• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Greatest Plan Known To Plankind That All Other Plans Are Trash Compared To This Plan, No Seriously This Plan Is So Epic Any Strategists Will Quake In Their Boots And The Plan From "Mission: Barely Possible" Seems Like A Joke Compared To This

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

On a cliff overlooking Minocow stood, Grievous, Eden, Lucci, Sally, Entity, Eden, Mogeme, and Luffy. Eden had toys set up and a toy little house to visualize the plan.

"So how is playing with toys going to help us?" Lucci asked, Eden just glared at Lucci and said nothing.

"Oooh, I call dibs on the robot guy!" Luffy grinned, Grievous turned to Luffy.

"I call dibs on the Ken action figure," Grievous said as both of them reached for the toys, Eden slapped both of their hands and both of them held theirs with a pained expression on their face.

"OW!! Oi, Sparky, why did you hit us!" Luffy snapped, Eden sighed and shook his head.

"Alright, let's get on with the plan," Eden Spark finally spoke, he took a quick glance at the group then back to the toys.
"Okay, John Wick is Lucci, Sally is... Sally, Steve is Entity 303, Terminator is Grievous, Luffy is Ken, Sonic is Mogeme, Thanos is Thanos, and Iron Man is me, before I go on with the plan I'll need you to keep quiet, who knows who is listening."

They all nod and opened their ears, Eden nods and cleared his throat.

"Do you see this toy barn? That's Kaido's base, Megatron is Kaido and you can probably guess what the grunts are," He points to the green soldiers, "What opponents you saw now we're one of his Commanders, his left-hand man is Garou with the ability to turn into an Ice Dragon, 2nd commander is, you guessed it, Warmonger, 3rd is Herobrine, and 4th commander is Captain Verona. They are key people here, key people, I'll need Lucci and Entity to sneak in and grab Thanos and get out, then I and Grievous will go in and Mogeme with his sound ability will make a large amount of sound at the other side of the prison where we are. While he's distracting them we'll find our friends and get out, and while we're doing this, Luffy, Grievous, Lucci, and Entity will start picking the fighters off one by one, leaving no survivors." Eden finished his plan.

"Alright, how are we going to get there?" Lucci raised a good question making the gang turn to Eden, Eden grinned under his mask and pulled out a device the size of a phone. The "Phone" had a rod at the end and he pushed a button making a portal two feet away from us, they look at each other and Luffy has stars in his eyes.

"So... COOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join my crew!" Luffy turned to Eden, who just stared blankly at Luffy.

"I refuse."

"I refuse your refusal." Luffy countered.

"Alright, LEZ GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Grievous jumps in and the rest jumps in too, ready for what's to come.

Thanos POV

When we walked out of the portal, I looked up, there were two cliffs towering above us and when I looked straight ahead I saw Udon Prison, but it looked more beastly than before, there was no factory instead it was a giant building and I saw two guards that looked like the Firebenders Soldiers from Avatar. They looked like elite soldiers of some kind, there a giant dragon statue on top of the building that looked like Kaido's Dragon Form. Which was cool but at the same time terrifying, it looked exactly like the Jade Palace from Kung Fu Panda, speaking of which, I wonder if there was an Equestrian Version of Kung Fu Panda out there, I would kill to watch that.

"To be honest I didn't think it would be that easy." The one known as Reaper said I snapped my head towards him.

"I was outnumbered, you had Sea Prism Chains, and the ability to slow down time, what di you expect? Me to go Super Saiyan and wreck your crap?" I growled, he just grinned and pushed me forward.

"Shut up and keep walking," Reaper said in a monotone voice which kinda creeped me out, Warmonger was walking on my left and leaned her head next to me.

"Sooo, who's that dashing cyborg?" Warmonger asked, I side-eyed her.

"Grievous? He's a wild one, he always does annoying antics, one time he-" I was punched in the back, I didn't feel anything but I looked to the one who punched me, it was Muscular with a cocky grin.

"When I get out of these chains I'm going to snap your neck." I glared down at him, he just laughed.

"I'd like to see you try." After that he said nothing as we reached the entrance, the doors open and what was inside was a hallway that was lit up by torches at the end of the hallway was another door. I saw a dark figure at the end of the hall, when they passed a torch, the orange fire on the torch turned into one of blue fire. When they were 12 feet away I saw what they were, it wasn't a they it was Azula. Accompanying her are two guards wearing blue armor, probably two of her elites. She walked up to me and stopped three feet apart, she put her hands on her hips and smiled smugly. She looked up and down.

"Wow, I didn't think you guys could do it, that or he's weak," Azula said with a snark, the group that captured me growled.

"A. They caught me off guard. B. They have Sea Stone Chains. C. They can slow time. And what can I do? Expel heat from my body, shoot Power Beam lasers, and make reality whatever I want." I retorted.

"With those things going for you, you really should've won, but I guess you're just like the rest, weak. I hope Kaido can make a man out of you." Azula smiled, knowing full well what she was referencing.

"Really? You had to do that? Why? Why did you have to do that? It bucking cause you zero dollars to say that and you did! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!??!?!? WHY??? NO SERIOUSLY TELL ME WHY????" I yelled glaring down at Azula.

"Ain't nothing but a heartache." I hear everyone in this room say including the guards inside and outside say. I turned around, then I turned back around.

"I hate you all, but that was pretty funny, not gonna lie." I chuckled, everyone in this roomed laughed.

"Okay, okay, okay, back to business. Kaido wants to see Thanos, alone." Azula put the emphasis on the "alone" part. I looked back to my capturers, suddenly feeling safer with them.

"Don't worry Than the Man, you're going to meet Kaido! It's going to be fun!" Warmonger pushed me forward and I shake my head and just walked forward, deciding to deal with it. For now.

"Alright, let's go." Azula turned around and walked off with her guards following her, I followed and the Guards stepped aside to let me walk beside Azula. I was three feet taller than her, so I was therefore superior by manly law. As we walked I noticed that the once blue fire turned back to orange. I look down at her.

"Okay, that's seriously cool, the way when you walk past fire it turns blue, and when you do it again it turns back to its original state is amazing," I commented, she blushed a little.

"It's simply due to my presence that the flames turn themselves that way, I am after all the Empress of Flames." She said with a smile, the smile was pure. As we reached the end of the hallway the Guards opened the door and we were now in a room with three hallways, one on the left, right, and middle. Each and every one of them was labeled, the one on the left was where they kept the prisoners, the one on the middle was Kaido's domain, and lastly, the one on the left was where the underlings of Kaido stay.

"Alright, this is as far as I can take you. Go on." I walked forth and I looked back to her, she just smiled, I grumble and I walk to the middle room, the door was colossal, the size of Kaido, speaking of which all of the doors were the size of Kaido. The door was made out of some sort of Dark Wood with red torched sticking out the side of the door, I was tall enough to reach the door handle. I knocked on the door and heard a deep growl, I looked back and saw that Azula was gone.

"Okay, I'm coming in." I open the door and slowly closed it behind me, I scanned the area and I saw that there were giant pillars the size of buildings holding the roof up, each of them was lit up by red fire, I looked in front of me and forty-eight meters ahead of me was Kaido in his Dragon Form wrapped around a pillar bigger than the rest. His eyes were closed, as soon as I took a step his eyes were opened, he yawned and it shook the room, and know that this room was the size of a Football Field. The room was cold, that or I was scared by Kaido, I didn't know which was which at this point.

"Thanos," His voice shook the room, "You came so soon, I was figuring I would take a nap before you came because I thought you ran away. But I'm glad you didn't, so Thanos I've heard about you. From my spy actually Noximilien the Clockmaker, he said you had the strength of Katakuri and the brains of Albert Einstein, and that was some praise from one of my scientists. But unfortunately, he was slain by your pet, Eric Von Shadow of Universe 5687, the wielder of the Shade-Shade Fruit, which allows him to control and become shadows. Similar to the Shadow-Shadow Fruit but superiors in combat. Now, Thanos, you're probably asking yourself, "Why am I here?" It's not because of your pet, it's because of you I need you. You're strength, your speed, your intellect, durability, endurance, and every single physical and mental stat you have. Become one of us, you show great promise." Kaido finished his speech and I stood there, stunned.

"Uh... Well-" Suddenly there was a huge crash that alerted us, next we heard running and yelling. Kaido sighed, heating up the room with his breath.

"That's probably your Allies." Suddenly something opened up on the left, revealing a giant hole that leads outside that can fit Kaido, I saw sunlight. Kaido yawned once more.

"You can stay here and wait for me if you want, not that I care." He said before he released himself from the giant pillar and went down the hole. I immediately booked for the door and went down where the Underlings Stay running past everyone I kicked down the door where the Prisoners mined and I say Grievous cackling like a madman.

"What in the bu-"

A Few Minutes Earlier

The Displaced Rescue Squad sat behind some trees overlooking the prison. They were all in a circle.

"Alright, do you remember the plan?" Eden said, Grievous sat up and walked over in front of a tree that overlooked the prison, revealing itself.

"If they have full watch over the universe do you think they have something cool?" Mogeme asked.

"Well yes but- Wait, don't tell me you're thinking about stealing from Kaido?" Eden turned his head to Mogeme.

"Well, yeah, they probably have something cool." Mogeme grinned, Eden frowned.

"You are NOT stealing from Kaido," Eden said slowly, very, very, slowly.

"Come on, just one thing, it's not gonna hurt him!" Mogeme tried to compromise, Eden stared at Mogeme.

"Mogeme, look at me, I've seen what Kaido and his group can do, you do NOT wanna steal from them. That's why my buddy is in prison." Eden said and suddenly Mogeme decides he shouldn't do that. Luffy yawned loudly, which made some birds fly away, Lucci covered Luffy's mouth, shutting him up.

"Shut up Luffy, you're gonna give away our location," Lucci said through his teeth, Sally shook her head and sat up.

"I'm done with all of you, we'll strike at midnight, I'll go get some wood." Sally walked off, Entity sat up.

"I'm gonna go follow her, who knows what's out here." Entity ran to accompany Sally.

"Alright, thumbs up, let's do this, LEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEENNNKKIIINNNSSSS!!!!!!!!" Grievous jumped down and got out all four of his Elemental Swords and held them with his extra arms, he slid jumped down from their vantage point and used a combination of Geppo and Soru to appear before the prison, he slammed himself through the prison and made a giant hole.

"THANOS I'M COMING FOR YOU BUDDY!!!!!!!!!" Grievous cackled, he looked down at the nigh hundreds of opponents in front of him.

'Let's do this'

Displaced Rescue Squad POV

"Did he just-" Eden stuttered.

"SAVE HIM!!!!" Lucci said looking at Eden.

"You save him, you're strong!" Mogeme said, immediately Entity and Sally ran back to the group.

"What happened?!" They said simultaneously.

"Wahooo! I'm going to join Robot guy!" Luffy jumped but before he completely jumped Eden pulled him back, Eden looked at Luffy straight in his eye.

"Do NOT do what Grievous just did. Do NOT." Eden said with sweat dripping down his eyebrow.

"What do we even do now?" Entity asked, Sally, sighed.

"Do the plan without him I guess..."

Grievous POV

"EY YOOOOO YOU WANNA SQUARE UP!??!?!?!? OI KAIDO GET YO SORRY BEHIND OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted right before multiple Lightning Orbs was shot at me, I dodged the attacks and looked at the one who shot them. It was an Enel Displaced which was pretty cool.

"You wanna square up too?" I asked him, he just grinned.

"Perhaps, let's do this Grievous!" Enel zapped his way in front of me and was about to punch me, my sword was ready to block but suddenly I was pulled forwards and my neck was in the hands of Pain from Naruto Shippuden! I love this guy!

"Enel, let me take care of this, knowing you, you would just play with your food." Pain said coldly, Enel frowned.

"HEY!!! He was mine, drop him before I kick your butt!" Enel growled, Pain glared at him and tossed me aside, I hit the ground and I appeared before Azula.

"Come at me, bro." Pain taunted Enel, Enel zapped in front of Pain and cocked his fist back, covering it in Armament Haki, as they began to fight. Azula's soldiers try to beat me down, they were shooting out blue flames! I cut through the flames and tried to cut them, I was close too but I was blocked by Azula's arm guard. Azula grinned and kicked my stomach launching me into Oven. Oven the fourth son of Big Mom! He reached for me but I jumped back, I turned around and saw that there were so many Displaced warriors there. From people from Sonic to people from memes, I was outnumbered, but I know I wasn't outmatched. Suddenly there was a shadow that covered my body and half the prison, I looked up and saw Kaido.

"General Grievous from the 2003 Clone Wars series, nice." He complimented, I looked up at Kaido like a kid would look up at an airplane.

"Thank you, I'm going to fight you now," I said with complete and utter honesty.

"Okay," Kaido said casually, I jumped from the ground, the ground formed spiderweb cracks as I jumped from it, I then kicked Kaido's jaw with an Armament Haki covered kick, it knocked him up, making his whole serpent-like body follow his head. Everyone stopped to look at Kaido, actually feeling worried for him.

"KAIDO!!!!!!" I hear everyone cry, I start to spin my extra hands then held my swords, flying like a Helicopter. I flew after Kaido, flying up to his face, I then drop-kick his jaw once more launching him behind the Prison, I follow after him. I covered my two free swords, Lightning and Water, in Armament Haki and I start shooting Lightning and Water slashes at Kaido, he fell on his back.

"Take that!" I laughed, as I dropped down ten meters in front of him. Kaido simply picked up his head just to look at me, then laid it back down as he reverts to his human form. Suddenly the sky turned dark and I knew what was coming, I curse to myself as I look down at him, lightning struck him and he stood up, covered in a dark aura.

"Worororo!" I hear him laugh, I frown as he prepares himself, I ready all four of my swords, covering in Armament Haki and letting them glow with their corresponding element. Kaido cracked his neck then his right arm, in his right arm was his weapon, a Kanabo. I dashed at Kaido with great speed, he grinned.

"ELEMENTAL SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I roared as I appeared in front of him in a matter of seconds. He reeled back his Kanabo ready to strike.

"THUNDER BAGUA!!!!!!!!!!" Our weapons hit, making the surrounding area blow away, I was holding up for a few seconds but then he let out a furious roar and went pushed my swords back to my and hit me right in the stomach. The hit made the electricity from him channel itself to me, I was then launched far, far, far away and into the prison. The force shook the whole prison and I fell from it and I hit the floor, knocked out due to the force. My blades fell down with me. He took out his bottle of sake and took a drink.

"Stupid brats."

Author's Note:

WHOOOO, I'm back, make sure to point out mistakes!

And if you're wondering why the fight with Kaido was so quick it's because the Displaced Kaido swore if he fell on his back, he'll turn back into his human form. And that's it, love y'all and I'm out.

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