• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Storm is Approaching.

In the training room, the sounds of grunts and combat filled the room. Many people were in there training for the upcoming final battle.

“Nine hundred, ninety nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety eight!” Thanos said with 50 thousand Kilo on each limb on his body including neck as he did sit-ups from a levitating pole. “Nine hundred, ninety nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety nine!” Thanos said with his teeth clenched. “One million!” Thanos then dropped down and landed on his feet, shaking the whole palace.

“Rokuogan!” Lucci shouted, firing off the technique, he was in his Awakened Hybrid form, shattering platinum plates. Rapunzel was throwing up those platinum plates as she was lifting 10 thousand Kilo with her hair and hands. “ROKUOGAN!” Lucci shouted firing off another platinum plate, Lucci was getting out of breath but he didn’t stop there. “ROKUOGAN!”

“Grah!” Grievous shouted, 50 thousand Kilo on his Elemental Sword as he swung it up and down. He was also running on a treadmill that was currently going ten thousand miles per hour as he swung the sword.

“Yah!” Entity swung his scythe down upon Warmonger who blocked it with her sword. Warmonger pushed the Minecraftian back, Entity pulled out a fishing rod and planted it on the ground before pulling on it. Making him hit the ground, Entity then threw his scythe at Warmonger and she ducked under it. She then fired an aero blast at Entity who raised his shield and blocked it.

“Come on!” Supergirl said, dodging blows from a Super Saiyan 4 Nappa, Supergirl also firing back some blows of her own. Nappa was dodging them as well, the two were dodging their attacks and were growing tired but they still didn’t stop.

“HAH!” Sally shouted, decaying another giant sphere of platinum, the spheres kept on coming as they were being summoned by Aurora Platinum with her horn. The Unicorn was currently in her Buddha form doing push-ups while conjuring spheres. But meanwhile Black was sitting outside in a chair reading a book with a cup of tea next to him.

He flipped a page, enjoying the book before a mini-quake shook the area. He looked towards the training room and let out an annoyed huff. "Geeze, they do make a ruckus." Black mumbled before he went back to reading his book.

'Shouldn't you be back in your universe?' Nightmare asked, questioning the Saiyan as he flipped the page.

"I should be fine here, by the time I got back, it would be like I never left." Black explained as he grabbed his tea and took a sip.

“So… Aren’t you going to help them?” Emerald Gauntlet asked Black, as a shockwave was felt and heard. Blowing some tea into Black’s face.

The Dark saiyan groaned, briefly going Super saiyan to get rid of the tea before going back to his base form. "Them training every second isn't going to really help them. Not letting your body rest for a day or two will have negative effects on your training." Black explained as he flipped a page. "Sure you'll see an increase in power, but it won't be much. After resting for a day, you can continue training and you will get better results."

“...You realize that this is day three of training, right?” Emerald Gauntlet asked, “They’ve been training and taking care of themselves. Especially Thanos, he has a daughter… And I suppose Grievous since he has his dragon daughter, Atala.” Emerald Gauntlet said as a maid goes up to him and hands him some beer.

Black shot up immediately, startling Emerald. "Thanos and Grievous have children! Why didn’t they tell me this?!" Black exclaimed, throwing the book to the side.

“Uh… I have no clue,” Emerald Gauntlet shrugged, suddenly a golden fur coated Minotaur walked up to Emerald Gauntlet and tugged on his pants. “What is it Golden Shield?”

“When is Daddy going to be done with his training? He said he would take me to the park at 3:00 and it’s 2:55.” Golden Shield said, looking up to Emerald Gauntlet.

“You are a smart kid, you know that, right?” Emerald Gauntlet said, suddenly a baby dragon began to crawl up Emerald Gauntlet’s body. “And there is Atala.”

“Where Dada?” Atala asked, her voice not fully developed so it’s just as squeaky as Mr. Clean’s head.

The door then busts open and Thanos, Grievous, and Warmonger run out. “We’re here!” They said frantically.

Thanos picked up Golden Shield, and raised him over his head. “My Goldylocks! How is it going my girl?” Thanos then embraced his Minotaur child.

“Dada!” Atala flapped her wings and hovered towards Grievous and hugged him, nearly crushing his torso. Grievous wheezes at the amount of force being exerted from the hatchling.

“I nearly forgot how strong you are.” Grievous hugged his daughter as he unleashed his extra arms to bring his girlfriend, Warmonger in for the huge.

Black just stood there with a big smile. "Looks like you two are moving it up in life." Black jokes.

“Well, when you hit rock bottom, you can only go up. And it looks like I’m now sky high with my precious Gold.” Thanos said, hugging Golden Shield who hugged him in return.

“Indeed, but we’re already sky high, now we’re in the stars with our little precious egg.” Warmonger said, hugging Atala as Grievous hands Atala over to Warmonger.

“Seems nice.” Black said with a chuckle. He turned his attention to Thanos, “So, when do you think Nebula will attack?”

“It’s unknown, I don’t even sense Rang Nebula’s Ki anywhere on the planet. She’s either on another planet, or she’s evolved to have suppressed her Ki to astronomical levels. You weren’t there during my fight with Nebula, she increased her power during the fight. She was growing, I had to combine both my Blue Inferno and my Dragon Slayer magic to even keep up with her. And I have five Infinity Stones on me.” Thanos said, shaking his head as he placed Golden Shield down.

Black looked to the ground for a moment, realizing how serious Thanos was being. “If thats the case, then I need to break my limit.” The saiyan looked to Thanos, “I discovered something when I detonated myself during the Displaced Tournament. I had broken my limits and I felt stronger before it passed.”

“Yeah that was pretty stupid of you.” Thanos remarked, “But I think I know what it was, I felt everything, I felt like I was there. Have you reached a new stage of Super Saiyan Rose?” Thanos inquired, raising an eyebrow.

“If so, that would be pretty neat, it would be nice to have you in the final battle.” Grievous said, Thanos frowned at this but said nothing.

Black sighed as he scratched the back of his head. “It’s possible I’ve found a new stage of Rose, but I keep dropping in power every time I try to access it. Either way, I should have enough strength to keep up with Nebula. If not, I always have my trump card.” Black explained.

“Ultra Instinct?” Warmonger asked as Atala began to crawl up her body.

“Not really, Instead it’s a fully charged Spirit Bomb. I would then absorb it and have a large increase in power for a short period… but yeah Ultra Instinct is one of them.” Black said with a laugh. “Though I haven’t done the Spirit Bomb in centuries.”

“Centuries?” Grievous asked, curious.

“Before I turned to stone, I had used the Spirit Bomb against Discord during our battle. Though it didn’t work as I wasn’t strong enough.” Black explained. “That was the only time I had used the Spirit Bomb. I was planning to use it against Ryker, but he would’ve taken me out before I could even get it ready.”

“Hm… You plan on fighting alongside me, don’t you?” Thanos asked, looking at his friend.

Black looked back at Thanos, “Thanos, from what you said about Nebula, she got stronger as she fought you. She’s probably getting stronger by the second. You’re gonna need help.” Black confirmed.

“Black, you have a universe, you have a home, and most of all you have a family. You just don’t realize it yet, I can’t let you risk your life for my own mistake.” Thanos said as he signalled Emerald Gauntlet to take the children away for a bit. The Emerald General did so.

“You can’t be serious, I risked everything when I almost killed myself during the Tournament. Your daughter could’ve had no father if you died during that tournament.” Black argued. “And this can happen again if you’ve lost against Nebula. You need help for this fight. Period…”

“I have ways I could have survived, plenty of ways. But what of you? What about Luna, Celestia, and everyone else you have back in your universe? Rang Nebula is dangerous, I can’t risk having you die facing her. You deserve to live WAY more than I.” Thanos said, crossing his arms.

“No you do!” Black countered as he walked up to the Titan and pokes him. “You... have... a... Daughter! She deserves to have a father and your her father. If you die because of ignorance then she’ll have to live in a world ruled by Nebula, without you. And if Nebula found out you have a daughter.” Black empathize.

“This all happened because of me, the war, if I had just talked to Celestia when I got out of stone, none of this would have happened. Golden Shield would be with her biological father, and I would be like you. Having fun, celebrating with… Celestia over victories. And besides, Lucci is a legend here, he trained under Cloven Diamond, and Lucci is the champion of Minos. He’s committed far less sins than I have, and I’m just a big dumb brute who likes fights.” Thanos said, Black then recalled what Thanos was put through during the Displaced Tournament.

Black sighed as he stepped back, “I know you’ve been through a lot, lost people. But so have I, I lost my friends, my master, a child I promised to protect. Because I was too ignorant, I fought alone and that's why I lost them.” Black pressed. “If you do this alone with your team, you will fall.”

“Look at us, we have an army of warriors. Each Minotaur is trained with Ki and Haki, I have the trust of Kingdoms. And even if we don’t, we have Supergirl on our side, someone who is invulnerable to most attacks. And we even have Entity_303 with his Minecraft capabilities, he could make Nether Portals and make the creatures of the Nether fight alongside us. Even without your help we still have a chance.” Thanos said with confidence, though it wasn’t that much.

“Nebula will have her own army, but she’ll have the trust of other nations, that's more than your army. Even if they do get taken down, I’ve noticed you're missing an Infinity stone.” Black pointed to Thanos’s gauntlet. “And if I’m not mistaken, the mind stone is missing, one of the most powerful infinity stones out there. And Nebula will have it! She can take you out!” Black argued. “I know I’ve got a life behind me, but I wouldn’t be able to rest knowing I could’ve helped you!”

“Then rest, we can do this, we have the power to win. And besides, we have five Infinity Stones, one of them can manipulate Time and Space. We can win.” Thanos said, as if he’s repeating this over and over again to give him reassurance. “I won’t allow another one of my friends to die because of my idiocy.”

“You can keep saying you’ll win this fight without my help over and over again, but it won’t work. What do I have to do in order to convince you?” Black asked, glaring at the Mad Titan.

“I can’t reason with you, leave.” Using the Space and Reality Stone the Titan made a portal to Black’s Universe. “I can’t allow you to fight with me, you’ll perish.” Thanos said as he furrowed his brow.

Black turned and looked at the portal to his world. He stood there for a few moments before turning back to Thanos. “Here I was, thinking you were better… You’re a bigger fool than Eric…” Black spat as he walked away, “And when you do lose, just know it was your fault…” Black said as he walked through the portal, flipping Thanos off.

“...You did the right thing Thanos, involving him with the storm that’s approaching is… It’s a bad thing to do.” Warmonger said, putting her hand on Thanos’ shoulder. Thanos then sighs slowly.

“When everything is done and over with, I just wish we could still be friends.” Thanos said, unfolding his arms and walking away to go see his daughter.

“So… How was school today?” I asked as me and Golden Shield walked down the streets of Minos and to the park. Golden Shield looked up at me strangely.

“Daddy, it’s a Saturday.” Golden Shield said, I just blinked in surprise, rubbing the back of my head.

“Huh, and I was here thinking it was Wednesday.” I said with a chuckle, Golden Shield looked up to me, she looked worried. “What’s wrong, my precious Gold?”

“Daddy, why don’t you think you deserve to live?” Golden Shield asked me, when she said that my eyes opened wide and I walked in silence. Golden Shield looked up to me, “Daddy?”

“Well, Daddy has done some awful things in the past and now he just wants things to be over with. And besides, you’re going to be queen, remember? I am unable to die of natural causes such as age, because I drank a magic apple juice. Which is why I need to be out of the picture in order for you to grow.” I told her, she hugged my leg, tears in her eyes.

“But I don’t want to grow up if it means I won’t be able to see you anymore. I don’t want you to go…” She sniffled, I smiled softly and picked her up and embraced my kid.

“I won’t, I’ll always be here. Always.” I said to my daughter, Golden Shield calmed down and nuzzled against my chest. I then peer off into the distance and I spot Entity making beacons, he was currently at the park making a max beacon and turning the beacon blue.

“Hold on, let's go to the park, like I promised you.” I tell Golden Shield, I then lift Golden Shield up and put her on my shoulders. As I walked towards the park, Entity noticed me, he was currently in his strongest armor. With mending so he’s OP, I waved at Entity.

“Uncle Entity!” Golden Shield said, I then set my daughter down, she then runs over to Entity and Entity embraces the Minotaur. I smiled as Golden Shield gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Goldy! How are you doing today?” Entity asked Golden Shield, he let go of the Minotaur and Golden Shield let go of Entity.

“Me and Daddy are walking around the park, oh, it’s Aunt Sally!” Golden Shield said, looking at Sally talking to Lucci. I gave Goldy a nod and she ran off to talk to Sally, I then looked at Entity.

“So, you’re preparing for the attack, aren’t you?” I asked Entity, the Minecraftian nodded, he then sat down on a Netherite block.

“Aye, I have a feeling it’s close, the end.” Entity said before he sighed looking down at the ground, he averted his gaze and focused on my eyes. “The storm is approaching, and all we can do is prepare.”

I nodded in agreement and looked at Sally laughing with Golden Shield and Lucci. “...You shouldn’t have made Black leave.” Entity said, “Now it’s certain that we’ll lose, you said it yourself, Lu… Rang Nebula is evolving.”

“I…” I said but Entity turned away.

“Save it, I’m going to start building evacuation tunnels.” Entity walked away, and I turned to Sally from afar and I saw Lucci and Sally holding Golden Shield.

“Daddy, I’m going home with Uncle Lucci and Aunt Sally, is that okay?” Golden Shield asked me, I nodded slowly before doing it rapidly. I gave her a thumbs up and a fake smile. “Okay, I’ll see you at home, Daddy!” She then walks away with Sally and Lucci to the palace.

I then look down, a tear welling up in my eye. ‘If I lose this fight, I lose everything. No, I can still fix this, I can still fix this!’ I thought, I clench my Gauntlet and use the Space Stone and walk through it.

I walked out the portal and into a porch, I looked up to the sky, it was bluish-orange. There were two moons in the sky, I then smiled and nod. This was supposed to be where me and Celestia raised our child. There were crops for miles, I visit this place every so often and tend the crops. I then walked inside, I was now in the living room, a TV in front of a couch. I then sit down on the couch and sat in thought.

“...How do I broadcast my message?” I asked myself, I looked down at my Gauntlet, “From what I know, the Void is the space in between universes. Wait,” I then make my token appear in front of me. The Infinity Gauntlet with five Infinity Stones, I then use the Reality Stone to make a screen to be attached to the Gauntlet.

“Hm…” I then hit record and I see myself on the screen, “Oh! Damn, it’s recording, HAH! It worked!” I said with surprise and excitement. I then realized the direness of the situation and sighed. I then set the token on the TV.

“Ahem, hello everyone, my name is Thanos. You might know me as John Oliver, the Strongest Displaced of the New Generation, or even as Lard Ass. Names and titles aside, I… I messed up.” I said, rubbing my face, “I took everything for granted, my life, my friends, my power, and my choices. I thought they didn’t have any consequences, but they do and this is a product of my choices.” I used the Reality Stone and made a hologram of Rang Nebula.

“Rang Nebula, the Queen of Equestria. A combination of Luna and Nightmare Moon, they combined after I killed Celestia and took the Soul Stone. And now I need your help to beat her, she’s become too strong for me, her abilities counter mine and she’s basically designed to kill me. And destroy everything I love, including my kingdom, my friends, and my daughter.” I said, I then held my face in both palms.

“What… What should I do? Black was right, I should have listened to him, should have teamed up. But I can’t change what I did, all I have to do is to keep my head high and face the future with a smile on my face. She has the strength of Kingdoms on her side, dragons, griffons, etc. I…” I then got up on my feet, holding the back of my head, I looked up and sighed.

“I’m sorry, Eric was right, Shiva was right, Dr. Doom was right, Link was right, Black was right. I’m a fool, and I can’t… I can’t fix anything. If you get this message, run. Destroy my token, before Rang Nebula attacks you, I won’t have another universe be wiped out because of my foolishness. Please, be safe, and please make the right choices. This is Thanos the Mad Titan, signing off for the last time.” I then stop the recording, I walk up to the token and I sent it across the Multiverse. My final message.

My final goodbye.

Author's Note:

That's right, I'm having a finale with everyone! Like Endgame, Thanos calls on all displaced to join for one last battle, I'll talk more in this blog post!

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