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I've been typing · 5:35am Mar 2nd, 2013

I'm back mother bucker and guess what? I'm making a especially gore filled Tears chapter to make up for my absence. Oh yes the sun will be extinguished, the moon obliterated, and even chaos isn't free from my tyrannical madness..... Oh yes it will be fun

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281947 Never mind found it. YAY:pinkiehappy:

Plz help i cannot find your godzilla fic link plz :pinkiesad2:

219116 Got it I'll do what I can brother. :rainbowdetermined2:

yo Kaizer it's me j****n you really gotta teach me how to use thing at school it's making me all :derpyderp2:

143969 It has been done. I have updated my two existing fics. A third is almost ready.

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