• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Rescue 6: Fight of the Valkyries Part 1.

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Rescue 6

"..." I crossed my arms as I leaned on the wall. We were in the Royal airship as we were going to Mount Ares. In front of me were The Boys/The Girls, we were all silent, the day was close. Where we would finally reunite, everyone, after months we would be reunited once more. Me, Grievous, Lucci, Entity, Sally, Supergirl, and finally Rapunzel would be reunited at last. Everyone was silent, as we were remembering past adventures we had with each other. We knew that this battle would be one of the biggest battles fought in history. Should the Infinity Warriors, us, gather together it would spell disaster for the world. I expect Celestia and Luna to be there along with the other rulers of each nation to gather. Currently, it was just us five with the Gem Generals, Nappa, and Marco and his fleet.

"Infinity Warriors," I spoke, gaining their attention. Lucci, who had his head tilted downwards, looked up at me. Grievous, who was meditating, opened his eyes and stared at me. Supergirl who was back to back with Nappa looked over to me along with the latter. Entity and Sally held their hands before looking over at me. Marco, who was leaning on the door to the cockpit, looked over to me. And finally, the Gem Generals who were standing side by side peered at me.

"It's almost begun, the Infinity War will now truly begin to kick off when we get Rapunzel. General Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East, master of all Elements of Nature, and General of all of the Minotaur Armies. Rob Lucci, the Leopard Assassin, the Strongest Member of the CP9, and my Royal Advisor. Entity_303, the White Reaper, the Crimson Eyed Demon of the North, and the Sun's Guardian Demon. Sally, the Corpse Queen, Master of Decay, and the Empress of Death. Jessica, known as Supergirl; the Warrior of Equus, the second strongest of the Infinity Warriors, and the Symbol of Justice." I did a roll call, everyone perked their heads up when they heard their names and titles.

"We Warriors have been betrayed by the Equestrian Kingdom, and the entire world as we know it. We were sent her to bring balance to this world, to balance the forces of Light and Dark, of Yin and the Yang. Once we get Rapunzel from her infernal prison, our goal will be to do just that. Balance the Good with the Evil, our goal will be to get the Infinity Stones no matter the costs. If people die they die, there is no resurrecting the dead. The Equestrians are in possession of one of the six Infinity Stones. I am in possession of two, should they get more than that number it would spell doom for us all. This goes for you guys too… Understood?" I said, looking at the Infinity Warriors as well as The Boys nod.

"Understood!" The Infinity Allies say at the same time, all nodding. I then walk away from the wall and everyone walked to me and formed a circle.

"We are the Infinity Allies, our goal is to balance the earth. We'll destroy anything that crosses our path, no matter how much it's worth. We are Displaced for a reason, and we shall never commit treason. As brothers and sisters will fight as one until the battle is won. We are the Infinity Allies." We all say at the same time, I put my hand in.

"Together to the end," I said with a determined nod, Lucci's put his in.

"Together to the end." Lucci nodded back, everyone began to put their hands in, repeating what I and Lucci said.

"Together to the end."

We arrived at Mount Ares, not really arriving. We were a kilometer away but you get the point. I was on the roof of the airship with the Infinity Allies and a telescope I conjured, I looked into the telescope to look at Mount Ares. I saw rows of military forces, from Equestria, Diamond Dog tribes, Dragon Lands, the United Nations of Gryphith, and of course, warriors from Seaquestria. A whole fleet of airships was in front of Mount Ares, though what caught my eye was a certain airship with the mark of Twilight's cutie mark. She was here and not grieving over her brother? That was surprising.

"Do you see Rapunzel?" Sally asked me, I shook my head. "Try to see if you can see her."

"Will do." I use the Reality Stone to intensify the zoom on the telescope, I then see Celestia, Luna, and Twilight Sparkle standing alongside the rulers. I chuckle, "She knows…"

"That isn't all too surprising given that we one-shot her last time." Abridged Thanos said with a mumble.

"She's ready to fight us, so give her what she wants." MCU Thanos spoke, I nod absentmindedly. I'm not planning on fighting her but if I must… I will.

I look upwards with the telescope and I see Rapunzel shackled to an elevated platform, the same one Ace was on during Marineford. The shackles appear to be sea prism stone and I frowned when I saw her hair shackled as well, such beauty should not be harmed. I then blinked in realization… She… She was… She wasn't in stone! "How the fuck did I not realize that Rapunzel wasn't in stone?" I said out loud.

"Probably because you're an idiot," Marco replied, I nodded… Before I turned to him in realization of what he said.

"Hey!" I shouted out, everyone began to chuckle.

"See? You're a slow man, gotta keep up." Marco said, tapping his head with his index finger like he was Perfect Cell.

"Will do, but for now…" I summon a megaphone. "READY YOUR BATTLE STATIONS EVERYONE!!! PREPARE FOR THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIVES!!!" Everyone readied their weapons and took a stance. "THIS BATTLE WILL NOT ONLY DECIDE WHERE THE FUTURE LIES BUT THE FATE OF THE PLANET AS WE KNOW IT!!! FIGHT AS THOUGH THIS IS THE LAST DAY ON EQUUS FOR IT MAY BE!!! DYING IS THE DAY WORTH LIVING FOR!!!! TO VALHALLA!!!!" I roared, suddenly warships (longboats with weapons, more like a rocket-like airship) began to shoot from our airships.

"TO VALHALLA!!!!" The Infinity Allies roared as they used different ways to fly, I used my steam to fly forward, Marco used his Devil Fruit; Lucci used the Six Powers, Nappa used Ki, and Supergirl just flew normally. As the enemy spots up flying towards them, they deploy warships of their own. They also brought out Dragons, Griffons, and Pegasi to fight the Avian warriors of ours. As I flew towards Mount Ares, I saw the Wonderbolts swooping down from above.

"Scatter!" I ordered and the others did as they were told. Spitfire was on Marco's tail, who was currently in his Full Phoenix form. Spitfire kicked Marco's back who went downwards from the attack, Soarin hit Marco's chin. Marco used his Devil Fruit abilities to curl up and burst in a ball of flames. The flames went to Soarin and he caught on fire, Marco then grabbed Soarin with his talons.

"Agh!" Soarin cried out in pain, "Spitfire, help!" Soarin said before he was chucked into an enemy warship, it knocked the warship off course and it hits another warship. Soarin had the wind knocked out of him and he was dazed as he flew down.

"Soarin!" Spitfire cried out before swooping down to get her comrade, however, Marco had none of that and swooped down and rammed himself into Spitfire. Spitfire groaned in annoyance before a rainbow blur caught Soarin, said rainbow blur hit Marco under his wing. Marco was caught off balance before he caught himself, he roared at the rainbow blur as it gave Soarin to Spitfire and circled around Marco.

"Can't keep up birdbrain?" Rainbow Dash scoffed, Marco was turning around trying to catch Rainbow Dash. He used Observation Haki to try and see where she was going but the speedster was too fast. Eventually, she made an airborne tornado, making several warships and soldiers get dragged in both enemy and allies. Rainbow Dash flew to Spitfire, "And that's how you deal with a phoenix."

"Idiot! Do you realize that you're hurting our men too?" Soarin spat in anger, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes in realization before turning around only to see Marco come out of the tornado and ram the three bolts in their chests. Marco had been using the strong winds of the tornado to his advantage and used it to pick up speeds and ram into the enemy. Marco then began to spin around as he had the three pinned to his wing as they were going down below the clouds. Marco then spun so fast that he looked like a drill.

"Inferno Drill!" Marco then flung them below the clouds as they spun out of control; Marco then flew back up.

As for Sally she grabbed one of the Wonderbolts faces and began to use her quirk to decay their face. The Wonderbolt began to make a death cry as it went limp, Sally threw the Wonderbolt aside before she was attacked by Gilda. Gilda punched Sally in her lower abdomen, Gilda currently had a gauntlet on that looked like it was enhanced by Power Crystals. Sally was flung away before she caught herself, using Geppo to hop on the air.

"Alright freakshow, you better crawl back into your grave before I send you back home myself." Gilda was currently wearing armor that covered her whole body and a helmet that looked like a Valkyrie's. It was a helmet that when pushed down would lock into place.

"Your first mistake is thinking I would let you send me, and for your information, I am no ordinary corpse. I am the Queen of Death!" Sally said, taking a stance and clenching her fists.

"I don't care who you are, as long as you and your friends are put back in stone and shattered is all that matters to me. Now prepare to get your flank kicked by me!" Gilda put her helmet face cover down and it locked into place. Gilda then roared before flying towards Sally, Sally threw a Rankyaku and Gilda simply evaded the attack. Gilda then hit Sally with her head, Sally then touched Gilda's back but to her shock, it wasn't decaying the armor. "Don't you know? This is everlasting steel, meaning it can never decay!" Gilda uppercuts Sally in her jaw before grabbing her head and slamming her knee into Sally's face. Sally staggered a bit before wiping the tar blood oozing out of her nose.

"Hmph, maybe this fight will last longer than expected. But you'll still die by my hands!" Sally coated her fists in Armament Haki before throwing a punch at Gilda, Sally slammed her fist into Gilda's jaw. Gilda staggered and Sally slammed her other fist into the rib of Gilda. Gilda wheezed in pain before throwing a kick at Sally's head, Sally blocked the kick. Sally then grabbed her leg and did a Dragon Throw, sending Gilda into a bigger warship. Sally followed Gilda and landed on the roof of the warship, Sally and Gilda began to go hand to hand there.

Sally threw a kick to Gilda's forehead which was evaded by the latter, Gilda did a palm strike to the abdomen of Sally. Sally then used Shigan to hopefully pierce through Gilda's armor, it didn't do such a thing but it did send Gilda on her back. Sally then began to try and stomp on Gilda who was rolling away, Gilda rolled to her feet and took out a knife from her shoulder that was concealed. Gilda began to slash at Sally who was currently trying her best to evade the attacks. Sally used Tekkai and hardened her body, when Gilda slashed at Sally's cheek the blade broke off.

"Tch!" Gilda took a step back and Sally began to kick at Gilda, doing mixed martial arts ranging from Kung Fu to Taijutsu.

"Eagle!" Sally kicked Gilda in her stomach, sending her back, "Falcon!" Sally kneed Gilda's chin. "Seagull!" Sally kicked the rib of Gilda making her wheeze in pain. "Owl!" Sally kicked Gilda where her eyes would be which nearly knocked Gilda off balance. "Phoenix!" Sally slid her foot across the metal of the warship so fast that it made the bottom of Sally's shoe go on fire. Sally then kicked Gilda in her stomach, sending her off the warship. When the airships begin to close in on each other and start firing cannons, magic, and explosives at each other things begin to get hectic. Gilda flapped her wings to get back her balance, an Avian whizzed by and made Gilda spin around.

Sally jumped up off the warship and looked down at Gilda, she pointed her feet down at Gilda and dove down after her. "Pelican!" Sally then kicked Gilda right in the beak, Gilds roared in anger and pain.

"BASTARD!!! I'LL RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!!!!" Gilda's Power Gauntlet glowed purple with energy and punched Sally in her jaw. Making her head snap right, Gilda then gut-punched Sally before going above the Corpse Queen. Gilda then sledgehammers Sally downwards, Sally hits one of the Equestrian warships before Gilda flew down and rammed Sally through it; killing the Earth Pony in the ship. Gilda began to slug the crap out of Sally, making her spew tar blood. But unbeknownst to Gilda, her helmet was getting loose. Eventually, Sally kneed Gilda's chin and made her helmet fly off. Sally grabbed the back of Gilda's head and covered her own head in Armament Haki before slamming the enhanced head into Gilda's feeble one. Gilda's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she went out cold, Sally then tossed her aside like trash.

"I… Have nothing to say when I beat you, damn it." Sally swore as she looked at Gilda's unconscious body falling down under the clouds. Sally wiped the tar blood from her chin. Entity flew next to Sally and stopped at her side.

"How about, 'Enjoy your stay in my world, bitch.'?" Entity suggested to his girlfriend. Sally nodded.

"Enjoy your stay in my world, bitch!" Sally said, flipping Gilda off, she then hugged Entity, turning her quirk off. "Thanks, Zacky."

"You're welcome Sal," Entity embraced Sally, and they shared a nice embrace through all of the death and destruction around them.

Though there was a nice moment on their side there were no nice moments for our favorite Cybernetic General. Grievous was currently fighting off a horde of dragons who wanted to avenge their fallen former Dragon Lord. Grievous did what a Dragon Slayer did and ripped and tore through all of them. Though Grievous was surprised to see something go through one of the warships, it was Twilight Sparkle with fury in her eyes.

"GRIEVOUS!!!" Twilight, Sunset, and Starlight followed afterward. Grievous opened his eyes wide before he was rammed into one of his comrade's warships. Grievous rolled to his feet and took out his swords, only using two, using the Wind Sword and the Lightning Sword. Twilight landed before Grievous with Sunset and Starlight in tow. "I've never truly hated anypony before I met you, you crippled my brother, and sent Cadence through a sickness that came due to the stress of losing her husband. And Flurry Heart is there with no one to look after her, a whole kingdom with no King nor Queen!" Twilight said with fury in her eyes.

"And don't forget how you butchered my father!" Grievous turned around and spotted Ember who was standing on the opposite side of the warship.

"You have no way to run and nowhere to hide. You're surrounded and outnumbered, so you might as well be digging your own grave." Starlight frowned, Grievous chuckled darkly.

"You know what they say, the more the merrier. Come, I'll take you ALL on!" Grievous said, his aura began to crackle.

"Hey man, can you guys get off my ship? I know you're having this, 'oh we meet again' schtick but can you not do it here? Kind of insensitive…" The guy said, Twilight opened her eyes wide.

"Oh, sorry, for being- Hey! Why should I be listening to you!" Sunset Shimmer cried out.

"Hey man, he's just trying to vibe, so can we just get off the poor man's ship?" Grievous motioned to the skies. "I mean, my man is just chillin'."

"Thanks, General!" The pilot spoke from the warship.

"You're welcome, Tom." Grievous looked down at the cockpit.

"My name is not Tom but… Thanks, I guess." Tom said, Grievous then jumped off and flew away.

"Catch me if you can!" Grievous said as he flew towards the main battlefield. Ember and Twilight flared their wings and flew at Grievous, Sunset turned her bottom half into flames and shot after the General. Starlight however used a spell to make her body float, her horn lit up and her body began to light up with Starlight's magic aura. Starlight flew after her comrades.

Grievous was blasted with fire from Sunset, Grievous then did a spin and cut the flames in two. Ember went through the fire, catching Grievous off guard, Ember spun her scepter and the Dragon Lord's ruby began to glow. Ember fired a draconic blast at Grievous, the General was sent flying downwards. Twilight's horn glowed with magic before she let out a powerful wave of Alicorn Magic. Grievous barely dodged it, had he not used Observation Haki the blast would have incinerated through his duranium shell.

"Lightning Strike!" Grievous shot a lighting bolt at Starlight, the slowest of the bunch, Starlight had enough time to conjure a shield. Though even still the force of the attack sent her a ways backward. Grievous then made a thick cloud packed with water before Grievous swung the cloud around. Grievous slammed the cloud into Ember who groaned in pain at the attack.

"Hah!" Sunset kicked at Grievous' head, Grievous covered his head in Armament Haki and headbutts Sunset's foot. Sunset gasped as she felt something break in her foot, Grievous flew at Sunset and elbowed her in Sunset's nose. Grievous grabbed Sunset's foot before Sunset turned her whole body into fire. "Get off of me!" Sunset roared and bursts in magical fiery energy. Grievous was sent backward and was kicked by Starlight, followed by Ember bringing her knee into the General's chin. Twilight then did a flip kick and slammed her foot onto Grievous' abdomen, Grievous wheezed at the attack.

"Tch looks like I'll have to kick it up a notch!" Grievous said with fire in his eyes, Grievous popped out his extra arms and grabbed his Water Sword and Earth Sword.

"I don't see how an Earth Sword would help you in the skies," Ember said flatly, Grievous chuckled.

"You'll be in a loop when I use this sword," Grievous clenched his Earth Sword. Grievous flew at the four fighters Grievous then began clenching his blades as they glowed with their corresponding colors. "COME HERE GIRLS!!!" Grievous said in a southern accent as he flew towards Starlight.

"What?" Starlight was too confused to realize that Grievous was about to attack.

"DODGE!!!!" Grievous kicked Starlight in her jaw, making her head snap right. Grievous then shot a lightning bolt down at her, making Starlight hit a pacing warship that took her away.

"Starlight!" Sunset cried out, Sunset went after Starlight as Twilight and Ember handled Grievous. Twilight began to shoot blast after blast at Grievous who was just cutting them to ribbons. Ember from behind readied to stab her scepter into Grievous' back, Grievous grabbed Ember's face with his foot/claw before bringing her up and using her as a meat shield. Twilight stopped her fire and Grievous did a front flip before throwing Ember at Twilight. Twilight yelped as she caught Ember.

“Zeus's Thunderbolt!” A storm cloud appeared above the two and a gigantic lightning bolt came out of said storm cloud and SLAMMED into Twilight and Ember. The lightning bolt brought them down, as Grievous saw Twilight hit the clouds, her eyes rolling into her head and Ember went through the clouds he thought scoffed. “Amateurs…” Grievous then flew towards Mount Ares.

Back to me, as the battles were continuing on I had noticed that they were deliberately trying to hold us off. They were waiting for something, they would have already killed Rapunzel. I looked around and saw that Lucci was next to me. I looked behind me and the whole squad was behind me. I then pressed my communication device.

“Gem Warriors do you copy?” I said, speaking into the communication device that was on my wrist.

“We copy Ocean Storm, our troops are doing well against the forces of the Equestrian Allies but we can’t get our airships near without them being attacked.” Ruby said.

“Indeed, I don’t think our shields would be decimated in a matter of minutes if we head through. We won’t be able to go around without being attacked. And we can’t go that high because the ship isn’t designed to reach that height.” Emerald Gauntlet said.

“We’re stumped, what do we do my King?” Sapphire Sword asked, I then thought of a risky idea.

“Go below the clouds, they won’t see you there, Supergirl, go to Titanfall.” I ordered Supergirl and for once she did as she was told and flew to my ship.

“King Thanos, that's a risky move, the air currents down there would be dangerous with the plateaus!” Ruby objected, “We’d be thrashed around!”

“Which is exactly why I sent Supergirl to handle the steering for you. Supergirl is capable of flying Mach 50 speeds and circle around the planet like it’s a dance floor.” I explained to Ruby.

“That’s insanely dangerous… I like it, let’s do this thing!” Emerald Gauntlet whooped, I just chuckled at his antics.

“We’ll see you at Mount Ares my King.” Sapphire Sword said, like that we disconnected. I look back at Marco who was above me.

“Alright Marco, do your thing,” I ordered the Avian King, the Phoenix Man smirks and his Phoenix body expanded and turned into a giant blue fiery phoenix. Marco screeched and flew down to Mount Ares in mere moments. The soldiers down there screamed as they were rammed by an 800 ton Phoenix, the area around them caught on fire and was filled with dust. Me and the rest of the Infinity Allies land next to Marco from the eye of the storm of fire. The storm of fire cleared and there I was in front of the pack… I glanced up and glance at Rapunzel who was too ashamed of herself to look at me.


I’m coming.

Author's Note:

That's what he said.

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