• Published 2nd Sep 2015
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Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons - Somber

Blackjack, an incompetent security mare from the dystopian Stable 99, suddenly has her monotonous life turned upside down when the stable is invaded by vicious raiders. Blackjack flees the stable with EC-1101, with the wasteland in hot pursuit.

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And so, the final chapter of Project Horizons has been uploaded.

Guner #2 · Aug 2nd, 2016 · · 1 ·

120 out of 10 :rainbowlaugh:

And itsss done, need to read the extra stuff though...... :rainbowlaugh:

Just when I'm finishing the read of Fallout: Equestria; :pinkiegasp:

Project Horisons gets finished. Nice, I know now what I will read next! :pinkiecrazy:

all in all, good story

There it is! Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons is complete on fimfiction now. Great job Somber & co. Now to just find the time to read..

And so the great epic comes to an end. The curtains drop on the final scene, and the characters all enter the stage and line up, smiling now that their work is done, and face the eager audience. Many begin cheering, and some waited before doing anything. And soon, the writer of the epic walks on stage, Somber. He takes his place in the middle of the line, next to Blackjack and P-21.

Then, they all bow and the audience cheers even more and even louder. And soon the cheering is replaced by the chanting of "Encore!".

Lets read it again!

It's done ! It's finally done!!

The moment I finish Fallout: Equestria, this will be my next big project!

(Just in case you forgot: If you want, you can edit the last line description now. [And maybe add the cover-source])

You realize the whole story was done and published on gdocs before Somber even started publishing it here, right?

10/10, too depressing.

Read this a while back, had to reread the epilogue and the nostalgia hit hard...

So it comes to an end...:eeyup:

This has been a ride filled with joy, despair, insanity and many more emotions.:pinkiesmile:
I will definitely read this many more times in the future. This fic is a masterpiece of art that envelops the reader to become a part of the Hoofington part of the Wasteland.

Well, the end is but a start of something new. We will see again.:coolphoto:

Until next time,

This is Wild Balance,

Signing out.:moustache:


What happened to Psalm, and how did Blankjack get into her old room?

Whelp, about time to go cry in a corner. Again.

7445897 I just realised now when you told me. I never was much into Fallout: Equestria, rarely venturing outside my ussual revoir of thestrals and changelings...

Author Interviewer

Aww shit, it's done, yo! :D

the puppeh want to give you a yush for completing the transfer of this awesome and long-tastic story on fimfiction ^_^

you can has hugs

Oh hey! That weird feeling in my chest is back again. The feeling you get when a good story you're reading comes to an end. What do you call it again?

Oh that's right!


I figured it would't feel as bad after the second time reading, but alas, I was wrong.

Well at least we have Homelands.

tfw you realize Scotch Tape is long dead by the time PH truly ends.

*slow clap*

Thanks folks. I revised 77 a bit. Lots of people had complaints about the fight with the eater. Hopefully this was better. Epilogue was untouched.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel really, really old and tired right now.

7446117 Now what are you going to do? You'll have nothing left to critique. Of all the possible things... :raritydespair:

I already read it on the google doc, so I didn't feel the need to reread it. I did however put it in my favorites bins.

Author Interviewer

Aw shit, I ain't finishing reading it until 2018, yo! D:

It's exciting, it's a relief, yet it's also a little sad, to have PH at long last completely up here. Nowhere else to go, nothing else to wait for on this story . . . except I guess for Homelands. :) And maybe some tree murder.

Great work, congratulations on getting it all up, and I hope that the little revisions have left you feeling happier about the story than when you started this process last year.

And so the story of Blackjack, has ended.

It was great re-reading this masterpiece, thank you Somber!

Whoops, forgot to refresh the comments between loading the page and posting that other one...

The changes mostly worked positively for me, with one exception.

Ah, yes, the wait for the audiobook (and breaks between volumes--can't have it consume all the oxygen that long at a time)? Come to think of it, it's not so much of an issue for most chapters, but I wonder if Visual Pony is going to rework 77 to include the changes, given how much more extensive they are than in the rest.

Author Interviewer

You'd have to ask him. I'm pretty sure he's been going off the original version this whole time.

At last. It's done.

And so it ends...
Now I have to go cry in the corner. 10 out of 10

7446543 Thanks for the corrections, and I put the last line back how it was. Not everything needed to be tweaked, I guess.

That is why I do not write stories myself. Another misinterpreted mistake on my part. I'll edit that old comment. Thanks notorious grammar perfectionist :twilightsheepish:

Well ... It has been a hell of a ride with that awesome story!! *bows to Somber* Thank you for writing that! Really. It was a rollercoaster of pure emotions. And I wouldn't trade any second I spent, on reading this story, for anything else.

With that being said: Can't wait how the sequel will turn out. Keep your good work up!!


Man what a ride this has been, all good thing come to an end and this has, without doubt, been good

And so... here I am, a year later just about, at the conclusion to Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons...
And, honestly, I have no words... this story has left me speechless at so many turns that I just can't find the proper words to say to fully express what I've felt throughout this amazing story.

Blackjack's story has been one for the ages, one that I'll remember for all time. There's a hardback book for this you can buy isn't there? I recall people making hardbacks for Fo:E books. If so, I am most certainly buying them, including Horizons man, cause this... goddamn.

When I first started reading this, I had no idea what I was in for. I've heard all about Chapter Black, but didn't know what that was. That was my main worry, and in the end it held true, as did everything else. I worried for these characters, I felt for these characters you created and throughout the months, I dreaded knowing whatever fate may have befallen them all... and it kinda hurts knowing I won't ever see any of them in action again, especially Blackjack, Rampage, Glory and P-21.

Yeah I'll see Scotch Tape in Homelands... but its not the same to be honest with you... i love her to bits but... Blackjack holds a special place in my heart for being such a damn good character, whiny, angsty, but I love her like i love Littlepip and Puppysmile.

So, to you Somber... and Hinds, Bronode, swicked, and Heartshine... I bid you farewell for now, thank you for giving us all this awesome story to read, and for taking us all on this journey of outrageous awesomeness :rainbowkiss: Its been a damn good run... maybe we'll see each other next time.

Till then, I bid you, the readers, the authors and ponies... adieu.

'Heroes pass into legends. Legends inspire new heroes.'
This has been an outstanding read. Fallout: Equestria got me into Fallout but this fic has kept me entertained for years now. Ever since I first joined this site I'd see it appear in the featured box time and time again and I out it in read later. Finally I decided to start it and what a journey it was being with Blackjack and her friends every step of that grueling battle and now with that journey done you're left feeling wistful. But all things must come to an end and this is a beautiful heart wrenching ending. Bravo good sir. You've captured the essence of MLP and Fallout and managed to combine the two with true wisdom hidden behind all the sex jokes. So I raise a glass to you and I hope to see you on the next great journey.

The pair looked at each other, and twin tiny smile formed on their faces.

The pair looked at each other, and twin tiny smiles formed on their faces.

Then she turned in over and regarded the handle.

Then she turned it over and regarded the handle.

“Luna’s milky tits... I can’t believe it.

Littlepip's creative swears, once again!

10:07 PM and Project Horizons has ended. That's one promise fufilled I was glad to obliged, to read Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. Finally, I have finished reading the story and everyone is getting up in the feels and proceeding to Tomorrow. Finally as well I can be free of worrying about spoilers of PH too. But, I am not sure how to feel about the interpretation of Tomorrow being centuries timeskip?! in advance. How the hell is Blackjack immortal this last time? I know why Littlepip can be. Sad as hell. It did not need to be 150 years or so. Goodness. I mean fucking hell, does that mean the adventures of Scotch Tape and her friends, the sequel being written is technically in the past too? Damn it. This end reminds me of the joy, price, and consequences of immortality. Such a thought provoking scenario. Do we truly want to live forever?.. Oh and I loved how self awareness Project Horizons is of itself.

Now I can enjoy all the art, media and discussion about Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons to the fullest.

At the end of the day, this is all fiction. But that does not stop people caring about it and enjoying it by any means.

Besides some of the things I do not like myself, I still enjoy the story for what it is. I just cannot hate it. Here's the 1809th upvote.

If I had to give this story a rating. 99/10 :twilightsmile:



Can you please elaborate? I think I understand what you mean but I am still not quite sure. That the epilogue is about the offspring? I get what you mean by tree murder though. Holy crap a printing of PH.

The only reason she was particularly accepted in the batpony kingdom by Hades was so she could get knocked up by Stygius. I don't think it was quite so single-minded with Persephone, but it kind of felt like something she wanted to have happen, and sooner rather than later. As for the society, the batponies instituted, at Whisper's suggestion, a program to bring in outsiders for the purpose of replenishing their genetic stock.

The epilogue does feature their children, in the part between Fluttershy and Whisper, but more of the focus is on the descendants of Blackjack and P-21.

Oh right, the reproduction program from the batponies then. Now I know who you mean with Hades and his wife Persephone. Whisper suggests it, of course she does. I mean she did for the batponies I know. But the Society too? Wait, disregard that. I think I just read your reply wrong at that point with 'the society' not capitalized. It's almost midnight, my bad. I was kinda wondering who's who in the epilogue of the offspring but holy brahmin there is a lot to it.
Thank you for the swift reply. Sorry for my stupid question. *Puts bit in jar*

I am reading this review blogpost right now with finishing the story start to end, finally. Thanks for the link.

Well this took forever to read, but it was so worth it!
I can't thank you enough for providing us with such a great story to read, honestly I'm sad it's ended but that's what sequels are for! :pinkiecrazy:
If there was a story I could upvote twice it'd be this (and the original FoE of course :twilightsheepish:)

This is a great story, i haven't read it here but followed every update of the gdoc files.
Seeing it ending again just reminds me of the feelings i had back then.

Thank you Somber and anyone else who made this story possible.

I said I'd read this once it was up on FimFiction, and complete...

Oh boy!

Just what have I gotten into now! :twilightoops:
In for the long haul, I suppose! :twilightsheepish:

I want a T shirt that reads "I read Project Horizons" it was definitely a epic read. It had its ups and downs but all in all it was pretty fantastic. Looking forward to ST adventures in homelands

Normally, I don't write big sentence considering stories. I tend to be simple, short, and to the point as I do not want to take too much time doing this (and repeatingly typing something long thanks to my stupid computer) but for any story I managed to trek through that I truly like, sometimes doing a big long sentence is better than nothing just to truly show how I fell about stories. After reading this 1.7 million word story, I'm inclined to write this out before I depart and join Scotch in her journey to the Homelands :twilightsmile:

Story comes first. In all honesty, I was reluctant to read this even if the whole thing was available on Gdocs. I wanted to hear people's opinions, both negative and positive, about any book especially those that have one, garnered a lot of attention from readers. And two, are rather popular either for good or for the bad. That and oddly enough, I wanted to read this story on this site. For some odd reason, whenever I read a book here, I get a homey feeling, not so sure why :applejackunsure: But I'm getting off-topic, time to get this over with. The story, this story has managed to evoke so many of my emotions that it feels like it its toying with them. From its awesome moments, to heart-breaking times, and to those times where I could just simply laugh with the cast, I truly had a blast reading this epoch.

Characters, do I need to explain this? of course, I do, how stupid would it be I didn't explain this? These characters are so fleshed out and have had such good character development that I just simply love them all to death. So it was with great sadness and a few fresh tears, that almost all the cast met their ends. I really had hoped that all of them would live but death was something I had expected a long time ago and I accepted it coming, I just didn't wish it happening so late into the story. If any character (protagonist, deuteragonist, or antagonist) should invoke emotions out of me, that shows signs of a good character in my book and all of them meet that for me :raritywink: I still wish that the whole party managed to make it out of but alas, that's just me clinging to my wishes.

So that's that. As I've said before, now I shall depart and follow Scotch's journey in the zebra homelands as I had intended. I didn't want to read that until I was finished reading this. I know that it can be a standalone, but I'd feel weird reading out of order with books you know? Without anything else to say, thank you Somber your amazing editors for bring this story to FimFiction. Hope you all take a well-deserved break from this massive taking of a story. Consider this as my farewell song to this epoch. Who knows if I shall return to read this book again, I hope not, I do not want to go through the feels train again :pinkiesad2:

Never thought I would see the end, this story was heartwarming amazing

Are there any changes between this and the original, non-fimfiction posted version? I was a big fan of "Project Horizons" when I first read it a while back, but there were a few bits where I felt it lacked clarity, and could have used another pass to clear things up. The epilogue, especially, didn't explain itself quite as well as I thought it could have. If this version has been tightened up and expanded at ALL, it would be worth a second read!

7456327 a few here and there. The biggest is chapter 77.

7456495 If you tidied up the explanation on a certain character's cutiemark, the nature of a certain hallucination, and a miraculous recovery (being vague for those who haven't finished), then I'd say we're good for a second read! Honestly, that chapter was the only one I had any real problems with the first time. Not for what they contained, just due to a slight lack of clarity.

i started this back when it was still in gdocs, and i still swear this is the happiest story i have ever ever read. Full rainbows, hearts and big lollipops.

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