• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Storm V

The Storm V

Thanos was on his last legs, the Infinity Blade in hand, the blade that had been his main weapon for so long was collapsing. Ultimate Rang Nebula noticed this, despite herself being injured, she was not slowing down. Ultimate Rang Nebula and Thanos clashed blades, both of them flaring their Conqueror's Haki. Their might begin to make the ground beneath the crack, Thanos was being pushed back, Ultimate Rang Nebula began to freeze Thanos' Infinity Blade. Thanos looked at his sword in worry, the Ultimate Alicorn began to laugh.

"HAHAHA! You're becoming weaker, well, weaker than you already were." Ultimate Rang Nebula said as Thanos was slowly being pushed to his knees. "Once I kill you, everything will be just in this world! And every-"

"Blah, blah, blah…" Thanos said, shaking his head side to side, "Will you shut up already…?" Ultimate Rang Nebula looked at Thanos, offended.

"HOW DARE!" Ultimate Rang Nebula slammed her knee into Thanos, knocking him off balance and flinging him far. Thanos rolled across the ground, Thanos slowly began to push himself up. Thanos leaned on the Infinity Blade, he squinted his eyes and noticed cracks forming on it. Thanos looked over to Ultimate Rang Nebula who was marching towards him, the ground below her becoming ice and darkness.

"Alright you crazy bitch, come at me." Thanos said sluggishly, he limped and almost fell. He caught himself and noticed his best bud standing up.

Black breathed heavily, shaking as he used his metal arm to support himself up against a piece of debris. “I’m not- done just yet…” Black said with determination, though his appearance would say otherwise.

Ultimate Rang Nebula's eyes began to twitch at the two's determination. Thanos and Black… The biggest thorns in her sides are still up. She clenched her teeth in anger. "JUST DIE ALREADY!" The ice below her sprouted up and shot towards the Dynamic Dumbasses. Thanos raised his Infinity Blade high, using two hands, he brought it down and cut the ice block that was shot towards him. The force of the attack sent him on his back, making him roll across the ground. But what was Black going to do with his ice block?

Black threw and hand forward and shot a ki blast, but no energy shot out of his hand, shocking him. Instead he moved quickly and dodged the ice block. ‘Dammit, Delayed Onset Ki Disorder you son of a bitch. I shouldn’t have used Ultra Kaioken…’ Black thought as the ice block followed him. This time he shot his hand forward again and instead shot a beam of fire at the ice block, melting it. ‘This means I can’t even use my Super Saiyan transformations…’

Ultimate Rang Nebula snarled at their pure crazy amount of endurance. She then makes more ice blocks, she shoots more at them. Each bigger than the last. Thanos tried to go Burst Man only to go to a little tiny burst in heat. He was in the standard form, Heat Man. Although he wasn't that hot, Thanos clenched his fists and shot a Power Blast at the blocks of ice. And it was slightly more effective, but then, she shot a big block. Thanos was hit by the ice block, making him crash and get buried under the rubble of said ice block.

Black attempted to melt the much larger ice blocks, but this time they were taking too long to melt. The Saiyan growled and as the ice blocks crew closer he punched one of them. It shattered, but along with Black’s hand as he yelped in pain. ‘Alright note to self, don’t punch dense shit without ki control.’ Black thought as he resulted in dodging the ice blocks. Though it wouldn’t last long as the Saiyan started to get overwhelmed.

“HAH!” Ultimate Rang Nebula shot a dark ball at Black, to knock him into the dirt. SLAM! Black was seen rolling across the battlefield. Black didn’t move for a few moments, until his body started to shake again as he pushed himself up and onto his knees. He looked to Ultimate Rang Nebula with one eye closed and the other barely open.

“Is… that all… you’ve got?” Black rasped, struggling to get onto his feet.

Ultimate Rang Nebula roared in rage, she shot towards Black and coated her fist in Armament Haki. The Ultimate Alicorn went to punch Black, only for it to be blocked by Thanos, Thanos had used Soru to move in front of Black. Thanos’ Infinity Blade was shaking as well as his arm, Ultimate Rang Nebula began to push Thanos. Thanos tried to push back only to be knocked to one knee, Ultimate Rang Nebula grabbed his sword and began to freeze it over. Thanos gasped and tried to heat it up, but it wasn’t hot enough as his sword was frozen completely solid.

“No, please don’t.” Thanos said, looking at his sword in worry, but the cruel Queen merely smiled and shattered the Infinity Blade. Thanos looked at the shards of his great blade that hit the ground. “Damn it…”

Ultimate Rang Nebula uppercuts Thanos and he hits the ground behind Black. She then rears back her knee and she slams it into Black’s nose. This made Black stumble backwards before falling onto his back. The alicorn created a dark ball in her hands and let it grow in size, with a maniacal grin, she threw the dark ball. Black closed his eyes, but the sound of an aura came closer. Opening his eyes, he saw Shallot, in his god form, grab both him and Thanos. The young Saiyan then flew away from Ultimate Rang Nebula and as fast as possible.

“Oh boys~!” Ultimate Rang Nebula appeared in front of Shallot, both hands over her head. She then slammed both of them onto Shallot’s head and the Saiyan hit the floor like a bag of bricks. Ultimate Rang Nebula cackled and flew down to ground level where the trio lies.

“Dammit Shallot… get out of here…” Black groaned, glancing at the young Saiyan. Only to see him back in his base form, struggling to get up. “This isn’t your fight.”

“It’s all of your fights, it’s a war…” Thanos answered, his face buried in the ground. Thanos went to one knee, and that was about as far as he could get from getting up.

“He’s right, and now this war shall end. With you three, dead.” Ultimate Rang Nebula said, her hand glowing blue and black. Thanos spat in Ultimate Rang Nebula’s face, and that was her breaking point. “DIE!”

They were gone. Thanos, Black, and Shallot! They were all gone! But not the gone you would expect. They were out of Ultimate Rang Nebula’s vision, she looked around trying to sense them. “Where are you three? Where did you hide?!” Ultimate Rang Nebula shouted, she then summoned her scythe to her side. She began to walk and drag it across the ground, annoyed.

Under the rubble of Minos, inside the Hall of Heroes lay Thanos, Shallot, and Black, on their backs gasping for air, Thanos clenched his teeth and went on his ass. Sitting down, Thanos coughed out blood, “Damn, she’s strong… Did someone teleport us here?”

“You three are lucky I pulled you out of there in time,” Eric said to the trio as he breathed rather heavily due to the negative effects of his Shadow Soul

“Y-yeah, thank goodness…” Thanos as he pushed himself from the ground and to his feet, “She’s way too strong for us, if I had the Mind Stone, if I had not been foolish to not get the Mind Stone that day…!” Thanos clenched his fists in frustration.

“I had offered to get it for you,” Eric stated matter-of-factly.

“I know!” Thanos yelled, coughing, “I wanted to ‘flex’ I wanted to show off my FUCKING IDIOCY!” Thanos slammed his head into a wall, making the room shake.

“So none of us can outnumber her” Eric commented, before pulling off a round earring from his left ear. “How about we overpower her?”

“Already tried that dipshit, and look where that got us…” Black spat, sitting up as blood oozed out his right arm, clenching it to stop the bleeding.

“Eric, look at us,” Thanos said, looking at the bleeding out Black, the injured Shallot. Eric and Starry injured as well. “We can’t stand another fusion, we powered up to our strongest forms and she still kicked our asses. Fusion isn’t an option and besides, for mortals, it only lasts an hour, she’s too strong!” Thanos wheezed out, “We’re doomed, all because of me.”

“You are not at fault, John,” Eric said as he tried to conjure a healing spell only to get a small headache in response.

"If I may?" A voice called out behind them. "I have an idea on how we can beat her."

Thanos sat down, leaning on the statue of Cloven Diamond, “What’s your idea?” Thanos asked, hopelessly.

"If you guys can distract her long enough I could try and get a few senzu beans to heal you but it'll take time. Then afterwards we could try fighting her together."

Thanos stood up and punched Starry across the face, “Are you stupid! What if she notices? What if she finds out and eats the senzu beans?!” Thanos yelled, “She’ll slaughter us like pigs!”

“Even if we all ate a senzu bean, she told me that the more I damaged her, the stronger she became.” Black stood up, supporting himself against the wall. “Plus it’s too dangerous for me to even use ki properly, even if I ate a senzu.”

“I agree,” Eric leaned on a support pillar. “That plan is a double-edged sword which would be held at our throats.”

Starry stands back and a cyan mist comes out of him forming a human. "I didn't think you would react that harshly but I agree it's a dangerous plan but what else can we do. Do we just sit here waiting for death like animals or do we try to fight? We at least have a chance!"

Thanos shook his head, “No, we need to do something that won’t hurt us in the long run, something that will…” Thanos opened his eyes wide. “That’ll work!” Thanos turned to everyone, “Guys, I have a plan. A plan that will have a chance at killing us, but won’t give any positives to Nebula. Alright, so, here’s how it’s gonna work.” Thanos said, popping his knuckles.

Thanos stood before Ultimate Nebula with his comrades standing beside him. Eric on his left, Black on his right, Starry next to Eric, and Shallot next to Black. Ultimate Nebula smiled crookedly, chuckling.

“So you come to die, haven’t you?” Ultimate Nebula rested her scythe on her shoulder, smiling like the Joker.

“No, I’ve come to end this,” Thanos peered into Ultimate Nebula’s eyes who was curling an eyebrow in curiosity. “We’re going to kick your ass, all the way to the moon and back.” Thanos then ran at Ultimate Nebula, clenching gauntlet that glowed with the effects of the Infinity Stone. Starry unsheathed his katana while breathing deeply with Guardian flying next to him. Eric drew both his Obsidian Blood as well as his Murasame as his body turned into pure shadow. Black created a sword out of Kachi Katchin steel and surrounded it with fire. Shallot, using the last of his remaining energy to go into SSJ3 and getting into his fighting stance.

Ultimate Nebula lunged at Thanos who came first and prepared to cut him down, only to be knocked off course by Shallot’s kick. The Saiyan slammed his boot into her weapon. She reeled back from the parry and Thanos slammed a power fist into Ultimate Nebula’s gut, yet she held her ground, not moving an inch. Ultimate Nebula kicked Thanos with her heel sending him rolling across the dirt.

Up next was Starry and Guardian. Starry slashed at her wings cutting into them while Guardian tried to kick her in her face but she blocked the attack and punched him sending him flying. Starry hit her with his paw sending her far but she immediately teleported back and kicked him away.

From below Nebula, several shadow copies of the alicorn came from behind and grabbed in several areas, Eric rushed the Alicorn with both swords raised high. Using Future Sight, Nebula used Conqueror’s Haki to disperse the copies of shadow. Nebula seized Eric by the neck and threw him into Shallot, knocking them into the dirt.

The dark Saiyan charged forwards with his sword in hand, swinging it overhead and into the Alicorn's arm. The slice cut into her fur as she yelped, looking at the cut in rage. She backhanded the Saiyan, sending him backwards and back into the dirt.

Ultimate Nebula revealed her hand and it began to glow dark, suddenly, everyone was being pulled towards her. Thanos conjured a wall in front of him and was getting crushed into said wall.

Black, another sword and stabbed both of them into the ground. But he was slowly being dragged towards the Alicorn. “Dear the Omni-Kings, I swear she’s as strong as fucking Ryker!” Black gritted his teeth as he used his remaining strength to hold on.

“I’m getting flashbacks to my fight with Pain and Kaido’s troops!” Eric shouted over the raging winds as he stabbed his swords into the ground as well as several shadows holding him in place. “Fucking Allmighty Pull!”

Starry throws several kunai at her and hits himself with his paw while Guardian turns back into mist and is pulled along with Starry.

Shallot tried all he could as he was being dragged towards Ultimate Rang Nebula, using his ki to propel him in the opposite direction. “God dammit, she isn’t even getting tired!”

The wall in front of Thanos collapsed, Ultimate Nebula then added more force and everyone was flung to Ultimate Nebula. Thanos hit Ultimate Nebula’s palm first, then Starry, then Eric, then Black, then Shallot. All of them were sandwiched together. “Tata!” Ultimate Nebula winked as she pushed them far, making all of them crash through the battlefield and into a wrecked warship.

Thanos gasped for air as the wind was knocked right out of him, being the closest to the push, he was the most in pain. Thanos coughed out more blood.

Thanos felt a hard repeated tapping on his side, looking down he saw Eric was underneath the Mad Titan. Thanos rolled off of Eric and hit the ground next to Eric. “Watch where you crash, jackass.”

Eric let out a haggered wheeze as he sat up and glared at the titan. “Not my fault I had a nine-hundred pound lard ass on me” Eric said rising to his feet before using his shadows to help the titan up

Thanos stood to his feet, glaring at Eric. “It’s seven-hundred pound, edgy bastard!”

Black stood up, shaking as he did and walked to where Shallot was. “Come on, we’re still in this fight kid.” Black huffed, helping the young Saiyan to his feet.

Starry stood back up with Guardian's help before he went and pushed everyone's pain and fatigue out and shrinking them. Guardian noded before disappearing with the red bubbles.

Ultimate Nebula dragged her blade across the ground, grinning, immediately, Thanos looked to the others.

“It’s time,” Thanos placed his foot in front of the other and began to expel steam. “Steam Man!” Thanos began to rev up like a car.

“Once more, And I’ve reached my limit.” Eric stated as the shadows began to crawl over his form. “Soul of Lucifer” Eric’s unholy form flexed his claws and ran after the dark alicorn

Starry breathed deeply, holding his katana in his right hand and extending his left hand. "Come on you horse!" Starry soared towards Nebula.

“Come on Ki, work with me here!” Black gritted his teeth as his hair started to flare up, turning pink and back to his normal color. Shallot began to lend Black some ki to help the dark Saiyan. Shortly, Black let out a roar and transformed into Super Saiyan Rose. “I still got some left in me!” Black grunted while Shallot went into Super Saiyan God.

He shot off like a rocket, steam surrounded his body and nothing else. Nothing to enhance the strike that was coming forth, just his regular, heated fist. “SUPER SONIC HEEEAATT!!!” Thanos clenched his fist, and it began to burn. “CRA-” Thanos tripped and fell, he skipped across the ground like a rock. He was sent tumbling a good way behind Ultimate Nebula.

“HAHA! That purple oaf! So weak…” Ultimate Nebula shook his head and cackled.

Starry slashed at her neck but absolute zero ice quickly formed over it, blocking his attack but Starry quickly spun around and hit it with his left hand forcing her into the ground. Ultimate Nebula lunged up and slammed her head into Starry’s forcing him into the ground. “Where you belong.” Starry chuckled before in his place a human holding multiple red paws lays sending them into her. She flinched in pain.

Guardian quickly switches back with Starry and he launches her off him before jumping back making space between them. "Can you say that again. I didn't quite catch it."

Hands of ice seized Starry and slammed him into the ground, Ultimate Nebula raised her foot, coated it in Ryuo and slammed her foot down. Crushing Starry’s internal organs. “I said, ‘where you belong’.” Starry slowly began to freeze over as she began to cackle on to be struck by Eric’s Ryou Haki.

“Sͮh͇a͛d̼̉o͇w Heͥl̑l̽ ̱Stͩä̠́ṟ̔!” Eric shouted striking the Alicorn in her wing joint causing her wings to go limp.

Coating his leg in Ryou Haki, Eric kicked the alicorn off of Starry. Eric used his shadows to lift the pegasus to his feet.

"Once again you've saved me. I really got to pay you back one of these days." Starry clutches his abdomen before a cyan glow came from it, relieving the pain.

“Thin͓̓kͥ ̞̌not̆hïń̻g͊ ̩͗o͌f̣̍ ͍ͩit̞.͌” Eric smiled at the Samurai as he returned his gaze to the Alicorn. “ ̳ͤI̯ ̤a̪m ̳͂m̼̀e͍a̎r̙̎l̬y͉̎ g͑iving̀ bͨả̻ck̈ ṫh̩e͙͗ ͍l͈ͮi̞ṽ̯e͍̿s̒ ̒yo̹u͍ ̱ͣsa͌vē̯d ̭̌tͮh̀at͂ d̖aẏ̯”

Black and Shallot both roared and charged towards the Alicorn, using the last of their ki and putting them into their fists. “TAKE THIS!!!” The Saiyans roared as they slammed them into Ultimate Nebula’s jaw, creating a miniature shockwave. Though this did little to the Alicorn.

Ultimate Nebula grabbed Shallot and Black by their heads and smashed them together, the two dropping back into their base forms. She then began to pummel the two of them. She slammed her fist into Shallot’s chin and her elbow into Black’s face. Levitating them with her magic, she slammed them into Eric and Starry. She then grabbed all of them with her magic and pinned them to the ground, they all sat there, unable to move or act.

“Your effort was all for nothing, it was all foolish!” Ultimate Nebula cackled, “Now all of you will die in vain and this Multiverse will finally be…” Ultimate Nebula squinted her eyes. “Wait, where’s Thanos?” She turned around to find Thanos crawling away holding something yellow in his hands. She looked down to her gauntlet and found the Mind Stone gone! “THANOOOOOSSS!!!!”

“Heh… got you…” Black said, looking at the Alicorn with a grin. “Can’t believe you fell for that.”

“Wͦe͍ neve̦̒ȑ ne̐e̤̅dedͅ ̭ťo̓ ̙bėat͚ yͭͅȯu̼ͦ,” Eric said smugly with a toothy grin. “We̼̅ jus̗̀tͅ ͬh̲̑a͛d̘ͤ ̞͋t̫̆o ͑k̓ee͊p̟ ̺͆ẏ̲our ̣͛fo͓c̣͗u̚sͣ ̑o̠n ̞̅u͇̐s̅”

"And you fell for it hook, line and sinker." Starry laughed as Eric’s Lucifer form vanished leaving him sprawled on the ground with little to no strength

Ultimate Nebula slammed her foot into Eric and Starry as Thanos crawled away. Thanos looked back and saw an angry Ultimate Nebula, marching forward. The ground turning into ice and darkness, Thanos clenched his teeth.

“I have no other choice,” Thanos then put the Mind Stone into the Infinity Gauntlet, he began to roar in power, shaking the whole planet as he was enveloped in a rainbow color. Thanos coughed and wheezed like an old pick up truck. “Come on… I need to snap,” Thanos weakly raises his arms to snap only for him to fall short, unable to snap. “Damn it!”

“You can’t run, Thanos!” Ultimate Nebula snarled, from above, Eden, Luffy, Mogeme, Grievous, Lucci, Entity, Sally, Supergirl, Rapunzel, Emerald Gauntlet, Sapphire Sword, Ruby, and Eric’s Shades (what’s left of them) placed themselves in front of Ultimate Nebula. Blocking her from reaching Thanos.

“OI! Leave the purple guy alone, cone head!” Luffy shouted, coating his fists in Ryuo Haki.

“You will not get near my Master’s comrade” Eric’s Shade growled as he stood before the Alicorn

“You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!” Grievous shouted, his blade glimmering in the sky.

“That’s it… I’ll just have to kill you all!” Ultimate Nebula shouted as she flew forth, her eyes burning with rage. Ultimate Nebula clashed with Supergirl and completely demolished her, slammed her fist into her nose.

Back to Thanos he was still snapping away, this time, tears in his eyes, “C’mon! Please, my friends are getting slaughtered!” Thanos began to try to snap over and over again.

A small amount of shadow began to slowly creep up the Titan’s body in hopes of aiding Thanos. “I can’t do much, Thanos” Eric’s voice was heard from the shadow as it enclosed around the titan’s fingers. “But I can still help you snap this bitch out of existence”

“Aight, bet!” Thanos said, as he continued to snap.

Ultimate Nebula blocked an attack from Luffy, their Haki clashing as the clouds began to split from their willpower. Ultimate Nebula attempted to punch Luffy only for the attack to be blocked by Sabo.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Getting ahead of ourselves, our we?”

“I think we are!” Ace added with a grin, Ultimate Nebula glared at everyone.

“Just… DIE ALREADY!” Multiple arms of ice and darkness sprouted from the air and rained down like arrows down upon the group. Luffy began to wallop them but was quickly overwhelmed and crushed. Sabo and Ace were unable to counter the darkness and were dragged under it.

Welsh jumped in to aid the Rubber man, his pure strength alone was able to shatter the alicorn's ice to bits. The Shade lunged at Ultimate Nebula with his fist raised to strike a blow to the Alicorn’s face, while it did collide he was immediately dispatched. Ultimate Nebula delivered a Ryuo Haki one inch punch into Welsh’s chest, completely annihilating anything that was in there.

“Learn your place, br-” Ultimate Nebula was kicked in the face by Lucci in his Awakened Hybrid Form. Ultimate Nebula reared back in pain before firing off a bolt of magic into Lucci’s chest. The spot where it hit sprouted an arm of Ice that began to choke Lucci.

Thanos crawled away, digging his fingers into the ground. “C’mon! Snap already!” Thanos began to try to snap over and over again, only to fail. He then heard Sally scream in pain. “My friends are dying, DAMN IIIITTT!!!”


I opened my eyes, I was standing on my feet, so why was I shorter? Why did I feel two feet shorter? I looked at my hands and they were human. I was in my form before I was displaced! I gasped and looked at my body, I actually missed being like this and not the hulking monster I normally am.

But more importantly, I began to analyze my surroundings, looking around to find her, to find my love I lost. And there she was, an Alicorn with pink hair running down her back, in a wedding gown. Tears began to form in my eyes as I reached out to her.

“Tia?” I said softly, quivering before her, I nearly fell to my knees but my pride didn’t allow me. Celestia turned around and smiled at me, there was a pregnant pause, no one spoke a word. Just me and Celestia, staring into each other's eyes.

“Did you do it?” Celestia asked sweetly, I couldn’t look her in the eyes and looked down at the watery floor.

“Yes…” I spoke with a shaky voice.

“What did it cost?” Celestia asked me, I looked up to her to meet her gaze and tears began to flow through my eyes. I then collapse and go on both knees.

“Everything…” I began to sob, I couldn’t take it anymore, I held my head in anguish. The innocents I’ve killed, why have I done this to myself? Why couldn’t I have just turned myself in?! I could have just tried to avoid all of this but I had to start a war! Why am I so stupid?! I punch the ground and clench my fists.

The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

The quote echoed in my mind and I ceased my sobbing, and stood up to my feet. Celestia then hugged me, this took me by surprise and tears began to flow back down my cheeks like a river. Celestia began to brush my hair with her hand.

“It’s alright, John, my little bean, you can rest now.” Celestia whispered into my ears, it felt soothing to hear these words. I smiled and embraced her.

“I’m not done yet, there is something I must do.” I replied, Celestia pulled back her hug and held my cheek.

“Then you do your best, my little bean.” Celestia said, I nodded, fueled with newfound determination.

“You bet your ass I’m going to do my best.” I replied with a grin, “Goodbye my Tia.”

Thanos was smoking from the ground, the enemies on the battlefield vanished, but they didn’t turn into dust. They just weren’t there anymore, Thanos’ arm was completely ruined and he pushed himself up to his feet. And looked at his Infinity Gauntlet, welded onto his arm, he then looked at the last ‘enemy’ on the battlefield who was still standing, Rang Nebula. She was out of her Ultimate form, Cadence was nowhere to be seen, Nebula looked around and saw that she hadn’t vanished. She unleashed a cackle.

“HAHAHA! Still, with all that power you hold with all six Infinity Stones, you still can’t beat me!” Nebula said, “Now prepare for your execution!” Nebula summoned her scythe… Only for it to fall apart once she had it in her grasp.

Thanos began to limp towards Nebula, clenching his teeth and dragging his feet across the ground. Nebula looked at the Titan in fear, the purple giant was riddled with fatal injuries yet why is he standing?! Nebula clenched her teeth in anger and fired a bolt of magic, the bolt of magic hit Thanos in his chest. Making wheeze in pain, Nebula then fired birds made of ice and balls of darkness at Thanos. Each of them hit him yet he advanced forward. Nebula’s eyes were widened in fear.

“FALL! FALL! FALL! WHY WON’T YOU FALL?!” Nebula shouted, now unleashing more and more at Thanos. Each attack landed, so why was he still standing?! “JUST GIVE UP ALREADY!”

Thanos was hit with a bolt of ice, darkness, and magic in the forehead and began to fall. Thanos gritted his teeth and planted his right foot behind him and caught himself. Thanos put his head back where it was and Nebula was currently sweating like a sinner in church.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Nebula tried to teleport but she wasted her remaining magic on hitting Thanos, so she began to spread her wings but due to her injuries she could make it past five feet. Nebula tried to use anything, anything to get away from Thanos but all failed.

Thanos was now two meters away from Nebula, Thanos clenched his Infinity Gauntlet, and it began to glow with all six colors of the Infinity Stones. Nebula closed her eyes and prepared for the worst…

…Only to be embraced by the Titan, Nebula’s eyes widened in shock, she was so shocked that she couldn’t blink. Nebula clenched her teeth and tried to push away the Titan only for Thanos to keep holding Nebula in his arms. Nebula began to punch Thanos in his gut yet Thanos still didn’t give in. Everyone watched as Nebula pummeled Thanos whilst the Titan was giving her an embrace. The Shadow Man was about to step in, but Thanos spoke.

“I’m sorry,” Thanos spoke huskily, his voice sending shivers down the spines of all the displaced here.

“Wh… What…?” Nebula asked, looking up to meet Thanos’ face, Thanos went on one knee and continued to embrace her. He rested his chin on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry for everything that has happened during these past 1,700 thousand years. I’m sorry for what you had to go through, you turned into Nightmare Moon, were betrayed by your sister after you fought your closest friends. You felt betrayed and lonely and when you came back you reunited with your sister and six new friends. You went through a lot of challenges, you overcame so much; and when we came back, Celestia was by your side. Ready to take us down, but I know that wasn’t what you wanted, you wanted things like it used to be. The Boys, the Infinity Warriors and the Diarchs against the world. And when I…” Thanos gripped Nebula tighter, but she didn’t mind, she was too distracted by his speech to notice. “...When I… When I killed Celestia, your whole world fell apart and you went down the one path you never wanted to walk again. You became Rang Nebula, you fought against us and nearly killed us too… And I’m so sorry you had to go through all of this. The battle, the war, the betraying, the memories, the pain, the agony, the anguish, all of it!” Thanos shouted, tears streaming down his face. “I’m so sorry, Luna!”

Nebula’s eyes widened and tears fell down her cheek, she dropped her fists to her side and she slowly began to revert to Luna. Her black fur turned blue, her twisted and angry hair went back to how it was. Luna embraced Thanos back, “WE SHOULD BE THE ONE APOLOGIZING! We knew what our sister wanted was preposterous! Foalish, and would spell disaster, but we wanted to be by her side. If I didn’t agree with her this wouldn’t have happened! I’m sorry, I’m so… so… Sorry…” Luna hugged Thanos and began to sob.

“I made sure that no one had to share this same fate, no one but we displaced here know of the war. I used the Infinity Stones to wipe out the memory of the war and replace it with something else, a plague, a sickness. That is what war is, it’s sick, it’s a virus, and now…” Thanos looked to the skies. “THE WAR HAS ENDED!”

“Yaa~” Black said weakly, barely being able to hold a fist to the air with a smile. “I guess… she still had some good left… in her…”

Grievous chuckled and went to his knees, resting his sword on the ground, Grievous chuckled softly. “Finally, we can stop fighting…”

Lucci nodded, “Yeah… And we can have some downtime…”

Entity perked up, “Was that a D&D reference?” Lucci grinned


Eric turned from the group and on to the corpse covered battlefield with a grim look on his face. “Two armies that fight each other is like one large army that commits suicide.” Eric said in a low voice. “I hate this part of war”

Starry sighed in relief "Thank the gods that's its over. We can get some rest now."

'I wouldn't say that just yet.'

"What do you mean?"

"Watch and learn!" Guardian suddenly appeared from Starrys body wielding a mini gun before pointing it at the sky and shooting it however instead of bullets they were fireworks. "This is how you celebrate the end of a war plus a banquet!!" Starry sighs before laughing along with Guardian as fireworks lit up the entire sky.

Sally hugged Entity and began to cry, “It’s over, Zach! It’s finally over, we can be married now!” Entity blushed.

“H-hey! Not yet, I’m still not ready!” Entity yelped.

Supergirl and Nappa stood next to each other, both were looking away.

“So…” Supergirl said, glancing at Nappa.

“Uh huh?” Nappa raised an eyebrow.

“Wanna fuck?” Supergirl asked, Nappa blinked in shock.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Nappa yelled, Rapunzel chuckled.

“Supergirl and Nappa sitting in a tree~!” Rapunzel began, Warmonger perked up.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Warmonger sang wistfully.

“SHUT UP YOU TWO!” Nappa yelled, Luffy and Eden stood beside each other.

“Y’know, despite being an idiot, you’re a decent guy.” Eden said, Luffy grinned.

“Thanks, you’re an idiot too!” Luffy gave Eden a thumbs up while Sabo, Ace, and Marco watched from the sidelines laughing as Eden began to chase Luffy.
“YOU TAKE THAT RIGHT BACK YOU STRAW HAT BASTARD!” Eden roared, shooting all over the place.

“Shishishi!” Luffy laughed, as they chased around.

Thanos stood to his full height as Thanos and Luna stopped embracing. Both of them were looking at the fireworks. “Do you hear it?” Thanos asked the Lunar Princess.

“Hm?” Luna turned to Thanos who was smiling.

“The guns, the explosions, the shockwaves, the screaming, the crying? It is all.. Finally.. Over…” Thanos then fell to his back, using the Space Stone, he made a portal beneath it, he then fell into the portal.


I stood before my house on a distant planet on the edge of the Universe, I looked at it with a smile. I then open the door and I walk in, I close the door behind me and walk past all of the pictures, memories, and recordings I made. I go into the living room where I have photos of my friends on pillows and the kitchen that has a variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables. I then went out to my back porch that rested on the edge of the mountain the house was built on. I looked out to that beautiful sunset and I stumbled forth and rested on one of the steps.

I took an inhale and recounted everything I’ve gone through, being displaced, meeting the princesses, being taught by Cloven Diamond, fighting Sombra, fighting in a war against Avians getting married, being betrayed by Celestia, awakening from stone, going through and saving his friends, meeting and befriending the Shadow Man, becoming a King and Father, fighting Kaido, meeting Black, meeting Shiva, Phoenix, Doom, and Link, meeting the Commanders, winning the Displaced Tournament, beating Ryker, saving more friends, collecting the Infinity stones, saving Rang Nebula, and finally bringing balance to the Universe.

A universe where chaos and harmony rules together, like two siblings.

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