1000 Years Later

by DekaSkittalz


I find myself sitting on a luxurious bed in a dark bedroom, light blearily filtering through the curtains. From my guess, and the emblem of Luna’s cutie mark on the door, I’d wager it’s her room. It’s been so long since I’ve even seen one of these that when I sat on it, I melted immediately and decided to lay on it.

I lay there for a couple moments before Luna breaks the silence. “So… Null…”


“I just… I don’t know what to say… you’re here… and not a statue… even hearing you respond is surreal.” she states.

“You used me as a diary for a thousand years. I’m pretty sure any social boundaries are already broken between us.”

“I didn’t use you! You… were the only one who would listen…”

“You thought I was listening. You genuinely didn’t know if I was there or not.” I state indifferently. Letting the awkwardness hang in the air a bit, I continue. “But… thank you…”

She perks up a bit and tilts her head at me. “For what?”

I rub my face, a sensation I’m still not used to. “For doing everything you did. Despite everything, you still treated me like a person. You even named me; something I’m okay with because I forgot my real name… and what’s a person without a name? Ya know?... it helped… keep me sane...barely.”

She nods and startles me when she sits down next to me and lays her head on my stomach, looking at me. “Well… you helped me alot too. Even if you didn’t do anything… you were there when nobody else was.”

“Despite you being partially to blame for my predicament in the first place…” I trail off.

She cringes at this, and her expression quickly morphs to one of sadness. “I’m sorry… I should have never listened to my sister, but we were both exhausted from fighting Discord, and I was young and naive, an-”

I cut her off by raising my hand in a stopping motion. “Despite all that… you’re still partially to blame. You can’t change that. But, it wasn’t your choice. Even I could see that. And as I said… you were there for me all those years, and were actively trying to free me. You’ve already been forgiven.”

I see fresh tears building forth, and she grabs me in a hug, rubbing her cheek on my chest. Bit awkward, not gonna lie, but after so long of nothing, this kind of physical contact is definitely welcome. I almost don’t want her to let go… but another thought comes to my mind.

“Your sister on the other hand…”

“Null, you’re not still going to try and kill her are you?” she fixes me with a hard glare.

“Don’t look at me like that, that bitch deserves worse than death; death would be a mercy.” I spat at her.

“She’s my sister!”

“I don’t give a fuck! I don’t think you understand just how badly she fucked me up! And since you missed the little tirade I gave Celestia, I’ll enlighten you a bit! For a thousand years, I couldn’t do anything; not eat, breathe, sleep, anything. I couldn’t even look around on my own. Constantly fading in and out of sanity, wishing I would die instead of live another day of that hell! If I ever go crazy again, fucking kill me. Because if you put me in stone again, when I get out, I’ll kill you too.”

She seems startled by my threat, and backs away from me.

“The fact you’re alive and well is the ONLY thing keeping me at bay. I thought you were dead Luna! When Celestia banished you to the moon, I thought that was it. I didn’t know how long I’d been out of it for after that. Then I wake up for seemingly no reason, free and alive. Of course the first thing I’d try to do is get revenge! For myself and you! But you don’t need revenge… you seem to have fixed YOUR issues with her.” I take a couple deep breaths; still not used to talking or breathing, these rants are really taking a lot out of me.


Great, I left her speechless. “If you want to keep your sister alive, you better keep her away from me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop myself If I see her again.”

“Null, if you’re going to stay here with me, in the same castle that she also lives in, you’re going to run into her sooner or later… and I’m sure she’ll come to apologize as well! Just give her time.” she sits back down, but keeps a bit of distance from me.

“Doesn’t matter. She’ll never be forgiven.”

“B-but, I’m sure she’s truly sorry!”

“I don’t care! Luna, not everything can be fixed with a few words. Before you waltzed in, I was putting everything into perspective for her exactly how badly she fucked up. She’s probably feeling real guilty and upset about what she did. And that’s good! I want her to suffer that guilt, she deserves it. If she comes to me to pour her heart out, I’ll fucking laugh.” I give off a mock laugh just to put emphasis on my point. “Side note, where even were you anyways?”

She seems to want to ignore my recent question, but she knows I won’t change my stance, so she lets out a sigh. “I’d just gotten back from a meeting in a foreign country. Imagine my surprise when I find out Discord had just attacked… I came as fast as I could, but it seems the Element Bearers took care of it before I could get here.”

“Wait, wait, wait a second, Discord attacked? When?” I sit up and look at her.

“It was about an hour before I ran into you. Now that you know where I was, what about you? How did you get free?” she questions.

I raise a finger and open my mouth to respond but stop when I realize I don’t even know. “...That’s a good question…”

“You mean you don’t know?”

“I wasn’t even conscious, the fuck do you want from me?! All I know is out of nowhere I’m slowly regaining my consciousness, then a bit of pain, then I’m free.” I say harshly.

She flinches from my harsh tone, but let’s out a sigh. We sit in awkward silence for a bit, and I lay back down. I feel sleep starting to grip me, but Luna’s voice pulls me from it.

“What about your eye? The last one who had an eye like it nearly wiped out all life on equis…”

“The fuck was that guy called again? The hash slinging slasher or something like that? Doesn’t matter. Anyways, I don’t know shit about it. I got stuck in a cave one day in my home world and found a glowing blue orb, touched it, next thing I know I’m here in Equestria. I wandered for a couple days, then I ran into you after getting time warped. You know the rest. My eye used to be normal like my right one.” I say, pointing at my right eye for emphasis.

She looks at my eyes for a moment, and I look away from her, not wanting to see through her vision. “Sooo… what can you do with it?”

“Fuck if I know. So far, all I know is it can tell me things about other things, I can see through other people's sight, and I can blast shit apparently. Discovered that last one when I woke up. Hurts like a bitch too.” I say as I scratch off some of the blood that’s dried on my face.

“Could be a bit more I can do, but I haven’t found out yet. Being imobile kinda makes it hard to find out what you can do, ya know?” I see her open her mouth but I cut her off. “And if you’re wondering if the eye makes me want to destroy Equestria like the last guy tried to do, no. that guy was probably just a dick. Either that or it isn’t affecting me for some reason or another.” her mouth clicks shut.

I let out a yawn, reveling in the feeling of tiredness, but once again it’s torn from me as I feel something wet touch my face. Jumping back, I look at Luna floating a wet rag where my head used to be. “The fuck are you doing?”

“Well, you seem tired. I just figured you’d sleep easier without all that blood on your face. Plus, I don’t want it on my bed either.”

I go to say something but I realize she has a point. “Fine, whatever.” I lay back down where I was, and she starts wiping the blood from my face. Surprisingly it's actually quite soothing, and I find sleep gripping me even quicker. Before I know it, I’m out cold.