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Effective communication is important in any friendship.

Unfortunately for Twilight, Tempest Shadow and Pharynx communicate almost exclusively in overwhelming force.

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This was funny with a bit of sauce. I definitely liked this and can't wait for more.

Oh my God, I loved this! I NEED MORE!

“H-harder…” Tempest moaned as she screwed her eyes shut. Teal sparks fizzed and sputtered out of her horn.

Is she—oh… Oh my. Twilight nearly planted her face into the ground when her brain short-circuited. Then, she felt her face heating up with the fires of a thousand bad fanfics.

“That’s right. Go to sleep, little pony,” Pharynx hissed.

“You’ll… have to try… harder than that,” Tempest grunted in between gasps. “Night-night.”

You totally stole that from TeamFourStar.

Catamari Equestria ends with a Twilight/Tempest/Pharynx orgy. It’s inevitable.

Ah well, at least it’s funny :pinkiehappy:

Ten bucks says they end up together.

Wait, never mind, this is tagged Romance. Make that a hundo.

i ship it!

Well this is a ship I didn't think of. Shame on me! :facehoof:

Other than getting lost a few times because of a few pieces of useless jargon in between I'm curious about where this goes.

This pairing seems oddly perfect.

“Coochy-coo, motherbugger.”

This may be the best sentence I'll read today.

Wonderful insanity thus far. Eagerly looking forward to seeing where you sail this ship.

I honestly can't believe that nobody thought of this paring before. This is great!

Man, those two are going to either have the best sex ever, or the most boring.

Honestly, I see either way being plausible.

Any day where you can Katamari your way through the middle of a diplomatic summit is a good day, probably.

I like the idea and it's technically well written. Structurally, well, I thought the fight was a bit too drawn out and, honestly, when telling a story about an emotional character conflict a physical confrontation is sort of the most dull way to do it. It's how the characters interact on a personal level that's actually interesting. Would have preferred it if they spent a bit more time bickering and pushing each other's buttons.

Still, will probably keep an eye on this one.

Agreed- overall definitely worth keeping track of though.

You know I always wondered if I was the only one who thought these two would be good together.

Yes! Yes! And thrice, YES!

I have been waiting for something like this to be made forever! :pinkiehappy:

huh, holy damn those two are strong, cause from the lore(and numerous fanfics) Alicorn's have the natural strength of three roided out Earth Ponies, and even though Twilight never really had anything besides essential muscles for movement, her Alicornhood should still have kept her within at least 100 feet, but from the Friendship Castle's courtyard (i think) to a warehouse in Canterlot, and through the Royal Palace as well, with a single hit!

Heh, figures Tempest is a masochist.

This is the best fight scene I've read in a long time.

We've finally found it, everyone...

The Perfect Ship

Alright, I'm tracking it. I can't NOT track it.

*laughs* Fantastico my friend! From start to finish I was unable to stop grinning in excitement and amusement at this fight to end all fights. I may actually end up taking notes from this story for my own work!

They really make a dynamic duo.


The problem is that the MLP movie spent a ton of money on high-profile voices (Too much money, and then they promoted the movie ON the voice talent though brought in). Bringing Tempest back would mean shoveling cash into the fire. Cash doesn't power the boiler as well as coal does.

They are just meant to be.

This better happen at some point:


And it better be in front of like, every character possible.

I always thought that I would be the one to upload the first Tempynx Fanfic to FimFiction, just like I did with Yonabar. Oh well... I guess this is what happens when you get too caught up in keeping up with your college classes, and relaxing with video games to work on fanfictions...

Battle brony meets beetle bug

*gives up and starts chuckling*
Oh YES, I can see this happening...

Hmm, I was worried about that. I'll try to do better with their interactions going forward.

9549479 9549529
I could see them bringing Tempest back with a different voice actress, though. I don't think Emily Blunt was distinct enough to be indispensable to the character.


Eagerly looking forward to seeing where you sail this ship.

Probably right into a war zone. :twilightoops:

Hang on a second... Hey, you're the guy who created the bad changeling oc Max!

This is going to be wicked.

I don't know who's going to want to bone Tempest harder, the Alicorn or the motherbugger :rainbowlaugh:

No, it was training grounds in Canterlot, from my understanding, which would put it on the palace grounds.

Damn, I'm still laughing while writing this comment. Beautiful... the ship is real. Full Metal Bitch vs Motherbugger.
Eagerly awaiting more, just be aware that you've put the bar quite high with this beginning. :trollestia:
We need a smirking Tempest emote.
Oh and you got Twilight right. This is 100% what would happen with show-Twilight.

wow then this is going to be one of the best new fics then. I loved those

Please sir/ma'am I'd like some more :pinkiehappy:

The bit where Tempest started to get a little TOO excited from Pharynx choking her nearly killed me, I never thought a MLP fic would give me Archer flashbacks, well done!

“Bug boy must’ve triggered her with a horn joke or something,” said Grubber. He then winced when Tempest elbow-dropped Pharynx in the belly and added, “It’s the fastest way to make her go Full Metal Bitch on you.”

Eyyy, Edge of Tomorrow reference!

This is perfect! XD
Sadly I still haven't seen the movie but if what I've seen of her character this will be a perfect ship :P


i dont think tempest would take bight colors so kindly

The Acme warehouse has the highest insurance premiums in Canterlot. Wonder how high it will go when it includes an injured royal.

Mmkay. Just going to put this one under stories I should keep an eye on.
...Why the hell did I never consider the possibility of interaction between these two, before? :trollestia:

Whatever I just read, I love it. This part especially:

The filly crashed to the ground and ate dirt. Then, after taking a few seconds to haul herself back onto her hooves and massage her bleeding muzzle, she glared at Tempest and growled in a squeaky voice, “Wow. I’m amazed that didn’t even stop you for a second.”

Tempest shrugged. “I hate kids.”

Filly Pharynx blinked a couple of times. “Huh. Me too. Should’ve guessed.”

Okay I don't know if anyone has commented on this yet or not but if that "Full Metal Bitch" was a movie reference to Live Die Repeat you good sir are a god. If not great line anyway and I will definitely be keeping an eye on this story.

Not even gonna lie I RP'd a fight three weeks ago a lot like this

Finally a good fic with Tempest
Haven't seen those in a while

I am SO in love with this fic. Oh my god, it's perfect.

oh, ok, still that's one helluva punch though.

That wasn't really caused by a single punch.

I suppose I could've described it better, but the idea was that Pharynx was trying to fly whilst Tempest was stuck to him and struggling. They crashed into Twilight, and Twilight's own attempts at flapping only made things worse, so they ended up flying and teleporting around until they crashed into the warehouse.

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