• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Training, but with more pain.

I walked around the castle with a somber expression on my face, Grievous and the others were walking with me. Ever since Celestia’s death Thanos hasn’t left his room in days, it’s almost been a whole week. As we walk down the corridors we spot Golden Shield knocking on John’s door.

“Daddy? Why won’t you come out of there?” Golden Shield asked, Rapunzel sped walk in front of Golden Shield and kneeled down to her.

“Daddy is currently going through a very tough time, he’s in there thinking on what he should do.” Rapunzel said, Golden Shield looked up to Rapunzel, she briefly peaked behind the Princess.

“Oh, okay, Daddy I hope you can solve your problem!” Golden Shield said to the Titan, though the Titan didn’t respond.

“Come on Goldy, let’s do something fun.” Rapunzel suggested, the two began to walk off, going to where we arrived. Grievous looked as the two walked off, we then proceeded to continue on our walk to the training room.

“Is… Is John going to be alright?” Supergirl asked, we all looked at her with surprise, we didn’t expect Supergirl to care for John that much. “I know I’m not the type of gal to worry about others but… She was our friend too, even though she’s done some terrible things to us. I’m worried for him.”

“Don’t worry, Thanos can get through this, I have faith in him. He’s probably just talking to his friends inside of his head right now!” Nappa said with a grin, though Supergirl still couldn’t help being worried. “Come on, it’s Thanos we’re talking about.”

“He’s not Thanos! His name is John, he’s been our friend for years now, he’s going through a tough time and I’m frustrated we can’t help him! Rah! I’m going to blow off some steam!” Supergirl then flies through an open window, going off to destroy something.

“I’m going to go talk to her,” Entity said as he flew after Supergirl, Sally looked on as her lover chased after her friend.

“Thanos is the leader of our group, and now that he’s currently out of commission… We’re all in shambles, I just wish we can help John out.” Sally said with a sigh, she then rubs her arms and looks down.

“Well, moping around isn’t going to do anything, we need to train our troops for the next battle. Since we’ve got Rapunzel we need to go after the stones, I reckon we should get the Time Stone first but we don’t know where it is.” Grievous said, putting a claw up to his chin.

“We could go get Nox to help us,” I suggested Sally perked up and began to nod.

“That sounds like that could work, we could ask him for an Infinity Radar too!” Sally suggested, Grievous then chuckled.

“Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.” Grievous said, stroking his “chin”, I just shook my head at his antics.

“Yeah, but how are we going to get it? It’s in Thanos’ room, and you know what happened the last time we tried to go inside…” I said and we all winced, Supergirl was punted across the Kingdom with the Power Stone.

“Hrm… Well, we’ll figure that part out later, for now, we should get to training for the next battle.” Grievous said, he began to walk away, I looked to Sally who sighed and crossed her arms.

“He’s right, who knows what awaits us next? An army? A pony who can manipulate shadows? Another member of Kaido?” Sally said, “In anycase, I’m heading towards the Gravity Chamber, I suggest you do the same.” And with that, Sally walked off, as I watched her walk off I slowly stared at my palms.

“How could I go back to being in my Awakened State?” I thought to myself, I hadn’t been able to go in my Awakened State for a while, but I just… Couldn’t. “Could it be that I must embrace the way of the Leopard? That must be it.” I clenched my fists and nodded, today, I’ll be going to Zebrafrica to embrace my natural state.

“Alright, I’m going to fly to Zebrafrica…” I said as I began to walk towards the nearest exit, “...Talk to some Leopards and learn their ways…” As I walked outside I made my way towards the take off zone. “...And awaken my Devil Fruit!”

“GYAH!” I heard a rumble, my head snapped towards the direction and I saw a golden light. I frowned and used Soru to zip my way up to the area where the golden light was emanating, and to my surprise. It was Aurora Platinum, ten meters tall and shining golden. “What’s going on?!”

“Did you just eat the Human-Human Fruit Model: Buddha?” I asked Platinum to which she looked around before looking down at me.

“Lucci! How did you get so tiny?” Platinum asked me, I gave her a deadpan stare.

“Answer the fucking question you idiot.” I snapped, Platinum jumped back at my harshness, she began to blush. Platinum then pressed her fingers together and in classic anime fashion began squirming around.

“I-I...Yeah, I-I saw a golden fruit and I wanted to get stronger so I ate it. But I didn’t know I would become this!” Platinum said, pointing to her body, I just face palmed and groaned.

“Did you read any Devil Fruit Encyclopedia that’s in the royal library here? Did you?!” I said slightly pissed off, this Devil Fruit was meant for the best of warriors and she is definitely not a good warrior. Sure she’s good, but not a legend.

“No…” Platinum said with a sigh, she looked downwards, she then sat down on the building behind her. “Look, I’m sorry Lucci, I really wanted to become stronger than normal. I wanted to be the greatest of all. I wanted to be a legend.”

I looked at her with sympathy, “Well, there goes my plans for my evening,” I muttered under my breath, I looked over to Platinum. “Say what? I’ll help you to be a legend, IF, you promise to never betray us. Ever.” I told Platinum.

“R-really? Well uh, I promise!” Platinum said with a nod, “Now how do I return to normal?” Platinum looked at her body.

“Okay, clench everything in your body.”

In Another Universe...

The Town Hall exploded amidst a writhing of flesh and an earth-shattering roar. The dragon rose from the wreckage, dirt and bits of debris falling from its sharp, dull-brown scales. It squatted low to the ground, shorter than most houses despite being wider than the newly-destroyed Town Hall.

The dragon stomped out of the wreckage as the screaming started, ponies and others running too and fro in panic. The dragon turned its head lazily about, watching the chaos with its three sets of deep-sunk eyes. It took a deep breath and opened its mouth, a cloud of green fog billowing up out of its throat. Wherever the cloud touched, living things turned to stone. Grass. Animals. Ponies and zebras. One gryphon barely managed to take off before letting out a squawk as hill legs were petrified. He struggled for a moment to stay airborne before the weight of his legs sent him hurtling back into the cloud, his scream cut off shortly before the sound of shattering stone sounded.

The dragon plodded through the smoke undeterred, smashing stone creatures beneath his feet and tearing the walls from buildings just by brushing against them. He set his muzzle to the ground, sniffing deeply. "Hm." His voice was like the grinding of boulders against each other. "Not here." He lifted his head, sniffing the air. "Close. South of here. Together. How convenient."

“Unfortunately for you, you won’t be going there. Or anywhere, for that matter.”

The dragon turned its massive head to the left and frowned. It was rare for a dragon to show any level of concern, but this one couldn’t keep a look of annoyance off of its face. “Undying. I thought you were with the Gryphons.”

Angel strode down the street, keeping her eyes on the dragon but watching the last of the civilians flee out the corner of her eye. Got to stall him. “I’m on leave,” she said casually. “Got a few days off to come here and visit my daughter. Work doesn’t usually follow me home, though. How annoying.” She crossed her arms, hiding her left hand as it flicked open a small portal. She glared at the dragon as she began rummaging within, looking for a token that could help her. “How about you do yourself a favor and get out before I add another dragon-skin purse to my collection?”

The dragon snorted angrily, another cloud of green mist shooting out and swirling around him. “I think not, Undying. I may die today, but I will first cripple the Sun Queen’s great weapon.”

Great weapon? Angel fought to keep her expression neutral. He means the Elements! The girls! She grabbed a token at random. I’m out of time, she sent. Hope you can help. I’ve got a nasty earth-dragon here who wants to kill the Mane Six. If you can help, the Undying Angel would be in your debt.

In the deserts of the south, Grievous stood there surrounded by colossal sand dunes. He had all five of his swords planted into the ground, in an X formation. “I never tried this before, however, I need to get stronger.” He said to himself.

Grievous then began to wave his arm around, “The Guardian of Earth, Bolder, the Guardian of Wind, Aero, the Guardian of Fire, Aidan, the Guardian of Water, Vatten, the Guardian of Lightning, Volt. These are the Elemental Guardians of this world, I need your power. Combine these vessels that hold your power and join as one, join as the Elemental Blade.” Grievous began to dance slowly and the blades began to light up with their elements. Beams of the elements then shot up to the skies and the clouds broke away. The elements began to rotate over and over again and it made a tornado.

"Tch!" Grievous said, putting his arm in front of his face to shield himself from the amount of magic emitted. Grievous dug his claws into the ground to prevent himself from getting pushed back. The tornado then exploded and sent Grievous into a sand dune, he grunted in pain as he rolled from the sand dune and back to the ground. "Ugh…"

Grievous then slowly got up and dusted himself off to see his sword, the Elemental Sword, the blade in the ground. The blade has lightning strikes, fire marks, air symbols, rock drawings, and wave drawings on there. The colors of the swords in complete harmony. "I can't believe it, it looks so cool!" Grievous made his way over to his blade and picked it up. He flipped it around before he took up a stance, he closed his eyes before doing a spinning swipe. This caused all the sand dunes and the mountains in his area to be cut into pieces.

He opened his eyes and admired his sword, "What a beaut, you would do well against the armies of imbalance." Grievous said before a voice rang through his head.

"Hope you can help. I’ve got a nasty earth-dragon here who wants to kill the Mane Six. If you can help, the Undying Angel would be in your debt!"

A portal opened next to him, "Huh, cool-" He was then sucked into the portal.

"My name is Grievous, master of all four elements, Dragon Slayer of the East, and Master Swordsman. If there is a dragon, call me, I'll fight it no matter how strong or weak, call upon me and I shall answer!" The voice of a metallic warrior rang throughout the town. Suddenly, lightning struck the ground, an earth pillar shot up before air cut it in half. Fire began to shoot up into the sky before water slammed into it, putting out the fire and making a cloud fill the area. A silhouette appeared in the cloud, a 7’11 figure with a big sword resting on its shoulder. It walked out of the cloud and the Dragon Slayer revealed himself. “So, Earth Dragon huh?” Grievous said, glancing around at the destruction, “Easy bits.”

“Do not underestimate him, soldier,” Angel warned, a metallic chime heralding the arrival of her horn, wings, and armor. “This isn’t like other dragons you’ve faced, I guarantee it. He’s spewing out petrifying fog and speaks as one ready to die for his cause. I’d wager my wings he’s one of the Elders.”

The dragon hummed in reluctant approval. “You are wise to see it. I am indeed Elder Dragon Terra, one of the Four Elemental Elders. I have walked this land longer even than the Sun Queen, the Moon Dream, and all the Masked Ones of the zebras. I don’t doubt that you, resilient as you are, will be able to kill me in time, but that matters not; it shall not be quick, and I will complete my task before the end.” He turned his gaze on Grievous. “Be gone, stranger of metal; this is not your fight.”

Grievous then sighed deeply, “You know, you’re kind of right, it isn’t. But I swore an oath to kill all dragons who harm others, especially, ESPECIALLY, ponies. For the record, age doesn’t equal skill, let me show you my power. But before I do, I should introduce myself. The name’s Grievous, I kill dragons for a living, and I’m currently in a huge scale war across the world. Not to mention that I’m a general of the Minotaur Army, but enough with introductions, let’s dive into the main course shall we?” Grievous raised his sword high before he began to spin, like a ball rolling he began to spin towards the dragon. Grievous rolled towards a piece of rubble that knocked him up high, Grievous was now above the dragon. “Water Sword: High-Pressure Water Shot!” Grievous fired off a wave of high pressure water into the dragon’s back, knocking him into the ground.

At least, it should have. The dragon stood firm, undaunted before the massive pressure. He barely turned his head in Grievous’ direction as he landed. “It takes millenia for a river to carve out a canyon,” Terra stated. “I am almost as much a being of the earth as the Dog God; it will take far more than that to wear down my muscles or pierce my scales.”

“Try this, then!” Angel rushed forward, her right arm transforming into a massive hammer. Terra’s eyes went wide as she ran through his green fog with no ill effect and swung her weapon into his side. A dull, heavy thud sound and Angel was sent reeling back from the impact.

“A wise stratagem,” Terra commented lazily, swinging his massive tail around and forcing Angel to jump back to avoid it. “If you cannot pierce my armor, then bruise the flesh beneath, yes? Unfortunately, my hide is as a single stone; to reach what lies beneath, you must chip away at the layers without.”

“You know, you should feel honored.” Grievous’ sword began to become covered in some black armor, “I’m going to use my Armament Haki on you. I only use these for high level dragons, such as yourself. This will most definitely pierce through some armor, probably.” Grievous began to sprint towards Terra before he suddenly vanished from sight. Grievous appeared on Terra’s right side, Grievous’ yellow eyes began to glow with the element of water and air. “Ice Sword: Frozen Cross!” Grievous’ Elemental Sword glowed white and did an X slash onto Terra’s side. The force of the attack nearly knocked the Elder Dragon over, though Grievous vanished yet again and appeared by Angel’s side. “Your turn mate.”

“Turn nothing,” Angel muttered as Terra turned slowly to face them. “You may have given him a bit of a start, but that hardly even phased him. We can knock him around all we like, but I don’t think he’ll be nearly so simple to beat.” She pointed to the dragon. “What do you notice about his back?”

“It has no wings.” Grievous replied, glancing at Angel before studying Terra more.

“Exactly,” Angel muttered. “It attacked Town Hall by burrowing up from beneath. Earth ponies draw great strength from the earth as long as they’re in contact with it, or at least they do here. This dragon probably does, too. Even if we’re able to knock him around a bit, I don’t think we’re getting through those scales until we’ve managed to separate him from the ground.”

“You are correct, Undying.” The dragon smirked at Angel’s surprise. “I can hear your speech resonate through the ground. From the earth comes my power. I admit, I had thought it would take you longer to realize.” He shook his head. “No matter. As you have discovered this, it is time for me to go on the offensive.” He lifted his head high and brought it slamming down to the ground.

Immediately, a massive fissure opened up beneath Angel and Grievous, the sides perfectly smooth and plunging into the darkness beneath. Angel leapt into the air, her wings flaring to hold herself aloft. Grievous then levitated from the ground, flying though he had no wings.

“Huh,” Angel noted. “That’s a neet tri-” Her compliment was cut off as a flurry of diamond bullets tore her head apart. She fell spiraling into the fissure, quickly disappearing from sight.

“Why didn’t you…” Grievous then inhaled, “DODGE!?” He screamed as he flew down after Angel, he was surrounded by a white fiery aura. As Angel descended downwards, Grievous noticed that he wouldn’t make it in time to prevent her from hitting the floor. “Tch, I have no other options, Kaioken!” Grievous was surrounded by a thick red aura and he shot downwards and caught Angel with his extra two arms. “Gotcha.”

A slight rumble was all the warning Grievous had before hundreds of holes began to open in the sides of the fissure. Lava immediately began pouring out of half of them, quickly filling the bottom of the canyon and rapidly beginning to rise. From the other half shot near-constant streams of diamonds and other sharpened stones, filling the air between Grievous and freedom with liquid rock and deadly shrapnel.

“Hang on tight,” Grievous raised his sword up and water began to sprout, it then began to transform into a water drill. “Water Sword: Drill of Poseidon!” Grievous then shot into the half where the diamonds were shot from. He began to tear through them and crashed into the wall, from there he began to dig up, when his back was facing the diamonds they turned and began to hit him. Though the General of the Minotaurs didn’t flinch, his back was covered in Armament Haki. “Almost… There… Hang on!” Grievous then pierced through the earth and into the sky, Grievous then hit the ground with his feet. “There you go,” Grievous then puts Angel down.

It was then that he noticed the full extent of her injury. Angel’s head was now no more than a few ribbons of flesh clinging to the bloody stump of a neck. There was no doubt that she was dead.

No sooner had this revelation dawned than a massive tail knocked Grievous into the air, sending him flying out towards the Everfree. Terra spared Angel’s corpse barely a glance before plodding off to the woods south of town, casually crushing everything in his path.

Grievous let out a scream as he hit the grounds of the Everfree Forest, he then began to skip like a rock on water. Thinking quickly the general took out his blade and slammed it into the ground, soon he came to a halt. When Grievous completely stopped he then took a deep breath, “She’s dead. And that dragon killed her,” Grievous then slowly got up and looked at his surroundings. He was next to a river with some boulders nearby. “There’s nothing I can do to revive her but I can avenge her.”

Grievous looked down at his injuries, his armor had been bent from the force of the attack. “It seems like I have to pull out the big guns, time for Armament Haki: Internal Destruction or as I like to call it Ryou Haki.” His sword then was covered in some black armor before it adopted a green aura. “With this Haki, I think I should be able to damage the dragon’s internal organs. But…” Grievous then got ready to sprint. “...It's time to kick some dragon ass!”

He then began to sprint, Grievous used Observation Haki to sense Terra’s aura, when he located Terra he then chuckled. “White Tail forest huh? Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.” Grievous began to sprint towards that location, jumping, running, and dodging past everything that was in his way. “I’m coming for you, Terra.”

As he sprinted towards the area, he saw six other aura’s with my Observation Haki. Curiously Grievous ran towards there, “OI!” Grievous shouted out, “What are you guys doing out here? A dragon is attacking Ponyville, get your asses out of the forest and somewhere safe!” He then turned off my Observation Haki and he noticed what the auras were. “Oh.” I then stopped in my tracks.

Twilight and her friends stared at the metallic creature before them, eyes wide and jaws slacked. “Sooo,” Rainbow Dash finally said, “Weird minotaur clockwerk thing, or Displaced?”

Twilight shook her head and glared at Grievous. “What do you mean, a dragon? The dragons wouldn’t dare attack Equestria; we’re not even part of the war! And where’s Angel? You are Displaced, right?”

“No, I’m just a Minotaur dressing up as a- OF COURSE I’M A DISPLACED!” Grievous said, “And that white haired girl is dead, SUPER dead, if you search up dead on google her picture is right there. Dead. I’m sorry for your loss, there was nothing I could do.”

Twilight sighed and - to Grievous’ surprise - looked more annoyed than sad. “Great. It’ll be a bit, then.” She straightened up. “What’s the dragon doing now? Is it just running rampant? I can’t imagine Angel would let herself get killed until she’d at least seen that everyone was out of immediate harm’s way.”

“The dragon isn’t after the townsfolk, it seems that the dragon is after you. From that I gathered, the dragon is an Elder Dragon that’s older than Celestia herself. The Elder Dragon of the Earth Element, Terra. I’d advise that you run, run far or you will die. But I can give you some time, because I am General Grievous of the Minotaur Army, the Dragon Slayer of the East and Greatest Swordsman on Equis! Now run along you little ponies.” Grievous then turns around and grips his sword, using Observation Haki to pinpoint Terra’s location.

“Damn it!” Twilight’s friends gasped at her profanity but she ignored them. “This is exactly what Angel told Celestia would happen. Well, she didn’t think it would be one of the bucking elders, but still…”

“Where is he?” Rainbow demanded, punching the air a few times. “I’ll teach that no-good overgrown lizard not to mess with Ponyville!”

“Don’t you dare, Rainbow Dash!” Twilight scolded. “An Elder isn’t something you can fight. They’re almost on par with the gods in terms of sheer power, and more powerful than a few.” She cleared her throat and looked away. “Including me.” She shook her head and turned. “Come on. This ‘Grievous’ is right; we need to run and wait for help to arrive. Hopefully, Grievous and Angel will be able to hold him off for long enough.”

“Isn’t she dead?” Grievous said, turning to Twilight.

Twilight and her friends shared a look before breaking down into giggles. “Trust me, Mister Grievous,” Fluttershy said with a small smirk. “That won’t keep her down for long.” With that, they turned and started galloping south.

“...Cool.” Grievous turned around and slammed his sword down, a water pillar erupted from the ground, from a good ways away a water pillar shot up the dragon into the air. “Rankyaku!” Grievous then jumped high into the air and shot a bunch of air slashes at Terra, the forces of air hitting the drake, cutting into his scales and shedding his blood for the first time. The dragon then fell back and hit the ground. “Nice try, jackass!”

The dragon growled and got back to his feet, glaring at Grievous. “Foolish young creature. You should have struck me harder when you had the chance.” The earth around Terra’s feet shifted, creeping up his legs almost to the knees. As Grievous watched, Terra’s wounds began to knit together. “The young are so hasty to ruin what few advantages they possess; you will not find me so easily moved from now on.”

“Heh, looks like I have to bring it my A-Game.” Grievous clenched his blade that was covered in Ryou Haki, “I have a perfect stratagem to annihilate you. You won't… Be able to do anything!” Grievous was surrounded by a fiery white aura and he shot towards Terra. Grievous then slammed his blade into the head of Terra, but the dragon stood there unmoving. Grievous pushed on, though Terra’s head began to adopt an unbearable pain, like something had ruptured his brain.

“Young… fool,” Terra grunted. Grievous suddenly felt a strange sensation, as if the trees, the earth, and even gravity itself were leaning in towards Terra. It was suddenly as if, rather than level earth, Terra were suddenly at the bottom of a steep funnel. His healing accelerated, his wounds stitching up and his scales reforming immaculately. Terra’s pained expression faded and he seemed to grow even larger, slowly and methodically pushing back against Grievous’ blade. He glared down at the general whose head now barely came up to Terra’s chin. “I told you, it will not be that easy.”

“Thanks for the target!”

The dull sound of metal meeting flesh sounded again and all six of Terra’s eyes went wide. Angel slid forward from underneath the dragon, her hand once again a massive hammer and her head fully restored. Stranger still to Grievous, she seemed to have changed from a soldier’s uniform to that of a japanese high-school girl. Grievous also could have sworn that she was at least five years older the last time he’d seen her.

“That was a low blow,” Terra grumbled, shifting his back legs uncomfortably. “And mostly ineffective.”

“But not entirely,” Angel crowed, leaping into the air and hovering by Grievous’ side. “We just need to stall him,” she whispered. “Help is on the way. Keep him from moving forward.”

“I can do that.” Grievous went into a stance, “Kaioken Times… Four!” Grievous’ aura then flared up into a spiky red one. “What strength that I had is now four times greater than normal, if you can get stronger Terra, then so can I!” Grievous flew towards Terra, he then went for a spinning slash down onto Terra’s head. The force made Terra crash into the earth, doing a backflip he kicked Terra’s chin, forcing him to look up into the air. He then did a palm strike to Terra’s chin, trying to knock the drake out.

Terra simply lowered his head slowly, glaring at Grievous in contempt. “My turn, I suppose.” He tucked his tail into the ground behind him and gave it a small flick. A veritable mountain of stone, dirt, and forest ripped itself from the ground, hanging for just a moment over the three of them - casting them all into deep shadow - before it started to come crashing down.

“Ah horseapples,” Angel muttered, firing up her horn and vanishing in a flash of light.

Grievous stood then before he grabbed onto his blade, “Combined Earth and Fire Style: Obsidian Protection.” With the combination of the fire and Earth, a wall of obsidian formed before him as he was hit with the mountain of various natural resources.

Angel appeared above the mountain just in time to be hit with a massive wave of force and dust. She was buffeted for a minute before she managed to regain her balance. She looked down and gasped. A large hole now sat in Whitetail Wood, reaching deep into bedrock. The stone that had once filled it now sat and settled as a small hill. She stared for a time before she noticed the stone on one side beginning to shift.

Terra’s head slowly pushed out of the stone on the south side of the hill, the rock sluffing off of him like water. He continued southward, unhurried and unimpeded. Angel flew down behind him, giving him a final glance before flying into the cave he’d left behind. “Grievous!” she called, lighting her horn so she could see. “Grievous! Are you alright in there?!”

“Oh I’m fan-fucking-tastic, nothing but gumdrops and ice cream in here…” Grievous said before he shot into the air, one of his extra arms was missing and a part of his helmet was broken off. “With the benefit of hindsight I shouldn’t have stood in the way of the attack.” Grievous said, shaking the dirt off of him, he then looked down at the massive crater before looking up to Terra. “Look at what you’ve done? I’m going to have to clean up this mess before I leave.” Grievous mused, his Kaioken wasn’t around anymore.

Angel shook her head. “Don’t worry about that; the insurance companies will take care of it.” Seeing the strange look he gave her, she shrugged. “The whole country has Displaced Insurance at this point. Anyway, we’d better get back to stalling him. AJ and RD may be good to gallop forever, but Pinkie’s been putting on weight since her second foal and her endurance isn’t what it used to be.”

“She has a fucking baby?” Grievous said, turning to Angel curiously, “Angel, am I correct? Truthfully ever since the beginning I have been trying to gauge his power. To see what level of power I should use on him. I have analyzed his weaknesses, and I have a technique that can bypass his scales. Ryou Haki, it can harm one's internal organs. Right now I wouldn’t be able to counter him with his strength as of now. I’m asking you to distract him so that I can hopefully slay or render him unconscious. Can you do that for me?” Grievous asked Angel as he began to stretch his robotic joints.

“Well, the baby isn’t old enough to be fucking, yet.” Angel sighed and looked down at the casual destruction Terra was wreaking. “Honestly, I don’t think injuring his internals will do any good. You saw what his healing factor is like. And I’ve heard legends of the Elders’ powers. I have a feeling that he’ll be able to recover from a burst heart or a smashed brain so long as he’s rooted in the ground.” She pointed downwards. “And look at how he’s walking. The earth comes off his foot whenever he takes a step, but it encases it again before he takes another. It’s slowed him practically to a crawl, but it all but guarantees his invulnerability.” She looked back up at Grievous. “Honestly, I think we’d need a god to take him out at this point.” She jerked her chin northward. “Thankfully, it looks like one is on the way, if we can manage to stall for long enough.”

Grievous turned north towards Mount Canter. The city of Canterlot was surrounded by darting shapes that could only be dragons, but they were being kept away from the city proper by what looked like massive whips made of sunlight. Meanwhile, a spot of deepest darkness was flying low to the ground away from the mountain towards Ponyville, a few stars glittering within.

“I think I may have an idea for a god to come sooner.” Grievous said, he then turns to Angel. “Angel, do you think you can ALMOST kill me? Like really hurt me until death? Because this transformation only activates if I have either complete focus or I’m nearly dying. I need you to hit me as hard as you can, not some arbitrary percentage. No, I want you to hit me. As HARD as you can.” Grievous said, looking into Angel’s eyes.

Angel let out a bark of laughter before quickly composing herself. “Ahem, no. No you don’t, Grievous. If I hit you as hard as I could, I’d kill you, Terra, and all of Ponyville, Whitetail, and the Everfree. Probably give most of Canterlot radiation poisoning, too. But if you really want me to almost kill you…” Angel raised her arm, and her hand transformed into a mallet the size of Canterlot Castle. “Guard skill,” Angel intoned. “Overdrive upgrade: limiters off: version meteor-to-kill-an-ant.” The metallic chime that rang out this time was accompanied by literal claxons sounding, though Angel didn’t seem very different. But she was suddenly radiating a truly disturbing aura of brute strength for a moe anime girl. “How much force can you stand?” Angel asked with an innocent smile.

“I can withstand hits from a being the size of every single mountain on earth, that’s maybe the size of the moon. I don’t know, it's been a while since the Displaced Tournament.” Grievous said with a shrug. “But how about going for a… Probably moon level attack. But just use it on me, okay?”

Angel giggled like a schoolgirl. “Aw, but why waste the opportunity?” She gave a single, stronger flap of her wings, flipping around Grievous and positioning him between her and Terra. She threw her arm behind her, her innocent grin turning suddenly savage. “FOOOOOOOORE!!!”

Terra looked up slightly as a massive crack split the air before he was driven twenty yards underground by the android that had been smashed into his back at supersonic speeds.

Angel surveyed her work for a moment as she reverted her Overdrive to normal and substituted the Gavel of Freakin’ Awesome Judgement for her regular Angel Hammer. “Well, that ought to ‘almost kill’ him properly. And it’ll take Terra a few-” Terra climbed out of the earth a few yards to the south and continued his plodding unabated. “...seconds. A few seconds to get out of there.” Angel sighed. “Grievous whatever you’re planning, do it quickly.”

As if answering the Undying Angel, a pillar of Ki shot to the skies and the whole planet began to shake with the amount of power emanating. The pillar then slowly fades away and there stood the general, his sword on his back and surrounded in a bluish white aura. Grievous clenched his fists before gazing at Terra, instantly Grievous slammed his fist into Terra’s jaw, shattering the ground beneath the dragon and sending the dragon skidding into what was left of the forest. Grievous then vanished from sight and as Terra attempted to get up from the attack the dragon was flung across the forest again. The process repeated itself before Terra was flung into the crater, Grievous had his sword out and was flying downwards. “Elemental Sword: Elemental Spin!” Like Sonic the hedgehog he spun in a circle, the elements of fire, water, earth, air, lightning, ice, and even lava revealed itself. Grievous then slammed his Ryou Haki coated sword along with those elements into Terra, sending him down into the crater, all the way down to bedrock. “Greetings Angel, this is… Well, a transformation of the Angels and Gods themselves.” Grievous said before he slowly looked down, as if trying to read what the dragon would do.

“What is this?!” For the first time all fight, Terra seemed genuinely angry. He glared up at Grievous as his torn and tattered flesh began to heal. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! WHAT HAVE YOU DARED TO DO?!!!”

The earth began to tremble and shake as the crater Terra was in began to fill, lifting the dragon as he increased in size tenfold. A hundred. A thousand.


“Silence Terra, thou old windbag.”

Princess Luna flew up to Grievous’ side, studying him for a moment. “Miraculous,” she muttered. “Not a true god, yet divine all the same. Curious. I shall have to welcome you properly to Equestria when this is done with.” She turned back to Terra with a smirk. “It is true that the gods of this world are forbidden from involving themselves in such matters in their divine forms. However, this entity is not of this world, and is thus not bound by our laws. I believe my sister sent out a notice a few decades ago of strange, bipedal beings of various powers that might be appearing in this world from worlds beyond? Surely Typhon has not neglected to keep his precious dragons informed of the allies of their most hated enemy?”

Terra ground his teeth, the sound like the crashing of two mountains together. “...HE MAY HAVE MENTIONED SOMETHING OF THE LIKE.”

“Then you have no quarrel with this, er, ‘transformation of the angels and gods themselves’ participating?”


“Excellent! However, I would hate for him to have to spend all of his time in Equestria dealing with the likes of you. So let us be done with this.” Her horn lit and, with no visible struggle, she lifted Terra straight from the earth. He began to shrink immediately as Luna turned a smirk to Angel. “Now, would you be so kind as to dispose of him for me? His hoard is massive enough that such a sudden influx of wealth into the Royal Treasury would absolutely destroy the Equestrian economy.”

Angel let out a sigh of relief and let her hammer revert back into a regular hand. “Gladly, Luna.” She turned to Grievous. “General? Would you like to give him any final words before I end him?”

Grievous blinked for a moment before sighing, he had multiple voices stacked on top of his so it was like a thousand voices. “Eeyup, Terra, remember my words. Never fuck with a Dragon Slayer, also get fucked mate.” Grievous gave Terra the middle finger and saluted with it.

Angel rolled her eyes and flew over to where Terra was suspended, now back to the size he had been when he first appeared. “Make it quick, Undying,” he muttered. “I deserve that dignity, at least.”

“You burst into a civilian population and killed indiscriminately,” Angel countered.

:You’ve killed dragons quickly for doing more. And you are no sadist.”

“...perhaps not.” Angel sighed. “Why did you do it? Why did you enter this war? I thought the Council was determined to keep Equestria out of it.”

“They are,” Terra said. He sighed. “And now, they will have to face the inevitable.”

Angel glared down and to the side. “Much as I hate to admit it, the outcome of this war is hardly inevitable.”

“Then you do not know ponies as well as you think you do.” Angel looked at Terra curiously.

“I have watched the various races for longer than you can imagine, Undying. I have seen the barbarity of the minotaurs. The greed of the gryphons. The perfectionism of the yaks. The aloofness of the abyssinians. The cowardice of the hippogryphs. And the infinite compassion of ponies. It would not be too long before they joined this war, no matter what the Sun Queen may wish. Not now that you have opened their eyes to the outside world.”

Angel frowned and narrowed her eyes. “And you wanted to… hurry it on? Why?”

“Because the Council is full of stubborn fools who refuse to adapt to a changing world.” Angel’s eyes went wide. “I was against this war from the start. I told them that they could not terrorize the minotaurs and zebras and gryphons back into chaos and squabbling, not now that they’ve been reformed by your hand. They could not restore the old, comfortable order where dragons could prey as they wished outside of Equestria without repercussion. We needed to adapt, to civilize, to learn to cooperate with the other races of this world.

“But pride is a powerful thing, and they refused. They began this ridiculous war and dragged every race in against us. We will lose this war, even faster once Equestria joins. All I and my fellows have done is ensure that it will happen sooner rather than later, so that those on the fence may see our race coming to folley, and flee the conflict to survive and build our race anew.”

“Your fellows?” Angel turned her gaze northward. “You mean the ones attacking Canterlot?”

Terra let out a deep chuckle. “Chaos befalls this town on a regular basis, and Canterlot has seen its fair share of attacks. No, Undying. We have coordinated attacks on every major city in Equestria this day. The ponies will have no choice to see what has befallen the other lands which have suffered from this war. Even if this is the last attack the dragons ever launch on Equestria, the ponies will not be satisfied until no-one else has to suffer as they’ve suffered this day any longer.”

“...you’re a devil, you are.”

Terra let out a loud and boisterous laugh. “And what are you then, child of slaughter? We are devils, the both of us, and both for the greater good of this world.” He nodded to her. “Now then, see this old devil put to his rest.”

“You do not fear death?”

“Typhon is forgiving to those who die in battle,” Terra said. “I shall find my rest well enough.”

“...I hope so.” Angel’s horn lit. It was a simple spell, if gruesome. Terra began to twitch and gasp, grasping for his chest. He looked Angel in the eye as his life slowly bled out. Finally, at last, he was dead.

The Bearers were found and returned to Ponyville. The dead were found, buried, and mourned. Temporary housing went up for those who had lived south of Town Hall. Mayor Mare - who had been out shopping at the time - had put aside her horror to manage everything with admirable speed and efficiency. And just north of town, four figures stood in the meeting.

“Luna, Twilight,” said Angel, “May I introduce General Grievous. Grievous, Princesses Twilight Sparkle and Luna Starlight.”

“Well met, Grievous,” Luna said, nodding slightly. “Welcome to our Equestria.”

“A pleasure to meet you.” Grievous was still in his transformation, the general gave them a bow. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to minimize casualties, I was kind of punted to the Everfree Forest by that dragon.” Grievous said, looking around at the destruction and where he was launched.

“From what the mayor said, most of the casualties were in the first minute,” Twilight said solemnly. “Pretty much everyone fled the town after the dragon appeared, and the southern part even more so once he started walking.”

“There’s nothing anyone could have done,” Angel agreed. “This is just what happens in a war. Like I’ve been telling you all.”

“Celestia can’t let this go unanswered,” Twilight muttered to herself. “Even if it was a deliberate provocation. Ponies across Equestria won’t stand for it. There was already a pretty strong pro-war faction, but now-”


Twilight slapped a hoof over her mouth as Angel glared down at her. “What do you mean a ‘pro-war faction?’”

Twilight lowered both her hoof and her ears. “It’s… been gaining strength for this past year. There’s a lot of nobles calling for us to send aid, and some influential voices - mostly Fancy Pants and his group - are saying we should join it altogether.”

Angel crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “And why am I only hearing about this now?”

Twilight blushed and looked away. “We, er, we were kind of worried it would stir you to galvanize them.”

“Does Sunset know? Tempest?”

“Same problem. And it never really came up.”

Angel sighed. “No, no I suppose it wouldn’t.” She smirked. “Not like national political factions are exactly a pillow-talk sort of conversation.”

“Speaking of wars, we’re actually in a war as well. It’s a fight for the Infinity Stones, you see, I’m not the only Displaced in my universe. Thanos the Mad Titan, is the King of Minotaurs after he challenged the King to a duel and won. The Equestrians want to use the Infinity Stones to annihilate chaos completely while we believe that there should be a balance.” Grievous said, raising a finger. “I, er, may or may not have crippled Shining Armor and killed the Dragon Lord… As well as indirectly destroying the foundation of the Crystal Empire-” Grievous then cut himself off, crossing his arms. “Oh crap here it comes…” Grievous said, looking at his hands.

Twilight shot Grievous a glare but reigned in her anger.

“Here what comes?” Angel asked, taking a small step back.

“Well, I can’t turn this transformation off. And I can’t go into this transformation on command, your body and your mind must be trained until God-hood to use this. I’m almost there but-” Black and purple lightning electrocuted Grievous and his pupils became white, letting out a scream of agony before he dropped to a knee. “Yeah… There it is… ooh…” Grievous then rested his back on the ground as he clutched his body in pain. “Pain, all I know is pain.”

Twilight muttered something under her breath and Angel was sure she caught “Shiney” in there. Angel cleared her throat. “Well, good to see you condescend back to mortality. I was feeling lonely for a minute, surrounded by divine beings like this.”

“Glad to be back,” Grievous shakily got up and dusted himself off. “Hey Angel, this won’t be the last time we meet you know.” Grievous said as he stood stoically. “A storm is brewing and if the Equestrians win, we would be wiped out, especially since the Queen of Equestria is now Nightmare Moon. Can I trust that you’ll come to our aid when the time comes?” Grievous asked the Undying Angel.

Angel stared Grievous down for a minute. “I would like to say that I would.” Her eyes darted briefly to Luna. “And Luna would definitely like me to say yes so I can put Nightmare Moon in her place. But… it would depend on certain things. One thing in particular, actually.”

“And what is the thing in particular?” Grievous said, as he leaned on thin-air.


Angel was knocked to the ground as a silver-haired bullet plowed into her chest. She laughed and reached down, pulling a young girl off of herself and holding her up in the air. “Hello, Dawny. Did you give Tempest any trouble?”

“You know she wouldn’t dare.” A mulberry unicorn with a shattered horn made her way over, smiling at Twilight, nodding to Luna, and giving Grievous an appraising look before turning back to Angel. “She watched the fight from her bedroom, until the new Displaced was pathetically flung into Everfree like a ragdoll. She’s been around town a bit, making sure her friends are safe. Thankfully the attack occurred on a school day; Cheerilee got them all out well in advance.” She smirked. “She’ll be happy to get a new schoolhouse.”

Angel chuckled and stood, hefting Dawn up in her arms. “Well, some good, then.” Her expression turned solemn. “What’s the final count?”

“One-hundred and twenty-eight dead,” Tempest reported. “Most of them are the workers in Town Hall. Only five after the first puff of cloud. Zero wounded, so the hospital is relieved.”

“Ironic that it’s on the west side and evaded damage, and yet it’s unneeded.” Angel sighed and shook her head. “Thank you, Tempest. Dismissed.”

Tempest saluted before turning and walking away, though not before giving Grievous a final condescending look.

“Grievous, this is my daughter, Dawn. Dawn, General Grievous.”

Dawn looked Grievous up and down before smirking. “Hello there.”

“General Kenobi.” Grievous replied instinctively, Grievous popped out his extra arms. He had found and repaired the one that was lost in battle. “You know, finding an arm isn’t hard when you have a tracker on it.” Grievous began to clench his arms and unclench them. “Well, nice to meet you Dawn.”

Dawn giggled. “You’re kinda funny.”

Angel rolled her eyes. “And you,” she poked Dawn on the nose, eliciting giggles, “Are rude.” She turned back to Grievous and nodded her head at Dawn. “And that’s the reason. My husband and I don’t have particular plans for another child, but then, we never planned for Dawn.”

Dawn gasped. “You didn’t?!”

“You’ve known that for years. Hush up.”

Dawn stuck out her tongue at Angel before giggling again.

“Adorable, absolutely adorable.” Grievous said looking at the two, “I miss Kodo, anyway, if ya need to slay a dragon. Old or young, big or small, strong or weak, remember that I, General Grievous of the Minotaur Army, will always help you. Now if I need you I’ll give you a call, speaking of call, are you forgetting something?” Grievous said, looking at Angel.

Angel nodded. Her wings unfurled with a metallic chime, and she quickly plucked a feather from one of them before dismissing it. “Guard skill: token create.” She handed the feather to Grievous with a nod. “General Grievous, our contract is complete. Thank you for your help, and may whatever forces guide your world lead you to a happy conclusion.”

“Oh it will.” Grievous said before turning towards the readers, “That my friends, is called ‘foreshadowing’!” Grievous then snapped back to reality, op there goes gravity… A portal appeared behind Grievous. “Well, I’ll be off, remember my friends. Dying is gay, and I never die.” Grievous went inside the portal before he stuck his head back out. “Hah! You’re gay!” Grievous laughed pointing at Angel before he went back in, the portal then closed.

Angel rolled her eyes. “Bi, thank you very much.”

Author's Note:

Huge thank you to my man Show Stopper I couldn't have completed this chapter without him. This was a crossover with The Undying Angel I'm currently just stalling to get the Infinity Stones because I want it to be spread apart and not have a bunch of chapter with Thanos gathering the stones. Also, check out his other story, Student 32: Sunset Shimmer he's working on this fanfiction and you should give it a read!

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