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Given an assignment to come up with a 500-word story in a day, Sunset turns to the smartest person she knows to help her with her writer's block: Twilight Sparkle.

Sure, this is gonna end well.

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It makes me want to read that, but more so i want to know how it won an award.

Yeah. Okay. I’ll give you that one. That got a sensible chuckle.

I dig this, was wicked funny. Just thanks for this.

Huh. I would have guessed that she wrote something about her life in Equestria, and people would just assume it was fiction.

I love the idea for this. :P

Oh gods that ending, is perfect :rainbowlaugh:

Story Approver

I clicked on this thinking I would need to revoke it.

I certainly would like to have explaining of the events mentioned. For science, of course.


~Skeeter The Lurker

You know what you gotta do now, don't you?

Tell the story she wrote.

~Skeeter The Lurker

The ending is comedy gold, purity: original. :rainbowlaugh:

I want you to know this entire venture was worth it for this one comment.

This was cute, and made for a good chuckle.

I have no words for what I have just experienced.

*Makes disgusting noises chewing on sandwich.*
mmch mmch- it’s good- mmch mmch...

Well, that was amusing. I’m kind disappointed it was so short though.

The est of the girls murmured their encouragement

lost an r.

Also this was good. Curious as to what Twi was working on and what Sunset wrote.

Wow, that was a lot of quality comedy condensed into so short a story.

Surprising and funny twist at the end. Have an upvote.

I wonder how many reads this fic has lost out on because people thought it was actually what the title suggests.

Sunset shrugged and walked away. “Oh, just the time I lost my virginity.”

There was a stunned silence in her wake as the girls processed that information, until Twilight yelled, “AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN ASK MY PERMISSION?!”

:rainbowhuh: Um did the writer forget that Sunset dated Flash before the events of Equestria Girls?... like if anyone was going to take it, it would have been him.. in which case, I am with Fluttershy, unless Sci-Twi is dating Flash, but even then she doesn't have a say unless she was part of the event, which is doubtful.
Sorry but the story does hold up that Sunset did it with Sci-Twi first.

I see nothing wrong here. Mad science girlfriend best girlfriend.

So, the first person you date in high school automatically equals losing virginity? Okay, sure, whatever floats your boat.

I never said that but let's be sincere here, there one way to get a guy like Flash to stay with an alpha b!tch like Sunset was in before Rainbow Rocks for however long their relationship was...

Yet for some reason, it wasn't ignored.

LMFAO wow that was...wow. And that ending? Wow. Ok, that wa , kinda genius. J commend you.

Stories with clickbait titles never fail to entertain me. I can't not click on them.

Also, this was some quality, condensed comedy. 👌

Just listened to the audio version of this fic, had to give it a proper read after that absolute UNIT of a final line, god I'm in stitches XD

...There's an audio version?

Yeah someone did a reading of it on YouTube:

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