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You've all heard the "I died and was Displaced to Equestria" prompt. Rather than Equestria, I wound up in a Void, waiting to be shaped into a world, and with the power to do just that. After a brief conversation with someone who may or may not exist (still not sure if I was talking to myself) I decided to create Equestria, just to see what would happen. It's not turning out quite as I'd pictured, but I'm enjoying the ride.
FAQ and answers can be found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/990621/after-death-creation-faq

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Barneo, an exclave of Equestria, has been living in isolation in tropical paradise. Far away, the mainland was destroyed and rendered dead. All six Ministires send messages to await further instruction.

Today, the Ministry of Joy sends an ‘all clear’ signal.

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Effective communication is important in any friendship.

Unfortunately for Twilight, Tempest Shadow and Pharynx communicate almost exclusively in overwhelming force.

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Some people say that Celestia and Luna are useless. That they lounge in the castle while delegating all their responsibilities to hard working, underappreciated, exceptionally well-read students. That even when faced directly with threats to kingdom and country, they fold like cheap origami and wait to be rescued.

These people are correct. But there's a very good reason for it!

[Rated Teen due to a dark scene early on to set some backstory, and occasional comedic death]

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This story is a sequel to Nightmare Moon's Tiny Adversary

Twilight Sparkle is a one-kilogram pony, shrunken by Princess Celestia following her entrance exam to the Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns to ensure that her power surges would not pose a danger to the ponies around her.

She’s spent thirteen years full of hard training at her new size, facing the life-threatening experiences that came with living in a world of giants. To survive those thirteen years of hardship and joy, of learning and adventure, and of pride and humility, Twilight has challenged herself to become stronger, to overcome any obstacle.

After defeating Nightmare Moon with the help of her friends and the princesses, Twilight is ready to start a new chapter of her life in Ponyville. What kind of secrets and surprises await the little but powerful unicorn? Will this eventful town survive such an unpredictable citizen?

List of editors:
Top editors:

Zecora lines editor:

Luna lines editor: (helped a lot with old Equestiran)

Pre-reader (pointing out issues and giving suggestions how to improve the story):

Seconary editors:
Pump+It+Up - some of Pinkie Pie's setences

If I forgot to add someone due to a long time that has passed, please PM me.

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A starving colt is found hiding in Applejacks barn, he refuses to speak too much about where he comes from, claiming that he would be branded crazy and locked away.

Applejack doesn't know if that would happen,

But he does seem to know more about her and her friends than he should

Okay first fiction on this site, more of a way to develop my skills before I launch into some big ideas I have so constructive criticism is appreciated as my descriptions probably suck right now

This is inspired by Oh to be Old Again by Minalkra (which you should totally check out as well)


EDIT: Now with cover art by the ever talented mix-up! It is just awesome! Check out his pages here and on Deviantart!

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Spike longed for years to have a family of his own. With Twilight's help, he applies for adoption.
Can he succeed in the trials of parenthood?
Can his daughter survive the life of royalty?
Can the royal coffers endure the doting of three zealous aunts?

Set seventy years after the end of Season 3.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
Cover art by EZTP also (featured on Equestria Daily! [#3]
Additional supplemental art provided by MelonDraws, spokenmind93, EZTP, EifieChan, Ayemel, and Ninny, with more to come in the future.

Edited by the amazing Shahrazad

*Note*: [Sex] tag added for the use of innuendo and mention of the topic in later chapters. No 'on-screen' content included.

This story's update frequency is incredibly sporadic, but I promise, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, this story will reach completion. (Update 7/23/22: YES, I PROMISE I'M STILL WORKING ON IT!)


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Now that I was living in Equestria, it was time to finally buy a new house. I’d settled on the charming little town of Haywards Heath, and found myself a decent house that just needed some work to spruce it up.

Or so I thought.

I might have gotten more than I bargained for.

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After a surprise attack along her favourite patrol route, Princess Luna crashlands into the Everfree Forest, battered and broken. Outside the walls of the sanctuary of the strange pony that rescued her, the dangerous denizens of the Everfree lurk. Forced to remain in hiding while her sister secretly investigates, how will she cope under the mysterious canopy of the Everfree and without the luxury of her castle?

There is a thin line between a princess and a wild forest pony, thinner than a zap apple stem. Now it's up to Luna not to cross it.

Featured on 4/5/2019 and 7/4/2019

Edited by MV, additional editors and pre-readers are tagged under the chapters they helped with.

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The elders say there's nothing above the stone but endless water, stretching forever into the darkness.
But there are older stories, hidden in the soil and the dirt. Stories of a place with no ceiling at all, where light falls from on high in every color one can imagine.
And a dog by the name of Dash is going to find it.

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