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Hallo! Sorry I'm late. But then, it seems... so are you, Rainbow Dash.

And so the late Rainbow Dash comes face to face with Death himself! And he's... surprisingly cordial, actually.

But when Rainbow ends up in his debt, there's only one way to get back to the life she knew: take up the role of the Grim Reaper herself while Death takes a little holiday. Will Dashie be able to stay quick among the dead? Will she be the most awesome reaper ever... or will Death have to cut his vacation - and Rainbow's life - tragically short?

(Apologies and honors to the late Sir Terry Pratchett.)
Editors: Reese, GenerousGhibli, E3gner
Illustrations: Greenfinger

Chapters (7)

What do Spike, Garble, and Smolder have in common, besides being dragons? They've been summoned to another world at the behest of a needy adventurer who thinks her fortunes are turning with their arrival. No one involved is ready for what comes next.

Done as a collaborative effort with a patron (RadicalDishonesty)! Will be updated weekly.

PS: This means you can blame all the typos on them, muah ha ha ha!

PPS: Lovely picture done by Dragonpony, thanks!

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Pinkie Pie has a secret that not even she knows about.
What will the truth affect? Well, probably not that much, to be honest.
But it sure makes for a neat party trick!

Filed as "Teen" just to be safe, but all mentionings are very circumspect.
An entry for the Monster Mares Story Contest

Chapters (1)

Luna has been the keeper of dreams well before her banishment, and after a thousand years of absence and unchecked nightmares, she makes a vow to herself to continue helping ponies to the best of her abilities.

But, unfortunately for her, somepony doesn't take kindly to dreams being so rudely rooted around in, changing this and that all willy nilly with no regard for anypony else's hard work.

This somepony thinks it's time that Princess Luna be brought in for a little chat.

featured 6/4/2019

Chapters (1)

Anon-a-miss, the mysterious gossiper, plagues CHS. Caught as the perfect scapegoat, Sunset finds herself more shunned than ever before. While determined to clear her name, Sunset decides that first she needs a break. From everything. Back in the place she used to call home.

But as soon as Sunset leaves, her friends at CHS realize the depth of their mistake. Not just in accusing Sunset, but also in forgetting Sunset is not like any other human. As they try with all their might to earn back their friend's trust, they quickly come to learn that they know very little about Sunset and the world she hails from.

And worse for the girls, as Sunset begins to pick up the shards of her old life in Equestria, she begins to wonder whether she really wants to stay at CHS at all.

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There's a new stallion in town. A new stallion who won't stop staring at Applejack's rear.

She has some opinions about that.

Sex jokes abound, but no actual sex.

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TD, the human that first showed up in Equestria in No, I am NOT a Brony, GET ME OUTTA EQUESTRIA!!! is depressed that he's stuck in the world of ponies with no way home, but finds solace in helping Cheerilee teach her class. However, Cheerilee is sick with the flu one week, and that just happens to be the week that a teaching supervisor comes to the small Ponyville classroom. From the very beginning she has doubts that TD is a person fit to teach the future generations of Equestria. Should TD fail to meet her standards, he will not be allowed to teach them anymore.

Non canon in the Non-Bronyverse

Chapters (2)

Twilight crosses the mirror portal to pursue Sunset Shimmer after the theft of the Element of Magic. She finds herself in a world of odd two-legged creatures, and for some reason they're all obsessed with a card game called "Duel Monsters." Twilight soon learns that the only way to get her crown back is to win it in the school's semi-annual duel tournament, of which Sunset has been the reigning champion three rounds running. The tournaments have divided the school, and split up a group of five friends similar to Twilight's friends in Equestria.

Twilight now faces her biggest adventure yet. She must master Duel Monsters, reconcile these other versions of her friends, and defeat Sunset to win the Autumn Crown. And she has only three days to pull it off. It's time to duel!

Pre-read by The Albinocorn and RTStephens. Cover art by EGStudios93

View Twilight's deck here. View Sunset’s deck here.

Reading by Martialartfruituser here

Artwork of the Harmony Spirits by Ajustice90. View them on DA here and here.

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With the memory stone crisis behind her, it's time for Sunset to deal with an even bigger challenge:

A caring Princess Celestia interested in seeing how Sunset lives on Earth.

* Takes place right after Forgotten Friendship, Teen for some tame Sun x Sci-Twi Romance Fluff
* Helps to have seen the two minute short Rarity's Display of Affection
* Cover From a Picture by akainu7
* Editing help by Clancrusher
* Featured on Equestria Daily's 2018 Sunset Day 50 Fic list! :yay:
* Translated into Chinese on Fimtale by Cyber Poison

Recommended - PresentPerfect

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When you've lived as long as Granny Smith, you've got a right to be set in your ways.

Pear Butter's not gonna accept that.

(Winner winner chicken dinner of Scribblefest 2018's Flutteryshuttery award. Edited by some guy with fabulous pants.)

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