• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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A Storm Is Brewing

It was late in the night, a blue moon glowing above the city of Minocow. In a room that had a balcony, a room for a King, in a shadowy corner next to a drawer opened the eyes of Rang Nebula. Her pupils were as slim as a cat and her dark blue iris was glowing in the moonlight. Nebula walked out the shadows and exhaled, and looked around the Titan’s room before setting her eyes on Thanos. Thanos was in a deep sleep, his eyes closed, Nebula had made sure Thanos had a good dream so he wouldn’t make up for a while.

“It should be in here…” Nebula said, her breath freezing the drawer she was next to, she smirked at the effect she had on her surroundings. Her eyes began to glow blue, and with her eyes she saw trails of magic everywhere. But a few spoke to her, two potara earrings, the Shade-Shade Fruit, and the Eliacube. She went towards those locations levitating like a ghost, the earrings were by a nightlight, the fruit was on a shelf with a chest next to it that held the Eliacube.

Nebula floated towards the earrings and reached for it before she pulled back, her eyes glowed bright pink and she detected an alarm system. The system would turn on if her hand was lit by the light, "Clever for an idiot." Nebula mused. Her horn lit up and she levitated the earrings, she then put the earrings in her hand. "But not clever enough." She then put the earrings in her pocket, she looked over to the Shade-Shade Fruit and saw no alarm.

So she took it and nothing happened, she chuckled quietly at this and put it in her body. She had eaten the Hie-Hie No Mi, or the Ice-Ice Fruit, making her an Ice Pony. This wasn't eaten by her, but rather Nightmare Moon, yet she still had the ability to use the fruit because they share the same body. Nebula shuddered when the fruit went inside her body, she wasn't used to putting certain objects into her body.

Nebula then turned towards the chest and saw magic overflowing inside the chest. She noticed that it had a lock, but then, she lifted up her right hand which held a gauntlet similar to that of Thanos. It held the Mind Stone, she then fazed her hand into the chest and picked up the Eliacube. Nebula marveled at the power, the magic, the history that the Eliacube held. She placed both of her hands on it before glancing at Thanos, should she absorb it in front of him?

"Heh, it's not like the fool would wake up." Nebula said with a chaotic grin on her face that whispered insanity. She then began to siphon the Wakfu from the cube, her eyes turned white as she had flashes of history and knowledge fill her mind. Eliatropes, Qilby, Yugo, Dragons, Nox, Nox vs Thanos, Ryker, Eric, Black, Shiva, Link, Phoenix, Dr. Doom, Kaido, Shanks, Buggy…!

Nebula gasped and dropped the Eliacube making a clattering sound as she held her chest and nearly fell down. She began to steady her breath and looked at Thanos waiting to see him wake up, but he never did. She began to grin, "Interesting… Very Interesting indeed." Nebula walked up to Thanos and touched his arm, she began to drain him of magic.

"You've been through so much pain, haven't you? Your friends died, you were betrayed by them and forced into a corner, you could have become a commander of Ryker yet… You chose your friends. You found Cloven Diamond's killer yet you didn't avenge him. You are an odd specimen, yet… Your will is the strongest in this universe. After this, I should kill your friends, after all, they're monsters too." Nebula said, she then pulled her hand away, having drained him of his Alicorn Magic. Thanos had drank Celestia's blood, making him have that magic.

"Now…" Nebula summoned her scythe and slammed it into Thanos' neck, cutting it off and killing him. Or that's what she would have done if she had not stopped, Nebula stopped and looked down at him and began to chuckle, her face painted with insanity. "No… No, no, no, not yet. Not until I destroy everything and everyone you love." Nebula pulled her scythe away from Thanos' neck and dismissed it.

"Soon… Soon Thanos, hehehaha…" Nebula chuckled and she flew out the open window. Turning herself into a blue mist as she did so, she began to chuckle like an unstable monster. A broken mare, without the only family she had left.

A lonely filly lost in the forest of her reality.

Princess Luna.

“Queen Rang Nebula, we’re here.” Bat Pony 1 said, as the chariot descended onto the grounds of Tartarus, when it hit the soil of the damned they heards the screeches of the monsters that were imprisoned. Chained in a cage that was meters above the ground, chained to the ceiling. The Bat Ponies unhooked themselves from the chariot and Bat Pony 2 walked over to the side of the chariot where Nebula was.

Bat Pony 2 opened the door and Rang Nebula stepped out, Nebula inhaled and exhaled. She stood to her full height which had changed from 5’6 to 8’2, she looked around and saw the demons of Equestria. The most wanted criminals locked in here with the hellspawn, Nebula then heard footsteps and turned to face them. It was the warden, Blood Horn, despite such a fierce name, the warden was female and a Minotaur.

She wore dark purple scaled dragon armor to protect herself from the fires of Tartarus, by her side were guards completely covered in dark purple scaled dragon armor. They wielded hailbards that were enchanted with Power Crystals, Nebula’s Bat Pony guards stood on both sides of her and took out their greatswords and placed the tip on the ground.

“Queen Rang Nebula, to what do I owe this visit?” Blood Horn said, she stopped when she was a meter before her, her Tartarus Guards stopped as well and slammed the bottom of the polearm down. Making a loud BANG sound, this made the blade of the hailbard glow with the Power Crystal’s energy.

“I come to visit a prisoner, prisoner 6619.” Nebula said, Blood Horn was taken aback by this, this also caused the other prisoners to gasp. Instead of one, the one that didn’t gasp began to chuckle and leaned on the cage. It was a pony with the prison number 8053.

“Well, well, well… The Princess everyone, the Princess of all people wants to visit old Oblivion!” 8053 said loudly, it echoed across Tartarus before he chuckled more. Nebula glared at 8053, giving off some Conqueror’s Haki.

“It’s Queen, prisoner.” Nebula spat, the Tartarus Guards tensed and clenched their hailbards, feeling threatened by Nebula’s tone. Blood Horn tensed up as well but did well to hide it, she began to sweat and look at Nebula then at prisoner 8053.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to read the newspaper that day. Why is it that you want to visit the apprentice of the most vile prisoner in Tartarus, heh, in the UNIVERSE?! I know you’re dealing with the Titan up there but is it really a cause to try and get Oblivion the Shadow to help you?” 8053 said with a grin looking down at Queen Nebula.

Blood Horn gasped and looked at Nebula with shock, “My Queen, is this true? If that is so, I can not allow you to-” Blood Horn was cut off when Rang Nebula glared at Blood Horn with unrivaled fury in her eyes.

“Do you believe this prisoner?” Nebula said with venom taking a step forward and standing over Blood Horn. The Tartarus Guards got in a fighting stance and the blade of the hailbards began to glow purple, the Bat Ponies adopted a stance and their swords glowed with blue colored magic. “Are you implying that I would call upon a VILLAIN to help my Kingdom?!” Rang Nebula said glaring down at Blood Horn.

“This is her true nature, everyone! The monster, the demon, the mare on the moon, eh, demon on the planet more like it. You’ve changed since auntie died, probably because she kept you in check, without her you’re a villain. Once a villain, always a villain.” 8053 said, Rang Nebula snapped her head towards 8053, and she peered at him. The man revealed himself to be Ex-Prince Blueblood, he had multiple scars on his body from battle.

“Don’t you dare talk to your mother like that!” Nebula snapped at her son, when Luna was banished, she was pregnant. And for natural born Alicorns it takes a while to birth them, so when she gave birth Celestia came and took Blueblood away from her. Blueblood began to cackle at Luna.

“HAHAHAHAHA! I was disowned by Celestia and you, remember?! I am no Prince, I am no King, I’m just a stallion against the world. And right here is my world, I am a dweller of Tartarus!” Blueblood cackled, Nebula summoned her scythe and threw it, the scythe cut the chains and the cage fell down and hit the ground. Nebula marched towards the toppled cage as Blueblood began to chuckle.

“See? This is her true nature, she’s always the villain in this story, ALWAYS GYEHAHAHAHA!” Blueblood said, his mind was broken, he had spent so long in here that his mind shattered like glass. He was no longer a stallion, he was a husk. A shell of his former self, the Tartarus Guards began to march towards Nebula, more Tartarus Guards marched towards her as well. Using Barrier Magic, Nebula formed a transparent dark blue box, only Nebula and Blueblood were in this box.

“My Queen, you must stop!” Blood Horn cried out, running to the barrier and punching it with her fist. The Bat Ponies realized the direness of the situation and ran towards the barrier and tried to come in from above only to find that blocked off as well. Nebula lifted the cage with her magic and unlocked it before pulling Blueblood close to her with the Yami-Yami No Mi. Blueblood was in Nebula’s hands with a grin on his face.

“Why… Why Blueblood…?” Motherly tears began to appear on Nebula’s face, “Why don’t you love me? I’m your mother, I cared for you when no one else did, I gave you everything. I loved you.” Nebula asked, Blueblood’s grin began to fade.

“Mother, I do like you, but life… My life is a comedy. I’m not special, I shouldn’t have been born, I don’t deserve a mother like you.” Blueblood said, Nebula gasped and looked at Blueblood’s face. He was smiling, tears began to run down his face. Nebula closed her eyes and exhaled, she then dropped Blueblood as she dropped the barrier. Immediately Tartarus Guards rushed and pinned Blueblood, Nebula turned around and walked away from Blueblood and to Blood Horn.

“Take me to Oblivion.” Nebula said as she marched forward Blood Horn looked at her two Tartarus Guards and the Bat Pony Guards, the five then walked after Nebula. As she marched on, her heart ached, her son… Didn’t think he was enough.


...Is the worst thing a son could feel.

Nebula and Blood Horn, who were with their guards, walked down a corridor with prison cells to their right. Holding the most vicious criminals, Chrysalis, King Sombra, Drakor, Blood Riot, Dread Wing, King Umbra, and finally Oblivion the Shadow.

They stopped at his cell. There were bars in front unlike the rest who had steel glass for their cell, a singular ring was in the cell. The ring glowed purple before Oblivion came out of the ring, he had the Tartarus Prisoner attire. Purple jumpsuit with his prisoner number on his back, Oblivion had long hair that reached to his lower back. His eyes are blood red and his horn long and red, he grinned at Queen Rang Nebula.

“Ah, Princess Luna, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Oblivion asked, walking close and grasping the bars and leaning in close. Nebula took a step forth and leaned in close, her face and his were only put apart by the bars.

"Do you know of the Titan race?" Nebula asked, Oblivion just shook his head, "Do you know how to beat Thanos? Do you know his weakness? How many spells do you have that can put out flames?"

"Why are you asking me all of these weird questions?" Oblivion asked, Nebula then walked through the bars, her logia body passing through. The guards gasped, Nebula grabbed Oblivion by his neck and pinned him against the wall.

"It would seem that you're no use of me the way that you are now. Though… Your spells would be quite helpful." Nebula said, Oblivion's eyes opened wide in fear as he began to tug on her hand. Oblivion tried feebly to pull away, to save himself, Nebula’s mouth gaped open and her eyes began to glow. Lasers fired off from the three places on her face and it hit Oblivion’s.

Oblivion screamed in pain as he tried to punch Nebula’s hand to make her drop him, though it was futile. Blood Horn was yelling in panic and she charged at the bars and began to try and open it with the keys only to find them gone.

"QUEEN RANG NEBULA STOP IT!" Blood Horn cried out, the four guards ran at the bars and tried to shatter the bars. But they were too strong for the guards to shatter, Nebula let go of Oblivion but was still firing the lasers. Nebula put her arms apart and Oblivion was forced to do the same thing. Oblivion was pulled towards Nebula and began to fuse into her body.

Nebula absorbed Oblivion whole and her fur coat turned pitch black with some blue here and there. Nebula's horn turned red, she then exhaled and looked at her palms. Blood Horn and the guards began to sweat.

"Well, that's done. I got what I came for." Nebula said nonchalantly, like she didn't absorb another living being. She then walked through the bars, "Bat Ponies come with me." The Bat Ponies went with her, silent and processing what they just saw.

Nebula began to grin, now having Oblivion's memories, as well as learning of Thanos and other universes. As she got into the chariot and the Bat Ponies hooked themselves onto the chariot, they began to run down the runway before taking flight. Nebula began to chuckle, she had grown stronger and she had other ideas to grow stronger too.

1,698 Years Ago

Cloven Diamond was walking out of his room, he yawned as it's just been morning time for him.

"Welp, time for training." Cloven Diamond said, suddenly he felt an intense magical aura behind him. He turned around and saw Rang Nebula.

"Hello Diamond." Nebula summoned her scythe and swung down onto him.

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