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Once upon a time there was a slumber party. Once upon a time, a pair of friends gave each other a dare: one to enter the local rodeo when it came to town, the other not to enter. Applejack turns out to be quite happy with fulfilling her part of that challenge, but what about Rarity? Is she willing to rise up, climb on to a sweaty, icky beast, and risk her beautiful hide all for the respect of her friends? What about her own self respect? And what will it mean for the relationship between the two?

This time, it's Rarity's Rodeo.

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I'm not going to lie, man, you're a good writer, but you can't write a story description to save your life. :rainbowlaugh: I'm surprised it passed moderation, but while I'm over her griping about inconsequential stuff, I'll get to reading the story.

I loved it!

This is pretty good. A little cliche but well written and heartfelt. I agree with JustAnotherTimeLord, though. Please fix the summary. Your mini-summary is fine. If I hadn't read that one first I would have passed your story by. Again, good story. :twilightsmile:

I remember this.

I remember hating it, especially with the reference to "Simply Rarity" in there as well, which felt like an insult to that story. :trollestia:

Maybe I should give this another chance... :ajsmug:

Wanderer D

Oh, man! Yes! I loved this story back in the day! Time for a re-read!

I changed the long description. Does it work better? Any suggestions?

5515045 Sorry, that's my headcanon... I wish I'd written it better.

Yes,yes, yesssss, This story as been updated to this site, I Fuckkingg love this story, Thank you so much for this fantastic story Somber, your amazing, Can wait to read this one again :)

5515415 I guess I'm just easy to please, because I remember loving this story, and Simply Rarity is STILL my favourite one-shot, even if it, perhaps, could have been better. Why was it the best? Because yours is the only story I have EVER read that made me go from hating a character to having them become my favourite.

( #RarityisBestPone )

Nope, it's perfect. Good job!

Didn't I read this story years ago?

Holy crap, it's this story. Either this or Swayback Mountain was THE first Rarijack fic I ever read, way back when I joined the fandom mid-Season-2. Glad to see it's finally on here.

One of the first ponyfic I ever read. Damn man, I still love it.

Thanks for uploading it here.

Oh my gosh! I LOVED this! :duck:+:ajsmug: always makes day (or evening) much better. And even more romantic. :raritywink:

Woo! I remember this story!

5522437 Ugh... I'm so old...

A great story as usual. Except for the romance part, this could actually make a good episode of the series. The romance was still good though. It was written in a very believable way, and I loved that part about how Rarity and Applejack are alike in many ways. The story being in the same universe as Simply Rarity was a nice touch as well. Well done.

I think what I enjoy about this the most is that right after the accident happens, the bull immediately goes to bat for the injured rider. It's just one of those things that wouldn't really work in most settings.

5523182 Thanks. I had a few other stories to follow it up. Like Applejack has to go to Manehattan in order to get money to expand the farm and start selling apple butter elsewhere, and she has to stand before high brow, wealthy ponies and play their social games. And so Rarity helps her deal with the stuffed saddles and show her that she can be social, canny, and clever without behind dishonest and sneaky.

I think I remember reading this story before :pinkiegasp:

Still as good as the first time I read it :pinkiehappy:

A delight to read.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

6305195 Fair enough review. I'm curious what I could have done better. You're right the story is definitely dated. One thing I probably would do, if I were writing this again, is take out the shipping. I made it a ship fic on a dare, but the crux of the story really doesn't need it.

6306265 I disagree, while yes it can be removed and replaced with respect and the story will still have the same messages, but it will also lose some of it's charm. While sometimes romance can only clutter up a story, in others it adds just what a story needs, this is one of those times. This isn't one of the greatest stories out there, but it is a good one. Definitely one that can be either animated or out into graphic form for the sake of the jokes and gags.

this was fun
i'd love to see it as an actual episode

Hasn't Applejack been to Canterlot, too?

First time reading this story in years and the ending still makes me smile so hard my face hurts! Thanks for writing this.

Author Interviewer

Because this story needs more comments, here's a link to my review as well! :)

I recently re-read this and Iile it a bit more than I did the first time back in 2016 (it was one of the first G4 fanfiction I read), as I'm really not a fan of RariJack, but I did end up liking the coupling more this time around.

I also had no idea this was by you, Somber. It seems a bit unlike you, this tale, but I like that you can do more...clesn stories.

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