• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Kaido Vs Everyone

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched ecstacy~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there's no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What a great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

Kaido looked down at us, he used Conquerors Haki to try and stagger us, his blue Conquerors Haki spread towards us, engulfing us in his will. I look up to him and I use my Conquerors Haki to counteract his, Luffy assisted me with his Conquerors Haki as well. Blue, Purple, and Red clashed against each other, then the struggle dispersed, leaving Blue, Purple, and Red specks flying across the battlefield. No one said a word, but the silence was short lived as everyone let our a furious battle cry as they ran at Kaido, Entity jumped up and flew at Kaido, fire boosting him. Kaido shot a small fire ball at him and Entity threw his scythe at the fire ball and cut it in half. The scythe came back to him and Entity shot a red beam the size of his whole body at Kaido. Kaido just put his head to the side dodging the beam. Entity grunted, Sally and Lucci used Kamisori and appeared above Kaido then both then used Rankyaku. Kaido was launched to the ground due to the force of the attack, me and Luffy jumped up to him, I pulled back my Gauntlet wearing fist, covered it in Armament Haki, also with Tekkai "go" which is an enhanced version of Tekkai, I trained a lot to pull of this form of Tekkai, I also heated it up 1000 Celsius. Luffy covered his fist in Ryou Haki, got in Gear Second too.

"Ultra Heat..." I pulled back my fist, Luffy clenched his fist.

"Gum Gum..." He had his fist pulled back, and he grinned.

"CRASH!!!!" I shout out

"RED HAWK!!!!" Luffy roared as both of our attacks hit Kaido's jaw, knocking him up. I used Geppo and my Infinity Blade lit up and caught on fire.

"Fiery Hurricane!" I spin around, cutting into Kaido's body, a gash appeared on his jaw, blood spilling out. I cut Kaido! Probably because of the heat I used to weaken his scales. I grabbed Luffy and used Kamisori to appear back on the battleground.

"Alright, since Thanos cut a wound under his chin that's his weak spot, so we'll exploit that weak spot, right guys?" Reaper looked back at Mogeme and Eden, they nodded and they ran at Kaido. Eden put on some rocket boots, and blasted off, Reaper and Mogeme following. Reaper pulled out another sword, one with a white sheath, Eden got his rifle ready and Mogeme pulled out a pistol. Reaper shot an air slash at him shooting slashes at Kaido's wound, Eden shot magma, and Mogeme shot plasma from his energy pistol. The combined attack made Kaido snarl, Nappa looked up at the three, as gravity took it's effect the Mogeme pulled something from his bag, gum? He popped it in his mouth chewed on it and blew a bubble, everyone landed on the bubble and they landed safety, Mogeme then spits out the gum because 'rona. Nappa grinned.

"You darn brats!" Kaido roared, he charged a blast from his maw. "Boro Breath!" Kaido shoots a ray of fire down upon us, Mogeme ran for cover, Lucci realizing what Mogeme did would be useless ran after him.

"Hey, Mogeme, you can't hide from that-" Immediately the blast shot at Lucci, Nappa ran in front of Kaido.

"Break Cannon!" Nappa shot a Ki wave from his mouth to counter Kaido's Boro Breath, the two waves of power clashed. Kaido having a head start, was overpowering Nappa, Entity went by Nappa and shot a fire blast to assist Nappa. Lucci ran towards me fifteen meters away. Mogeme got up and searched for something in his bag, it was a Hulkbuster gauntlet. Mogeme went up to Nappa and assisted him by shooting a huge wave of plasma, the Ki, Fire, and Plasma vs pure unadulterated fire. Nappa grunted as he powered up, to try and push back the beam.

"If you really thing you could beat me in a beam struggle, you are sorely mistaken!" Whatever Nappa and the others had going for them were destroyed as they were all hit by the blast which made a crater. I ran to go check on them, Mogeme was on his back in said crater, Entity's coat was burnt, Nappa had his armor broken. Nappa groaned.

"Darn it..." I look towards Kaido, I then see Reaper getting his swords ready. He then jumped towards Kaido, using Geppo to boost himself towards Kaido, Reaper was right in front of Kaido's eyes.

"He's trying to blind him." I could tell that he was trying to do that because of how his swords were in his hands. Kaido looked down at Reaper and charged up a small fire blast.

"Oh s-" Reaper was cut off as he was hit by a fire blast and was sent careening into rubble. Reaper was now under the rubble, suddenly Nappa sprung up and shot a blast at Kaido. Kaido tilted his head, dodging the attack.

"You missed." He commented, Nappa panted.

"I wasn't aiming for you, you dumb dragon." Nappa walked out of the crater as his tail twitched, I then realize what happened and looked at the blast, it was glowing like the moon! Soon the others realized it as well.

"It gon' be bootleg Godzilla vs bootleg King Kong." Lucci chuckles, as Nappa panted and his eyes turn white, he then grew in size, hair turning into fur. Nappa grew larger and larger, soon towering over us all, we look at Kaido and Nappa.

"Alright guys, let me handle him!" Nappa said, his voice booming, Entity carried Mogeme out of the crater and ran to somewhere safe. I tapped into my Observation Haki to try and see where Reaper fell.

Reaper POV

As I was trapped under rubble I sat there in thought.

Why was I so weak?

I've been working under Kaido for five years, sure I was strong for being a human but that's all I got going for me. I'm strong and I have a good sword... I wonder how Rarity is doing? Rarity... I must be strong, for her!

I burst out of the rubble, in a new form, clad in black. I looked up to Kaido, I then notice Nappa in his Great Ape form. Thanos was next to me, I readied by wings but be put a hand in front of me.

"Let him handle it." Thanos said, I glared at him, Thanos glared back, I sighed and crossed my arms.

"Fine, let's see in King Kong can beat a dragon." I say looking at Nappa.

"Alrighty, Kaido have you ever been punched by a monkey?"Nappa asked, Kaido looked at him, curious.

"No." Kaido said plainly, Nappa grinned.

"WOULD YOU LIKE TO!??!?!" Nappa flew at Kaido and launched a devastating uppercut on Kaido, knocking him up into the air. Kaido was sent flying to the sky, Nappa grabbed onto his tail and spun, and spun, and spun around. Nappa then threw him, Kaido caught himself and flew high.

"BORO BREATH!!!!" Kaido shot a fire blast from his maw at Nappa, Nappa simply slapped it away, the attack hitting a nearby mountain and destroying it.

"Witch please..." Nappa rubbed the hand he slapped the attack away. Kaido growled and turned into his human form, he had his Kanabo out, he glared at Nappa, Nappa was 50 meters tall, Kaido was 27 meters tall.

"Shorty." Nappa grinned, Kaido glared at Nappa, Nappa ran at Kaido, Kaido ran at Nappa. Kaido raised his Kanabo high and Nappa clenched his right fist. Kaido covered his Kanabo is Armament Haki, weapon and fist meet, blowing away some rubble. Kaido and Nappa struggled, they both jumped back, Kaido ran at Nappa and hit him with his Kanabo in the chest. Nappa staggered a bit, Nappa pulled back his fist and punched Kaido in his right cheek, Kaido tried to hit Nappa again but was blocked by Nappa. Nappa blocked the attack with his arm guard, Nappa punched Kaido in the gut. Kaido then proceeds to headbutt Nappa, dazing him. Lightning hits Kaido, and Kaido performs the quickest Thunder Bagua I've seen him do.

"Thunder Bagua!" Kaido hits Nappa with his Kanabo, Nappa was then launched towards me and Thanos. Thanos grabs my hands and runs towards the group, just in time too, Nappa hit the floor just as we reached the group.

"Cute birdies..." Literal birds circled around Nappa, I look at Thanos.

"Can we fight him now?" I cross my arms, Thanos sighed, and shook his head.

"Yeah, really hoped Nappa could beat him." Thanos said, Immediately I lunged towards Kaido at speeds that broke the sound barrier, I got my two swords out and was about to slash Kaido, but Kaido blocked my attack. The speed at which I clashed with him pushed him back, Grievous appeared above me.

"Four Sword Style, Kabob!" Grievous shoved all of his swords into Kaido (Oh my~), it didn't pierce Kaido sadly but it did push him back. Lucci appeared above Grievous his right leg covered in fire.

"Poêle à Frire: Spectre!" Lucci cried out as he lands several fiery kicks on Kaido's head, Kaido taking all of the hits Lucci then spin kicks Kaido once more. Kaido didn't move, Kaido glared at Lucci, he let out a roar blowing us all away, I caught myself and landed on my feet, so did Lucci and Grievous.

"Tch, alright what do we do?" I ask Lucci, "We need a plan if we want to win."

"I don't know, we should probably just wait until Entity finishes his Fire Bomb." Lucci said as he got in a battle stance, I look up behind me, and there was Entity with a... mountain sized Fire Ball... How did he do that so fast?!

"HEY KAIDO!!!! PACIFIC RIM SUCKA!!!" Eden said as he punched Kaido with a mech, Kaido growled and raised his Kanabo.

"Oh fu-" Eden was hit by the Kanabo and he was sent flying out of the mech, Eden was no unconscious and landed on a pile of burnt bodies. Thanos looked at me, I looked at him back.

"Oh..." We both said at the same time.

"MOVE OUTTA DA WAE!!!!!!!" I hear a loud voice say, we both know who it was and ran away. Far. KAido looked confused.

"Why are you running?" Kaido then looked up, and mouthed something not very pg.

"FIRE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kaido looked at the mountain sized fiery sun like ball. His body changed a little before the Fire Bomb hit Kaido. Entity fell from the sky, out of energy, before I even try to catch him Sally at the speed of light caught Entity.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Sally asked, Entity coughed and he grinned.

"No..." Entity wheezed, Sally then embraced Entity, and with a squeeze Entity had half of his bones broken. Thanos smiled, I sighed, we won.

"Wahoo! We won! It's all because of us worked together, kinda just like Oars." Luffy said with a grin ear to ear.

"Alrighty, let's see if there are any survivors." I say clapping my hands together.

"GRIEVOUS SENPAAAAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Grievous was suddenly tackled by someone clad in armor, one with female features, Grievous was squeezed.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East, the one who slayed dragons upon dragons, the one who fought Eric Von Shadow fearlessly, the one who fought Celestia and joked about her sexuality and showed no fear was scared by an armored waifu.

"HAVE MY BABIES!!!" Warmonger said so quickly no one heard but Grievous.

"YE WOT M8?!?!?!?!?" Grievous was confused, Thanos laughed his butt off, Lucci just smiled... Before he was stomped like
a bug.

"You darn brats... Really thought a mediocre attack like that, could kill me!??!?!" Kaido took two steps closer revealing Lucci, no longer in his hybrid form. Kaido towered over us, the size of Nappa in his Great Ape Form. Warmonger looked at Kaido, spooked.

"K-Kaido, you're not dead..." Warmonger looked at Kaido, Kaido scoffed.

"I knew it, you betray me, just like him!" Kaido raised his Kanabo and was about to slam it down on Warmonger, but Grievous jumped in front of Kaido. Grievous and his Elemental Swords clashed with Kaido's Kanabo yet again but this time there was no struggle, Grievous was thrown back by the force. Grievous was thrown into one of the cliffs that they previously past, it made a small crater that made Grievous stick there. I look at Kaido with pure fear, comparing me to him is like comparing an anthill to a mountain! I was paralyzed with fear, he let out a burst of his Conquerors Haki and I fell on one knee.

"I-I knew it... We shouldn't have tried to face him." I said, my voice shaky, Luffy looked at me, he could feel my fear.

"Oi, Reaper, get it together! We need to take down Kaido, we still stand a chance!" I looked at Luffy, was he serious?!

"We don't that's his Hybrid Form, his third phase! We already lost thing Boss battle when it started. I should've seen that, oh I should've." Thanos walked past me and pushed me aside.

"Well if you're going to be a coward, then it's just us then!" Thanos then powered up, steam bursting around him like an aura. By now he was covered in steam, the steam dispersed leaving Thanos in a Gear Second like state. He was light purple, Luffy grinned and kicked off his shoes.

Luffy put his left arm in front of him and let out a deep inhale, Luffy coats his left arm in Armament Haki. Luffy used all of his gathered air and bit down on his left arm, air going into it.

"Muscle Balloon!" Luffy's left arm grew to the size of a white sedan, the arm then had a red aura around it. Still blowing on it the air went to his body making him grow. It also made is right arm grow as well, air finally going into his fingers each finger growing to the length of a snake, Luffy then proceeds to ball up the fist that finally had it's fingers blown up. Tribal like symbols start to appear on his chest, matching the pattern of the Gum-Gum Fruit that he ate. Steam then blocked our view covering Luffy's whole entire body in steam. In the steam I saw Luffy's silhouette appear, it was his head, bouncing side to side Luffy pushed some steam out of his way and opened his eyes from the steam. His eyes fueled with determination, the steam then dissipated, revealing Luffy in a fighting stance, steam came out of his mouth.

"Gear!" Luffy throws his head back "FOOOUUUUUUTHH!!!!" Luffy's head went back to it's normal position as he started to bounce, and every time his feet would touch the earth it would clang like metal. "Bounce Man." Luffy finished.

"Steam Man!" Thanos called his new form, I looked to Mogeme who pulled out some armor, Mogeme threw it into the air and the armor attached itself onto Mogeme. Mogeme stood there, clad in white armor, like a knight, he stood there.

"Sound Armor, let's go!" Mogeme grinned, Entity got up and stood beside Mogeme, a red aura appeared around him and his eyes turned crimson, he summoned his scythe and it grew in size. Twin Fire Dragons burst out of the ground and appear beside him.

"Get ready my Dragon companions, this will be a hard fought battle." Entity said as he shaked with fear- no, excitement, why was I so scared?! Sally stood up and walked beside Entity.

"I may have no flashy forms, or flashy armor and I may not be good at the Six Powers as Lucci but my quirk is very strong without any of those." Sally said as she clenched his fists, coating it in Armament Haki, I got up, readying my swords.

"Well... If you guys are going to fight him, I'm not going to be left behind!" I clenched my swords, Kaido looked down at us. I look to Warmonger but she was gone, I look back to Grievous and Warmonger was getting him out of the crater.

"Well then if you all insist, you can all DIE!!!!" Kaido jumped at us, we all got out of the way, Luffy jumping out of the way, Luffy using the elastic force to fly flew at Kaido. Luffy covered his right arm in Ryou Haki.

"Gum Gum, Red Gun!" Luffy punched Kaido in the jaw, Kaido stumbled back, Kaido raised his left fist and was about to slam it on Luffy.

"Red Dragon, go!" One of Entity's Fire Dragons flew and wrapped itself around Kaido's left arm, the other Fire Dragon wrapped itself around Kaido's other arm. "Go, Thanos!" Entity cries out as Thanos broke the sound barrier and left a sonic boom appeared in front of Kaido. He covered his Gauntlet fist in Armament Haki, and increased the damage by Tekkai Go.

"Super Sonic Heat Crash!" The fist hit Kaido and made him spew blood, Kaido after he got hit grabbed Thanos and held him high. Kaido then charged a fire blast from his mouth, Thanos' eyes opened wide.

"BORO BREATH!!!!" Kaido let go of Thanos and before Thanos even thought about running he was hit by the attack and was launched over the horizon. My eyes opened wide, Thanos was our only chance, Kaido smashed the Fire Dragons together, killing them. Kaido then threw his Kanabo at Entity, Sally got in the way and tried to disintegrate it but was hit by the Kanabo. Sally and Entity were sent flying into the cliff Grievous was launched, going through the cliff and into trees and rocks they were gone.

"We... We had a chance... And it... And it..." I fell to my knees and before I realized it, my form was gone, I then collapsed. Shaking, in fear.

"Reaper!" Luffy cried out, I couldn't hear him, my world went dark in a matter of seconds. I then hear a punch impact someone and I hear Luffy scream.

"Luffy's down..." I muttered as I slowly pass out.

Kaido looked to Mogeme who stood there, Mogeme looked to Luffy's unconscious form and looked to Reaper.

"Well I'm screwed ain't I?" Mogeme looked at Kaido.

"Right in the down under." Kaido grinned before he lunged at Mogeme.

"OH F-"

Author's Note:

Also there is this story that I recomend to you all it's called The Dark Saiyan.

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