• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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The Storm Part III.

The Storm III

Eric fired off a massive series of shadow orbs which took out another platoon of the enemy's army.

He heard flapping of wings and there landed the Dragon Lord, Ember, she stared blankly at Eric. Unamused at the Shadow Man's assaults on her army.

“Hmm…Dragon Empress Ember.” Eric mused as he turned to face the blue dragoness. “I take it you’ll fight me next?”

"If that is what you want," She mused, taking out her scepter that was glowing crimson. "You realize that I not only am in possession of a weapon passed down by dragons who can wipe out continents, but you're also digging your own grave." Ember said.

“The Dragon Scepter, I’m aware of it.” Eric said, closing his eyes as magic began to pour from them. “But can it fight a creature capable of destroying all life?”

"We shall see." Ember twirled her scepter and pointed it at Eric. What seemed to be a dragon formed from the tip of the scepter, the dragon then opened it's maw and fired a wave of pure molten magma at the Shadow Man.

Eric raised a hand as a small orb of magic formed. “Naraku!” The magma was sucked into the orb leaving the Shadow Man unharmed, however the shadow man staggered holding his head. “Damn I’m using too much magic again.”

Ember hummed before a smirk formed on her scaly face. "Too much magic…? Let's see how much you can use that spell of yours." She then fired off waves of different elements, magma, lightning, ice, water, even acid at Eric.

In response the Shadow Man unfurled his wings and took to the skies to avoid the elements launched by the Dragon Lord. Ember spread her wings and took flight, following after Eric, the Dragon Lord continued to fire the spells at Eric with not much trouble.

Using his magic Eric fired off another ‘Naraku’ spell to absorb the magic, the toll of the magical feedback surged through the Shadow Man’s head which caused him to slow down significantly. Which caused some magma and acid to skim pass his sides, causing Ember to chuckle.

"You're slowing down, Alicorn." Ember said with a smirk, she then flies above Eric and fires off a bolt of lightning, and since he's holding a metal weapon it did extra damage to him. Shaking him to his core, Ember then coated her teeth in Armament Haki and bit into Eric's arm. The arm that he's holding his scythe more specifically she then slammed her scepter into Eric's chest, making him bleed slightly. Ember then fires off a variety of spells into Eric's chest, as they head towards the ground.

Eric crashed into the ground with blood covering his body, Ember lowered herself down to deliver the final blow. However Eric’s arm jolted up and seized hold of the Dragon Scepter, Eric opened his eyes and they flash a bright green color rather than his permanent red. A powerful magical aura covered Eric’s form as he slammed his fist into Ember’s stomach, even with her scales the Dragon Lord still felt tremendous pain from that hit.

“Emerald eyes…" Ember mused before spotting a broken ship wreckage. She smirked and flew behind it.

“It was a parting gift of the True King of the Crystal Empire.” Eric spoke watching the Dragon hide. “This is the one and only Spell of the Real King Umbra”

Ember then bursts through the wreckage, magma covered her claws and her talons. She then coats them in Armament Haki and swipes at Eric, as she's doing it, she spews magma at the Shadow Man. Trying to reduce him to a metal of blackness.

Eric effortlessly dodged the attacks with ease with the Paper Art technique, then with the aid of the Shave Technique moved behind the dragon.

“Shade Fist...” The Shadow Man reared his fist back before covering it in Pitch Black Armament Haki. “...Dark Star!”

Eric’s fist connected the Dragon Lord just below her wings with such force an audible snap could be heard, Ember was sent rolling onto the battlefield. Ember grabbed a halberd that was buried into a corpse and stuck it into the ground to stop herself. The Dragon Lord rose to her feet but felt nothing from her wings, The Shadow Man’s attack had snapped the bones connecting her wings to her back.

She lifted the halberd and looked at it, contemplating using the weapon. She shrugged and then bit into the metal of the blade and ate it whole. Her mouth began to glow an orangey red color, she growled, a gurgle coming deep within.

"RAAAH!" She spewed magma into the air, appearing like a volcano has erupted. Looking down she peers into Eric's eyes and gets ready to brawl, with her fists or with magic.

Eric dropped into the shadows to avoid the attack, tapping the ground with her talons she hummed.

"What will I do without my scepter? It's almost like I can just…" She then summoned the scepter back into her claws. "Farewell, Shadow-Alicorn-thingy." Slamming her scepter down, the whole area around her erupted with magma, sending a pillar of molten rock to the clouds.

Without warning the Dragon lord felt something bite into her shoulder, turning the Blue Dragon was met one of Eric’s Shade’s.

“Bad move lady,” Orochimaru said with a flick of his forked tongue.

"Which one? Mine or yours, considering that you're surrounded by magma." Ember said as they were in the aftermath of the magma pillar. Surrounded by magma with very few platforms, she laughed in Orochimaru's face. And forced the snake to let go of her shoulder, she turned to face the snake shade. "You're in my home turf now, and what are you? A speck of darkness in a bowl of light!" Ember twirled her scepter and the magma began to turn into a whirlpool, waves of magma went up and down.

"Face it, you're outmatched, outgunned, and shit out of luck!" Ember said with a smile that wreaked of chaos.

“Be that asssss it may” Orochimaru hissed out with a wide smile. “I will alwayssss come back even if I die” the Lamia’s smile only grew as he flicked his serpent tongue. “But can you return after being exposed to my Venom?”

Ember glanced at her wound, seeing it already swell and infect. "You underestimate a dragon's immunity to natural poisons, and even still, if you tear my wings off; my arms, legs, eyes, ears, I'll always find a way to fight back. I am a dragon. A Dragon Lord." Suddenly entities flew out of her scepter, and the spirits of the past Dragon Lords twirled around the crater. Circling around the pair as if they're judging their battle.

Orochimaru lunged at the Dragon Lord with a loud hiss, the serpent slithered under the Dragons legend before coming behind and coiling around her in his ever tightening grip.

“Have you ever fought a Lamia Shade, Dragon?” Orochimauru asked as he tightened around her even further.

"Have you fought a Dragon Lord, Shade?" Ember clenched her scepter and a boom of thunder rang out as lightning struck the pair. Not really harming Ember, but sure as hell injured the shade. Ember repeated the process repeatedly until Orochimarublet go of her, lightning after lightning, she wouldn't stop.

Orochimaru released the dragon and began to fall to the ground, however he could only laugh as his body began to melt which caused the Dragon Lord to raise her eyebrow in confusion.

"Hm… Must be warning me of something, well, might as well take it." Ember then dives down into the magma, submerging completely in said magma.

Their battle, yet not finished…


No amount of words could describe the situation right now. A giant green circle above the planet, turning back time once a chunk of the earth was ripped from it. Beams of power piercing heaven and hell, space and reality shifting, souls beginning to bend and shake, destruction, instinct, and mind.

Streaks of purple, white, and dark blue clashed throughout the air. Shattering dimensions and the universe alike, ripping holes into the multiverse and making deities quake in their boots. The ones who were causing such bursts of power were Thanos, Son Goku Black, and Rang Nebula. The Gods, the Titans, the Goliaths.

Shallot had stopped his fight and watched the chaos above him. Another clash happened with reality shattering again. “This is unreal… If they keep fighting they just may end up ending this universe.” Shallot spoke, another clash making him fall to the ground.

"Jesus…" Supergirl muttered as she watched Nebula clash with Black, their scythes entwined. "This isn't even a fight, it's a war." Supergirl said, terrified of the power of the Gods.

Black broke his scythe in half, turning part of it into a sting of chains. He quickly wrapped them around Nebula’s arm and pulled her towards him. He prepared a ki blast in his hands and was ready to fire, but Nebula teleported away as the Saiyan fired off the attack. Thanos quickly caught the ki blast to prevent it from hitting the planet and launched it to the sky, the brightness of the explosion made the sun look like a night light. Thanos looked around for Nebula and found himself punched in the face by the Alicorn.

Nebula's horn lit up and from the heavens, four moons began to appear in the atmosphere. She clenched her teeth and slammed them into each other, the moons then combined into a dwarf planet. She then began to slam it down upon Thanos and Black, the two looked at each other wordlessly and nodded. They looked up at the mega moon and their palms faced it.


In an instant, the mega moon turned into dust, shocking Nebula to how easy it was to destroy an object of that size. From the dust Black appeared with a determined glare, he pulled his fists back and launched a barrage of attacks at Nebula, who had begun to counter. Their clash of fists shook the planet to it’s very core as explosions, streaks of lightning began to tear at the planet’s surface. And it was quickly repaired with the Time Stone.

Nebula went for a strike against the Saiyan’s head, but Black’s body moved on it’s own, tilting his head to the side and delivering a destructive punch to the gut. The power of the attack sent a pressure blast out the back of Nebula and flattened a section of the planet. This stunned Nebula long enough for Black to deliver his barrage of attacks again, his arms legs being coated in Armament Haki. “Fifteen Ren Kugi Punch.” Black spoke calmly, his voice having an echo as Black delivered the final blow into Nebula’s skull. This sent Nebula through the planet and into its molten core. And was buried under it… Only for her to tear through the earth and appear before black, burnt and injured.

Thanos swooped in and delivered a Power Punch to the temple, "POWER CRASH!" Nebula was sent flying across the earth. Thanos turned around and slammed his heel into Nebula once she had circled the earth, sending her into a pile of corpses. Using the Reality Stone, he turned those corpses into Zombies and they began to claw at Nebula, only for her to vaporise them all. Nebula roared with wrath and seethed in anger, she glared up at Thanos and fired beams of Ice and Dark spheres at him. Thanos began to avoid them and the beams of ice melted when they got close and the dark spheres went towards Black.

Black closed his eyes and began to move his hands in a circular movement before bringing them to his side, clenching his fists. He opened his eyes as the dark spheres were mere moments away, he threw his palms forward and his aura engulfed the spheres, stopping them in his tracks. They soon changed color to pure light and the Saiyan sent them hurtling back to Nebula. The Alicorn dodge them with one just scraping against her, but Black appeared above her and elbowed her into the ground, creating a massive crater. Nebula landed on her hands and feet and she turned around, glaring at Black who held no emotion.

“Face it Nebula, you can’t win this battle. Give up.” Black spoke, Nebula growled and seethed with anger before she calmed down.

"You know, there's a saying that goes around through the Alicorn Generations… When you can't win the battle, win the war." Nebula's horn lit up and in her hands was Twilight Sparkle, and Grogar's Bell. Black’s eyes narrowed as he recognized the item in hand.

‘She can’t be that desperate…’ Black thought.

"Oh. Oh no." Thanos said, looking at Black then Nebula. "This isn't good."

"If you come near me in a ten meter radius, you will be under my mind control, so you must either watch me become more powerful, or serve under me." Nebula said, as a sick Cadence in chains appeared next to her. Obviously mistreated.

‘She’s that desperate…’ Black thought with disgust. “So… you’d become the one thing everypony feared at night.”

"No, we are becoming the savior to the multiverse, we are going to cleanse the filth that is the Displaced, WE ARE GOING TO SAVE ALL!" Nebula said as she bounded Cadence to the ground.

Black had enough of her God complex talk and began to charge up a Final Big Bang Kamehameha. The power emanating from Black as he made his attack larger and fueled with so much ki it began to break the planet itself below. “You can’t justify yourself as the Savior of the multiverse Nebula.”

"Come on, hit me, I want ya to do it, c'mon hit me, do it, hit me, hit me, HIT ME!" She cackled maniacally, spreading her arms apart, ready to take the full brunt of the attack.

Black’s eyes narrowed as he began to fly up into the air, ascending into the sky. The higher he flew up, the more concern that began to wash over everyone. “Tell me Nebula, you said you’d be willing to do anything to beat us, correct?” Black asked as he began to become a shining star in the sky. Shallot looked up to Black, growing more and more concerned.

"YE-HE-HE-HE-HE-S! YOU GET ME SON GOKU BLACK! YOU GET MY RESOLVE, MY DRIVE!" Nebula began to say her pupils were becoming slits, her teeth, sharper.

"It's about drive, it's about power-" Thanos began to sing before he was cut off by Shallot.

“BLACK DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE FIRE THAT BLAST!!!” Shallot roared, clenching his fists.

Pieces of the planet began to break off and rise into the sky, other planets began to do the same. Black’s mythical aura began to have an outline of red, his aura from going calm to becoming violent. Suddenly a sharp red aura encompassed the Saiyan as he attack grew from twice it’s size. “I’m sorry, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Princess Twilight.” Black said. Before teleporting out of existence, shocking Nebula. Suddenly Black appeared in front of the Alicorns with a glare that could wipe everything from existence.

HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” Black roared with the might of a thousand Ozaru’s, the blast engulfed Nebula and everything in its path. The Blast vaporized half the planet and most of the galaxy that was in its path. And fortunately not hitting the Displaced Army and unfortunately, not hitting most of Nebula's.

Though the planet was repaired once more, Thanos flew down, sighing in disappointment. "You know, I truly thought she could be redeemed." He said with the cross of his arms.

“She was far to gone, I noticed she was becoming more and more like Nightmare Moon when I was charging that attack.” Black said as he stood up and looked across the landscape and the horrified Nebula Army.

"It's time to go home, buddy." Thanos pats Black on his back, accidentally burning him. "Sorry." Thanos and Black turned around to go when…

A sudden jump in power was felt from behind them, they looked behind them and dust was blocking their view. Thanos and Black were horrified and confused, who could that be? The dust slowly began to clear and the magicless husks of Twilight and Cadence revealed themselves. Their pupils are blank…


"Black…" Thanos said, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Black nodded as he faced the dust with an emotionless glare, prepared for her to show herself.

"Wheeze wheeze Displaced, have you any blood…?"

An ominous voice rang from the dust, sending shivers up every Displaced spines.

"No ma'am, no ma'am, I'm out of luck."

She’s lost it…’ Nightmare said in Black’s mind.

"We will break your family and your bones…"

"And force you to be all alone…"

The dust cleared and there stood the Devil herself. Her wings were massive, she had another pair too, one purple one pink, her horn was long as well, with spirals of purple and pink around it. Her eyes were filled with a glowing dark blue, she had two new Cutie Marks placed around her body. Twilight's Cutie Mark on her chest, Cadence's on her back, her scythe was impressive in scythe and fierceness. Her mane was long and regal, as if it had its own kingdom under it, her armor was now an intimidating black and blue with a moon crescent on her chest.

"Hello, Black, Thanos, what would you like your coffin to look like?" Ultimate Nebula asked, her voice had the voices of Twilight, Grogar, Cadence, and Nightmare Moon stockpiled. She began tilting her head and smiling like a deranged LUNAtic.

I'll see myself out.

Black took a deep breath and a large beam of light shot into the sky, breaking away the dark clouds above and letting the sun shine down onto the battered warzone. “You need to stop Luna.” Black said calmly as he took on a stance.

"Stop?" Her voices began to echo, "Oh, Black why would I? When I feel so alive?" She began to chuckle to herself, a permanent smile on her face.

“Do you not realize what you’ve become? You became the Devil and everyone can see this!” Black pointed out, using his hand to gesture to her army.

She looked at her army and scoffed, before looking at Black. "Black, Michael… Michael, Michael, Michael… You aren't like me. I am above this, above all, I am no god, I am a girl who wants vengeance." She points her scythe at Black, "And I am ready to take what's rightfully mine…"

“And what will you do after you're done wiping all existence of Displaced. What will you do after with a population who despises you?” Black asked.

"I finally rest, and smile upon a greatful universe." Ultimate Nebula spoke, she then rushed at Black, her speed making Black appear slow. Ultimate Nebula slashed Black across the chest, burying her blade deep into the ribs of the Saiyan. Thanos hadn't time to react, even with his Future Sight Observation Haki. As Black is pierced, Ultimate Nebula rang out a cackle and threw Black into space, making him tear through galaxies and stars.

"What the he-" Thanos was then grabbed by the neck, Ultimate Nebula cackled once more and froze him solid.

"You. Are going to be my pet, I know I wanted to kill you, but where's the fun in that? I'm going to make you wish that you were dead." Ultimate Nebula said between giggles of insanity. Katakuri then slammed into Ultimate Nebula, sending her back one meter.

"She is a danger to the Multiverse, and she must be defeated!" Katakuri would shout, kicking it up to his Ultimate Form.

A large flash of light outshined the sun and countless galaxies as an immense heat could be felt. Black reappeared next to Katakuri ten times stronger than before. His shirt was vaporized with only his pants and boots remaining.

"Ah, you've returned, now let's handle this-" Katakuri was cut off with cackling, and it wasn't from Ultimate Nebula.

Ultimate Nebula looked up, confused, "What the hell?!" She boomed.


Black’s eyes widened for a moment, but then returned to their emotionless stare as Black looked to the sky. “So… you’re here as well…”


"The itsy bitsy Titan went up the waterspout, down came the Irish to take the Titan out!" Ryker sang as Thanos melted through his prison, Ryker came down from above, in his God of Destruction Form with the eyes of Fierce Deity Link.

Thanos was then punched by Ryker and was sent to the ground, Ryker then appeared next to Ultimate Nebula. They both glanced at each other and cackled before getting ready to fight alongside each other.

To Be Continued...

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