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Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. My brothers are Shining Armor, captain of the Royal Guard, and a dragon named Spike that I hatched when I was little. I have five friends that help me wield the Elements of Harmony, artifacts that protect Equestria from evil. I have a few other friends that are less important, but still great ponies nonetheless.

One catch, though. I am also a changeling Queen, and the friends and family I just mentioned are all my subjects, and children as well. They don't even know it, but everything's working out alright, so no reason to tell them! After all, it's not like a giant wave of love energy could suddenly reveal all the changelings in Canterlot, right? Right?

Part 1, Revelation: Twilight Sparkle meets an old enemy that reveals a secret she's kept since she was named.

Part 2, Recollection: The Elements of Harmony try to get to the truth of the matter, changeling Queens begin their game of chess, Queen Citlali takes her Hive and runs from Canterlot.

Part 3, Reformation: Queen Citlali begins to grow her hive, Whitetail Hive takes some time to get used to the news, Princess Cadance dreams of a dark creature.

May 11-15, 2017: Featured for the maximum time... whoa.

Chapters (17)

Smolder and Ocellus have been secretly together for months, and after a steamy night together, the tired dragon tries to return to her own room undetected.

Thanks to Freglz for prereading.
Cover art is by frist44.

Chapters (1)

When Rainbow Dash receives the verdict that her final grade is in jeopardy, she enlists the help of most eggheadiest person she knows.

Unfortunately, she encounters a problem. A naked problem.

A very naked problem.

A comedy of the nudist variety.

It brings me great pride to say that this fic inspired the Nudists and Nudity group. Go check it out for all your barebacked needs!

Rated "T" for trigonometry.
Sex tag is for lewd jokes and language, not sex scenes.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Loyalty to the King

Slight gore in chapter 2.

Sombra and Rainbow Dash took over the Crystal Empire, Equestria now finds itself at war. Then after the first major battle Sombra makes an unexpected move, a peace treaty. But what will it mean for the future of both nations.

Cover art by SpectrumBlaze on DeviantArt.
Tags may be subject to change depending on how the story progresses.
Made the popular stories 9/17/16.

A/N: Even though the cover art is bad ass it's not what Rainbow will be wearing in the story. Also certain events won't happen like Twilight becoming a princess as it took all the elements to make her into an alicorn.

Chapters (3)

***Currently In Final Edits! This Tag Will Be Removed Once Completely Finished!***

Scootaloo isn't what she thinks she is. She was never what she though she was. And it all began on her tenth birthday. Bat wings, hunger, and pain is all that this filly knows now. And what does Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia have to do with this?

Chapters (27)

This story is a sequel to MLP: Dawn of Chaos

The saga continues! Maelstrom guides their team in the ways of chaos, Disarray works towards finding his true place in the world, and the Master of Mayhem discover their true calling. Together, they will become the most epic trolls Equis has ever known.
Their escapades will drive the Elements of Harmony to the brink, and force the hand of Princess Celestia, revealing something her and Twilight Sparkle had kept secret. Will they all be able to handle something so world shattering? Will Harmony prevail, or will Chaos reign supreme?
This is a whole new Age of Chaos, and one thing is certain; no matter what, nothing will ever be the same again.

This story takes place in the same multiverse but is an alternate reality retelling to that in Spike: Lord of Disharmony and Chaos and it’s sequel Chaos: Age of Spike both by Kaliann25(https://www.fimfiction.net/user/148887/Kaliann25). Reading those stories aren’t required to understand this one, but it’s still highly recommended because they are awesome. They really are amazing stories, and inspired this one, so check them out.

Chapters (11)

Ever since Rainbow Dash introduced Sunset to the human world’s version of the Daring Do series she has been an active member of the fan community. After spending countless hours in the Daring Do fansite’s Eris server, she’s made many friends, but there is only one that she feels a real connection with. The user who goes by the name “Gr0ss1y Incandescent”. Turns out this same User she’s been crushing happens to be her counterpart.

Punk Rock Prom Queen Presents a tale of self-love taken to its hilariously logical conclusion.

Featured on 2/1/18

My entry into Aragon's Comedy (is serious business) Contest under the prompt we learned something narcissistic.

Chapters (1)

Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains dark humor, an odd set up for a practical joke among immortal Princesses, whom one of them will no doubt go crazy, random things before she thinks she "kicks the bucket."

It just might be the most ingenious prank that Princess Luna has ever conceived. A simple one at that. All she had to do was to bribe her sister's most trusted doctor to tell her that she's dying. With only about a week left, Celestia then decides that she will spend her last eight days doing the crazy, immature, random and funniest things that she could think of while preparing for her own funeral.

Chapters (9)

Spike, a minor fire god and the adopted brother of Twilight, Goddess of Magic, regularly visits a field of flowers and frolicks there, attempting to get away from his sister's smothering.

Unbeknowst to him, he is being watched by Discord, the god of Chaos and Disharmony, from his realm. Discord, taken with the young god's beauty, hatches a plot to steal him from the mortal realm. With Spike gone, Twilight's domain is locked down, and the mortals of Equus have lost access to magic.

Will romance blossom between the two deities, or will they be split apart?

Inspired by the myth of Hades and Persephone. Discord and Spike have human forms, but occasionally switch to anthro forms.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle, even after discovering friendship and being elevated to The Princess of Friendship has still maintained her love and affinity toward books. At every opportunity she gets, when not interacting with friends or family, she has her muzzle in a book. It’s her comfort zone, she feels secure and happy.

But truly happy?

Fluttershy had friends before Twilight Sparkle came to Ponyville to oversee the Summer Sun Festival. In spite of these friends, she’d rather have stayed in her cottage surrounded by a plethora of woodland creatures than actually interact with her fellow ponies, even her friends, sometimes. Now after several years of the group becoming closer, Fluttershy had come out of her shell, at least most of the way. But she could still be insecure and to herself quite easily.

But does she really want to maintain that shield of isolation?

Now something happens to open their hearts to the next stage of friendship. And discovering that a close friend may be the answer to making their lives complete. Filling a void that neither acknowledged that was there. And they’ll have to admit to feelings they never let themselves acknowledge.

If these feelings are admitted, then there is an issue to overcome:

A fish my love a bird, but where would they build their home?

Chapters (9)
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