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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Kaido's Defeat.

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

"GAH!!!" Mogeme rolled out of the way of a giant foot about to stomp onto him, Kaido was toying around like a predator toys around with its prey. Mogeme was looked at Kaido, trying to find an opening, but every time he went close he felt danger.

"WORORORORO!!!! You have no chance of beating me, not in a million years." Kaido laughed as Mogeme searches for somewhere to hide because he knew he stands no chance against this demon. Kaido stepped forth, Mogeme stepped back.

"Uh... I need an adult." Mogeme said shakily, Kaido looked down at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You are an adult." Mogeme realized he was the adult in this situation, Mogeme looked into his bag and saw a couple of Healing potions.

"K-Kaido, can you please lend me five minutes of preparation time? If you do, I'll give you one hell of a fight." Mogeme lied as he spoke, he knew he wouldn't beat him but together with his comrades they could. Kaido sighed.

"Fine. I'll go get my Kanabo." Kaido walks off, Mogeme runs over to Luffy and opens his mouth to feed him the potion. The potion goes into Luffy's mouth and his eyes open wide.

"Where's Kaido?!" Mogeme quickly hushed him, Mogeme helped Luffy up.

"Listen, I need you to take these potions and give them to our allies, it will heal them." Luffy nodded as Mogeme gave him the potions, Luffy immediately disappeared. He looks around, he sees the destroyed terrain, the bodies, the ash...

"We need to win this, for if we fail, we'll lose our lives," Mogeme said to himself, but the others were listening, everyone was healed up. Eden sighed and put a hand on Mogeme's shoulder.

"This is the final battle, let's do this... Together." Mogeme nodded and got his pistols out, Eden got his mech out of nowhere and stood tall, Lucci turned into his Hybrid Form and covered his body in Armament Haki, Grievous got his swords out and covered his whole body including his swords in Armament Haki, Sally got her Quirk ready, Entity got his Scythe out and got into his Blood Red Form covering his arms and legs in Armament Haki, Reaper got his two swords out and coats them in Armament Haki, Luffy goes Gear Fourth Snake Man and covered his fists in Ryou Haki, they look on as they see Kaido appear before them with his Kanabo.

"Eh? You're all together? No matter, I'll just kill you all." He said gripping his Kanabo.

"We'll like to see you try!" Everyone let out a battle cry as they charged at the dragon. Kaido ran at them, raising his Kanabo.

"Gum Gum, Jet Culverin!" Kaido was hit in the forehead at blinding speeds, Reaper got his blades ready, gripping them and clenching his teeth.

"Oden Two Sword Style, Paradise Waterfall!" Reaper cried out a horizontal slash appeared on Kaido's chest, he winced a little bit. Reaper said no words as Eden cocked back his ram and slammed it into Kaido making him stumble backward. Grievous jumped above Eden with his swords prepped for attack.

"Four Swords Style, Rhino Charge!" The cyborg started to cut of Kaido like a mother would cut up carrots for her children. "And to finish this combo off, Sanjuroku Pound Ho!" He shot an X shaped slash at Kaido burring itself into Kaido's scales.

"Diable Jambe, Extra Hachis!" Lucci kicks Kaido in his head rapidly, barely being visible to anyone on the battle field. Mogeme shot up next to Lucci, with his pistols, shooting Kaido in the eye just as Lucci kicks Kaido away. Kaido falls to the ground, Sally runs up on Kaido trying to get one touch onto him, trying to obliterate him. Kaido then slapped Sally away, Sally was sent flying into a mountain of rubble. Entity looked to Kaido angry.

"YOU SON OF A DONKEY!!!!!!!" Entity flew at Kaido, Kaido got up with his Kanabo ready.

"THUNDER STRIKE!!!!!" Kaido raised his Kanabo high a storm cloud appeared over Entity, Kaido slammed his Kanabo down and thunder or lightning in this case struck Entity and he dropped like a fly.

"Oh crap baskets, BIG BANG ATTACK!!!" Nappa shot a blue energy wave at Kaido and he knocked it away. Nappa charged up his energy shaking the area.

"Kaioken!" Nappa flew at Kaido and punched Kaido, Kaido didn't fall, Kaido punched Nappa with an Armament Haki covered fist. Nappa slammed into the ground, Kaido slammed his Kanabo down on Nappa making a small crater.

"Tch, you brats never learn... I AM KAIDO, THE KING OF BEASTS!! I WILL NOT BE-" Eden punched Kaido with his mech.

"Oh put a sock in it." Eden said with a grin, Kaido was silent, he grabbed the mech and tore it's arm off. Eden then fired his flamethrower and Kaido tore that arm off, Eden looked at Kaido fearfully.

"Oh... No..." Kaido kicked then Mech and Eden was launched out of it and was sent backward. "SOMEONE STUPID GET IT MY WAY!!!!" Mogeme was hit by Eden's body.

"Gum Gum, Black Mamba!" Luffy shot a bunch of fists at Kaido, Kaido walked through those punches like a breeze in the wind and grabbed Luffy and slammed him into the floor. Luffy wheezed, he slammed Luffy over and over and threw him into Grievous.

"You dare hurt my senpai!?" Warmonger ran at Kaido, jumping high into the air, "Moonlight... SLASH!!!" She shot a monstrous mountain sized slash towards Kaido.

"Oh how cute she named it- OH SHI-" Kaido was hit by the attack and the aftermath of the attack made a trench deeper than m- I shouldn't finish that joke. Nope, not finishing it. Warmonger seemingly teleported to Grievous pushing the no longer Gear Fourth Luffy off of Grievous.

"Grievous Senpai, are you okay?" She shook the cyborg, Grievous opened his eyes.

"Ralof? Is that you?" Grievous asked before shaking his head and looking at Warmonger in disappointment. "Oh, it's you." Warmonger hugged Grievous tight.

"Thank god you're alive!" Warmonger just hugged him until she felt better, which was five minutes of pure silence. In that five minutes Lucci used Guerilla Tactics on Kaido disappearing and reappearing and punching Kaido. Kaido roared and hit Lucci, Lucci blocked the attack and was sent flying to the earth. It still harmed him though.

"Damn, why can't I beat him?" Lucci got to his feet and appeared before Kaido and kicked him in the gut Kaido growled as his gut was burnt by Lucci's flames. Kaido tried to slam his Kanabo down onto Lucci but Lucci used a Rokuogan and shattered the Kanabo into pieces. Lucci grunted, the technique putting some slight strain onto him. Lucci and Kaido's fists then clashed, Kaido's raw strength making Lucci get knocked back. Lucci dug his claws into the earth to stop himself from moving farther.

"Tobu Shigan Hibachi!" Lucci shot a fireball from his fingertips, launching a giant car sized ball of flame at Kaido. Kaido charged up a small fire blast and shot it at the fireball, causing an explosion. Kaido roared causing the smoke from the explosion to disappear, Kaido stood there and took a step forward. Lucci got up and went into a fighting position.

"Alright Kaido... Let's do this!" Lucci ran at Kaido, letting out a furious battle cry.

Reaper and the others looked on as Lucci and Kaido dueled, Lucci trying his best to take down the drake, Mogeme looked through his bag for anything, something that's powerful enough to defeat the King of Beasts.

"Master Sword? No... Nuclear Warhead? That would kill us all... My Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collection that I spend way too much time on that causes me to stress later in life trying to collect all of these damn cards? No... Shisui? That isn't even Shisui, it's a knock-off toy! What do we need to have to kill Kaido?! It will be ears until I can find something that could take down Kaido!" Mogeme ruffled his hair groaning, he sat down and sighed.

"We need to find Thanos, he's our only hope." Grievous said standing to his feet.

"But how? He could be in another universe and we wouldn't even know!" Mogeme said standing up to the cyborg, Grievous looked down at Mogeme.

"Do you have a teleporter?" Grievous inquired.

"...It broke." Mogeme sighed, Grievous tsked, Grievous walked passed the troll.

"Well then, we'll have to wait until Thanos comes back." Grievous drew his swords, Mogeme turned to the cyborg.

"But how do you know he's even alive?! That blast could kill a regular human being!" Mogeme claimed, Grievous looked back at the troll.

"It's a little thing called faith, and Thanos isn't a regular human being nor is he a regular human being. He's a Titan, and he's our friend." Grievous ran to assist Lucci in battle.

"Faith... Faith huh?" Mogeme slumped down, Warmonger scooted herself over to Mogeme's side.

"Don't worry, they'll win, with the power of God and Anime on their side." Warmonger smiled under her helmet, but on the battlefield Grievous and Lucci were struggling against Kaido. Kaido swatting their attacks like flies, Lucci went up to Kaido's chest.

"ROKUOGAN!!!!" Lucci cried out producing a massive shockwave at pointblank range, Kaido spewed a little bit of blood. Grievous then sliced that same spot where Lucci struck, digging his swords into the wound, now causing the dragon to bleed. Kaido jumped back to gain some breathing room. Lucci fell to one knee, his Armament Haki covered body wearing off.

"Damn... The strain of both the Rokuogan and the Armament Haki is starting to wear on me." Grievous fell to his knees, his Armament Haki covered body wearing off as well.

"Same, but we have to fight on and-" At that moment a flash of white went past them and crashed into Kaido.

"HEEAATTT CRRRASHH!!!!!" Thanos cried out as the force and speed of the punches sent Kaido flying into a mountain. Thanos stood there in his "Burst Man Form, White Hot Edition." Ryou Haki covered his fists and boots.

"Thanos... Hehe, you've finally done it." Lucci commented, Thanos looked back at Lucci.

"Indeed, after fighting Goku Black I actually feel a tad bit stronger." Thanos said clenching his fist.

"Let me guess, a Displaced?" Grievous asked Thanos, the titan simply nodded.

"Indeed, I recommend you get some cover because things are gonna get... Spicy." Thanos shot off and breakneck speeds towards the mountain he launched Kaido to.

"Kick his ass... Thanos." Lucci said before collapsing.

I appeared before Kaido, Kaido was in the mountain side, he walked out from the mountain and glared at me.

"So you finally shown your true power... Thanos." He clenched his teeth and covered his whole body in Armament Haki.

"Affirmative, and now, you're gonna pay for what you did to my friends... Kaido." I got into stance similar to Monkey D. Luffy.

"Oh? And how are you going to do that?" Kaido raised an eyebrow.

"With the power of friendship, and this gun I found." I pulled out a gun from nowhere and shot Kaido in the chest, making the dragon stumble backward.

"What the f-" I flew at Kaido and punched him in his nose, making him go through the mountain, I followed him and I brought down my boot upon his chest. Kaido roared in pain and he was sent downwards, Kaido caught himself in the air and sprouted wings. He then flew at me, I blinked in surprise, shocked that Kaido sprouted wings like a demon, I shook my head and regained my attention to the matter at hand. He punched me and punched me hard sending me higher into the air. I regain my balance and he shot himself above me and tried to slam a fist down on me, I threw a punch and out fists connected. Our Conquerors Haki clashing making lightning bolts fly across the place. We were launched backward, both of our Haki nearly equal. I shot myself at Kaido and punched his gut, he then sledgehammered me into the earth making a hole. He charged a Boro Breath and shot it at me, I shot a Steam Cannon and the two waves of heat clashed and made an explosion. It made a dust cloud and in that dust cloud I flew at Kaido and kicked his jaw, he grabbed my leg and threw me far. I hit the floor and was sent tumbling through a forest and into a castle, I look at the castle and it was in fact the Castle of Two Sisters. I shot up and I Kaido flew at me and hits me with a lariat, I grunted and was thrown back into the earth. I flew back up determined to take him down, I cocked back my fist and used a deadly punch.

"SUPER SONIC HEAT CRASH!!!!!!!" I punched his gut and just like last time he spewed out blood and was sent flying. I cupped my hands and used steams and focused the steam into a ball. I then expanded it, making it build to the size of a spirit bomb, I then compress it and turn it to the size of a golf ball and at the same time Kaido recovered from my punch. I used Soru and appeared above him.

"Steam... EXPLOSION!!!" The explosion could be seen from miles and Kaido was shot to the earth, the impact made the literal continent shake. "Bitch..."

"DRAGON CLAW!!!!" Kaido flew up and grabbed my head and slammed me into the ground, he then dragged my head across the ground and threw me out of the forest and into a plain field, except the plain field was littered with weapons. I get to my feet and I see Kaido land in front of me. I give him a look, Kaido raised an eyebrow.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked as he turned his Armament Haki off, I do the same.

"What the hell happened here?" I asked him, he just laughed.

"WORORORORORO!!! You want to know what happened do you? Well, I suppose I could because you're going to die anyways." Kaido laughed, before sighing. "This place was a battle field, just like my Prison was, except it was Displaced vs the inhabitants of the Planet. And as you can see... We won, but let's talk about my origin real quick. A few thousand years ago, I was a boy by the name of James, I loved One Piece and I loved Kaido. So one day I cosplayed as him and went to Comic Con and was sent to Equestria. As Kaido I was feared, and was praised by the Dragons. One day Celestia and Luna decided they had enough of me flying around their lands and saying jokes. They turned me into stone, and after a thousand years I broke out, and I decided, you know what? Fuck them all. I made my token and went to Displaced Universe to Displaced Universe, recruiting them to support my cause and after three years I had a total of three thousand Displaced under me. I declared war on the planet and after a few years we met here for a final battle and I won, killing every single race out there, except for the Dragons because they accepted me for who I was. I then made an empire, a prison to keep the Displaced in, a home for them, I gave them love, I gave them strength. But that all went up in smoke, literally when that damn Nappa destroyed the Prison designed to turn Displaced to my side! But hehe... You forget that there are Displaced on missions, and even if you kill me, they will come after you and they will kill you!" Kaido claimed.

"Well, I'll be waiting for it when the time has come!" I roared my aura exploding, I got my Ryou Haki ready, Kaido got his Armament Haki ready. He turned into a Black Dragon once again. We dashed at each other and clashed, our Cnquerors Haki once again clashing. We grunt and jump backwards.

"LET'S GO KAIDO!!!!" I cried out and I shot to the sky, Kaido going after me, we fought in the skies like Gods. When our fists clash it felt like it shook the earth, we kept clashing making shockwaves across everywhere. Kaido punched me but I caught his fist and threw him into the earth, he shot a bunch of fire blasts at me, I dodged them and he flew at me with his fists cocked back. He then punched me above the clouds, I caught myself and I look down seeing him fly at me. He tried to hit me but I vanished into thin air, he looked around searching for me. While he was doing that I was on the floor, I boosted myself, breaking the sound barrier and making a sonic boom of white. I then knee him to the moon, Kaido was sent through all the levels of the atmosphere and crashed into the moon. I hold my breath and I followed him going as fast as I can, I landed on the moon, making the moon shake at the force I landed it on. Kaido saw me and ran at me, I ran at him our fists clashed yet again, the moon shook, seemingly unable to withstand out attacks. I jumped back and he jumped back as well, we both vanish and shockwaves appeared all over the moon. I uppercut Kaido in his jaw and I kick him into the moon, I punch him over and over and over again. Kaido punched me up into space. Kaido charged up a Boro Breath, a powerful one at that.

"THIS IS IT THANO!!! ULTIMATE BORO BREATH!!!!!!!!" He shot a deadly fire blast at me, I flew at then blast charging up, and focusing my heat into my Gauntlet.

"SUPER SONIC OMEGA HEAT CRRRRRAAAAAAAASHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I went through the blast and I punched Kaido in his chest, his body was slammed into the moon, the heat from my fist made the Moon crack and shake. Suddenly everything became still, my gauntlet deep into Kaido, I felt his organs which made me nearly puke... Then the moon exploded. Making me get launched back to Equus.

Mogeme looked on as a fiery ball came crashing down.

"What's that?" Mogeme asked himself, Lucci stood up and looked at it as well, he grinned.

"He did it..." Lucci said

It fell a few meters in front of them. Luffy looked at the area where the ball crashed at, Lucci ran towards it and he saw Thanos, unmoving and grinning. Lucci kneeled down to Thanos. Reaper went out of his form and all of his injuries were shown, injured, Reaper walked forth, Eden, Entity, Sally, and Mogeme both raced to see Thanos. Grievous was carried by Warmonger for his body failed him. Luffy walked towards the Thanos, limping, Nappa grinning as he followed Luffy, limping as well. They saw the Titan beaten up, Lucci was no longer in his hybrid form, collapsed next to Thanos. Luffy, Nappa, and Reaper fell on their faces after reaching there.

"Did you do it, Big T?" Warmonger asked as she placed Grievous down, Grievous sighed slowly. Thanos grinned letting out a cough.

"What do you think... Warmonger?" He asked grinning, tears appeared on Mogeme's eyes.

"WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAIDO IS DEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!" Mogeme shouted out, throwing his hands up into the air running around and celebrating. Eden laughed as tears went down his face, they had finally won! Eden remembered everything, the time where they met Grievous, went to the Prison, Grievous fighting Kaido, Nappa blowing up the prison, and finally defeating Kaido.

"WE WON CAL!!!!!!!" Eden said his voice cracking. "LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Eden roared, everyone laughed.

"Hey, do you mind if I join your Universe?" Reaper asks the Titan.

"Go ahead, in fact, you're all invited for a grand celebration!" Everyone cheered, as they couldn't wait to go home.

Author's Note:

And so... This wrapped up an epic saga, this was a blast writing this, and get ready for the NEW arc! The "Chill" arc, where everyone relaxes, btw here's strongest to weakest.


Lucci and Luffy - tied.








Stay tuned!

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