• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Crossover 2 - Titans and Gods

In a forest far, far, far away from Thanos's universe

As dawn broke, the peace and serenity of the everfree forest were shattered, by the bellow of a wild animal…

“CRAP BASKETS!!!!” Nightmare shouted, her body falling towards the ground at an alarming rate. The Parayzte’s body impacted the ground, a small crater forming in the process, scarring the forest's animals. It shook the ground as many leaves fell from the unusual trees. She coughed up spit, landing on her knees as she was disgusted by the taste of dirt in her mouth. She slowly got up as a pair of boots landed in front of her, looking up. Nightmare saw Black looking down at her with a smirk.

“Come on, are you still having trouble with dodging?” Black laughed. He held out a helping hand, Nightmare grabbed it, being pulled up to her hoofs as she frowned at Black.

“It’s harder than it looks alright!” Nightmare shouted, Black, rolling his eyes as he turned around and walked out of the crater, Nightmare slowly followed after as she held her gut. The pair walked together out of the forest into an opening. Black looked up, seeing the mountain that held up the capital city of Equestria, Canterlot. Black smirked as he looked back down, seeing multiple wooden logs sticking out of the ground with multiple planks of wood next to it.

“Really?” Black looked back to Nightmare with a mocking look of confusion, “I never knew it was that complicated,” Nightmare growled at him, Black laughing in the process. “I’m kidding, I’ll just have to tackle that part of your training later, come help me finish this cabin.” Black gestured a hand to the frame. The Parasite groaned in annoyance, Black shook his head as he made his way to the wooden structure. As he went to pick up a plank, he notices something out of the corner of his eye.

He squinted as a gold light shimmed from the reflection of the rising sun. Black got curious, placing the plank back onto the pile, and walked over to the object. Picking it up, his eyes widened as he realized what he just picked up.

“What is this doing here?” Black whispered, expecting the golden gauntlet. Flipping it, he saw it had two gems embedded in it. One purple while the other was red, putting the two things together, Black spoke in disbelief.

“The Infinity Gauntlet…” Black spoke. Nightmare notices the Saiyan looking at something.

“Whatcha looking at?” Nightmare asked as she walked over, seeing the gauntlet in Black’s grasp.

“A weapon that could wipe out half of all mortal life in a snap,” Black explained as he faced Nightmare. Hearing this got the Parasite uneasy as she looked at the gauntlet. “But it can’t in this state, for it requires all the infinity stones for that to happen. But I don’t think this one is the real thing, this holds the same energy like this.” Black reached into his gi, pulling out the Crimson Sage’s Token. “I believe we found another Displaced.”

“Another one?” Nightmare asked as Black nodded, “Are you going to summon this guy now?”

Black looked at the gauntlet, thinking if he should summon the token’s user, but the Saiyan shrugged. “Nope, Last time I summoned a Displaced, it wasn’t for any real reason, I just wanted to see what it looked like,” Black explained as Nightmare nodded in agreement. “I’ll summon him when there’s a great danger.” Black put away the Crimson Sage’s token but then thought of something as he looked back at the gauntlet. ‘I wouldn't kill to have one of the Doctor’s coats, bigger on the inside pockets sound great right about now…’

Black was interrupted as the ground began to shake, sending Nightmare onto her ass as Black managed to stand up. The sky darkened with clouds forming over Canterlot. “What the buck was that!” Nightmare shouted, looking to the Saiyan, only to see Black wide-eyed. “Black?”

After a moment, Black’s eyes narrowed, “So… you're finally back, huh…” Without any explanation, the Saiyan ignited his aura, flying straight up while leaving a crater underneath him. Dirt was kicked up, flying into Nightmare as she coughed up dirt that made its way into her mouth. Black immediately appeared in the Canterlot gardens, landing on the ground, and began sprinting through the hedges. He passed through multiple statues, many from warriors of the past, ones of villains. Black arrived at one, only to see it shattered into pieces. Nightmare followed shortly…

“What the buck was that for?!” Nightmare shouted, “You could’ve at least told me what was happening without getting me covered in dirt!” Black was ignoring the Parasite.

“We may need to summon him now,” Black whispered, looking down at the infinity gauntlet. Without a word, he lifted the gauntlet to eye level, a voice spoke from it.

“My name is Thanos, The Mad Titan, Call My Name And I Shall Answer!” a voice boomed from the gauntlet.

Black smirked, shouting “The Mad Titan, Thanos, I require your aid!” The Saiyan’s voice rang throughout the city. Not long after, a small orb made of dark clouds appeared a few feet from the pair, slowly growing in size with lightning arcing around it. It expanded, making a small hole, inside it was dark. Shortly after, it spat out a large muscular purple being with a weird chin. The large muscular purple being had burnt marks and was bleeding with its armor melted.

Black eyes went wide as he sprinted to the large muscular purple being’s side, “Crap crap crap crap crap…” Black muttered, he kneeled next to the being, placing a hand on his chest. “Don’t die on me, your reality stone will be really helpful.” Black's hand began to glow green, the glow expanding across the beings body, healing all the burn marks and any other injury Black couldn’t see. After waiting a moment, Black stopped healing the being and waited for him to wake up. After waiting a minute and not getting anything from him, Black grew impatient. “OI! Wake the fuck up!” Black slapped the being. The being quickly grabbed Black’s collar and stood up, its eyes peering into Black’s.

“Where. Is. Kaido.” The being merely said, his voice emanating raw power.

Black looked confused at the being as he was unaffected by the being’s stare. “Alright, that explains the burn marks. Let me guess, you were in a fight with this ‘Kaido’ fella, correct?” The being merely nodded in response. “Well, you're not in your universe anymore pal,” Black answered the being’s question honestly. The being let go of Black’s collar and looked around.

“No, no, no, no! Entity and the others are in danger!” The being grabbed its head in realization, “Is there a way that I can go back?! Or do I have to do something for you? Kill someone? Eating contest? Jokes? I got jokes darn it!” The being shook Black back and forth.

Black started to get dizzy, “Oi, if you stop shaking me, then I can explain to you why you’re here!” Black shouted, the being immediately stopped shaking the Saiyan. Black shook his head, “Right, I just need some help defeating a spirit that can change the fabric of reality like his own house plaything. I’d rather not kill him since he’s kinda required to exist. But after that, you can go home. Plus, since you were summoned, your universe is kinda paused until you go back.”

“Oooooohhh…” The being said in realization, “The name’s Thanos by the way, I am actually good at cleaning which is not related to the situation, at all!” Thanos laughed.

Black looked at Thanos with a deadpan look, he looked back to the hand that was holding him by the collar, “Can you put me down please?” Black asked politely.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that” Thanos lets Black down and he cleans his hands… In mid-air… with no water… And no soap. Black stood there for a second before pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Goddammit, can every other displace I summon make the fabric of reality their plaything now…” Black muttered. He looked back to Thanos, “I bet you're enjoying making me annoyed, aren't you?” Black asked unamused.

“Perhaps, I just learned how to do these things because of Nappa, he also mentioned that you are massive and I mean MASSIVE simp.” Thanos explained, “Sorry about breaking reality, don’t normally do that.”

Black let out a massive sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose again, muttering about exchanging for a different displaced. “Welp, can’t do shit ‘bout this now.” Black then realized what Thanos said. “Wait a minute, who the fuck said I’m a simp!?”

“Nappa, from Dragon Ball Z Abridged, you watch that right? Apparently, he was in a prison which I was captive there at the time, long story, but he said you’re a massive simp. If you want to square up with him, I do not recommend it. Unless you wanna be tormented by Ghost Nappa forever.” Thanos informed Black with nothing but the truth.

“Who hasn't seen Dragon Ball Z Abridged?” Black answered back, before shivering at the thought of being tormented by Ghost Nappa. “Either way, I’m not a Simp…” Black answered while Thanos looked at him with a questioning look.

“I don’t know man, sealing yourself in stone to protect a woman is kinda simpy, not gonna lie.” Thanos puts his hands up and tries to hide his grin.

Black frowned, “It was either that or let a mass genocidal Nightmare take control of my mind and body and letting him commit genocide across the universe. I didn’t have a choice…” Black explained, frowning at the memory.

“Who hasn’t committed genocide these days, I mean my Celestia destroyed the entire race of humans and threatened to destroy all evil leaving no evil to stand in Equestria’s way.” Thanos chuckled as a can of hetap out of nowhere appeared in his grasp and Thanos took a sip of said hetap.

“I have... in a way... kinda...” Black shivered at the moment of an old memory. He shook the memory away as he stared at the hetap. “Hey, can I have one of those?”

“Hold up,” Thanos turned around and got out another hetap and tossed it at Black, he then noticed Nightmare. “Oh, don’t go thinking I forgot about you.” He turned around again and faced Nightmare, another hetap in hand. “Here.” He tosses the hetap at Nightmare.

The two both catch the cans of hetap, Nightmare looked at it questionably while Black took a sip and sighed in satisfaction. “Ah, a sip of hetap is always nice,” Black spoke. Nightmare shrugged and took a sip, immediately spitting out the contents of the beer. She looked disgusted…

“The buck is this?!?” The Parasite shouted, she threw the drink into the ground, it exploded into clouds as it impacted the ground.

“What you have just done is a vile sin,” Thanos said, anger in his eyes as heat emanating from his body, the ground started to heat up. Thanos frowned at Nightmare. “There are children who would drink that, think about the children god darn it!” Thanos boomed.

“Oh, the children indeed! How could you do such a vile thing, Nightmare Moon!” A voice boomed in the sky, gathering the attention of every creature. Blacks' eyes narrowed as his teeth began to grind against each other.

“So you finally show yourself…” Black hissed.

“SEE??!?! He gets it don’t you, want some hetap? I got more than a life’s time full of it.” Thanos offered a hetap appearing in his offhand out of nowhere.

“No thank you, I’m more of a chocolate milk being myself.” the voice boomed in another direction, a form materializing a few feet away from the group. Its body was abnormal, a mixture of multiple creatures as it was fully formed. It had the legs of a dragon and donkey, the arms of a lion, and a griffon. A tail and body of a serpent with a head of a pony with ears of a donkey’s and antlers. It also had a pair of bat wings. “Here, have some,” It flicked its hand, changing Thanos’s hetap into a glass of chocolate milk.

“Thanks,” Thanos commented as he took a sip of the chocolate milk. “Nothing is sweeter than chocolate milk, am I right or am I right?” Thanos chuckled, his offhand slowly reaching for his Infinity Blade.

Black said nothing as he stared at the being, “You should’ve stayed in your stone prison, Discord…” The Saiyan hissed as he immediately transformed into Super Saiyan 2, his hair spiked up as it turned golden with his pupils turning blue.

Discord watching in amusement as he held out a hand, a glass of chocolate milk appearing in it as he took a sip, “Ooo, is the monkey upset? Do you need a banana to calm down my ape friend?” Only for Black to shoot a ki blast at his chocolate milk, shattering the beverage.

Thanos appeared before Discord, his gauntlet wearing fist covered in some type of black armor and caught on fire. “YOU RACIST SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!” Thanos then punched Discord into a tree.

Black appeared next to Thanos, “Don’t kill him, we kinda need him since he holds part of this reality together after all.” Black explained to the Titan, the Saiyan turning his attention to Nightmare. “Go get the Princess and the Elements of Harmony were going to need them to seal this racist jackass once more.”

“But I can help!” Nightmare complained, but a look from Goku Black shut her up. She quickly spread her wings and took off into the castle. Black turned his attention back to Discord as he stood back up.

“We need to hold him off, don’t let him get away. Don’t underestimate him, he’s a shifty one.” Black put a plan together.

Thanos kept his blade sheathed as he stretched, “Don’t worry, that punch was a love tap, and since you’re a Super Saiyan I can tell that we’re not dealing with the average villain anymore, he has ascended, he has become a Super Villain!” Thanos said comedically as he got into his fighting stance.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that…” Black muttered, ignoring the references as he got into a fighting stance similar to Vegeta’s. “I don’t know how it works in your universe, but here it took everything I had last time I faced him, and I was a Super Saiyan. He’s considered a deity here, one that’s below the Supreme Kais.” Black shifted his stance slightly as he waited for Discord to make a move. “I may have to kick it up to god after all…” The Saiyan muttered.

“Indeed,” Discord exclaimed as he walked towards the pair. “Thanos, was it? That punch was, what’s the word?” Discord went into thought as he put a claw to his snout. “Oh, that’s it! Pathetic…”

“... I’m gonna start beating you now. I don’t know when I’ll stop,” Thanos said as shadows appeared over his eyes. Thanos used a technique that appeared to be instant transmission and Thanos cocked back his fist once more to strike the Spirit of Chaos. His fist covered in a black substance, heated up so much that fire appeared before it, “Tekkai, Go.” He muttered under his breath. “HEAT CRASH!!!” Thanos slams his fist into Discord’s gut.

An explosion of fire exploded across the area, Black putting up a barrier to protect himself from the flames. After the explosion of fire, it left a large scorch mark in the garden as it destroyed any plant life the fire came in contact with. Thanos emerged from the rising smoke with a smirk.

“How about that you little bitch ass motherfucking-” Thanos proceeds to call Discord any single swear word known to man, “Ye fat fokin cunt.” Thanos finished his onslaught of swears.

Discord emerged from the smoke with a hole in his gut, he looked down before smirking, “You done?” Thanos nods, “Good.” Discord’s gut healed immediately as he began to pat it. “Impressive attack I must say, but it still won’t be enough to beat me.” Discord exclaimed, laughing.

“Do you ever shut up…” Black growled as he appeared behind the spirit of chaos? Discord didn’t have enough time to dodge as Black struck Discord in the chin, sending the spirit into the sky. Black quickly followed, exploding into Super Saiyan 3 as he increased his speed. He appeared Discord, putting his hands together and striking the spirit in the gut, sending him back to the ground.

“Oh hell yeah!” Using some type of energy, Thanos appeared above Discord, he then let out a spin kick, “Rankyaku!” A slash of air as wide as a car was sent flying at Discord. This sent the spirit of chaos deeper into the ground, creating a large crater in the process while kicking up a dust cloud. Both Thanos and Black land next to each other, waiting for Discord to appear in front of him.

“That won’t put him down, at this point he thinks this is a game to entertain him.” Black said as he dropped out of Super Saiyan 3. “Got anything else that could be useful…” The Saiyan was interrupted as Discord appeared in front of him, his lion paw recoiled back.

“Dropped your guard.” Discord chuckled, landing a punch across the Saiyans face. This sent Black towards the castle and into a wall. Thanos went for a punch, but it missed as Discord appeared behind the Titan, kicking Thanos into a tree.

“You fucking bitch, I know why you kicked me into a tree, vengeance right? Well then… I have a form…” Thanos’ skin changed color as steam started to surround him like a Super Saiyan’s aura. “You won’t… Be able to do anything!” Breaking the sound barrier he appeared before Discord. “Super Sonic, Heat CRRRAAAASH!!!!” His fist was covered in the black substance again and was enhanced by this “Tekkai Go'' he spoke about earlier the attack launched him far but before he could hit anything. Thanos appears and uppercuts Discord into the sky, using some type of ability he kicks himself from the ground and does some type of skill that lets him jump in the air, effectively making him fly. He was now in front of Discord, “Infernal Rainshower!” A full army of fists impacted Discord as each fist let a burn mark on Discord, all the while saying “Muda'' with each punch he threw, and with a final punch, he sent Discord into the ground, shaking Canterlot.

As Discord slowly stood up, patting out all the scorch marks on his body. “I actually felt that one-” The spirit was interrupted as the sound of a rising voice.

“FINAL!!!” A fire aura exploded from Blacks' position. Soon, a spire of fire flew straight into the sky, revealing Black going Super Saiyan God. He had his arms to the side as two yellow balls of ki in his hands. He threw his hands forward, the two balls of ki merging to one. “KAAA MEEEE,”

Discord looked up in disbelief, “He… he can’t be serious, right?”

Black brought his arms to his right side, charging the massive blast next to him as it had a mixture of blue and yellow. “HAAAAAA MEE-”

Black suddenly disappeared with the sound of a popping balloon. Discord’s eyes widen, the popping sound appears in front of him, with a really pissed-off Saiyan looking at him with nothing but pure hatred. “Oh… CRAP BASKETS!!!”


Black threw his hands forward, sending the blast straight in Discord's face. Thanos jumped to the side as the blast flew past him. Discord screamed as the blast began to melt his skin. The beam of energy flying from the ground and into the sky. It shortly thinned out with a massive explosion followed after, it shook the earth. Black huffed, “Hard enough for you…”

“That’s what she said.” Thanos laughed, “Oh man, get fucked Discord. Wait, did you kill him?!” Thanos asked.

Black gave Thanos the finger as he answered the Titan’s question, “No, remember, he’s essentially a spirit, the only way to kill a spirit is the use of a Haki…” Black looked to where the explosion happened, seeing a mutilated figure of Discord look at the Saiyan with nothing but rage. “Think I pissed him off…” Black muttered.

Discord appeared before them, his skin burned away as it revealed bone and muscle. “That actually kinda hurt.” Discord growled. He threw his arms to the side, his skin and fur covering his muscle and bones.

Thanos appeared behind Discord and put him in a Full Nelson. “FULL NELSON!!!! Haha, I’m gonna break you like a KitKat bar.” Thanos’ body started to heat up as Discord struggled to escape, grinning the Mad Titan stood there. “You know the boiling point of blood is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, I wonder how long you can hold out?” Thanos began to heat up Discord’s muscles and bones started to burn. “I bet you’re going to stay awhile, so grab a snicker!” Thanos laughed.

Discord twisted his head a full 180 and grinned, “I think I might just do that,” Discord then turned into a large mass of water, cooling down the area and drenching Thanos. The spirit appeared a few feet away with a snicker in paw and began to eat it. “Man, you humans sure do know how to make good candy.” Discord spoke, finishing the candy in a few moments.

“How do you know we’re humans? Wait, you can break the fourth wall too?! Can you please say that Goku Black is a simp, you’re from his story.” Thanos said, looking directly at Goku Black with a shit-eating grin.

Black facepalmed, “I swear, I'm dealing with Deadpool in the body of a mad titan…” Black groaned.

“Don’t be like that, he’s such a good friend, I do need to get that cherry changa that I promised him after that completely unnecessary Death Battle between him and Pinkie Pie.” Discord explained as he pulled out a kit-kat bar. He didn’t get to take a bit of the candy as Black appeared in front of him, exploding into Super Saiyan Rose. The Saiyan grabbed Discord by the throat, choke slamming the spirit into the ground. Black grabbed Discord by the wings, pulling him into the air before slamming him back into the ground, creating a hole in the process.

“What the hell is happening right now, where the fuck am I!” Discord shouted in anger, Black proceeds to point two fingers into the hole, a small ball of it growing. “Wait a minute, hold on… now I see a light?”

“Walk towards it!” Black shouts, he released the small ball of ki, which flew down into as it wrapped around the spirit and exploded.

“WHAT THE HEEEELLLUU-” The explosion died out, leaving a massive crater in the ground. Shortly after, Discord reappeared between the pair with a kit-kat bar, “Anyways. Where were we?”

“If only Nappa was here it would be perfect.” Then suddenly the Ghost of Nappa appeared right beside Thanos.

“Who’s to say I’m not here already?” Nappa laughed, “Also, Dissy, say Goku Black is a simp, for the fans,” Nappa said with a grin.

“If you say so.” Discord formed his claw into a fist and coughed into it. “Goku Black is a-” He was interrupted when he was suddenly split in half, his lower body falling to the ground while his upper body floated. He spun around to see Black with a long ki blade. Discord narrowed his eyes. “MOTHER FUCKER!” Discord’s lower half reconnected with his upper body. He threw a fist at the Saiyan, Black barely dodging it as he charged forward, Discord's hand scraping against his cheek.

“I’m getting really tired of everybody’s bullshit,” Black growled, gut-punching the spirit before spin kicking him back into the garden. He threw a hand forward, “BIG BANG ATTACK!” He shouted as a condensed blue ball of ki is sent towards the spirit, creating a massive explosion after.

Thanos saw Discord’s silhouette in the mist, appearing behind Discord he spin kicks him in the arm, breaking his arm, Discord grabbed his arm in pain. Discord walked forward two steps as the dust dissipated, he fell on both of his knees.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-” Discord then rolls around in pain, Discord was on his back.

“Hey, who has two broken arms and is a total bitch?” The Titan asked him, Discord glared at Thanos.

“You stupid motherfucker, you only broke one of my arms you-” Thanos then steps on Discord's other arm in the right spot, breaking that arm too.

“This guy.” Discord howled in pain as he rolled around, Nappa pats Thanos on the back, his hand going through Thanos.

“Good job buddy, got another TFS reference in ya?” He asked, he just smiled, and his smile said it all.

Black let a small smile creep upon his face, ‘Man I miss watching that parody.’ Black thought. He walked over to Discord as the spirit glared daggers at the Saiyan. “You can’t win this time Discord. With the power of TFS references, we’re unstoppable.” Black jokes.

“Hey, there’s three of us, so that means…” Thanos grinned.

Black looked to Thanos, realizing what he said. A big grin appears across the Saiyans face as he puts a fist out. “TEAM-”

“THREE-STAR!!!!!” They all say at the same time, Discord still rolling around in pain. Thanos was full-on laughing at this point, tears of pure joy appeared in his eyes.

Black tried to contain his laughter but failed as he held his gut. He seemingly forgot the hatred for Discord at the moment. “Oh… oh my god… this is the funniest shit that’s ever happened to me!” Black chuckled. He looked down to see the writhing spirit below him. “Ah… ah… you’re so fucked.”

“Ahaha, yup, I’ma do another one.” Thanos grinned, as he walked towards Discord, he then ripped his arm off, “Looks like you’ve been… DISARMED!!!” Thanos laughed.

There was a long silence, no one saying a word until…

“I get it!” Ghost Nappa exclaimed.

“Shut it Nappa…” Black groaned, the exchange made it even funnier to Thanos as he grinned.

“I am having a hell of a time, do you think Nightmare is back with the others?” Thanos asked Black..

Black put a hand on the back of his head, “I dunno…”


“Black and this big purple thing with a weird chin is in danger! Discord has been released!” Nightmare exclaimed, the princesses exchanged looks.

“There was a massive earthquake earlier with the sky darkening,” Celestia spoke with Luna nodding.

“As of now though, Black should easily be able to beat Discord now with his power. But we will need the elements of Harmony to steal him away, Tia” Luna explained. Celestia nodded, a piece of paper with a quill appeared and she began to write a letter to Twilight. “Wait Tia, shouldn’t we just teleport the elements here?”

Celestia put the quill to her snout, shrugging. “I don’t think so, a letter will be fine.” Celestia proceeded to write the letter while leaving a dumbfounded Luna and Nightmare.

Back to the plot…

“I’m sure the Elements will be here any moment now,” Black said with a smile while putting his hands on his hip. After a few moments, a breeze blew past him, “Any moment now.”

Thanos sat there in silence, “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Thanos began to sing, Nappa looking at Thanos began to chime in.

“Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Nappa grinned.

Black crossed his arms and looked at the two singing, before…

“Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”

Discord inhaled, trying to join in on the fun but just at that moment, the Elements came, with them were the princesses and Nightmare by their side. “Your end has come Discord!” Luna exclaimed. Discord watched in fear, trying to crawl away, but was stopped by Black looking down at him with a smirk.

“Ah ah ah, where do you think you're going?” Black smiled as the Elements put on their respective elements. The six ponies glow together as a massive rainbow beam shoots up into the sky and onto Discord Black jumping away in time. Discord muttered a few words before turning to stone, but no creature except Black could hear it…


“Goku Black is… a…”


Discord’s body was turned into stone, his position forever being the pose of a useless human in the history of TFS, Yamcha…

“I think that ended well, right guys?” Thanos looked at the ponies who had no idea who he was.

The ponies looked questionably at the sight of a half floating bald man and a tall muscular purple titan with a weird chin. “Who the buck are you?” Rainbow shouted, pointing at the two.

“Hello, I’m Nappa and this is Thanos, he was a prison-” Before Nappa could utter a word Thanos looked at Nappa letting out a mysterious force that blew everyone away, the wind started to pick up and Thanos glared at Nappa with looks that would’ve killed him thousands of times over.

“Say that and I will beat your ass,” Thanos said in a voice that could leave foals cry.

“Bitch…” Nappa finished in a near whisper.

Black rolled his eyes and shook his head, walking over to the ponies. “What took you all so long?” Black questioned the group. Luna looked towards Celestia.

“When Nightmare told us the situation, I suggested we teleport the elements of harmony here, but she told me that writing a letter would be more important.” Luna groaned. Black looked at Celestia with a blank look while the alicorn began to laugh nervously.

“Alright, Black, since we basically didn’t fight half of the time we were with Discord and just fucked with him, what do you say I teach you some skills and maybe even have a spar. Because I see you want to protect right? Well, I have a boatload of skills to show you.” Thanos said crossing his arms, finally serious.

Black looked wide-eyed at the titan, “Oh, you're being serious…” Black was surprised. “Sure, I’d like to learn at least one.”

“I’ll teach you Haki instead of the Rokushiki Techniques, which are useful but would take more time, Applejack come here.” Thanos looked towards Applejack.

Applejack walked slowly towards the titan with a look of unease. “Alright, what do ya’ need me for?”

Thanos held his right fist and turned it to a palm, the non-gauntlet wearing one. “Kick my palm with all you got.”

Applejack gulped nervously, “If ya’ say so.” She then proceeded to land a powerful kick into Thanos’s palm.

“Very good, now,” His palm was covered in some type of black armor. “Now do it again.”

Applejack proceeded to kick again, only for her to cry out in pain as she fell to the ground, holding her leg in pain. “Gah! Mother bucker!”

“This is Armament Haki, it is willpower but in weapon form, just how ponies weaponize friendship, you weaponize willpower.” Thanos informed the ponies “Your Armament Haki increases in strength in the heat of battle, I fought my Princesses toe to toe and I fought for a whole month before getting his by their gay laser but that story is for another time.” Thanos cleared his throat. “Now, Rainbow Dash, you’re fast right? Try to hit me.”

Rainbow grew a grin, “I’ll show you how strong I am!’ She flapped her wings and flew at top speed, throwing her leg in for a kick. Only to be avoided by Thanos who crossed his arms.

“Come on Rainbow Crash, you can do better than that? Or should I say… Rainbow Lesbian?” Thanos grinned.

Steam came out of Rainbow’s ears as she stared daggers at Thanos, “OH YEAH! Then how about THIS!” She shouted as she sent another kick, only to be dodged by Thanos.

“Really? No wonder you’re gay, you can’t seem to hit me.” Thanos laughed, Nappa covered his mouth to try to not laugh.

“STOP MOCKING ME!!!” Rainbow roared as she threw in a punch, only for Thanos to grab it.

“That’s enough, that my friend was Observation Haki, with it you can sense auras, predict your opponent’s movements and when you master it enough see further into the future which I can do. Oh and by the way I can dodge your attacks without using my Observation Haki.” Thanos explained, he turned to Goku Black. “So Black, think you can use them?” Thanos inquired.

Black nodded, “If I can learn a technique that could possibly destroy my legs and arms if used improperly within an hour or two, I think I can learn this.” Black explained as he took on the challenge.

“There’s one more last thing that can’t be taught, you inherit it- No, you’re born with it. This is called Conqueror's Haki, you can knock out opponents with weaker wills and if you have strong enough Conqueror's Haki, even manipulate the weather. Here’s an example...” Thanos let out a burst of his Conqueror’s Haki making everyone stagger and feel their energy drain slightly, clouds start to form above, “May God strike me where I stand.” Lightning hits Thanos and it had no effect on him. “Nice try jackass.” the earth begins to crack at the will of Thanos, Thanos then stops his Haki, taking a deep breath.

“Damn, that was impressive,” Black said as he smirked at Thanos. “But I’m pretty sure that was Faust who struck you with lightning, just saying.” Black jokes.

“Any of you have the potential, Fluttershy, you have the “Stare” correct? That’s Conqueror’s Haki. Celestia, do you have Conquerors? Luna, do you have Conquerors? FIND OUT- Nevermind, I couldn’t.” Thanos sighed. “Now Goku Black, show me you know how to use Armament and Observation.”

Black nodded. Closing his eyes he began to concentrate, putting all of his willpower into a specific point, his will to fight, his will to protect, his will to-

“Just get to the point!” Nappa shouted at ShirtMechanic.


(What the fuck just happened?!) - Shirt

(Get rekt.) - Chill

(Why are you making this longer than it should be?) - Shirt

(That's what she said.) - Chill

(Kami fucking damn it) - Shirt

Black opened his eyes, looking at his right hand, he saw the smallest black spot in the palm of his hand. It slowly grew across his hand, completely engulfing it. This took Black by surprise, not expecting it to go well on the first try.

“You have a strong will, now DODGE!!!!” Thanos slaps Black across the face.

Black’s eyes widened, not expecting the titan to slap him, but as another hand was about to strike him. He quickly moved his head out of the way. Thanos went for a punch, only for it to be pushed away. “I’ve got a hang of dodging before something happens. Last displaced pushed me as far as Ultra Instinct.” Black explained.

“Very interesting, but I need to look for something.” Thanos looked around, behind pillars and bushes, he walked back to Black. “Sorry, but I couldn’t find who fucking asked.” Thanos smiled.

Black frowned, “And here’s joking Thanos again…” Black muttered.

“Anyways…” Thanos appeared behind Luna and put his blade up to her neck. “I believe it’s time to get serious again…”

Black didn’t hesitate to appear next to Thanos with a ki scythe pointed towards the Titan's neck. Black didn’t say anything as he glared at Thanos.

“Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, even if you try to kill me, I know when you’ll do it, so you’ll just end up with one dead princess and one dead titan. Now, try to knock me off guard, if you move so much as an inch, I will cut her head off. Try and knock me out, try to make me stagger, try to make me weak, without any force but your own will.” Thanos said inching his blade closer to the Lunar Princess’s neck.

Black didn’t say anything, not even a blink, which piqued Thanos’s interest. A moment later, cracks appear around the Saiyan, purple and pink shards fall of the Saiyan as the figure of Goku Black disintegrates. This took Thanos by surprise, but he heard a laugh behind. The Titan turns around to see Black standing there in his base form.

“I knew I didn’t have Conqueror's Haki, I would’ve known I had it by now,” Black explained.

“Well, sorry about that Princess Luna, so sorry.” Thanos lets go of Luna and sheaths his sword. “Now buddy, what do you say about a little spar?” Thanos grinned, “I know the perfect place.” Thanos said.

“And where would that be?” Black asked.
“I can make a “Cell Games” arena if ya want.” Thanos grinned.

Black smiled, “Well, I just happen to have a place where it’s a whole year in about a month, and I can change the surroundings to whatever I want!”

“The hyperbola time claimer!” Thanos exclaimed.

“Eh, sorta. It was created by the last Displaced I summoned, a gift from him. Come on,” Black gesture for everyone to follow.

A Few Moments Later

Black opened the door to the chamber, Thanos, Ghost Nappa, and everypony followed. Black followed shortly after and he closed the door behind him, a loud echo followed by the closing door. A cloud of nanomachines formed a cream-colored pony with a white curly mane and a chestnut brown eye in a maid uniform. “Thanos, Ghost Nappa, say hello to Cotton Tail!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you two,” Cotton Tail bowed at them before standing straight again.



“The fuck’s this?” Nappa turned to Goku Black, “Why would someone make this? Is this one type of sexbot? What in the fuck? Even I have lines, and that is borderline crossing the fucking line!” Nappa said loudly… in front of her…

“Calm down Nappa, it’s a robot waifu,” Thanos said looking at Nappa, Nappa crossed his arms.

“Hmph.” Nappa turned away from Thanos.

Black sighs, rubbing his head, “It’s not like I had a choice in her creation, I didn’t even get a choice in her clothing, take up that complaint to the Crimson Sage.”

“Maybe I fucking will! Where’s that bastard?!” Nappa growled.

“Ignore him, let’s just go to the arena.” Thanos looked towards Nappa as he went into a rant about waifu’s, robots, and more stupid shit like that.

“Just give me a sec.” Black put a finger up and walked to a console near the middle of the room. The Saiyan looked out into the white void, looking back to the screen. He began to switch through different areas.

He looked back to the void to see west city, “That’s not right…” Black murmured. He looked back to the monitor and switched it again. Looking back he saw Planet Namek, “How’d that happen?!” He went through multiple areas like King Kai’s world, a wasteland, an ocean, green plains, and the snowy mountains, one even was Beerus’s planet.


“There we go!” He looked back to see the Cell Games Arena. “Still need to find out how this thing works, Edward didn’t really leave any instructions.”

Thanos grinned and cleared his throat “P is for Priceless the look upon your faces.” He began to sing.

“E is for Extinction, all you’re puny races,” Nappa added in.

“R for Revolution which will be televised.” Thanos turned to Goku Black.

Black smirked “F is for how Fucked you are, now allow me to reprise…” Black sang along.

“E is for Eccentric, just listen to my song.” Thanos sang with a grin stuck on his face like Gorilla Glue. (Totally not weird at all)

“C is for Completion, that I’ve waited for so long!” Nappa looked over to Goku Black.

“T is for the Terror, upon you I’ll bestow…”

“My name’s Perfect Cell, and I’d like to say… Hello.” They all completed the song, whilst the ponies in the back just looked at Team Three Star, confused yet intrigued.

Black stood at one end of the stage while Thanos walked to the other, Nappa floating at the sidelines. The ghost eagerly waited for the start of the fight. Black smirked at Thanos, “To think I’d be fighting another displaced so soon, while at an iconic fighting arena. I would like to make a request though…” Black asked the mad titan.

“What?” Thanos raised his eyebrow, intrigued at what the Saiyan could say.

“How powerful are you without using your infinity gauntlet?” Black asked, the mad titan raising an eyebrow.

“The infinity stones do not work outside of their Universe so… I haven’t been using my infinity gauntlet. My powers are a type of fruit that I ate. The Netsu-Netsu No Mi or Heat-Heat Fruit. It allows me to heat up my body at alarming rates that would kill anyone on impact. And even without it, I was pretty strong back then.” Thanos explained to Black.

The Saiyan slammed his hand on his face, mumbling, “I feel like such an idiot now, I've completely forgotten that the infinity stones don’t work in their own universe.” Blacks' hand slid off his face, revealing a sheepish smile. The Saiyan scratched the back of his head, “I guess 1000 years will do that to any creature.” Black laughed nervously.

“Indeed it can, when I was trapped in stone I was doing what you would call “Image Training.” Taught to me by the strongest Minotaur that could even topple the mountains themselves, Golden Hoof.” Thanos said looking to the sky remembering when he was “weak” and training to be stronger.

Black crossed his arms, a solemn smile grew across the Saiyans face, “I remember the times before I was turned to stone before I even knew how to even use ki. My friends, Luna and I trained to be the strongest. My master and I sparred every month after I finished training under him.” Black then frowned as he looked to the stadium floor. “But all of that, taken away from me because I was too afraid to act…”

“Tch, too afraid? When I was fighting Kaido, a giant dragon who can turn into a human and a dragon due to his Zoan type Devil Fruit, I was terrified, but sometimes fear is something that drives you to become stronger. A loss is a loss, a win is a win, but no matter who wins in a fight it only matters if you focus on what you are fighting for. What are you fighting for? What is your end goal? How will you learn from this fight? Will this fight benefit you? These are the questions that need to be answered before battle.” Thanos educated the dark Saiyan.

Black remained quiet, looking to the arena floor with the thought of the very questions given to him. The Saiyan closed his eyes, smirking. “And I might just have the answer to those questions. I fight for the sole purpose of bettering myself, for the protection of the ones I love.” Black opened his eyes, them changing into a shade of silver for a split second. This caught the Titan's attention, “I fight so then in the darkest of hours, my strength can strike hope into the hearts of every creature in need. I fight to learn from my past mistakes,” Blacks hair flowed upwards for a second, then having a silver outline to them before turning to normal. “If I have to sacrifice myself in order to protect my planet, so be it. But know this, I will never give up, I will never submit myself to a cause that will put the innocent in danger. Cause I just made myself a promise, right now.” Black then got into a fighting stance similar to one of Vegeta’s.

“Never be cruel, never be cowardly. Remember, hate is always foolish and love is always wise. Always try to be nice. But never fail to be kind. Laugh hard, Eat well, train well, sleep well, push yourself to the limit, and always be kind.” Blacks hardened his stance as he flashed a grin towards Thanos, “That is my promise.”

“That was a lengthy speech, also, if you knock me off stage I’ll give 9001 cans of hetap.” Thanos got in a stance similar to that of Katakuri’s the Sweet Commander of the Big Mom Pirates. His fists and boots were covered in Armament Haki.

“If that’s the case, I might have to skip my stretches.” Black let out a yell, jumping straight to Super Saiyan 2, purple and blue lighting pulsating around the Saiyan.

Thanos gets ready and warms up with some stretches, just to piss off whatever god that doesn’t like stretching. Heat emanates from Thanos in a Titan-like way, no, not from marvel, Attack of Titan, that show. “Alrighty, Goku Black, this will be fun, though I’m just gonna say this. My name is Titan and it rhymes with fightin’ and you’re gonna be hurtin’ ALL. TOO. SOOOON.” Thanos laughed as he slipped out another TFS reference in the chapter.

Black just stood that silently, beginning to think about his life choices, but shook the thoughts out of his mind. He turned his head to the ponies, who waited patiently on the sidelines. “Wanna count us off?”

Rainbow Dash, eager at the opportunity to start off a fight between two displaced. She stepped up with a hand in the air, “The fight will start in 3!”

Blacks' happy demeanor disappeared as he straightened his stance, the Saiyan’s stare held no emotion as he stared at the mad titan.


Thanos grinned, as his body somehow became tougher as his muscles stuck out. More heat radiated off of his body; his grin did not falter he faced the dark Saiyans empty stare.


Time seemed to freeze for the two displaced, not a sound traveled through the ears of the two warriors. The cut through air was the movement of Dash’s hand swinging towards the ground. The sudden stop in motion and the yell of Rainbow Dash signaled the two warriors to begin.


Not a moment later, there was a bright flash of light.

Author's Note:

This Crossover was Sponsered by Hetap, check out my man ShirtMechanic because I had a raging blast with him check out his story!

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