onto his back. The alicorn created a dark ball in her hands and let it grow in size, with a maniacal grin, she threw the dark ball. Black closed his eyes, but the sound of an aura came closer. Opening his eyes, he saw Shallot, in his god form, grab both him and Thanos. The young Saiyan then flew away from Ultimate Rang Nebula and as fast as possible.

“Oh boys~!” Ultimate Rang Nebula appeared in front of Shallot, both hands over her head. She then slammed both of them onto Shallot’s head and the Saiyan hit the floor like a bag of bricks. Ultimate Rang Nebula cackled and flew down to ground level where the trio lies.

“Dammit Shallot… get out of here…” Black groaned, glancing at the young Saiyan. Only to see him back in his base form, struggling to get up. “This isn’t your fight.”

“It’s all of your fights, it’s a war…” Thanos answered, his face buried in the ground. Thanos went to one knee, and that was about as far as he could get from getting up.

“He’s right, and now this war shall end. With you three, dead.” Ultimate Rang Nebula said, her hand glowing blue and black. Thanos spat in Ultimate Rang Nebula’s face, and that was her breaking point. “DIE!”

They were gone. Thanos, Black, and Shallot! They were all gone! But not the gone you would expect. They were out of Ultimate Rang Nebula’s vision, she looked around trying to sense them. “Where are you three? Where did you hide?!” Ultimate Rang Nebula shouted, she then summoned her scythe to her side. She began to walk and drag it across the ground, annoyed.

Under the rubble of Minos, inside the Hall of Heroes lay Thanos, Shallot, and Black, on their backs gasping for air, Thanos clenched his teeth and went on his ass. Sitting down, Thanos coughed out blood, “Damn, she’s strong… Did someone teleport us here?”

“You three are lucky I pulled you out of there in time,” Eric said to the trio as he breathed rather heavily due to the negative effects of his Shadow Soul

“Y-yeah, thank goodness…” Thanos as he pushed himself from the ground and to his feet, “She’s way too strong for us, if I had the Mind Stone, if I had not been foolish to not get the Mind Stone that day…!” Thanos clenched his fists in frustration.

“I had offered to get it for you,” Eric stated matter-of-factly.

“I know!” Thanos yelled, coughing, “I wanted to ‘flex’ I wanted to show off my FUCKING IDIOCY!” Thanos slammed his head into a wall, making the room shake.

“So none of us can outnumber her” Eric commented, before pulling off a round earring from his left ear. “How about we overpower her?”

“Already tried that dipshit, and look where that got us…” Black spat, sitting up as blood oozed out his right arm, clenching it to stop the bleeding.

“Eric, look at us,” Thanos said, looking at the bleeding out Black, the injured Shallot. Eric and Starry injured as well. “We can’t stand another fusion, we powered up to our strongest forms and she still kicked our asses. Fusion isn’t an option and besides, for mortals, it only lasts an hour, she’s too strong!” Thanos wheezed out, “We’re doomed, all because of me.”

“You are not at fault, John,” Eric said as he tried to conjure a healing spell only to get a small headache in response.

"If I may?" A voice called out behind them. "I have an idea on how we can beat her."

Thanos sat down, leaning on the statue of Cloven Diamond, “What’s your idea?” Thanos asked, hopelessly.

"If you guys can distract her long enough I could try and get a few senzu beans to heal you but it'll take time. Then afterwards we could try fighting her together."

Thanos stood up and punched Starry across the face, “Are you stupid! What if she notices? What if she finds out and eats the senzu beans?!” Thanos yelled, “She’ll slaughter us like pigs!”

“Even if we all ate a senzu bean, she told me that the more I damaged her, the stronger she became.” Black stood up, supporting himself against the wall. “Plus it’s too dangerous for me to even use ki properly, even if I ate a senzu.”

“I agree,” Eric leaned on a support pillar. “That plan is a double-edged sword which would be held at our throats.”

Starry stands back and a cyan mist comes out of him forming a human. "I didn't think you would react that harshly but I agree it's a dangerous plan but what else can we do. Do we just sit here waiting for death like animals or do we try to fight? We at least have a chance!"

Thanos shook his head, “No, we need to do something that won’t hurt us in the long run, something that will…” Thanos opened his eyes wide. “That’ll work!” Thanos turned to everyone, “Guys, I have a plan. A plan that will have a chance at killing us, but won’t give any positives to Nebula. Alright, so, here’s how it’s gonna work.” Thanos said, popping his knuckles.

Thanos stood before Ultimate Nebula with his comrades standing beside him. Eric on his left, Black on his right, Starry next to Eric, and Shallot next to Black. Ultimate Nebula smiled crookedly, chuckling.

“So you come to die, haven’t you?” Ultimate Nebula rested her scythe on her shoulder, smiling like the Joker.

“No, I’ve come to end this,” Thanos peered into Ultimate Nebula’s eyes who was curling an eyebrow in curiosity. “We’re going to kick your ass, all the way to the moon and back.” Thanos then ran at Ultimate Nebula, clenching gauntlet that glowed with the effects of the Infinity Stone. Starry unsheathed his katana while breathing deeply with Guardian flying next to him. Eric drew both his Obsidian Blood as well as his Murasame as his body turned into pure shadow. Black created a sword out of Kachi Katchin steel and surrounded it with fire. Shallot, using the last of his remaining energy to go into SSJ3 and getting into his fighting stance.

Ultimate Nebula lunged at Thanos who came first and prepared to cut him down, only to be knocked off course by Shallot’s kick. The Saiyan slammed his boot into her weapon. She reeled back from the parry and Thanos slammed a power fist into Ultimate Nebula’s gut, yet she held her ground, not moving an inch. Ultimate Nebula kicked Thanos with her heel sending him rolling across the dirt.

Up next was Starry and Guardian. Starry slashed at her wings cutting into them while Guardian tried to kick her in her face but she blocked the attack and punched him sending him flying. Starry hit her with his paw sending her far but she immediately teleported back and kicked him away.

From below Nebula, several shadow copies of the alicorn came from behind and grabbed in several areas, Eric rushed the Alicorn with both swords raised high. Using Future Sight, Nebula used Conqueror’s Haki to disperse the copies of shadow. Nebula seized Eric by the neck and threw him into Shallot, knocking them into the dirt.

The dark Saiyan charged forwards with his sword in hand, swinging it overhead and into the Alicorn's arm. The slice cut into her fur as she yelped, looking at the cut in rage. She backhanded the Saiyan, sending him backwards and back into the dirt.

Ultimate Nebula revealed her hand and it began to glow dark, suddenly, everyone was being pulled towards her. Thanos conjured a wall in front of him and was getting crushed into said wall.

Black, another sword and stabbed both of them into the ground. But he was slowly being dragged towards the Alicorn. “Dear the Omni-Kings, I swear she’s as strong as fucking Ryker!” Black gritted his teeth as he used his remaining strength to hold on.

“I’m getting flashbacks to my fight with Pain and Kaido’s troops!” Eric shouted over the raging winds as he stabbed his swords into the ground as well as several shadows holding him in place. “Fucking Allmighty Pull!”

Starry throws several kunai at her and hits himself with his paw while Guardian turns back into mist and is pulled along with Starry.

Shallot tried all he could as he was being dragged towards Ultimate Rang Nebula, using his ki to propel him in the opposite direction. “God dammit, she isn’t even getting tired!”

The wall in front of Thanos collapsed, Ultimate Nebula then added more force and everyone was flung to Ultimate Nebula. Thanos hit Ultimate Nebula’s palm first, then Starry, then Eric, then Black, then Shallot. All of them were sandwiched together. “Tata!” Ultimate Nebula winked as she pushed them far, making all of them crash through the battlefield and into a wrecked warship.

Thanos gasped for air as the wind was knocked right out of him, being the closest to the push, he was the most in pain. Thanos coughed out more blood.

Thanos felt a hard repeated tapping on his side, looking down he saw Eric was underneath the Mad Titan. Thanos rolled off of Eric and hit the ground next to Eric. “Watch where you crash, jackass.”

Eric let out a haggered wheeze as he sat up and glared at the titan. “Not my fault I had a nine-hundred pound lard ass on me” Eric said rising to his feet before using his shadows to help the titan up

Thanos stood to his feet, glaring at Eric. “It’s seven-hundred pound, edgy bastard!”

Black stood up, shaking as he did and walked to where Shallot was. “Come on, we’re still in this fight kid.” Black huffed, helping the young Saiyan to his feet.

Starry stood back up with Guardian's help before he went and pushed everyone's pain and fatigue out and shrinking them. Guardian noded before disappearing with the red bubbles.

Ultimate Nebula dragged her