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Queen Scootaloo - officialmjsmith

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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Realizations Of Reality

Celestia and Luna walked into the room containing the mirror, bringing a shock to the princess of the sun. She gasped in horror. The mirror. It destroyed "No.....no no no," she muttered, trotting briskly over to the tiny shards of glass on the floor. "This can't be happening! This was Starswirl's best work!" She knelt down, gathering the shards together desperately. Hoping that they could magically come back together again. Luna stopped in the doorway and watched Celestia frantically—and pathetically—bring the shards together in a pile in pity.

She may as well move this along. Those girls are possibly still hurt on the other side. Luna stepped in the room and stated softly, "Anemone and Amaryllis are trapped on the other side. Twilight is trying to find the spell that Starswirl created to unlock the dimensions and lead us to them."

Celestia sighed and said without looking up, "It won't work."

"What?" Luna asked. She trotted over to stand beside her sister. "What do you mean it won't work?"

"Starswirl's spell....used a combination of light....and chaos magic."

"What?!" Luna yelled. This was news to her. "Are you telling me our dear friend Starswirl used chaos magic to create this portal?"

"Yes," she responded solemnly, nodding her head, dropping the shards of glass. "This spell is not found anywhere else because he has never wrote it in a book before. He was too ashamed to do it. He only created the spell to rid the Sirens, that was it. Everything else that happened in this journey just happened to happen. We were never meant to travel across the dimensions, or meet the different variations of ourselves."

Celestia slowly stood up and turned to look at her sister with tears in her eyes. "We will have to redo Starswirl's spell....which could take a very long time....even at our hardest."

"So how are you Sunset?" Juniper asked as she and Sunset Shimmer walked along the hot summer sidewalk. There were more people out and about, enjoying the day. Had she any good money, Sunset would've taken Juniper somewhere much more interesting than Canterlot City.

"Well....besides a little stressed out, I'm fine," she responded honestly as they turned a corner. Looks like they were heading to a park nearby. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"Like what? Confide in me." Sunset nearly snorted. "No, I'm serious!" Juniper responded, chuckling.

"Okay, well.....we have two unexpected guests. THAT's the emergency. They aren't normal either, so we're sort of stuck until we get them back home."

"Oh," Juniper muttered. They walked down the stone steps, taking a seat at the fountain nearby with their backs facing the water. "Do you know why they were there?"

"Well...from what we gathered, there was a huge fight and they were sort of...dropped off here. So we're taking care of them until they can go home." Sunset set her things down by her foot.

Juniper leaned back and flipped her hair. "So....who were they?"

"Just some....people that have a relationship with someone we know," Sunset replied nervously. God, she hated lying. She wasn't that type of person anymore.

"Oh, okay. Hopefully, they'll be fine, right?"

Sunset nodded. "Of course. Once we get them back home, everything will be fine and dandy," she replied, slicing her hand through the air to emphasize her point. "Only problem is actually getting them home."

"How so?"

"Well...they're not actually from here. And we can't just give them a plane back to where they live, that'd be ridiculous and impossible." Juniper raised an eyebrow. Wouldn't that make more sense? "So we have to wait for someone to come and get them."

"So it's a possibility they could be staying around for the longest."

"Yep." Juniper nodded her head, getting the situation. Sunset poked her arm and got her attention. "But enough about me. How are you?" Juniper blushed before she started stroking her hair, making Sunset laugh a little. "You don't have to be nervous."

"I can't help it," she said quietly, almost sounding like fluttershy.

"You're so cute when you get all shy!" Sunset cooed, twirling the girl's hair. "It's adorable."

"Thanks," she replied, moving her hair so it doesn't cover her ear. "To answer your question......I've been doing a lot of thinking."

"Thinking?" Sunset turned to her confusedly while reaching down to untie her shoelaces. "What about?"

"I....don't really wanna talk about it." Juniper looked down at Sunset's feet. "You have...pretty feet."

"Thanks. Rarity, for some odd reason likes to groom me. But you're among a friend. Whatever you tell me, I will not judge you for it." She swung her body around and hovered her feet above the pool of water. For reassurance, she turned to Juniper and asked, "Would this be illegal?"

Juniper looked behind her to see Sunset's position. "I doubt it. We're in a public park...alone." Sunset chuckled before plunging her feet into the water, with a splash.

She sighed in relief and said, "Ooohh, that feels great. Now...what were you thinking about?"

Juniper looked down at her moving fingers before responding quietly. "My...sexuality."

"Okay," Sunset replied. She moved her feet through the water before looking towards Juniper, offering an encouraging smile. "Have you figured it out yet? What exactly are you looking for?"

"Well...I think I like girls. I'm not so much into guys. And I have my eyes on this girl."

"You and I might be on the same path. I have my eyes on a girl too and also questioned my sexuality."

Juniper looked up at her surprised. "You think you might be a lesbian?" She asked.

"Yeah. Or bisexual. Even when I was dating Flash, I was only using him to make myself look better. Get more popular. But even then, I didn't like him. I also had a strange attraction to girls....with glasses."

"I guess that was your thing, huh?" Juniper asked chuckling.

"It's STILL my thing," Sunset replied giggling. "I talked to Pinkie last night about it. The girl has to be slim and wear nerdy glasses...like you." Sunset glanced over, seeing her friend trying to cover up her blush.

"Th....thanks," she said trying not to grin. "So did you discover anything about yourself?"

Sunset kicked her feet in the water, making it splash. "I found out that these feelings are real...and I want to test them with the girl I have my eye on."

"Who...is she?" Juniper asked timidly.

"Well....I'm too nervous to say it, so I'll just write it." Sunset reached towards the purse next to her, pulling out a small notepad and a pen. She flipped it open, writing a couple words before slipping it towards her friend and going back through her purse.

Her friend picked up the note and read it, grinning widely. "Juniper Montage." She looked back up to the nervous Equestrian, kicking up the water and trying to avoid eye contact. Juniper bent down and took off her flats and socks before turning around and joining the fun, looping her arm through Sunset's. Looks like they were beginning to flirt.

"I didn't actually tell you who I like yet," she whispered, looking down at the water. "Her name is Sunset. She's very pretty, courageous and funny. Not to mention really...REALLY hot."

Sunset snorted and plunged her feet in the water, making a big splash. "Is she VERY hot? Like 'pull-out-a-bottle-randomly-from-nowhere-and-struggle-to-open-it' hot?"

Juniper laughed before going to her purse and frantically pulling out a bottle of water. She acted like she was struggling to get it open, making Sunset laugh some more. "You mean like that?"

"Yes, yes, just like that!" Sunset agreed, pointing and letting out a few laughs.

"Yep! But yeah, she's pretty, funny, courageous, hot, and sincere. Not to mention loyal."

Sunset grinned before wrapping an arm around her, pulling her closer and leaning her head against hers. "I like Juniper because she's sweet, kind, and has come a long way from that girl that stole artifacts from a movie set, and put me in a mirror. That and she reminds me of myself."

"So you like yourself so much, you want to date a copy?" Juniper asked, chuckling.

"Yep!" The two girls shared another laugh before it was followed by a peaceful silence. "So...what do you want to do?"

The movie worker looked at their interlocked arms before interlocking their hands, making Sunset smile. "Well, I really like this," Juniper explained before looking up at Sunset's face, smiling. "So I want to keep it this way."

"Juniper Montage," Sunset said, laying her free hand on top of their interlocked ones."Would you do me the honor of going on a date with me?"

"I think we're already on one. And we're using it to soak our feet." The two girls looked down at the still water before grinning and splashing it some more.

Cadance walked into Twilight's kitchen, spotting Twilight herself chugging down her frustrations in a cup of water. She was pretty bummed out to learn about the book trashing. At least she's spending it on water and not the other option.

"It doesn't make any sense, Cadance!" Twilight yelled in frustration, throwing her hooves out. "Why would they want to destroy all that knowledge?! It's ridiculous!"

"I don't know, Twilight," she replied calmly, taking a seat beside her. "But it's apparently important. Maybe Celestia knows?"

Twilight sighed and shook her head while keeping her eyes on the cup of water she was stirring around in her magic. "I really don't want to talk to her right now. Not until we get Anemone and Amaryllis back. I'm still trying to get over that she was a...thestral this whole time. Their species is practically extinct! There's only two left!" Twilight nearly jumped out of her seat at the revelation.

"I heard they were extinct as well. But what can we—"

"Twilight!" Spike yelled as he ran into the kitchen, spooking the two alicorns. "Letter...Celestia...very important!" Spike handed Twilight a scroll which she lent to Cadance.

"You read it. I'm holding onto this grudge." Cadance sighed before taking it in her magic and opening it. She looked at the lines before she gave an exasperated sigh. Then rolled up the letter and threw it behind her.

"Well this is perfect," she said sarcastically. "Luna said that there is indeed a spell or some mental issue with Celestia and that she is being looked at. She has also realized what she did with the mirror...and has horrible news. The mirror was created using chaos magic."

Twilight spit out her water all over the table. Then turned to Cadance in surprise. "Are you telling me...that the great Starswirl the Bearded used a form of dark magic...to create a portal?!"

Cadance nodded before continuing. "Luna also learned from Celestia that Starswirl never wrote down the spell."

Twilight groaned in exhaustion, planting her chin on the countertop. "Don't tell me...."

"I'm afraid we'll have recreate the whole thing...which could take a very long time."

"How long?" She asked, fearing the answer.

"Minimum is more than likely seven months."

Twilight stared at her wide-eyed, before she looks back at the counter top in sadness. "So....we won't be seeing those two again in...seven months."

"Unless there's another way, I'm afraid so." Cadance looked back down at the message, sighing sadly. "We are really stuck." At that moment, someone knocked on the front door of the castle, catching Twilight's attention. She got up and walked out of the kitchen, headed towards the door.

She opened it, the object itself making a quiet groan. "Yes?" She asked.

"Hey, Twilight!" Apple Bloom loudly greeted. Her and Sweetie Belle were standing at the door with big smilez. "Have you seen Scootaloo? We've been looking all over for awhile and we can't find her!"

"I've checked every book Twilight!" Pinkie Pie said from behind her. "Twice! And I still can't find anything!"

"There is over a thousand...nevermind. Come inside," Twilight told the Crusaders while getting over the fact that Pinkie read through over a thousand books within three hours. The fillies walked into the castle, looking at the crystal design before Twilight walked in front of them. "Follow me to the library." Twilight walked slowly towards the library, dread weighing down her heart with the crusaders and Pinkie following after her as she opened the door, revealing the other ponies.

"Well, Twilight...Apple Bloom?" Applejack asked after spotting her. "What are you doin' here?"

"They...are looking for Scootaloo," Twilight answered. Then took a seat with the rest of the group. "So.....I figured we better tell them what happened."

"What happened to Scoots?" Apple Bloom asked a little timidly. This didn't sound too good.

The mares all looked at each other before Rarity sighed. "Sweetie Belle? Do you remember that dream you were telling me? About the bat pony?"

"Yeah, where they were eating ponies. But what does that have to do with Scootaloo?"

"Well......there was no Scootaloo," Cadance said, stepping forward. "Scootaloo was just an alias for her protection. You see.....you were right." The two fillies looked at each other before Twilight continued.

"Scootaloo, and Rainbow Dash I might add, are thestrals. They were able to hide their wings and eyes for awhile until Scootaloo's birthday, where Scootaloo's wings began to come out again."

"That would explain the constant itchin' she was complainin' about," Apple Bloom muttered.

"What do you mean there was no Scootaloo?" Sweetie Belle asked a little upset.

"Her name was Amaryllis," Cadance answered. "And Rainbow Dash was named Anemone. They are in reality sisters. And are unfortunately the last two thestrals left in Equestria. The only known two."

"What?!" The fillies shouted.

"What happened?!" Apple Bloom asked.

"The others are deceased. Over five hundred thestrals. Right now, the two of them are trapped in an alternate world that could take a long time to retrieve them from."

Sweetie Belle shared a worried glance with Apple Bloom. Then stepped up and asked, "How....how long?"

The group all turned to Twilight, who had a depressed look on her face. "The portal that was created used chaos magic. The earliest we can get them back? Seven months."

"Seven months?!" They all yelled towards Twilight and Cadance. The princesses nodded before Twilight continued.

"That's the earliest."

Rarity sighed and whispered, "So...unless we figure out some way to get them back in time....then Equestria is open to attack from any deadly force out there."

"What.....what do you mean?" Cadance asked her.

"Anemone is still the Element of Loyalty, even if she is a thestral."

"She's right!" Twilight yelled, just realizing that. "We must not let the world know that Equestria is currently defenseless and that princess Celestia is unstable. Equestria is a place full of riches. And we are currently open to attack. Everything that has been discussed must remain a secret as of this moment." The rest of the group looked at each other and nodded, agreeing that a word is not to be spoken about this event.

Author's Note:

Sorry that this is all I got. I've been a little busy lately doing other things. But I'll get back to my schedule soon, I promise.

Sunset and Juniper? That was unexpected though, right?