• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Catching up

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Catching Up

I was grinning at the sight. Me, Aurora Platinum, Lucci, Emerald Gauntlet, Ruby, Sapphire Sword, Warmonger, Grievous, Nappa, Marco, Entity, Sally, and Supergirl were all here in the Dining Room. We were all laughing and talking to each other like a bunch of teenagers.

"Se Kaido actually threw BOTH of you into that boulder?" Supergirl said, looking at both Entity and Sally.

"Yeah, not one of my proudest moments…" Entity said with a sigh, "But I tried my best."

"And that's all that mattered." Sally said with a smile, Lucci then cleared his throat.

"We had our backs up against the wall, me and Grievous were the only ones fighting. Everyone else were scared, Kaido was a monster, a demon." Lucci said, he then turned to me.

"Meanwhile, I got summoned by a Goku Black Displaced." I said, "He healed me up and wanted me to help him in return so I fought Discord. Me, Ghost Nappa, and Black kicked the shit out of Discord."

"Yeah, remember getting Kryptonite down my throat when I fought him." Supergirl said with a pout. "Unfair."

"After we beat the crap out of Discord me and him fought. He had Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, God, and Rosè. Not to mention Mastered Ultra Instinct, he also had a device that made his power multiply every ten seconds, it was a draw." I said with a frown, it was a good fight but one day I want to settle who is truly stronger.

"Then he came back and kicked Kaido's ass, they were fighting so evenly and the sheer force of their attacks shook the planet. Thanos even destroyed the moon!" Warmonger said with a grin, her helmet was off she had white hair and red eyes.

"Man! I wanna fight you Thanos, you're so… So… So… SO… Strong. I want to see who is stronger once and for all!" Supergirl said, looking at me.

"How about you fight Nappa and see where that goes." I said, pointing at Nappa.

"The classic Saiyan vs Kryptonian, a fight that'll never get old." Lucci said with a soft smile, he wanted to see it for himself. No Death Battle just real life.

"I'm up for it, what say you, Nappa?" Supergirl said cheekily, looking at Nappa. Napp held up a hand and downed his meat stick before drinking some water to wash it down.

"Yeah, but if I win you have to admit that Dragon Ball Z Abridged's Cell Saga was better written than Dragon Ball Z's Cell Saga." Nappa said, I nodded, I agreed with him that it did so many things right that DBZ couldn't do.

"Oh, we're doing this now? Alright I'll bite, but if I win you'll have to watch Boku No Pico." Supergirl said, everyone gasped and turned to Nappa. Nappa went silent and Supergirl grinned cheekily.

"Alright bet, I'm gonna pound your ass so hard!" Nappa declared, Aurora Platinum blushed furiously.

"W-wanna rephrase that?" Aurora Platinum asked Nappa.

"Nope!" Everyone in the room said at the same time. Supergirl turned to me.

"So where will we be fighting? The Minos Arena, the Everfree Forest, or maybe the Dragon Lands?" Supergirl asked me, I chuckled at her excitement.

"How about… Gizard Wasteland?" My Reality Stone glowed and just like that we were in Gizard Wasteland. The exact spot where Goku and Vegeta first fought. "Here we are! Now, place your bets everyone!"

"Wow… The Reality Stone is… Amazing." Aurora said in awe looking around Warmonger nodded in agreement Aurora.

"I'm betting on Nappa, Saiyans over Kryptonians any day." Entity said with grin.

"I'm going with Supergirl, sure Nappa is strong but the Death Battle with Superman and Gok-" Sally was cut off when Grievous and Lucci butted in.

"THAT FIGHT WAS BULLSHIT!!!" The two roared in rage, Sally yelped at the sudden yell.

"Sheesh!" Sally said, backing away from the two. I then began to count the votes. Nine for Nappa and seven for Supergirl.

"Girl power!" Ruby cheered, Sapphire Sword pumped her fist up.

"Beat that ruffian!" Sapphire Sword said, Supergirl nodded.

"I'll do my best, now Mr. Clean, get ready because I'm gonna send you packing!" Supergirl said with a confident grin. Nappa flew onto the spot where Vegeta was, Nappa took a stance. Supergirl flew onto the spot where Goku was and took a stance.

"Alrighty, let's get in a bubble to protect us from their attacks!" I used my Reality Stone to cover all of us in a bubble.

"Oh shit!" Emerald Gauntlet said, not expecting to be in a bubble so soon.

"Get used to it fam." I said as the bubble began to float up. We all looked down at the two fighters, waiting for the fight to start.

"Hi." Nappa said, looking down at Supergirl.

"Hi." Supergirl greeted the Saiyan, she was then punted across the wasteland and into rocks.

"Why didn't you…" Nappa said, inhaling and gathering air.

"DODGE?!?" Everyone said at the same time, Supergirl flew from the rocks.

"Dick move, attacking when I'm not prepared was a dick move." Supergirl said with a frown.

"Why would I wait for you to prepare yourself? Think Supergirl!" Nappa did the whole Omni Man "think" pose.

"I'm gonna start beating you now, I don't know when I'll stop." Supergirl flew at Nappa, cocking a fist back to punch Nappa. Nappa flew at Supergirl, readying a fist to drive deep into her face. The two fists collide, blowing the landform that they were once standing on away.

The two began to clash in the air, Nappa threw a right into Supergirl's cheek. Supergirl returned the favor with a knee to the chin, stunning Nappa. Supergirl covered her right leg in Armament Haki before pummeling Nappa with her kicks of fury. Nappa then caught one of Supergirl's kicks before doing a Dragon Throw and throwing her into a plateau. Nappa then fired off a Double Sunday at Supergirl who was recovering from the throw. The Double Sunday leveled the plateau and blew it to smithereens, leaving nothing but rubble.

"Get up, I wanna play with you some more!" Nappa said with a smile, crossing his arms. Supergirl got up once more.

"Okay, I'm getting tired of getting thrown back. So can we just chill for a sec-" Nappa flew under Supergirl and kicked her up before vanishing and reappearing behind her. Nappa then drop kicks Supergirl into the ground. "YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Supergirl cried out before ramming into Nappa's chest at supersonic speeds. Nappa wheezed in pain before getting spin kicked across the wasteland and crashing into a plateau. Nappa flew from the plateau and headbutted Supergirl's stomach. Supergirl stopped herself from being thrown back, she growled and kneed Nappa's stomach.

"Kicks Combo!" Nappa was then pummeled left and right with Supergirl's kicks. Nappa then raised his arms to block, he was getting pushed back. Supergirl grinned, she had Nappa in a corner. Nappa then roared and transformed into a Super Saiyan.

"What is that?!" Aurora asked, looking at the Super Saiyan in awe.

"That is Super Saiyan." Sally answered, "Only Saiyans can transform into a Super Saiyan."

"Awesome…" Aurora muttered, I smirked, she hasn't seen anything yet.

"Super Saiyan huh? Well it's time I get serious!" Supergirl flies at Nappa who sidesteps Supergirl and kicks her in her tummy. Supergirl wheezed at the force of the attack, and sent her higher in the air. Supergirl stopped herself and let Nappa come to her, once Nappa tried to kick her, Supergirl ducked under the atrack and uppercuts the Saiyan. Supergirl flies above her and her eyes begin to glow red.

"Oh… CRAPBASKEEE-" Nappa yelped as Supergirl fired her laser eyes down at Nappa. Sending him down into the earth, the laser eyes were more like a Kamehameha than the normal thin lasers. Nappa hit the ground and Supergirl stopped her laser. A crater was shown and Nappa flew out of the crater. "Okay, dick move."

"You're a dick move." Supergirl pointed down at Nappa.

"Yo Momma." Nappa flew from his crater and in front of Supergirl. "Hi," He then fired off a Milky Cannon, sending Supergirl flying. "Bye." Nappa followed Supergirl as she was flung and his palm was shining with Ki. Nappa was above Supergirl and fired a full powered energy wave. Sending Supergirl into the ground, Nappa then fired multiple Ki blasts down at Supergirl. Not stopping only For Supergirl to fly through the Ki blasts and elbow Nappa in his nose. Blood spewed from his nose and Supergirl inhaled before blowing incredible winds at Nappa. With the strength of a category ten hurricane, Nappa, and every rock, boulder, plateau, and mountain was blown away. All that was left was rubble and dirt.

Nappa jumped from the rubble and wiped blood that was trickling down his nose. "Well you might have gotten a good blow on me, but that's not enough to take me down. Hah!" Nappa charged up and went into Super Saiyan 2. Supergirl descended from the clouds and landed on the ground. Nappa walked from the rubble and in front of Supergirl. "Alright, let's see if you can keep up with this!"

"I know I can!" Supergirl flew at Nappa and threw a punch. Nappa disappeared and Supergirl punched the ground, she looked up and Nappa dropped down to kick her. Supergirl was quick and hopped backwards. Nappa flew at her and covered his arm in Ki energy.

"Arm… CRASH!" Supergirl raised her arms to block her stomach only to be decked in the schnoz by the Saiyan. Nappa kneed Supergirl's jaw and slammed his foot down onto her, making her back hit the floor. Nappa faced his palm towards Supergirl and fired off a Meteor Burst. Supergirl fired off her lasers at the same time Nappa fired off his Ki wave. The two energies collide and throw both Nappa and Supergirl back. Supergirl was the first to recover as Nappa was trying to regIn his balance. Supergirl flew at Nappa and kneed Nappa's rib before driving her elbow into his chest, knocking the wind out of Nappa. Nappa coughed a little before pulling his head back, covering it in Armament Haki, and slammed his head into Supergirl's. Supergirl's face met the dirt. "Bomber DX!" Nappa covered his fist in Ki before firing off an AOE Ki wave. Supergirl skids across the sandy terrain and catches herself as she digs her nails into said sand to halt herself.

"Imma getcha!" Nappa ran at Supergirl and threw a kick to Supergirl's forehead. Supergirl kicked at Nappa's forehead as well, their two kicks collided and kicked up a dust cloud. Nappa and Supegirl began to trade blows like Pokemon cards as they did so the dust dispersed from the force of their attacks. They let out a battle cry as the blows picked up speed, Nappa punched Supergirl in her jaw before clasping his hands and putting his hands into a ball. He slammed both of his knuckles into the other side of Supergirl's jaw like he was swinging a warhammer, Supergirl was thrown across the wasteland and into the remaining rubble. Supergirl then jumps up and throws a Rankyaku at Nappa, Nappa slaps the Rankyaku away.

"Bitch please." Nappa rubbed the back of his hands, it went numb from the blow. Supergirl frowned and inhaled to blow another hurricane-like attack only to cough.

"Damn dust in my throat!" Supergirl coughed, she then waved the dust away. "Thanks for waitin-" Nappa went behind Supergirl and jumped up fifty meters in the air.

"Hidden lotus!" Nappa slammed Supergirl into the ground, only her legs stuck out. "Get planted like a vegetable."

Supergirl then roared in annoyance and the ground was leveled, making dust kick into the air. As Nappa closed his eyes, Supergirl punched him where his sternum was. Nappa reeled in pain, Supergirl then covered his fists in Armament Haki before doing a double palm strike. This sent Nappa out of the dust cloud.

"Doh! Doh! Doh! Brbrbrb!" Nappa groaned as he rolled across the sandy terrain. Nappa then got up and took a stance, only to find Supergirl gone.

"Dodge!" Nappa ducked under a right hook, "Oh he actually- DOGH!!" Supergirl was then punched in her abdomen, making her wheeze in pain. She clutched her stomach and took a few steps backwards before groaning in pain. She then went to one knee, "Okay, give me a second… I need to-"

Nappa then shot a Bomber DX at Supergirl, sending her flying across the sand. "Okay, okay, give me a second." Supergirl flew into space.

"What is she doing?" Aurora asked, Grievous turned to Aurora to answer.

"She's gathering energy from the Sun." Grievous answered, Aurora's eyes opened wide.

"She's what?!" Aurora's voice cracked, her jaw hit the bubble's bottom.

"Okay, since I can't breathe in space I'm gonna let her do it." Nappa said before crossing his arms. "Now, I'm going to level up!" Nappa then charged up furiously as he began to grow fur, t'was red, and his tail began to turn red. Nappa still didn't grow, his armor then shattered as he was now in his Saiyan "undies".

Supergirl then crashed down, supercharged by the Sun. "GET READY CAILLOU!!!" Supergirl shot towards Nappa, Nappa then roared.

"I'D SAY THE SAME TO YOU WONDERWOMAN!!!! KAIOKEN TIMES TEN!!!!" With twin grins, they clashed, shaking the planet. They were pushing each other, hand clasping hands. They were both screaming though meanwhile there were no flashy effects just them screaming.

"This… This is stupid." Sally said with a facepalm, "I thought they would be adults."

"This is Nappa and Supergirl we're talking about. Nappa and Supergirl." Entity said with a flat stare.

"I guess you're right." Sally crossed her arms, back to the fight the two began to slug each other.

Nappa threw a punch, Supergirl shot one back. The two began to punch each other, every blow landing. It was like watching Franky vs Fukurou. "Saiyan Barrage!" Nappa stepped on Supergirl's foot making her yelp. Nappa began to shoot punches at Supergirl like he was a mini-gun. Nappa then pulled back a punch and covered it in Armament Haki, Ki, and amped it up with Tekkai Go. Nappa slammed his fist into Supergirl's jaw and stepped off of her foot. Supergirl was sent flying across the sand before she caught herself, she then flew at the Saiyan and grabbed his face. Supergirl then dragged him across the sandy and rocky terrain before throwing Nappa into some rubble. Nappa then shot up into the air.

"It's time we end this Wonderwoman!" Nappa's aura crackled across the landscape.

"It's Supergirl jackass!" Supergirl gave Nappa the bird.

"If that finger had balls you'd be pregnant!" Nappa shot back at Supergirl, every female in the vicinity of that roast blushed.

"I… You're right but fuck you!" Supergirl said with shark teeth, Nappa grinned.

"Get ready… Break… CRASH!!!!" Nappa shot a powerful Ki blast down at Supergirl. Supergirl's eyes began to glow red.

"HEAT VISION THINGY!!!" Supergirl fired a massive heat vision beam. The two beams of energy collided and began to shake the planet. There was a brief clash with their two beams, though Supergirl, amped up with the sun, quickly overpowered Nappa.

"I CALL HAAAAAAACKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!" Nappa cried out as he was absorbed in the Ki blast.

"Well… I know where this is going…"

"MY FUCKING EYES!!!!" Nappa cried out, being heard across the planet.

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