• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Rescue 6, Fight of the Valkyries Part 3

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Cannon fire, magic bolts, arrows, and clashing of blades filled the sound of the battlefield. There was a battle between Emerald Gauntlet and Prince Rutherford, who was wielding an axe, on the battlefield.

“Dah!” Emerald Gauntlet’s gauntlets made contact with Rutherford’s axe, making a shockwave fill the area, the ground then shook with the strength of the two warriors. Emerald Gauntlet jumped into the air and maneuvered himself to slam a fist into Rutherford’s head, the fist making an impact on the ground.

“You think Rutherford is going down that easily? Bah, I can win with my eyes closed!” Rutherford claimed as he lifted his head and went to his feet, Rutherford then swung his axe at Emerald Gauntlet. Emerald Gauntlet crossed his arms into an X position and a grid of transparent emeralds was in the way of Rutherford’s attack, like a forcefield. The attack impacted the shield and Rutherford was pushed back.

“Hah! I am a General of the Minotaur Army for a reason, I am Emerald Gauntlet, my Minotaur Magic is the ability to make force fields!” Emerald Gauntlet said with a grin, with a roar of frustration Rutherford began to hit Emerald Gauntlet’s shield repeatedly. Though it had no effect on it, Emerald Gauntlet began to wince as he was being pushed back, Rutherford began to mercilessly smash into it, some cracks began to form. He then roared and slammed the shield into the Prince, breaking the Yak’s nose. Emerald Gauntlet disperses the shield and slammed a fist into Rutherford’s gut, Rutherford wheezed in pain.

“YAADAAH!” Emerald Gauntlet began to punch the Prince at a rapid pace before he was blown away by a cannon, Emerald Gauntlet slammed into a building and he was covered in cake. The Culprit? Pinkie Pie.

“Rutherford thanks you, Pinkie Pie.” Rutherford gives Pinkie Pie a slight bow, Pinkie Pie just gave Rutherford a grin.

“That’s what friends are for!” Pinkie Pie said with a grin, Emerald Gauntlet jumped up from his cakey prison. Emerald Gauntlet then began to shake the cake off.

“What is with the tomfoolery?! It’s a fight, not a party!” Emerald Gauntlet said with a growl, Pinkie Pie then looked over to the Minotaur.

“Everything is a party, silly, you just don’t see it!” Pinkie Pie said with a grin, Emerald Gauntlet gritted his teeth. How dare she? Her people are fighting for their cause and dying for their cause as well, all the death and destruction around her and she can only joke about it?!

“You piss me the HELL off!” Emerald Gauntlet said with a low growl, Rutherford gets in a stance and readies his axe. Pinkie Pie then blows raspberries at Emerald Gauntlet.

“Don’t worry, I have your back.” Sapphire Sword walks next to Emerald Gauntlet, her sword out, she then adopts a fighting stance. Ruby then takes the other side of Emerald, she then spun her spear and adopted a fighting stance.

“As do I,” Ruby said, Emerald Gauntlet had an expression of shock at his fellow Generals before he began grinning. Emerald Gauntlet slammed his fists together making a loud metal sound.

“Let’s do this, Gem Generals roll out!” Emerald Gauntlet jumped up to slam a fist down upon Rutherford’s head, alas, the attack was blocked by the foreleg of a certain Applebucker, Applejack. Applejack then pushed Emerald Gauntlet back, Emerald Gauntlet then rolled away from the three warriors. “Well, well, the Element of Honesty, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Emerald Gauntlet said to the Earth Pony.

“Ah gotta protect mah friends, even from Minotaurs like you.” Applejack then puts her fists up before raising her right leg up as well.

“Your fight is with me,” Sapphire Sword took up a stance and frowned at Applejack, she coated her blade with Armament Haki. Each fighter took on their stance.

“Let us continue our bout, Prince Rutherford of Yakistan!” Emerald Gauntlet coated his arms in Armament Haki, making his gauntlets harder than they need to be.

“Rutherford agrees, Bull!” Prince Rutherford said as a red aura began to cover him, his eyes became white and veins began to appear from his eyes. His muscles began to expand and he gritted his teeth as he became a growling animal.

Rutherford let out a yell as he rushed after Emerald Gauntlet, abandoning his axe. The Yak prince slammed his fist into the Minotaurs sending him back causing Emerald Gauntlet to cough up some saliva, the Minotaur General slide to a stop and glared at the berserking yak

“Cheap shotting Sheep.” Emerald Gauntlet said with a frown, he raised up his fist and ran towards the Yak Prince. Emerald Gauntlet shot a jab to Rutherford’s forehead, stunning him briefly before Emerald Gauntlet planted his feet and sent his right fist into Rutherford’s gut.

The prince however let out another rage-filled scream before tackling Emerald Gauntlet to the ground, raising his fist the yak prince landed blow after blow on the Minotaur General. Emerald Gauntlet formed his arms in an X cross position and a green grid was formed to protect himself. The shield was holding up fairly well before Emerald Gauntlet pushed the Yakistan Prince off of him, Emerald Gauntlet rolled to his feet, the shield was still up.

With a glare of utter rage the Yakistan Prince shoved his hands into the ground, the prince broke through the earth with ease. With a loud grunt, the prince lifted the earth causing the Minotaur General off balance, losing his balance the Minotaur General lost control of his magic.

“SHIT!” Emerald Gauntlet mouthed as he nearly fell, but the General placed a hand on the ground to support himself, having enough upper body strength to lift his body in the air. Emerald Gauntlet then spun around, doing a table party technique, spinning himself while his hands were on the ground. Emerald Gauntlet coated his legs in Armament Haki and smashed two of his legs into Prince Rutherford. Emerald Gauntlet then put himself back on his feet before going behind Rutherford, he then pulled off a German Suplex and slammed the Yak’s head into the ground.

Emerald let go of the prince and put some space in between them, his ears perked up when he heard a muffled scream. Around the yak prince, the earth began to crack, letting out more of the prince’s screams of rage. The prince unearthed himself with two handfuls of stone, turning to the Minotaur the prince threw the chunks of stone at Emerald Gauntlet.

Emerald Gauntlet crossed his arms and called forth his defensive magic and conjured a green grid-shaped shield to defend himself from the chunks of stone, the stones exploded into dust on contact which obstructed his view on the Yakistan Prince.

“How is that going to help you? Reveal yourself, coward!” Emerald Gauntlet demanded the Prince of Yakistan.

Without warning two fists collided with the General's shield which forced him back, The yak prince charged Emerald Gauntlet with primal fury in his eyes. Emerald Gauntlet let down his shield and let the Yak run at him, he then sidestepped the Prince and grabbed Rutherford’s arm. Emerald Gauntlet threw Rutherford over him and slammed the Yak into the ground, the impact causing a huge dust cloud. When the dust cleared Emerald Gauntlet had a foot on Rutherford’s face. “Though you are powerful, your rage blinds you and makes you susceptible to damage.” Emerald Gauntlet then crosses his arms and huffs before stepping off the unconscious Yak.

Sapphire Sword brought her sword down upon Applejack, the Applebucker raised her leg to block the attack, coating her legs in Armament Haki. The two warriors collide in an epic fashion, blowing the dust that was being hurled around by the battles around them. Sapphire Sword raised her blade of sapphire high before she swung it down, an air slash came out of it.

Applejack jumped back and avoided both the blade and the air slash, however, she still got cut from the slash. Applejack glanced at her now bleeding arm before looking at the Minotaur.

“Ah reckon it’ll be difficult to fight you when ya have that blade of yours,” Applejack said as she began to spin around kicking up dust in the process.

Sapphire squinted into the kicked-up dust as she began to see a reddish glow, without warning Applejack sprang forth and swung her glowing leg into the Minotaur's sword. To her shock the sword was shattered like glass, Applejack spun around to kick the General in her jaw, one of the most effective ways to knock someone out. Only to be blocked by a furry foot, Applejack looked at the one who countered her kick, and it was none other than CP9 Member, Sumidetora.

“Stay back General Sapphire, I’ll take care of her,” Tora said as Applejack jumped back for some breathing room, Tora then slouched, her paws facing the ground. Venom began to drip from her skin and hit the ground as Tora began to smile wryly.

“Well, this ain’t good” Applejack muttered under her breath

“You don’t say? My name is Sumidetora, I am from a tribe of warriors consisting of Omnivores and Predators, my fighting specialty is Venom. And since I completed the challenge of the Venom Cobra I have gotten the chance to eat the Doku Doku no Mi, or rather Venom-Venom Fruit if you prefer.” Tora said as blobs of venom came off of her and hit the ground, the blobs of venom began to form into six feet tall ghouls that have devil horns and sharp teeth. “Doku-Doku: Venom Ghouls, go my children, rip and tear your enemy to shreds!” A total of five Venom Ghouls let out a scream before running at Applejack, aiming to rip apart the Element of Honesty.

Applejack jumped to avoid the claws of the ghouls, using Geppo she stayed in the air before turning to the CP9 member. The Applebucker kicked the air using Rankyaku to send a blade of air at the Abyssinian, the blade of air travels through the air. The attack lands and hits Tora’s shoulder, Tora scowled in pain before she used Kamisori to appear before Applejack. Her maw was filled with a ball of poison.

“Plah!” Tora shot the ball of poison at Applejack and it exploded on impact, a cloud of poison blanketed her, she, unfortunately, inhaled it and began coughing. While in the cloud of poison weakened the earth pony the ghouls began to slash Applejack up, Applejack’s clothes began to tear as one after another began to wallop the Element of Honesty. And with one kick by Tora, Applejack was flung out of the poison cloud and hit the ground. She began to writhe in pain as the poison began to seep into her skin.

Applejack began to gasp for air as she was screaming in pain, she was crawling on the ground as Tora began to laugh, the Venom Ghouls began to croak and turn into puddles. Tora walked over to Applejack and was stepped on by Tora. She began to cackle, “Well, well, well! Looks like I’m bringing Thanos the head of an Element today!” Tora then grabbed Applejack by her neck and lifted her up in the air, “As King Thanos says, ‘good night sweet princess.” Tora then flings Applejack away, making her hit a random enemy soldier.

“Well that’s all cleaned up, I should bring General Sapphire an extra sword from the airship…” Tora mused as she walked towards the airship without a care in the world. But as Tora was walking away, someone else was fighting…

“Ata!” Ruby swung her spear and slashed Pinkie Pie across the chest, making the Earth Pony draw blood, the Party Pony screamed in pain. “Not laughing now, are we? Not making jokes, are we?!” Ruby spun her spear and slammed it onto Pinkie Pie’s noggin, making her head slam into the ground. Coating her foot in Armament Haki, Ruby kicked Pinkie Pie in the head, sending her skidding across the ground.

“Ugh…” Pinkie Pie moaned in pain, the Earth Pony’s palms touched the ground as she pushed herself up. “No Pinkamena, she’s just fighting for her people I…. We can’t kill her.”

“Who are you talking to? Have you gone mad?” Ruby asked the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie then struggled to get to her feet, as she got to about knee level Ruby slammed the blunt side of the spear into Pinkie’s forehead. The force made the Pink Menace fall on her ass. “No matter, I’ll just knock you out, or does Thanos prefer your head on a pike. Thanos seems like the type of guy who wants the job done, so I might as well do what he asks for.” As Pinkie Pie tried to get up Ruby stepped on Pinkie Pie’s chest.

“Please… This isn’t how this is supposed to end, we’re supposed to be happy, having a party!” Pinkie Pie said, Ruby then raised her spear high before enchanting it with her Minotaur Magic, Beastly Prowess. Ruby’s eyes became slits and she adopted a wicked grin.

“Honestly, I cannot see this going otherwise…” Ruby raised spear high, ready to jam it into Pinkie Pie’s chest, the Element of Laughter’s eyes widened in horror before she shielded her face with her arms. Ruby then slammed it into her… Only to be surprised that it was caught by the menace. “W-what?!”

Pinkie Pie’s hair became deflated and she had a serious look in her eye. She held the blade of the spear, making her hands bleed but it didn’t seem to bother her. With a grunt she pushed Ruby off of her and ripped the blade from the spear, the Pink Menace slammed the blade into Ruby’s shoulder.

“GAH!” Ruby howled in pain as she held her shoulder, Pinkie Pie’s hand was covered in Armament Haki before she gut-punched Ruby. “W-who… Who are you…? You’re not the same one I fought…” Ruby whimpered as she clenched her gut, trying to prevent herself from throwing up.

“You’re right, I’m not Pinkie Pie, I’m Pinkamen Diane Pie bitch.” Pinkamena reeled back a fist and readied it to slam into Ruby only for Emerald Gauntlet to punch Pinkamena in her jaw. It made Pinkamena’s head slam left as Emerald Gauntlet pushed Ruby behind him. “Ah… Nice punch, did it feel nice to punch a warrior without them knowing?” Pinkamena asked with a sadistic grin.

“Well, no, but you were about to beat the Tartarus out of my friend, and I can’t allow that.” Emerald Gauntlet clenched his fists, and Pinkamena adopted a fighting stance.

“Well, your friend was about to kill mine so an eye for an eye,” Pinkamena said Emerald Gauntlet then took his fighting stance and coated his fists in Haki.

“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind, now let’s fight, Pinkamena Diane Pie!” Emerald Gauntlet then did some footwork and sent a couple of fake jabs towards Pinkamena’s way. Pinkamena coated her own twin fists in Armament Haki.

“Agreed!” Pinkamena said before laughing like a psychotic demon, and like that, their fists clashed.

I looked behind Celestia, spotting Rapunzel looking down, she was still crying. I began to frown in anger, how dare they treat my comrade like that. I tried to go past the Alicorn but by grabbing my arm she threw me over and I hit the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere, Thanos.” Celestia said with an eternal frown on my face I growled as I rolled to my feet, we stared at each other and I adopted a stance.

“Let me pass Tia,” I said to Celestia who’s fists were glowing with light. “I need to get to Rapunzel, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“That’s rich, the only thing you do is cause pain to those around you, monster.” Celestia adopted a boxer stance, she began to work on her footwork before I sighed.

“MARCO!!!!!!” I shouted out, immediately a blue blur slammed into Celestia, making her skid across the battlefield and into a pillar.

“Yes, Than the Man?” Marco said with a cheeky grin on his face, I rolled my eyes at the name and pointed to Celestia.

“I need you to hold her off as I reach Rapunzel,” I told Marco, the King of Avians simply gave me a nod as he began to change. Marco’s feet turned into talons of a Blue Phoenix and his arms turned into the wings of one.

“Got it,” Marco turned his attention to Celestia who was slowly getting up, the attack had dazed her and even with her Observation Haki she still couldn’t have predicted that the Phoenix would attack. “Hey Hothead, would you like to tango with the Rango?” Marco asked with a grin on his face.

“Move aside creature” Celestia ordered as her body began to glow with light

“Sheesh, harsh innit? Do you know who I am? I am Marco, King of the Avian Kingdom and that is no way to treat Royalty. I should teach you a lesson.” Marco then flapped his wings and a mighty gust of wind mixed with blue flames was sent towards the Princess. Only for it to be dispersed by another being, Thorax appeared with his sword, he was followed by the Golden Dog Alpha, Retriever, before Steel Wing, King of Griffons stopped on by. Marco stood in front of the four rulers of nations, Celestia Solaris, Thorax, Retriever, and Steel Wing. Marco simply grinned.

“All I need is to stall you guys,” Marco then adopted a stance and a grin began to form on his face, “Stall you long enough for Thanos to save his friend.”

“That’s quite noble of you Marco, King of Avians, hey Steel Wing, do you mind guarding Rapunzel for me?” Retriever asked, Steel Wing, nodded and flared his wings to fly off. Marco tried to intercept but was kicked aside by Queen Novo of the Hippogriffs.

“Cheap shotting son-of-a-bitch!” Marco exclaimed, skidding across the ground before regaining his footing. “I’m going, to be honest with you, this is bullshit of the highest order.” Marco then stood to his full height.

“Do not fret my King, we have got your back.” A feminine voice said, Marco, turned back and saw four Unicorns who took a stance, ready to fight alongside their King.

“Well, well, well, how the turn tabled…”

“It’s ‘how the table has turned.” Shirayuki, a Unicorn with white hair said, looking at Marco with a deadpan expression on her face.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let’s go, my people, to Valhalla!” Marco’s Devil Fruit flared around him and he began to grin, the Unicorns behind him gave their King a nod.

“Yes, my King!” But as they were getting ready to fight alongside their King, here is what I was doing.

I roared as I ran towards Rapunzel, who was on a podium strapped down there. “RAPUNZEL!!!” I cried out as I crashed into those who were in the way, Steel Wing went in the way to stop me with his Warhammer. I clench my fist and slam it into the ground, using Netsu Netsu Hot Feet to burn the feet of others.

Rapunzel looked at me as I punched through foes after foe. She saw as Lucci, Grievous, Entity, Supergirl, and Sally were right behind me, taking out foe after foe as we pushed through the enemy. “That’s enough you guys! Why… Why are you saving me?! I abandoned you guys during your time of need!” Rapunzel shouted, tears welling up in her eyes.

Lucci kicked an Equestrian Soldier out of the way and into a Yak, the force knocked the Yak over. “It’s because…” I then fired off a Ki blast hitting one of the big structures, the structure began to fall down on the forces under it. Many scrambled and get away but those who were unfortunate got crushed. “YOU’RE OUR FRIEND!” We said as we punched through the structure that was in the way, Rapunzel now began to shed tears.

“I don’t deserve to be called that!” Rapunzel replied, I then clench my fists as we neared in on her. She shouldn’t tell herself that she's important to us, to all of us.

“Take that back! You’re our friend and we’re going to save you!” I said as we ran as fast as we could, we weren’t using our powers just to show how we’ll go through anything for our friend.

Celestia tried to approach us but was blocked off by Marco, Marco raised his leg and kicked her aside, his Phoenix talon hitting Celestia. Celestia was sent flying and hit into a building, Marco stood there with his leg up and his wings up in a boxing stance He was currently grinning at Celestia as she got up from the rubble of the said building.

“Hey now, I can’t let you get in the way,” Marco said as Celestia growled, her hair began to flare up and lit on fire as she exploded in anger.

“NOOO!!!” Celestia roared, “I will NOT allow you to prevent me from stopping Rapunzel!” Marco then got in a serious stance and frowned at Celestia.

“And I will not allow you to stop my friends from seeing theirs.” Marco then transformed into a full-body Phoenix and flew at Celestia, ready to continue their battle. Back to us as we pushed through enemy lines, kicking our enemies out of the way.

“Please… I don’t want you guys to be hurt.” Rapunzel said as she saw us crash through our enemies we then all jumped in the air at the same time and land on the podium.

“Then stop hurting us with your tears!” Entity snapped, he then grabbed the chains, “Stop crying and start smiling!”

Lucci grabbed the chains as well, “When we stand together nothing can stop us! You and us can do wonders in the future if you just abandon the past and look ahead towards the future!”

Sally grabbed the chains with fire in her eyes. “We’re friends and we don’t leave our friends behind, no matter what they did to us in the past!”

Grievous then grabbed the chains, fires began to spark within his eyes. “Just because you did something wrong in the past doesn’t mean that you can’t change! You can change yourself for the better if you believe in yourself!”

Jessica then grabs the chains and she smiles. “We’ve been through thick and thin and we’re not going to stop, we’ll go over the moon and go past the stars, we’ll keep on going until the road ends!”

“Because we’re friends, and that is what we do to each other. We laugh, cry, bicker, lose, win, and fight alongside each other! So wipe those tears off and start SMILING!” I said as I grabbed the chains and with a mighty roar we ripped the chains off, the podium began to fall down and Rapunzel was just sitting there on her knees. She looked down before looking up at us.

We all then put our hands together and look at Rapunzel. “Come with us!” With a tearful nod, she took our hands and wiped the tears off her face.

“That’s the spirit!” Grievous said with a chuckle we all then jumped from the falling podium and onto the ground, we all then went in a circle, our backs against each other. I prepared my Netsu Netsu No Mi, taking out my Infinity Blade, and my fists began to heat up, Grievous took out his Elemental Swords except the Lightning one and began to wield them, Lucci went into his Leopard-Human Hybrid form, Sally took up a fighting stance, Supergirl’s eyes began to heat up, Entity took out his scythe and swung it around.

“Displaced ASSEMBLE!” I said, pumping my fist into the air, with a battle cry from my friends we prepared to fight as enemy forces closed in on us. Pegasi began to swoop down on us, so Rapunzel’s hair flared up and formed into tendrils; she then shoots her hair tendrils at her opponents and stabs them into her enemies. A Yak ran at me but I Spartan kicked it away and into a Unicorn who was approaching Entity. Entity threw his scythe in the air and it cut into a Dragon who was about to breathe fire. The Dragon spun out of control and was about to crash into us but Lucci jumped into the air and kicked it away. Sally then slammed her hands into the ground, filling it with the energy of Decay, as Earth-Pony soldiers ran at us they began to dissolve and break apart. Supergirl began to fire laser eyes into Griffons and Hippogriffs coming our way, turning those birds into a roasted chicken. I threw my Infinity Blade and it began to cut through my enemies, killing multiple. I then use my Reality Stone to turn the enemies' swords and spears into snakes so that the weapons bite into their opponents, I then use the Power Stone and shoot a ray of Power Energy beams into the battlefield. We kept up the pace until all that surrounded us were dead bodies.

“Let’s go!” I said as I grabbed Rapunzel’s hand, I then began to sprint as we blitzed through everyone, they were all too busy with their battles, I ran past Marco who had Celestia chained in Sea Prism Stone cuffs to a literal house. Don’t know how he did that, nor do I care, as we ran I looked back at my troops. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED RETREAT!!!!” I yelled, and with the Reality Stone I made it so that my voice could be heard from everywhere within a 100-kilometer radius, immediately the troops began to fall back.

“Now what’s the plan?” Sally asked me, I looked at her and I simply stared at her.

“Honestly I didn’t think we’d get this far,” I said honestly, everyone rolled their eyes and looked at me.

“John…” They all said with a deadpan expression, I then chuckled softly and shook my head. I miss Earth where we just had to deal with taxes and not a HUGE war.

“Okay, so you know how I have the Reality Stone, right? I can make air currents to push our ships back to the safety of their homeland. And as for us… I have an idea.” I then look up and see Twilight and her friends ready to slam into us, using the Reality Stone I caught them in a giant net. “Almost had us!”

“You are NOT escaping us!” Rainbow Dash said with fire in her eyes, I looked behind me and back to her.

“Looks like we are,” I said with a smarmy look on my face, this angered Rainbow Dash to no end.

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Sunset readies her fire fist only to be doused in water by the Reality Stone.

“You guys are worthless, time to leave guys.” I then tossed them aside before I paused and yoinked Twilight over, I then placed an inhibitor ring on Twilight’s horn. “You’re coming with us.”

“Wh-What?!” Twilight practically screamed in my ear, I then slap Twilight across the face and knocked her the fuck out.

“Damn bro, she didn’t deserve that,” Grievous said as we were running close to the edge, everyone was currently on the ship, Grievous then picked up Rapunzel and carried him in his arms.

“Um, guys, we’re getting close to the edge,” Rapunzel said but we ignored her as we raced on as our ship fled the battlefield, we then all looked down and prepared to jump. “GUYS!!!”

“TO VALHALLA!!!!” We all shouted out as we jumped off Mount Aris, Rapunzel then screamed like the girl that she is as she fell down, we all laughed as we fell down as well.

We had finally been reunited.

Author's Note:

FINALLY! It's over, now we can get further into the story.

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