• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Battle of Deities - Sponsored By Hetap

The Battle of the Deities - Sponsored by Hetap

The explosion shook the area, the shockwave sending Rainbow flying into the main area holding the rest of the ponies. Luckily, Twilight caught Rainbow before she collided with the wall using her magic. Shortly after, two figures were pushed away from each other, sending them to a side of the arena. Black stood there with a bruise on his cheek while Thanos stood tall with a tiny scratch.

The Saiyan smiled as he popped his neck a few times, “I must say, Thanos, you must be really strong if you were able to leave a bruise on me, especially at Super Saiyan 2.” Black stretched his arms before going back into a stance, one similar to Goku’s.

“That is what nearly 1700 years can do to ya and fighting for one month as well, and I must say, no Displaced has ever made me want to fight them as much as you,” Thanos commented as his two Armament Haki covered fists were clenched, then unclenched, then clenched again. He went back into his fighting stance waiting for Goku Black’s move.

“Say, didn’t you say I can coat my Armament Haki to any item I wish, correct?” Black asked Thanos, shifting his stance slightly. The mad titan merely nodded, making the Saiyan grin. “Let’s do a quick experiment, shall we?” Black chuckled as he powered up. His aura increased slightly before it formed itself into a ki blade on his right arm. “I only did this technique a few times,” Thanos had a curious look, before going into realization as Black lifted his left arm in front of him. The Saiyan then stabbed his left hand, a little blood trickling down as the ki blade embedded itself into his hand.

Thanos just popped open a can of hetap casually and took a sip and he looked on with an “I don’t give a fuck.” look in his eyes. He blanked out for a second and thought of some random bullshit like, how would clouds date, what is Black’s opinion on cheese, and why the fuck is he here in the first place and not fucking with ShirtMechanic and The Chill Author.

(I swear, if he breaks the fourth wall again, I'm going to slam my head into my car window.) - Shirt

(Doesn’t sound very healthy bro.) - Chill

Black pulled out his ki blade slowly, morphing its shape into something the grim reaper would use. Fully pulling it out, it fully formed into a scythe, pulsating like a heartbeat. Black then closed his eyes and began to focus, a black substance slowly forming over the scythe as a yellow glow escaped through the black substance. Opening his eyes, he witnesses as he encased his scythe with Armament Haki, it still has a yellow glow around the weapon. The Saiyan looked to Thanos, seeing the Mad Titan was out of focus, seemingly daydreaming. “You done daydreaming!” Black shouted.

“Before we do this, what is your opinion on cheese?” Thanos pulls out his Infinity Blade and covers it in Armament Haki and then spinning it around intimidatingly.

Black starred with a blank look before muttering, “I’m going to start beating you now, I don’t know when I’ll stop…” The Saiyan then bursts forward, spinning the scythe around before attempting to strike the mad titan. Unfortunately, Thanos was prepared for this as he swung his Infinity Blade at him. The two weapons clashing, an explosion of pressure knocked down trees and grass around them. The Saiyan ducked under, kicking the Titan’s legs as he aimed a ki blast at Thanos’s back.

Thanos simply sidestepped the attack as it was nothing. “Unlike you, I have perfected the art of dodging without Ultra Instinct. Not to mention you’ll have to be faster than that to even land a hit on me.” Thanos said as he used an attack as instantaneous as Instant Transmission, appearing before the Saiyan in a flash. Thanos heated up his blade. “Double-Bladed Sword Style… Hellflame Slash!” With an attack that was 100 degrees celsius, Thanos swung a diagonal slash down upon Black.

The Saiyan barely had any time to dodge, quickly moving to the side he clashed his scythe with Thanos’s infinity blade. The scythe groaned under the pressure of Thanos’s raw power. Black knew his weapon was temporary while the titans weren’t, thinking quickly, a red glow began to surround the Saiyan. “Kaio-Ken Times 2!” Black shouted, a red aura exploding around Black while Thanos stood there in confusion.

“Kaio-what?” Thanos seemingly forgot about the technique as it wasn’t useful in Dragon Ball Super, like Yamcha. The only thing it was useful for was beating an assassin with a dick head.

Black roared as he pushed Thanos back, the titan seemingly too confused to see Black throwing a kick to the head. The foot connected, sending the Titan across the arena floor and into a small hill nearby. The Saiyan then quickly dropped out of Kaio-ken, but then got to thinking. ‘Man,’ Black thought as he dropped down a level to regular Super Saiyan. He discarded his weapon, it vanishing into thin air. ‘Let's see if this works.’ Black shouted once again as a red aura exploded around his Super Saiyan aura. The Saiyan saw Thanos getting back up from his small tumble. ‘That does a toll on my body.’ Black thought. The Saiyan then got an idea, one that is stupid but brilliant. The Saiyan quickly dropped out of his Super Saiyan 2 into Perfected Super Saiyan. ‘Let’s hope this plan works…’ Black roared, the Kaio-ken exploding around him once more. The Saiyan then noticed Thanos standing up from his small tumble.

Thanos received that hit but stood there like it didn’t even happen, there was no scratch on his forehead. “Armament Haki can be used in a multitude of ways if you are creative with it, it is good for offense but also good for defense,” Thanos instructed the Saiyan as he walked on back to the stage. “Looks like I owe you 9001 cans of hetap, don’t I? Also, I recommend not hitting me because if you do you will get hurt. Like a lot” Thanos then muttered something under his breath. “Tekkai, Go.” His whole body became tougher than vibranium itself, and Black could see it.

“Interesting, a technique that enhances the body’s overall resistance to damage.” Black complemented. He crouched as he began to slowly power up, “Let’s see how it can stand up to this! Kaio-Ken Times 3!!” Black shouted as he rocketed forward towards the mad titan with a grin.

Thanos just sighed as he used another form of the Tekkai. “Tekkai Utsugi.” Thanos muttered under his breath and looked at Black as he approached him at speeds slower than “Soru.”

As Black struck Thanos’s chest with a kick, he felt a strong pain in his chest. Gritting his teeth, he went for another strike across the arm, he then felt a pain in his right arm. The Saiyan bounced off the Titan as he landed on his feet, looking on in confusion. ‘The hell was that… every time I stuck him, I felt a pain in places I stru-’ Black then realized what was happening. The Saiyan then smirked, this going unnoticed by the mad titan. “Kaio-Ken Times 4!” Black flew forwards once again, his strength and speed increasing once again as he stuck Thanos on the side of the head.

“The definition of insanity is repeating something over and over expecting a different result.” Thanos covered his whole head in Armament Haki, furthering boosting his defense, a Dragon who punches him in his defenses would find their arm broken.

Black felt the pain across his head but paid it no mind as he continued to strike blows. “Oh, but I’m no Dragon,” Black commented as he sent a final blow into Thanos’s chest. The Saiyan jumped back, clenching his chest with a hand. Black let out a soft chuckle as he dropped to his base form, the Kaio-Ken disappearing along with his Super Saiyan appearance. “You’ve done your part well,” Black muttered. Thanos couldn’t see it, but a green glow appeared on the Saiyan’s back, healing Black of any injury. The Saiyan stood fully, the bruise on his cheek disappeared, catching Thanos’s attention.

“That’s fucking cheating!” Thanos argued, frowning. “Bah, no mind, I believe it’s time I kick it up a notch.” Thanos’s body started to heat up, his body turning darker and glowing, Thanos grinned wildly and his whole body was covered in Armament Haki, Tekkai Go, and was no longer added by Tekkai Utsugi. Thanos sighed as steam released itself from his mouth. “Netsu-Netsu… HEAT MAN!!!!” Thanos said dramatically as the arena floor began to heat up.

Black felt the sudden rise in temperature, the heat eating at the Saiyan’s skin. “I guess I’ll do the same…” Black commented as he let out a massive roar, the sound of an oozaru echoing across the lands as Black’s hair grew down his back, his eyebrows disappearing. Black looked on as he felt his power much stronger than it was before, not from the transformation. But from the Zenkai Boost he gained after the small attacks he did against Thanos, “Shall we?”

“Taken out of context that sounds kinda gay, shall we what? Hang out? Because I got beer, finish yer goddamn sentence.” Thanos grinned as he knew, just knew he was pissing Black off and he was having a hell of a time doing so.

Black didn’t say anything as he inhaled deeply, before letting it out, a small growl following it as he seemingly disappeared out of plain sight. Thanos looked around before he felt a kick to his back. He was sent flying forwards as Black appeared under him. The Saiyan let out a yell, kicking the Titan in the chest. This sent Thanos into the sky as Black followed after, appearing about the Titan with his hands coupled together. “AAAAHHHHHH!” Black roared as he brought the fists down, slamming them into Thanos’s head. The Saiyan did a flip kick, sending the Titan back to the ground before charging a massive attack.

“BIG BANG! KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!” A blue ball appeared in the Saiyans hand, growing in size before shooting towards Thanos in a beam of light. It struck the Titan as it detonated in the air, sending a powerful shockwave across the land, making the ponies land on their asses.

Celestia, recovering from the shockwave of the attack.“That’s a new one…” She muttered, amazed by the new attack the Saiyan used. “Lulu, how many attacks does Black know?”

Luna stood up, helping up some of the ponies. “From what he told me, he knows all the attacks and techniques from Saiyans known as Goku Black, Son Goku, Prince Vegeta, Vegito, and Gogeta. And one technique from the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus.” Luna explained.

Black hovered in the air, waiting for either Thanos to attack him or see the silhouette of the mad titan. The smoke and dust cleared away, revealing Thanos standing there.

“Temper, temper, temper, such a hothead.” Thanos shook his head as nothing happened. “My turn.” Thanos appeared behind Black and grabbed onto Black’s head his 100 degrees Celsius body burning Black. Thanos dropped from the sky and slammed Black’s head into the earth, shaking the area. Thanos then sprinted grabbing Black’s head and running his head across the earth making a trench. He then threw him into a nearby hill, Thanos grabbed a piece of the earth the size of a car and heated it up. “Meteor… Impact!” Thanos threw the boulder at breakneck speeds and it impacted the Saiyan as the hill and blew the hill up. Pieces of the hill falling to the earth heated up and falling down like meteorites.

Thanos landed on the ground, waiting for the Saiyan to attack. Instead, he saw a silhouette walk out of the smoke and debris. It revealed Black, his gi roughed up, his pants slightly ripped with dirt covering his boots. The Saiyan stopped a few feet away from Thanos with a smirk across his face. He had a small trail of blood coming from his mouth but was wiped away as Black wiped it with his thumb. “Not a bad attack at all.” Black complimented, “But it won’t be enough to put me down.”

“That’s cool, I have more techniques to test on you, like… Uh… What is it called? Oh yeah something called HOT WIND FIST!!!!” Thanos shot a punch, the force of the punch sent a wave of pure heat towards Black, so hot it made the air catch on fire and make a fire fist, Black was hit by the fist of pure fire. “Bitch.”

But the fire fist was disintegrated instantly, an explosion of power shook the area. A sphere of fire surrounded the Saiyan, it slowly breaking apart, revealing the Saiyan. His hair, not as long as a Super Saiyan 3’s but close. His hair back to its normal form, but it was blood red. His pupils turned into a dark red. His tail swishing around him, it changed to the same color as his hair.

The Saiyan let out a deep chuckle, “It’s about time…” Black’s form completely disappears from every creature's sight. He appeared behind Thanos with a ki scythe once again, but he split in half. One half stayed the same while the other half turned into ki chains. He wrapped it around Thanos’s neck, tightening it before yanking him across the floor. He pulled hard on the chains, this sending the titan into a nearby mountain. “Don’t let your guard down now, I’m much more dangerous in this form.”

Thanos sat there in the mountain, “Welp, guess I’m going to have to use my hax.” Thanos used Kamisori and appeared in front of Black. “Well, this is going to be fun.” Thanos then sighed and let out a burst of Conquerors Haki, making clouds appear and darken the sky, it then started to rain and storm. “Dramatic ain’t it?” Thanos grinned, his Conquerors Haki making an aura around him making him look like he’s going Kaio-ken but it’s purple. The aura was fiery and Thanos’ body became lighter as opposed to his heated-up body before.

“NETSU-NETSU!!! STEAM MAN!!!!” Thanos shouted out, he started to float and “fly” steam coming from his feet allowing him to fly.

Black immediately knew the technique and aura Thanos was using, he spat to the side before scoffing, “Well, I call this a load of Bullshit…” Black growled. The Saiyan tried to think of ways he could counter this technique, but nothing came to mind. In Black’s eyes, what Thanos was using is basically Ultra Instinct. ‘Anything I do, he’ll basically see what would happen before I even thought of it…’ The Saiyan looked on, waiting for Thanos to make a move, but a couple of moments later he knew it was pointless. But he got an idea that had the possibility to fail, but he had no other choice. The Saiyan charged forward quickly, when getting close Thanos threw a fist. Black dodged but was quickly kicked away by the mad titan. But as he hit the ground, he landed on his hands and feet, but out of Thanos’s sight, he placed an incredibly small ki mine in the ground.

Thanos took a step forward then stopped, “You think you’re slick huh?” Thanos pulled back his right foot, steam getting ready to increase the speed, “Steam Kick!” Thanos kicked Black in his jaw, steam boosting the attack and launching him far. Thanos seemingly teleported into the sky, and using steam to boost him he appeared before black and crashed his fist into Black. “Ultra Heat Crash!” The heat, steam, and impact made an explosion of fire, when the smoke cleared, Black laid there in a crater.

Black didn’t make a move to stand but continued to lay there. He looked over his body to see he had a small gash and a few scratches on him. “This is stupid, how the hell am I suppose to beat him with that haki technique…” Black spoke to himself. A small flame rolled over his body, specifically over his gash. He slowly stood up, looking back up to the mad titan. ‘I have to make him get distracted, but I can’t think of anything…” Moments later, the flames disappeared to reveal his injuries gone, he clenched his fists a few times.

“Huh, that’s nice. Secret technique…” Thanos suddenly multiplied, there were a total of ten surrounding Black now. “Owl Thrashing!” The platoon of Thanos started to punch Black rapidly, Black getting hit from all sides, the front, the back, everywhere. Thanos uppercuts Black into the air, then another Thanos corkscrew punches Black into the earth, but just as he was sent flying there another Thanos jumps and knees Black in the chest. Keeping him into the air, then yet another Thanos appeared before him. “Steam Cannon!” Thanos sent a burst of steam Black’s way launching him higher into the air.

Black was beyond annoyed at this point, knowing he couldn’t do anything to counter Thanos’s and his clone army. As he reached the maximum height from his velocity, he began to hover. Looking at the scenery, high above the clouds, he began to chuckle slightly, before going into full-on laughter. He looked back at himself, seeing the top part of his gi was ripped, hanging at his waists. His black shirt was ripped in places with his pants and boots ripped apart. He put two fingers to his head and teleported, appearing under Thanos at the ground. Looking up, he smirked, “You know the more you injure me, I continue to heal and get stronger, so I have a proposal.” Black offered.

“Eh?” Thanos stopped and immediately his “clones” disappeared. “And what is this offer?”

“We both know that I won’t be able to beat you with that Haki technique you're using, and you will only make me stronger if you continue to harm me and I’ll heal. So, how about I stop using any healing techniques and you stop using that specific Haki technique. Cause at this point, it won’t be any fair on each side.” Black offered to the Mad Titan.

“Hm… I knew that it was very useful for brutes that can’t learn it fast enough but damn! Really? Alright, I’ll stop using it, but you gotta stop using that healing technique as we agreed on.” Thanos grinned, “And before you ask, no, they were not clones, I was just moving so fast that it looked like that there were multiple versions of me. And just so you know, I can’t turn Observation Haki on, it was already on, to begin with! I was just letting you hit me!” Thanos laughed.

“So, you were just playing with me huh…” Black scoffed and went back to his base form. “But, I believe that the warm-up is over.” Black clenched his hands, pulling them to the side as he let out a godly roar, his hair flying upwards and turning pink. A green thunderstorm rolled in and lightning struck all around Black. With one more push, Black transformed into Super Saiyan Rose as his pink aura turned erratic. He let out a sigh, smiling towards the Mad Titan, “I still have one more after this one, best make this count.” Black muttered.

“Same, but you’re now British aren’t ya? Bri’sh be like wa’er bo’le, rather shtewpid ain’t it?” Thanos grinned, getting back into a fighting stance, but this time, one that was similar to Garp, the Marine Hero.

Black rolled his eyes and played his game, “I have no bloody idea what you’re talking about lad.” Black joked, going into a fighting stance similar to Vegito.

“Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!” Thanos raised his fist into the air with a smile, only to slam that fist down into Black making Black drop like a ton of bricks, the force of the attack made his whole head bury into the earth like an ostrich, his whole body standing straight up. ‘Now that’s comedy.’ Thanos thought, and grabbed Black’s leg, and slammed him into the ground, ripping his head out of the ground like a carrot. Thanos proceeds to “Puny God” him by slamming over and over again and throwing him into the air. Jumping after him he uses another “Steam Cannon.” and rocketed Black away from him.

Black quickly recovered whilst in the air, launching towards Thanos with steely determination. He moved quickly, 2 afterimages breaking from him, charging a Super Black Kamehameha. Black teleported behind the mad titan, kicking him in the back before spin kicking him, a ki blade forming from his foot. It cut the titan slightly, but not enough to cause serious injury. Thanos turned around for an attack, but Black was already gone, charging a Super Black Kamehameha, with his afterimages doing the same. But in reality, the Saiyan was charging 3 attacks at once. Black launched his attack, 3 pink and black beams of plasma shooting towards the mad titan, making contact as a massive explosion followed after. The two afterimages disappear, revealing the real Goku Black.

“That… Hurt…” Thanos grunted as he got to his feet, “This might be interesting at all!” Thanos appeared before Black and cocked his fist back. “First Stance, Fist of the Black Tortoise!” Thanos cried out as he punched Black in the gut with enough force to decimate a mountain, Thanos prepared for another attack, “Second Stance, Vermillion Bird!” Black was engulfed by a red pillar, “Third Stance, White Tiger!” Thanos started to punch and kick Black rapidly, faster than Thanos ever has before, he then stopped preparing a final attack. “Last Stance… AZURE DRAGON!!!!” Thanos shot two fists at Black but stopped a few inches away, Thanos having one arm above the others. The attack then sent a devastating shockwave towards Black, there was a shockwave that came right through him as well, the other shockwave leveling everything behind them making a trench deeper than fifteen meters.

The Saiyan was sent flying down the trench, bouncing off the walls. He recovered quickly by gripping onto the wall, his fingers dragging along it while ripping into the stone. He looked back up with a smirk, “You keep on surprising me Thanos,” Black mutters, wiping a smudge of blood out of the corner of his lip. He looked at the stain of blood on his thumb, before teleporting above Thanos. He charged forward, activating a longer version of his ki blade, it looked like a katana. “Taste this!! MY DIVINE LASSO!!” Black sliced across Thanos’s back before kicking him to the side. He flew fast, before stopping in his tracks, swinging his blade around, sending tiny pink shards of ki into Thanos. It dug into the titan’s skin, Thanos yelped in pain. Black did a few more motions before stopping in a pose. Less than a second later, the shards exploded into a pink dust cloud. The Saiyan then lifted his arm, sliding the blade against his forearm before disabling his technique.

Nappa looked on into the fight, him crossing his arms, “This is a very close fight, and both of them aren’t even close to their full power.” Nappa commented before looking at Thanos, he was panting, looking out of breath. “His Armament Haki is wearing off.” Nappa frowned.

The ponies watching the fight were deeply interested in the outcome. The last one was a major loss for Black, knowing that the Crimson Sage was leagues above the Saiyan. Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie were cheering on the Saiyan. Fluttershy and Rarity remained quiet, hoping that neither of them would be seriously injured or killed in this fight. While Twilight, Celestia, and Luna were predicting how this fight would end.

Twilight was ranting on how Thanos could win with the Observation Haki, but that was quickly put down by Celestia, “I think not my student. They both agreed to terms that they wouldn’t either use Observation Haki or any healing abilities or techniques.” Celestia reminded the purple unicorn.

Luna at this point had noticed the purple titan had been getting tired. The labored breaths had been enough evidence already. But what really surprised the princess was that Black didn’t seem to be getting tired. The Saiyan had a few gashes and scratches, but nothing that would hinder the Saiyan’s chance to win.

Black hovered down a few meters away from Thanos, noticing the mad titan’s state. Black smiled, “You don’t look so hot.” Black commented.

Thanos heard nothing. He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing, standing tall. Nappa raised his eyebrow at this, Thanos stood there, silent, remembering something his teacher has taught him, long, long, long, ago…

1,700 Years Ago, Equestria 69420.

“ATA!!!” Thanos punched a boulder and it easily shattered into dust, Thanos looked towards Cloven Diamond, Cloven Diamond smiled and nodded.

“Did ya see it, I was AMAZING!!!!” Thanos laughed, Cloven Diamond walked up to Thanos, the only creature that could match his height besides Dragons.

“Yes, indeed you were, your Armament Haki has been increasing at an alarming rate, soon, you might be able to even beat me!” Thanos smiled, “But, I still haven’t shown you a level that’s beyond your capabilities as of now.” Cloven Diamond walked over to a tree, he coated his fist in Armament Haki, there was then a blue outline, Thanos opened his eyes in surprise. Cloven Diamond roared and punched the tree but before he even touched it, it broke in half, as well as shattering it into tiny pieces. Cloven Diamond sighed, and the Armament Haki disappeared.

“Master, what was that?!” Thanos asked, Cloven Diamond smiled.

“That’s a new level of Armament Haki known as Ryou Haki. This level of Armament Haki has the ability to damage your opponent internally instead of on the outside.” Cloven Diamond explained Thanos’s jaw dropped.

“WHAT?!?!? How do I learn it? Teach me, teach me!” Thanos asked like a child asking his mother for a new toy.

“You have to learn it on your own, it would seem my days may be numbered, I’ll have to return to war and fight for my country once more.” Cloven Diamond said, “But do not fret, I believe that you have the talent to do it. I believe in you.”

Thanos smiled wildly, “Awww, thanks!”

“You are welcome, we should hurry back to the castle now, I hear Turkey is on the menu!” Cloven Diamond informed Thanos.

“YES!!! TURKEY!!!” Thanos laughed.

Thanos sighed deeply, his Armament Haki disappearing, Thanos’s fists and boots suddenly had a purple outline, this caught everyone’s attention, Nappa sighed.

“So he’s finally done it…” Nappa grinned.

Luna squinted his eyes, noticing the mad titan's main armor disappearing. It being replaced by a purple glow, “This could be bad…” Luna murmured.

“He has unlocked… Ryou Haki.” Nappa looked at Thanos, Thanos loosened up spreading his feet far apart.

“He protects under Celestia’s moon…” Thanos sang, “He protects under Luna’s night, for he is the hero who shall stand and fight… He fights evil when he’s ready or not, he is solid as steel and that isn’t all he’s got, when he fights under Luna’s moon, he will bring his enemies doom. For his name is Cloven Diamond.” Thanos finished, Thanos had Armament Haki covering his body fully, his fists and boots having a glowing purple aura type bubble around them. “Get ready… Son Goku Black.” Thanos said opening his eyes, looking at Black’s eyes.

Black smirked at the sudden rise of determination radiating from the mad titan. “Well then, it seems you’ve unlocked something new,” Black spoke. He popped his neck a few times before a thin red glow emitted around the Saiyans body. ‘Can’t use that form yet, it’s still imperfect, gotta use the Kaio-ken for a while before pushing it to the next level…’ Black thought as the spiky red aura shot around Black. He let out a gurgling roar, “Kaio-Ken Times 10!!!”

Thanos sighed and got in a Fighting Stance similar to Daewi’s. “Netsu-Netsu…” Thanos took a deep inhale and vanished from sight. Black took a step back looking around and trying to sense Thanos’s ki, but then Black was hit in the gut, Black’s pupils disappeared and reappeared rapidly. Thanos had gut-punched the Dark Saiyan with earth-shattering force, “Dragon’s Claw.” Thanos said in a monotone voice, Black was launched far, far, far away. He was a few feet above the ground, Thanos appeared above him and spin kicked him in the head, Black could feel his skull getting punched, and feeling as though no skin was protecting the punch as well. Black was buried into the earth, Thanos grabbed Black and threw him, high into the air. Nearly above the clouds too. Thanos blasted off, steam propelling him, making a sonic boom happen, Thanos then knees Black in his back, throwing him higher into the sky. Thanos appeared on the earth quickly.

“Black’s getting fucked.” Nappa commented.

The Saiyan coughed up a small amount of blood, clutching his gut as he reached the top of the sky. Still, in pain, he began to fall back to the earth. Black realized he was falling down at an alarming rate now, he quickly recovered. The Saiyan looked back down at Thanos, he gritted his teeth before he remembered he had a certain soul inside of him. Concentrating, he closed his eyes, beginning to look through his mind until he found a flaming emerald-colored gem. ‘Draig, I think it’s about time I used some of your power’ Black called out in his head. Opening his eyes, it revealed in his right arm, a gauntlet. It had had red sharp edges around it with two golden spikes sticking out of the end of the glove. Its fingers dangerously sharp, in the middle of the glove, sat an emerald gem.

“It’s about time, I’d thought you have forgotten about me,” Draig said annoyed, Black giving the dragon spirit a nervous laugh.

“I know, I know, but I was out for a week and was trying to get Nightmare to learn how to dodge.” Black then looked down to the mad titan, who looked in interest at the gauntlet. “But now is not the time for that, gonna need to use your power,” Black commented as he descended towards the ground, landing a couple of meters away from Thanos.

“A gauntlet eh? Black, I do believe this will be interesting.” Thanos stayed in Daewi’s Fighting Stance.

“It will indeed,” Black commented, closing his eyes for a second, feeling a sudden power flow through him. He opened his eyes, revealing them to have turned draconic. He took in a deep breath, before exhaling, small flames exiting the Saiyans mouth. Black got into a stance similar to one of Gogeta. Black disabled his Kaio-Ken, the red aura disappearing only to leave his rose aura. ‘Let’s give this a try, eh Draig?’ Black asked the dragon soul.

‘Let’s see what you can do.’ Draig said as a master would to his student.

Black rushed forwards, flying low to the ground as the pressure created a trench behind him. Before appearing in front of Thanos, the mad titan charged forward as well. The both of them smirked, both of them throwing a fist forwards. They clashed, creating an explosion of light, inside of the ball of light the two warriors were clashing with every hit. Black used the boosted gear to double his power every 10 seconds. The ponies almost fell over this time from the shockwaves, even if they were being suppressed. As the Saiyan blocked a punch, Thanos left himself open, the Saiyan taking the opportunity to threw his gauntlet-covered fist, it shot a wall of flames point-blank in the titan’s face. Thanos ran through the flames, catching the Saiyan off guard. Without thinking, he yelled, “EXPLOSION!” Suddenly, a powerful aura shot from the Saiyan, pushing back Thanos.

The Saiyan was shocked at the sudden boost in power but used it to fly faster than he had before, gut-punching the Titan. He then spin-kicked Thanos, pushing him back before he blocked an incoming punch from the Saiyan. Black blind sighted the titan before kicking his legs, tripping the mad titan. The Saiyan then wrapped his tail around Thanos’s throat before slamming him into the ground, creating a small crater. Black then flipped in the air, recoiling his first back before chanting, “Five Regi Kugi Dragon Fist!!!” A pink dragon exploding from Black’s gauntlet-covered fist, impacting the titan before exploding into a mushroom cloud.

Thanos sat there on his back, coughing up some blood, Thanos stood up, grinning. “Alrighty, we can play it that way.” Thanos put both of his palms close together, steam came from it and formed into a ball. Thanos proceeds to expand said ball and it grew in size, growing larger and larger, the size of the Spirit Bomb now. Thanos then compresses it and starts crushing it, making it grow smaller and smaller into a golf ball-sized steam ball. Thanos used Soru and appeared before Black and shoved the steam ball into Black’s chest. “STEAM EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!” Suddenly the ball became bigger on impact and more destructive than it would be if he just threw the spirit bomb-sized one. The force of the explosion made a massive crate and a huge shockwave that knocked even Nappa on his ass, though he has none. Dust filled the air and it suddenly cleared because of Thanos’s aura, the area was a total wreck, a massive crater bigger than the one in the original cell games, basically an Island-Sized crater.

“Uh… Luna, Celestia, and Twilight I think you should probably check your guesses on who would win now.” Nappa said looking on at Thanos.

“I still stand by my guess, Black isn’t close to being finished,” Luna said with determination. The other princesses nodded with her while Nappa scoffed.

Black was deep inside the crater, covered under hundreds of tons of rubble and debris. He coughed up a good amount of blood and spit. He could barely see under the rubble, igniting his aura, it disintegrated the debris around him. The Saiyan shot out of the crater, seeing the titan waiting for him to attack... He looked at himself, seeing that his shirt was holding onto a thread now, his sleeves ripped apart. His pants were ripped and ruined all over with his boots now completely missing. He looked back to Thanos, “You’ve earned it,” Black said. Ripping off what was left of his shirt, he closed his eyes and did a few deep breaths. His hair became a deeper pink with it slightly growing but becoming spikier in the process. Once opening his eyes, his draconic eyes became a deep red. “This is full-power Super Saiyan rose, or should I say-” Black disappeared and reappeared behind Thanos with his back facing the titan. “Perfected Super Saiyan Rose…”

“Well, you deserved this as well,” Thanos jumped back about ten meters away from Black, he went to one knee and dug his fingers into the earth, he suddenly became to heat up drastically, the people in the shield feeling it too. Suddenly he was set aflame, his back suddenly bursting into flames and dying down then bursting again, he dragged his finger across the dirt leaving behind molten magma. “Netsu-Netsu… BURST MAN!!!!!!!” Thanos then rocketed at Black and cocked back his fist he then flickered a bit and disappeared from sight only to punch Black in his right cheek and sending him flying into distant rock formations. Thanos, finally looking serious for once stood there the earth below him turning into magma.

Before Thanos had punched the Saiyan, he had covered his cheek in Armament Haki, protecting his back from being melted. There was still a burn on his back from not mastering the Haki technique., protecting his cheek from being melted. There was still a burn mark on it since he had just learned Armament Haki. The burn made the Saiyan hiss, but he shook off the pain and shot from the rock, back at the mad Titan. He knew he had to stay away from him, he didn’t want to run the risk of being burnt. That was until Draig spoke in his mind, ‘Why didn’t you just say so? I can enhance your Armament Haki slightly, you will still get burnt, but not as bad as your cheek.’ the dragon soul suggested.

“Why not, I’ve got no better options…” Black spoke, covering himself in the Armament Haki technique. He felt his armored body enhanced a little, making the Saiyan grin. The Saiyan shot forward at the titan, recoiling his leg, “Five Ren Kugi Fierce God Kick!” Black yelled, striking the Titan across the ribs. Black didn’t notice it, but Thanos’s eyes winced slightly. He performed another kick, but it wasn’t as powerful as before. The Saiyan roared, “EXPLOSION!” The pressure of the new aura had pushed away from the magma beneath them. This sent the Titan backward, taking the chance the Saiyan had charged a Kamehameha towards Thanos. The Titan sidestepped the attack, aggravating Goku Black.

Thanos took a few steps, and went into a Boxing stance, he started to swirl, him doing an infinity sign with his body, this mesmerized the Saiyan, seemingly too interested to realize he was gonna get hit. “Good thing I watched Hajime No Ippo.” Thanos then proceeds to do the Dempsey Roll, punching Black in the face over and over again. Black stumbled backward, Thanos then stomped onto the ground the force making the Saiyan go up into the air. “A Thousand Rending Fists!” Thanos starts to punch Black over and over and over again, a thousand times verily. Thanos does one more punch and hits him directly in his stomach.

“Direct hit!” Nappa yelled.

Thanos then uses steam and the flames to boost him, breaking the sound barrier and crashing him into multiple mountains in the process. Thanos then vanished and reappeared back where the Arena once was.

“Black has zero chance of winning in that form, and even still this form is suppressed! Just wait until we get into the Blue Flames or the White Hot Fire Stages.” Nappa grinned, rubbing his hands together maniacally.

Black unhinged himself from the side of a mountain, spitting out a small amount of blood before glaring through the multiple mountains. ‘This is getting ridiculous…’ Black used instantaneous movement, appearing on top of one of the mountains, looking down at the new hellish landscape. ‘The kaio-ken can only push me so far before my body ultimately fails me…’ The Saiyan spotted the mad titan covered in flames. ‘Body… don’t fail me now…’ Black clenched his fists and roared into the heavens, the landscape shaking and changing due to the Saiyan’s pressure. “KAIO-KEN TIMES 50!!!!” Black roared, the red spiky aura growing in size as the color of the land changed to an eerie red. The Saiyan looked down and threw fist forwards, sending multiple small condensed pressure blasts as they shot towards Thanos, making impact with the Titan.

Thanos stumbled backward, Thanos grunted, “Well whatever you can do… I CAN DO BETTER!!!!” Thanos replicated Black’s skill perfectly, the Ryou Haki boosting its strength, the fists made impact and Thanos then used a flaming lariat on Black, making him choke a bit, Thanos then spun and spun around Black still with him, Thanos threw him not very far and only a few feet. Thanos sighed. “I think it’s time to end this fight once and for all.” Thanos declared, he disappeared and Black stood to his feet to try and see what the Mad Titan was doing. He sees the Titan in the distance pulling something out of the earth, Thanos roared and leaped pulling out a chunk of the earth as wide as the Titanic is long and as tall as Eiffel Tower. Thanos was in a squatting position and Black could see Thanos’s struggle, but he stood up and he seemed to be perfectly fine.

“YOU SEE THIS BLACK!?!?!?!? THIS IS RAW FUCKING POWER!!!!! WHILE MY TRANSFORMATIONS GIVE ME ENHANCEMENTS THIS IS RAWW POWER!!!!!!!!” Thanos yelled, Thanos used his team to boost him to the skies going beyond the clouds and he kept on going, reaching the Thermosphere, Thanos holding his breath all the way to it. Thanos then came crashing down and covered the whole goddamn mountain in Armament Haki, taking his Armament Haki as protection and focussing all of it on the mountain. Thanos came crashing down like a meteor, Nappa’s jaw hit the floor.

Black at the last second put up a protective barrier and enhanced it with Armament Haki. It almost broke under the pressure of the literal fucking mountain and meteor crashing on top of him. The Saiyan had a bead of sweat roll down his cheek, hissing when it reached his burn mark. The Saiyan dropped the barrier and roared, his aura breaking through the mountain and rubble, reducing it into dust. After the dust, it revealed Thanos was somewhat surprised that Black had survived that attack. “A mountain size rock isn’t going to stop me, I can literally destroy a fucking galaxy if I wanted to.” Black spat at the ground. The Saiyan disappeared, gut-punching Thanos, ignoring the flames. “Ten Ren Kugi Punches!!!” Black roared, continuing his barrage of punches until he covered one of his fists in ki. It struck Thanos, the ki transferring to Thanos before Black spun kicked him into the sky. Black threw his arms up, the ki surrounding Thanos detonating in a massive mushroom cloud.

The Saiyan saw the body of Thanos land, he stumbled back from the sudden attacks. “Final-” Black threw his arms to the side, two balls of ki forming in them before he brought them forward, “Big Bang-” Then he brought his hands to the side as the two orbs merged into a larger blast. “KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!” Throwing his arms forward, the blasts grew to the size of a mountain, engulfing the mad titan as the blasts pushed him back. The blast flew off into the horizon, disappearing as it revealed a multi-mile deep trench. Black huffed, dropping back down to Super Saiyan God to save stamina.

There was a silhouette in the trench, it was Thanos, all bloodied, his Haki was gone, his Tekkai was gone, but not his will. Thanos was near unconsciousness it felt like a gust could blow him down but Black knew better than that. “If my body… Can survive… Sn-snapping… Half the f-FUCKING universe and sn-snapping it again… I can survive a puny bitch ass attack like that…” Thanos coughed up some blood, Thanos put his arms to the side and roared his fire turning from red to blue then white. “Black… You have been the toughest opponent I fought… But… Like you, Saiyans will to fight… I have a will… A will to win! And a will that’s stronger than YOUUURRRSS!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared his Conquerors Haki bursting, turning the clouds darker than they were before Lightning struck him, making his Gauntlet be fueled with Lightning like Stormbreaker and making his aura yellow and blue.

“I’m sorry to say this… But Black… This is my last hurrah… And I know that probably took a lot of stamina from you as well… But remember what I told you… What are you fighting for? Well for me… It’s for my love… Celestia from my earth. She was beautiful and I wish I could go back in time and right my wrongs… the people I killed in combat… But I can’t so, Black… Be prepared.” Thanos said, before letting out a furious roar shaking everyone to their very core. Thanos stepped forward, his step felt by Nappa, though he is a Ghost. Thanos shot at Black his wounds taking a toll on him but he ignored it and punched the Saiyan. No amount of Armament Haki could help him now as the punch let out a shockwave and threw him back far, Thanos getting tired of his own strength and him knocking Black far appeared before the Saiyan.

“SPECIAL TECHNIQUE, OWL THRASHING!!!!” “Clones” of the Titan appeared all over and threw themselves at the Saiyan punching him over and over Thanos then charged up a fiery punch, one that would devastate the Saiyan greatly. “OMEGAAA HEEEAAAATTT CRRRRRRAAAAAAASHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Thanos rolled his r’s and punched the Saiyan with the sheer power of the Titan making it as though the sky cracked, also sending him far. “God damn it, why do I have so much knockback!” Thanos complained with a grin, trying to make the situation more comedic.

Thanos then grunted, no longer able to ignore the pain. He fell to one knee, holding a hand on his gut. The mad titan thought he had won, there was no sign of the Saiyan and no sudden teleportation rang throughout the hellish landscape. He sighed in relief, but his hopes were shattered when he heard a distorted roar in the distance. Looking up, he saw a very thin aura with a mixture of blue and white in it. The aura grew in size as it started to shake the land, almost making the tired and worn-out Titan fall over.

“Sorry Black, but if you’re using your Ultra Instinct, and you can dodge while I can’t… Then I’m gonna have to break our promise. I am sorry Black, so very, very sorry, I’ll give you the Kage Kage Fruit as an extra prize!” Thanos turned on his Future Sight Observation Haki. Thanos then boosted himself with steam cocking his fist back for a punch, grinning wildly. ‘It’s been a hell of a time fighting you… Son Goku Black…’

Almost instantly, Black appeared with no shirt on, his pants completely ruined while covered in blood. His hair went back to almost normal with it sticking up in places, it flickering from black to silver. His eyes went from blood red to silver. He too had his fist cocked back for a powerful punch, ‘You're my second strongest opponent I’ve ever faced, and it’s been a hell of a time… Thanos’

The two warriors struck each other across the cheek, an explosion far larger than any of the ponies have seen before. The mushroom cloud reached the limited height the Hyperbolic Time Chamber has. The land was no longer the hellish landscape but was now just a massive crater hundreds of miles deep. In it, both Goku Black and Thanos laid, somehow still conscious. They were both too worn out to move, knowing the fight was now finally over. Black coughed, no longer in Omen Ultra instinct, “Draw?” Black asked the Titan weakly.

Thanos grinned, “Draw… Hey… Black… What do you call a girl named Luna who likes music?” Thanos asked.

Black almost immediately began to chuckle, “What… would th… that be?” Black huffed, grunting in pain from the chuckling.

“Looney Tunes!” Thanos laughed, hurting in extreme agony. “Hehe… ow… hehe… ow… hehe… ow…” Thanos continued. Black laughed with him but immediately regretted it as he felt a growing pain in his chest. He, therefore, uses any stamina remaining to heal himself just enough to move and fly. After struggling to get up, he picked up Thanos, almost stumbling over from the weight.

“Dear Dende, how much do you weigh?” Black joked as he began to hover out of the crater, back to the ponies and ghost. He walked in to see some faces with either worry or just sheer amazement. Black ignored them and walked into the common area and laid Thanos on a couch, then proceeded to heal him slightly as well.

Thanos got up and stumbled a bit, “I weigh a low of 700 pounds jackass,” Thanos chuckled, before pulling out a dark and mysterious fruit from his hand. “As a prize for beating me to a draw… You get the Shadow-Shadow Fruit, or Kage-Kage No Mi in Japanese terms. It allows you to steal others' shadows and if the one you stole the shadow from walks out into the sun… They get obliterated… You can also put them inside the dead, pause... “ Thanos laughed, “Not to mention if you stuff the shadows into one body you can enhance your strength and sometimes even your size… So you can have a thousand men inside of you, pause.” Thanos offered.

Black sat down and he let out a mocking sigh of annoyance, speaking in Japanese, “ Subarashī, watashi ga manabi, shūtoku suruhitsuyōgāru mōhitotsu no chikara... Naze jigokude wanai… (Great, another power I need to learn and master... Why the hell not…)” Black agreed with Thanos looking confused.

“Nani?” Thanos raised an eyebrow, that was the only Japanese word he knows besides, ZAWARUDO TOKI WO TOMARE, Kono Dio Da, Go ahead Mr. Joestar, Goodbye Jojo, Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town, and I’m In Polnereffuuuu. He knew that it wasn’t Japanese he just wanted to piss off ShirtMechanic again.

(Goddammit, Thanos…) - ShirtMechanic

(Also, I’m leaving you, Ghost Nappa, while the actual Nappa stays in my story, so, TWO NAPPAS!!!! YAAAAAYYY!!!!) - The_Chill_Author

Black rolled his eyes, “I mean, why the hell not…” The Saiyan answered. The Saiyan stood up and walked out of the room, before coming back with a small brown bag. He opened it and shook out two green beans. He put the bag away before throwing a bean at Thanos, “Senzu Bean!”

“Okay, bean daddy, no homo, I also forgot to mention that it knocks out whoever you steal the shadow from for three days. But eating a Devil Fruit will cause the sea to curse you and you will not be able to swim and you will also be useless if you are trapped in Sea Prism Stone, but you don’t have to worry about that.” Thanos popped the bean in his mouth and all of his wounds healed, Thanos felt stronger than before, feeling like he could take out Kaido, once and for all. “Alright, are you absolutely, positively, sure you want to eat this fruit. It also tastes like crap.” Thanos informed the Saiyan.

Black then began to think on the offer again, sure he could fly. But he’d rather not eat something that tastes like crap. “I think I might actually back down from the offer, at this point I still have so many techniques I need to master at the moment.” Black declined.

Thanos threw it to Black and he caught it, “Well, give it to another Displaced because I’m not keeping that shit. We should probably head out.” Thanos went for the door meanwhile, Nappa went over to the ponies with a smug look on his face.

“So what was that about Black winning? Also what was your opinion on the overall fight, because it was fucking epic.” Nappa chuckled.

Luna rolled her eyes and smirked, “Well, Thanos didn’t win either, they declared it a draw, but I will admit.” Luna said with a growing smirk, “It was pretty awesome.” Luna declared.

Black shook his head, but then realized his gi was completely ruined. ‘I’ve been wanting a new gi anyway…’ Black thought. He put a hand over his chest, a white flash later revealing a new gi on the Saiyan. It had a dark grey turtleneck short sleeve shirt under it with the same grey shirt over it. He had a shorter and slimmer red belt, black wristbands and he kept the same pants with new fatter white boots. The short-sleeve shirt also revealed a long scar across the Saiyan's arms.

“Also, Cotton fail or whatever your name is, get your ass over here!” Nappa cried out, waiting for the “Sex Bot” to arrive.

Black rolled his eyes as he popped the senzu bean into his mouth, chewing it before swallowing. All of his wounds disappeared as he then called out the A.I, “Cotton Tail, you here?” Black called out, the A.I pony revealing herself.

“What do you require?” Cotton Tail asked politely.

“Nappa has a question for you,” Black said as he pointed to the seemingly angry Ghost.

“Where is the Crimson Crackhead? What universe is he in, I need to torment him for a few chapters.” Nappa crossed his arms angrily.

“My creator is currently crossing the void to get back to his universe. You won’t be able to call him unless you have his token. Plus, I’m sure he would erase you from existence if you annoy him for too long.” Cotten Tail politely explained to the ghost.

“That’s a risk I’m willing to fucking take, Black give me the damn Token, please, I’m begging you! Plus I’m a gag character so I can’t really be injured.” Nappa pleaded.

“No, I’m not letting you take the token so then you can torment a being who has the literal fucking methods to traverse the void!” Black refused Nappa’s request.

“FINE!!! I’ll ask Chill to crossover with his author later on in the story SO I CAN FUCKING BEAT HIS ASS WITH MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!” Nappa yelled to the heavens, Thanos sighed.

“Black do you know who Candice is?” Thanos asked the Saiyan.

“Who’s that?” Black answered with a raised eyebrow.

“CANDICE DICK FIT IN YOUR MOU-” Thanos was then run over by a truck, with Phil Swift in it.

“9001 cans of Hetap for Goku Black?” Phil Swift stepped out of the vehicle, looking at Black.

“Uh… yeah?” Black said surprised.

“Bring it out boys,” Phil Swift the one who basically made Flex Tape famous ordered, the Devil’s Luck Pirates came out Ragnar carrying four crates of Hetap and laying it in front of Black, Verona, and William coming out with one, Duros and Pearl carrying separate ones and putting it down in front of Black as well.

“And that’s it, you also get some free bacon and muffins that is 1000 in total,” Phil Swift threw two small capsules and Black caught them. “And a muffin button to apologize for Thanos’s… Joke.” Phil Swift rubbed the back of his head.

“Thanks!” Black thanked the man with a smile. He then realized something, ‘Where the hell am I supposed to store all of the hetap?’ Black thought while rubbing the back of his head.

“Alright, boys let’s head out.” The Devil’s Luck Pirates went back into the truck and Phil Swift in the driver's seat, he waved Black goodbye and a portal appeared before the truck and it strolled off, running over Thanos again in the process.

“God fucking damn it that hurt!” Thanos got up, “I’m getting out of this damn chamber.” Thanos opens the door and exits the chamber. Black and everyone else followed the mad titan. Once exiting the chamber, it was like nothing ever changed when they stepped inside the chamber.

“Are you about to head out?” Black asked the mad titan.

“Yeah but I gotta do one more thing, Nappa come over here,” Thanos ordered the ghost, Nappa floated over to Thanos and he whispered into his ear, Nappa grinned ear to ear.

“I’m gonna be staying with you guys, for however long I want, but now, I have something to do.” Nappa flew off into the sky. The ponies just looked at Thanos with pure fear.

“What did you say to him?” Celestia asked the mad titan.

“Hehehehehe… Hahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Thanos threw his head back and laughed maniacally, laughing like the one true villain of Dragon Ball, Mr. Popo. “He’s gonna do something that will please the readers, and after he’s done with that he’s gonna teach you guys more about the Rokushiki Techniques while I’m not here. He can change from Ghost to Saiyan anytime he wants now, you have Nappa’s Ghost and I have Nappa from Nappa’s Bizarre Adventure, so there are basically two abridged Nappa’s out there.” Thanos said with a grin.

Goku put a hand on his face and groaned, “Goddammit…” Black muttered.

“Oh and by the way, expect to see Discord coming out… Less sane.” Thanos crossed his arms, a portal appeared behind him, “Farewell, that was a good fight, now I have to kill a Dragon.” Thanos walked inside the portal waving goodbye at the, grinning before he hopped in.

Black shook his head in annoyance and confusion, ‘The hell does he mean Discord will be coming out again. But he removed the thought from his head and turned to the ponies, “I’m going back into the chamber for a bit, I’m going to be in there for a few months, so it’ll be about 2 weeks before I come out.” Black explained suddenly, getting many of the ponies to raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean Black, you’ve just come to a draw from a massive fight, and you're going to go train for two weeks!” Luna shouted angrily, Black nervously laughed before he walked up to her and whispered in her ear. Luna was still confused, but she understood that nothing could stop a Saiyan from training. So she hesitantly nodded.

Black looked at Nightmare who had been silent the entire time, “And don’t think your training is being put on hold, you're coming with me.” Black said as walked to her and dragged her back to the chamber. She tried to protest, but she then disappeared into the chamber as Black looked back to the ponies, “Don’t do anything crazy while I’m gone, alright.” Black told them before walking in and closing the door.

The ponies stood there in confusion except for Luna. They all shrugged as the mane 6 went home, Rainbow talking about the fight with the girls while Celestia walked to Luna’s side. “What did he tell you, Lulu?” Celestia asked her sister. Luna looked at her and simply said.


Discord lied there in stone and tended to his own devices.

“They’ve broken my body, my pride, I failed in my mission to cause chaos to Equestria…” Discord said to himself, yet no one could hear him.

“Discord… Discord…”

Discord heard a voice that was very, very, similar to Nappa’s. “Wh-what?”

Ghost Nappa appeared before him, only him being visible to him and only he could hear him. “I’m haunting you.”

“NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Discord cried out, his scream could not be heard.

Author's Note:

HUGE thank you to my man ShirtMechanic and his story Equestria's Divine God this was a close fight!

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