• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Rescue 2: Leopard Boogaloo,

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

1,695 years ago

Chief's POV

I was in my hybrid form fighting the current King of Minotaurs, Golden Horn. We've been fighting for two whole weeks, both of us were now starting to wear out.

"Shave!" I shouted appearing in front of him in a blink of an eye, I then tempest kick him a few times before using madara and pummeling him. Golden Horn blocked my punches as best he could, I laughed knowing it was over.

"I've won Golden Horn, give up!" I spin kick his face making him go into a boulder. He grabbed the boulder and threw it towards me and I use tempest kick and gut the boulder in half. When I did he leaped at me and slammed his fist into my face making me go flying and into the boulder's remains. I leaped up and shot more than fifteen tempest kicks at him, he frowned and tried to avoid all of them but he knew it was futile as I heard cries of pain coming from the dust cloud that now surrounded him due to my missed shots.

"Kamisori!" I yelled as I zigzag dashed at him preparing my fist to end him. He reeled back his fist, blood dripped from his body.


I was no longer in hybrid form, I was on the floor bruised up and... beaten.

"Ho... How...?" I asked struggling to breathe, his back was facing me, he turned towards me and looked me dead in the eye.

"Because that's my warrior way." He then carried me over his shoulder and walked me out of the destruction we caused in our battle.

Present time.

I never did get over that loss, it was my fifth one but what can a guy do? I was prepping for my Gladiator match held my King Golden Hoof a descendent of the Golden Horn family. I was stretching in my cell, ready for battle, a guard came in and unlocked the door, I knew I could break out easily but I was waiting for Thanos. I was released from my prison six months ago, there had been a Dragon ravaging the lands and no other neighboring countries could aid them so they freed me. I fought the dragon and won with no problem, after that I decided to be a gladiator, and boy was I loving it. I was a champion, the champion, I fought some loser named Iron Horn for it, he lost. I would be the world champion but I'm not allowed to participate in the worldwide tournament, because they never told Celestia or the other countries about me. Which was interesting, perhaps I can make the Minos go to war with Equestria? No, not yet, not until Thanos arrives. I walked outside into the sun, it was just like the colosseum in Greece but modernized.

"Here he is folks, the myth, the legend, the almighty Rob Lucci!" The crowd cheered wildly, I smiled, the announcer turned towards my opponent a brave little Avian who dared to fight me.

"Then we have Iron Claw of the Sky Islands!" The Avian was cocky, I could tell from that smirk of his.

"Now that we got introductions out of the way time to fight!" We ran at each other cocking our fists back, we roared and let out a punch.

Thanos' POV

Grievous and I were both in our robes, we walked off the ship that I "borrowed" from Equestria, we walked down the city streets and were in a market place, we were searching for a lead to find Lucci, I turned towards Grievous.

"We should split up and search for clues." I can tell he deadpanned at me, I had a stupid smile on my face.

"Okay, "Fred", I'll go find my Wind Sword, because I know it's here, I can feel it." Grievous ran off to do who knows what, I walked down the streets when I heard a crowd cheering. I looked towards the colosseum, yep Lucci is probably in there. I walked towards the colosseum, there was a minotaur laughing. I walked towards him there a table in front of him with paperwork.

"Oh? You want to fight the great Lucci?" The minotaur smiled, I nodded, "Then sign here and you'll be assigned to fight him." He gave me ink and quill and I wrote my name, "Thanatos" he shook his head and said nothing. "Alright wait in one of the cells." And I went off.

I walked forth into the sunlight, the crowd roaring.

"HERE WE HAVE ANOTHER CHALLENGER FOR THE CHAMPION, OR ANOTHER LOSER, MEET THANATOS FROM PARTS UNKNOWN!!!!!!!" The crowd roared, cheering me on, I waved at them. "NOW WE HAVE THE ONE, THE ONLY, ROB LLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The announcer said dramatically, Lucci appeared from his side, not recognizing me, he looked at me with a grin. Getting into a fighting stance.

"Ready to be beat?" He asked me cockily, I crossed my arms before getting in a stance similar to Katakuri's.

"Are you?" I asked him back, his grinned widened.

"You got some spunk!" Lucci commented.

"THE BATTLE WILL BEGIN IN THREE!!! TWO!!! ONE!!! FIGHT!!!!!!" We lunged at each other, our fists made impact, blowing the dirt from the arena floor away. He looked surprised but shook his head, getting it back into the game. He tried to kick my head but a swift block from me made that useless. I punched him in the nose and he stumbled backward, he laughed and looked at me.

"This will be fun!" He ran at me and jumped, going for a superman punch, he then disappeared, I turn around and he was behind me. I caught his fist and I punch him in the gut, he grunted and then kicked me in the chest. We both jumped back, we looked at each other and went in circles.

"WILL THANATOS BEAT LUCCI??? OR WILL LUCCI LOSE???" The Announcer asked dramatically, I went on the attack sprinting at Lucci, I punched Lucci and but this time I felt some pain.

"Tekkai!" Lucci, jumped up and spin kick me in my head, I use Tekkai as well and he jumped back, wincing. "You know it too?"

"Indeed, and now this fight should be a bit more interesting." I approached him, he approached me as well. We both punched each other, this time Tekkai boosting the strength of our punch, our fists clash and it was a matter of who's Tekkai is stronger. Lucci was sent flying because I used an intense version of Tekkai, called Tekkai Go.

"Darn, you're strong! But I'm stronger!" He ran at me, at full force, I ran at him and we jumped at each other and struck.

Grievous' POV

I crawled verily as I reached the zenith of the mountain, yeah, I had to climb another mountain, might as well call me "Mountain Climber Grievous" I saw multiple armed Minotaurs circling a shrine that had the Wind Sword. I pulled out my water sword, jumped up, and made a water slash at them. There were fifteen in total, two hit the wall and dropped their swords I grabbed the swords and started to do this three sword style, my one foot/claw held one. They ran at me and I water slashed them, one was skilled enough to jump over it. I jumped and it and diagonally slashed them with one water sword and one random sword, blood sprayed on my cybernetic body. I threw the random sword in my right hand and the sword decapitates one of the minotaurs. I let out a laugh as I start mercilessly killing them, another one bit the dust. One actually tried to headbutt me on my forehead, so guess when someone's head hits armor as hard as mine? Killed instantaneously. I jumped through the shrine grabbed the Wind Blade and slashed both of them at the same time at the remaining minotaurs which killed them.

"Whew... That wasn't difficult." I laughed when I heard someone clear their throat, I looked behind me and there was the King, standing tall over me.

"Why do these things happen to me?" I looked at the King who stood tall over me, I was taller than he was but it felt like he was taller than me!

"Maybe if you stop trying to

Lucci's POV

I opened my eyes, I was on a ship, I looked around.

"Where am I?" I asked, soon I got my answer as I spot Thanos cleaning his infinity blade which was soaking in blood.

"So you're finally awake..." He chuckled, I held my head, there was a bandage. I shook my head it really was Thanos!

"Thanos?! You- you're..." He looked at me, I immediately stopped talking.

"How long have you been released from your prison?" He asked finally finishing cleaning the blood from his blade.

"Six months." He laughed and stood up, I did as well. "My man, what took you so long? I was waiting for you"

"I had to tend to my farm." We both laughed and slapped our hands together like this.

"START THE BOAT!!!! START IT NOW!!!!!!" I looked outside and saw Grievous being chased by five hundred armed minotaurs, needless to say, we started to boat. He leaped on it and I went to the back of the boat and used geppo to push it far and fast. Grievous walked outside.

"Goodbye suckers! Hahahahahahaha!" He slapped his knee but quickly held his knee in pain. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" He fell on his rear me and Thanos laughed, now... Who do we go after next?

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