• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Storm Part II.

The Storm II

A hand bursted from the rubble, a hand of a Titan, the hand became an arm and it hit the rest of the rubble. Thanos tried to bring himself up but the rubble was loose, some debris fell down the pile. Another hand came from the rubble and it grabbed onto a wall and pulled. Thanos emerged from the rubble, his back on the rubble.

Thanos gasped for air and he winced at the damage on his body, his internal organs were still screaming, his body cold. Thanos rolled over to his stomach, but he began to fall down the rubble and hit the floor. Thanos, now on solid ground, pushed himself up and stumbled forward, his legs wobbly.

His vision was blurry but he saw multiple silhouettes in the distance, Thanos shook his head to clear his vision and he saw multiple warships descending from the heavens. Dragons coming on down, the Equestrian, Crystal Empire, Diamond Dog, Griffon, Dragon and Yak armies readying their formations. In the distance, he saw the Elements of Harmony, ready for battle.

Thanos stumbled forward and looked up to them, Rang Nebula looked down at him, holding her scythe which she had retrieved. Thanos clenched his Infinity Gauntlet and raised his fists hig, his eyes flaring up.

“I can… Do this all day.” Thanos said, as he adopted a weak fighting stance, suddenly, radio-like static began to ring in his ears.

“Tha- Thanos… can you hear me?” Thanos’ eyes opened wide with shock, as he recognized the voice.

“On your left…” A second later a blue portal opened behind the Titan, a figure walked out of it, revealing Black with a smug look. “What did I fucking say?” Soon another figure walked out, A younger Saiyan with ancient armor. Shallot looked around and saw the massive armies behind Nebula.

Another portal opened, Ziyad, Officer Earl, Eden Spark, and Marco came out, followed by an army of Avians and Zebras. Marco circled around Thanos in his hybrid phoenix form and landed next to the Titan with a grin on his face.

The Next portal opened revealing three figures, A lamia with red spiky hair with armor covering his wrists and a pair of swords attached to his hips, the second was a man with pure white long hair, a dark skin tone covered his right arm and shoulder, black spikes jutted out of the top of his head. Black and purple robes adorned his body, behind him was a large snake that peered at the battlefield with venomous purple

The next was a figure the Titan knew all too well, however he was different from the last time they met. Eric Von Shadow stepped onto the battlefield with a pair of jet black wings adorning his back and a pitch black pointed horn jutting from his forehead, the Shadow King was wearing his usual attire with the exception of a crown on top of his head. Above Eric flew in a dark blue pegasus with star-like dots decorating his wings wearing samurai armor that had a Moon on top of a cloud painted on it. He had a Katana with a star hilt.

“Quote the Raven” Eric said with a smile stretching across his face. “We’re here to fuck shit up”

Then another portal opened and out came Luffy who was followed by Mogeme, Sabo and Ace who lit their flames with fire in their eyes. Another portal opened and the Commanders of Ryker appeared with Elia and an Eliatrope army behind them. In the skys more displaced with ships appeared, out of another portal came Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Hit, Optimus Prime, Alucard, Alexander Anderson, Asura and more.

Then, something erupted in the rubbles of the castle, an awakened Aurora appeared, and Supergirl landed between Thanos and Black. “No, I get to stand beside Thanos!” She said as the Infinity Warriors all assembled next to Thanos. Grievous and Lucci went up to them as well.

“Not the time for this Supergirl…” Black said annoyed. The Saiyan transformed into Super Saiyan God with Shallot following suit. The two powerful auras shaking the area.

Nox and his children appeared as well, the Minotaur Army appeared as well, Emerald Gauntlet, Ruby, and Sapphire Sword. “And that’s everyone!” Nox exclaimed, Light curled an eyebrow.

“Is that it?” Light asked.

“You wanted more?!” Nox exclaimed.

Eric stepped up to the Titan before giving him a nod. “It’s good to see you Thanos”

“Yeah, yeah, nice to see you too.” Thanos would say as he used the Time Stone to recover.

“So how much Hetap am I getting for being fucking right?” Black asked with a chuckle.

“How many I can fit up your ass.” Thanos would reply, all the while Nebula’s mouth was gaped.

Black noticed this and grinned. “What’s wrong, Nightmare Jr? Weren't expecting reinforcements. You gonna cry?” Black mocked. Shallot let out a snicker while Nebula growled.

Thanos looked around and he chuckled softly, “DISPLACED!” Thanos shouted out, he then reached his hand out and the Infinity Blade closed in on him. “Assemble.”

“LET’S GO!” Grievous shouted out and everyone charged, Thanos flew forward, and Katakuri turned into his donut form. Everyone was using their abilities to charge forward.

Eric flared his wings and took to the Skies as Orochimaru and Welsh charged at the army with their weapons drawn.

Black and Shallot both roared as their auras doubled in size before charging into Nebula’s army. Black readied his ki scythe and Shallot centered his ki into his fist, resulting in them glowing. The pair broke off with Black heading straight for Nebula and Shallot going into the large army.

Thanos, Eric, Black, Hit, Luffy were leading, the pack all the while Rang Nebula pointed her scythe and the Elements of Harmony charged forward as she calmly walked forward. The armies soon collide.

Aurora Platinum slammed her fist into a Dragon and the Dragon hit the ground, Thanos slammed his sword into anything that went in his path, going straight towards Rang Nebula with anger.

Grievous was cutting up dragons like they’re sushi, Optimus ran towards several tanks and sent off multiple rounds of bullets. Hit leaped in the air and punched straight through an enemy warship as Supergirl appeared right beside him and fired off laserbeams.

Black charged straight into Twilight, swinging his scythe into the Alicorn. Twilight prepared a barrier, but it was shattered by the ki scythe and it knocked the Alicorn back.

Twilight was knocked into the dirt and she rolled to her feet, placing a palm on the ground to stop herself. She growled and fired off bolts of magic at Black as she closed in on Black, she then fired off a punch at him. Black dodged most of the magical bolts before deflecting one, the Saiyan then threw his own fist as the two collided, letting out a shockwave.

Twilight’s horn lit up once more and Black’s fist began to freeze solid, when Black tried to pull back he was stuck. Twilight then grabbed onto the Saiyan and roared, he then flung him into the sky where he hit the Legendary Assassin, Hit.

“SHIT!” Hit exclaimed, recovering in the air.

The Saiyan recovered, smirking before he looked at Hit. “Sorry about that,” Black said quickly before shooting back at Twilight, who shot many magic bolts at him. The Saiyan threw his hand forward and fired off many ki blasts. The two energies collide to make a massive explosion. Black flew through the smoke and sent a kick into Twilight's gut, the Alicorn gasping for air as she bounced off the ground. “Is this all you can offer me, color me disappointed.” Black mocked, delivering an uppercut into her back.

As Twilight was being sent to the sky, she glared down at Black, she then levitated two of Thanos’ warships and threw them down at Black. She then fired off a full powered Alicorn wave of energy, making the warships explode. Out of the smoke, multiple red ki shards flew at the Alicorn, she growled as she began to dodge them. Then Black appeared above her, putting his hands together and throwing them into her skull. “What’s with the silent treatment, the Twilight of my world is so much more talkative!” Black exclaimed as he delivered a kick, sending the Alicorn back to the ground.

“We’re on a battlefield! We’re not supposed to talk, you… Not smart person!” Twilight said, flying up to Black, and unleashing an uppercut on Black’s jaw. Twilight did a spin dash and slammed her heel into Black, sending him down. Levitating the Saiyan with magic, she drug Black across the ground and flung him across the country.

The Saiyan broke out of her magic before slamming his feet into the ground to stop himself. “Di-… did you just avoid swearing?” Black asked dumbfounded, he cupped his hands together, creating a ball of red ki between his hands. “You’ve gotta be the most naive pony right next to Fluttershy. Times Ten… KA… ME… HA… ME…” Black charged his attack, Twilight creating a magic blast in her hands and firing it at the Saiyan. Black waited till the magical blast was right in front of him.

“HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” Black shot the Kamehameha straight into the blast, the magic collapsing on itself as the ki propelled the magic into Twilight. Twilight quickly teleported away from the blast, and as the dust cleared, Black tried to sense Twilight’s Ki. He did, only for Twilight to descend from the clouds and slam both of her feet into Black, sending him down.

Twilight flew downwards, following Black, slamming her elbow into Black he was sent far. Twilight continued to launch attack after attack before kicking him into Gypsy Danger who was currently fighting a dragon. The Saiyan bounced off the Yeager before falling to the ground. Black began to chuckle as the Alicorn landed a few feet away from him. The Saiyan stood up, revealing all of Twilight's attacks did nothing to the dark Saiyan. “Is that all? Come on, show me your power.” Black said as he instantly appeared in front of her, delivering a punch to her gut. She gasped for air but was then swiftly hit to the side as Black delivered punch after punch into the Alicorn.

“HYA!” Black was then hit with a Sonic Rainboom, making the Saiyan wheeze in pain, he was then knocked into the rubble of Minocow and slammed into the broken palace. Rainbow Dash flew beside Twilight. “I got you covered Twi.’ She said, out of breath.

“Thank you Rainbow.” Twilight gave her an appreciative smile.

A large explosion caught their attention as the palace of Minocow was vaporized, a large aura shaking the land as Black rose from the rubble with a smirk. “Gotta say Rainbow Dash, second fastest in the world. You managed to leave a bruise, something poor Celestia jr couldn’t do.” Black mocked, his aura twice as large. He pointed his hand at them, sending a large barrage of ki into the pair.

Rainbow Dash ducked under the Ki Blasts before she noticed Grievous and dived down after him. Twilight flew towards Black and flew off, breaking the sound barrier she then slammed a fist into the jaw of Black, glaring at him.

“Come on now, surely you can do better.” Black laughed as he grabbed her fist, yanking it to the side and delivered his own punch into Twilight’s Jaw. This attack did a lot of damage, but the Saiyan didn’t stop there as he grabbed her face and charged her to the ground. “Five Ren kugi Punch Barrage!” Black chanted as he threw her into the dirt, bouncing off it before being sent back down into it by a barrage of punches from Black.

Twilight growled and grumbled in pain, “ENOUGH!” She yelled, using her Royal Canterlot Voice, a burst of magic surrounded her and blew Black to the skies. Twilight then shot up to Black and stabbed him with her horn before firing off a wave of Alicorn Magic through him. The Saiyan threw his arms to the side, letting the blast collide with him, followed by an explosion.

A few moments later, the dust settled to see Black standing there with a grin. Twilight noticed that the Saiyan haven't been taking any damage since the fight started. “So you’ve finally noticed that you’re not damaging me at all. So I recommend you go full power before you could ever stand a chance against me... you sorry excuse for an Alicorn.” Black spat, his aura growing in size as the ground around them began to shatter. This caused Twilight to lose her balance and in letting Black appear with a ki blade, slicing her arms. Twilight hissed in pain and threw a punch at Black, though the Saiyan caught it before it could make contact. Black then began to apply pressure, crushing her fist as she tried to get out of his hold.

Twilight roared in pain before her eyes turned white and Black was pushed back across the continent before she turned back to normal. The Saiyan however noticed this jump in power, making him grin. “Oh, rage, the universal language to a large increase in power. Are you getting frustrated wittle Tia?” Black mocked as he dusted himself off.

“Stop… Saying her name…!” Twilight clenched her fists.

“Please, I’m sure she’s disappointed in you, after all you couldn’t even save her.” Black laughed. The Saiyan appeared in front of her, ki blade in hand as he grabbed her by the neck. “You're a disappointment to not just Celestia, but to your family, your friends.” He brought the Ki blade to her horn, scrapping it against her as she began to wail in pain. “And even if you were able to get a rage boost, I’m not at full strength so it wouldn’t even matter!” Black pulled his blade back and was ready to slice her horn off.

Suddenly, her eyes turned white, she grabbed Black by his neck and flew up to the cloud where everything was chaotic. Ships from Star Wars, Marvel, and more were firing off and attacking each other. “You claim I’m weak, yet who is this Chrystal you failed to save?” She inquired.

Black’s gaze hardened, this surprised her as suddenly they stopped in mid-air. She tried to move the Saiyan but was failing to. Black swiftly grabbed her by the horn and began to apply pressure to it. “Do you even know who you speak about?” Black asked. Twilight used all of her might to pull away from the Saiyan, but she couldn’t move.

Twilight then teleports away, “We are the Vessel of the Spirit of Harmony, we can detect any amount of friendship throughout all of time and space.” Twilight then fired off a bolt of lighting at Black.

The Saiyan teleported behind the alicorn, she turned around and threw a fist at him with it connecting to his jaw. Though Saiyan didn’t move, he glared at Twilight. “Then you should know not to bring… a… child… into this.” Black declared as he pointed two fingers towards Twilight's chest. Without a moment of hesitation, he formed his hand into a fist and instantly hit her chest. “Cause now… I’m done playing with my food…” Black then kneed her in the chin, before grabbing her and throwing her into the chaotic battle below.

The Saiyan teleported to the ground below, cocking his fist back. “Armament Hakai… Five Ren Kugi Punch.” Black chanted as by the time Twilight got to the ground, He threw the punch into her gut. This made the Alicorn spit out blood. Landing on the ground, she vomited all over the dirt. The Saiyan didn’t hesitate, kicking her in the stomach and sending her tumbling against a wall. Twilight coughed up more blood and vomit, she glanced to see Black with a dead expression. A large pit of fear enveloped her as she shakely stood up. “Tell me… what else do you know about me?”

“You’re a maniac who loves fighting.” Twilight groaned, clutching her stomach.

“Is that what Nebula told you? Or are you just guessing without any knowledge of me?” Black asked. He appeared in front of her, she threw a punch to his chest but upon impact she only managed to break her hand.

“It’s what Nebula told me, and she’s visited your universe, she knows what happened with Shallot and you. Always loving the fight, do you?” Twilight said with venom.

“Oh Nebula only gave you a percentage of knowledge about my world. Is that all she told you?” Black asked as he began to walk towards Twilight. The Alicorn then shoots magic bolts non-stop at the Saiyan. Creating a large cloud of dust as she continued to fire magic bolt after magic bolt. A minute later she stopped, letting out heavy breaths. Though she then begins to feel fear as Black walks out of the smoke, his gi shredded but no damage to the Saiyan himself. “Let me give you a glimpse of my life.” The Saiyan says, appearing in front of Twilight and grabbing her head. A moment later, Twilight’s eyes open wide as Black’s life is shown. Showing his time with his master, Starswirl. His time with the original bearers of the Elements of Harmony. His time with Luna and Celestia. All of his hardships and losses, his happiness and sadness. A second later Black let go and kicked Twilight away as she tumbled across the ground.

Twilight pushed herself from the ground, “You…” Twilight then collapsed and hit the ground, unconscious. Black stood there silently, a hint of regret in his eyes as he picked up Twilight and teleported away to somewhere safe. Teleporting next to a tree, he carefully set her sitting against the tree and teleporting back to the battle.

Where Hit was currently punching through enemy after enemy, beams of Ki going through them. Hit then grabbed a Griffon and threw them to Black, the Saiyan dropped down to his base form and slammed his foot into the Griffon’s gut, sending the Griffon into the dirt.

“Not bad, kid.” Hit said, shooting Ki beams out of his eye and piercing through several opponents.

“Kid? Really?” Black said as he moved his head to the side from a blast of magic. The Saiyan then turned around and threw his fist forward. An invisible pressure blast was sent into the army, taking out a large portion of them.

“I’m 1,300 years old.” Hit said stopping the heart of a Diamond Dog, the Diamond dog fell down unconscious.

“You’re just a little older than me. 1,032 years old doesn’t make me a kid.” Black counted as he caught a fist and widened his eyes. A large pressure blast knocked out a large portion of Nebula’s army.

Eric descended into the battle as he drew his sword, the Shadow Alicorn’s blade came into contact with the sword of Magnum Opus - Captain of the Crystal Empire’s Royal Guard. Their clash sent sparks through the air before they separated, Magnum couldn’t help but glare at the Crystal Empire sigil on Eric’s shoulder.

“Hmph, Displaced? Rang Nebula warned us about you, told us you were demons. And by the looks of it, it’s true, you probably absorbed the captain of the Crystal Guard and took their title!” Magnum Opus lunged at Eric and slammed his Sea Prism Stone blade into Eric, using the Shave technique to do so.

Eric Nearily managed to block the attack with his own blade. “You’ve got it wrong, Pony” Eric grunted, firing a beam of magic from his horn. “But my title was given to me by My Friend, King Sombra”

“Sombra, the corrupted man who raped and killed women and children alike.” Magnum said, firing a beam of fire at Eric, the beam of fire tearing a piece of him off.

Despite the damage taken Eric stood behind the Unicorn in a flash, a deep gash appeared across the cheek of the pony. Eric brought his sword down on the Crystal Pony, only for his attack to be blocked.

“You will not speak ill about him” Eric said through gritted teeth

“Then don’t praise him by calling him your friend!” Magnum responded with gritted teeth, Magnum then slammed his head into Eric’s, temporarily stunning the Shadow Man. Magnum then does a spinning strike, slicing across Eric’s chest before firing another fire spell at Eric.

Eric slid back a few feet before glaring daggers at the unicorn, unfurling his wings. Eric rose from the ground as magic covered his hands, immediately black balls of fire form in his hands.

“Your pure flames are pathetic compared to the Magic of the Dark King” Eric said, merging the two together. “Flame of Purgatory”

Eric hurled the magical flames at the pony, however the pony jumped back to avoid the dark fire spell. The moment the fire hit the ground it began to spread at a rapid pace, the flame itself was going after the Crystal Unicorn. Magnum levitated himself and he flew up in the air, avoiding the flames all together, he then landed on a warship. Magnum then fired off volleys of crystal bombs at Eric.

With a raise of his hand Eric erects a spherical barrier around himself, however the crystal bombs where slowly working through his magic. Eric flew up after the pony before landing on the warship, Eric’s powers began to flare as his shadow began to rise and morph into a large Chimera.

“Sic him” Eric ordered before charging the pony by using a mix of the Shave and the Moonwalk technique. Magnum levitated his sword and spun it around rapidly before tearing through the Chimera like butter. He then brought the sword back to his person.

“Nice try, demon!” Magnum raised his sword overhead high before slamming his sword down upon Eric. however the Shadows converged on Eric blocking his form from the pony’s

“I am no Demon” the chilling voice of Eric’s reaper form said as he blocked the sword with his scythe. “I am a Reaper”

Eric kicked the pony off before jumping to his feet, the Shadow Man rushed forward before slamming his foot into Magnum’s chest which sent the crystal pony off the warship and back onto the battlefield. Eric followed after with his scythe raised to cleave the pony in two, however, Magnum teleported away from the Shadow Man. Magnum appeared on the battlefield below, just in time to avoid the exploding warship.

“OI!” Luffy called out, decking Magnum in the face, sending him crashing through the dirt. “What are you doing? I was just fighting-” Luffy then avoided an attack from Rocky, Alpha of the Obsidian Dogs.

As Magnum went to his feet crashed down feet away from the unicorn, his scythe blade gleaming in the sun's light. The Shadow Man rushed the unicorn before sliding to a stop with blood dripping from his scythe.

“Hmm..” Eric mused as he turned to the still alive Crystal Pony who was clenching his missing hand. “It would seem I am indeed getting older, I was aiming for your neck” Eric rose and swung his scythe splashing the blood from the blade onto the ground. “I won’t miss a second time”

Gritting his teeth, Magnum ripped off his sleeves and bound his stump of a hand. This in turn cut off the blood flow significantly, with his remaining hand the crystal unicorn gripped his weapon.

“Still got some fight in you, Pony” Eric laughed before raising his scythe. “Let’s see how long that lasts”

“I’ll fight until there’s no tomorrow if it means saving the world from people like you!” Magnum readied his blade, before sprinting at Eric, readying to cut into Eric.

With a Skeletal grin Eric parried the unicorn's initial strike. “You know you remind me a lot of Captain Turquoise,'' Eric said as he blocked another strike. “He was the pony who trained me, I only wish his replacement was more like you”

“Well, ponies can’t all be good, sometimes you need to find the right light to push past the darkness!” Magnum’s horn lit up, blinding Eric before he spun around and cut into Eric, given an imbalance, he nearly tripped and fell but he found his bearings.

Inhaling through his teeth, Eric couldn’t help but let out a laugh as he held his side. “Perhaps in another life you and I could have gotten along like Celestia and Cake”

“Yeah, perhaps.” He would chuckle, “But as long as I stand, I’ll keep on fighting, FOR THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!” He said, running at Eric with his sword ready.

“I couldn’t agree more” Eric said spinning around his scythe and met Magnum blow for blow

Though as the fight went on, Eric’s scythe began to break Magnum’s sword, every strike broke a piece of Magnum’s blade. Eric gave one final swing against the Captain’s sword, Magnum’s weapon couldn’t handle the stress any longer and shattered. This caused him to fall back onto the ground. Before he had a chance to move he felt the tip of Eric’s scythe against his forehead.

“Stay down,” Eric said to the pony. “I meant what I said, you remind me too much of the pony who trained me and I’d rather not kill somepony as pure-hearted as you” Eric said, removing his weapon. “You may see me as a demon, but I am not without honor”

“I meant what I said as well… As long as I stand…” Magnum’s horn began to light up, “I will keep on fighting…” The horn began to conjure a ball. The ball began to expand. “For.” The ball grew in size. “THE.” It became the size of a car. “CRYSTAL EMPIRE!!!!” He fired off a ball of magic at Eric.

Eric raised his hand and summoned his Dark Barrier spell, while at the same time covering the pony as well. The ball of magic hit Eric’s barrier which began to crack under the pressure, purple plumes of magic poured from his eyes as he fired a orb of magic at the destructive spell. Eric’s spell did not dispel his opponent’s magic, it did however redirect it into the sky. Eric dispelled his magic as he approached the unicorn, raising his weapon the Shadow Man smacked Magnum at the base of his horn. A large crack formed from the base of Magnum’s horn and traveled up until the tip, Eric pulled his weapon back as he knelt down to the pony.

“At this point I’m begging” Eric said to the pony. “Stay down, I don’t want to kill you”

Eric rose to his feet and surveyed the battlefield, Orochimaru was fighting a group of ponies while Welsh and his snake were locked in combat with Silvia of the Silver Dogs.. Eric was about to join the rest of the battle until he heard the sound of crackling, whipping his head around he saw Magnum trying to use magic with his damaged horn.

“Stop it!” Eric said concern in his voice. “Your horn is damaged, you can’t channel raw magic, it’ll backfire”

“Then…” Magnum got in a boxing stance, “I’ll kick you to the stars!” Magnum coated his arms and legs in Armament Haki and ran towards Eric, ready to box him.

Thinking quickly Eric Swung his scythe at the crystal pony, the blade cleaved through the horn as the pony tackled the Shadow Man. Unfortunately the horn still held the spell which was becoming more powerful by the second, Eric soon realized that the horn was being fueled by the surrounding magic. Moving quickly the Shadow Man pulled himself and his opponent into his shadow, mere moments passed and the spell went berserk causing a massive explosion that took out a good number of Rang Nebula’s forces as well as injuring both of Eric’s Shade’s.

Eric emerged from the shadow of his fallen Shade’s with Magnum in his grip, the Shadow Man’s body was smoking as part of the out of control spell penetrated his shadow. Dropping the Crystal pony the Shadow Man went to check on his Shades only to stop when Magnum struggled to his feet, rising to his feet Eric grabbed Magnum by his armor and forced him to the ground.

“I’m sorry about your horn but it had to be done” Eric said before forming Armament haki over his fist and knocking the unicorn unconscious

Eric turned to his Shade’s and saw both getting up and reclaiming their weapons. “Can you two still fight?”

“Tis nothing but a minor flesh wound, Master” Welsh said as be gave a bow to Eric

“Flessh wound my assss!” Orochimaru shouted as he held his bleeding arm. “That being sssaid, I can ssstill fight Eric”

“Then go” Eric ordered before surveying the battle

Eric unfurled his wings and took to the skies to take out the dragons amongst Nebula’s forces.

Starry Sky flies toward Retriever with his Hand on the hilt. "One Sword style: 360 pound phoenix!" Starry yells as he sends a slash towards Retriever.

The Golden Dog used Soru and disappeared from sight, he appeared beside Starry and slammed his elbow into Starry, sending him back. Slamming his fist into the ground, golden pillars appeared below Starry and attempted to pierce them.

Starry quickly recovers and instantly disappears and reappears ls in rapid succession creating a mirage of Starrys. All of them unsheathing their Katanas and running towards Retriever, Retriever slammed both fists into the ground and all of them were then concealed in circles of gold, He then lifts them up by slamming his foot down, making a shockwave that sent them to the sky. He leaped after them and kicked every golden ball into enemy warships.

Starrys mirage dissipates and Starry is nowhere to be found then suddenly Retriever is pierced in the shoulder and blood pours from the wound and a voice could be heard. "It's not wise to turn your back to your opponent." As Starry goes for an upward slash on Retrievers back, only for the Golden Dog to avoid it.

“Hmph!” The Golden Dog then howled, the sound pushed Starry back. “Wounds on the back is a warrior's shame, and even more of a shame if a man hits a man on the back!” Retriever then punched Starry in his chest, sending him back, gold wrapped around Starry and he was covered in gold. He then uppercuts Starry and Retriever kicks Starry backwards, making him hit a dragon.

"Nice trick. I have one too." As the gold suddenly disappears and Starry flies up and puts his hands to the air and a giant clear paw bubble appears then Starry shrinks it and launches it towards him. "Have you ever wanted to fly? If so, let me show you how it feels." as the small bubble expands hitting Retriever.

“TCH!” Retriever winced as he was pushed back, he then howled and his howl had several others following him. Suddenly Starry’s head was clutched by a wolf and he was slammed into the ground, Retriever then made a golden spike, hitting Starry in his rib. This also made Starry increase in height, reaching the air battle field, suddenly ships locked onto Starry.

Starry breathes deeply and everything slows down for him as he hears the gears of the battle ships creak, the captain giving orders and the crew readying to fire. He extends his arms and waits.

Suddenly, a truck went into the sky and transformed into Optimus. The Cybertronian cut through the ships and sliced through the golden spike. “Go on, young one, fight with your heart!” Optimus said as he took down another ship.

Retriever gaped in pure shock as Optimus ran away.

Starry floats there confused and flabbergasted 'This is getting out of hand. I'm just glad he's on our side.' Starry sighs and nods and dons a look of determination then dives toward Retriever. He extends his arm. "Paw Barrage!" Starry yells as he launches a barrage of paws at light speed towards Retriever.

Though the quick Golden Dog avoided the paws, soon Retriever erected a wall of gold before kicking it down, the wall of gold was going to slam into Starry.

Starry flies faster towards him and slaps the gold wall launching it into one of the enemy warships and continues undeterred. He grabs the hilt of his katana and suddenly disappears then reappears behind Retriever as he sheaths his Katana. "You fought well"

“Oh da-” Retriever said as blood spurts out of his body, he then hits the floor, unconscious. Starry then flies deeper into the battlefield cutting down any enemy and a few warships he encounters before Rang Nebula caught Starry by the neck as he was tearing through.

“I can’t allow you to do that, can I?” She mused before she began to freeze Starry solid, suddenly Thanos appeared and slammed his fist into Nebula’s jaw. Forcing her to let go of Starry.

“Your fight is with me, jackass!” Thanos said before looking back at Starry. “I recommend you to fight Pinkamena before fighting a monster like this!” Thanos then slammed his blade upon Nebula who countered the attack with her scythe.

"Very well Purple One and a few words for you" Starry points at Nebula drawing her attention " Yousa bit-" Starry disappears before finishing leaving behind broken ice

“Now… Where were we?” Thanos asked, quirking an eyebrow, Nebula grinned.

“Yes, where were we?” She snapped her fingers and a cage appeared in the sky, Thanos looked up and saw…

And Saw…

He saw…

Cloven Diamond.

“Ah, hello my student!” He waved down at Thanos, “How are you doing?”

“Master Cloven?!” Thanos said with shock, Rang Nebula tried to cut into Thanos but he avoided it and punched Rang Nebula.

“Yeah, it’s me, don’t worry about me, I’m fin-” He was then teleported away, Thanos then clenched his fists in anger. He glared and turned around to face Nebula, and the two’s punches collided and the world began to shake as if an earthquake went off.

Thanos punches Nebula in her jaw, Nebula then slammed her blade down upon him, cutting his shoulder. Thanos grabbed Nebula by her neck, and slammed the blade into Nebula’s knee.

Nebula groaned in pain and she leaped back, Thanos then jumped towards Nebula and threw a punch at her and it connected. Not letting her rest for a second, Thanos slammed his sword down upon Nebula who erected a barrier and blocked the attack.

"Fool." She then pushed Thanos back, and summoned her scythe. She then raised it overhead and tried to slam the weapon onto Thanos who blocked the attack with his Infinity Blade. "You can not win this war, when I get all six infinity stones you will peri-."

“GERONIMO!!!!!!” Nebula was then swiftly drop kicked by Black, sending her into a nearby mountain, followed by a large explosion. The Saiyan then landed next to The shocked Titan with a smile, “How’s dark and gloomy being right now?” He then transformed into Perfected Super Saiyan Rosé.

“How’s who?” Thanos asked, confused on what Black is talking about

“Who else could I be referring to?” Black said deadpanned. But turned his attention back to where Nebula was kicked into.

“Well, in terms of power she stole your token, AKA the potara earrings, Nox’s token, Kodo’s token, and even Eric’s token… As well as Oblivion the Shadow’s ring.” Thanos said, coating his sword in Armament Haki.

“Huh… besides my token, I feel like we’re in trouble.” Black muttered, a second later the mountain exploded with Nebula rising out of the rubble.

“You’d be correct.” Nebula would then knock their heads together, now behind them, Thanos and Black were stunned. Nebula would then slam their heads into the ground, “Dickheads.”

Black grunted, a red spikes aura surrounded him. “Kaioken Times Ten!” Black shouted, backflipping away and shooting an array of fire and ki blasts.

“How pathetically predictable…” Nebula mused, she then turned around to face Black. Thanos would then try to punch Nebula’s head only for the Alicorn to use Thanos as a shield. Nebula then threw Thanos at Black.

“Somebody stupid get in my way!” Thanos yelped heading towards Black.

“Not again!!!” Black exclaimed, moving to the side and grabbing Thanos by the arm. The Siayan then used his momentum to spin Thanos back towards Nebula.

“HELLISH SWORD SPIN!” Thanos then lit his sword aflame and threw it at Nebula who threw her scythe in the air, she slid down and slammed her heel in Thanos’ forehead. However Thanos bit Nebula’s foot, making her screech like a banshee. Black used instant transmission to appear behind Nebula and deliver a haymaker to her ribs. Nebula would then levitate Black and slam him into Thanos, before crushing them together, sucking them in close with Dark Dark Fruit. She then began to freeze them solid, disabling Thanos’ Devil Fruit with the Dark Dark Fruit.

“You will not interfere with my plan, fools!” Nebula spat, glaring at them. A muffled roar could be heard before being followed by an explosion of power. The smoke died down to see Black and Thanos side by side with a determined glare.

“Let’s go!” Thanos went into Bursting Igneous Magma Blue Inferno, surrounded in a blue aura of heat and Dragon Slayer Magic.

“KAIOKEN TIMES 30!!!” Black roared, the ground beneath him shattered as his aura grew three times in size. Black quickly went into his fighting stance with Thanos doing the same. The two then both charged at Nebula and delivered a kick to Nebula’s gut simultaneously. Thanos quickly followed after, slamming a Power Stone enhanced fist into Nebula’s gut, sending her sky high. Thanos then throws Black into the air at breakneck speeds to follow Nebula in the air.

“Armament Haki: Ten Ren Kugi Dragon Fist!” Black chanted as he pulled his arm back, letting it glow gold and be covered in Armament Haki. Black appeared in front of Nebula and delivered the attack into her jaw. Before she could be sent higher into the sky, the Saiyan grabbed her by the face and sprung her down back to Thanos. Black teleported to the Titans side using instant transmission, to where the two both kicked Nebula across the battlefield.

“Let’s send her to Tartarus, Thanos!” Black exclaimed as he let his aura go wild.

“Aye, let’s send her to the moon, nay, THE STARS!” Thanos would said, “GARGANTUAN INFINITE…” Thanos would conjure a blast with all of the colors of the Infinity Stone he had in his left hand.

Black threw his hands to the side as two yellow energies formed. “FINAL…” Black moves his arms in front of him and begins to merge the two energies. “BIG BANG… KA…” Black began to chant as he brought his hands to the side slowly as the energy began to go wild. “ME… HA… ME…” Nebula recovered in the air, only to see Black and Thanos conjuring their most powerful Blasts. “LIGHTS OUT, NEBULA… HHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Black roared as he released his blast, throwing his hands forward and letting the blast fly towards Nebula.

“GO TO HELL... WAAAAVVVEEEE!!!!!!!” Thanos would bellow, the two attacks flew side-by-side until they merged into one gargantuan blast. Tearing through the air like bullet in the wind and slamming into Rang Nebula. They took a huge chunk out of the world and the surrounding planets.

Thanos would lift his Gauntlet in the air and a giant green pentagram would appear, he would twist his hand and the chunk would be restored. “Good as new.” Thanos exhaled.

“That’s busted…” Black chuckled, dropping out of Kaioken to conserve energy while Thanos laughed with him for a moment.

“Wow, I thought we were close Black.” Black was then surrounded by darkness, “Thanos always had to die but not you.” Nebula mused.

Black groaned in annoyance, “Well, I’m not really into chicks who are hell bent on revenge…” Black said as he looked around, a bead of sweat rolling down his chin.

“I tried to help you walk away, and now you’re making me do this.” Nebula said, her voice surrounding Black. Black was suddenly turned into what he was when he was human. Suddenly rows of everything that was important was around him, he was in a hall.

“What the hell is this…” Black muttered.

Nebula then appeared a few feet from Black, “You told me, you disapproved of Thanos’ choices.” As Black would try to fire a Ki blast, nothing would come out. “You told me that you just wanted to protect your girl.” Nebula would say, appearing behind Black, looking down at Black.

The Saiyan-turned human took a few steps back, “So what’s your point…” Black said carefully.

“Black, help me!” The voice of Luna cried out, coming from one of the doors.

Black spun around to the doors, looking between them swiftly before turning back to Nebula with a look that could kill. Before he ran into one of them without hesitation, he then stumbled forward and stopped himself from falling off one of the Castle of Two Sisters balconies. Luna was looking at Black, who was now in the past with no scars and his original arms.

“Black, what’s happening?” Luna said, looking around in fear.

Black said nothing as he looked around the castle. “I know this isn't real Nebula!” Black roared.

“Do you though?” Nebula appeared behind Luna and her wings were bound together, a ring on Luna’s horn, holding her over the balcony. Luna was panicking, Nebula then dropped her from the balcony.

“LUNA!!!” To Black’s objection, his body moved on instinct as he charged forward past Nebula and dived down after Luna. He then hit the floor.

“I don’t think you know what’s real, Michael.” Nebula said, her voice repeating all around Black, as he got up he was pulled to his childhood, he saw flashbacks of being ruthlessly beaten up, casted aside by kids who used him, and him walking alone back to the orphanage.

“This is the Mind Stone’s doing! Whatever you're trying to gain, it won't work!” Black exclaimed as he turned away from his childhood and tried looking for Nebula.

Suddenly, a giant fist sprung out and punched Black. Throwing him into the door he walked in when he was Displaced, he then fell down multiple shards for crystal. "You need to WAKE UP!" Black then slammed into a tank, and rolled off of it, psychically injured. He gets up and looks around, trying to spot Nebula.

“If you’re trying to get me angry, it’s fucking working!” Black spat as sparks of electricity began to surround the Saiyan. Suddenly the air around him darkened once more, the cries and sound of battle no more. Suddenly shards of mirrors slam around Black.

“I mean, just look at yourself.” Nebula said, Black was now in the Gi he was in when he first hung out with Luna back in the day. The Saiyan saw himself in hundreds of mirrors. The eyes of a younger Saiyan stared back. More innocent and before the time of war. Hesitantly, he walked up to the mirror, lifting his hand to touch the mirror.

Suddenly they lunged at Black and tackled him, Black tried to fight back but he was overwhelmed quickly. They began to rip off some clothing, “You are just a scared little kid, in a SWEAT SUIT!” Black was now in the Gi he started out with, now in an altar with all the Alicorns.

“I combined myself with Nightmare Moon to give the world someone to believe in! I control the truth, Rang Nebula is the truth!” Her voice rang out, surrounding Black.

“You're mad with power! Would Tia want any of this, for you to combine with Nightmare and all this killing?!” Black spat, getting into a stance.

Suddenly, Rang Nebula dropped down and slammed her fist down upon Black’s head, making him hit the ground. Nebula grabbed Black and slammed him against an Alicorn statue before throwing him across the pillars that surrounded them.

The Saiyan grunted, slamming his palm into the ground to stop his momentum. He stared back at Nebula with anger, shooting multiple ki blasts towards the Alicorn. Who flew in the air in response, shooting down ice beams and dark spheres down upon Black. Who kept on avoiding it until Nebula shot one of the pillars and the pillar fell down and hit Black. Black was now on his knees in front of a gravestone.

“If you were good enough…” Black opened his eyes to see Chrystal written on the plaque. “Maybe Chrystal would still be alive.” Suddenly, a hand sprung out, the hand of a child, the child lifted itself out. It was Chrystal, she began crawling towards Black, her eyes rotten, spiders all over..

Black’s eyes widened as he started to hear his heartbeat, sound around him began to grow distant with his rage growing by the second. The spiders then jumped and went into Black’s eyes, his vision then transferred to an army of Rang Nebulas marching forward. “Deep down, you know I’m right.” Rang Nebula’s chest piece opened the eye of Nightmare Moon.

Black then tried to run in a random direction to try and get out of the illusion, but then he bumped into glass. He then hit the ground, and the houses of Canterlot emerged. “You made your choice, and all you had to do was step aside, and now, your universe will have to-” Nebula was then punched by Thanos, and she hit the ground unconscious.

“Black, I know she told you she was going to your universe. What are the coordinates? Since she has my token I can’t help your universe if things go to shit!” Thanos said, looking down at Black.

Black stayed silent, starring Thanos down. “How the hell don’t you know where my universe is?” Black asked.

“Displaced travel through tokens, and the Void is an infinite space, it would be eons until I find you. And by then, Nebula would have killed Luna! Do you want that Black?!” Thanos said, frowning at Black.

Black stayed silent for a few moments, closing his eyes and huffed out. “Don’t think that will work… Princess Luna.” Black said with spite.

“You are smart, now I have to torture the information out of Nox.” Nebula mused, suddenly paintings, sculptures, buildings, and rubbles started to fall around Black.

Black, tired of Nebula’s games, let out a roar. Exploding into Perfected Super Saiyan Rosé. “ENOUGH!!!!” Black roared as the illusion started to break around him.

“Fire the cannon.” Nebula said darkly, suddenly, the illusion broke down and Black turned to his right. And the Crystal Cannon fired off a Power Beam, sending Black into space, eventually leading him to one of Saturn’s Moons, Titan. “All that’s left is Thanos.”

On a distant moon, Black cried out in pain, looking down to his gut as saw a large gash that went deep into his skin and muscle. The Saiyan had dropped down to Super Saiyan God to heal himself. Though it was slow, it still was ecrusinating for him. “D-Dammit…” Black lifted his hand over himself, using whatever stamina he had left he used The Supreme Kai’s Healing technique.

This sped up the healing process as he started to see his muscles and skin regrow and heal. It would be a good few minutes before he fully healed himself. He rested his head on Titans surface, dropping back into his base form as he used most of his stamina. “We’ll… i can officially say I’ve been to Thanos’s home world, if that serves anything…” Black muttered. “So Nightmare… think we’ve still got a chance against Nebula?”

From the beat down you just received. You’ve gotten a Zenkai Boost so you at least 50 times stronger now..’ Nightmare said, though Black heard her sigh. ‘Though with you out of commission, I’d say no.’

“No faith in me huh?” Black let out a humorless chuckle. He began to think back to the mind game Nebula played on him. “All Nebula did was just make me angrier… and realize that she’s gone mentally insane…” The Saiyan shakily sat up, groaning in pain as he slowly stood up.

You shouldn’t be moving, you need to rest!’ Nightmare warned, though Black didn’t listen. A clear black aura surrounded the Saiyan as Black gritted his teeth.

“And let everyone down, let Nebula win?” Black spat, shutting Nightmare up. “I’m not gonna stand by and let Thanos die due to me having a NAP!” Black transformed into Perfected Rosé once more. “Never Again, will I lose someone I care about due to Ignorance!” Sparks started to appear around the Saiyan, Black gritted his teeth. “I will not lose another Friend… NO MORE” Black roared as he clenched his fists, blood escaping from his palms. The Saiyan began to breathe heavily, looking at the ground with hate before he started to take deep breaths. Calming himself down, however he didn’t notice a certain heat emanating from his body, followed by a mystical aura.

A few moments passed before Black realized what he’d just done. He looked at his hands, in awe at the amount of power he emitted. He said nothing as he then looked back to Equis ' direction with a glare. “Prepare yourself Nebula… you’ve made the worst mistake ever in your life.” Black said as he launched himself off Titan and sped towards Equis at speeds greater than light.

Starry continued into the battlefield when Discord appeared in front of him, Starry bumped into him. “Ah, hello there.” Discord greeted.

'This is where the fun begins' Starry then waves at Discord "Ah Discord we've been expecting you. Quick question, what kind of chaos should we be expecting"

“Oh you know, the kind that does this.” Discord said, levitating Starry and throwing him into the clouds, flinging him away.

Starry reappears beside Discord and whistles "You've got a mean arm. Let me show you mine" as Starry hits Discord making him suddenly disappear. Starry then looks around him taping his hoof against the ground while crossing his arms Sonic style.

“Yeet.” Starry was transported to an island, where Discord appeared above him, smiling cockily. “Now you know how it feels, do you?”

"Yes, I've always wondered how it felt. Now I do. Now how about a little more." Starry says as he flies into the sky doing a few flips and spins before landing and putting his hands to the ground.

Discord whistles and suddenly several signs with a score of 9 and 8 out of 10's appear. "Beautiful performance Starry, the landing could use some work." Discord says as Starry still has his hands on The ground. Discord looks at him confused "Oh don't be sad Starry you'll get me next time " Discord says as veins start to pop out of Starry's arms. "Starry?

"You know what my power is to repel anything I touch right?"

"Yes. I know about your power, what about it?" Discords suddenly thought he realized what he meant "Oh no you don't" Discord says as he grabs Starry but Starry just smiles and puts his hands to Discords chest.


"What?" Discord says confused before feeling extreme pain all over his body "RRRRAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Discord screams in agony as purple energy starts to exit his body. Discord immediately teleports away but falls to his knees when he tries to stand. "What did you do to me?!" Discord yells confused and in pain as Starry just walks into the purple mist and absorbs it.

Starry suddenly falls to his knees as he struggles to stand. 'Crap I didn't think it would hurt this much ' He thinks as he shakes his head and stands up and snaps his fingers. Suddenly his wounds close up and he stands up. 'I don't know how long it'll last but let's put it to good use.'

"Answer me dammit!" Discord yells enraged.

Starry just looks to Discord as he stands up as well. They face each other. "Fine, don't answer me." Discord snaps his fingers and summons several enormous cannons and Sea Prism chains then tries to cuff Starry with them but before they could touch him, Starry snaps his fingers and the chains turn into giant snakes and he launches them to Discord who snaps his fingers and they poof into smoke. 'He has chaos magic?!'

Starry disappears and reappears behind the cannons and snaps his fingers causing them to fire at Discord who in response turns the cannons and cannonballs into magma then in circles Starry with it who just floats there and suddenly disappears. Starry reappears and snaps the magma into weapons which then fall to the ground. He picks one up and charges Discord.

"Tch" Discord grabs a Halberd while Starry has his katana and a Gladius sword. They lock weapons with a boom and jump away from each other and start to fly. Discord launches several balls of pure chaos towards Starry who dodges them but they keep following him as he flies away from them. Discord keeps making more and more chaos balls and sends them towards Starry but Starry doesn't seem fazed by them. As Starry continues to fly he changes directions and starts heading toward Discord who smiles and creates a giant sea above them "DIE!" Discord yells as he let's the water go and it falls toward them both but Starry snaps his fingers. Discord looks around trying to figure what he did but then the water suddenly explodes and out from the water comes the chaos balls Discord made each and everyone of them hitting Discord directly.

Discord starts to fall to the ground charred and smoking but he suddenly stops and a strong purple aura surrounds him and he slowly floats up. Discord looks at Starry his eyes white ge extends his talon and out comes a giant beam of chaos, Starry makes a portal to redirect the energy back to Discord but it doesn't hurt him in fact he grew bigger. Starry stares at him but suddenly Discord disappears and reappears behind Starry ready to bring the Halberd down but Starry blocks the hit and reappears a few feet in front of Discord. The paw on his hand was bleeding and his Gladius shattered.

Discord then sends beam after beam towards Starry as Starry desperately tries to dodge each one. One of them hits Starry in his leg and when Starry looks his leg is gone. "AAGGGHH!!" Starry screams in pain as Discord takes this chance to teleport above Starry and put his hands together then hit Starry towards the ground but before he hits the ground Discord teleports below him and kicks him high in the sky. Discord then continues to teleport and hit him until it looks like a sphere of Discords all either punching or kicking and if you could see inside you'd see a bloodied Starry.

"RRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" Starry screams, sending a shockwave out pushing Discord back and what he sees scares him. Starry covered in the same aura as him. Starry floats there limp until his upper body straightens and he looks at Discord. They stay there looking at each other. They both breath in and out before conjuring a ball of chaos. They both charge their own before several Discords and Starrys appear and start fighting creating what looks to be a cyan and purple Aurora Borealis but inside of it a giant cyan human skeleton with gladiator armor fights a giant purple Discord. The resulting power struggle could be seen from all over the planet. As both the skeleton and Discord open their mouths "KAME HAME HAAAAAA!!!!!" They both yell out before a cyan beam leaves the skeletons mouth and a purple beam leaves Discords.

Both energies collide with each other, both pushing and desperately trying to overpower the other as the several Discords and Starrys start to crack as a cyan glow could be seen from the Starrys cracks and a purple glow could be seen from the Discords cracks before exploding and their energies join the beams. The surrounding area is gone. All that is left Is the sea bed. "RRRRAAAAAHHHHH" both Discord and Starry roar as their beams grow bigger. This time reality starts to change around them as they go through dimension through dimension, unfortunately destroying one or two of them before they return to where they were originally, both the beams die down and the skeleton and Discord dissipate leaving both a bloodied and broken Starry and Discord.

They both fly towards each other and punch the other in the face sending a shockwave. They both struggle looking at each other with rage and determination. Suddenly Discord loses consciousness and starts to fall to the sea before Starry snaps his fingers and the island reappears and Discord gets stuck in some vines catching him. Starry snaps his fingers and he appears above the battlefield before destroying a large amount of the enemy's warships and troops. Starry’s arm suddenly cracks and the cracks soon follow up his chest then spreads to the rest of his body but he snaps his fingers one last time before exploding into a massive silhouette of a human and pegasus back to back made of a blinding purple light and when the light fades where once stood Starry only ashes and his katana remain slowly falling toward the ground and settling.

Shallot sidesteps a dragon before upper cutting into the Lizard's gut, making the dragon keel over and hold his stomach. The young Saiyan then kicks the dragon away as more dragons charge at him. “This is getting annoying!” Shallot groaned.

“Hey! That’s my job!” Grievous cried out, in Mastered Ultra Instinct, tearing through dragon after dragon like he’s a shredder.

“Does it matter, we need to shorten their numbers so then we can all gang up on Nebula!” Shallot shouted as he spun around and swung his hand, letting a ki way cut across the land and into multiple dragons.

“TALLY-HO!” Sunset Shimmer slammed her feet into Shallot’s face, fire then bursted from her heels and blasted Shallot into the ground. “You’re next, Grievous.”

“Okay boomer.” Grievous said before flying off to kill more dragons.

To Sunset Shimmer's surprise, Shallot grabbed her feet and slammed her to the ground with it shattering underneath her. He produced a red ki ball and ran it into the unicorn's gut, a second later it exploded, propelling Sunset into a group of Dragons.

“Wow, you’re strong.” Supergirl mused, standing beside Shallot, crossing her arms.

“Thanks, but I’m nowhere close to Black. He told me I was the equivalent of Princess Celestia back in my universe… which is considerably low.” Shallot muttered off to the side. “Though he is training me, Spike, and three fillies to become stronger!” Shallot was interrupted when he felt a massive spike of power, his eyes widening when he looked off into the sky.

“Did you guys sense that?!?” Shallot said in disbelief.

“Yeah, that’s Black, I could totally kick his ass if I found a blue star.” Supergirl said cockily, looking up to the skies above.

“Don’t know what you mean by that… but… this seems different… more calm…” Shallot muses. Suddenly, he saw a white star appear in the sky and grow in size. As Black got closer, Shallot could sense his power continuously growing, it having no end. A second later, multiple sonic booms could be heard as Black instantly appeared in front of Shallot with his back turned to him.

Shallot stumbled backwards from the sudden appearance of his master. His hair was an absolute mess and it remained it’s normal color. His aura was mystical and calm as Black’s strength continued to grow. Black turned his head to Shallot, “How are you holding up?”

“Fine… but what… how did you…” Shallot tried to speak, but Black’s power made the young Saiyan speechless.

“I’ll answer that later, just keep helping Supergirl and Grievous.” Black said calmly, turning his head back to the battle.

Suddenly, everyone began to float in the air and everyone turned their attention to Thanos. He was flying in one spot, levitating. “I’m sorry everyone, there is no other way.” Thanos began to lit aflame, kicking it up to Netsu Netsu Heat Man, but there was something off about that made it more powerful. Eric recognized it was the Awakened Devil Fruit.

Thanos began to charge up, surrounded by Divine Ki, the Eternal and the Deviant inside him roaring like mad men. Thanos’ aura was surrounded by the colors of the Infinity Stones he had in possession.


But the Titan didn’t listen, the ground below everyone began to turn into molten magma. Thanos’ body had scales on them and he was covered in purple Armament Haki with the aura of Ryou, Tekkai Go enhancing his strength further.

Black furrowed his eyebrows as he watched silently as the Titan began to push himself.

Thanos began to sprout wings of Magma and Earth, claws began to form on his hands and Thanos’ eyes turned pure white and with a roar he was finished. With the power he had he was overloading.

Absolutely overloading.

“Absolute Overload!” Thanos called his new form, the ground, lava, the air burning up around him. Kaio-Ken increased his fiery aura.

Black teleported to the Titans side, he looked at Thanos before looking towards Nebula. Who looked intrigued at his reappearance. “Did you honestly think that cannon would take me out? All you achieved was making me stronger.” Black said calmly as he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “And I’m not done evolving yet.” The Saiyan said calmly, he took a deep breath and a beam of pure light and heat shot into the sky.

Nebula was no longer looking at two mortal men, she was looking at hurricanes. Nebula then kicked it up a notch herself and turned into her full powered form. “Ice Empress!” She called her new form.

A few moments later, the beam of light died down to reveal Black with the same hairstyle, though his hair was now silver with his eyes doing the same. “You cannot stop me now Luna, This is Complete Ultra Instinct.” Black spoke, his voice having an echo. “Thanos, if we don’t beat her like this, we’ve still got potara.”

“Aye, I suppose.” Thanos would say, his breath nearly turning Black into roasted pork. “Let’s put her in the place.”

“Let’s…” Black said as he and Thanos got into a stance, before launching forward with determined glares.

Author's Note:

Sorry for all of the spelling errors, SOMEONE not pointing fingers, isn't good at periods or punctuation. But even still, I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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