• Published 9th Oct 2015
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If The Emperor was in Equestria - Reiuji Laevateinn

I went to Comicon as the Emperor. I get sent to Equestria. IN THE GOLDEN THRONE!

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Season 2, Chapter 1, Part 2: Party Interruptions

“When I first took in Starlight as my student, I had high hopes for her future,” Twilight Sparkle began, beaming happily. “But I am proud to say that she has already gone above and beyond anything I could have even hoped to expect from her. Today, we celebrate not only the foiling of a Changeling plot, but also to welcome the reformed Changelings as friends, which would not be possible were it not for Starlight and her friends!”

The crowd of ponies in the dining room cheered, raising their glasses of cider high in the air, before returning to their conversations. All conversation ceased, however, as suddenly everything was a blinding gold.

”Excuse me, f-cking Sparkle-Butt.” The Emperor appeared in the center of the room, his golden brilliance reflecting off of the crystal walls to blind everypony there. ”But me and my sons played a very important role in the fight against the Changelings, so we deserve some credit. Also, how f-cking dare you not invite me to a f-cking party.” The Emperor turned to look up at something. ”Fuck off.” He raised a finger and tapped something invisible. For a brief moment, a black box with the letters ‘TVY’ appeared, before shattering into pieces.

“Aaaah! M-Mr. Emperor, would you be s-so kind as to dim the lights? It's reflecting off the castle walls…” Twilight yelped in surprise as she snapped her eyes shut.

”Oh. Right, lemme tone it down a bit.” A small clicking sound was heard as the room’s blinding light returned to a level that did not burn the eyes more than an Exterminatus. ”Odd, why in the fuck do I sense chaos here already?” The Emperor growled, and Guilliman, who, like Magnus, had also appeared with the Emperor, drew his blade.

“Oh, that would be me, Oh-Mighty-Emperor-kun.” Came a somewhat drowsy voice from up above. The Emperor glanced up to find Discord hovering lazily in the air, the snake-like draconequus casually eating part of the crystal roof. “This Crystal candy is delicious, you simply must try some!”

”What manner of Daemon are you, Warp-spawn?!” Guilliman growled, his power sword still pointed at Discord.

“That’s former Daemon, thank you very much!” Discord snorted, Guilliman’s blade suddenly growing arms out of it’s guard and attempting to escape it’s masters grip. “I was a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch some millennia back, but retired and found this dainty old planet to hide out in. But that's all in the past, right?” Discord leaned down to stare the Emperor in the eyes. “Can't we put our old rivalries aside and be friends? We can play that one game I heard you liked. What was it called again?”

Before Discord could speak any further, the Emperor simply poked his armored finger onto the Draconequus’ snout. Discord paused, before his body turned to stone. The others in the room all gasped as the Reformed Lord of Chaos fell to the floor.

“Emperor! What the buck are you doing?!” Twilight yelled angrily, glaring at the golden human.

”Oh relax, he’ll grow out of it within a day tops. I simply gave him a good old dosage of The Motherfucking Emperors Touch. All beings of Chaos get purified to an extent and either wake up with a new Emperor-approved golden shine, or they disintegrate.”

“But Discord is reformed! He doesn't need your… whatever you did!” A quiet voice called out. The Emperor turned to find a yellow-coated pegasus fly up towards him, her long pink mane flowing gently behind her.

”Chaos does not do ‘good’.” The Emperor stated blandly. ”It was probably attempting to trick you into thinking that.”

“Is that how you treat all of your friends?!” The pegasus asked in a quiet yell, her eyes set in a glare. “Release him!”

The Emperor met her gaze, sensing the petit pony was attempting to exert her will upon him through a primitive use of the Immaterium. The Emperor responded with his own willpower, and almost immediately the pegasus’s feeble attempt was broken. Her eyes widened, before she fainted.

“Fluttershy!” Twilight yelled in surprise, rushing over to the unconscious mare. “What did you do to her?!” The Alicorn growled, turning towards the Emperor.

”She tried to force her will upon me. I simply returned the favor. She'll be awake in a few minutes, so let's get to the actual fucking party already!” he walked into the crowd of ponies, towering over them as he moved. Guilliman and Magnus looked at each other, before shrugging and dispersing into the crowd as well. The ponies looked at each other in worried confusion, before turning their gazes towards Twilight.

“Umm… return to the party everypony. Once Fluttershy is awake, we will try to fix Discord…” The Princess of Friendship said, and the ponies all returned to the party. Fluttershy later woke up, dazed and confused, and her and Twilight soon eventually freed Discord, who now had a golden gleam to his fur that he was unable to remove, despite his efforts to do so.

Author's Note:

Soooo sorry about the lateness of this. Got caught up in playing games like Dawn of War 3 and Stellaris. Anyways, I hope ya enjoyed this short chapter! I might do more interactions between The Emperor and Discord in the future, and, who knows? I might throw some more Primarchs in later. Anyways, I hope ye enjoyed!

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