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Rainbow has a fever. Unfortunately for her, the cure is not simply 'more cowbell'. It's up to Twilight and Rarity to figure out a cure, and bring their friend back from the brink of birdom.

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(This is a Displaced Story. If you hate them, please leave)
People don't know how agonizing it is being alone for a few thousand years, stuck in a chair the whole time. Let me tell you, it's not fun. Then, this teeny weeny 'Princess' shows up and acts like she's the boss. Oh, and Sparklebutt is there too.

So, how did this happen? It's was probably that angsty Merchant asshole. Should never have bought from him. News flash kids: when a creepy Merchant guy walks up to you with very desirable wares, walk the fuck away. It's a damn trap.

But the worst part of my endless torment? I'm a fucking corpse sitting on a golden throne, writhing in agony as I slowly decay into nothingness.

....fuck you, Merchant Asshole.

And Sparklebutt, JUST. FUCKING. STOP.

(If The Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device)

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When Maud Pie officially endorses the latest party game to hit Equestria, Pinkie can't wait to share it with her friends.

For all the wrong reasons, it's a game they won't soon forget.

The trendsetter so controversial, 60% of FimFic's mods ruthlessly crushed the subsequent bandwagon!

Stuff said about CAE:
"I never knew I wanted this until now!" - Xomniac
"Despite your vileness, I can't stop laughing at this fic!" - Professor Tactitus
"Illuminati confirmed." - AlesFlamas
"So weird, I reviewed it twice!" - John Perry

Rated Teen, but brace yourselves for some rather 'near-the-knuckle' humour and strong-ish sexual references. Oh my.

Edited by Kolth

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Sunset Shimmer, horrified at finding that the Dazzlings are back and are somehow broadcasting their song around the school, has taken it upon herself to save the day.

Someone should really explain to her what a fire drill is.

Special thanks to the awesome MoHawgo for the cover art.

Now with a reading by AstroBrony!

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Sweetie Belle has afternoon tea and a pleasant chat with an incomprehensible being from beyond the bounds of reality.

Surprisingly, nothing about this situation seems unusual to her.

(Oneshotober 2014—Contains random absurdity I slapped together in about two hours to try and break writer's block.)

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It was Friday night and Twilight Sparkle was at home enjoying the night with a good book and comfortable lounging chair. That was of course until her friends dragged her away for a night of fun. Now its Saturday morning and she has a powerful hangover...And a wife?

Join Twilight as she goes on a quest to discover. What Did She Do Last Night?

I-I don't believe this! I made it in the popular story section on 09/24/12

Now being edited by RandomSomepony4357

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After years of gathering magical artifacts and assorted doohickeys, Trixie feels it's finally time to open up her own shop. The only problem is that she's located right across the street from The Golden Oaks Library, much to the annoyance of Ponyville's resident librarian-turned-princess. Luckily none of the stuff Trixie is selling is cursed, or so she's telling ponies.

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Luna's good experience with dating leads her to want to share her happiness with Twilight Sparkle.

Written for the Fifth Bimonthly Twilestia is Bestia contest on the forums. This contest's theme is "Luna the Shipper"

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Princess Celestia is in your bed, and you don't know why: what do?

Cute, funny, and short. Have fun reading!

Proofreading by RaylanKrios.
Now with audio reading by CaptainBron3y
Second audio reading by MeloncholyIguana.

Based on this story:
Princess Celestia is (still) in your Bed
Princess Celestia Has Stolen All Your Bed Sheets
Drunk CelestAI Is In Your Bed
Fimfic Authors Are In Your Bed
Princess Celestia is in Your Washing Machine

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Anon has a mare problem. A big mare problem. During the day, they treat him just fine. However, when night falls... that's where their inner desires rise to the surface and attempt to take Anon by force.

Note: A parody many horror games, including Five Nights at Freddies and SCP Containment Breach.

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