• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Storm IV.

The Storm IV

It was in ruins… The battlefield of Discord and Starry was in absolute ruins. One pile of ash was on the sands of the island, the only noise that filled the area was footsteps. Those footsteps came from a hooded figure, when he took a step, a crack was formed in the ground. A sudden blizzard formed and the figure looked down at the pile of dust.

He kneeled down to one knee, "Starry Sky, a swordsman of Japan, awaken." A blue pentagram made of ice appeared before the dust pile. The man twisted his hand, the dust formed together and became Starry Sky. "Starry Sky, reborn." He said and he stood up to his fill height.

"What the, where am I?" Starry said, disoriented and confused.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, you're on the Island of Chaos and Stars." The Man said, naming the island after the fierce battle of Starry and Discord.

"Who are you?"

The Man turned around and took one step, he gazed back at Starry and allowed him to see a part of his face. He had blue eyes and shark teeth. "I am the Man Clad in Ice." He grinned and faded into the blizzard. Once the blizzard cleared, he was no longer there. And Starry was back on the battlefield.

"Man Clad in Ice… huh well you have my thanks whatever your real name is." Starry grins while grabbing his katana and charges back into the fray.

Thanos and Black were pushed back, Thanos put his sword into the ground to a halt. Black placed his palms behind his back and used Ki to stop.

"Okay, Black… I think we're boned." Thanos said, spitting blood out his mouth.

“No fucking shit…” Black growled.

"If only we had some guy in a scythe and shadow powers to help us." Thanos said, as he stood up to his feet.

“I'm sure he’s occupied.” Black said as he got into his stance and awaited Ultimate Nebula and Ryker’s attack. “Although, his assistance would be much appreciated…” Black grumbled.

"Yup." Thanos was then rushed by Ultimate Nebula, raising her scythe she slammed it onto Thanos. Thanos proceeds to dodge it, when the scythe hits the ground it freezes the feet of Thanos and Black. "Hey Black." Thanos said calmly.

“Yeah?” Black asked, proceeding to make flames in the palms of his hands and pointed them at their feet.

"How screwed are we?" Thanos asked as Ryker closed in on them with his Dark Blade.

“Oh greatly… if I don’t use full power…” Black hesitantly said. Getting them out of the ice and firing a blast at Ryker. The blast disintegrated on his Destroyer Form aura. "Oh, errors have been made."

"TALLY-HO!" Ryker swiped at Black. On instinct, Black dodged the attack and covered his hand in dense ki and threw a punch into Ryker’s skull. Ryker took the punch and held his ground.

"Nice punch, let me show you mine." Ryker then threw a punch fueled with Ryou Haki into Black's chest. The punch made Black wince but nothing major until the Saiyan coughed out blood. The Saiyan's arm then began to twist. "You know, having Kenshiro's martial arts really does wonders." Black's arms then break and Ryker slammed the flat side of his blade onto Black sending him into Thanos. The two fall and hit the ground.

"Black, are you alright?" Thanos wheezed, covered in ice from Ultimate Nebula's assault.

“My fucking arm is broken…” Black groaned as he supported himself with his metal arm, glaring at both Ultimate Nebula and Ryker. “I do have a plan though… Which may or may not involve you becoming a punching bag for about 5 minutes…” Black explained as he began to use his healing technique on his right arm.

"Well… It's not like I haven't been a punching bag for the whole Displaced Tournament." Thanos said as he got up, raised both his fist high and his Infinity Blade.

To that answer, the Saiyan dropped back down to his base form and floated into the sky. Raising his hands to the sky, he closed his eyes as thousands of lights emitted from the planet, concentrating into a ball above him. ‘Mahna dada, do do do-do do’, the Saiyan began to sing in his mind.

"Alright, let's kick some ass!" Thanos said before he was rushed by Ultimate Nebula and Ryker. He was getting punched and slashed left and right. "OH GOD! FUCK! I AM IN SO MUCH AGONY OH FUCK! SHIT!"

Mahna Mahna, do do-do do. Mahna Mahna, do do de-de de’ Black continued to sing in his mind as the Spirit Bomb began to grow in size.


De-de-de, de-de-de, de-do-do I’ma chagrin’ my attack’ Black sang as the Spirit Bomb grew to the size of the moon. Then Thanos’ body flew straight past him and into the ground violently. The Saiyan noticed this and glanced at the Titan, “Hey you alright buddy?”

"OOHOHOHO GOD! I CAN'T FEEL MY ARMS! MY MAIN SOURCE OF ATTACK GONE!" Thanos screamed in pain, Ryker slammed his knees into Thanos' gut. "BLAURGH!"

“Oh ok… you're fine~” Black said as he turned his attention back to the Spirit Bomb, said attack growing to the size of the planet, it feeding off the energy emitting of the sun. “Hmm… it’s not enough… A little more energy wouldn’t hurt would it?”

In a bird enclosure, there stood Casey Turner, sketching a bird. A notebook in hand and a pencil in another. He then looks up to find the bird dead.

"Mr. Birdy, no!" Casey shouted.

Thanos then rolls over Black covered in blood, ice, and bruises, "Are ya done yet, pal…?" His voice cracked.

“Just about in 3… 2… 1… DONE!” Black said as the sound of a bell went off, confusing everyone on the battlefield. The Saiyan then went back into Complete Ultra Instinct with a glare and to Thanos’ surprise, the Saiyan began to absorb the energy from the Spirit Bomb.

Using the Time Stone, Thanos reverts his injuries and he turns back to the way he was 5 minutes ago. "Okay, this is shocking." He commented. The planet began to shake violently as Black’s aura began to grow in size along with his power. Both the armies stopped their assaults and watched in fear of how the Planet size Spirit bomb was being absorbed into the Saiyan.

"Oh god, I can't get up." Thanos said, trying to get up but failing due to the pressure of Black's ki.

“Only a weakling says they can't,” Eric said, flying down next to the Titan with his hand extended. “And the Mad Titan is no weakling.”

Thanos lowered the temperature in his right hand and grabbed Eric's hand. Just as the Shadow Man pulled him up, he made his right hand back to it's fiery state. "Eric, Ryker is here, Nebula has become Ultimate. Her ice freezes my heat and I currently have the power of a thousand suns. The reason why this place isn't burning is…" Thanos pointed up, and a giant green pentagram was revealed to Eric.

“That’s pretty metal,” Eric whispered out before looking back to the Titan. “What do you need from me, John?”

"Alright, ready your scythe and-" Thanos was then cut off by the Dark Saiyan

“MAKE SURE I’M NOT FUCKING INTURRUPTED!!!” Black roared as Ryker charged towards the Saiyan.

"EGHEHAHA! GET READY TO DIE!" Ryker spun around, eventually becoming a black tornado given the Dark Blade and his Armament Haki.

Eric’s green eyes glowed with power as an orange magic came from his horn and eyes, Magic channeled into his hands as he slammed his fist into the ground. A large chunk of the earth jolted up before the Shadow Man struck the stone and sent it towards Ryker, Ryker cut the stone in half. He was then knocked off course and he slammed his blade into the ground.

"...Eric…" Ryker said in a singsong, he turned to the Shadow Man. "Look at you, so… Alicorn-y." Ryker said as he stood to his feet. "What happened?"

“I wed the one you threatened to hurt to enslave me.” Eric said to the former king as he withdrew a katana from his body. “One-Cut Killer…” the Shadow Man said, unsheathing the blade. “...Murasame”

"Hm." Ryker readied his Yoru and jumped at Eric with a grin on his face, "Let's see how much you've grown since the Archipelago!" The two flared their Conqueror's Haki, shaking the earth around them

“Let’s.” Eric said, stepping towards the vile King. “I still need to kill you for all my comrades you killed during your wretched tournament.” Eric’s Haki grew stronger with each step as did Ryker’s.

"You had your chance when you defeated me alongside your friends. Now look at you, all alone. Without Shiva, Luke, Celine, Kodo, Sombra, Thanos, Lucci, Entity, Link, Black, Luna Black! I've slain countless of displaced, those who've destroyed universes!" Ryker said with a laugh, "You're nothing."

“I’d rather face you alone than put my friends in harm's way again.” Eric said as his Ryou Haki covered his arms and legs. “And a king puts his life before others, something you failed to realize”

"I am no King." Ryker spat, "I lost my Kingdom when you won, now? I'm a Ronin. Huh, Ronin… I like that. Ryker the Ronin." Ryker said as sheathed his sword and covered his arms and legs in Ryou Haki. "Shigan/Finger Pistol." Ryker jabbed a finger towards Eric.

Quick as a flash Eric grabbed hold of the former king's finger with an iron grip, a glare hardened in the Shadow Man’s eyes.

“I’m not as weak as I was before.” Eric said, breaking the finger and kicking Ryker away. “It’ll take much more than that to stop me this time around”

"Finally, a challenge!" Ryker used some Ki and fixed his broken finger. Ryker's Fierce Deity eyes were combined with Rinnegan Eyes. "Come on… And give me what I want…" Chakra mixed with Ki twirled around Ryker and his green eyes changed to golden. "Come at me."

Eric planted his feet as he shifted his grip on his Imperial Arms. “Gladly.” Eric rushed the former king before coating his weapon in haki

Ryker laughed and he formed a Bisento and his Dark Blade, as the two got ready to square off. Thanos plants his feet onto the ground and he fuels himself with power once more. Thanos' skin began to break but with the Time Stone it was placed back.

"C'mon!" Thanos clenched his teeth and covered his body in Ryou Haki. "Let's kick some Ultimate Ass!"

Ultimate Nebula smiled, looking at Thanos and Black, "Aw… Look at Thanos, trying to push himself to his limits. You're all pathetic." She spat.

Black growled as he gathered the rest of the Spirit Bomb into his body. His aura exploded around him, becoming erratic. ‘The power of the sun… in the palm of my hand.’ Black thought to himself as a red outline began to surround the Saiyan. “I can’t hold this energy for long. So let’s finish this…” Black growled.

"Aye!" Thanos charged at Ultimate Nebula, using the Space Stone he made a portal and went through it. Using the Reality Stone, Black came from the portal in front of Ultimate Nebula.

"Oh damn." Ultimate Nebula said calmly.

Black let out a powerful roar, coating his metal arm in armament haki and ki. Throwing his fist into Ultimate Nebula’s ribcage. The Alicorn coughed up blood, but Black didn’t stop as he threw his right arm, sending thousands of invisible compressed air punches into the Alicorn’s gut.

Ultimate Nebula was pushed back into Thanos' lariat, Thanos wrapped his arm around Nebula's waist. Spinning around he threw him into the air, Thanos leaped up after her, now above her. "ABSOLUTE HELLISH RAINSHOWER!" Thanos unleashed a thousandth of punches and they all slammed into Nebula. She was heading towards the ground, Ultimate Nebula growled before teleporting away. Thanos then landed on the ground, he looked around to find Ultimate Nebula.

"Oh boys!" Ultimate Nebula said in a singsong, she slammed her fist into Thanos' rib. Ultimate Nebula then slammed a knee into his chin before she grabbed him by the neck and slammed him onto the ground. Ultimate Nebula then pulled Black close with Alicorn Magic and slammed Black into Thanos. Once they were grouped together she grabbed the two together and threw them into the air.

"YAMI-HIE NO MI! DARKENED ICE!" She shot threads of darkness covered in ice at the Dynamic Dumbasses.

Without warning the form of Ryker was thrown into the Alicorn sparring the Dynamic Dumbasses from her attacks, Ryker stopped himself from moving and glared up at Eric. "Ah… Nice blow, I almost fell." Crossing his legendary weapons he unleashed an X shaped air slash that tore through the ground, digging towards Eric and surrounded by plasma.

“You should be lucky I smacked you out of the sky and didn’t cut you down with Murasame.” Eric said quickly drawing Obsidian Blood and crossing his blades to block the air slash

However the pressure was too great and knocked him off balance, Ryker quickly turned into plasma with his logia body. He shot towards Eric with great speed and transformed his top half into his normal form and slammed his Bisento and Dark Blade onto Eric's blade. The two struggled a bit, but Ryker proved to still tower over Eric in strength and in height.

"You will never beat me on your own Eric, you're outmatched by my strength, skill, speed, and my experience. I am 27,000 years old, and I am-"

Suddenly Ryker disappeared and in his place stood Starry with his hand outstretched. "For all your talk you got sent flying pretty easily. Hey Eric, need a hand."

Eric just stared at the pony with widened eyes, with no warning the Shadow Man embraced the pegasus in a tight hug before giving him a saddened expression.

“I’m sorry,” Eric said in a saddened tone. “I couldn’t save you”

"What are you talking about? You can't save everyone Eric and plus I'm still alive so wipe your tears and steel your soul for we have a war to win!" Starry hugs Eric back.

“You’re right,” Eric said, glancing at the Samurai’s neck with a tinge of guilt.

Eric turned back to the former king before the shadows began to envelope him.

"And for what it's worth I'm glad to be fighting alongside you again, old friend."

“The feeling is mutual, my friend.” Eric said as the shadows covered his being.

"..." Ryker looked at the pair, and put his weapons up. "Y'know, Eric… I never thought of you as a guy who would apologize for the death of a friend. Like me." Ryker said before he dropped his Haki and his eyes turned back to green. "I really don't know you, do I? But I know one thing, you've grown."

“I appreciate the compliment Ryker” Eric said as a black swarm of shadow blocked Ryker’s view of the Shadow Man. “Shadow Soul…”

"Phase 1…" Starry said as he is covered in a thin layer of cyan Colored energy.

“..Soul of Lucifer.”

The shadows dispersed around the Shadow Man, his form towering over Ryker by 20 feet. His eyes were a dark violet color, while his skin was a darkened gray. Several large horns jutted from his head. Black leathery bat wings sprouted from his back. Clawed gauntlets covered his forearms, and dark armor covered the entirety of his body.

"..Protectors Grace" The cyan energy circles around Starry then some of it goes to float around Eric. Starry starts to fly and the cyan energy solidifies and forms a robot body around him.

Ryker inhaled then exhaled, plasma and string twirled around him. The Irish Ronin slammed his knuckles together, his fists were armored with the Gauntlets of Asura. His feet were armored with the Boots of Zeus, his chest was armored with the Ki Nullifying Chestplate. "7th Gate, Open." Ryker was fueled with Taijutsu. Destroyer Energy surrounded Ryker and he transformed into his Destroyer Form, his eyes opened with the eyes of the Fierce Deity and Rinnegan Eyes. He then coats his arms and legs in Ryou Haki and boosts them with Tekkai. "Kaio-Ken times 70." Another red aura added itself onto Ryker's plethora of auras.

'You chose the Phase one armor why?'

"You got a better idea?" Starry says to the air.

'As a matter a fact.' Starrys body starts to glow, change and grow; soon he's a 30 feet tall owl.

"....THIS IS YOUR IDEA!" Starry yells as he looks over himself. "I regret accepting your deal." Starry says dejectedly.

'But you did and now we're here so cheer up cause we have a fight to win!' Starry sighs and looks toward Eric. "Eric hop on." Starry says as he hears laughing in his head.

“Y̸̦ͧ͌ŏ̙u̢̘̥ ̛͇͐̓ḡ̻o͔͕̎ͭt͐́͘ ̶̹̤̌a̘̓̐ ͂́͡p̨̩̲̃l̷͇̕a̗̙͒̾n͗,ͣ̓̀ͅ ̪͠S̈ͥ͢͞k̴̹̦͌ͮ͢y̥͚̔́?” Eric asked climbing on top of the large owl

"Regrettably, yes." Starry flies high with Eric on top of him and starts to form ice all over him and Eric healing their wounds. Then the ice breaks and forms copies of them and fly toward Ryker as Starry charges up a cyan ball in his beak.

"What the- You know what? I'm not gonna ask." Ryker vanished from sight and Starry was knocked out of the sky. Ryker slammed fist fist into Starry's chest, the two were knocking above the clouds.

"That was a mistake." Starry says releasing the ball, freezing them both. Healing Starry but breaking down Ryker. They both fall towards the ground at terminal velocity. Ryker then reformed his body with his logia.

"Oof… I nearly got a cold." Ryker said looking at his red hands.

"GIBBY!" Ryker hears above him before Starry crashes into him and freezes them and the entire area around them.

"PISS OFF!" Ryker then burns the area surrounding him, making a crater around him. "Stop freezing me!"

"Don't feel like it" Starry flies again and shoots icicles at him before charging.

“Di̴͓͇͏s̱̐t̴̠͍ͯͦ͝r̝͂ä̧͔̠́c̸̓̒t̴̰͉͞ ̧̫̙̃͘h̴̻̞ͨͧi̗m͠.” Eric said vanishing from Starry’s back but left a shadow double on his back

Ryker and Starry tussled by talking to each other. Ryker getting frozen, being on frozen, arguing with Starry before getting frozen again.

With Ryker focused on Starry Sky, the Shadow Man appeared behind the former King with his arm coated in Ryou Haki.

“R͈ï̦nͨ̉g͍͌͒͝ ͅõ̫̚f͉͚̔͜ ̰ͩW̛̘ͧr̡̟ͮ͝aͭ̅t͒͟h̢̘̟͢” Eric said going for the former King’s neck. “S̙͉h̲͞͠a͙̒ḍ̢̔o͕w̄̚ ͨḨ̴̮e͗̾l̶̨l̸̳͙ ͎̍S̷̜̓̈t̮̺a̮̲ͧ̅r͓̦”

Eric smashed his fist into Ryker’s neck and buried him into the ground with the earth around him destroyed on impact

Starry breathes deeply before disappearing and reappearing creating a mirage of giant owls before they all charge a cyan ball in their beaks. "Ice Age: LIFE'S MAGIC!"

Ryker sighed, before opening his eyes, plasma shown from it. A colossal cone of plasma is shown, destroying all of the ice nearby. "Alrighty!" Ryker then shot towards Eric and he was surrounded by chakra and formed into a Perfect Green Sussanoõ. "Hello, Eric." He greeted punching Eric across the face, and grabbing him by the neck and choke slamming him.

Starry disappears and reappears in front of Ryker and slaps him across the face causing him to disappear. Starry helps Eric up and faces toward the direction Ryker went."I've got this." Starry says before charging Ryker and screeching.

Ryker proceeds to uppercut Starry before grabbing his wings. Ryker brought Starry down and slammed his knee into the Owl, Ryker flew up to the clouds before piledriving Starry into the dirt.

Starry bites into the Sussanoõ tearing a piece off before swallowing it. "That's what Chakra tastes like. Huh. Hey, was that enough?"

'Yep alright here you go. You've got three minutes of this. Fuck him up!' Starry starts to form a susanoo around him and knocks Ryker away.

Ryker grabbed Starry by his neck and slammed him into the ground. Ryker pinned Starry down and began to punch him over and over again. Grabbing Starry by his head, Ryker slammed Starry into the rubble of the Minocow Palace. Ryker unsheathed his right katana and stabbed it onto Stary's right wing. Ryker then shot a Ki blast at Eric, the Ki blasts turned into chains and they pinned Eric down.

Starry places his left wing against Rykers body and focuses before Ryker feels an excruciating pain erupt from his body and sees a green aura leave his body before Starry absorbs it and turns the tables, pinning Ryker down continuing to absorb the green aura.

Ryker shrunk down to his normal height, making Starry stumble. Ryker then shot forth and slammed both of his fists into Starry. "Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan!" Immense pain shot up Starry's internal organs, mainly his lungs and his heart. Ryker then delivers a swift kick to Starry's chin.

"Too late!" Starry freezes himself along with Ryker. Healing himself and breaking down Ryker but the ice looks different it has a green hue to it and it starts to harden.

Ryker roared and a huge sphere of plasma, Ki, and chakra formed around him. It then expanded and melted the ice off of Starry. During the dust cloud, Ryker wrapped his hand around Starry's neck, giant once more, but now he looked like a giant human. His body, now made of string. "Ahem… Stop freezing me, please? It makes me very uncomfortable."

Starry starts to laugh loudly before sitting down. "You know this fight won't end for a long while, especially since I absorbed some of your energy. So I have a suggestion."

Ryker sat down as well, "Wait, before you say anything, have you watched Wander Over Yonder?" Ryker asked the Owl man.

"Man, I'm from Feudal Japan. I'm not sure what that is but I'm sure you'll explain it."

"Okay, so it's about a guy and a dinosaur saving planets from an evil skull guy and his army of eyeballs. I promise it's a good show- You know what? Can I show you?" Ryker asked, with a smile.

"Eh, it bets an endless battle. Sure also Hey Guardian didn't you mention something Like that." A cyan figure exits from Starrys body forming a small orange figure.

"Yeah I did but you didn't listen when I explained it but this is what one of the characters looks like."

"You know, I can conjure a TV, we can watch it." Ryker said, pointing at a free spot on the battlefield. "Two seasons." He conjured a TV at the free spot, shrinking down to his normal size.

Starry and Guardian look at each other before shrugging and heading to the TV. Starry shrinking down. "Can you turn me back."

" Nah you're too comfortable like this." Guardian says before cuddling up with Starry.
"You can get in on this Ryker. I promise he feels better than clouds."

"Bet." Ryker said before dropping out of his transformation and sitting next to them. Starry sighs before settling down and the show starts.

"Yip bi di dit bip bi-ee-i-di-dit

Wander Over Yonder!"

Ultimate Nebula spun her scythe as she lunged at Thanos, the Titan raised his Infinity Blade, lighting it on fire with his Netsu-Netsu No Mi. Ultimate Nebula and Thanos clashed, and an explosion of fire and ice filled the air, making a smokescreen. “Damn, Thanos and Luna aren't holding back.” Black commented as sounds of the clashing of blades and energy filled the smokescreen and Thanos was sent hurtling out of it. Thanos slammed his blade onto the ground, a small trench of magma was made because of it.

“Black, guard up!” Thanos said as Ultimate Nebula shot from the smokescreen, the amount of magic in her body overflowing, turning her into a darker shade of blue and black. Ultimate Nebula used her horn and made her scythe float, she then threw the scythe at Black, but as the scythe was flying towards Black, she made a portal and stuck her hands in it. Behind Black another portal appeared and her hands reached out to grab the Saiyan. Black was now between a rock and a cold place.

Time slowed down as the Saiyan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A moment later his eyes shot open as he swung his metal arm towards Ultimate Nebula, sending a series of pressured blasts to hold back the Alicorn. And using his right arm to grab her scythe, spinning around and throwing it back at Ultimate Nebula at blinding speed. The Saiyan created multiple ki blasts in his metal palm and threw them at the Alicorn.

Ultimate Nebula’s horn lit up and time slowed down, first, she dodged the ki blasts by leaning back and moving her body to dodge each blast. Ultimate Nebula’s back was mere inches from hitting the ground, she put her right hand up and caught the scythe. Using the momentum, she placed her left hand on the ground and allowed the scythe to spin her to her feet. Ultimate Nebula then threw her scythe in the air and placed her palms on the ground.

“ICE AGE!” The ground below Thanos and Black quickly began to freeze over, quickly, the duo sprung up into the air to avoid the attack.

“That was close.” Thanos panted, fearing his life if the attack landed on either of them, Ultimate Nebula cackled which made Thanos uneasy.

“Ya had to say it.” Black growled.

“Oh I’m not done yet…” Using her awakened Devil Fruit status, the ice below them shot up in blocks. Trying to smash into them and crush them to bits. Thanos shot up to the skies to avoid them, but a shadow came over him, he looked up to see thousands of ice block tendrils coming down onto him. Thanos quickly flew away and began to shoot at the ice block tendrils with his Magma Dragon Slayer Magic, it was effective, but he was clearly being overwhelmed.

As for Black, thousands of dark tendrils shot out to him and whatever Ki or Fire he shot at the darkness was only absorbed and devoured. As the tendrils surrounded him and shot towards him, the Saiyan’s body would avoid and dodge all the tendrils his way. All though it was only delaying the fact he was destroying his body. The energy of the planet sized spirit bomb and the power of Complete Ultra Instinct were beginning to strain his body. Black teleported away and stumbled backwards as he watched all the tendrils crash into each other.

The Saiyan watched as Thanos was being overwhelmed by the non-stop blocks of ice. ‘This is bad…’ Black thought, catching his breath before he caught sight of Ultimate Nebula looking down on him with a smug shit eating grin.

“D’aww… Is the widdle Saiyan tired? How about you take a nap? FOREVER!” Ultimate Nebula then fired off a bunch of ice tendrils coated in darkness. “Ice-Heart!”

“I'm not done just yet Luna, I’ve still got a trick up my sleeve.” Black huffed, clenching his fists as a red outline surrounded his mystical aura. The Saiyan gritted his teeth as his power began to increase dramatically. He began to yell as a spiky red aura exploded around him, his power multiplying to heights unseen.

“ULTRA KAIOKEN!!!” Black roared with the might of a thousand oozarus. The ice tentrals shatters by the force of his aura.

“Ultra-what?” Ultimate Nebula quirked an eyebrow of intrigue.

Ultimate Nebula didn’t get a chance to question further as a fist instantaneously struck her in the cheek. She was then struck by a barrage of punches and kicks all around her body. To the naked eye Black had been standing still, not moving from his spot. The barrage stopped as a kick to the gut made the Alicorn keel over and fall to her knees. She looked up to see Black stare back down at her with a determined glare.

Oh no, he became stronger and more red, whatever shall I do?” The Ultimate Alicorn grabbed Black by his throat and frost began to cover his skin. “My, my, you’re looking cold, you should get a jacket.”

“I’m fine, thank you.” Black replied as the frost began to melt and the area around them began to melt. The Saiyan took the Alicorn’s hand off his throat and began to crush it. “You should start worrying about yourself.” Black yanked her hand and kneed the Alicorn in the snout. The force sent her back but only to be yanked back to the Saiyan and slammed into the ground, causing it to shatter into dust. This stunned her long enough for Black to grab her by the face and dragged her halfway across the planet. Black threw Ultimate Nebula back into the sky only for Black to appear above her, kicking her back into the planet’s core and out the otherside of the planet.

Suddenly, the damages were reversed, and the green glow from the sky was gone. Thanos stood on the ground, out of breath from using the Infinity Stones. “Black, whatever damage to the planet you do now will be permanent. If you do one more attack like that… The whole world will be wiped out.” Thanos said as he clenched his fist one more and reversed the frost from his skin.

“Then we’ll have to finish this now… And I’ve got just the move for that.” Black answered calmly as his body became more visually strained.

“Black, you need to stop that transformation, it’s going to kill you. If you overwork your body too much, you’ll die.” Thanos said as he clenched his fists.

“I know. But you’re doing the same thing, so you can’t say anything.” Black replied as he began to heal himself using the Supreme Kai’s Technique.

Tendrils of ice and darkness surrounded Black, making a sphere around him. The sphere then condenses and he is brought to the ground. Nebula jumped above the sphere and cut it in two, Nebula then grabbed Black from the remnants of the sphere and slammed him to the ground, “Destroy MY planet one more time, and I’ll make damn sure your Luna dies.” Ultimate Nebula seethed.

Black’s aura exploded, the Saiyan’s injuries disappearing as the healing technique did it’s job. “Then let’s take this off the planet.” Black growled as he grabbed Ultimate Nebula and shot off into the sky and into space, flying straight towards the moon. Black roared and threw the Alicorn onto the surface of the moon, creating a massive new crater for all to see. The Saiyan landed on the ground as Nebula shot out of the crater and landed a few meters away from him. “This more suitable for you? Your precious planet is no longer in harm’s path.” Black asked.

“You have no idea how fucked you are.” In the distance, planets the size of Jupiter began to close in, suddenly stopping. Each and every planet circled around the Earth.

“Neither do you.” Black responded coldly.

Ultimate Nebula shot at Black, using Ryou Haki, she slammed her fist into Black’s chest and directly hit his heart. Making Black spurt out blood from his mouth, Ultimate Nebul then grabbed Black by the neck and drove him through each and every planet. Including the core, as she circled the earth and picked up speed, she suddenly shot to the abyss of space. “I hear Saiyans can’t breathe in the Vacuum of Space, I wonder, how long will it take for you to run out?” The two quickly made their way out of the solar system.


“You made a mistake taking me out this far Nebula… cause now…” Black grunted as he grabbed Nebula and shook her off. “I no longer need to hold back…” The Saiyan shot forward, landing a punch into the Alicorn’s ribs. The power of the attack made cracks in the fabric of reality as Ultimate Nebula spat out blood. Black roared as he coated his body in armament kaki, he threw a kick towards the Alicorn, but she crossed her arms and blocked the attack. However the force sent her back as the Saiyan delivered another kick, breaking her guard.

Each attack continued to crack reality. The Saiyan clenched his fists as he let his aura run wild. Ultimate Nebula’s horn lit up as she sent hundreds of dark tendrils Black’s way. This time he dodged and weaved out of their path and appeared in front of the Alicorn. “Five Ren Kugi Punch!” Black chanted as he punched into Ultimate Nebula’s snout. The force sent her back as the Saiyan continued to follow her, increasing the multiplier of his Ren Kugi punches every blow.

The Saiyan summoned his sacred gear, a red gauntlet appearing in his right arm. “EXPLOSION!” Black roared as his power doubled every second. Ultimate Nebula tried to retaliate by sending a large magic blast. But the Saiyan’s body moved to the side, circling around the beam before appearing before the Alicorn. “FIFTEEN REN KUGI PUNCH!” Black roared as he punched her in the gut. This attack shattered reality, the sounds of glass shattering around them and a colorful area surrounded them.

The Alicorn recovered, coiling her arm back as the Saiyan did the same, throwing their arms forward. They collided and reality shattered once again, a shockwave being felt across the universe. The Saiyan began to breathe heavily, knowing his time was running short. Black growled as he coated his arms in god ki and threw a barrage of attacks at Ultimate Nebula. She tried to keep up but was overwhelmed by the Saiyan’s increasing speed. Black roared as he pulled his arm back. “TWENTY REN KUGI GOD PUNCH!!” Black punched into the Alicorn’s gut once more, this time his god ki covered the Alicorn as it began to rip at the Alicorn’s body.
The Saiyan crossed his arms, letting out a mighty roar and throwing his arms into the void of space. This triggered the god ki to detonate, creating the largest explosion this universe had seen. The smoke cleared to see a battered and beaten Alicorn, who glared daggers at Black. The Saiyan sighed as he cupped his hands together and began to charge a Full power Final Big Bang Kamehameha.

“Oh, he’s not done yet. Come on…Make me stronger.” Ultimate Nebula said, this made Black freeze in place. “You finally realize it now? I’ve been toying with you since the very beginning! If I could send you across galaxies with a casual swing of my scythe, don’t you think I would have been stronger?!” Ultimate Nebula’s body began to bend and tremble as it fixed itself.

“Being in different universes has its benefits, and having Oblivion and Umbra’s powers does as well. Oh yeah, that’s right, I have all of the Shadow Magic. During my time scavenging the multiverse I saw Eric’s fight with Umbra and Nox, time travel, basically. And I saw that protective technique Umbra had and so I improved it. And with Grogar’s Magic, Oblivion’s Magic, and even Cadence’s magic. The pain was halved. You’re strong Black, and I can’t protect myself fully, so I did the next best thing. Fixing my broken bones and halving the damage.” Ultimate Nebula said, crossing her arms. “What are you going to do now that this information has been brought to you? Look at little Goku Junior, gonna cry?”

Black said nothing as he continued to charge his attack. The strain of the Spirit Bomb’s energy, Complete Ultra Instinct, and Ultra Kaioken began to take it’s toll. But to Ultimate Nebula’s surprise, the Saiyan continued to grow stronger and stronger the longer he stayed in this transformation. “I’ve tried to save you Luna, talk you out of this dark path… but since you threatened my Luna… I’m done trying to save you…” Black spoke as he made his attack stronger and more powerful.

Ultimate Nebula charged up her power, magic, dark magic, love magic, Ki, ice, darkness, and everything she could possibly find in her arsenal for an attack that could counter Black. The life energy of nearby stars and planets went into Ultimate Nebula’s body as she began to become supercharged.

The Saiyan’s aura disappeared as it was sucked into the massive sphere held in his hands. His pupils dilated into ones of a felines as he draws power from Nightmare and Zamasu. “THIS… IS… MY… AAALLLLLLL!!!!” Black roared as he threw his hands forward, sending the largest Final Big Bang Kamehameha of all time. It grows to the size of a planet before condensing to the size of a small moon.

Like Black, the Alicorn’s aura disappeared and was sucked into a sphere of pure destruction and hatred. Ultimate Nebula’s eyes began to glow white and shone upon the galaxy. “PREPARE FOR THE DEATH OF A DISPLAAAACED!!!!” The ball then grew and tore through space and slammed itself into Black’s Ki Blast, the size of the blast rivaling Black’s. Reality broke around them and they were sent into a different place entirely, a broken reality.

Back on Equis, the power of the two attacks can be felt as the planet shakes. Shallot looked up to the sky with worry for Black. Another shockwave was felt, beginning to crack the planet’s surface as earthquakes and Hurricane winds ran rampant all over Equis. Thanos raised the Infinity Gauntlet to the sky and used the Time Stone to reverse the damages, the Reality Stone to make a forcefield to help the planet, the Space Stone to make everyone invulnerable, the Soul stone to seek out everyone, and the Power Stone to fight back against the shockwave. Thanos’ left arm began to suffer from the power output but it was reversed with the earth.

‘This is insane… if this keeps going…’ Shallot thought as he watched Thanos reverse all the damages. He looked back up to the sky and glared as he raised his hand. ‘Come on Black… Finish it already.’ Said Saiyan was struggling to overpower Ultimate Nebula’s attack and neither could her. The two were in a complete standstill as the two powers continued to clash. Black grunted as he tried to increase his power, but the more he did the larger the chance his body would give in to the strain.

Gritting his teeth and closing his eyes, “KAIOKEN…”

Ultimate Nebula gasped… Before her smile became wider. “Kaio-Ken, the most basic of power increases. You’re already at death’s door, if you go beyond, you’ll die. Or worse, crippled, unable to fight whilst your instincts tell you to!” Ultimate Nebula guffawed.

“TIMES!!” Black roared as he gasped from the sudden shattering of his bones. Though he continued to glare through his blast and to Ultimate Nebula. Shakely, he moved one of his arms away while using his metal arm to continue supplying his blast with energy. His right arm began to glow purple with destruction energy, gathering as much of it as possible.

To the Alicorn’s surprise, Black canceled his Final Big Bang Kamehameha. Letting her ball of mixed energies fly towards him at light-speed. He used instant transmission, cupping his hands together for kamehameha as he appeared in front of Ultimate Nebula. To her instincts, she crossed her arms to block the attack. Though to her surprise again, as Black threw his hands forward, a small confetti popper appeared and showered the Alicorn in confetti.

“GOT YOU! HAKAI!!” Black roared, using Ultimate Nebula’s confusion for his chance to end all this madness. Throwing his right arm forward, palm facing towards the Alicorn’s face. He released all the destruction energy he had stored up. Unfortunately, Nebula got out of her stupor in time to dodge the attack, resulting in the hakai letting out a blinding light to shine throughout the universe.

Once the Saiyan and Alicorn opened their eyes, they were to see the side the dark Saiyan unleashed his attack, there was a void in front of them. No planets, no stars, no distant galaxies awaited them, there was just nothing. Black grunted as he noticed that his mystical aura had disappeared and he could see a bang of his hair hanging in front of him. It was now back to it’s normal state. “S… Shit…” Was all he could say before spitting out a large amount of blood.

Ultimate Nebula paused, surprised that a chunk of the universe was wiped out. Her horn lit up and both Ultimate Nebula and Black, teleported back to Planet Equis.

This left Black confused, “Why… Why'd you take me back with you? I thought you wanted me… dead.” The Saiyan asked as he laid on the ground, unable to move.

“I’d rather watch Thanos’ despair than the satisfaction of you drifting in space all alone.” Ultimate Nebula said before kicking Black aside, into a ship wreckage. Thanos walked forth, his body messed up from use of the Infinity Gauntlet, he began to pant, wheezing. He then proceeds to take out his Infinity Blade.

“I have your back, Black… I…” Thanos coughed out blood.

“I always will.”

As the second season starts Eric stands next to and stares at Ryker,Starry and Wander.

“Sup.” Ryker said, drinking on a banana and strawberry smoothie. “So, how is it going? I uh, see that the sky is filled with planets.” A bright flash of light filled the sky and vanished. “Ultimate Nebula is getting cooked.” Ryker said simply.

"I wouldn't worry Ryker, the fight's not over. From everything Nightmare's absorbed she'll still be kicking by the end of the second season." Wander said, drinking a cookies and cream milkshake and feeding Starry fries.

“Y’know, I love the company, after being tortured by Alucard and his friends for the past few months, this is a nice break.” Ryker said, sipping his smoothie once more. “Now, how much are you willing to bet that Eric will punch me into a large structure?” Ryker asked the duo.

"Apologies for you being tortured hope your doing better but as for Eric punching you I'd say quite a bit since we were fighting a bit ago. Though I doubt it'll hurt." Starry said, drinking a soda.

“Yeah, it took a whole army to kill me, and they didn’t even finish me off. Pathetic, won’t even give me the pleasure of the sweet release of death.” Ryker sighed.

"I can only imagine what that feels like. Although I was close to a similar fate when the shogun I refused sent his warriors to capture me." Starry said, patting Ryker’s back with his wing.

“Wait, is there something wrong?” Ryker asked, turning to Starry, “Because I feel like you’re growing a tiny bit weaker…” He mused, going back into his full powered state.

"Nothings wrong but I have two more questions. Was anything you said true and what's your reason for helping Nightmare?" Starry said disappointed, standing up.

“All of what I said was true, and my reason is to cause Thanos pain. As much pain as he and that BITCH SHIVA CAUSED ME!” Ryker leaped into the air, grinning. “WATCHING WANDER OVER YONDER WAS A PLOY, STARRY! TO STALL YOU! AND TO DO THIS!” Ryker’s hand turned a darker shade of purple.

Eric gritted his fanged teeth at the mention of Lady Shiva, “Yo̪̾u ͎ͤw̯͒i̠l̅l su̦fͧf̤̈́e̳̋rͨ ͅRy̼ke̝r.”

“HAH! I’m immune to such pain, suffering has made me immune to more!” Ryker claimed two balls of Hakai in his hands. He merged them together and expanded it to be the size of a mountain.

"Hey Ryker, maybe after this we can watch something with a fight." Guardian yells towards him. "Starry, come on we have a fight to win." Starry nods and merges with Guardian.

With his God-like eyes he focused and knew exactly where to throw it. Ryker then splits the giant ball into tiny orbs, about as small as a golf ball. Eric and Starry sense that if they were hit by even one of them, they would be obliterated. Not even mind, soul, or a body left.

Eric thrust his hand forward and fired off hundreds of black arrows at Ryker’s orbs, however they proved to do nothing against them.

Starry transforms back into a pony. 'What could we do here?'

'I've got it!'


'Watch and learn young padawan.' Starry’s eyes change to a cyan hue and he puts his hands to the ground. The ground starts to break and Starry launches all the broken pieces towards the balls causing the rocks to disappear but also the balls, creating a path to Ryker.

“Tch,” Ryker shot towards Starry and slammed his fist into the ground in front of Starry, the ground beneath Starry erupted in Ki. Sending him up in the air, turning to face Eric, he made the orbs of Hakai to shield himself from Eric. But leaving Starry exposed to assistance.

Eric clicked his teeth as he caught the flying pegasus, however as he released the pegasus Ryker lunged and hit the Shadow Man with a powerful kick that launched him across the battlefield towards the Titan.

Thanos, who was currently holding the world together, to try and prevent the shockwaves from Black’s inevitable beat down, was pushed. Thanos nearly fell trying to keep the world from destruction., for he was weakened, the stress on his body was on the edge of-

“S̟ͦ̚ö̭͍́ͭm͎̓ḛͤo̼̱̎n͓̭̎ͬe͇̾̎ ͅSt̰̠ͯup̎ͥi͒d̼ͣ̏ ̫g̈́̾e̓ͬt̟̼ ̤ì̗̘͗ň̖̠ ̲ͪm̞̺ͩyͮ ͆w̪̟a̩̗̿y͒” Eric shouted as he slammed into the Mad Titan

Thanos fell down and hit the ground, falling on his chest. Thanos closed his eyes, passing out for a few seconds, and during the seconds, a category 10 earthquake shook the lands. Making the earth shatter and quake.

“D̹̑́e̲̪a̦̓͋r̄̈ F̣̗͋a̺ͫǘ͈ͣs͎̪tͯ̒.̳͌̄” Eric uttered before inhaling deeply. “WË́L̙̽̃S͊̚H͓̦̊͊!̼̬ͦͯ!͊”

Within seconds his Shade crash landed next to him with a pair of wings folding into his back. “My Lord” Welsh said kneeling

“Pͦ͒r̲o͕͇t̤̮ec̟̝t̜ͧͯ ̬̹t̓̇h͍͓ͥ̄eͩ ̈̉T́ī͈̱t̹ͅa̙̯ń̝͎,̗͖̒” Eric ordered his Shade. “K̲͌e͚e̼̰p̰ ̄t͖̉̋hi̭ͦ̊sͫͯ ͉̎̿w͔͑o͕͍̐ͣrḷd͗̊ ̇f̣̺̆ͮr͈̮ö́m̟̋̆ f̥͇ͯa̭͇͑̃l̰͒̚lͬ̈́in̙̘͋̾g͍͈ a͈͔pͬ͆ă̈r̫̬̅͆t̮̣͋̏.̋”

“As you wish.” Welsh said rising to his feet, rushing towards the Titan’s side, deflecting a bullet from hitting the downed Thanos.

Thanos slowly pushed himself up from the ground, back to consciousness. Thanos wheezed and clenched his teeth, he began to grunt in effort. Thanos stood back to his full height and clenched his gauntlet, he raised it high and roared. The Infinity Stones began to glow, he began to burst with power.

During Thanos getting up, Welsh was forcing attacks to go opposite ways, either destroying them or sending the attacks back at the enemy. That was his objective and by God was he doing it well.

Starry appears and stares in shock as he floats in the air. 'Dear Gods.' Starry mutters.

'This ain't the time to just stare you've got incoming. Don't worry I'll help this time.'

'Right!' Starry turns around in time to see Ryker soaring towards them.

Ryker readied his fists before shooting a pressured blast at Starry, the air blast made weapons and debris pick up, they shot towards Starry, Eric, Welsh, and Thanos.

Starry takes a deep breath while Guardian appears from Starry's body and expands taking the brunt of the attack before disappearing and Starry launching himself at Ryker but before he could attack Guardian appears behind Ryker and immobilizes him by wrapping around his limbs then Starry slashing his neck.

From behind Eric appears and rams Murasame through Ryker’s Chest. “F̲ͣ̚or͛ ͔th̽e̘̚ ̱̍T͑̓o̦͈ͯu̲r͎͂̃ṇ͔̽͐a͖̎ḿ͗e͖̰n̾ṫ̆”

Yet… Despite all of these injuries, despite bleeding, despite the curse spreading over his body, he didn’t look panicked. He was laughing. Laughing like he did in the tournament. Laughing like he did when he killed Eric’s friends. Laughing… As he killed Maude, Rainbow Dash, Nox, Luffy, Grievous, and forced Black and Eric to turn on their friends.

“I am 27,002 years old, I have slain beings that’ll make you piss yourselves at night. It? Dead. Infinity Ultron? Dead. Darkside? Dead. I can not die by you, and you know that. You’re trying so desperately to beat me. I can never die by any of you, I’m too powerful. You’re struggling to have everything you want, you HAD your chance to kill me during the tournament Eric. And that chance has been long since past.” Ryker said. “Not even Thanos, Black, or even some Void Dwellers could kill me! So enough of this farce. You lost, we’re done.” Ryker said. As he made a portal behind himself.

"Oh no we're not! Get back here!" Guardian tries to stop him with blasts from his hand while soaring towards him.

Ryker walked back into the portal despite the attempts at trying to stop him. Before he was completely submerged he gave them one more last grin before he faded out of existence.

"Prick." Guardian chuckled

After a while, clashing of the blades coming from Thanos’ directions was heard.


…Was in trouble.

To Be Continued…

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