• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Storm Hunting.

Grievous moved through the terrain of the Cloven Forest, there were a lot of rocks, boulders, and anything that looks like a rock here. But with very few trees, he was joined by his “lover” AKA Warmonger. Grievous moved through the rocks and kept to the shadows as Warmonger followed close behind, doing better than what Grievous does.

“Uh, why are we out here again?” Warmonger asked, Grievous leaped and rolled to another rock. Warmonger stopped time and simply walked to the shade of the boulder and resumend time. “Grievy?”

Grievous jumped back at the surprise, nearly knocking the boulder over. Grievous then ducked down low and put his metallic hands on Warmonger’s shoulder and pulled her down. Looking down at her with a glare.

A blush appeared on Warmonger’s face though she wore a helmet, her armor heated up. “Ara, ara~ right here?” Warmonger said flirtatiously, Grievous gave her a deadpan stare. “You could have just asked me in Minocow, or did you bring me out here so we can be as loud as we want~?” Warmonger asked, making her fingers walk up Grievous’ chest and winking at him. Grievous put his claw up and pushed her hand down.

“First, I didn’t bring you here, you followed me. Second, why would I waste my virginity on you? Third, I’m on a quest to find any hidden outposts of the enemy nations and expose them.” Grievous said before using Observation Haki and Ki Sense to sense any enemy around him. “A bunch of Griffons, two klicks southeast.” Grievous took out his Elemental Sword and jammed it into the ground before the sword began to spin and he dug into the earth like a mole.

“Can I come down there, honey?” Warmonger asked, a ‘fuck off’ gave her an idea of an answer. “Okay sweetie I’ll meet you there m’kay?” Warmonger jumped up and sighed blissfully. Warmonger then put a fist to her head and giggled before skipping away to the locations of the enemy.

Though as she was skipping and humming to herself she heard something, the trees moved in a particular way. Warmonger halted and gripped her blade, “Who goes there?” Warmonger demanded, something jumped out of the trees and slashed at Warmonger. She used her blade and blocked the attack, it was from Reaper, aka Alvin Cain. “Alvin?”

Alvin simply said nothing and shoved Warmonger back, Warmonger placed her hand down to halt herself from continuing to be pushed back. Alvin looked at Warmonger, the two were locked in a stare down. “Warmonger, come back to the army. There is a new army, it’s called the Azure Dragons, this is all about making Kaido the strongest being. It’s led by the Man Clad in Ice, I’ve been sent by him to invite you back to your true home.” Alvin said, Warmonger loosened her stance, shocked at the news but then she quickly tightened her stance.

“No.” Warmonger said firmly, “I chose a new life, I chose to betray Kaido. I chose this life, I chose to be with my true love, I chose to help Thanos reach his goals. And now… I choose to fight against you.” Warmonger’s sword began to glow green with Aero Magic.

“... I thought this would have been easier, I truly thought you were the one.” Alvin clenched his dagger and it transformed into his Deity Slaying blade. Alvin then adopted his demon form, “Looks like I’ll have to force you to join.”

“You’re lucky to try!” Warmonger was surrounded by Magical Pressure, she shot herself towards Alvin. The Reaper shot himself towards Warmonger, his weapon now red with his demonic powers. Green and red clashed, shaking and blowing away the rocks around them.

Grievous jumped out from the earth and rolled to an adjacent tree, he looked from the tree and saw fifteen Griffons lugging a carriage. It was covered in tarp, Grievous hummed in curiosity and used Observation Haki to see through it and he saw a dragon’s egg. It was red. A Red Dragon Egg.

Grievous looked away before looking back, it was really one, those dragons were the most dangerous around. Grievous looked at the Griffons, they looked like they were heading to Minocow. If they make it there they could crack it, alerting the mother, the mother would raise hell on Minocow and destroy it.

Grievous peered at the Griffons, and analyzed a way to not disturb the egg and beat the Griffons. “Whatcha doin’?” A voice said, Grievous nearly yelled but stopped himself from uttering a peep. He looked to his right and saw Luffy, then to his left and he saw Mogeme.

“What are you two doing here?” Grievous asked silently, Luffy tilted his head at Grievous. Luffy put his straw hat on his head and looked at the carriage. Luffy grinned and glanced at Grievous, this made the General sweat though he had no pores to sweat from.

“We’re just gonna stop the destruction of Minocow, wanna help?” Luffy asked, Mogeme grinned and readied his sound gauntlet, cracking his knuckles. Mogeme placed them on the ground and readied to shoot off to them.

“Of course he wants to help.” An unknown voice said, Grievous looked behind him and saw a Displaced Ace and a Displaced Sabo, walking over to them. “We haven’t properly introduced ourselves yet, I’m Sabo and he’s Ace. We’re originally from Luffy’s crew, our universe has been ruined by war, so we’re here in your universe.”

“Which is ruined by war.” Ace said with a chuckle, this gained a few laughs from the others but not Grievous. Grievous looked at the four and facepalmed, shaking his head before standing up to his full height and pulling out his Elemental Sword.

“If you want to help you’re welcome to help, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go off.” Grievous said before leaping towards the carriage with intense force. Grievous used the air element to suck the oxygen out of those who pulled the carriage.

Mogeme shot himself towards his enemies and spun around before firing off a soundwave, knocking a Griffon into a tree. Luffy clenched his fist with Armament Haki and jumped into the air and slammed his fist into the top of a Griffon’s head, making the Griffon hit the ground. Sabo and Ace shot towards the Griffons and fired off a fire attack.

“Flame Dragon Fireball!” They shot a combined fireball and incinerated the carriage, the fireball didn’t stop there and incinerated half the forest. Grievous looked at them with utter shock as the two went down and dusted their hands off.

“That’s how it’s done, Minos Protection Team for the win!” Ace said, pumping his fist up, Luffy walked up to him and gave him a high five. Grievous looked confused as the four began to high five each other.

“Wait, Minos Protection Team?” Grievous asked, Luffy turned to Grievous and nodded. Sabo crossed his arms and Ace did the same, striking a little pose. Mogeme went next to them and grinned.

“Yup, Minos Protection Team, who do you think stops the attempted assaults on the cities and the capital? Us! Me, Sabo, Ace, and Mogeme. Together we are LASM or we’re called the Minos Protection Team but LASM sounds cool. Sounds like something from RWBY.” Luffy said with a goofy grin.

“It really does, I like LASM.” Mogeme said, and Ace and Sabo just nodded in agreement, Grievous looked at them all strangely. “Hey Grievous, the egg is rolling away.” Mogeme pointed behind Grievous, Grievous turned towards the egg. The egg began to roll down the hill that Ace and Sabo accidentally created when doing the fireball.

“GAH!” Grievous yelped and he ran towards the egg, the egg began to roll down at a rapid pace. Grievous threw his sword in front of him and he jumped on the sword and he began to surf down the hill.

“Ooh, are we chasing something?” Luffy asked before running after Grievous, “I’MMA GET IT BEFORE YOU!” Luffy said with a grin, Sabo put on his goggles, Ace looked determined, Mogeme clenched his fists.

“Challenge accepted.” They said fiercely before running after the egg, Grievous was close to the egg and reached his arm out to grab it. But Luffy intercepted Grievous and kicked him away, Grievous nearly fell off his sword.

“MY EGG!” Luffy shouted, he was running as fast as he could trying to get the egg. Ace swooped in and snatched the egg, he began to fly in the air. Ace’s bottom half was completely engulfed in flames.

“Hah! Mine now!” Ace said before laughing, Luffy frowned and tried to jump and get it before Mogeme accidentally rammed into Luffy. Knocking Luffy off course and making him hit a tree, Mogeme blinked before he flew after Ace, going right through him and picking up the egg. “Hey, no fair!”

“All is fair in love and war my friend!” Mogeme said before Sabo came alone and took the egg, “HEY!” Mogeme shouted. Sabo grinned and shot himself forward, he looked at Grievous with a grin and began to spin the egg on his finger.

Put the grin turned into a face of pain when Grievous made a wall of ice, Sabo hit the wall of ice. The egg flipped in the air and Grievous caught the egg and Sabo slid down the ice in pain. Grievous then cackled evilly. “MUAHAHAHAHA! MINE NOW BITCHES!”

The others growl and run after Grievous, Grievous yelped when Luffy tried to grab Grievous with his stretched arm. Grievous continued to surf on his sword, this went on for ten minutes before Mogeme, Ace, and Luffy boosted themselves and crashed into Grievous. They formed into a ball and rolled down the hill before they hit a boulder.

Dust filled the air, Grievous jumped up victorious, standing on top of his challengers. “HAH! Nobody messes with the Grieve Master!” Grievous cackled before he heard the egg crack, Grievous looked at the egg with horror painted in his eyes. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, n-” The egg continued to crack, before it exploded, slime hit Grievous’ face. In his hands was a baby Red Dragon that was at least one meter tall and was as fit as a bodybuilder. Also, it had tits, signalling that it was in fact a girl.

“Dada!” The Red Dragon infant hugged Grievous’ slimy face, Grievous stood there in pure shock. Grievous snapped back to reality and pushed the Red Dragon away. Grievous deadpanned at the Red Dragon.

“No, I am not your “Dada”, I will never be your Dada, I am genetically not your Dada, so don’t call me that.” Grievous said, the Red Dragon gave Grievous a confused look before smiling innocently.

“Dada!” the Red Dragon said, Grievous set the Red Dragon down, the Red Dragon sat on its bottom. Grievous sighed and used the Elemental Sword to wash the slime off. He then lit himself on fire with the fire sword to dry him off.

Grievous turned around and saw Luffy cracking up, Ace was on the ground cackling, Sabo was covering his mouth in tears from trying to conceal his laughter. Mogeme was laughing like a Hyena, “I hate you guys, so f…” Grievous looked at the Red Dragon. “Much. I hate you guys so much.”

“He’s filtering himself because there’s a child, how mature of him.” Sabo said with an eternal smile on his face, Grievous sighed as more laughing went on. The Red Dragon looked up at Grievous before crawling towards him and hugging the General.

“Dada…” Grievous looked down and saw the Red Dragon, the Red Dragon then nuzzled against his durasteel body. Grievous went to one knee and picked the Red Dragon up before giving it a little boop. Grievous’ normally annoyed eyes turned soft, Grievous’ burnt face under his mask began to smile.

“You know, I always wanted to adopt since I met Kodo, and I think I just found my daughter.” Grievous said, his cape began to blow in the wind as he looked lovingly at his daughter. Luffy crossed his arms and grinned.

“Shishishishi! We’re glad we can help you find your daughter.” Luffy said with a grin, Mogeme then looked at his watch and jumped. Mogeme looked to Ace and nodded, the son of Roger nodded.

“Alright General, we need to go, we have more people we need to take down to ensure life on Minos is good. And, looks like the Flying Shepards are coming at us.” Ace looks up and sees a bunch of Pegasi, armored up and ready to attack.

“Good luck you guys, I’ll be going back to Minocow now.” Grievous said, Sabo nodded and shot to the skies to fight. Luffy gave him a grin before running off to fight followed by Ace and Mogeme.

Grievous looked down at his daughter, “Alright, you’re going to meet a lot of my siblings when we get home. There’s gonna be a lot of uncles and aunties you’re gonna meet, especially Thanos.” Grievous then proceeds to walk. Though something hit the ground in front of him, Grievous used his body to block any of the rocks being flung from the impact. Shielding his daughter from harm, Grievous then turned to face the object, the object was Warmonger. She was in tatters, her armor was broken, her helmet then fell off.

“Hey Grievy…” Warmonger, her true face was revealed she had white hair in a ponytail, she also had crimson eyes and she was white. Warmonger stumbled forward a bit, Grievous caught her with his extra arms, popping out quickly.

“Warmonger, what happened?” Grievous asked, Warmonger moaned in exhaustion before nuzzling against his chest. At the same time the Red Dragon cooed and nuzzled against Grievous, Grievous was covered in affection.

“Alvin… Reaper came here and attacked me, he said that the Kaido Army has been reassembled and there's a new leader. And the leader is out there destroying universes, this could be bad.” Warmonger said, Grievous’ eyes opened wide, he wanted to say that they should warn Thanos but then he realised the situation. “Also, who’s this little cutie?” Warmonger asked, scratching the nose of the Red Dragon.

Grievous looked at the asleep Red Dragon before he looked up at Warmonger, his eyes turned soft and kind. “Our daughter.” Grievous used his extra arms to side-hug Warmonger. Warmonger looked at the Red Dragon and smiled.

“Did you give her a name yet?” Grievous shook his head, “Hm… How about… Atala? Is that cheesy?” Grievous looked at Warmonger before looking down at the Red Dragon. He chuckled softly.

“Atala… I like that, welcome home, Atala.”

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