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Queen Scootaloo - officialmjsmith

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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The Tale Of Two Scootaloos Pt. 2

Scootaloo never registered the drive to the hospital. Never registered the shifting of movements of the gurney she was place on. The second she was in that ambulance, she lost consciousness. The dreams were expected. Dreams. Nightmares.

They were all the same. Flashbacks about what it was like living outside. Where dogs have attacked her and where she was... Leeches would bite onto her skin when she would try to take a bath at a seemingly peaceful and undisturbed lake, sucking the blood out of her. Sadly, she didn't know how to properly take them off. So she would grab and pull them off, which would take some of the skin off with them. THAT was painful. And the evidence was all over her legs and arms, not to mention her back where she could barely reach. They got most of her blood from there.

Those are mostly what her dreams were about. The leeches. And sometimes, it would be hard to wake up. She couldn't open her eyes, talk, or move at all. Just breath. When she did manage to get all those leeches off, she was a bleeding mess. Leeches pierce your skin deeply to get what they want. And just pulling them off instead of sliding them off with your thumb causes much worse problems. And considering that she didn't actually know how to take them off properly, caused blood to just pour out of her skin. The ones on her back were worse and harder. They hurt more than the ones on her arms, evident underneath her jacket. If they asked her to take it off.

Not to mention the abuse she would get from people who would find her and just attack her for no reason. That really knocked her down. As well as all the cuts from that guy who used her like a sex doll and a pin cushion. All of that she remembered on the way to the hospital. Not that she knew she was going there.

Sometimes, she wondered why she wasn't dead yet. She was all by herself for ten years. Yet, she's not dead. Sometimes... She wondered why she didn't just end it herself.

A few muffled voices pierced the haze inside her mind, becoming more coherent as time drawled on. Everything was beginning to come into focus. Everything that was black turned to gray and gained more detail.

She was lying down on her left side facing the window on something soft. Covered in something soft. Something that she would feel inside of Sweetie Belle's house. She blinked and trained her eyes on a steel pole, and above that a tiled roof. Listening to the beeping of a heart monitor that was attached in the corner. There were two chairs next to what looked like a window. It was daylight outside. The heat of the sun going through the window was heating up her mildly cool skin, providing comfort. As if it were giving her a hug.

Someone stepped into the room behind her with some dress shoes or something. She could only go off of what she was hearing. But that's what it sounded like. Next the door shut and a guy cleared his throat. "Hello, everyone. I'm Doctor Samson. Scootaloo will be in my care while she's here in the morning's. Can someone tell me about what happened?"

So there were more people in here. Someone, sounded like Twilight answered, "Scootaloo got food poisoning."

"I mean how did she get it? One of the paramedics said she ate..." He looked back at his notes. "'Waffles in bad grease.' Why was she eating that?"

No one answered. They didn't know. So Amaryllis probably just told them she was living on the streets. Possibly living on the streets. They weren't going to tell them. She wasn't going anywhere. They wouldn't let her. So Scootaloo silently sighed and said, "Because I can't eat anything anywhere else." She heard them shuffle around a bit. Which meant all eyes were on her now. "So I do what I can to survive. Going through the trash."

It stayed silent for a moment before the doctor responded, "Okay." He wrote down some notes and asked, "Any parents?"

"No." The doctor looked up for a moment before continuing to write in notes.

"Any family members?"


The doctor raised an eyebrow before writing down some more notes. Yeah, there was an issue here.

He looked up her way and asked, "Okay. Do you live in a facility?"

"No, and I'm not going to any."

The doctor sighed, already seeing where this was going. He tapped his pen against the notepad and said mainly to himself, "So no parents, no family, and no orphanage or facility. Do you have any information about yourself?"

"My name is... Amaryllis. But I go by Scootaloo. Always have, always will. Don't call me Amaryllis, I don't go by that. It's demeaning. My birthday... I don't know. Never had a party, probably never will. I'm not a registered student. I've been stealing classes. So you won't find my information in any of the school records. I taught myself how to read. Write. Draw. Talk. Everything I've done on my own. Now you know."

Everyone was just staring at the girl lying on the bed facing away from them in sadness. Especially Rainbow, mentally blaming herself. She should've known about this. Doctor Samson sighed deeply before writing down some more notes. The police were definitely getting involved in this.

He turned to the group of girls nearby. "Alright. Who brought her in?"

Rainbow raised her hand and answered, "I did, but we all found her."

"Are you a close friend?"


"Alright you can stay. Everyone else, I'm going to have to ask you to abandon the room for a moment." Twilight took Rainbow's hand and squeezed it supportively. Then stood up with the others and walked out of the room. Once they were gone, he set the clipboard down on the wall and made his way for the sink to wash his hands and get himself ready. "Scootaloo, can you sit up for me please? I'm going to have to do a full body evaluation on you."

Scootaloo sighed but did as requested. Her stomach still wasn't all that great, but it was getting there. They must've done something while she was asleep. While she was doing that Rainbow Dash stood up from her chair and made her way over. She had a feeling of what the doctor needed her to do. She took a seat beside her and took hold of her left hand, giving it a squeeze of encouragement with a smile.

Once Doctor Samson had his hands dried, he grabbed some rubber gloves and slipped them on. Then turned around to face them. "Alright. So Rainbow Dash here is going to stay by your side while I look over your body. Just to keep you calm and collected while I'm working, okay?"

Scootaloo nodded and answered quietly in a tone that would beat Fluttershy's, "Okay."

"Let's start with your jacket. Can you take it off for me please?" Scootaloo pulled in her lips and reached up with her right hand. She really didn't want to do it. But there was no escaping this. She gripped the zipper and slowly pulled it down. Rainbow Dash could tell this was hard for her. It wasn't slow, but it was tense. There was something under there she didn't want them to see. When it reached the bottom, she unhinged it and pulled it open to shrug it off.

She was dirty, bruised, heavily scarred, and overall abused by the elements. And this was just in the spring. In the winter, it was much worse and harsher. For a moment Rainbow stared at them, but soon closed her eyes and tightened her lips. She's heard horror stories of abuse by a lot of things. But this takes the cake. The shirt she was wearing covered most of her upper half, but she didn't need to see that to know she's been through so much. There were scars all over her skin, marking places where she was attacked and probably left for dead. As well as multiple skin lacerations here and there. Definitely from bites.

In tears, Scootaloo spat to the doctor, "Should I take off my shirt too?" She was clearly upset that she had to take off any type of clothing. This wasn't the first time Samson has seen something like this. But the degree of this one was horrifying.

Deciding to finally answer her question, the doctor shook his head and responded, "No, no, it's okay. We'll take a look at your legs first." He raised his clipboard and wrote down a few things while Rainbow Dash wrapped a loving arm around Scootaloo's shoulders. She shouldn't have had to go through that. Or this.

Samson casted casual looks at her to go into more detail of his notes. Then after a few more seconds lowered it back down on the bed to train his attention on Scootaloo once again. "Alright. Now Scootaloo? Before we go any further, I need to ask you a few questions. Give me your honest answer, okay?" Scootaloo knew where he was going with this. He was going to ask the one and most obvious question in the room. Samson directed his sights to Rainbow Dash and asked, "And Rainbow? No matter what her answer is, I need you to not 'flip out,' okay?"

Rainbow Dash's nod directed the doctor back to Scootaloo to ask the question. "Scootaloo? Have you ever... Been taken advantage of? Has anyone ever forced you into any sexual acts?" Rainbow Dash turned her entire face to look down at her sister. Her face was scrunched up and tears were leaking down her face. Not to mention shivering a little. But Rainbow didn't miss it. She gave the most subtle of nods.

Rainbow pulled in her lips, a tear threatening to fall down her own face. Her surrogate sister had been... She couldn't even finish it. She used the arm already around her shoulders to pulled Scootaloo into a side hug, letting her tears pour into her side.

Doctor Samson grabbed his notepad and wrote down her answer. Then glanced back to Scootaloo and ask, "How long ago?"

Scootaloo poked her face out and whispered almost inaudibly, "Two years."

"Anything else that we need to know?"

"Yeah, I'm not going to a home." She buried her face back into Rainbow Dash's side. "You can't place me in there."

The doctor sighed and set down his clipboard. This was normal. In a sense. "Scootaloo, we can't just throw you back out onto the streets. That's not how it works."

"Then I'll go with Rainbow." She sat back up and held onto her Rainbow Dash's arm tightly. "But I'm not going to a home! Forget it! I'll go with her, she'll take care of me!"

Rainbow pulled in her lips guiltily. As much as she would like to, her parents definitely wouldn't let another child in their house. Rainbow herself was already a handful. Not to mention already trying to leave. She used her free arm to push Scootaloo back a little so she could talk to her. "Uhhh, Scoots? Look, as much as I would love to take you in, it's not my decision." Rainbow swore she saw all the magenta color in Scootaloo's eyes leave when she said that.

They stared at each other for a few long seconds. No sound, save for the beeping of the Heart monitor attached to Scootaloo. After a few more seconds, she asked timidly, "Wh... What do you mean?" The doctor watched the exchange but kept his hand on his waist by a hidden radio to call for help in case things took a violent turn. Right on the panic button. It was a common thing for children like this to take their frustrations out on a random person.

Rainbow sighed and answered, "Squirt... I can't say, 'yeah, you can live with me.' It's not my say so. It's up to my parents. And even then it's a ninety percent chance you couldn't live with us. My parents told me they wouldn't get another kid, adopted or their own. Especially adopted. I don't know why, but they said I'm not allowed to bring up any kids either. Not even... A sister."

Scootaloo looked up at Rainbow appalled, realization dawning on her. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. Until she snapped, letting out all the years of neglect flow out of her like a waterfall. Rainbow witnessed her eyes turn a gray. Tears leaked from them, wetting the shirt she was wearing. "So... I'm back at square one then. You know when I said I want to go the skatepark with you?" Rainbow slowly nodded. "I take it back. Get out." Rainbow glanced up at the doctor. "Out. Out! GET OUT! BOTH OF YOU!" She grabbed her jacket and threw it at the doctor's face. It already smelled really bad.

Rainbow grabbed Scootaloo's arms to try and wrestle her down. "Scootaloo, calm down!" She ordered. But Scootaloo had some surprising strength. She pushed Rainbow off of her, off the bed, then onto the floor before she too jumped on top of her. The Doctor ripped the smelly jacket off of his ace and pressed the panic on his radio to call for help.

Scootaloo grabbed Rainbow's arms and held them down with bared teeth, "No!" She yelled. "You're abandoning me like everyone else!!" She let go of one arm to pummel Rainbow before a team of nurses rushed into the room to cease the situation. They grabbed Scootaloo's arms and pulled her off Rainbow and back onto the bed. She actually ended up hitting one in the face but they quickly grabbed her arms and legs, pinning her down.

"Hit her with the Valium!" One of them yelled.

"Get off me! Get off me!" Scootaloo screamed, and screamed louder like someone was killing her, ringing through the hallways. She yanked her left foot free before someone grabbed and pinned it back down. Someone poked her right shoulder with a needle to sedate her. "You are not drugging me again! You are NOT DOING THAT AGAIN!!"

Twilight and everyone else were covering their ears in the waiting area from Scootaloo's screams when Rarity saw Rainbow Dash be led out of the room and the door to it shut behind her. "LEAVE ME ALONE!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Her voice could still be heard for a few more minutes, traveling down the halls and around the floor before it died down. The valium they used must've taken affect effect.

Rarity grabbed her purse and the others, then ran over to where Rainbow was, crying into her hands. She shook her head and whispered, "I didn't expect any of this. It's horrible, absolutely terrible."

Even though Applejack was afraid to ask, she had to know. "What happened?"

Rainbow lowered her hands and took a deep breath. "I think she was abused in the past. There were old marks on her body, as well as cuts, bruises, a lot of scars, and more. She was also... Taken advantage of. Two years ago. She was raped."

Twilight covered her mouth before the door opened again, allowing the doctor and the group of nurses to walk out. Scootaloo was in the bed under the covers with her face up to the ceiling, eyes closed and motionless. The doctor sighed and closed the door. Then turned to Rainbow Dash. "We need to call the school about some of this. The police are more than likely going to be involved as well." Rainbow nodded before he continued. Everything just took a wild turn. "She's sleeping right now. Had to hit her with a large dose of Valium that will more than likely keep her asleep for most of the day."

"And this is only morning," Applejack stated before he continued.

"Unfortunately," he continued. "With how things are looking, she'll have to be handed over to the state. We haven't done a test for any diseases or drugs, but with what she said early, she might've been injected with some before. She said, and I quote, 'you are not drugging me again.'"

"So she was more than likely drugged with something during the... Rape then," Rainbow muttered. "Why didn't she tell us?"

"Most kids find it dangerous to tell anyone. They believe it may cause them to be hurt worse or neglected by friends, family, and more. That, and it's a very traumatic experience. You just don't tell somebody that you fell fifty feet off a cliff and broke your back. You never want to relive that stuff."

Applejack couldn't deny that. She took off her stetson and whispered, "Yeah, you're right."

The doctor sighed then looked through the room's window before focusing back in front of him. "I'm going to go make these phone calls." Then patted Rainbow's shoulder again before making his way to the office in the hospital to inform the school.


"Yeah, these kids are definitely cleaning up this place," Principal Celestia stated. She and Principal Luna were standing in front of the school's glass doors at all the paper, snack bags, and someone's whole bag littering the ground.

Luna groaned nad replied, "Of course, sister. I'm sure there is a bird making a nest with how much of this over-break work is lying on the ground. Look, there goes one now." She pointed towards a crow putting a bunch of paper into a circle before settling down in the middle of it. "That is just unhealthy. Very unhealthy."

"Yes. I would do it, but—"

"Principal Celestia, Principal Luna!" They looked behind them at the secretary at the door. "The hospital's on the phone! They need to speak with you both about a student!" The sisters looked at each other before making their way into the building and office, going to the phone. Celestia put it on speaker as the two set themselves beside it.

"Hello, this is Principal Celestia."

"Hello, Principal. I'm, calling concerning a... Student. Scootaloo."

"Ah, yes. Yes, what about her?"

"Well, early this morning she was admitted to Equine General from food poisoning. Where we learned of a few things. Is Scootaloo in your record system?"


"Are you absolutely sure?"

Celestia and Luna exchanged a glance before the latter walked to the nearby computer behind the desk. Luna replied, "Let me make sure." Then sat down at her desk, pulled up the directory, and typed in Scootaloo. After waiting, there were no results. "No that can't be right." She did it again one more time. For a student not to be in the record system... It was unheard of. And it's not the system, it's never done this before. "She's not."

"Are you trying to tell me Scootaloo has been stealing classes?"

"She has a good reason. So no school records, birth records, or anything else, okay." He took a moment to type some stuff in. "Okay, so Scootaloo has no parents, is unknown to the state, and has stolen school. Interesting."

The principals glanced at each other in shock before Luna inquired, "Why is she in the hospital?"

"On normal occasions, I wouldn't be allowed to tell you this. But we need all the help we can get. Scootaloo came down with a really bad case of food poisoning after eating out of a dumpster for food."

"Why would she—"

"She's been living on her own for the last ten years. I'm not sure how she got into that situation. But she's homeless." Luna and Celestia stared at the phone in shock.

Luna shot her hands up to her head and shouted, "We had a runaway student in our halls and we didn't know about it?!"

"We don't rightly know if she was a runaway. We think she's been abused. I did an assessment on her and discovered bruises, scars, and bites. The bites are more than likely from the fact that she's been living outdoors for so long. As well as the fact that she has confessed to being taken advantage of in the past. Two years ago."

"Where is she?" Celestia demanded.

"Equine General Hospital."

"We're on our way." Celestia hung up the phone and grabbed her purse, following her sister out the door. They didn't waste any time. A child needed them.


A few minutes later after driving through multiple stop lights, they arrived at the hospital. They jumped out the car and ran inside urgently. And after asking the nurses about her location, they ran towards the room, eventually coming across the group of seven, including Sunset, who arrived a few minutes ago.

"Hey, what happened?!" Luna asked desperately.

"Well Scootaloo's in the hospital. Food poisoning, homelessness, abuse, drugged, raped, and probably an STD. Who knows what the hay else!" Everyone looked towards Rainbow who was definitely beating herself up over this. "I feel like I should've known. I should've known what my sister was up to all this time. I call myself her family, yet I'm not around when I need to be. Around thirty minutes ago, she got upset at me, because I couldn't take her in. They're thinking about putting her into the state. So she attacked me and the doctor. The nurses hit her with Valium. She'll be out for awhile."

"Rainbow you need to stop blaming yourself," Applejack said. "It's not your fault Scootaloo's in this situation."

"If I wasn't around, it wouldn't have lasted ten years. I was the only thing she was holding onto. I could see it in her eyes. When I told her that I couldn't take her in because it wasn't my decision to make alone, it's like her eyes went from their grayish purple to just... Lifeless. It's like I was the last thing she was holding onto. And I've let her down when she needed me the most. Now she's sleeping, but what will happen when she wakes up? Will she still be the same girl that would shout out 'Rainbow Dash!' when I walk up to her? Or will she just scowl and turn away from me because I disgust her so much? Will our relationship still be the same, or will it all have gone down the drain all because I couldn't be there for her? Will she become rebellious? She snapped in there at me. I think everything that she went through for the past years are finally spilling out. Only time will tell."

Later on that night, Scootaloo eventually woke up to a surprise. She was tucked into a bed for the first time in her life. She had to admit, it felt nice. Instead of waking up, going to school, and meeting with her... Friends? No. She had no friends. She was truly alone. She could jump off a bridge and no one would know about it. It was as simple as that. She knew now why she hadn't done it yet. She was holding onto false hope. She thought her "friends" could get her out of this. Instead, it only got worse. Way worse. They wanted to put her in a home. But there was definitely no way that was going to happen.

Scootaloo slowly sat up and looked around her room to check if anyone was near. The only sounds of anything were the lights from the hall creeping in through the windows. She pulled the IV out of her arm then swung her legs over the edge to stand up. Looking down, she realized she was still in her clothes that she hadn't taken off yet. Looks like they will have to do for now. A really small shirt with a tear in it, and some ripped jeans.

Scootaloo spotted a pair of scissors from afar sitting next to the sink. An accident of course, but it didn't matter. She crept over and grabbed the scissors, dropped them in her pocket, then strode towards the door. It was time to leave. There was no telling what would happen if she stayed here. SHe couldn't stay here.

She slowly lowered the door handle and slowly cracked it open to peek out through the light. Only a few nurses too busy doing everything else. Too busy to even look this way. So she silently opened the door cautiously. As silent as she could. Once it was wide enough, she poked her head out and looked around. Nobody was in the halls. Good. That makes this so much easier.

She slowly slipped out the door and into the hall on her left. There was an exit up ahead that a sign was pointing too. Perfect. She passed by the waiting area where everyone was currently sleeping. Twilight, Sunset, Rarity, all of them. ven Pinkie Pie. She stopped and just glared at them. She growled at Rainbow specifically before giving her the middle finger and continuing her trek.

Scootaloo rushed out the hospital's sliding doors and into the warm spring night air. The world of darkness that she's come to call home. But that did not soothe her heated anger. There was so much hate in her heart. So much. Everyone had let her down. They were leaving her. She had no one else. Only her. Looking around, she spotted a large loose rock by the wall.

Walking towards and picking it up, she walked to a nearby car and banged it onto the glass, making it crack and crack more before she stepped back and threw it with all her strength. It went straight through the passenger side window and into the driver's. She only found slight relief in that destruction. But it will be back, that's for sure. As long as she was alive, she was going to be angry again.

SCootaloo kicked the car and created a small dent before she walked away. Her destination? A new part of town where people definitely wouldn't find her. Nor would they care.


After three more hours, two in the morning, one of the nurses walked towards the "unstable patient's" room. She looked at the name on the clipboard again. Amaryllis. Cute. She didn't deserve what the report says what happened to her. Nobody does.

She looked up and slowed her walking, coming up to her destination. The door was already open, but there was no snoring or anything coming from it. Odd. She placed her hand by the radio on her waist in case she was assaulted before walking inside. She was expecting her to be sitting in a chair, relaxing in the bathroom, something. But the room was empty. The bed was messy, her shoes were still on the other side. But the IV was hostlessly lying on the bed.

She walked towards the bathroom and looked inside. No Amaryllis in there. That meant only one thing. She left the hospital.

She dropped her clipboard to the floor and picked up the radio. "We have a loose patient! Amaryllis is missing!" The nurses on the other end all checked their radios before pulling up the security camera footage all over the building.

"Patient Amaryllis is missing! Any nurses please search for patient Amaryllis on levels one, two, and three. Orange, female, magenta hair, Five foot six!" Twilight woke up first from the sound of nurses and Doctors scrambling around, looking for who knows what.

"What's going on?" Someone asked.

"Where was she before?"

"I don't know, I went into her room for my nightly rounds and she wasn't in there. Only her shoes, coat, and the IV that's lying on the bed." Oh no.

Twilight grabbed Rainbow's arm and shook her. "Wake up! Guys, wake up!" They all jolted awake from Twilight's shouting.

"What is it, Twilight?" Celestia groaned, rubbing her eyes. "I was having a wonderful dream."

"Someone's missing. I think it's Scootaloo."

"Any units! Please join search for Patient 1452761. Name Amaryllis. Orange skin. Magenta hair. Five foot six." They all gasped at the voice on the intercom before shooting up to their feet and running towards her room. Rainbow swung the door open with a loud bang. Sure enough, there was barely any sign she was even there. Only her shoes and jacket.

"Crap!" Rainbow yelled before she ran towards the entrance. The doors slid open, allowing the group through and revealing the glass on the ground that nobody has spotted yet from the vandalized car. They all stopped and stared at the damage, knowing exactly who did it. "I knew it," Rainbow said sadly. "We lost her. For good."


Scootaloo quietly made her way through the shadows of the night, making sure she wasn't seen for her destination. To get to the outside of town, she had to go through the bad part. Of course it would be on the outside of town. You never let the thugs into a bank when they have guns.

After a few more hours the sun rose to its peak. Basking the world around her in warm light. She finally made it out of the neighborhood. She was walking barefoot that whole time and probably will for the remainder of the day, maybe longer. It was definitely going to be hot today. Having no shoes, a shirt as small as a crop top, and purple hair, all she needed was some mascara and she'd look like the slut she was told she was when that guy raped her so long ago. It may be awhile before she can do anything. Her life was officially over. She needed to get out of the city, maybe out of Equestria County. But how? She had nothing to give to anyone. Then a thought came to her. But it wasn't a pleasant one.

She looked down at herself. Yeah she was fifteen but she looked like she was sixteen. She could do it. But she wouldn't like it though. She stopped in the road and put her thumb out, hoping to get a ride. She had to leave the town by daylight. These people weren't going to stop looking for her. So she might as well make it hard for them. They made it harder for her anyway.

Soon, a truck stopped and pulled over to the curb. A guy, definitely from that neighborhood she just walked out of, was the driver. He looked dangerous, but she didn't care.

He looked her up and down from the driver's side with greedy eyes and growled, "What's up? Need a lift?"

Scootaloo gulped, already regretting this. "Yes. I need to get to Trottingham."

"Of course. But you know.... There's a price. And it looks like you don't have any money on you."

"I know. But... I'm willing to pay." The man gave her a mischievous and hungry smile that she did not like at all.

"Get in." She pulled on the handle and opened the door, hopping inside before closing it.

"Now." He placed his hands on her jean covered thigh. "I just don't give favors without getting paid first. Now... Show me what you can do."

Scootaloo swallowed that lump in her throat to push down the fear she was feeling from this man before she went ahead and did once more what her past assailant told her to do before. To be a slut. Like she was told.


Twilight ran back to her house to grab Anemone and Amaryllis. If Scootaloo was missing, who better than to find her than herself? She took out her keys and put it in the lock, turning the knob to let her in. She stopped in shock at what she saw.

In the living room, her brother was pointing her gun at the two Thestrals, probably just got home. Anemone was standing in front of her sister with her hands glowing with her magic, trying to protect, while the cop had his finger on the trigger. "Shining Armor! What are you doing?!"

Great! Twilight was here. He turned his head to face her, but didn't move his eyes off them. "Twilight, do you know these things?!"

"Yes, that's Anemone and Amaryllis. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo from Equestria. Now put down your gun before Anemone hurts you, she's already highly protective of her sister!"

"What are they doing here?!"

"They're abandoned after Celestia tried to kill them! They're fine and not dangerous! They're just stuck and I'm trying to keep them hidden because things like THIS might happen! Now put your gun down!" Shining Armor looked at the two thestrals for a moment before sighing and lowering his gun. Anemone cut off her magic while Amaryllis tentatively poked her head out from around her sister's back.

"How'd you even... You know what, that's not important," Twilight said, getting down to Amaryllis' level.

Shining raised hand out to the Thestrals and shouted, "What?! How is two whatever-they-are sitting in my house watching TV not important?!"

Twilight ignored him and got to her knees to look into Amaryllis' eyes. They needed information. "Amaryllis. Where would you go if you ran away?"

Amaryllis put her finger to her chin to think. "Well first I'd look in abandoned buildings. If that doesn't work, then I'd go live in a cave or something. Why, what happened? Is Scootaloo okay?"

"No, she's not." Shining Armor started listening in while Twilight spoke. "She has no records, she stole classes. She's not even a student. But she's been going to school. We also learned someone took advantage of her and she was living on her own for ten years. She attacked the doctor as well as Rainbow Dash. Then she ran away and we don't know where she is."

"Wait are you talking about orange skin, magenta hair, maybe five foot something?" Shining asked. Twilight nodded quickly. "We just got a call saying a girl with that description was seen near the south of town, hitchhiking. She hopped in a burgundy truck that sat there for around five to six minutes before it left."

"That was Scootaloo!!" Twilight yelled. She pulled out her phone and dialed Rainbow Dash, who picked up not even a second later.


"She was spotted south of town before she hitchhiked. She's leaving right now. I'm not sure where."

"So... She's gone then? Is that it? Twilight, I'm really worried about Scoots. She doesn't have any money, she has no family, she was raped, drugged, abused....I am really worried she'll do something she'll regret."

"I am too. Shining can you send out an APB or something? This girl is going to kill herself like this." Shining nodded before he pulled out his phone, dialing the captain. "We're gonna try to get an APB sent out, Rainbow. We'll find her."

"I just hope we aren't too late."

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I know, I know. So dark. But I'm actually just setting this up for my next chapters. The story's actually reaching the rising action of the story. You can see how this story is going to go in the future If we're just reaching the second line.

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