If The Emperor was in Equestria

by Reiuji Laevateinn

Season 2, Chapter 5: trouble brews...

“Your majesty, we have a problem.” A member of the Royal Guard said, galloping into Celestia’s Throne Room, stopping in front of her throne as he bowed. “We have recently gotten reports of a giant, bipedal creature in armor making its way through Equestria. It has already killed at least a dozen civilians!”

“What?” Celestia gasped, her eyes suddenly alight with flaming rage. “It dares to harm my ponies?!”

“Y-yes, your majesty… shall I notify the Captain?” The Guard asked, quivering. An angry Celestia was not something ponies saw every day. But when it did happen, everypony knew to back away.

Celestia seemed to have suddenly calmed down, the flames erupting from her mane and wings dispersing just as spontaneously as they had appeared. “No, no. I won’t risk the lives of my ponies. Instead, I’ll be sending my expert on armored bipedal bastards…” Celestia smiled, but it was a cold one, filled with a tempered rage. The guard nodded quickly, and disappeared.

”Ember, when is that meeting with the dragons again? My Golden Senses are telling me that I’m about to have horsey problems.” The Emperor asked, writing down a new law book for the soon to be Imperium of Dragon. He still needed to think of a better name, but for now they were going with that.

“We still have a few weeks, maybe even a month. Depends on how quickly we get everything set up.” Ember sighed, grabbing her staff. “I’m gonna get going, if you’re gonna be having problems with the ponies.”

As she moved to leave, a golden psychic barrier blocked her path. ”This is a diplomatic meeting between the rulers of the Dragons and the ponies. You need to be here for this as well.” The Emperor said, putting his new lawbook away.

“Fine…” Ember grumbled, before the sound of an explosion suddenly burst into life right behind the doors to the Throne Room, flames pouring through the bottom and sides. However, they did not budge, having been built by Rogal Dorn, master of fortifications. Yet still the Emperor has to groan, as Ember had been so surprised she had leapt into the air and slammed her head into the ceiling, knocking her unconscious.

A few moments after the flames dissipated, Princess Celestia slowly pushed them open, coughing slightly. Her mane was burnt in several dozen places, making the blackened parts seem more like islands in a rainbow ocean. Her fur fared no better.

“Th-those doors… are surprisingly resilient…” She muttered, slightly embarrassed that her enraged and glorious entrance had been ruined by a simple pair of doors. She shook away this train of thought, though the Emperor did smirk after learning of these thoughts. “Emperor! One of your accursed sons has been traversing across Equestria, killing my subjects! I demand you go and deal with them immediately!”

”Oh? And what are you going to do to make me? You can’t even beat a pair of doors.” The Emperor asked, his usual smug aura intensified greatly. Celestia growled, her ethereal mane seeming to have turned to pure fire at the ends.

“Emperor, I swear if you do not deal with this problem, I will put you back on that glorified torture chair. Permanently.” Celestia growled, her eyes beginning to glow with power.

”Right. The pansy little pony is gonna hurt me. Sure.” The Emperor stood up and marched up to the solar princess, towering over her. ”You can very well try, bitch. But you’ll only get one shot before I obliterate you from every realm of being.” His stone cold eyes met hers, and she buckled as his intimidating aura sapped her of any strength, replacing it with fear unquestioned. She fell to the floor, gasping for breath as the Emperor stepped past her and picked up his unconscious co-ruler.

”Me and Ember are going out for a walk. When you’re done pissing yourself all over my floor, clean yourself up and get out.” The Emperor stated as he stepped through the open doorway. ”Otherwise I might use your face to clean up that puddle.” He smiled as he left.

Once he was far away from the Golden Throne Room, he burst out in full, hearty laughter. ”Oh, that was too fucking funny! Ponies are too soft. Not like myself, or dragons. Well…” He glances at the unconscious Ember in his arm. ”That remains to be seen.”

Somewhere in Equestria

“Keep up, my hideous pets! I, Cato Sicarius, needs you to be there to amplify I, Cato Sicarius’ incredible good looks as I, Cato Sicarius, rescue the Emperor from the clutches of this world!” The blue Space Marine declared proudly, looking back at the three furless guardsponies trailing behind him. “If I, Cato Sicarius, have to tell you one more time, then I, Cato Sicarius, will drag you ugly mutts by your chains as I, Cato Sicarius, move with all haste to rescue the Immortal Emperor!” With that he once again resumed marching over several hills, the group making their way to the massive mountain in the distance

“If that horrible thing says ‘I, Cato Sicarius’ one more time, I think my oiled body will collapse in agony…” the middlepone whispered to his partners, who nodded in agreement.

“Yes, we must find a way to escape this perpetual torment of blue. But these chains seem almost impenetrable!” The trio’s leader grumbled as they followed behind Cato Sicarius, hefting up the iron chain wrapped around his neck. Similar chains were wrapped around the others, and each had a number of bruises from the journey.

“Mm, yes, and we must warn Celestia and our Glorious Emperor Of this blue things coming. But how?” The last of them asked, his hideous skin having been unlubricated for a long time now.

“We shall find a way, my brethren, chosen of the Emperor.” The leader states proudly. “And then the Emperor himself can smite this… ugly blueberry himself.”

Ponyville, a few hours later

”So a Space Marine of sorts has been murdering the population here? What method of murder did he use?” The Emperor asked the Royal Guardspony, who trembled before him.

“W-well, mister Emperor, every victim had their spines broken. The murderer appears to be headed towards Canterlot, given the trail, but we’ve not seen hide nor hair of it at the barriers.” The Guard explained.

”Right. How long ago were these barriers erected?” The Emperor asked.

“Uh, when the accounts of murders was first confirmed heading towards Canterlot, sir.” The Guardspony explained. “There is currently a barrier all around Canterlot Mountain, and nothing has even attempted to breach it. Most of the ponies in Ponyville have been evacuated for now.”

“Wow. And here I thought you guards were infamous for being useless little decorations!” Ember spoke up, somewhat surprised. The Guardspony scoffed at her statement.

”Anyways, we’ll be going in now. Open it up or I’ll break through it myself.” The Emperor stated bluntly. The pony nodded, and soon an Emperor-sized hole was made for them. They stepped through confidently, and it closed behind them.

“So, Emperor, any idea of who is killing the ponies?” Ember asked.

”I know exactly who it is. I can also sense him too. He’s about a kilometer to the west.” The Emperor replied, walking in that direction. ”I, for one, am not looking forward to this.”

“What, is he some old enemy of yours?” Ember asked curiously. Anything the Emperor didn’t enjoy would probably be a serious problem.

”No. One of my kids.” The Emperor grumbled, a neutral expression upon his face. ”You will ought to want to need to stay behind a building or two when we encounter him. He’s likely to accidentally kill you like he did the ponies that have been reported.”

“What, you think he did all this accidentally?” Ember asked, extremely confused as she hovered behind the Emperor.

”Most definitely.”  they continued on in silence.

Around an hour later, the Emperor held out his gauntlet, stopping Ember mid flight.
”He’ll be here in a few moments. Go find a building to hide in.” The Emperor stated grudgingly. Ember nodded, quickly ducking into one of the nearby buildings. Once she was gone, the Emperor flexed out his clawed hand in preparation for battle. This would probably be one of his most difficult battles yet, and the Emperor didn’t know for sure if he was ready to face this foe. His sword would be useless; his claw would work better against his attacks.

From the window of her building of choice, Ember looked on, eyes filled with fear for what she was about to witness. If the Emperor Of all creatures was worried, then truly this opponent was a great threat. Not to mention that this child of his killed many ponies on accident. perhaps they were so mighty that they simply crushed the ponies underfoot? It was certainly plausible.

The Emperor readied himself, as he could sense the presence of his son coming around the corner-

A hulking armored humanoid suddenly burst through the building in front of the Emperor, the Master Of Mankind woefully unprepared for this sudden assault. He kept the debris from impacting his perfect features with a hastily made barrier, but the barrier broke immediately when the attacker wrapped both arms around the Emperor and squeezed him in a death hold, the Emperor’s armor buckling under his immense strength as he laughed.

“Father! What a pleasant surprise!” The being laughed. “I had been looking for you to give ya da big friendly hug!”

”V-Vulkan, release me immediately!” The Emperor groaned uncomfortably, giving a small glare into those unreasonably gleeful magma eyes, surrounded by a charcoal black skin.

Somewhere else in Equestria

“Magnus, are you certain that this was the place?” Guilliman asked as they looked down at the large hole leading into the darkness below.

“Yes. I had been sensing a… well, let’s say familiar presence somewhere on this planet for a while now. This place seems to have a connection to the Immaterium, and to this presence.” Magnus explained, carefully descending down the hole. “Brother, please don’t tell me you are the kind to be afraid of getting dirty after ten millennia.” He asked as he looked up at the Primarch of the Ultramarines, who had not moved from his spot.

“Of course not. I am not our brother, Fulgrim.” Guilliman stated, before following the Cyclops into the tunnel.

After a few minutes of crawling (and bickering), the tunnel opened up into a surprisingly small room, shrouded in darkness. Magnus used his psychic might to garner a simple flame into the palm of his hand, illuminating the room for them to see.

In the center of the cavern, a throne had been built, a faded bronze glinting from the scarlet flames erupting from Magnus’ hand. Strange objects were littered across the ancient floor, and Magnus picked one in particular to examine.

“This is a Star Of Chaos…” Magnus examined the throne much more carefully. Scribbled across its surface were oaths and scriptures dedicated to the Ruinous Powers, faded with time and written over by fresher verses. “Most interesting…”

“So this wretched hole was a hideout for a traitorous wretch? We should burn it and report to father.” Guilliman snorted angrily.

“Wait, Brother. Something doesn’t make sense…” Magnus said, holding Guilliman’s arm. “The tunnel we crawled through was recently made, yet this room is… ancient.”

“So the presence you felt must have been digging through here and discovered this place. What of it?” Roboute asked indignantly.

“No. The way the tunnel is dug leads me to believe that something dug its way out of here. Plus that giant pile of dirt over there.” He gestured to what was indeed a massive pile of dirt. “But the Warp’s presence… it’s really strong here.” He wandered about the room, examining all of the barely readable depictions on the wall. He paused as he neared a corner, who’s shadows refused to abate even when Magnus held his flame right next to it. “It’s especially strong here…” he stuck his hand through the shadows, and pulled it back, looking at the shadowy corner in curiosity.

“What are you planning, bookworm?” Guilliman asked, standing next to the sorcerer king.

“I can feel… something beyond this Shadow…” Magnus said, before stepping into it and disappearing entirely. Roboute sighed, debating whether or not he should knock Magnus unconscious and drag him back to their father.

“Come now, brother, it’s just a corner. Let us return to father and-“ Guilliman moves to pull Magnus back from the shadowy corner, but was surprised to find that his brother wasn’t there. “What in father’s name?! Magnus! You had better not be screwing with me!” Guilliman growled, stepping into the shadows to find his red-skinned brother.

His ire dissipated when he stepped out in an entirely different room. Daemonic faces covered the walls, while more humanoid features seemed to be screaming out in perpetual torment. But most of the walls were covered in the human-skin parchments utterly covered in words that made no sense to the Primarch of the Ultramarines. In the center of the room was a simple table, and a throne that could only be described as daemonically possessed. Candles flickered as Magnus examined the walls.

“Guilliman… do you know where we are?” He asked, turning to face his brother. There was a horrified glint in his eyes.

“Some sort of shrine to the Ruinous Powers?” Roboute offered.

“Not just that… I can feel where we are. This isn’t that abhorrently cheerful land of horses. This is the Daemon World of Sicarus… the homeworld of the Word Bearers.”