• Published 9th May 2019
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1000 Years Later - DekaSkittalz

After the events of 1000 Years, our (technically not so young) teenage protagonist is ready to face the world. Or is he?

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Waking Up

Discord is a fanatical one. That much would be obvious to anyone who met him. But despite this, he is sharper than he appears. Hence why he was loitering around a bit before he decided to enact his revenge upon the Princesses of Equestria for imprisoning him in stone for two thousand years. Doing nothing but gathering intelligence over the course of his imprisonment, as well as keeping himself occupied through his own insanity, he knew about Null and Princess Luna’s plan to free him. He also knew how much Princess Celestia absolutely detests the thought of it.

“Well well well, if it isn’t little Null. Funny name, wouldn’t ya say? We both know what it means; ironic that your only friend gave it to you.” Discord said aloud, not caring if any heard him as he strolled casually up to Null’s statue.

“You know, I envy you. The chaos you could cause would be way more unique than anything I could ever come up with.” He says as he coils himself around the human statue.

Poking him on the nose, he continues his little tirade. “Which is why you should consider yourself lucky! It’s not every day I help someone other than myself.”

“Apparently, due to Luna’s little parasite, she had to redo parts of the spell to free you. If not for me, you would still be here for a couple hundred more years. I’ve looked over her little list for the spell, and honestly it’s so simple, it pains me to see it take so long to be completed. Isn’t this great?!”

He smiles proudly and waits for a reaction from the statue. When he gets none, he frowns a little. “You know, you could at least pay attention if you’re not going to say thank you.”

He stares at the statue for another moment, then lets out an exasperated sigh as he teleports off of the statue and reappears in front of him walking away. He snaps his fingers and grumbles to himself. “Ungrateful whelp. Honestly, the nerve of some people!” with that he slinks off as the human statue developed a crack in the stone on his leg.


No… Luna, no…

Celestia… how could you do this… She’s your sister….

My only hope…


What… what is this? I’m thinking again… R-right… This is what thinking is like. How long has it been? It feels like it’s been forever…. Maybe it has been. Who knows? My sight has yet to return. I wonder how things have faired without me…. No matter. The world will keep on turning without me.

Sitting in the void of darkness that is my own psyche is… calming. Unusually so… I guess I’ve finally come to terms with insanity, and let it claim me entirely. But… if that’s the case… how am I having a rational thought? Something must have broken my insanity…


W-what was that? What… what’s this feeling… its… I can’t put my finger on it... is that… my leg?


Immediately I feel something I haven’t felt in so long, but know all too well. Pain. Unsure of what’s going on, I just give up trying to make sense of it and let it happen; hoping it’ll pass soon. This doesn’t turn out to be the case, as the pain continues to shoot up my body; at least I think it’s my body. It’s been so long that I don’t even know what I’m feeling anymore.


My eyes are instantly assaulted by a bright light, and my limbs all fall free with gravity, as I can’t remember how to use them. It takes a while, but my eyes adjust to the bright light, which I soon recognize as the day’s sky; puffy white clouds drifting lazily by across my vision. This I recognize thanks to my eye telling me that I’m looking at clouds; I wouldn’t have figured this out without my eye to tell me because I’m still stuck on the fact that I’m not face first in the dirt, alongside the fact that I’m feeling pain.

Speaking of which, the pain I feel from my limbs falling on their own accord is indescribable. It’s like every bone in my body is breaking all at once for the first time ever. Then I recognize something else I’m feeling: stiffness. It’s an unpleasant feeling… And I want to stop feeling this way.

I blink for the first time. Still the same blue sky. I twitch a little involuntarily, which shifts my vision. This scares the fuck out of me, sending my heart into a frenzy; something I’m also unused to, which scares me even more.

I-is this it? Am I free?

I feel a small tug at my lips, despite the pain it causes. Judging from what I would assume my new body position is, I’m on my knees, laying back over my own legs and feet, arms strewn to either side, my head facing the sky. There’s only one thing I feel like I should do right now… and I don’t know why.


“We are gathered here today, to once again honor the heroism, of these six friends. Who stood up to the villain Discord, and saved Equestria from eternal chaos!” Celestia states with a proud smile as she announces this to an audience chamber full of ponies.

The ponies cheer and stomp their hooves in response, happy to thank their saviors. Said saviors just stand there and smile, and bask in the warm feeling of satisfaction having saved their home.

However, the cheering is interrupted by a strange sound that everyone can hear coming from outside. Everyone soon recognizes this sound as a pained scream; and a loud one at that. Everyone quiets down, and listens to the screaming; which stops and pauses, likely for a breath, then continues.

Everyone is highly unsettled by this, and as a result, panic starts to spread. The guards attempt to calm everyone down, and starts to relocate them to a more secure location until they can identify what is causing such a disturbing sound.

Once the audience chamber is empty, the only one who remains is a handful of guards, the six heroes who defeated Discord, and Princess Celestia herself. The six ponies look at each other, all unsure about what to make of the situation, but clearly on edge and at the ready should they need to do something. Celestia herself sits on her throne, an unreadable mask upon her face, ready to deal with whatever may come her way. The guards that are left within the room are all facing the door, at the ready with their weapons should anything come through it.

Then, the screaming dies down. For some reason, this unsettles everyone even more than when the screaming was still audible. Suddenly, their ears are assaulted by another scream, this one way louder, almost seeming to shake the castle. And this time, they’re unready for the scream they hear.


The scream ends, and Celestia starts to feel a little uneasy. Everyone’s caught off guard when the door blows open, the doors flying off their hinges and into bits and pieces flying across the room. As the smoke clears, everyone is at the ready, watching and waiting to see what will come out from it. None are ready when they see a strange bipedal creature, they likes of which are only familiar to those who would have seen such a thing in the castle gardens. Celestia however, felt her heart drop into her stomach when she recognized said creature.

He stood there in the broken up doorway, his Left Eye glowing a brilliant blue as he scowled and seethed with rage.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you…” he said in a chillingly calm voice.

Author's Note:

Whooooo! *bangs head on the stove*. yeah. short chapter, i know. but i figured the pacing was good enough. more on the way, definitely!

*gasp* whats this? null's eye has more uses then just information? what kind of, you lied to us! no, i didn't. i never said it was ONLY capable of that. love ya'll!

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