• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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“Where are you, Tia?” I asked as I began to tap my foot on the floor, she should be here by now, already having taken Thanos to what Infinity Stone he desired. She should be here with Twilight Sparkle, laughing and talking with me! Where is she, I began to growl and by tapping on the floor eventually broke a hole through it. I put my foot out of the hole and I looked down and saw the basement, no one was there. “Oops…”

I then sighed and laid on my bed, this is why I need my sister, she always keeps my emotions in check. I looked up at my roof and I took a deep inhale before breathing out, “Why isn’t she here yet?” I asked myself, I then heard knocking that came from my door. “Come in,” I told whoever was outside the door, the door then opened and Aqua Rose, a Pegasi Guard who interacted with the Mad Titan Thanos.

“Princess Luna, Princess Twilight Sparkle has made her return to Canterlot!” Aqua Rose said, my eyes lit up and I jumped off my bed. I turned to her while walking out of my room, Aqua Rose quickly followed me.

“What is the location of young Twilight?” I asked the Pegasi, Aqua Rose was taken aback by my eagerness to speak with the Princess.

“W-well um, she’s in the Royal Infirmary but I need to tell you something before you-” I ignored the Pegasi and sprinted down the corridor, I reached the end of the corridor and sprinted down the hall on the right. “Princess Luna, wait!” Aqua Rose cried out, I didn’t want to talk to her, I needed to see if my sister was alright. I needed to see if she was okay! I made my way to the Royal Infirmary.

“Greetings Princess-” One of the two guards who was guarding the door to the Royal Infirmary spoke, I just ignored them as I did to Aqua Rose and I opened the door. When I got in my eyes widened and I gasped, Twilight was in a hospital bed injured, Twilight’s head was damaged by the Power Stone. I looked towards the Doctor, Doctor Flowing Wind.

“What happened to her? Where’s Celestia?” I asked Doctor Flowing Wind, he jumped at my suddenness before he fixed his glasses.

“I- Er, well Princess Luna, she hasn’t said a word since she arrived here. And she’s clearly not fit for any questions, her head has received serious trauma. I’m surprised that she even found her way to Canterlot with all the brain damage.” Doctor Flowing Wind said, I slowly looked over to Twilight, she was looking down at her lap, I then brushed past the Doctor and I walked to Twilight’s hospital bed.

“Twilight, what happened? What did Thanos do to you?” I asked Twilight softly, she was quivering in fear, tears began to hit the blanket. I looked at her with sympathy before I embraced her. I then pet her hair, “Don’t worry young Twilight, you’re safe with us.”

“T-Thanos… H-he put me in an interrogation r-room, tied me to a chair with chains. I couldn’t use my magic at all, h-he began to lie to me… T-then he sent a message to Princess Celestia. He then grabbed me and flew me across the sky, occasionally he dropped me on purpose to try and hurt me mentally. A-and when C-Celestia came to the meeting point she tried to fight him. B-but Thanos… He began to hurt me with the Power Stone, it hurt so much, I felt my entire brain burn. A-and when she agreed to stop, Thanos took Celestia and left for Mount Everhoof. And when he came back… Celestia was gone and when I asked him what he did to her. He…. He said… t-t-t-that he…. That he…” Twilight then burst into tears and embraced me, “He killed her! He killed Celestia, he did it!” Twilight sobbed, holding me tightly, I gasped and I began to shake.

“No… It can’t be true… He wouldn’t…” Tears began to descend from my cheek, “Thanos why…? Why would you… No…” I let go of Twilight and she returned the favor. I looked towards Doctor Flowing Wind and Aqua Rose, as well as the two guards outside. They were all standing there in shock as tears began to well up in their eyes.

“NO!” I ran past them and began to sprint towards my room, my vision was blurry, I don’t know if it was from my tears or from the shock. I ran into my room and shut the doors behind me. I stumbled forth before I tripped and hit the edge of my couch, I thankfully latched onto the couch before I impacted it. “No, no, no, no, no… How could he… Why would he… WHY DID YOU DO THIS!”

I screamed, I then began to ruffle my hair up, I began to scratch it as I tried to rack my brain up to wrap my head around it. “Thanos… You said you loved her, that you would die for her! Why? Why, why, why, why, why… Why… Why…?” I asked softly as I began to sob, my tears began to hit the floor. I then remember what he said to me that night…

As I walked out of the Castle I looked at my moon, she was so beautiful, though nopony can truly see its beauty, I can. She was like a daughter to me, after my father passed away and gave me the right to control the moon she was like… Family. I then made my way to a path that would lead me out to the Everfree Forest for a moonlit walk, before I noticed the Mad Titan laying down on the grass. In a field surrounded by violet flowers, I quickly hide behind a statue in the Gardens. I then peaked at the Titan who was silently looking up at the skies.

“Thanos? What are thou doing out here late at night?” I walked out of my hiding spot and approached the Titan. Thanos glanced at me, I noticed that he still had that Gauntlet on him. He always had it on and it strikes me as strange even now, even after the war against the Avians.

“Hey Lulu, don’t mind me I’m just stargazing, appreciating the night nothing much. What are you doing?” Thanos asked me, I looked at him with surprise, I then looked up at the sky. He was… Appreciating my night?

“W-well, we were going to walk into the Everfree Forest, to go on a nice soothing walk,” I said, looking at the Everfree Forest.

“Oh, well have fun, don’t let me stop you,” Thanos said before averting his gaze from me, he looked up at the sky, I put my hoof on the path before I looked back at Thanos. “Hm?”

“Hey, can we join thou?” I asked, looking back at the Titan, Thanos quirked an eyebrow.

“Sure, go ahead, I don’t mind,” Thanos said, I walked next to him and laid on my back next to him. I looked up and saw the night, it was the only way that I could see my father now since he passed away. “So… Trouble sleeping?”

“Nay, we just appreciate going on walks in our night. It… Calms me down after Night Court.” I said as I sighed, “This Night Court was dreadful.”

“Yeah, I heard, a noble asked to erase the Homeless Shelter and make way for an over-the-top expensive hotel. Sometimes I’m disappointed in ponies, though they’re not all bad, you’re a prime example.” Thanos said, I then smirked.

“Oh, my, going for two princesses are thou?” I chuckled, but to my surprise, he chuckled as well. We looked at each other for a brief second before we both laughed together, as the laughter died down we looked up at the night sky with a smile on our faces. “Hey, Thanos,” I said, still looking up at the sky.

“Yeah, Lulu?” Thanos said, glancing at me, I turned my head to Thanos.

“Are thy feelings towards Celestia real, or do thou just want the power that comes with marrying her?” I asked the Titan, Thanos looked at me, offended.

“Lulu, you know I love Celestia more than anything in the world, and I really don’t want to be royalty. I mean I have enough power as it is.” Thanos raised his Infinity Gauntlet, the Infinity Gauntlet’s stones began to glow with their corresponding colors. I was unnerved that e was right, he truly did have a lot of powerl

I hummed before I eventually nodded, “Thou truly seem that thee don't want royal status, what of the wedding plans?” I asked Thanos, Thanos breathed through his teeth. “Thou didn’t plan, did thou?”

“Eeyup. But uh… I’m thinking of having the wedding at where we first met, you know by the cliffside overlooking the waterfall?” Thanos said, my eyes widened as I recalled when we met The Boys.

“It truly does seem like a beautiful place to spend a wedding, any honeymoon plans?” I asked the Titan, Thanos then yawned, before answering me.

“I was thinking about going to Neighpan with her, seeing the beautiful views of the country,” Thanos said, I slowly nodded.

“That sounds nice, Thanos, do thou promise me that thy will never hurt my sister?” I asked the Titan, Thanos glanced at me, confused. Thanos continued to look at me, I stared at him before Thanos deadpanned at me.

“I would never hurt her, you know that,” Thanos said, rolling his eyes, he then put his hands on the back of his head. "Why would I hurt my wife? That's stupid."

“Thanos,” I said, looking at Thanos with a deadpan stare, he groaned. “Do thou promise that thy will never hurt my sister?”

“I promise.”

I screamed in anguish as I grabbed my hair comb and threw it at my mirror, it shattered the mirror. I began to pant as I wobbly made my way to the mirror, I then lean on the desk before the mirror, placing my hands down on the material. “Liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar… liar… liar… liar… Liar.” I sobbed as I punched the desk, tears hit the wood desk.

I began to shake and quiver. “I hate you… I hate you Thanos, I hate you Lucci, I hate you Supergirl, I hate you Rapunzel, I hate you Grievous, I hate you Entity, I hate you Thanos…” I said as I continued to hit the desk softly.

I slowly looked up to see what I’ve become, I looked up and saw Nightmare Moon staring back into my eyes. Nightmare Moon looked at me solemnly, “You want it to stop, do you? You want things to change, you want Thanos to stop.” Nightmare Moon said, looking into my eyes.

“Yes… I want Thanos to stop.” I said shakily, Nightmare Moon looked at me with amusement.

“Then, you must take matters into your own hands and stop him yourself.” Nightmare Moon said, I looked down at the desk.

“But… How? How do I stop him?” I looked back up to Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Moon grinned.

“Stop him by doing this,” Nightmare Moon pressed her horn onto the glass, I pressed my horn on the glass and I was filled with knowledge and I jumped. “Do you know what to do now?”

“Y… Yes, I know what I must do.” I said with a nod, Nightmare Moon gave me her hand.

“Then shake my hand, we can stop him together. When we join forces we’ll become stronger than any foe, we can avenge our sister.” Nightmare Moon said, I looked at her and she nodded with determination. I looked at my hand, last time I was with this parasite, she nearly caused eternal night. I did so many awful things when I was with her. “It’s the only way to beat Thanos, please Luna, Celestia sacrificed herself to save Twilight. And who knows what Thanos will do with all six Infinity Stones, with three Infinity Stones he’s the strongest being in the Universe. What if he… Snaps us all away?”

The thought crossed my mind and I looked down at my hands again. I won’t let Celestia’s death be in vain. I won’t let Thanos win! “Let’s get this son of a bitch.” I said as I shook Nightmare Moon’s hand firmly she grinned and vanished from the mirror and I felt a burst of energy envelope my body. I began to cackle as I began to change, my hair grew long, going to my waist, a helmet appeared on my head. A scythe appeared in my hand, the blade was Sea Prism Stone, I began to grin. “Ah… She was right… I feel… So much stronger.” I said as I looked at my hands, I then put my scythe on my back. I pick up the hair comb and it froze over, I then clench it and it shatters into pieces.

“You can get more power…” I hear Nightmare Moon’s voice echo in my mind. She's right, I opened the desk to the drawer and a picture of Celestia was there. Celestia and I with Thanos, Lucci, Supergirl, Entity, Sally, Grievous, and Rapunzel there. I frowned and my eyes began to glow, I then burned the faces off of Thanos and his friends off the photo. I then opened the secret drawer and I saw the Alicorn Amulet.

“You know the consequences if you use the Amulet, right?” Nightmare Moon said in my mind, I look at the Amulet and I pick it up in my hand. I nod.

“Indeed I do, but with this power boost I can indefinitely annihilate Thanos once and for all.” I then put the Alicorn Amulet around my neck, my eyes flashed red for a brief second. I looked at my hands and I clench them then I unclench them. I fire off a bolt of magic into a lamp and it shatters into a billion pieces, before the pieces hit the floor I freeze them out of the air. The pieces hit the ground and shatter into more pieces, I show my palm to the shards of ice and I teleport them to the garbage bin.

“I have become stronger, but is it enough to take down Thanos? I’m sure it is, the Titan is strong but he isn’t unbeatable. So what do you suppose we do to stop him?” I asked Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Moon hummed.

“Well, the Titan was a weakness though it’s small it can work hugely in our favor. His Devil Fruit weakness and his Devil Fruit in general. Thanos has the Heat Heat Fruit, making him able to generate heat, though it can’t be in effect if we use our Devil Fruit, the Dark Dark Fruit. With the Dark Dark Fruit, we can suppress Thanos’ main source of combat, fire damage. If you dig Sea Stone Prism weapons into Thanos’ body, you could defeat him. He’ll have to take it out as we attack him mercilessly. We won’t give him a chance to recover!” Nightmare Moon exclaimed, I then slowly nodded.

“That makes sense, we can infuse certain spots on our body with Alicorn Magic, making it stronger than normal. With the Alicorn Amulet, we’ve become stronger, all that’s left is to hone our abilities.” I said clenching my fists, I then nodded with determination.

“You’re forgetting something.” Nightmare Moon said, I then paused, “You need to announce your presence to the world. You are now Queen of Equestria.I looked at the balcony door and I looked at the mirror.

“What if they… Don’t like what I’ve become?”

“Everypony has opinions on your changes, whether it be big or small. They’ll think highly or less of you, and remember, you’re Queen, what you say goes.” Nightmare Moon said, I then nod.

“Yeah, they don’t know what I’ve been through! They don’t know a damn thing, I’m Queen.” My eyes flashed red as I walked towards the door of the balcony and I kicked it down. Attracting attention from those down below, everyone gasped when they looked up at me.

“PEOPLE OF EQUESTRIA!” I boomed, alerting everypony in the vicinity of my presence. “IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS THAT I ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF MY SISTER, PRINCESS CELESTIA SOLARIS TO YOU ALL!” The citizens gasped and murmured amongst themselves, I heard voices that were casting suspicion onto me, saying that I killed my own sister. How foolish are these nobles?

“SHE WAS KILLED BY THE KING OF MINOTAUR, THANOS THE MAD TITAN!” I said as others looked at themselves, they knew of the new King, knowing that Celestia and Thanos fought on multiple occasions.

“Who are you? You look like both Luna and Nightmare Moon!” I heard somepony in the crowd say, I look at the one who said it. It was a noble colt.


“I WILL BE YOUR BEACON OF HOPE, I AM THE QUEEN OF EQUESTRIA AND I WILL LEAD YOU ALL TO A BETTER TOMORROW! I WILL RAISE BOTH THE SUN AND THE MOON BY MYSELF, I WILL LEAD YOU, AND AFTER THIS WAR, WE’LL NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT THE FORCES OF EVIL AGAIN!” Everypony erupted into cheers as I finished my speech, they all threw their hats up into the air in celebration of their new leader. I then slowly grin ear to ear.


...Your end is near.

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