• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Mission Barely Possible.

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
You can journey around Equis with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends won't wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

For thousands of years, they've waited for me
When the Infinity Stones are together their wrath is set free
Killing, Killing, burning, unmatched destroying~

Glowing and sparkling, somewhere concealed
Mysterious and shining with their power revealed
Ageless, timeless, their destruction is surprising~

Let’s fight, fight, fight, fight all your foes
Fight the gods and the demons below
No mercy, mercy, mercy, there is no other way!
And find the Infinity Stones today~

Find the Infinity Stones! Seek out for them all!
Come and join my conquest with me
Listen for the cry, of the Infinity Stones!
What great odyssey this will be

You can join my conquest because my friends will not wait
A deadly world, a terrifying journey!

I sat in the planning room and looked at the commanders, Commander Sapphire Sword of the Blue Fleet, who controls the warships, Commander Emerald Gauntlet of the Emerald Crushers, he is usually used in head-on battles, Commander Ruby (Her name is just Ruby) of the Ruby Demons she literally has an army of monsters she is also used in head-on battles. Grievous, Lucci, Entity, and I were all in the planning room.

"Alright everyone, we need to rid Sunny of the Power Stone, Equestrians cannot, can. Not. Be trusted with that kind of power so Grievous, Lucci, and Entity will try to find it." I declared; Entity looked at me.

"Do you know where it is?" He asked, "Because I'm not risking life if I don't know where it is."

"It is most likely in the Canterlot Vault where all the treasures and artifacts are held," I said looking at the trio.

"Well, I know the three of us can easily sneak past everyone but what if we get found out? I'm not taking any chances." Grievous was right, if things went south, they would be outnumbered and perhaps even outmatched, then an idea clicked.

"You guys, stay right there I need to get something or rather someone." I run out of the room as fast as I could and reached my room, I searched the drawers and opened a secret compartment and a token appeared, a Devil Fruit token. I held it and raised it high.

"I call upon the Reaper of the Crystal Empire!" I paused for a moment, waiting for Eric to pop up like an advertisement on a website. Then suddenly a dark fiery portal appeared behind me that may look like black fire but emanated something cold, almost immediately Eric lunged at my back with a skull mask and put his scythe around my neck, I manage to glance behind me.

"You require the aid of the Reaper?" Eric asked with a grin as he pulled his weapon from the Titan’s throat

In Eric's World three minutes before...

Rainbow Dash released a fireball from her hands sending the crimson orbs at the Shadow Man, Eric simply jumped to avoid them and sent a spear of shadow at the Mare. With a twist of her body, the Pegasus barely evaded the spears as they ripped a part of her shirt, kicking her leg Rainbow sent a monsoon of fire at Eric, who simple formed a pair of giant wings and flapped them creating a powerful gust of wind snuffing the flames out.

With a smile, Eric and Rainbow lowered themselves to the ground. “You’re getting better at controlling the Flame-Flame Fruit”

“Thanks, Eric” Rainbow said as Eric tossed a towel to the mare.

“However, you're still having trouble controlling your precision attacks,” Eric said, wiping his face with his own towel. “You need to work off that otherwise, you’ll tire yourself out in the middle of a fight”

“Trust me I’m trying,” Rainbow said, slightly downtrodden. “I’m not like you I don’t have a knowledge of every Devil Fruit”

“All it takes is some time, patience, and some practice” Eric encouraged with a grin.

"I call upon the Reaper of the Crystal Empire!" Eric paused for a moment, he recognized that voice


“Hey Rainbow, continue training for a bit,” Eric said moving to leave the Pegasus

“Where are you going, Eric?” Rainbow asked as she tried to consume her wings in flames

“Remember that purple-skinned Shade?” Eric asked the Pegasus who nodded. “Well, he needs me so I can’t exactly leave him hanging,” Eric said entering his shadow where a fiery shadow portal was located.

Thanos sighed and rubbed his eyebrows, “Yeah, and pull that shit again and so help me I’ll-” Thanos was cut off when he heard tiny footsteps.

“Daddy?” A young feminine voice spoke, Thanos used all his strength and pushed Eric away and into an armor stand.

“Shieldy!” Thanos said, walking towards his daughter and embracing the Minotaur child. “What are you doing out here?”

“Cute... So is she your Gamora or did you lay a minotaur,” Eric asked before tapping a fist to his chest “Either way respect on being a father.”

“Celestia is the only one for me! But yes, you could say she is my Gamora, there was this King named Golden Hoof. He is a descendent from the Golden family, the ruler of Minos. After I wrecked him and took the throne, his daughter became mine. I got to say, I think she likes me more.” Thanos pets his child.

“Daddy, who is that… Emo guy?” Golden Shield asked, pointing at Eric, Thanos cracked up and pointed at Eric.

“BAH! Hahahahaha!” Thanos slapped his knee as he laughed at Eric, “That my friend is Eric Von Shadow, the Reaper of the Crystal Empire! He has a thing for serving rulers, but don’t worry, I am not gay.” Thanos said, he stood to his full height, a whopping eight foot three inches.

“So, what do you need from me, Thanos?” Eric asked dispelling his scythe

“Oh yeah, follow me.” Thanos said, giving Eric a serious look, Thanos marched on out of his room. He made his way to a door, but his daughter followed Thanos, not that he did not mind. Thanos opened the door and motioned Eric to go in.

Eric walked and found Thanos’ “crew,” which was Grievous, the Dragon Slayer of the East. Standing tall at a whopping 7’11. Then there was Entity_303, who was a blocky fellow standing at an average of 6’6. Rob Lucci, the Leopard Assassin who was at a whopping 6’11. There were three Minotaurs, the one who wore green armor was Emerald Gauntlet. A Minotaur who is one of the top fifteen strongest Minotaurs alive. Next to him was Sapphire Sword, a more sleek and feminine Minotaur with aqua-colored armor, she also had a sword made of Sapphire. And finally, was Ruby, a minotaur who had scars, she looked just like Sapphire but red. Instead of a sword, she had a spear.

“Eric Von Shadow, meet The Boys! Also called the Infinity Warriors but we aren’t completely assembled yet…” Thanos said with a sigh.

The Boys? If you can call them that” Eric said, turning his gaze to the door as he sensed a shadow approaching. “Especially since there’s a woman approaching rapidly”

“ENTITY!!!!” Sally roared; the door was busted down falling on Eric. Sally walked over the fallen door and glared at Entity_303. “You have the NERVE to skip our date?!”

“IT’S A DAMN WAR!” Entity shrieked in both fear and disbelief.

“I don’t fucking care, a date is a date!” Sally said when she stepped off the door rusted and turned to ash. Burying Eric in ash.

“Thanks,” Eric said, dusting the ash off him. “So where should my scythe be pointed, Thanos?”

“We’re currently going to go on a mission, a mission that’s… barely possible.” Thanos said grinning, Grievous brought out a drum set and did the ‘ba da KSH!.’ “Thank you Grievous.”

“You’re welcome fam.” Grievous replied, “It’s what I do.”

“Anyway, this is a mission that will most likely put you guys in danger. I am going with you guys to make sure you guys do not do something stupid, which you guys would. Now… We’re going to sneak into Canterlot and steal the Power Stone, they are in the possession of the Mind Stone too, but I want to give them a chance in the oncoming war. Giving them hope so that I can CRUSH it.” Thanos said, clenching his fists.

“So, you need me to steal a couple of Infinity Stones?” Eric asked before shrugging his shoulders. “Should be pretty easy”

“Did you not hear the man? He said one.” Grievous said, crossing his arms.

“And no, it won’t be easy. Because the place where they hold the Power Stone is most likely in the Vault of Heroes, deep inside Canterlot. Completely surrounded by Sea Prism Stone and an Anti-Teleportation magic. Not to mention to keep the creatures of the Dark, one of Oblivion the Shadow’s creations, they lit it up the fucking brim. So, Eric, you cannot teleport. We’re splitting up into teams, first, there is Team Snake. Which will be devised of Me, Lucci, Grievous, Sally, and you Eric.” Thanos said, talking to his team.

“Team Snake? Are we going to wear Cardboard boxes?” Eric asked Sarcastically as he grinned

“If it comes to that, yes, we would. Now the second team, Team Watchdog, where a select few will scope around the area and see if there are guards. I know we have Observation Haki to see our surroundings but from what my agent told me-” Thanos was cut off by Eric.

“My Observation isn’t that good, but I can sense anypony's shadow within a three-hundred-mile radius” Eric corrected. “I’m more effective with armament and somewhat on my conquerors''

“Did you know that the Golden Armor that the Royal Guard uses has the effect of Shine? Do you know what that is?” Lucci asked the Reaper.

“Never heard of it” The Reaper answered

“Well, the armor has an effect of making them have no shadow, it is to conceal themselves when doing stealth ops, and to vanquish any Shadow Demon, yes we have those, that may come up. For your information, there was a Unicorn named Oblivion, a student of our world’s Umbra the Dark. Oblivion was Umbra’s successor, and his goal was to vanquish the forces of light and leave the world in shadow. To please Umbra the Dark, so he created Shadow Demons. Shadow Demons come out of REALLY dark places, that’s why Ponies never visit the ocean. Oblivion was sealed in a Ring but… Legend says he’s still making Shadow Demons even inside the said ring.” Lucci told the Reaper.

“I wouldn't mind seeing if I could use something like that” Eric muttered to himself about the ring. “Shadow Demons could work in tandem with my Devil Fruit”

“I’m not going to go into detail about how wrong that idea is,” Sally said with a sigh, she turned to Thanos. “Continue.”

“And not to mention they have Sea Prism Stone weapons; Team Watchdog is to scout the dangers out and message the others with this.” Thanos pulls out a black spherical object. “A communication device made by…” Thanos’ Reality Stone glowed, and Eric had no gravity. “The Reality Stone!”

Eric melted into shadow and vanished in the surrounding shadows; Eric emerged in the same spot as before only this time his feet were bound to the floor.

“So, when do we go retrieve your power stone?” Eric asked the Titan

“Midnight, where shadows are plenty. Oh, and the Third Team is Team Salvation, where Sapphire Sword’s Armada of Airships take us away when we’re done. Emerald Gauntlet and Ruby will cover us as we make our way to their airships. Once I get the Power Stone, I am a step closer to becoming whole again.” Thanos clenched his Gauntlet wearing fist and the gauntlet holes began to light with the Infinity Stones colors. Thanos unclenched the fist and only the Reality Stone remained. “Get some rest, for tonight will shake the balance of the world.”

“What your planning is inevitable to go wrong,” Eric said with a smile. “Hope we have a backup plan

“Mission Barely Possible has multiple plans… Right, Sally?” Thanos turned to Sally, Sally then whispered into his ear. “We… We don’t?” She whispers some more, “Of course I’m not going to tell him, it would be funnier that way. Eric, we have ten backup plans, do not worry.”

“That’s comforting,” Eric said, noticing three of them eyeing him. “What, you see something you like?”

“Nope, edge sharper than my blades…” Grievous said, shaking his head, Lucci leaned to Grievous.

“I know right? He is like that one kid in class who wears goth all the time. Remember Jeremy?” Lucci asked Grievous.

“That kid? Whenever I get a whiff of him, I cut my nose!” Entity said, pointing at his flat and furry nose.

“You all realize I can hear all of you,” Eric said

“Of course, we do, we’re not idiots, I mean we were called the Three Idiots at a time but-” Entity was shut up by Lucci.

“Shut it, you’re not helping our case.” Lucci slapped the back of Entity’s head.

“Thanos, I’m going to rest,” Eric said before stopping at the Titan’s side. “Your crew has no discipline, this plan of yours will fail”

“They only show discipline when they respect someone or in the heat of battle," Thanos replied lazily, Thanos and Eric walked out of the war room. Thanos began to walk to a library.

“Hey Thanos,” Eric said, getting the large man’s attention. “Can I ask you something?”

"What is it, Little One?" Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“If you had the ability to go back in time to save someone, would you, do it?” Eric asked, feeling a mix of emotions having seen somepony using the Time-Time Fruit.

"No, the past is in the past. There is nothing you can do about it; you can only smile and move on. Come, I want to show you something." Thanos and Eric entered the library and they walked past shelves and as they walked deeper, it went darker.

"Welcome to Mino's Archives!" Thanos said, "Also the Realm of Warriors." Thanos and Eric were surrounded by statues of warriors. The statues were minotaurs but one was a statue of Thanos.

“Pretty cool don't you think?" Thanos said, looking at Eric with a grin.

“It is,” Eric said, stopping in front of the statue of Thanos. “Did they do this, or did you command this to be put here?”

"They did, I was a War Hero way back when. Not to mention the student of Cloven Diamond, the strongest being on the planet." Thanos looked at a Statue made of Diamond.

“Cloven Diamond…” Eric said, putting a hand to his chin. “I’ve heard that name before”

Eric reached into his body and pulled the same book he took from Canterlot when he researched King Umbra, flipping through the pages until he found an image of a Minotaur with diamond-colored fur, he was really big even bigger than the Mad Titan, ten feet tall with muscles that put the Mad Titan to shame, and a Viking-like white beard to go with his body.

“Cloven Diamond, he was a minotaur who ruled Minos with compassion, swore an alliance with King Sol until the War with Lord Tirek.” Eric read from the book. “Having felt the king failed to protect his father his son and successor to the throne terminated the alliance and cursed Equestria with a destruction of death, fire, and steel”

"He was a King here too, but he gave the crown to his nephew," Thanos said, admiring the statue.

There was something written at the bottom of the statue. 'Forever the Greatest Warrior.'

"He taught me everything he knew about the Six Powers, Martial Arts, and Haki," Thanos said with a smile.

“We must always honor our masters by the way we fight,” Eric said grinning. “King Jasper and the Captain Raven Wind trained me before his retirement”

"The Captain of the Equestrian Royal Guard name was Black Shield, huh, I guess the colors are connected," Thanos said with a shrug, he then walked towards a shelf and picked a book from it. It was a black book with red letters it read… "The List of Evil."

"I think you might need this, search for Oblivion the Shadow, he might be in your Equestria as well." Thanos said, "Go read it in your room which is…" The two went through the roof with the Reality Stone and arrived in a shadow-themed room. "Here, I made my maids make the room just for you should you need shelter here."

“Thanks,” Eric said, cracking open the book. “For all, I know he may as well be dead in my world, but it’s never a terrible thing to learn how to counter a powerful foe”

"Sweet dreams, short stack." Thanos then moonwalks out the room. He closes the door behind him and walks away.

“See you tonight, Lard Ass,” Eric said before laughing

Behind the door, Thanos couldn’t help but stifle a laugh. "I love that guy…" Thanos then walked away from the door, meanwhile inside the room….

“Oblivion The Shadow...” Eric said, going through the book. “A Unicorn who willingly chose to work under Umbra the Dark. Under his wing, the unicorn defiled many ponies and warped them into mindless drones for Umbra’s army. He also is the creator of the Shadow Spells, spells so forbidden that if you mutter the name, you could get life in Tartarus. The Spells allow him to steal the shadows and make them into warriors, if the Shadow Warriors are alive, the original will not die. Not from starving, falling, or any of the sorts. Making the original unable to see or touch, not able to feel anything. Oblivion has different forms of spells, he can pull people towards them, seal ponies in weapons, and even summon the Demon of Darkness himself, Ravelk to his aid. However, he can only do it for a limited time."

Closing the book Eric looked up to the ceiling. “He better be dead in my Equestria” Setting the book down Eric closed his eyes to rest

The shadows seemed to act differently when Eric said that, like the shadows were angry. One of the shadows had a tendril slithering up the bed and wrapped around Eric's neck but then pulled back and went back to its domain unbeknownst to him.

"ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER WE'RE LEAVING!!!!" Grievous roared, in Eric's ears.

Without hesitation numerous spears of shadow were pressed against the Cyborg's body, lifting himself from the seat Eric opened his eyes and dispelled his shadows

“Don’t do that again.” Eric said looking at the Cyborg with his red and black eyes

Grievous rolled his eyes. "Did I stutter? Hurry your ass up!" Grievous said, turning around, his cape swung with him. Grievous opened the door and walked down the corridor to the Docking Area.

“Lead the way Grievous.” Eric said following behind him. As they marched, they reached the docking area, they passed three Zeppelins with red, blue, and green on each. But there was one in front of them, which was jet black on the sides were…

"This… is the Nigga Mobile!" Thanos said, "Those who are white say the Wigga Mobile." Thanos introduced it to Eric Von Shadow.

Eric rolled his eyes as he boarded the vessel. “Let’s get this party started”

"GET YOUR SORRY ASS BACK HERE!!!" Thanos roared, he used the Reality Stone to make a giant claw of literal Light. He wrapped the claw around him and brought him next to The Boys. "I forgot to cover something with our briefing. We need to put the Power Stone in this," He pulled out a box of Crystal. "Or you'll be obliterated."

“Understood,” Eric said with a nod

"Now, that is all, who knows how to not die?" Thanos said, looking at the group. “Anyone? Okay, now Eric… Do you know who Candice is…?” Thanos said seriously, looking into Eric’s eyes.

“Nice try,” Eric said with a shake of his head. “I fell for that before I was displaced”

“Damn it!” Thanos said, yelling at the heavens, “Well, all aboard the A.S.S! The Awesome Super Ship!” Thanos said, walking aboard.

“This will be fun,” Grievous said, walking aboard.

“I’m surprised you didn’t call the A.S.S. M’dick” Eric said boarding the ship

“No, that's the ship over there.” Sally pointed to the ship that was the smallest of them all.

“Has he ever asked how it feels riding it?” Eric asked looking at the stitched up displaced

“...Yes… And I, unfortunately, said it feels good,” Sally said with a slight blush as she rubbed her eyebrows.

Eric lifted his hand and began rubbing his pointer finger and his thumb together. “You have my condolences, let me play you a song on the world's smallest violin”

“Fuck you!” Sally said with a laugh, shaking her head as they boarded the ship. They sat on a strapped-down chair, to prevent it from sliding across the floor, next to the others, Entity was piloting the ship.

“No this is the world's smallest violin,” Eric said showing a tiny black violin in his hand

“Bro you play that too?!” Sally and Grievous said, showing their small violins.

“Of course,” Eric said, pulling a black violin from his body. “It’s one of my prized possessions”

“...You’ve gained my respect,” Grievous said with a short bow. “That simple thing… You’ve gained my respect, no one respects the most BEAUTIFUL instrument ever.”

“Unfortunately, I can play more than this,” Eric said with slight disgust on his face. “Piano, harp, cello...Every instrument dealing with nobility”

“...I can tell you’re troubled… Have you ever been to Alcatraz on Earth? It is a… Weird place. Oh, and I got a Harmonica there! It read, ‘where music was a privilege.’” Grievous told the Shadow Man.

“I think I would have preferred that when I was still on earth,” Eric said storing his instrument inside his body

“Alrighty Boys and girls, we're taking lift off!” Entity spoke over the intercom as the engines revved up and the aircraft began to ascend. “If you’re scared of heights too bad, if you want to leave, the door is on the right of Thanos.” A door with the word ‘EXIT’ was there next to the Titan.

“Want to hear a story of old, when I and the others weren’t in a war with good ol’ Tia?” Sally asked Eric.

“Sure,” Eric said before crossing his arms and closing his eyes. “But if it involves a dragon, zombies, or Prince Blueblood, then I’ll pass”

“Pfft! Dragons? Zombies? We have too much to talk about them! Let me tell you about the tale of how Supergirl and Thanos raced around the world to settle who was superior at certain things.” Sally said with a smile. “So, about a thousand years ago I woke up to Thanos and Supergirl arguing about who was faster. Supergirl argued that she could fly, making her faster, Thanos argued that he can use Soru and Geppo making her point invalid. So, they decided… To race around the world.” Sally said with a smile, Grievous then added his two cents in.

“Cloven Diamond approved of this, and they met up at the outside of the Everfree Forest, the east side. They were to pass Griffonstone, the Dragon Lands, Zebrafrica, then the continent of Asia and Europe then finally swim from Neighpan to Equestria.” Grievous said, nonchalantly, like he didn’t just say something so amazing.

“That sounds like it was a fun event,” Eric said before opening his eyes and turning to Grievous. “How long did the race last?”

“Um… five hours.” Grievous replied, “It was exciting.”

“Hmm…” Eric mused as he began to think. ‘I don’t my reaper form could make that distance in that time, give, or take two or three extra hours’

“The race was so exciting that even Rulers from other Countries gathered here, then… The race began. Supergirl flew high but Thanos used Kamisori, a mixture of Geppo and Soru or if you want, Moonwalk and Shave. The two were both going fast before they began to swim part of the challenge, that’s right, they swam across bodies of water. So, they swam from Equestria to Griffonstone. Thanos had more physical strength than Supergirl, so Thanos got out of the water first. Thanos was now in the lead, and he ran, Supergirl ran as well because they took turns running and flying. They crossed the Dragon Lands and leaped over volcanoes. But the real interesting part was at the end, there was a huge distance between Neighpan and Equestria. Over 6,000 miles!” Sally said with a grin, her eyes sparkling.

“Hear that man? They swam it too, and they did it in under an hour. Swimming is the most grueling task on the human body.” Grievous said as it was a fact.

“Must have been one hell of a workout,” Eric said with a smile. “Speaking of hell...” Eric turned to Thanos. “How’s the Heat-Heat Fruit treating you, Thanos?”

“I can expel fire now if I condense heat into a ball.” Thanos’ right arm heated up, making light, Thanos clenched his fist, then opened it. A ball of fire revealed itself. “Catch.” Thanos threw it at Eric.

Eric reached for the orb of fire as shadow poured from his hand and swallowed the fire whole, Eric grinned as the shadow receded back into his body

“Oh, and I can do stuff with steam.” Thanos stood up from his seat and began to fly, steam boosting him like Iron Man. Thanos began to vanish, mimicking Gear Second, he then made swish sounds.

“It’s like you're a Steam Man,” Eric said smiling

“I… That is what it’s called man.” Thanos said, now above Eric, upside down, steam coming from his head.

“Good to know,” Eric said to the Titan

“Yeah... Anyways, I’m going to take over the story now. It ended in a draw which is BULLSHIT!” Thanos said, completely bursting in red flames before it calmed down.

“But you had fun, did you not?” Eric asked the Titan

“Yeah… Cloven Diamond was proud of us, saying a draw is better than winning. He told us that we could do it again and push ourselves to our limits trying to overcome one another. He’s basically Oogway.” Thanos said with a chuckle.

“Captain Raven once told me something about one’s limits,” Eric said with a fond smile forming on his face. “Limits are not blockades, Limits aren’t made to be broken, they are meant to be Shattered”

“How did you think I got here?” Thanos asked Eric.

“It was under my guidance that made you live this far.” A voice spoke in Thanos’ head.

“Shut it, Thanos, anyways what were you saying?” Thanos asked Eric.

“Well, it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who hears voices,” Eric said before looking down. “But mine takes the form of my shadow”

“And to answer your question, you got here by not shattering your limits but by destroying them as I have,” Eric said with a nod

“Do you think we can meet your gang? I’m curious about how we differentiate from them.” Lucci asked the Shadow Man.

“Possibly, I still have them thinking I’m Shade made from Umbra’s magic,” Eric said

“I have an idea… What if we said we were Warriors from a distant land? Always works.” Lucci said, Thanos just nodded in agreement.

“It’s a plausible idea, but I finally got the princesses' trust,” Eric said, putting a hand to his chin. “I’d rather not lose it now”

“Do we look untrustworthy? I just helped Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie learn from their mistakes! Hell, you could say you and I are friends. But I understand, princesses are a fickle I should know…” Thanos said coldly.

The Aircraft stopped and the drawbridge hit a snowy platform. Entity crossed his arms, Lucci stood side by side with the Minecraftian. “This is your stop, welcome to the top of Mount Canter, below you is Canterlot. Try not to waste your oxygen until you get down there alright?” Lucci said with a smile.

“Feels like home up here,” Eric said, not bothered by the snow and the cold. Eric, Lucci, Thanos, Sally, and Grievous got off the ship.

“Huh? Why are you joining us?” Thanos asked the Leopard Assassin.

“Because I was a part of the CP9, I’ll be more useful here. I’m not called the Leopard Assassin for nothing.” Lucci said with a shrug.

“Well, does anyone want to go with Entity?” Thanos looked at the others… Silence…

“Well fuck you too!” Entity said, crossing his arms and huffing.

“Sorry sweetie,” Sally said with a smile, Sally walked up and kissed Entity on the cheeks before walking back down. “Stay safe!” Sally said, waving farewell to her lover.

“I’m never safe!” The bridge goes up and the aircraft revs the engine before taking off.

“Are you sure that Celestia won’t notice this?” Eric said pulling out a telescope from his body before peering through

“Don’t worry, she’s crying her heart out. Just look.” Grievous pointed at Celestia's room. What he saw was Celestia having a mental breakdown, hair in ruffles, and whatnot.

“What did you do to her?” Eric asked handing the looking glass to Thanos

“Destroyed her cake stash.” Thanos replied as he looked into the telescope, “Fat bitch, we need to enter through the roof of the building. Silently, we’ll make our way from the roof to the underground vault. Remember Eric, you can’t go sneaking into shadows, the guards have armor that detects shadow demons.”

“I know, I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here” Eric admitted as Thanos handed the telescope back to the shadow man

“Now, don’t jump off just yet, we should do it silently.” Thanos walked to the edge and saw Canterlot. “Follow my lead.” Thanos jumped up before going down, he pulled out his weapon and used magic to make his sword unable to make a sound. Thanos stuck his blade down the side of the mountain as he dug his sword into it, Thanos began to slide down.

Placing his hand on the ground Eric created a large black falcon, Eric jumped on the back of the bird as it glided down to the castle grounds

Lucci turned into his Hybrid Form and looked at his paws, he knew that they wouldn’t make a sound. Lucci jumped down and used Geppo to go to the Castle grounds, he did it slowly for he didn’t want to make more sound.

Grievous got out the Wind Sword and made wings of pure air. Grievous did a running start, jumped off the mountain, and glided down to the castle grounds. Thanos then jumped off the mountain at the right time, using Geppo to jump on air before silently rolling to his feet on the building. Grievous gently flew down, his wings of Wind fluttered as he gracefully stood crouching next to Thanos. Lucci Geppo’d gently down next to Thanos.

Eric jumped from his bird dispelling it immediately before joining the other three

“Where’s Sally?” Grievous said in a whisper, Sally made a bird sound, making Grievous turn to her. Sally was next to them; they had not noticed her given how silent she was.

“Are you sure you’re not Himiko Toga?” Eric asked quietly

“Nope, if I was, I would’ve already tied Entity up and put him in the basement then make him love me,” Sally replied, Grievous, Thanos, and Lucci stared at her wide-eyed.

“Someone better keep an eye on Entity…” Grievous said with a shiver down his robotic spine. “We should really get going.”

“Both are innovative ideas, follow me,” Thanos said silently, crouching and taking a step forward. “Get down!” Thanos said in a whisper, they all went down, and a Guard passed them before pausing. His horn lit up, it shined like a flashlight, and looked around in their direction.

Eric, however, jumped into the shadows and evaded the guard, Eric emerged from behind the guard before grabbing his sheathed sword and slamming it into the guard's neck causing the unicorn guard to fall unconscious. Thanos quickly prevented the guard from making a ton of sound by preventing the guard from hitting the floor.

Eric looked to the others before motioning his hand to the door of the rooftop. “Shall we?”

“Shall we what? Suck some dick? Finish your sentences!” Thanos said in a loud whisper, moving past Eric with Grievous tailing behind him.

“Move on with the mission,” Eric said, keeping his voice down following behind

There was a guard at the door who just entered, Grievous began to move like liquid and hid behind every vase and statue on the roof. He then slipped behind the guard and chopped his neck with his robotic hand, Grievous then gently let the guard down. Grievous opened the door and motioned them to go, Lucci went in first, but Thanos used his Reality Stone to put the guard on a bed. He gives the guard a blanket as well as a pillow, Thanos then pats the guard's head. He did the same for the previous guard.

“Come on!” Lucci said in a whisper.

“I’m kissing the homies goodnight, go on ahead!” Sally walked by Thanos.

“I already did it, let’s move on,” Sally said, dragging Thanos through the door.

They went down the stairs, however, Grievous used his claws to crawl on the ceiling while Eric moved through the shadows. Thanos was using his Reality Stone to morph into different objects as he slipped down the corridor. Sally and Lucci however, snuck normally.

“You know that time when Grievous poured ink on Princess Celestia’s tits?” One of the Guards said as they stopped next to a door.

“Yeah, it was hilarious.” The other guard spoke.

Eric poked his head out of the shadows. “You all have some bad luck around the princesses”

Grievous looked down at Eric, literally. “You have no fucking idea.” Grievous whispered to Eric as he returned to the shadows.

“That’s right,” Thanos said with a sigh.

“What was that?” Guard 1 said, looking around, this guard was a Unicorn, the other an Earth pony.

“I… Don’t know.” Guard 2 put his hand on his sword, Sally then used Soru and rushed right past them. The guards then quickly turn into ash, unfortunately for Sally, the guards' armor hit the floor making a racket.

“Shit, in here!” Sally opened the door to a library and went in, Thanos hurriedly did so as well. Lucci swore more than a sailor and went inside, Grievous did so as well. Eric removed himself from the shadow before entering the Library behind Grievous,

The Five walk in the center and they look around. “Who’s down there?” They heard a voice coming from the corridor.

“Scatter!” Thanos ordered quietly, the gang then scattered.

Eric fired a tendril to the roof and pulled himself from the ground floor, keeping his eyes trained below Eric saw the voice belonged to a certain Princess of the Moon.

“Luna” Eric muttered softly as he watched Luna look around the library.

Luna walked next to a vase; the vase held Grievous who was huddled up deep inside. Luna inspected the vase and was about to touch it.

Thinking quickly Eric sent a small black orb towards the doors she came through, the sound alerted her causing her to think of the group and fled down the hall.

“Is somepony there?” Luna asked, and she walked outside. Everyone held their breath to see if it was safe, they feel relieved as Luna closed the door. Everyone walked back down to the center.

“Oh, thank Faust” Eric whispered out as he descended from the ceiling

“Sally… What. Was. That?” Lucci asked Sally.

“I don’t know, I panicked, and Thanos, you’re supposed to cover us. Couldn’t you have made the plates of armor muffins or something?” Sally asked Thanos.

“I didn’t know you would do that; I unfortunately was thinking about Celestia. Also, Lucci, why are you here?! You’re supposed to be with Entity.” Thanos said, looking at Lucci.

“I am an assassin; this is what I fucking do! So, I snuck off.” Lucci said, crossing his arms.

“And it looks like we’re at the third step,” Eric said confusing the group

“The fuck do you mean?” Grievous asked Eric Von Shadow.

“We’re in the third step of any plan,” Eric said to the cyborg. “Four steps, Make the Plan, Execute the Plan, Expect the plan to go off the Rail. and Throw away the plan”

“No, I worked really hard on the plan, and I will not-” Thanos heard some whimpering, and everyone turned around and they saw Moondancer, shivering in fear.

“I am done with this shit, fuck you.” Thanos forged a bat and approached the mare. Sally got between Thanos and Moondancer.

“That’s a fucking child,” Sally said with a frown.

“Fuck that child,” Thanos replied with a deeper frown.

The sound of a body hit the ground alerted the pair, turning around both found Eric standing over the pony with his unfolded hand signaling he harmlessly knocked her out

“There, Problem solved,” Eric said, moving the pony to sit against the wall with a book on her lap. “Now she’ll think she fell asleep reading”

“Alright, good on her, let’s continue with the plan,” Thanos said with a nod, he walked towards the door before opening said door cautiously. “We’re clear.” Thanos opened the door and motioned the others to come on out, Lucci, Sally, and Grievous walked out. And when Eric went out Thanos began to sneak around and saw another flight of stairs.

“Come on,” Thanos said, Thanos began to sneakily go down the stairs trying to not make a sound. It was hard since he was an 8’3 goliath who weighs about 700 pounds, but he did it anyway. Grievous just crawled on the roof, Lucci just became a Leopard and snuck down the stairs, Sally followed what Thanos did. Eric merged with the dark stairs and rushed ahead, at the bottom of the stairs Eric found a pair of guards. Being in the dark area Eric didn’t need their shadows to pull them into his, before either could let out a scream, they were pulled into the darkness by Eric himself

“You’re going to put them back… Right?” Sally said with a raised eyebrow.

“So long as I don’t forget,” Eric said to the stitched woman

“I’ll be sure to remind you then,” Sally said, she turned to the corridor on the left and looked at the flight of stairs there. “After that flight one more left before we go into the most guarded place in the castle.” Sally noticed that no one was there and made a run for it, her footsteps more silent than a mouse, she then stopped at the flight of stairs. Motioning the others to come. Thanos motioned Eric to go first.

Eric moved ahead of the pack and traveled through the shadows of the flight before stopping at the bottom and finding only a sealed door with several locks adorning it, using his powers he pulled everyone to the bottom via their shadow.

“You need to unlock the door to go down the stairs but…” Thanos turned to his left and saw multiple Nobles talking to the Princess of the Night.

“What is wrong with you?” One of the nobles says, “I still don’t trust you after Nightmare Moon, and yet here I am giving you a second chance only for you to insult my attire?”

“I-I d-didn’t mean to, I meant to say that they’re awfully good…” Luna said, shrinking down her wings covering her face.

Eric clenched his teeth as he began to unsheathe his blade only for a large purple hand to stop him.

“The mission, we need to complete it,” Thanos said, looking at Eric seriously.

Eric hesitated for a second before sheathing his sword and nodded. “You’re right

“You could never be a princess! Always in Celestia’s shadow, hmph! You should go back to the moon where you belong, Mare in the Moon.” The Noble scoffed, Luna was then on the verge of tears. The other Nobles began to say their mind to Luna as she shrunk down.

“She’s a princess, respect her.” Fancy Pants said, going next to Luna and looking at the other nobles in disgust.
“Princess? More like a mistake! Making her a princess was the worst decision ever made, everything was fine until she came along!” The Noble said before spitting in Luna’s face.

Eric’s eyes turn red as he gripped the hilt of his sword to the point his knuckles turned white

Thanos glared at Eric and used powerful Conqueror’s Haki to make Eric know his place, Thanos frowned deeply. “Follow. The. Damn. Mission.” Thanos used his Reality Stone and silently unlocked the door. Thanos then walked to the door and opened it, Lucci had shadows over his eyes as he walked into the door, Grievous and Sally had shadows over their eyes as well as they went inside. Even Thanos looked ticked off as he motioned Eric to go in.

“One should not be reminded of their darkest past” Eric whispers his grip turning red from his bleeding hand

When Eric got in Thanos followed as well, before closing the door silently. No one was there, the stairs were spiral ones and they walked down them. Everyone was silent, not saying a word until Eric spoke up.

“Thanos,” Eric said, getting the Titan’s attention through his clenched teeth. “Once this mission is over, I want to kill that vile man.”

Thanos turned and saw Eric’s eyes turned full black and red with black veins on the sides of his face

“Understood,” Thanos said they were now at the bottom, and at the end of the corridor was the door to the vault covered in Sea Prism Stone. But there were lasers boxing the path like one of those spy movies.

“Move aside” Eric ordered drawing his sword

“Let me hack into the system and make the lasers go away really quick, to not cause any sound or suspicion.” Sally walked up to the High-Tech device that had words on it. In a few minutes, they were done.

“We need to go fast, it’s only one minute until it’s back up again!” Sally said, Thanos and the others ran to the door at a fast pace.

Once the lasers were disarmed Eric rushed the door and brought his sword down then across the door before jumping back, Eric sheathed his sword as the lasers turned back on.

“Shadow Sword Art: Devil’s cross,” Eric said as an upside-down cross formed on the door before caving in

When the door opened or was cut down there was a huge ray of light, full of gold, no shadow in sight. Thanos walked into the room like a drone devoid of emotion, he walked up a mountain of gold and looked down… There it was, on a pedestal. The Power Stone…

“At long last…” Thanos walked down the mountain of gold and looked down at the Power Stone. “You’re now coming back to your rightful owner…” Thanos said with a smile. Lucci and the others walked next to him and looked at Thanos in worry.

“Do you think he’s kind of… Off?” Sally said, leaning to Eric.

Eric breathed in then out trying to calm down enough to turn to the Titan. “Something is off,” Eric responded. “But it isn’t Thanos.” Sally tilted her head, confused.

Thanos opened the top part of the cube he had made and put the Power Stone in. Thanos raised the Crystal Box high… “Mission Success!” Thanos said, finally normal… Thanos, Eric, Sally, Lucci, and Grievous were blown away and slammed into the walls. "Mission FAILED!" Thanos cried out in anger as he was thrown into the wall.

“Ugh… What was that…?” Grievous said weakly.

“Did anyone catch the license plate on that car?” Eric groaned as he looked ahead

“Nope…” Thanos coughed as he got up, he saw a man with bandages around him. He looked robotic too, steampunk-esque, he was a robotic mummy.

“Well, looks like someone became too greedy.” The Man said tauntingly, he waged a finger at them and chuckled.

“Give it back!” Thanos sprinted at The Man and covered his fist in Armament Haki before throwing a punch at The Man. The Man threw an Armament Haki coated fist back at Thanos and Thanos was sent flying to the wall again. Thanos screamed in pain, his wrist broken.

“Who the Hell are you?” Eric said jumping to his feet and summoning his scythe

“My children called my daddy, my wife called me Milien, but you can call me… Nox.” Nox said, looking at Eric, Lucci stood up and took a stance. Grievous unsheathed all his blades, then another blade came out of a compartment in his foot, a sword with a bolt of lightning sheath. Grievous took a stance, he then took a stance with his now four swords. The Water Sword, the Earth Sword, the Wind Sword, and now his Lightning Sword. Sally covered her feet and fists in Armament Haki.

“Now, now, I believe that you guys should calm down and negotiate with me. How about you and I have a chat?” Lucci used Kamisori to interrupt Nox and kick at his head, Nox raised an arm up and blocked the attack effortlessly with his forearm. “Hm, it would seem that you’re not ready to talk yet.” Nox did a palm strike to Lucci’s chest, sending him flying; he then crashed into Eric.

Eric rolled with the Leopard man until they both landed back on their feet. “I think I remember him; I’ve only seen a single episode.” Eric said to Lucci tightening the grip on his weapon “He’s the time wizard from Wakfu”

“Noximilien…” Lucci said, taking a stance. Eric then coughed up blood, five ribs broken.

“It’s Xelor thank you very much,” Nox was now in front of Eric, Nox brought his knee to Eric’s chin sending him into the ceiling. Eric’s head was now stuck in Sea Prism Stone.

“Damn it!” Thanos clenched his gauntlet and used the Reality Stone to separate Eric from the roof. “We’re stuck with him.”

“Not just him.” A voice of a Princess spoke, Thanos turned around and was then kicked at the speed of light into a pile of gold. “Us.” There was Celestia with Luna side by side with her.

“ATA!” Sally covered her foot in Armament Haki and kicked at Celestia, Celestia’s horn lit up and appeared behind the Corpse Queen. Celestia then fired a beam of pure light into Sally’s arm.

“I ate the Glint-Glint Fruit, making me a Light Pony,” Celestia informed Eric was then pulled by Luna whose hand was covered in darkness.

“I need to vent.” Eric was then slammed into the ground by Luna, making Eric wheeze in pain. “Dark-Dark Fruit by the way.”

“Trust me I know,” Eric said pulling his gun from his coat before shooting the alicorns leg

Luna let out a scream of pain due to the negative effects of her Devil Fruit, slamming his head into the princess’s Eric kicked her off and unsheathed his sword ‘Obsidian Blood.’

“The Dark-Dark Fruit may be a Logia Type, but you have a physical body, and you feel twice the pain inflicte-” Eric said as pain flared from his body

Eric then wheezed in pain because Xelor kneed Eric in the kidney. “Have you lost your mind? That is a lady, but I’m a man of true Gender Equality so I respect it.” Nox then grabbed Eric by the back of the head and grinded his head by slamming it into the ground and running across it before throwing him into the wall of the storage.

“Hey, I’m an equal opportunity ass-whooper” Eric argued to Nox sending a shadow fist from his back and into the Xelor’s stomach. Nox took a step back from the attack, Lucci took the opportunity and slammed a foot into the side of Nox’s head. Nox stumbled to the side before firing a wave of Wakfu into Eric. Nox kneed Lucci’s chin to make it even.

Meanwhile, Thanos and Celestia were attacking each other with their weapons, Thanos, using the Infinity Blade to counter Celestia’s Sword of Light. Thanos tried going for the rib, but the Princess blocked the attack and kicked Thanos back. Thanos took two steps back and Celestia raised her sword overhead and slammed the weapon into Thanos. The attack made an impact and cut into him like a Lightsaber through Younglings.

“GWAGH!” Thanos wheezed before he kneed Celestia in her chin before headbutting her. “Double-Bladed Sword Style: Windmill!” Thanos spun around and cuts into Celestia, Celestia went backward, groaning in pain.

“Sister!” Luna ignored Grievous’ attack on her and pulled Thanos in with her Devil Fruit and slammed him to the ground. Thanos heated up his fist and slammed it into Luna, Luna’s head turned into darkness, and the impact hit but nothing happened.

“Damn Dark Dark…” Thanos grumbled.

A gunshot rang as the Lunar princess’s shoulder was pierced and began bleeding, across the room Eric had taken a shot at the princess with his gun before being hit by a wave of Wakfu.

“THOU IS A FUCKING DICK!! THOU SHOT US TWICE!!!” Luna roared as she used the Royal, We.

Nox pulled back a foot and looked at Eric.

Nappa sat on a chair and looked at his friends, Lady Umbra, who was sitting on a couch drinking tea, and Chill, who was sitting on a chair and had his face deep in a pile of cocaine on a black table made of mahogany. “So, what should Nox do?” Nappa asked the pair,

Chill quickly pulled his head out of the pile of cocaine. “MAKE A DODGE JOKE!!! TFS EPIC DODGE IT HAS IT ON A DAMN SHIRT!!!” Chill said crazily. "LET'S FUCKING DO IT!" Chill slammed his fist onto the table, making the cocaine go airborne, Chill then gasps and tries to put the cocaine back into the pile.

“What of you Lady Umbra?” Nappa turned to Lady Umbra.

“While I do like that idea, I’d prefer we stay serious,” Lady Umbra said, taking a sip of her cup of tea. “Why not something along the lines of ‘you should work on your dodging’.”

“Do you have any idea who you are talking to? We’re making a joke.” Nappa said, crossing his arms.

“ThAt’S nOt FuNnY EnOuGh!” Chill said, throwing a water bottle at Lady Umbra. “DODGE JOKE! DODGE JOKE! DODGE JOKE!” Chill chanted repeatedly.

“Alright, we’re doing it,” Nappa said.

“YES, NIGGA!!!” Chill said, going to his feet before jumping and ramming to Lady Umbra who threw her cup of tea at Chill.

“DODGE!!!” Nox slammed his foot into Eric’s groin, covering the foot in Armament Haki and enhancing it with Iron Body “Strong”/Tekkai “Go.” Every man held their groin, except Nox.

“Ha!” Eric laughed, his voice cracking like an Xbox Live kid, but nevertheless he laughed at his attempt with a pained expression. “Already been kicked there, I was prepared for this in the future”

Nox pointed his fingertips at Eric’s nipples and fired two Wakfu Beams into them, Eric hissed in pain as the beams struck his body. Eric a slight grin Eric grabs hold of Nox’s body as Lucci puts his fists together against the Xelor’s back

“Do it, Lucci!” Eric called out holding the Xelor in place

Lucci went into his Hybrid form of Leopard and Human. “You done goofed. Sai Dai Rin… ROKUOGAN!!!!” Lucci shouted out, a huge shockwave pierced through Nox, and he wheezed in pain. Nox held his chest as he felt his ribs broken.

“Y-You got me that time, but…” Eric was then gripped firmly by Nox, Eric was then drained of his Wakfu, making Eric scream in pain as he felt like he was electrocuted and drained.

“Hey Nox,” Eric said weakly

“What?” Nox asked the Shadow Man.

“You should’ve checked the shadows,” Eric said confusing Nox before a black sword pierced Xelor’s chest

Turning his gaze behind him, he was met with a dark figure that was shaped like Eric with burning red eyes, kicking the Xelor off Eric’s shadow lifts him up and hands him the sword

Nox recovered and rolled to his feet. Nox then brought out his own sword, forming it, it looked like a clock pin. “It seems like you need to get serious… Show me your power.” Nox’s now adopted a blue aura that radiated power while Eric’s black aura radiated darkness and death.

“Shadow Sword Art:...” Eric said, gripping his weapon as the blade turned to gold.

“Clockwork Sword Style:...” Nox said, clenching his weapon and covering it in Armament Haki that had an aura to it. It was Ryou Haki.

“...Gold Rush” Eric rushed the Xelor as the blade had a slight blue glow

“Time Swipe.” Nox rushed at the Shadow Man, Nox’s sword having a dark blue glow.

The two clash their blades and each attack hits its intended target. Gold covered Nox’s sword and his arm and shoulder, but Eric had blood on his body. There was a wound that cut deep into Eric. Eric felt that his internal organs were ruptured like a Six King Gun was fired off into him.

“If I know anything about Samurai Movies, it’s that I’m going to die. But before I do, our sponsor for today’s Crossover Chapter is honey!” Nox said, looking at the Readers. “Do you ever get a feeling that your money gets robbed when you buy something online? Then try honey, it saves you a lot of money, but for right now, I'm going to fucking die.” Nox fell lifelessly and hit the ground. Dead.

Eric slowly walked up to Xelor before lifting his sword. “I’ve made this mistake once before,” Eric said, relieving the Time Wizard of his head. “Rule #2: Double-tap” the Shadow Man gripped his blade as it had a clock image around it as it began to reverse the damage taken.

The glow faded and Eric looked at his blade. “Guess I could only use it once” the Shadow Man was still feeling weak from his fight, but he would survive. Eric was then pierced by seven beams of light.

“YOU MURDERER!!!” Celestia roared in anger, Thanos was currently buried in gold.

“I’m a Pirate,” Eric argued. “It’s what I do”

“I FOUND IT!” Thanos jumps from the gold, Thanos’ gauntlet had the Power Stone in it. Grievous then kicked Luna into Celestia, Luna was… grievously wounded.

“PFFFT-” Nappa then laughed and hit the floor with his fist, Chill was laughing as well.

“PEAK FUCKING COMEDY!!!” Chill laughed, slapping his knee. Meanwhile, Lady Umbra sat there unamused.

“Now let’s blow this joint!” Thanos’ Reality Stone glowed, and the ceiling separated and there was a hole that went too far up that they saw the night sky.

With Eric’s body as injured as it was, he formed a set of spider-like limbs which lifted him into the hole leading out, once out the legs were replaced with two sets of wings carrying him into the sky.

Thanos punched the ground with the Power Stone making him shoot up into the skies. Grievous got Sally who had wounds from both Celestia and Luna. Lucci reverted to his human form and ran up the walls to go up. Once everyone was out Thanos shot a wave of the Power Stone’s energy to the sky. Signaling that the time was nigh.

“Now, we need to go and wait until Entity and the others arrive.” Thanos said, “Follow me!” Thanos jumped from the roof of the palace and ran down the streets at light speed. Grievous carried Sally as he followed after the King of Minotaurs, Lucci followed them as well, using Kamisori and bouncing off air and buildings And Eric followed all of them from the skies above only to be dragged back down to hell by Luna. Eric was pulled down, Luna has blood dripping from her head, covering her right eye. Her wings were damaged, Eric was pulled fast, and Luna slammed Eric into the ground making a crater. Eric wheezed from the pain Luna then flung Eric into a fountain of water.

“Dark-Dark… Frozen Darkness!” Infusing magic with her Devil Fruit she unleashed dozens of ice-cold orbs of darkness that were like black holes. The orbs then came together and made a big one, they began to suck Eric in.

A series of tendrils flood from Eric's body moving his form to evade the orbs that weren’t yet absorbed. Though as the orbs he evaded formed a bigger orb eventually Eric couldn’t move forwards and was being pulled as the orb approached Eric rapidly.

“Do you want me to tell you your first mistake or your second” Eric asked the Princess

“Uh… Both please.” Luna said nervously as the Blackhole was mere feet from Eric.

“Your first mistake was fighting me alone,” Eric said with a growing grin. “Your second mistake was to fight me in the city at night

Luna was grabbed by a large black skeletal hand

“Gah!” Luna shrieked, but as the knight grabbed her...She grinned, and an explosion went off as the blackhole impacted Eric. Freezing some bits of him.

However, Eric couldn’t help but smile, which unsettled the princess.

“I’m… Going to get my ass kicked, aren’t I?” Luna said, but a whiz of light went past her, repelled from objects, and darted to Eric. Celestia kicked Eric and sent him into a house, though the house was a storage unit.

Even as he was hit Luna felt something wrap around her legs. “You should really watch where you step,” Eric said as Luna began to sink into the floor. “Enjoy the Shadow Zone.”

“You demon!” Celestia spat, she then tried to shoot a wave of Light into the foreleg of Eric

Unfortunately, a wall of shadow formed in front of the Shadow Man taking the brunt of the attack as Luna vanished into Eric’s shadow

Thanos went side by side with Eric, “I didn’t forget you man, I made sure my boys escaped.” Thanos took a stance, his fist glowed with power.

“Trust me I know, Family first,” Eric said looking back at the angry princess

“Are you fucking Dom?” Thanos said, looking at Eric, laughing. Celestia then appeared next to Thanos, using his Future Sight Observation Haki Thanos raised a forearm and blocked the attack. ”Too slow.” Celestia frowned at Thanos’ taunt.

“We need to end this,” Eric said to the titan. “I can feel myself losing consciousness”

“Oh…?” Celestia said, “You should really not say certain things out… LOUD!” Celestia kicked Eric in his chest, sending him flying into the castle.

Eric struggled to move as Celestia appeared above him with light around her hands

“Kill me you’ll kill Luna as well,” Eric said with a smug grin

“Doesn’t mean I can’t harm you some more…” Celestia raised a finger and pointed at Eric, “So how about you release my dear sister…?” Celestia began to shoot beams of light into Eric’s kneecaps, temporarily preventing him from walking.

Eric screamed in pain, but he still held his grin. “Or I could stop supplying oxygen to my shadow zone”

“I dare you!” Celestia fired two into Eric’s elbows, “Release her!” Thanos then appeared next to Celestia.

“Hahaha... I already have, she has maybe three minutes before she dies” Eric laughed despite the pain

“Get away from… MY BOY!!!!” Thanos slammed his gauntlet fist into Celestia’s face, covering it in 1000-degree Celsius heat, Armament Haki, Tekkai Go, and the Power Stone furthering the attack’s power. “HEAT CRASH!!!!” Celestia was sent flying through the town, crashing into buildings after building. Soon enough ponies began to walk out of the houses and Royal Guards and Night Guards poured out of the castle.

“Thanos...” Eric said as his body began to ripple. “Pull her out...quickly”

“Don’t worry, my pull-out game is unbeatable,” Thanos said, before pulling Luna out. “Oh, and those two guards.” Thanos pulled those two guards on and set them down.

“Are they asleep?” Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“They’re not asleep, just unconscious from lack of oxygen” Eric explained

“Science! Now let’s go!” Thanos walked on only to walk back, noticing Eric was not moving. “Get the fuck up man.”

“I... c… ca… can’t,” Eric said before passing out

“Aww, he’s all tuckered out.” Thanos then picked Eric up and smiled, he picked him up and put him on his back. “Don’t worry, Uncle Thanos will bring you home safely.” Thanos taunted Eric while he was unconscious. Thanos then went serious and ran as fast as he could, as the Royal Guard shot bolts of magic at him. Grievous was currently fighting off some guards patrolling the streets.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! MOVE!” Thanos ordered, Grievous turned around and the two raced to the Zeppelins that just arrived, Lucci had Sally in his hands. Entity walked out of the ship and saw Sally.

“What happened to her?” Entity said now holding Sally in his arms, Lucci walked up to the ship, ignoring Entity. “HEY!”

“She was hit by that bitch Celestia alright? She had the Glint-Glint Fruit she was too fast to catch.” Lucci said, walking into the Nigga Mobile. Entity’s red eyes glowed.

“That… Bitch…” Entity snarled; he then turned his gaze to Thanos who was currently fighting alongside Grievous. Thanos had Eric’s body under his arm as he fought with Celestia, Thanos grunted.

“Entity… They’ll be okay… I’ll be okay, we should… Go while we have the chance…” Sally said, looking up at Entity.

“But Sal, Grievous, and Thanos are fighting for their lives, and Eric’s!” Entity objected Sally sighed.

“We’ll live to fight another day…” Sally’s eyes began to close.

“Sal! Tch… I’m… I’m sorry Thanos.” Entity went up the bridge and inside the Nigga Mobile. “Let’s go!” Entity ordered Lucci, who was piloting. Lucci walked out of the cockpit and saw Entity with a face of struggle.

“But-” Lucci raised his finger to object, Entity clenched his teeth and closed his eyes.

“They’ll be alright, if we get captured what would Golden Shield think?” Entity shot back, Lucci looked at Entity, he looked like he was hurting.

“F-fine!” Lucci looked outside and saw Thanos looking over to the Zeppelin. “I’m sorry my old friend...” The bridge then pulls up. Grievous and Thanos noticed this and looked back to the ship.

“Wait, why are they closing the door?!” Grievous said, “YOU BASTARDS!!!” Grievous roared, Thanos looked over to Grievous solemnly, he began to sigh, knowing what Entity and the others had done.

“Looks like… This is the end of us…” Thanos said with a chuckle, “I’m sorry Eric, I’m sorry Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the others… I couldn’t keep your friend safe.” Grievous looked at Thanos, Grievous saw Thanos shed a tear and the Cybernetic Samurai sighed.

“Remember what our master told us…” Grievous got into a stance, his weapons began to glow with the corresponding element. Thanos grinned and took out his Infinity Blade and lit it on fire.

“DYING IS THE DAY WORTH LIVING FOR!!!!” Thanos and Grievous say with a grin, with a battle cry they run at the army. Celestia frowned and shot a beam of light at Thanos who sleekly evaded the attack without Observation Haki.

“HAAA!” Thanos and Grievous raised their weapons… Only for a magic bolt to hit the enemy army. Thanos looked up and Sapphire Sword’s ships were there as well as the other Generals.

“Don’t worry my King, we have got your backs!” Sapphire Sword spoke with a grin, Emerald Gauntlet jumped down from his ship and landed down.

“I have you, now go!” Emerald Gauntlet went into a blocking position and a huge green shield that had a pattern of emeralds appeared and blocked the magic bolts shooting at the trio. “Go!” Thanos and Grievous ran away, Thanos handed Eric to Grievous.

“Go, there’s something I must take care of.” Thanos then went into a fighting stance, Grievous looked back and saw that the Titan didn’t bother to look at the Cybernetic Warrior. Grievous nods.

“Stay safe brother.” Grievous then runs away to a red Zeppelin that Ruby had. The bridge of it dropped and out came armored Manticores, they began to roar and run after the enemy. Grievous ran past them and onto the Zeppelin. Once he met with Ruby, Grievous turned to Ruby.

“Give him medical attention stat!” Grievous ordered, Ruby looked down at Eric in shock.

“Yes sir!” Ruby carried Grievous and walked away Grievous readied his blades before stopping.

“...He must do it alone…” Grievous said as he turned away from the battlefield before collapsing. “Oh… My body collapsed, cool.”

Meanwhile, Thanos was facing off against Celestia, the two clashed blades, one of fire and one of light. Thanos growled as he pushed Celestia back, Thanos covered his foot in Armament Haki and kicked at Celestia’s head. Celestia predicted this and covered her whole leg in light, she began to counter the attack. The two attacks landed and blew anyone close enough from their battle.

“You won’t get away with this, Thanos, I will have that man’s head on a pike!” Celestia snapped, her hair flaring up, erupting into flames.

“I won’t let you hurt my… HOMEBOY!!!” Thanos roared, using steam to push Celestia back. “But there is something I’ll let you do…” Thanos clenched his fist and using the Reality Stone he made all the Manticores float into the air, floating towards Ruby’s ship. “Get wrecked.” Thanos clenched his fist and the Power Stone glowed.

“NO! DON’T!” Celestia shrieked, but the Chad didn’t listen. Thanos slammed his fist into the ground, and everything went still… Still...

Eric opened his eyes and found himself in a white room and bandages covering his body, sitting up Eric felt pain in his legs and his chest causing him to hiss.

“Shit...” Eric hissed as he pulled himself from the bed

“Hey, you, you’re finally awake,” Thanos said, he looked over to Eric. Thanos wasn’t looking too good as well, he was currently injured, bandaged up too. Thanos was on another bed next to Eric.

“You look like shit man,” Eric said grinning at the Titan

“You don’t look too good either,” Thanos said, grinning back at the Shadow Man.

Eric and Thanos began to laugh as Eric raised his arm, Thanos did the same. “Thanks for having my back,”

“That’s what homies do; they watch their boys' backs.” Thanos gave Eric a high five making pain shoot down both of their arms. “Son of a bitch ass motherfucker who eats donkeys!”

“Yeah... not going to lie that was stupid,” Eric said gripping his arm

“Aww fuck, I can’t believe we’ve done this…” Thanos said, rubbing his arm. “Well… It will take a while to heal, and we can’t exactly move yet so… Wanna talk about cheese? My favorite cheese is Pepper Jack!”

“Not really, was never really a fan of Cheese,” Eric said moving back on the bed

“Pepper Jack is the only exception I’ll make, any cheese on food except for Italian and Mexican is fucking trash,” Thanos said with a frown.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Eric and Thanos spent time healing and enjoying each other's company… And cheese, despite being annoyed by one another every now and then. By the time they had to heal the others planned a party to celebrate the success of Mission Barely Possible.

“It was a stupid name, not going to lie,” Sally said, crossing her arms. Thanos was insulted by this.

“It was absolutely idiotic” Eric agreed with the stitched-up girl

“Well, your name isn’t even better, Eric.” Thanos countered, “And besides, I don’t want to call it Mission Impossible, you need to be both stupid and comedic. What else do you want me to call, Mission Power Sap? Because you know, we’re getting the Power Stone? Oh my god, that was way better than the name I came up with… But it was funny!” Thanos said to both Eric and him.

“Alright let’s quit messing with the purple Mr. Clean and get this party started,” Eric said with a grin


“NO!!!” Chill shouted, still on cocaine. “We’re not doing Bink’s Sake!”

“But-” Nappa objected.

“Fuck off!” Chill shouted out,

“We’re doing it so Eric can have a flashback from his past with Amber,” Lady Umbra said to the cocaine-fueled Chill

“We could simply do a pleasant violin thing. Thanos asked Eric if he could do it well.” Chill replied, “Then boom, Eric sucks Amber’s dead corpse out! M A G I C?!?!?!” Chill then floated upside down and did a weird dance.

“I can work with that,” Lady Umbra said with a nod. “But not the dead body thing.”

“CHASE TURN OFF THE ANTI-GRAVITY!” Nappa cried out, Chill then hit the ground.


“Hey Eric, do you know the w-”

“Chill… We talked about this.” Nappa said, rubbing his eyebrows. Chill was currently a Ugandan Knuckles.

“DIS IS DE WEY MY BRUDDAS!!!” Chill said like a dumbass.

“Do you believe this guy? He’s so… Inspirational, his will to continue a dead meme is-” Nappa said looking at Chill as he stuck his tongue out like a derp.

“For fuck’s sake, continue with the story!” Alucard cried out, Seras right next to him. Everyone turned to the pair, shocked to see that they are there.

“K.” Nappa replied.

“Do you know how to play the violin… A normal violin?” Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“I can,” Eric said, pulling his Ebony Violin from his body. “But the question is what to play”

“Binks- No, play from your heart,” Thanos said with a smile.

With a smile Eric put the instrument against his chin and put the bow to the strings, closing his eyes Eric began to play.


As the song ends Eric remembers something... Special of his life in the Crystal Empire of the past.

"Come on," Amber encouraged me. "Play something."

The instrument shop was filled with beautiful pieces for playing music. But the black violin I had found topped all of them. It looked like it had been carved from pure ebony, with strings that seemed to hum even without touching them.

"Come on, Amber," I said. "I don't really know how to play..."

She smirked. "Humble much?" she asked. "I saw the way you were looking at the piano."

I glanced at one of the ivory-keyed instruments. "It just looks nice," I protested.

"And the cello?" she teased. "Or the harps? Novices don't look at them the way you do, my love." Her smile became less coy. "Come on, my mother tells me that the stronger a man is, the more beautiful his art."

I huffed. "Well, your grandparents clearly never forced your mother to perform at noble galas or parties."

"We're all blessed in our own ways," she replied, giving me that smile that I could never say no to.

Rolling my eyes, but unable to hide my own smile, I picked up the bow for the instrument and placed the violin against my chin.

With the smile of my angel encouraging me, I began to play.


As I lost myself to the music, I almost did not notice the crowd that began to form. All I needed to focus on was her. The light of awe in her beautiful eyes. The way the wind swept her mane to the side. The way her wings twitched and longed to spread when she was excited.

I played for her. I let my love flow through the instrument. And all too soon, I had to stop.

Applause broke us out of the trance we had been stuck in with each other. The crowd was cheering; stamping their feet as they brushed tears from their eyes.

"Huh," I noted, turning to her. "Why didn't you tell me you brought an audience?"

She giggled. "Oh, my beautiful musician," she teased, gazing into my eyes. "You get so lost when you play."

"That's fine," I replied as we drew closer. "I've got you to guide me back."

She kissed my cheek as we nuzzled into each other.

"As long as you play for me," she promised. "I'll always be there to guide you back."

"You know, this won't be the last time I call you. The next time I call you, you should be prepared to battle." Thanos smiled.

Eric said nothing as he continued playing music which caused several to look at him in awe, even Sally could not help but be enchanted by the shadow man's musical prowess.

An hour in and everyone is talking and being themselves, Eric walked out of the room which didn’t go unnoticed by the Mad Titan. Thanos followed him outside, Eric was leaning on some railing that overlooked the kingdom as the titan walked beside him.

“Beautiful is it not?” Thanos said, looking at his city. “This is all mine, my country, Minos. The capital, Minocow.” Thanos looked around the city, a cold breeze brushing past them

“It is,” Eric said observing the city “Especially during the night”

The two just stayed there watching the city before the Shadow Man started to speak up.

“I know I’m going to visit this place in my world,” Eric said, putting his back against the railing. “I made a promise to an ice dragon”

“Eh?” Thanos raised an eyebrow.

"He used the power of his Shadow-Shadow Fruit and reanimated my Wife. She almost killed the Cutie Mark Crusaders and most of the palace guards, I was forced to kill my own wife." Eric said, gritting his teeth trying to hold back his tears. "Could you seriously not be infuriated by having to re-kill your own wife"

The shadows on Eric’s body were more pronounced as well as the red in his eyes, Sympathetically Thanos placed a hand on the Shadow Man’s shoulder

"I remember when I had to... When I had to kill a friend due to a misunderstanding... Platinum Dusk, the only outsider of our group. There was a changeling mind-controlling her sister and... I killed her sister because she was going to kill Sally. We kept it a secret but when she found out... I had to force my hand and blast her to smithereens. I cannot sympathize with you; you lost your wife once then had to kill her... I just had to kill my friend..." Thanos took his hand from Eric's shoulder and shook his head.

"We're all fucked up, aren't we?" Asked the Shadow Man

"Physically and Mentally," Thanos replied, “If you need me, just call me, and as thanks, I’ll give you the Infinity Broadsword, made of a mix between Netherite and Shadow Stone.” Thanos brought out a blade that looked like the Infinity Blade but just the size of a regular broadsword.

“Thanks, Thanos,” Eric said, creating a sheath for the sword from his shadow. “And the same applies to me, if you need me, you know where I’ll be”

A black portal appears behind the Shadow Man, turning around, Eric enters the portal and returns to his Equestria.

Upon leaving the portal Eric found himself standing in front of the palace before he had a chance to take a single step he was struck by a flaming Pegasus.

“Where in Faust’s name have you been, Eric?” Rainbow yelled, grabbing the Shadow Man’s collar.

“Helping a friend,” Eric said, pushing the mare off him as he stood up. “I owed him for helping me train you and Pinkie”

“But you’ve been gone for almost two months,” Rainbow said, causing Eric’s heart to drop.

“So... we’re in the month of Hearths Warming,” Eric said in sadness.

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