• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Storm Part I.

The Storm Part I

Thanos, Lucci, and Grievous began to walk down the streets of Minos. Thanos had vanilla ice cream in his left hand, Lucci had a refreshing strawberry smoothie, and Grievous was eating a popsicle.

The people of Minos greeted the trio as they made their way down the streets, Lucci took a sip of his milkshake before gazing at Thanos. “So… What’s the status of everything in the world?” Lucci asked the King, Thanos bit some of his ice cream.

“Hm,” He then swallowed the ice cream, “Marco is currently talking with Ziyad to discuss the side he is on. Sally, Supergirl, Rapunzel, Warmonger are in the castle playing with Golden Shield and Atala. And Entity and Aurora Platinum are in the training room, Emerald Gauntlet and his troops are currently on his way back from taking down a fortress. And uh…” Before Thanos continued Grievous interrupted him.

“Wait, he said world status, why did you talk about our daughters?” Grievous asked, Thanos looked over to Grievous with a deadpan expression. “What?”

“Dude, our daughters, are our world.” Thanos said flatly, Grievous nodded, “Do you guys have any plans this Saturday?”

“No, why?” Lucci asked as they made their way into the center of the great city.

“I have the Reality Stone, making me make reality whatever I want it to be.” Thanos said, Grievous quirked his non-existent eyebrow.

“Yeah, which means?” Grievous asked, Thanos then turned around to face them with a grin on his face.

“Which means I can make anything I want, like a TV with Disney Plus, so we can binge watch all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in order!” Thanos said, Lucci and Grievous squeaked in realization and began to cheer..

“LET’S GOOOO!” The duo said at the same time, Grievous jumped up and raised his palm high, Lucci jumped up and they high-five. I then smiled as they landed, and I wrapped my arms around their shoulders.

As we made our merry way down the center of the city, I saw an Earth Pony selling ice cream to the people of Minos. There were Griffons and even a Deer there, as the Earth Pony handed out the ice cream my smile grew wider.

“Harmony, this is true harmony. Harmony in the chaos and chaos in the harmony,” Thanos sighed as he let go of his friends.

“Hey, do you see that?” Lucci asked, peering off into the distance, seeing a magical aura. Thanos and Grievous squinted their eyes before they see a purple outline. Suddenly, the purple outline revealed itself to be Rang Nebula herself, holding the Crystal Cannon. She had a wicked grin on her face, and the cannon seemed to be packed with Power Crystals.

Thanos thought quickly, clenching his gauntlet, using the Soul, Reality, and Space Stone. Using the Soul Stone to search for every civillian in Minocow, using the Reality Stone to make them invulnerable to damage temporarily, and usng the Space Stone to drop them in a portal. Grievous quickly used his Elemental Sword to make a wall of ice, lightning, fire, earth, and air to prevent any damage from them.

“Oh shi-” Lucci had managed to get out before Rang Nebula shot the cannon. A huge ball of purple energy shot towards them, faster than they could register and it slammed into the shield.


Thanos bursted from the debris of the capital, Grievous dropped the forcefield he used, Lucci then jumped from the debris as well. They were currently now next to the palace, Grievous looked worried and glanced at Thanos.

“Is everyone okay? Where are they?” Grievous asked, he looked like he'd seen a ghost. Thanos looked around and checked his head, he was bleeding. The Titan sighed and looked on at the destruction.

“Everyone is okay, I have sent them to the Abyssinian Kingdom, I had talked with Furby in case any of this happened. I hoped I was wrong, but here we are.” Thanos said, Lucci was crossing his arms, his eyes like a leopard’s. Looking off into a random direction, “So, what has she been doing?”

“Absolutely nothing, she’s waiting for us to come to her.” Lucci responded, “She’s grown stronger, even though she’s suppressed I can feel that she’s stronger.”

“Still, we have to fight her, but if we come near her there could be a trap.” Grievous said, leaning on his Elemental Sword, Thanos simply nodded.

“Yeah, I don’t really care at this point.” Thanos said, shaking his head, Grievous chuckled.

“Good, as long as we’re all in agreement..” Grievous picked up the Elemental Sword and it began to glow with the power of the Elements. He then raised it to the sky and a pillar of fire, water, earth, air, and lighting shot from it.

Thanos summoned the Infinity Blade to his side, it appeared, sticking out the ground next to him. Thanos picked it up and used the Reality Stone to make his Demon Slayer Armor appear, che then clenched his gauntlet.

Lucci glanced at the duo before he turned his hands and feet into leopard paws. He then popped his shoulder and his neck, before an aura of orange surrounded him, as if the leopards themselves were lending him power.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?” Grievous said with fire in his eyes.

The trio began to walk down the rubble of what was once their home, everything that made Minocow beautiful was now in ruins. The statues, the houses, the plant life, and every single tree in a five kilometer radius. As they made their way down the street, they saw the Queen of Equestria, Rang Nebula.

They had gotten a closer look at her, she had two gauntlets. The one on her right hand had a lot of rare and powerful Amulets. The one on her left held the Mind Stone as well as having holes to place other Infinity Stones. She wore blue armor that looked like stars, though her Equestrian Helmet was on her scythe, it was black and blue in color. Her wings were more bigger, easily the size of a teenaged dragon, and her horn was covered in some sort of armor which could be something to block any things that suppress her Alicorn Magic. Her scythe was enchanted and had several modifications to it, an amulet on the blade, being made out of solid ice, and also having a dark and shadowy aura to it.

The trio made their way to her and were two meters from her, the two began to circle around her like a pack of wolves. The Queen wasn’t worried, she was just fiddling around with a stuffed teddy bear. Nebula looked up at them, more specifically, Thanos, the Titan felt a shiver down his spine. He hadn’t known if it was from fear or from the deathly cold, her azure eyes peered into the Titan’s eyes.

“You know, it was smart on you to use those rocks to make everyone in Minocow go into a new location. Because now, I can go all out without killing your subjects, not that I would have any problem with doing so.” Nebula said, Lucci squinted his eyes at her. Nebula threw the teddy bear aside, “I realized something, if I have all of the Infinity Stones, would I be able fufil my sister’s dream? A place of perfect harmony, no more chaos or ruin, which you are incarnate, chaos and ruin. So, with the Stones you brought to me, I will shred everything that is evil in this world and make a new world, a world of harmony.” Nebula said, going to her feet and putting on her helmet and picking up her scythe.

“Born out of the deaths of trillions.” Lucci said as Nebula looked down at the Leopard Assassin.

“They wouldn’t know it, because they won’t remember you.” Nebula said with a scowl on her face, Grievous clenched his Elemental Sword. The Cybernetic Samurai let out a battle cry and slammed his Elemental Sword into the dirt, conjuring an iceberg from the ground and engulfing her into it.

“Thanos, now!” Grievous said, Thanos clenched his fist and it began to heat up with the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. Thanos ran towards the iceberg and was about to slam his fist into it, only for Rang Nebula to burst from the icebrg and slam her amulet fist into Thanos’ chest. This sent the Titan flying into pieces of rubble, Lucci jumped up and brought his claws down onto Rang Nebula.

Nebula raised her scythe to block it, Lucci, using Tekkai Go, and Armament Haki to strengthen himself continued to bring his claws down. The two clashed and Nebula fired off a Conqueror's Haki wave, making Lucci lightheaded and making Nebula have the advantage in the struggle. Grievous jumped towards Nebula and slammed his blade into the back of Nebula’s leg, making her lose balance, though she used it to her advantage. Placing a hand on the ground, she spun and slammed an Armament Haki coated foot into Grievous’ face, this send Grievous back and made him hit the ground.

Nebula then heard spinning and she ducked down just in time to dodge Thanos’ Infinity Blade that was spinning. The blade came back to its owner, Thanos the Mad Titan, the Titan ran at Nabula and he leaped into the air. He clenched the Infinity Stones and he fired off a Power Blast, though Nebula came prepared and she made a portal with the assist of one of her amulets right in front of Thanos. And another one on Thanos’ side, the Power Blast went into the portal and hit Thanos in the rib knocking him out of the sky.

The Titan thought fast, using the Space Stone, he made a portal and fell through it, he then appeared next to Nebula. Thanos then brought the Infinity Blade down onto Nebula, the Queen countered with her scythe and the two struggled. Thanos pressed down upon her, as it was working, Nebula was slowly being forced to go down on her shins. Thanos grinned and this made the Queen angry, Nebula began to rise up slowly, overpowering the Titan.

“Well damn.” Thanos was then pushed into the air, Thanos then dropped down and slammed the Infinity Blade into the ground to prevent him from going farther. Thanos then slammed his fist into the ground, the floor below Nebula erupted with magma. Nebula was shot into the sky, Thanos then levitated a wall and threw the wall at Nebula. Nebula then cut the wall in half with a magic beam, Nebula then shot a Mind Stone beam at Thanos. Thanos then dodged to the side, and began to run away, Nebula continued to shoot the beam at Thanos.

“GOTCHA!” Lucci said, jumping to Nebula and grabbing the gauntlet that held the Mind Stone, he tried to grab the Mind Stone but a protective barrier was set around it. “Well that isn’t fair.” Lucci remarked before Nebula flung Lucci aside and the leopard was sent careening into a broken building. Though the Assassin caught himself and placed his feet on the wall, and shot towards Nebula one more time.

Lucci began to spin towards her, like a tornado, “RANKYAKU!” Lucci shouted, and a flurry of air slashes was sent Nebula’s way. Nebula levitated her scythe in front of the air slashes and she spun it around, blocking and deflecting the slashes of air.

Nebula then used Observation Haki and dodged a lightning bolt from Grievous, Grievous then shot multiple slashes of elements at Nebula. Who was dodging them, she was now blocking and dodging multiple attacks.

“HEY-O!” Thanos said, crashing down onto Rang Nebula, “Earth Dragon Spear!” Thanos was coated in rock and he slammed into Nebula, making the Queen hit the ground. Nebula hit the ground, Thanos was now on top of her and he raised his sword high, it was then lit aflame with the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. He was going to stab it into Nebula but she caught Thanos’ blade, coating her hands in Armament Haki, and turning her hands dark with the Yami-Yami No Mi.

Thanos began to coat his sword in Armament Haki, he pressed the sword down into Nebula, Nebula began to push her up. Lucci then slammed his foot down into Nebula’s head, she then growled and Thanos was glowing blue, Nebula levitated Thanos and flung him into Lucci. Nebula rolled to her feet just in time to dodge an attack from Grievous. Nebula summoned her scythe and she countered Grievous’ attacks with hers, she the slammed her head into Grievous’ head. This stunned the Cybernetic Samurai, Nebula the punched him, and with the Mine Stone this cut a hole in the side of his body. Grievous then popped out his extra arms and grabbed Nebula by her horn and slammed his fist into Nebula’s nose.

Nebula reared back in pain, blood coming from her nose, Lucci then used Soru and appeared beside Nebula and slammed his foot into Nebula’s head. Thanos appeared on the other side of her and punched her in the face. Lucci then kicked Nebula’s leg, making her go down to one knee, Thanos then punched Nebula’s face. The two began to punch Nebula repeatedly.

“ENOUGH!” She shouted, and a burst of Ki shot from her, sending the two into the air.

“She has Ki?!” Lucci asked with fear, he then turned into his Hybrid Form, Thanos then kicked it up a notch and went into his Bursting Igneous Lava Dragon Mode: Blue Inferno, Grievous then went Kaio-Ken times 30.

Nebula shot towards Lucci, she then pulled the Leopard Assassin towards her with the Yami-Yami No Mi. Lucci was now in Nebula’s grasp and with a scowl on her face, she threw him into the air and shot after him. Thanos and Grievous shot after Nebula but when a meteorite teleported in front of them they stopped in their tracks. The two hit the meteorite and hit the ground, back to Nebula she traded blows with Lucci.

“SHIGAN MADARA!” Lucci shouted, throwing punches after punches at Nebula, but the Alicorn bobbed and weaved the assault before slamming a fist into Lucci’s gut. Using Wakfu, she shot a blast at Lucci’s gut, and he coughed. Nebula continued to shoot Wakfu blasts at Lucci, making him cough blood each time, Nebula then kicked him into the air and readied a Rokuogan. Only for an Elemental Slash to interupt and hit her, Nebula growled and fired a full powered Alicorn Magic wave down at Grievous. Grievous then blocked the attack and was covered and swarmed with the magic.

“HEAT CRASH!” Nebula heard as she looked to her left and was punched in the face by Thanos, her head snapped right… Before she began to push her head back into place. Thanos’ eyes opened in pure shock, Nebula the grabbed Thanos by the head and spun him around and threw him into the earth. Causing an explosion, shaking the capital.

“HYOO!” Lucci shouted, he was using Diable Jambe and was kicking at Nebula repeatedly who was blocking the attacks with one arm. She then used both of her arms and caught Lucci’s leg, she then used the Hie-Hie No Mi and froze Lucci’s legs. Nebula grinned and she lit her horn up, she then fired off a huge wave of Alicorn Magic into him, making him fly into the ground, he then tore through the earth and hit many broken houses.

“Who’s next?” Nebula asked, Grievous leaped above Nebula and slammed his sword down upon her. Nebula fazed through the attack, making Grievous fall through her, Nebula then grabbed Grievous by the cape before swinging him over head. She then flew down and slammed Grievous into the ground, before wrapping the cape around Grievous’ neck, Nebula then tugged on it. Making Grievous lose oxygen, Grievous grabbed his cape and tried to rip it, he then realized that this is futie and he reached for the Elemental Sword. His hand out towards it, he extra arms clawing at the cape, his free arm trying to reach for the Elemental Sword. Grievous clutched it and tried to stab Nebula with it, but the Queen caught the blade.

“Looky here, Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East, reduced to a choking piece of metal.” Nebula taunted Grievous then increased his power, trying to overpower the Queen. Nebula cackled and began to try and break Grievous’ sword, Grievous’ eyes opened in fear. “Hahahaha! Prepare to-”

“HOT WIND FIST!” A fire fist slammed into Nebula, sending her back, she flew into a wall or ten, Thanos then walked up beside Grievous and helped him up. “Are you okay.” Grievous gasped for air and clutched his chest.

“Yeah, I’m okay, almost died, but okay.” Grievous said, readying his Elemental Blade, Thanos chuckled.

“Ain’t that a mood, wait here Grievous, recover and-” Thanos didn’t have the chance to finish as Rang Nebula pulled Grievous over to her, Nebula caught Grievous before throwing him in the air. Levitating him, Nebula slammed him through ground and drug him through it before throwing him far. “GRIEVOUS!”

Nebula turned to Thanos and smiled wickedly, “What do we have here? A lost bird, a lost bird that never learned to fly!” Nebula readied her scythe, levitating it, she threw it at Thanos. Thanos then levitated his Infinity blade and threw it at Nebula’s scythe, the two forms of weaponry duel while the owners get ready for a slugfest.

Thanos readied to kick Nebula in the rib but Nebula raised her foot and stomped on Thanos’ foot. Nebula slammed Thanos’ foot down before punching Thanos in the jaw, Nebula then slammed a knee into Thanos’ chest. The Titan recoiled from the assault before he paid back to attacks with everything he’s got, he slugged Nebula in her jaw.

He readied the Power Stone and punched Nebula across Minocow before flying after her, when he was close to her, he slammed his fist down onto Nebula. But Nebula fazed through it with the power of the Mind Stone, Nebula was now above Thanos. Nebula grabbed Thanos’ head and slammed it on the ground before Thanos used the Space Stone to make a portal, he then went through. Now appearing where he was before he flew after Nebula.

Thanos used Future Sight Observation to try and see where Nebula was going to attack now, it was above. So Thanos used the Reality Stone to construct arms of Sea Prism Stone to grab at Nebula… Only for Nebula to appear beside him, Nebula then stabbed a Ki Blade into Thanos’ knee. The Titan let out a scream in pain, Thanos then tried to use the Time Stone but Nebula placed an ice block on Thanos’ hand to prevent him from using the Gauntlet. Thanos tried to use his Devil Fruit to heat himself up, but Nebula grabbed Thanos by his hand.

Using the Yami-Yami No Mi, she prevented the use of his Devil Fruit. Thanos was then going to use the Magma Dragon Slayer magic he was given by Ed. Nebula then began to freeze the magma with her Awakened Devil Fruit. Thanos’ eyes opened wide in fear, for he knew he was going to receive the beatdown of the century.

Nebula punched Thanos repeatedly, slamming her fist into Thanos body, slamming her fist into Thanos’ nose making him reel back in pain. Nebula then slammed her knee into Thanos’ Gold Doubloons, making Thanos squeak, Nebula slammed her fist into Thanos’ chest. Nebula then slammed her head into Thanos’ head, making a huge cracking sound. Thanos groaned in pain, Nebula then slammed a foot into the knee of Thanos, letting him go. Thanos stumbled backward before his foot was stomped on by Nebula.

“Sai Dai Rin…” Thanos’ eyes widened in fear, “ROKUOGAN!!!” Nebula shouted, Thanos coughed out an ungodly amount of blood, Thanos felt his heart begin to shake. And that isn't healthy :)

"YAH!" Range Nebula punched Thanos in the face, sending him flying before following him. She then slammed her two feet into Thanos, making him bounce up from the ground, she then threw attack after attack at Thanos before firing a wave of Alicorn Magic. This sent Thanos crashing through Minocow and he hit the side of his castle, some rubble came off of it. Thanos opened his eyes only for his vision to be blocked by debris.

Nebula looked on, and saw Thanos, Grievous, and Lucci all down. Rang Nebula began to cackle.

"Is that all you got?!"

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