• Published 27th Oct 2020
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Against All Odds. - The_Chill_Author

[Displaced] John Oliver is sent to Equestria with his Six friends as Thanos. After being sealed in stone, he broke out. Now his gauntlet, his stones, his blade, and his team are now scattered across the planet. Can he back bring balance to Equis?

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Rescue 2 - Aftermath

Celestia POV

We had arrived at the port of the Capital of Minos, Minocow. After ridding myself of the ink, I had gathered my little ponies. Our ship was joined by Captain Shining Armor, he and his men were here, not for war but for intimidation. Twilight looked at me with concern.

"Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked, I sighed and turned towards her.

"Yes my faithful student?" I asked with a smile, Twilight cleared her throat.

"Who is Thanos?" Twilight inquired, Starlight and company turned their heads to me.

"Yeah who is Thanos? He sounds like a total pushover." Rainbow Dash crossed her arms, I shook my head.

"He is no pushover, in fact, it took all we had just to bring him down on his knee." They were in shock, Starlight tilted her head.

"We?" I smiled, always the more curious each generation gets.

"We had a team back then, Me, Luna, Golden Horn, Khrusalis, and the guardian of Tartarus, Cerberus. We fought his team, The Entity 303, Rapunzel, Sally, Supergirl, Grievous, Rob Lucci, and he, we've fought on numerous occasions, each battle getting bloodier." I said walking off the ship, my little ponies followed me.

"Their names don't sound intimidating." Applejack scoffed, I turned towards her.

"Indeed they don't but trust me, they're dangerous, Entity 303 carries a bloodred scythe he has the ability to shoot fire and red beams, Rapunzel has control over her long hair which she could attack and defend with every battle she comes back more fashionable, Sally is a being who looks like Frankenpony if he was female and had red hair she has the ability to decimate objects and skin just by touching them, she is very dangerous, Supergirl is perhaps stronger than Thanos, she can shoot beams out of her eyes, fly at speeds that may be faster than you Rainbow Dash,"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes

"And has the ability to cool objects with just her breath, Grievous is a merciless being who collects his enemies swords and puts them on his platter, he carries four swords to which he carries the other two with his extra arms, he carries the Earth Sword, he can control the earth itself making pillars shoot up from the ground, with his Water Sword he can swim ten times faster than a seapony, he can also control the water making it bend to his will, with his Fire Sword he is able to burn everything with this, even solid steel, he also bears the Air Sword he can walk on clouds, suck the air out of his opponents, and... well let's not get into detail about his ways,"

The ponies shivered in the thought of his horrors that he would bestow.

"Rob Lucci an assassin who kills for Thanos can turn into a hybrid of a leopard in an instant, he has various abilities that aides him in slaying his enemies and Thanos... He carries the Power Stone which gains him so much power that it could destroy Mt. Everhoof it one blast, the Reality Stone which turns anything he wants into a reality, the Time Stone with it he can turn back time, stop time, continue time, and so on and so forth, with the Space Stone he can travel through countries with a portal, one second he's us fighting us than the other he is nowhere to be found, the Mind Stone it grants to the user powerful mental abilities, like the power to subjugate the minds of others, bending them to the will of the user and more, the Soul Stone can manipulate the spiritual essence of living or deceased beings, making it one of the most dangerous Stone." Celestia finished her lecture Twilight took down notes.

They walked on the ground of Minos, there were body bags and wounded minotaurs who had a look of horror on their faces, as a medic carried one wounded minotaur away to the hospital the wounded minotaurs one spoke about Thanos.

"He... He had this giant sword he... he killed them all! He... he killed..." We thankfully couldn't hear that last part as the medic carried him away, Fluttershy shivered at all of the bodies and wounded minotaurs, I saw Golden Hoof command one of his men to tell a family about their child's death. Golden Hoof turned and saw me.

"Thank Storm Fist you're here, I tried to stop Grievous but..." He showed his wound on his chest, it was a large diagonal slash, Captain Armor winced almost feeling his pain.

"Do not fret Golden Hoof, you've done the best you could, they didn't get Lucci... Right?" I asked him, he breathed through his teeth and I groaned and rubbed my forehead, "Oh my Faust..."

"I need to tell you something, we let Lucci go six months ago to fight a dragon who plagued our lands." Golden Hoof said timidly almost knowing I would be enraged.


I cleared my throat.

"What?" I asked in a calm rage, I was smiling, he was sweating.

"Well, it is your fault for not sending any help." Golden Hoof said crossing his arms, I opened my eyes wider than a star.

"Excuse me? We were busy at the time, you're strong, surely you could-" He cut me off.

"The dragon broke every single bucking bone in my body!" Golden Hoof snapped.

"Sucks to be you." Rainbow Dash crossed her arms, Golden Hoof turned his body to her.

"Do you wanna bucking go? Because I'll lay your flank flat, you're not in your "wonderful world of friendship and magic" no, this is the real world, my men tried their hardest out on the battlefield. Tch, I doubt you would even make him bleed." Golden Hoof crossed his arms, Rainbow Dash frowned and walked up to Golden Hoof.

"Why I oughta-" Starlight teleported between the two.

"Both of you calm down, Rainbow Dash you're in the presence of a foreign King, and the ruler of one of the most powerful countries in Equis show some respect, King Golden Hoof you should be acting better than this, you're a King for Celestia's sake!" Starlight snapped, both of them backed away, Rainbow Dash stuck her tongue out at Golden Hoof, he grabbed his sword, it was still in its sheath but it shut Rainbow Dash really good.

"Let us get on track, they will likely go after Entity 303. Captain Shining Armor, get one of your men to bring my little ponies back to Equestria, it's too dangerous here." Captain Shining Armor saluted and went off, "King Golden Hoof do you plan on meeting them at the Griffin Prison?" Celestia raised an eyebrow, King Golden Hoof smirked.

"Buck yeah." He crossed his arms.

"Princess why?" Twilight asked, I turned towards her and shook my head.

"I do not want Thanos or his companions to harm you, I'm sorry my little ponies but you must leave. That is an order." Celestia put her hoof down, basically sealing it in stone, they walked away with their heads down.

"Thanos, here I come."

Author's Note:

Minocow is a play on Minotaurs and Moscow, I know, I'm amazing.

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