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These are the results of the Fimfiction Writes Ponies! project, in which almost a hundred users were allowed editing access to a single Google document, with the final goal of writing a coherent story about colorful ponies.

This... is their story. It is the tale of Mecha-Trixie. It is the tale of Lord Apep, who ate the sun. It is the tale of the shattered multiverse, the permeable boundaries of which may cause the end of all Equestria. Rarity may or may not be eaten by a ghost-shark at the end of things. It is enormous. It cannot be described in mere words. Read it.

Go forth, my friends, and know that this is what Fimfiction has wrought.

If you want to see the original thing in its unvarnished glory, feel free to check out the Google doc, locked for editing but now open to public viewing.

Credits for The Wonderful Folks Who Helped Make This Happen

Chapters (18)

A dragon wanders through a starless night, into a land that banished him centuries ago. Never did he imagine he would return to the world that cursed his very existence, but when the sun and moon failed to rise one fateful day, something compelled him to begin the long journey home to the princess who shattered his heart.

Chapters (1)

As the years drew on, Spike's childish heart grew into that of a true adult, longing for the finer things in life; the finest things. He pursues his relationship with Rarity, but all does not go as planned.

Filled with anger and sorrow, Spike and Rarity fall away from one another. In his grief, Spike pursues new interests, and their friendship is in danger of never recovering.

But perhaps the truest words in life are these: you do not know what you had until you have lost it. Jealous and alone, finding no comfort in stallions she once loved, can Rarity reclaim her one chance at true love, before it is too late?

Chapters (13)

"If you ever need anything, come see me, okay?"

When Fluttershy said those words, Sunset had not really believed her. Just last week, Sunset had been a tyrant, a bully. Surely the girl was just being nice. They weren't really friends.

But as her emotions rage inside, Sunset begins to wonder if, perhaps, those words meant something. Perhaps she really could go to Fluttershy for something. Something only a friend can provide...

Now with a reading by Fire Rain.

This story was featured on April 24, 2019

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to 1000 Years

1000 years later after the events of 1000 Years, Null will be thrown into the deep end, seeing if he will sink or swim. How will he cope with his newfound freedom? Will it be what he hoped for? And most importantly, what will crack first? the eggshells he treads on, or he himself?

WOOOO. featured already from the first chapter with a couple hours! 5/9/19

Chapters (16)

They're gone... and they're never coming back.

It was a spontaneous decision, one that I regret every waking moment. At the time, when I had to choose between my friends and all the alicorn magic in Equestria, I didn't answer the question fast enough.

They're dead now, and the worst part? I won.

Pre-read by randome284.
Edited by Dreams of Ponies.
Proofread by Nightmare Darkness and additional post-edits by AAIQU.
Cover art by dream--chan on Deviantart.
Now with an audio reading!
Side story by Dreams of Ponies.
Featured 7/15/17 - 7/18/17. Thanks guys!

Chapters (1)

Sky Stinger thinks that the Holy Grail is hidden down his toilet. He must get it out to win Vapor Trail's love!

Chapters (1)

There's nothing strange about Alias, except for how awesome and radical she is, and how she totally relates to all today's youths and is not Queen Chrysalis. In fact, she's so definitely not Queen Chrysalis it's bodacious and by the way, what's your greatest weakness?

Chapters (1)

Spike led Thorax into the throne room of the Crystal Castle confident he could convince the others that the changeling could be trusted. That he meant no harm, and instead wanted to be an ally and live peacefully with them. That he could make them see Thorax for what he really was. That they could befriend the changeling and accept him as one of their own.

They didn't.

And consequences followed.

First featured on 11/12/2016. -- Now with a TV Tropes page. -- Review by Arcanum Phantasy -- Review by PaulAsaran

Chapters (98)

I have fallen in love with the Anon-A-Miss story line, and all the different stories that depict darker, more realistic takes on what may have happened. It is heavily inspired by a lot of different Anon-A-Miss stories that I have read, and I decided to give my own take on the story line, and everything that could have happened should that event be so traumatic as to break Sunset’s spirit.

Gore warnings for self harm.
Teen rating for mention of self harm, and the discussion by characters about self harm and the aftermath of self harm
General warning for not great writing xD

Chapters (20)
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