• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Time To Go The One Place That Hasn't Been Corrupted By Capitalism, Space!

“I’m so sorry Thanos couldn’t be here.” Lucci said, looking at the Storm Queen, Gale and Azure were side by side with her. Lucci was currently in the throne room joined by Supergirl, Rapunzel, and Entity.

“It can be hard losing a loved one, everyone needs time to recover from loss of a loved one.” Storm Queen said sagely, Lucci then pulled out the Infinity Radar.

“Queen Storm, can you build a ship that can go to space?” Lucci asked seriously, Gale and Azure were taken aback by the request.

“Hm, yes, I can, but can you tell me why you would need a ship that has the power to go to space?” Queen Storm asked, Supergirl crossed her arms.

“Well, I have searched high and low with the Infinity Radar in search of the Space Stone. It was always close, but I couldn’t see it, so it must be above, and there’s only one place where it can have the Space Stone. The Moon.” Supergirl said, pointing up to the sky, “I can’t go on my own because it would notify Prin- I mean, Queen Luna.”

“Heh, it seems like it just can’t be true. To call Luna, a queen.” Entity said, Rapunzel sighed and adopted a solemn expression. Queen Storm crossed her arms.

“It will take at least a week to make the ship, we have the resources ready but it will take a while to build it.” Queen Storm said, Rapunzel sighed in relief.

"Thank you, for your time and for your help.” Rapunzel gave Storm a bow, before turning around and walking off. They gave Storm a bow before we walked off as well. They then sighed collectively, how are they going to get Thanos out of his room?

Well, that question was answered soon enough when Lucci just stared at the Titan’s door, not even saying anything just staring. Eventually, he spoke. “Thanos, it’s been a FUCKING month, get out!” Lucci demanded.

“No…” Thanos grumbled from inside, “I’ll go out when I need to…”

“We’re getting the Space Stone get the fuck out!” Lucci said with a frown, Thanos moaned like an exhausted old man.

“Can we get it later…?” Thanos asked, Lucci turned to Supergirl who just facepalmed.

“NAPPA!” Supergirl shouted out, “GET BLACK!”

“Bet, let me talk to other Nappa.” Nappa poked his scouter and he heard the sound of nature. “Hey Nappa!” Nappa greeted Other Nappa.

“Yello!” Other Nappa responded to Nappa.

“Can you get Black on the Scouter? I need to talk to him.” Nappa asked the other Nappa.

“‘Kay, hey Black! Get over here!” Other Nappa said to Black, there were the sounds of footsteps and the Dark Saiyan spoke over the scouter.

'Yo, it's been awhile other Nappa, what's happening?' Black asked with a chirpy tone.

“Thanos has stayed in his room for a month and won’t come out, we kinda need your help.” Nappa said, Sally then perks up.

“I have Black’s Token, should we bring him here?” Sally asked the Saiyan.

“I’m on the Scouter with him right now, so Black we need your help, we’re trying to get the Space Stone and Thanos still won’t come out…” Nappa said, “Please?”

'Uh sure, no problem. I'll be waiting. Hey Shallot! I'll be gone for a bit alright!' Black shouted as the scouter turned off.

“Black, I summon thee!” Sally said, and a portal opened, out came the Dark Saiyan. “Hello Black, you’re the one that Entity’s been talking about right? We haven’t officially met, I’m Sally.”

"Nice to meet you Sally?" Black said with a grin, which lasted for a moment before it disappeared. "Now, why the hell is Purple Mr. Clean isn't coming out of his room?" The saiyan asked as he crossed his arms.

“How do you reckon he got the Soul Stone?” Entity asked Black, “A star is dead.”

Black said nothing as he frowned, before letting out a sigh. "Right, where is his room?"

“Right there,” Rapunzel said, pointing to the door in front of the party.

"Right…" Black muttered as he walked past the group. He stared at the door for a few moments. "Right you jackass, get your sorry ass out here right now!" Black shouted, the group taken aback by the sudden change in mood.

“No! Suck mah dick! I’m not doing shit, I’m…” Black heard the sounds of chugging, “...Not!” The dark saiyan having enough of the titans shit, he knocked the door down with a flick. Revealing the Mad Titan drinking alcohol. He had an apron on and a cute little hat “MY EYES!” Thanos clutched his eyes, seeing the light for the first time in a month.

"Get up, you're going to help your friends wherever you like it or not." Black said sternly, crossing his arms as he frowned.

“No, don’t you get it?! I AM MISSES NESBITT!” Thanos began to cackle like a mad man, or should I say mad titan.

Black walked up to him, before bitch slapping him into the wall with little effort. The Saiyan winced at the smell of alcohol as he walked up to the Titan. "Look at you… a mighty warrior... reduced to alcoholism." Black spat.

"I.... You’re right, I can get through this,” Thanos got up and stepped out of his room, before he went to his knees. “OH BLACK, I AM RUINED! A STRONG FIGHTER LIKE ME CAN’T HANDLE LOSS?! Please tell me the hat was good, the apron was a bit much but it seemed like such a good idea at the time…”

Black scoffed as he picked up Thanos by the shirt. "I may not see the whole story, but I do sense Luna became something darker to what you did to Tia. And she will not hesitate to take you and your family and kill you in the most brutal way possible. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT." Black shouted as he threw the Titan to another wall, it collapsing atop Thanos.

“What the fuck man?” Thanos proceeds to get up, “Why the fuck did you do that? Threw me twice, god damn,” Thanos then dusts himself off. “I’m sane now, I can exist, I am back to normal. Just don’t throw me again, please.”

“Thanks Black, do you mind helping us get a stone?” Supergirl asked Black, “It can make portals and it’s really cool too.”

"The Space Stone huh… I'm here now so why not. Just one more thing…" Black then grinned as he stared at Thanos. "FEEL GRATEFUL!!" Black roared as he grabbed Thanos by the head and threw the Mad Titan again into a wall.

“Fuck you!” Thanos said as he got up, “Okay, ignoring what you just did, we’re going to the Storm Kingdom. To get in a Spaceship, and go to the moon. I can survive in the vacuum of space, so can Lucci and Supergirl, Marco is already at the Storm Kingdom talking with the Storm Queen. So we’re going to the Storm Kingdom to go to space, Lucci and Marco aren’t fast enough to go to space in time. Thus a spaceship was made, now, let’s go to ze Storm Kingdom!”

"I'll go get the Infinity Radar…" Grievous said, walking away from the party.

“As Thanos’ Number One Rival, I’ll stand beside Thanos, like a rival does.” Supergirl slyly stood beside Thanos, with a grin.

Black then burst out laughing, slapping his knees. "HAHAHAHA… hahaha… oh that was a good joke, I didn't know you were a comedian Supergirl!" Black exclaimed as he proceeded to stand by Thanos' side.

“Have you beaten Thanos? No, I did on countless occasions, he wins, I win. It’s a common occurrence, when two rivals try to one up each other, one wins the other does the same. And last time I checked, you two drawed.” Supergirl huffed.

"Last time I checked, Thanos even called me his rival, and from what I recall, he hasn't even mentioned you last time I saw him. Plus me and him put rules in check to make sure we weren't cheating." Black retorted, his eyes twitching slightly.

“Oh really? He only put restrictions so you wouldn’t be sad that he whooped your monkey tail! And I can fight him WITH his Observation Haki, and can you?” Supergirl said with an overconfident grin.

"He was only getting mad that I was healing every time I got injured, resulting in Zenkai boosts. Plus, really racist there by the way. Also, didn't you get like a really shifty TV series?" Black asked with a shiteating grin.

“How the fuck is that racist, I was talking about your tail!” Supergirl pointed at Black’s literal tail, “Oh and shitty TV series, that’s rich, did Black have to get his ass kicked to get stronger? Oh and even after those Zenkai Boosts, you STILL tied with Thanos? Thanos, who gave you the hardest fight? Me or Black?” Supergirl turned to the Titan.

"Didn't I recall I almost got you with my, and in your words Thanos. 'Multiverse level attack' that left you a bloody mess?" Black retorted as he stared between the two.

“Didn’t I punch you with the heat of the Sun and leave you almost dying?” Supergirl said, looking at Thanos, the two progressively tried to one-up each other. Their voices began to overlap with each other before...


“AAAAAA!!!!” Thanos proceeds to run away, “I’M GOING TO THE STORM KINGDOM!”

"GET BACK HERE, I WANT TO HEAR YOUR ANSWER!!!" Black roared as he jumped into Perfected Super Saiyan Rosé, chasing after the Mad Titan.

Supergirl went into her transformation, a stronger version of herself with bright glowing eyes and an orange aura around her. Thanos kicked into Burst Man: White Hot Edition. “AAAAA-”

“And now we’re here.” Thanos said, a few bruises on his body, Sally and Black’s faces were swelling up with pain. Thanos was currently in front of the Storm Queen and Marco, the three rulers stared at each other.

“That’s… So stupid.” Storm Queen then facepalmed with her paw, as she rubbed her eyes Black opened his mouth to object but was given a stern glare from Thanos. The three had been duking it out as they went to the Storm Kingdom and apparently, Ki + Heat Beam = Nuclear Explosion.

“Well, we ARE talking about Thanos here, what isn’t stupid coming from him?” Marco said, crossing his arms, Thanos looked at the Spaceship that was adjacent to them.

“Okay, so… Are the suits ready?” Thanos asked the Storm Queen, the Queen of the Storm Kingdom nodded and pulled out a gun.

“Eeyup, you get it on like this,” Storm Queen then shoots Black, and Grievous, who were now wearing spacesuits.

“Huh, cool!” Grievous said, looking at the suit, “Isn’t that right Black?”

"Eh… I guess, it's just not my style." Black said as he then put a hand over himself, the space suit disappearing, it being replaced by Saiyan armor like Vegeta’s, but it had Black’s color scheme.. "I can survive in the vacuum of space for a long time."

“Now all we have to do is touch the button for lift off then we’re gone.” Thanos said, Supergirl then chuckled.

“As Thanos’ REAL rival, I’ll go do the honors.” Supergirl approached the Spaceship shaped like a penis that was called Long Schlong.

"Go for it, I'll see you guys there." Black said with a smile. "Kai kai!" The saiyan then disappeared with the sound of a pop.

“Oh that asshole!” Supergirl took off to space, Thanos just crossed his arms and sighed.

“Women… Anyways, let’s get on this ship!” Thanos approached the ship, Storm Queen waved the controller.

“Forgetting something, Titan?” Storm Queen asked Thanos, Thanos paused and turned around.

“Oh, I nearly forgot.” Thanos walked over to the Storm Queen and took the controller, before… “Boop.” Thanos grinned and pressed a button on the controller, the draw bridge to the ship fell down.

Grievous approached the spaceship, passing the flustered Storm Queen who was standing there at a loss for words. “Boop master Thanos.” Marco exclaimed as he walked on the drawbridge.

“After this you’ll have one more stone to obtain next, the Mind Stone.” The Storm Queen said, Thanos looked at the spaceship and he nodded.

“Indeed, after this stone, it all goes downhill from here. We’ll soon be in the Endgame.” Thanos said as she slowly nodded, “The final battle is close.”

“Indeed, the storm is closing in on us, now go Thanos, go and seize the Space Stone.” The Storm Queen pushed the Titan forward, he then walked towards the spaceship. And as he got on, Thanos looked back behind him to see Storm Queen looking at Thanos and nodding in approval.

“Thank you.” Thanos said, nodding towards Storm Queen, and like that, he went aboard.

Supergirl and Black stood there as they saw the spaceship approach the moon, the two hadn’t talked since they arrived at the moon. “...So, what’s your favorite Infinity Stone?” Supergirl asked as the spaceship came closer to the moon.

"I've never really thought about it. Definitely not the soul, power ,reality, space, or mind Stone. I guess it would be the time stone." Black said with a shrug. "Either way, I'd rather not have them, they cause too many problems."

“Eh, you’re right, but if you destroy them they’ll kind of… You know, kill you. For me it would be the Mind Stone, imagine having the power to phase through walls and scare people. Fucking hilarious.” Supergirl said, crossing her arms, not having anywhere else to put her hands.

"Eh, I doubt it was the Mind Stone that did that. I believe that was Vision's thing, though I could be wrong." Black shrugged as he created a lounge chair for the two of them. He sat down and put his arms behind his head.

“Yeah, because in WandaVision when the other Vision was messing with the Mind Stone on Vision’s head, he phased through it.” Supergirl said with a yawn, the space ship lands and Lucci, Thanos, Marco, and Grievous come out of the ship.

"What took you so long, I was about to make myself a drink." Black asked with a grin.

“The machine takes a long time to pick up speed to go faster than Mach 20. But that… Was… FUN! You really have to go on a spaceship!” Thanos said with a grin, approaching his two rivals. Grievous held up a device, kind of like the Dragon Radar.

“Hm… The Infinity Rader says it’s north, let us be aware of any cave on the Moon, it may be in one.” Grievous pointed out, Lucci took the Radar.

“Alright Grievous, Marco, let’s go!” Lucci said as he marched on, Grievous and Marco followed after the Leopard Assassin.

“Well, have fun.” Thanos said, crossing his arms, suddenly, Thanos was punted across the moon. Thanos was sent crashing into Black, and the two tumbled across the moon before Thanos took out his Infinity Blade and stuck it down onto the moon to stop himself from tumbling further. “Ah, Princess Luna, sup.”

They saw Rang Nebula in all of her glory, with her scythe in hand, Supergirl was just sitting there watching them. “It’s Rang Nebula now, Thanos you’ll be paying dearly for killing my sister.” She growled as her mane began to flare up.

"Rang Nebula, that's such a better name than yours Nightmare!" Black exclaimed, seeming to be talking to himself. "No, yours is just plain, nothing original."

“Yeah, the name Nightmare Moon was stupid honestly,” Rang Nebula said, “It was a stupid pun on mare and night. Oh god I wish I could strangle myself in some sense back then, this… Thing is good. I’ll allow him to live, you however shall die today.”

“Was that a compliment? You hear that Nightmare, you can be nice as well you know!” Black said as he talked to himself again. “Don’t make me do what I did to Zamasu now alright!” But the Saiyan was then interrupted by Thanos.

“Looks like you’re on the side of every Nightmare and Luna now Black, how does it feel?” Thanos puts up a Microphone that he made with the Reality Stone up to Black’s mouth.

"Um… I really don’t have a comment about that… I just usually say something and they agree.” Black answered, scratching the back of his head with his robotic hand.

“No one does,” Thanos said, Nebula then stabs her scythe into Thanos’ body, Thanos wheezed in pain at the sudden teleportation. Rang Nebula glared into Thanos’ eyes with red ones. “Tch!” Rang Nebula took the scythe out of the Titan’s body and went for another attack, Thanos raised his Infinity Blade and blocked the attack. The two were currently duking it out in front of Black. “HEAT CRASH!” Thanos tries to punch Nebula in her face but Nebula catches it, not feeling the heat.

“Don’t you remember? I ate the Yami-Yami No Mi, making me a Dark Pony, the Yami-Yami no Mi has an ability to cancel out other Devil Fruits.” Nebula then gut punches Thanos, the Titan wheezing before he slammed his head against Nebula’s. Nebula stumbled backwards before hitting the ground.

“Tch, I don’t have time for this, Black, fight Nebula, she’s a Luna you got this!” Before Black could counter with an argument, Thanos then runs North, leaving the two in the dust.

“GET BACK HERE!” Nebula demanded, readying her scythe to throw at the Titan. Though she was stopped when she was elbowed in the gut, before being spin kicked in the face by Black.

"Sorry, but I won't let you stand in his way. Nothing personal Lulu…" Black muttered, transforming into Super Saiyan 4.

“You know, I’m not mad at you, I’m disappointed.” Nebula said with frown, Nebula clenched her fists.

Lucci, Marco, and Grievous were marching where the image of the Space Stone was on the Infinity Radar. “I can stand silence but not this kind of silence! We need to make some conversation up in this bitch!”

“Hm, hey Marco, have you awakened your Devil Fruit?” Grievous asked the Avian King, the man gave Grievous a side-ways glance.

“Uh, yeah. Why do you think I am able to turn myself into a giant blue bird? I can also change into a Black Flamed One. That’s THE awakened version, have you awakened your Devil Fruit Lucci?” Marco said to the Leopard Assassin.

“Yeah, after I trained Aurora Platinum she became pretty adept with the Buddha fruit. During our sparring matches I managed to turn back into my awakened form, I’m like a… Lightning Cat, Lightning Leopard that is. Have you mastered Ultra Instinct, Grievous?” Lucci turned to Grievous.

“Well, I’m close, however I’m being held back by Atala’s clinginess. However, Warmonger has brought it upon herself to take care of Atala while I train. Do you guys want to spar with me a few rounds after this so that I can reach Mastered Ultra Instinct?” Grievous asked his comrades.

“Sure, I don’t see why not, man.” Lucci shrugged, Marco nodded in agreement. The beeping then stopped and Lucci looked at the radar, it was now on full screen. “We’re close to getting to the Space Stone.”

“So it would seem.” Grievous muttered, as they reached a pit, It was deep. “If I’ve seen any horror movies, the black man should not go first.”

“It’s down there, so uh, who’s going first? Because I’m sure as hell ain’t going down there first.” Lucci said crossing his arms, Marco began to rub his chin in thought.

“How about we all go in first? That way when we all come down together, the monster won’t expect all three of us. Then we jump said monster and beat their ass.” Marco said, turning to Lucci.

“Good idea, man.” Lucci said, Grievous nodding in agreement as well. “Alright, we’re gonna jump when I say jump. One…”

“Two…” Grievous said, getting ready to jump.

“Three…” Marco said getting ready to jump as well, looking down into the abyss.

“Jump!” Lucci jumped down but Grievous and Marco didn’t jump too, “YOU NIGGAS AIN’T LOYAL FOR SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!”


Marco and Grievous winced when Lucci hit the floor, they then looked at each other. “Alright, enough games, let’s do this. For realsies.”

“For realsies.” Grievous confirmed and like that, they both jumped down.

Nebula then jumped into the air and showed Black her palm. Black was then pulled towards Nebula at highspeeds, the Alicorn then slams Black onto the ground as the Saiyan felt the force of an enhanced Alicorn.

"Damn you can punch!" Black exclaimed in a laugh, standing up while dusting himself off. “You sure are packing more power than the Luna I know.” Black says as he pops his neck. “Though I’m a little confused at why you're disappointed in me, is it because of my lack of strength?” Black asked as he summoned his ki scythe.

"No," Nebula threw her scythe at Black who evaded the attack, "You work for a mad man, a terrorist, a tyrant, a villain." Nebula's horn lit up and her scythe swung itself down upon Black. Black turned around and blocked the attack only to be brought to his knee by Nebula who kicked the back of his leg. Nebula grabbed Black's head and slammed him down before running across the moon and throwing him into one of the deeper craters on the moon.

Black stood up, noticed he was bleeding from the lip, his armor slightly damaged as his back faced Nebula. “At first, I didn’t want to help him with his plans. I thought they were crazy and insane, I’d thought the original Thanos took over.” Black said as he spit out some blood and faced the Alicorn, his pupils turning blood red. “But when he told me what Tia had planned to use them to destroy all evil.. it started to make more sense.. I may not know the full story,, but I'm not gonna sit around and let him fail!" Black explained as he turned Super Saiyan God. He let out a roar as the pressure began to push dust into the moon sky. When it settled, the Saiyan had prepared a Kamehameha. “HAAAA!” The Saiyan shot the attack, the beam of energy flying towards Nebula.

Darkness spewed from Nebula's back and formed into a ball, the ball flew up and Nebula threw it at the Ki Wave. The Ki Wave was absorbed into the black ball and it hit the Moon's surface. Black was then pulled by the black ball and he held his ground, but Nebula's scythe hit Black's leg with the hilt. Black fell into the black ball and it exploded, Nebula began to approach the dust cloud that was the aftermath of the attack. Black shot out of the dust cloud and punched Nebula in her jaw, Nebula skid back a little before looking back at Black. Nebula then spit out a tooth and some blood. A tooth was then replaced by a regrowing spell.

"Man I wish I had that spell, I miss my left arm." Black jokes, but he was then suckered punched across the face, sending him skidding back. Nebula popped into existence before Black and slammed her fist into Black's abdomen. The saiyan winced, his eyes narrowed as he was pushed back. “No Nightmare, I haven't even achieved that form since blowing myself up, I'm not going for it!" Black exclaimed as a pink aura overtook him, his hair flowing upwards as he transformed into Perfected Super Saiyan Rose. Nebula popped into existence again, going for a kick, but the Saiyan ducked under, covering his fist in Armament Haki and ki together. He landed a punch in the side of her ribs, a powerful shockwave and ki shot out the Alicorns back.

Nebula's pupils flashed in and out of existence before she clenched her teeth. Nebula was sent tumbling across the crater, "Ergh, the Titan taught you that, didn't he?" Nebula slowly got up and looked at Black, she then covered her fists in Ryou Haki. Black's eyes widened at the state of Haki.

“Only Armament, everything else I made on my own.” Black said, his tone changing from cheerful to calculated. He got in a stance similar to Goku’s, “Now I’ve gotta be careful, or I’ll be in real trouble…” Black waited for the Alicorn to make her move, not taking his eyes off Nebula’s.

Nebula's hands began to glow with darkness as she slammed her hands onto the ground, the whole crater's floor was full of darkness. Black looked at the darkness and raised his leg up, only for it to be stuck. Black shot a Ki blast down at the darkness only for it to not work. "Yami-Yami…" Black then sunk into the darkness, a huge spirit bomb sized ball of darkness appeared above Nebula. "...LIBERATION!" Black was spewed outside the ball of darkness as well as some boulders and rocks. Black caught himself as he hit the floor.

“Jeeze, and here I thought Eric was edgy…” Black muttered as he powered up his aura, it exploding around him as he shot forward towards Nebula. Just as he was about to strike the Alicorn, he disappeared, only to reappear above the Alicorn. He coupled his hands together, bringing them down onto Nebula’s head. This sent her to the ground as the Saiyan then sent a ki barrage. “ATATATATATATATA” Black exclaimed as the blasts made contact, massive explosions shaking the area. Nebula shot from the volley of Ki blasts, avoiding the ones that Black hadn't thrown already. Nebula's horn lit up and Black turned around and blocked the scythe that was about to slice into him. Nebula was going to kick Black only for the Saiyan to catch the Alicorn.

There was a struggle of power as two forces began to push against Black, with a roar he shoved Nebula back down and the scythe away. Nebula hit the ground but caught herself when she touched the Moon's surface. "What the hell is an Eric? He sounds overly edgy and dramatic." Nebula summoned her scythe to herside.

“Oh you’ve got no idea, he actually almost killed me with a sleeping spell with dark magic.” Black said as he created his scythe once more, this time it being pink.

"How did he do that? You're a strong fighter unless this Eric is stronger which I doubt, how could he have beaten you?" Nebula asked Black.

“He won by hiding in the background, like a coward. He was preparing his magic when I knocked back one of his clones. I’m surprised he wasn't disqualified for going for a weakness.” Black spat, spitting to the side with blood immediately sissling up under the sun.

"...If I meet him, I'll kill him first. Like I said, I like you, so I'll give you a chance to run away." Nebula said, "Because-" Thanos then drop kicks Nebula across the crater and she hit the edge of it.

“...So you’re the Guardian of the Space Stone?” Lucci asked the Sphinx in front of them, she nodded. “What can we do to get said stone?”

“It’s been over a thousand years and I haven’t had any form of entertainment so, will you please entertain me?” The Sphinx said with a bored yawn, Marco stared at her motherfuckerly.

“Entertainment for a magical stone that can teleport you to any given location in the Universe? Deal!” Marco said, then Grievous then pulled Lucci and Marco together and huddled in a circle.

“Alright, so what are we going to entertain her with?” Grievous asked, Marco perked up.

“We could always show off our powers.” Marco suggested, Grievous give the Avian King a blank stare.

“Do you think a Goddess would be impressed by our mortal skill?” Grievous asked Marco, the man grumbled and shook his head.

“I could always sing the song,” Grievous gave Lucci wide eyes and Lucci stared at the General back. Marco was confused, what could possibly make Grievous’ eyes wide like that?

“Do it.” Come on, you know who said it.

“Bet.” Lucci looked over to the Sphinx and Grievous then pulled out a variety of instruments out of his body. Marco’s job opened wide, the Sphinx’s eyes perked with curiosity. “This is for everyone, who lost a nigga. Swag.”

“The other day, my nigga went to work

He said he picked up a box that was heavy and it really hurt.”

“Ow this hurts.”

“So he went to the bathroom to look for an answer

And took a look at his hip and thought he saw a lump of cancer.”

“This looks like cancer.”

”So he did what a nigga does

Called his nigga up

He was like, "nigga"

I was like, "nigga"

We was like, "niggaaa".”


“He said, "i think I caught cancer from lifting this box"

I was like, "that's heavy

Well, anyway, can I holla at your girlfriend

The one with the big booty that shakes like it's got shocks?"

He was like, "what?"

I said, "I'm just playin', not really

But I think you got a hernia"

He said, "oh, no, I got me a hernia"

I said, "I know this doctor that look like Sigourney-a Weaver”.”

“He said, "i ain't got no money for a doctor"

So we went to a party

Then my nigga died.”

"Get fucked!" Thanos exclaimed, Nebula groaned in pain.

“Hey, she was just about to explain why she was gonna let me live. Plus, it is rude to interrupt a battle.” Black said, annoyed, placing his fists on his hips as he glared at the Mad Titan.

"Speaking of saltiness, I want to add my two cents in this conversation. I was literally about to just chop Link's neck when I was doing the finale. I would make it seem like I punched him but nooooo, Eric had to be a fucking DICK!" Thanos said, his body erupting into flames out of anger.

"This Eric truly is an asshole, isn't he?" Nebula said as she flew towards Thanos, kicking at the Titan, Thanos ducked under the attack. He grabbed her leg and threw her over him and slammed her down.

“Oh, if you want a turn, just let me finish my battle with her and you can be on your merry way.” Black said annoyed, a frown appearing as he crossed his arms.

"Fine, do your business, make sure not to screw this one Black!" Thanos then flies away from the battle.

"Hah, Black the Moon Pussy Slayer. How many Luna's have you had sex with? Probably Nightmare too if I'm being honest…" Alucard said in Black's mind. The Saiyan immediately blushing, leaving Nebula confused.

“Shut… it… Alucard… I swear the next time I see you…” Black growled.

"Hey Nightmare, did Black insert his drill into your moon to look for some... rocks…" Alucard then cackled evilly.

I'm not a part of this conversation!’ Nightmare exclaimed.

“Hey, shut it you two!” Black pointed to the sky like an idiot, leaving Nebula even more confused.

Black looked down to see Nebula gone, "Oh you scared her away, you didn't think that wouldn't be creepy? 'Oh, let me just talk to the people inside my head in front of my opponent, that would be sane!'" Alucard said to Black.

Then the sound of a phone hanging up rang through the Saiyan’s head. “Ah much better…” Black said to himself, he then began to sense for Nebula. Only to find out she started to chase after Thanos, who had probably found the stone by this time. “OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!” Black exclaimed as he gave chase.

For a while Thanos stood there, awaiting the arrival of Nebula, Thanos looked up and sidestepped out of a downward swipe from Nebula. Nebula growled and seethed in anger, glaring at the Titan. Thanos covered his foot in Armament Haki and slammed it into Nebula’s rib, sending the Alicorn tumbling before she recovered and landed on her feet.

“Ah, Queen Luna, fancy meeting you here.” Thanos mused, Nebula stood up to her full height and adopted a fighting stance, coating her scythe in Haki.

“It’s Queen Rang Nebula to you.” Nebula spat, Thanos got out his Infinity Blade and he began to grin. Nebula readied her scythe as Thanos coated his blade in Haki, Nebula threw her blade at Thanos. Thanos ran and slid under her scythe before spinning around and cutting into her, he expected her to be in absolute agony given her Devil Fruit but she winced in pain. No screaming bloody-murder, no writhing on the ground.

“How are you not screaming in pain?” Thanos said, looking at Nebula as her horn lit up and her scythe came back to her. She cackled and looked at him.

“Have you forgotten? My body is abnormal, I have another being inside of me who can take control over me whenever she pleases. Nightmare Moon, we are two beings in one body, we can not be split, we are your demise, Titan!” Nebula ran at him and threw her scythe at the Titan again, Thanos ran at the scythe before doing a spin and throwing his blade at the scythe. The two weapons clashed and were knocked off course, Thanos and Nebula ran at each other and readied their fists.

Thanos threw a punch at Nebula but she slid under him and jabbed him in his rib, Thanos slammed his knee into Nebula’s jaw. She recoiled at the attack and Thanos tried to slam his fist into the temple of Nebula’s head. Raising her forearm she blocked the attack, the two struggled for advantage over one another, but eventually they jumped back to gain some distance.

“Soru!” Thanos said, and like that, he was in front of Nebula in an instant. He readied his fist and landed an uppercut on her, Nebula reeled back from the force of the attack. Thanos clenched his fist, hardening it with Tekkai before he spun and launched a hook to her right rib. Nebula stumbled to the right, Nebula clenched her fist and it began to glow with darkness. She slammed the fist into his chest, knocking the wind out of his sails. Nebula launched a spin kick to Thanos’ jaw, almost making him lose his balance.

Nebula then used some blue clouds from her hair to ensnare Thanos, Nebula then spun around and threw him across the moon. He skipped across the land like a rock being skipped across a lake. Thanos hit a pile of moon rocks before he got back up and jumped out of the way just in time to avoid a flying Nebula. Nebula crashed into the moon rocks, Nebula had her fist buried into the rocks before she pulled it out.

“Earth Dragon’s Crushing Fang!” Thanos shouted out, his right hand was covered in rocks, making a claw. Thanos jumped up to slam his claw down onto Nebula, Nebula summoned her scythe to her hand to block the attack. Only for the weapon to completely shatter, Nebula’s eyes opened wide with surprise. The Titan kept going and slashed her across the chest with the claw, Nebula screamed in agony and a part of her armor broke off, Thanos clenched his fist and it glowed with the Power Stone. Thanos slammed his fit into Nebula’s gut sending her up into space, Thanos jumped after her and sledgehammered her back down.

Nebula hit the ground of the moon and it knocked the wind out of her, she then rolled out of the way in time to dodge a wave of lava pouring down onto her via Lava Dragon Slayer Magic. Nebula got up and Thanos was still in the air, using the Time Stone he made Nebula go back onto the ground. And utilizing the Reality Stone he bonded her there into the moon, Thanos made his whole body harden with Tekkai as he came crashing down. Thanos slammed his feet into her, making her wheeze in pain, her horn lit up and she teleported away from the Titan.

Nebula’s horn glowed and she fired a wave of Alicorn Magic at him, Thanos used his Reality Stone to absorb the blast before firing a wave of high pressure Hetap at her. (Hetap is an alcoholic beverage) Nebula narrowly avoided the attack, as she recovered Thanos fired off a wave of the Power Stone at her, Nebula constructed a portal and the energy went in. She then made a portal next to Thanos and he was hit with the Power Stone energy, but before he was hit, he covered himself with scales of the Earth Dragon. As the wave slammed into him, he was pushed back and he hit the ground. Thanos looked at his body, the scales charred with the energy of the Power Stone. Thanos dismissed the scales, but as he did he was pulled to Nebula.

Nebula’s hand was covered in the Yami-Yami No Mi’s energy and her hand was a blackhole, Thanos hit Nebula’s hand with his chest. Nebula grinned before slamming him down onto the ground, he wheezed in pain before he fired a steam blast. The attack sent Nebula airborne and Thanos rolled to his feet and fired off waves of the Power Stone at Nebula. Using her wings to fly, she ducked under the attack and flew towards Thanos. Thanos roared as he tried to shoot her down, trailing the Power Stone energy after her. Nebula did a barrel roll and avoided the energy before she slammed and Armament Haki enhanced fist into Thanos’ face, sending him flying backwards.

Thanos was airborne but was close to the ground, close enough that he could recover with a flip. Thanos summoned his Infinity Blade and ran towards Nebula, the Alicorn tried to recall her scythe but she couldn’t. She tried again before realizing her scythe broke, Thanos slammed the Infinity Blade down upon her, fortunately for Nebula she made a forcefield with her Alicorn Magic. Thanos’ blade dug into the shield, making it crack. “You won’t win this,” Nebula seethed.

The Titan merely said nothing and coated the blade in Ryou Haki, this quickly shattered the shield. Nebula was knocked back as the forcefield broke apart, Thanos clenched his gauntlet fist and covered it in Ryou Haki. It began to glow purple, both with his Haki Color and the Power Stone. Thanos slammed his fist into her gut, making her reel in pain, she coughed out blood before she was knocked back. Thanos clenched his fist and pointed his gauntlet at Nebula to fire the power of the Reality, Time, Soul, and Power Stone into Nebula before he powered down.

“You’re not worth the effort of finishing off, you’re too weak, too pathetic.” Thanos turned around and walked away from Nebula, the Queen coughed out blood before shakily going to her feet. She began to have blurry vision as she saw Thanos get away.

“Are you really going to let him get away? After all he’s done?!” Nightmare Moon yelled, Nebula coughed out some more blood before wiping it from her mouth.

“I can’t… I can’t beat him, he’s too strong…” Nebula stumbled forward, using some of her strength to chase after him.

“You are strong, we are strong. You’re not alone Lulu, you have me, let me lend you my power. With this power you should be able to kill him for good.” Nightmare Moon said, Nebula suddenly received a rush of energy, her eyes turned into that of a cat. She was surrounded by a deep blue magical aura.

Thanos then stopped in his tracks and turned around just in time to be punched in the jaw by Nebula. Thanos was then punted across the moon and slammed into a deep crater, the size of ten football fields. Thanos then gets up and adopts a fighting stance but is launched into the edge of the crater, Thanos winces in pain and looks at his injuries. He then looked up and saw Nebula’s speed, she was more than a thousand times faster than before, Thanos slowly got up and steam began to emanate from him. His skin began to turn light purple.

“Netsu-Netsu, Steam Man!” Thanos said and he shot forward, Nebula appeared at his side, her two feet were out and she aimed to hit the Titan in his left ribs. The fast Titan shot steam from his chest and it knocked him upwards just in time to avoid the attack. Thanos made a steam ball, making it giant before making it the size of an ant. He put it into his right palm and clenched his fist, Nebula shot to the edge of the crater, kicking off from it before flying towards the back of him. Thanos turned around and palm struck Nebua in her face, the steam ball exploded like a nuclear bomb and sent both Thanos and Nebula flying across the massive crater. They both hit the edge and they launched themselves towards each other, letting out a war cry before doing so.

Shockwaves filled the crater as every strike shook the moon, Thanos was barely keeping up with Nebula, for every strike Thanos landed on Nebula. She landed a hundred more on Thanos, Thanos grunted before using Kiai to push Nebula away. “Netsu-Netsu Burst Man!” Thanos shouted out, his body began to glow with heat, his skin turned glowing red. Nebula shot herself towards him, but the Titan could see her clearly now, Thanos ducked out of the way and avoided a kick. Thanos grabbed her leg and dropped down and slammed her into the moon. Shaking the moon, Nebula scrambled to get up but he grabbed her by the head and slammed her into the ground.

Nebula growled as blood began to seep out of her mouth, through her teeth, Thanos then kicked Nebula, making her skid across the crater. She then stopped herself from skidding by digging her fingers into the earth.

Her horn lit up and the ground beneath Thanos began to glow with magic, Thanos quickly rolled out of the attack. An eruption of crystal spikes is what the Titan had avoided, Thanos frowned and he began to change form. He was surrounded with magma and igneous rock, the shards of the igneous rock surrounded his lava like aura. “Bursting Igneous Lava Dragon Mode!” Thanos said as he was surrounded by a fierce aura. “Blue Inferno Edition!” The lava turned blue and he changed, his heat rivalled that of the suns, and the moon began to melt.

“Impossible! Father made it so that the moon could never be destroyed!” Nebula said in surprise, Thanos began to roar like a dragon, Nebula saw the image of Kaido behind him.

“BORO BREATH!” A huge breath of rock and lava shot towards Nebula, Nebula was paralyzed from fear before she snapped out of it at the last second and teleported away. Nebula was airborne and panting, she was currently shivering, though fear quickly turned into hatred.

“First you kill my older sister, AND NOW YOU DEFILE MY FATHER’S GRAVE?! YOU’RE DONE FOR!” Nebula boomed with the Royal Canterlot voice, her deep blue aura turned even deeper and sinister, her eyes began to glow with Dark Magic.

“Hmph!” Thanos jumped from the moon, aiming to knock Nebula out of the sky. Nebula flew down to Thanos, she began to clench her fists, being covered with Dark Magic and the Yami-Yami No Mi. The two pulled their fists back and with a roar they struck and the universe shook with the power that they were putting out. The two began to trade blows rapidly, Thanos readied his fists and they began to glow bright with blue lava. “Azure Lotus: Lava-Earth Dragon’s Iron Fist!” Thanos began to punch at Nebula rapidly, with trails of blue lava following Thanos’ fists, Nebula matched those blows with barriers covering her fists added with Armament Haki, Dark Magic, and the effects Yami-Yami No Mi.

As they fought they both spun around and their fists collided one more time and a huge explosion lit up the moon.

“I, really miss my nigga.

I, really miss my nigga

White people you can sing it too, just change that "n" to a "w"

Miss my wigga

Just say I really miss my wigga

Back to the song.”

“Was at the hospital bed

Said, "nigga, are you dead?"

My nigga said, "yeah"

And I said, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Why'd you have to go go go go go go?.”

“Reached out to his ghost in slo-mo mo

Pulled a trigga for my nigga then it burst in the air

Nurse said, "you can't do that here"

I said, "bitch, I don't care".”

“She said, "you don't care?

Well, this part's important

Help me lift this nigga up and put him in the dead nigga storage"

I said, "dead nigga storage?

You jokin'"

She said, "I'm jokin'

It was just a joke"

I said, "I'ma shoot you in the face, call it a joke"

She said, "the best way to cheer up is to laugh"

I said, "bitch, I'll cheer up after this bloodbath

I want the whole world to know what it's like to lose a nigga".”

“… I lost my nigga to a hernia

I lost my nigga to a hernia!

I really miss my nigga

I really miss my nigga

White people white people!

I really miss my wigga”

“This song is about equality!”

“I really miss my nigga

Let's sing it together

I really miss my nigga

But white people if a black person's next to you and they look real pissed you better stop it

I really miss my nigga

I ain't responsible for your well being!”

“I really miss my nigga

I really miss my wigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga

I miss my nigga.”

Lucci finished his song, he now looked up to the Sphinx who had tears in her eyes. "Can we have the Space Stone now? We entertained you."

The Sphinx sniffed, "Y-yes, g-go ahead, you're such a beautiful singer. Hopefully your ni-" There was a boom above the cavern.

"Come on! The Space Stone!" Grievous said impatiently, the Sphinx rolled her eyes and she opened her mouth the Space Stone came out of it. Marco caught the Space Stone.

"Now, all we have to do is-" Marco was then interrupted by Black. Black bursted from the ceiling and in front of the trio.

“Oh hey guys.” Black said simply as he stood up, dusting himself off. “I’ve seen you got the Space Stone.”

"Yeah, is Thanos here yet?" Grievous asked the Saiyan before hearing a massive BOOM above following the cackle of Thanos. "I'm guessing that's a no."

“Yup, has anyone seen Supergirl?” Black asked with a raised eyebrow. “Either way, we should get out of here before Nebula decides to go all out and possibly kill everyone here except for me…”

"Black's right. My baby dragon's lunch time is at seven." Grievous looked at his watch, it was a watch with a dragon on it.

"Damn, did you lay another Luna?" Lucci asked Black with a grin.

“SHUT IT, FOR THE OMNI KING’S SAKE! Dear Kami, all she said was she liked me!” Black exclaimed, gripping his fists and glaring at Lucci.

"Black and Nebula sitting in a tree. K, I, S, S, I, N, G!" Supergirl said with a grin, dropping from the hole in the ceiling.

Black spun around then punched the kryptonian back through the hole, hard enough to send her back to Equis. “First it was Alucard, now you children…” Black seethed. “At this point, I might just join her cause and beat the shit out of all of you…”

"Would you like to join my cause, my co- I mean my friend." Nebula descended from the hole before she was absolutely fucking stomped by Thanos.

"BAH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Thanos laughed as he pointed at Black, he then slapped his knee and fell on his back. Nebula growled as she emerged from the ground.

Black was blushing uncontrollably, “First it was my Luna, then a Luna from a gamer displaced, now this Luna… I swear I think every single Luna in the Multiverse likes me…” Black muttered, sensing Nightmare laughing with Zamasu lightly chuckling.

"Fucking hilarious, anyways, let's go." Thanos walked away only for Nebula to grab his foot.

"You're not going ANYWHERE you tyrant." Nebula said with so much venom that it could turn Tobey Maguire into Bully Maguire.

"Hey T, catch!" Marco threw the Space Stone at the Titan, Thanos caught it and put it in his gauntlet. Thanos jolted at the rush of power.

"Well, it's been fun, Marefriend of Black," Nebula was then covered in Sea Prism Stone armor, making her go limp. "But we gotta go." Thanos used the Space Stone to make a portal.

"Marefriend of Black, hehehehe…" Grievous chuckled, he then walked into the portal nonchalantly followed by Lucci and Marco.

"Black, say something to your marefriend before you get the milk." Thanos said to the Saiyan.

Said Saiyan had a dark hase over his face, Thanos raised his eyebrow, before being pimp slapped into the portal. Black looked at the Alicorn with an unreadable face. He pointed a hand towards Nebula, a ki blast forming. He shot it, Nebula seeing this closed her eyes as if this was her fate. Only to open them again as she saw the Sea Prism Armor destroyed. What she saw was a green bean with a note, the Saiyan was gone and with the portal to. The Alicorn picked up the two items, the note saying ‘Eat this, it’ll heal any injury and replenish your strength and stamina. This is a sign of mercy, you should use it some time. Use It Wisely… From your friendly multiversal Saiyan, Son Goku Black.’

Nebula picked up the bean before grinning like a psychotic bastard, "Oh I can use this… But not now." Her horn lit up and the bean vanished, "Run Thanos run, you are only prolonging the inevitable." Nebula looked up to space and saw Equis, specifically the continent of Ava, then looking at Minos, and it's capital; Minocow.

She then broke out into a chilling laughter that echoed across the cavern, across space...

Author's Note:

I'm sorry guys for the short build-up to the actual spaceship. The beginning was supposed to be a chapter but I couldn't find it within myself to write more of it. I hadn't planned it fully and I kinda need to plan, I don't go guns and blazing anymore. Again, sorry.

HOWEVER! Check out my boy, my man, my brother from another mother, Shirtmechanic and his story Equestria's Divine God. I can not get enough of it, it's so good it just makes me want to-

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