• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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It's Rewind Time.

I sat on my bed, the lights were dimmed, I had a hoodie on like an edgy bastard and I was huddled in a corner. It wouldn’t stop, the tears wouldn’t stop, the memories would keep flooding my brain. I clenched my head, my hand on my head, I looked down before I saw a certain chest glow. I crawled over to the chest on the shelf and I grabbed the chest and put it on the ground. I used the Reality Stone to make a key and I opened it.

There it lay, Nox’s Token, the Eliacube, I took the cube and I put my hands around it. I then rested my back against the wall and looked at the cube brokenly. “Nox… Oh Nox what do I do? You’ve handled the loss of a loved one, you should know what to do.” The Eliacube glowed and an enchanting voice spoke from it.

“I am Noximillien the Watchmaker, I am the clock that ticks the other way, the clock that ticks loudly, wanting answers. Call upon me, be it battle, learning, or even the day to day help, I’ll be there.” Nox’s voice said from his Token, I clenched the Token.

“Noximilien the Watchmaker, I need your help!” I said with a pained voice, the token glowed with some sort of magic. A portal then appears at the other side of my room, it was a clock-like portal. Nox walked out in a robe with a hoodie on his head, he was carrying a suitcase, Nox fanned his head.

“Phew! What is that smell? Thanos, you should really do some- Thanos!” Nox shouted, worried for me. He dropped his suitcase and ran to my side, “What happened? Is that… an alcoholic beverage?” Nox asked, pointing at my rum.

“...Yes…” I sighed, I then got off my ass and I stumbled towards my desk, “What happened was… I did it, I got the Soul Stone. And in turn lost Celestia, even though we were enemies I still loved her. What do I do now? I don’t know how I can move on…” I said, putting both of my hands on my desk.

“Thanos, I’ve been in your situation before, so you did the right thing by calling me. If you’re not ready to leave your shell and let your wounds heal, you still need to be a king. You need to pursue your long term goal.” Nox said to me, I sighed shakely, I then nodded.

“You’re right, you’re right.” I then turn to face him, “Do you have a radar that can point out the locations of the Infinity Stones? Because we still do not know the location of the Time Stone, and the location is vital.”

“HAH! There’s a reason why I was the lead scientist of the Science Team in Kaido’s Army!” Nox then opened his palm, and like a magnet, his palm attracted his suitcase. Opening it, he made a little desk full of tools and inventions. “No, not that, not this, not that, not that…” Nox placed aside items such as an arc reactor, an amulet, pokeballs, etc. Before pulling out the Dragon Radar. “Ah-ha! There we go, the Dragon Radar, just press this button and it will switch to the Infinity Stone setting.”

Nox handed me the Dragon Radar, I then pressed a button on the right side of the radar and it glowed with all the colors of the Infinity Stones. First, there was only the Power, Reality, and Soul Stone on there. Before the Time Stone appeared it was west.

"Do you want me to go and take it?" Nox asked me, I got up to my feet and looked at Nox.

"There'll be no need," I walked to Nox and I opened my palms, Nox handed me the device.

"Be safe, you are a valuable asset, and an interesting Displaced." Nox told me, I chuckled, using the Reality Stone, I made a staircase out of here. "I'll be off!" Nox called out.

"Farewell, and thank you, for everything." I said as I went down the staircase, closing the ground behind me.

In the quaint town of Ponyville, on the outskirts of the said town, there sat Starlight Glimmer. Her eyes closed, having taken a nap underneath a tree. Though a sensation went across her brain, and the brief image of Thanos appeared, though Thanos was far.

Starlight opened her eyes and gasped, holding her chest. “He’s… he’s coming, Thanos is coming!” Starlight got to her feet and ran towards Ponyville, sweat going down her face as images of Thanos from afar coming closer and closer. Starlight shook with fear, she soon reached the streets of Ponyville.

“He’s coming! Thanos is coming!” Starlight shouted, as ponies walked out of their home, they saw Starlight running down the streets shouting that phrase repeatedly. Everyone soon began to flee towards the city hall.

“Everypony to the bunker!” Madam Mayor said with urgency, as she and the civilians run towards the town hall, some ponies open a compartment from the ground. Revealing a hidden passageway.

“The fillies and colts go down first!” One of the ponies in the scuffle shouts out, Cheerilee hurries the young ones into the bunker. As that is going on Starlight ran up to Rainbow Dash who was napping on a cloud.

“Rainbow Dash, Rainbow!” Rainbow Dash kept on snoring, “RAINBOW DASH!” Starlight screamed, Rainbow Dash yelped and fell off her cloud. Hitting the ground in the process, she groggily went to her feet.

“What is it?” Rainbow Dash asked before she yawned and stretched, her joints popping.

“Thanos is coming, can you go get the girls? We’ve got to hide the Time Stone, make sure to-” Before Starlight could even finish, Rainbow Dash shot off, zooming past her to go get the others. Starlight spun in place before she stopped herself, “She never gives me the chance to finish.” Starlight muttered.

In the kitchen of the Castle of Friendship, there stood Twilight, crossing her arms. She was currently frowning at Spike, who’s claw was stuck in a cookie jar.

“Spike, what did I tell you about stealing cookies from the cookie jar?” Twilight asked, frowning at the dragon. Spike chuckled sheepishly, Twilight’s ears perked up. “What… Is that?”She had sensed the Mad Titan coming.

“What is what?” Spike asked as he took his claw out of the cookie jar. Twilight hurried towards the window that the kitchen had, she looked out the window and-

“Hi Egghead!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, making the Alicorn jump. Twilight had tripped and fell when Rainbow Dash showed up. Thus, the walking Skittles advertisement guffawed, “BWAHAHA! You should see the look on your face!” Rainbow Dash slapped her knee, laughing at Twilight.

Twilight growled before going to her feet, “Rainbow, why are you here? Don’t you have weather duty today?” Twilight asked the Pegasi, Rainbow Dash opened the window.

“Nah, I completed it, in ten seconds flat. I’m just that good, also Thanos is coming.” Rainbow Dash said, making both Spike and Twilight’s face drop in horror.

“Spike-go-and-write-a-letter-to-Queen-Rang-Nebula-right-now!” Twilight said as Spike quickly ran to get the materials to write. “Is everyone else in the bunker?” Twilight asked.

“Yup, I also got the girls, and shouldn’t you be hiding that green jewel?” Rainbow Dash pointed at Twilight’s necklace, which held the Time Stone. Twilight looked at it, her face dropping, it had been the last gift Celestia had given her. She shook her head.

“No, Thanos has at least three Infinity Stones now, having one can boost our chances. Especially one that can manipulate time.” Twilight said, holding the stone of the necklace in her hand.

“Well, no time to waste, let’s go!” Rainbow Dash flared her wings and zoomed out the window, Twilight looked back. Hoping to see one last glimpse of her number one assistant before she fights against the Titan. But she wasn’t able to. “Twilight, let’s go!”

“I’m coming!” Twilight flared her wings and dashed out the window, elegantly circling around the castle and spotting her grout of friends a couple of meters away from said castle. Out in the open fields, she then swoops by and lands on her feet.

“Hey, Twilight’s here! Now the gang's all together!” Pinkie Pie said, wrapping her arms around her friends with a grin ear to ear.

“Ugh, I really didn’t hope that we would have to fight Thanos so soon, but we prepared for this girls. We can do this!” Rarity said with determination, the girls gave their nod of agreement.

“Do you have that amulet on ya? Ya know the amulet that Thanos is looking for?” Applejack said, turning to face Twilight. Twilight crossed her arms.

“We need to even the odds somehow, I mean I’m an Alicorn with a stone that can control, Starlight is a powerful unicorn, Applejack is a good martial artist, Fluttershy is…” Twilight looked at Fluttershy, who was hiding behind her wings, not wanting to be here. “...Good at intimidation, Rarity is a somewhat good swordsmare, Pinkie Pie defies the laws of nature, and Rainbow Dash has a black belt in karate and is an athlete.” Twilight said, looking at the girls.

“Well… if you put it like that, then I guess we can win.” Fluttershy said, Rainbow Dash crossed her arms and laughed.

“Yeah, and what does that little eggplant have? Nothing!” Rainbow Dash said with a grin on her face, Twilight frowned.

“Thanos has years of combat experience, mastery of all forms of Haki, has Alicorn magic, a Devil Fruit, trained under the strongest Minotaur on Equis, is a Master Swordsman, is a King of Warriors, fought with Celestia and Luna for one month without rest, can control reality, has the ability to destroy a planet, can locate your soul and knock it out of you. Do you girls see why we need the Time Stone?” Twilight asked, the girls began to nod nervously.

“Uh, girls, he’s coming.” Starlight said as she looked up to the skies, the rest of the girls prepared their battle stations and looked up at the flaming ball coming down on them. Rarity conjured a shield just in case.

The flaming ball then slams three meters before them, and there he stood, the Mad Titan.


I stood up to my full height and sighed, I looked on as the blue shield dropped. I finally saw my adversaries, the Elements of Harmony, oh, and that Starlight chick. Haven’t really seen her since that time I tried to take the Power Stone.

“Ah, the Elements of Harmony, and what is this?” I said in amusement, I looked at Twilight, a necklace on her body. Holding the Time Stone, “I reckon she bestowed you the power to manipulate time, didn’t she?” I asked the ponies, Twilight clenched the Time Stone.

“Welcome to Ponyville!” Pinkie Pie said in a cheery tone, pulling out a party popper she then fires it up in the air. I just stood in silence.

“Pinkamena Diane Pie, you realize that me and my friends killed Torch, but also killed the Princess. I am literally your number one enemy, don’t pull out a party popper.” I said looking as the confetti fell down.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he’s right, you know.” Rarity said, glancing at Pinkie Pie who’s mane deflated.

“U-um, well, Mr. Thanos?” I glanced over to Fluttershy who flinched at my gaze. “Um, can you not fight us? I know we have something you want, but I’m sure we can find a way to talk this out.” Fluttershy said, I made a stump for me to sit on with the Reality Stone.

As I sat down, and exhaled, suddenly, they all relaxed, still wary of me. “You know, I didn’t want to do this, I truly didn’t. If things had gone differently, you would be happy to see me, I just… I…” I look up at them, at a loss for words. I stare at the Time Stone before I frown, I then get up to my feet.

“I’m sorry girls, but I don’t have time to talk. For the clock is ticking, and you bet your sorry ass there’s going to be a kaboom.” I walked forward only to be put back in place. Twilight smiled.

“You know, you should really think about things before you do them. Now, you’re in a time-loop, and Spike just messaged the Queen. So you should dig your own grave, oh wait, you can't, you're in a time-loop.” Twilight said with a smug look on her face.

“Ah got ta hand it to you Twi, you sure did do the right thing when you messaged the Queen.” Applejack said, I looked around, trying to find a way out of this. I tried instant transmission, thus I teleported in front of Twilight but was put back in my place.

“Hah! Nice try, Thanos, you can’t get out of this one!” Rainbow Dash said, laughing at me, I then chuckled which made her sweat. “Uh… W-Why are you laughing?”

“You girls forget,” I lifted my Infinity Gauntlet, twirling it around curiously. “Reality can be whatever I want.” I then clench the Gauntlet and because I bended Reality to my will, I was now out of the time-loop.

“Uh oh.” Pinkie Pie said, as I began to approach them, my fists were clenched and I had my hand near my Infinity Blade. Rarity looked at the rest of the girls, sweat on her face but quickly wiped it off with a towel.

“Alright girls, we prepared for this, let’s go and fight this ruffian!” The rest of the girls nod, and they prepare for battle. Rainbow Dash dashed up to me and spun around me, making a tornado. It also made me spin and levitate, I hummed curiously.

I reached in a random direction and grabbed Rainbow Dash by the neck, I then slammed her down on the ground. “Insect!” I said with a frown on my face, I then looked up only to be met with a Party Cannon. I was then shot in the face with confetti and cake, I was sent back and I landed on my back.

“Go get him girls!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, Rarity, Starlight, and Twilight ran at me and their horns lit up. As I get up I was bombarded with spells, Rarity shot a spell that had diamond shaped projectiles. They hit me and I stumbled back, Starlight ran at me and slipped under me, she then conjured a chain and wrapped it around my neck. Trying to pull me down, this made me lean back, Twilight then swooped down and slammed a magic hammer into my chest. This sent me flying, and Starlight was lucky enough to duck under me.

As I was sent flying, I felt rope wrap around my hand, Applejack clenched her lasso and flung me around and slammed me into a tree. The tree fell over, I then get to my feet and Applejack tugged on it. I frown and yanked on it, sending her flying towards me, I clench my fist and coated it with Armament Haki. Twilight then constructs a barrier to protect Applejack as she approaches me. As I slammed my fist into the barrier, my fist heats up with the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. I then burst through the barrier, shattering it like glass, my fist connects with Applejack’s stomach and she then vomits. Using the Reality Stone, I transformed the vomit into water.

The water hits me and it evaporates, making water vapor, I then inhale the water vapor and fire off a steam blast from my mouth. Knocking Applejack away, this hit Rainbow Dash, knocking her over, I then gagged for a quick second, realizing what I had done. It was both awesome and disgusting.

“Take this you ruffian!” Rarity fired off multiple diamond shaped bolts at me, and with the Power Stone, I crushed the blasts before they got to me. I then fired off a Power Wave at her, she gasped in surprise, Starlight leaped in front of Rarity and made a shield. The Power Stone quickly began to break through the shield, and break it did. As the Power Wave hit Starlight, she slammed into Rarity and they were sent skidding back.

I look around and I see Rainbow Dash recovering from the attack, Applejack was down for the count, clutching her stomach. Starlight was heavily injured and Rarity was injured too, as well as crying over her mane. Fluttershy was scared, and Twilight was running over to Starlight to check if they were okay.

“Do you see how futile it is? Your resistance? You can’t fathom my power, you’re all weak, so you might as well hand the stone over.” I said, walking towards them with murderous intent, I readied my blade and drugged it on the ground. I then infuse it with my Devil Fruit, setting my sword ablaze. Fluttershy looked up to me, tears in her eyes before she gave me a glare.

“That’s enough! You already killed Celestia, what more do you want from us? You’re just fighting us over stupid ROCKS?! Rocks that give you power? Is that all you want? To be powerful?” Fluttershy asked, “Look at us! We’re not strong as you, we’re younger, we just want everything to stop, we want this war to be over. Please… Stop this…” Flutteshy said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

I stood there, mere meters before her, “I… I’m sorry little one,” Fluttershy looks up at me with hope in her eyes. As I was about to drop my blade, I realized what I was fighting for. For good and evil, yin and yang, chaos and harmony. Everything that I worked for would be for nothing, “But-”

Something slammed into me at high speeds, I looked at it, it was Rainbow Dash. She had a rainbow aura around her, she then drugged me across the ground. I was being pushed back by her, she had hit me with the Sonic Rainboom. I coughed out blood and I was sent far, I was then launched into the Everfree Forest.

As I flew across the forest, I crashed into tree after tree before I hit the Castle of Two Sister. When I hit it, I wound up in the Throne Room. I then rolled to a stop and landed beside Celestia’s throne. I was stuck in the wall beside the throne, I then pushed myself out of my spot and stumbled forward.

I looked at Celestia's throne, tears well up in my eyes as I saw Celestia there. I then reimaged the broken castle to be how it was before, booming with life. Luna beside Celestia, and me, right next to my Tia, my love… But then sorrow was overcome by anger. That is the main emotion I felt, those bastards had one lucky shot on me. I looked at my chest and saw the imprints of Rainbow Dash’s fists. “DAMN IIIIITTT!!!!!!!!” I roared, I was then surrounded by Ki, Dragon Slayer Magic, and my Devil Fruit. I then jumped high and out of the Everfree Forest, I then landed on the battlefield in front of Rainbow Dash who was her stomach with two broken arms.

I growled and kicked Rainbow Dash to be on her back, Fluttershy yelled at me but I didn’t hear her. I then felt something hit my rib, it was weak, I turned to face the one who hit me, Fluttershy.
“WEAKLING!” I spat, and then threw her aside and she hit the ground with a thud, I then took out my Infinity Blade and was about to plunge it deep into the Rainbow Menace’s chest.

“STOP! WAIT!” Twilight shouted, tears in her eyes, she ran up to me. “Please, spare her life, please don’t kill my friend.” Twilight looked up to me and I gazed down at her, heat emanating from my body as I did so.

“Then give me the stone, no tricks.” I said, sheathing my blade and holding my hand out, Twilight looked down at Rainbow Dash.

“Don’t do it-” I then stomped on her chest and she wheezed in pain. I pressed my foot on her chest, squeezing the air out of her body. She began to scream in agony as I felt her rips break.

“Give me the stone.” I said, and Twilight took her necklace off and took out the Time Stone. We stared at each other, Twilight then levitated it over to me and I grasp it. I then put the Time Stone in my Gauntlet and I felt the rush of power surge within me. I then chuckled and did Instant Transmission and came back with Spike in a cage.

“Spike!” Twilight shouted, Spike was roughed up and each of his claws were broken so he couldn’t write. I then set the cage down and I kicked it over, making Spike hit the side of the cage. I smiled.

“You never had a chance to begin with.” I then used Instant Transmission once more and left.

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